Hair Loss Cure Research Around the World

Shiseido Hair Research from Dr. Tsuboi
Shiseido lead hair loss treatment researcher Dr. Ryoji Tsuboi. Source: Asahi Shimbun.

Groundbreaking hair loss cure related research is always being undertaken by universities, labs, companies and governments globally.

On this page, I have compiled a comprehensive list of key hair loss research centers by country. I am only including those entities that satisfy at least one of the below:

  • Is home to at least one renowned hair loss researcher.
  • Has been in the news several times when it comes to groundbreaking hair related research and discoveries.
  • Has published many hair loss related papers in reputable journals.

I hope to update this page every few months. I also hope to add many more Chinese universities and research centers (currently lacking) in the coming years.

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World Hair Loss Cure Research by Country

Hair loss research is taking place at over 100 universities, private labs and companies around the world. Below, you can find a list of the most important centers of hair loss cure research by country.

United States: Hair Loss Research




  • Theracell — cell-based hair regeneration via 3-D culturing.


  • Technion — Israel Institute of Technology.


  • Cassiopea — CB-03-01 (Breezula) topical antiandrogen (and Winlevi for acne).
  • Dr. Pietro Gentile — Prolific author of studies on PRP, adipose stem cells and other regenerative hair loss treatments.
  • Farmacia Parati (and Dr. Hasson) — Topical Finasteride and perhaps topical Dutasteride.
  • Fidia Farmaceutici and Trinov aka Brotzu Lotion — PGE1 and DGLA.



  • Polichem — P-3074 topical Finasteride product. Edit: Now being sold by Almirall (Spain).

United Kingdom



Japan: Hair Loss Cure Research


South Korea