Dutasteride Injections for Hair Loss

Last year I covered an interesting new study regarding mesotherapy with Dutasteride for treating hair loss. This treatment involves injecting Dutasteride into the scalp at regular intervals. One of the co-authors of the study was a Dr. Sergio Vañó-Galván from Spain.

A few days ago, Dr. Vañó posted a superb before and after photo (pasted below) on Twitter of a patient who took the following for 6 months: 1) Oral Dutasteride; 2) Oral Minoxidil; and 3) Dutasteride injection sessions.

Dutasteride Injections to Scalp

On Twitter, I asked Dr. Sergio Vañó why he needs to give his patients both oral Dutasteride and Dutasteride injections? If injection delivery of Dutasteride is working, why not stop taking oral Dutasteride that has higher chances of side effects? Dr. Vañó’s response was that the combined oral + injection treatment was working best, and after 1-2 years, the patient is given the option to pick one or the other. Dr. Vañó also explained to me that the injections’ effect is a bit like microneedling.

Note that the above exceptional result does not even include the addition of antiandrogens such as Spironolactone and RU-58841 and more into the mix. If you truly do not care about side effects and want to go all out and add more hormone altering drugs, the above impressive before and after photo does not even represent the best case possible outcome!

However, I would not recommend such a comprehensive kitchen sink hair loss treatment regimen. Such a strategy is best left for male-to-female transsexuals who have limited other options.

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  1. Wow, that is a fantastic result. Would be cool to see other patient results too. While we’re far away from an ideal treatment, I think we’re closer than we think to much better treatments than the currently available ones.

  2. I think we are a few years out from another treatment…as for the above study, it is impressive but most are not going to take such an approach. I think it’s insane to be honest. But good for him if he can handle it.

  3. Very poor study. You can’t isolate what did what. Minox can have results that are superior in some. Secondly, one would not know where the side effects are coming from. Thirdly, if you believe in the study..one could hypothesize transdermal dutasteride with micro needling to yield a result. If this was just injected dut alone it would be worth a follow…but this is literally absurd to isolate a treatment and the study of the effectiveness over another. My thoughts.

  4. I wonder Scott now that you read this will you come back to the table and forget the hair system or will you continue to wear?

    1. No read carefully. That is only if you add Spiro, RU etc…

      There is no evidence whatsoever that Dutasteride and Minoxidil turn you into a woman.

  5. Dut almost killed me. Got PFS from it really bad. No hormones are messed up rest of my life. You guys are crazy to even touch dut

    1. How are your “hormones messed up” Mike? Do you have conclusive evidence? I’ve been on Dut for almost 3 years and Fin for 15 years before and have no noticeable side effects. Am I crazy? Stop the fear-mongering dude!

      1. Nice one. I bet Mike L feels just great now! Always the ‘fear mongering’ label huh? Do you have conclusive evidence that you don’t shill for Merck or GlaxoSmithKline?
        So going by your definition; as in-YOU yourself didn’t get side effects-it is therefore impossible for anybody else to have done so?

            1. Say hello to your Mother for me! ;-) No worries, I must have this PFS you boys speak of after 20+ years of Fin/Dut and am oblivious to it. Sorry Bro, most don’t get sides, some get sides and there are probably more of the weak minded who think they get sides after reading what they are. It’s a common diagnosis to get psychosomatic symptoms. I bet if you touch a bottle of fin your pecker would go limp.

      2. I agree with Mr. Yoda.Almost every single study on Dutasteride and Finasteride shows us less than 5-10 percent of people get major side effects. And most are not permanent lasting. Several guys here keep posting about PFS etc… and scare everyone. Just read the 100s of studies and decide if you want to take that small risk or not. A small amount of new breast or lower libido is ok for most men if it means better hair too. Also note that most men get less libido with age, and nowadays even many guys are infertile or feminine due to hormone changes, obesity and so on. I know a few 30 year olds who say they can’t get it up…maybe they have blood circulation issues or diabetese etc…

        1. Now DW, don’t go getting all logical with the scaredy cat crowd, they read something on the internet, assume it’s true and spread the word. That’s why Trump is president. I’m sure a minute few get sides but what gets me is the morons that insinuate that everyone will get sides, that Dut and Fin are poison. Let them wallow in their fear, misery and hair loss. I’m glad I was proactive, starting losing hair at 17, just turned 56 and have a reasonable amount of hair left, no one ever comments that I look thin. I don’t regret being on Fin then Dut for close to 20 years a single day. What i would regret is if I hadn’t and how I’d feel about the way I look.

  6. Amazing result, but can you ask the doctor what side effects he is seeing from Dutasteride in all his patients?

  7. I want to ask about the Dutasteride approval in South Korea and Japan and the disapproval in America.
    Is this due to side effects?

  8. After 18 months on 1 mg Finesteride I started to get very unpleasant aches in my testicles, so have gone down to 0.5. As it has slowed my lost at best, I had planned to move onto Dutesteride, but now I am too worried of the possible sides: especially as it stays in the body for so much longer. However, would love to try a topical or injected Dutesteride, on the basis that probably less likely to be systemic. Agree with other comments here that unless there is a trial with just injected or topical then impossible to tell what effect this might have. There are many people like me who are very wary of Dutesteride. If it had the sort of half life of Finesteride it would not be such a concern (I stopped Finesteride for a day and the effects went away). I do wish someone would bring out a topical Duteseride as the drug is clearly superior in terms of hair growth. Sadly typical of our luck that there is a potential “cure” (for some at least) but that it entails supping with the Devil i.e. messing up the rest of your body.

    1. I agree. You can’t really tell what truly benefited the person bc he us in so many things. Nor could you determine side effects. There have been crazy minox responders….usually short lived do to it’s peak of performance. An isolated study of just injection dutasteride or oral would have been much better to support this.

      I do agree, topical dut would I presume offer close to injection maybe? Your fat layer in the dermal area has blood vessels in it…hence sub q injections in people with diabetes etc. You can inject into the fat layer and things can be distributed systemically instead if going deeper via intramuscular. I would believe any topical would go slightly systemic….but that is for the M.Ds in this field someone who devotes their life to pharmaceutical or sexual reproduction physiology- as concerns to sides. I do think the Admin stated this was a kitchen sink approach.

      Topical dut anyone?

  9. I contacted this doctor and he said the treatment is available now at his clinic. The question is, how effective is the Dutasteride Mesotherapy as a stand-alone treatment?

  10. Crazy results, but surely the doctor has many patients who only did the local injections.. Admin maybe you could try ask him to send you photos of those?? even if it’s half of this it’d be good (I’d ask myself but he probably wouldn’t send just any random anyone..)

  11. My understanding has always been that these drugs benefits are from a systemic domain. In other words, there are no local receptors where these drugs act and therefore fin and dut must be absorbed systemically in order to provide a localized benefit. From a scientific perspective, I am very suspicious of these doctors who hype these approaches to take advantage of desperate people.

  12. Has anyone else here had a problem with Finesteride after a long period of use? In my case 18 months. No sides for first 17 months, but then very unpleasant ache in testicles for 4 weeks which went away after stopping for a day. As I say above, this has put me off Duteseride as it stays in the body for much longer so if I get a really bad reaction I may be stuck with it for some time. Have gone down to 0.5 Finesteride. Can feel some effect in testicles, but nothing like before. I’d be interested to know if anyone else had a similar experience with Finesteride after long use and whether if I go back to 1 mg the effect might go away in time.

    1. I only used FIN for a day before I quit, but I’ve read hundreds of accounts of it, a lot of people didn’t “crash” or get side effects until very late in the game. Be wary of it! Trust your gut.

  13. Hey guys very interesting article but something I found interesting is the expression “Kitchen sink approach”. I already googled what it means but I wanted to know if you guys could give me your definitions? I think It’s awesome. :D

  14. I experienced PFS after combining Dut and Fin. This was after I had been just on Fin for three years with no sides. Almost immediately went to having no sex drive, floppy erections, and yellow semen. Anyone that doubts others personal experiences is an idiot. Some people get sides others don’t. That’s how prescription drugs work. Clomid helped. Viagra helped. HGH helped. I never took test. Took me about 4 years to recover.

    If you have PFS. Look into running test cycles and post cycles. You can get these easily over the counter in Mexico.

  15. Only time I would ever touch Dutasteride is if it were made into some kind of liposomal compound that was guaranteed to NEVER go systemic.

    As it is, PFS from Finasteride is just about enough. 5-AR is a dangerous game to play…

  16. Those 2 pictures. Is it even the same person? Even kids in Africa now have phones capable of video recording. Still images in this day and age have to be treated with the upmost suspicion.

    Don’t be so desperate for a cure that you settle for the lowest standard of proof.

    1. This surgeon is well known in Spain and his main focus is on hair transplants –


      No reason for him to promote drugs over hair transplants and make less income as people decide to delay hair transplant. He is giving the best result he saw in one of his patients from Dutasteride and Minoxidil….Also some patients might not want their face shown or a video take of them so try to keep open mind.

  17. That’s pretty impressive. However, we don’t know which therapy is doing the work. He should have done one with oral and one with injection dut. Skip the minoxidil. Maybe the injection like he mention is giving a microneedling effect that kick starting growth. Too many variables. I would like to see a finasteride injection study and see how that works…does he have something like that admin?

  18. I’m trying to rebuild my hope that JAK will work. The company is suppose to present the data before summer of 2019. It could be a dud or a game changer.

    Let’s get something real in 2019. Although the treatment for the article above seems outrageous it does appear to yield Good results and that’s better than nothing. But let’s also hope its the beginning of better and better treatments for 2019


  19. Can someone please give me some shampoo options other than the regenepure rsnge. I have been using them for four years and want to try something else. Something with keto. I have tried lipogaine big 3. Didnt really like it

    1. And i may aswell ask what is the best online minox to buy? Azaelic acid doesnt do so well on my scalp. Tretinoin does but i cant find a minoxidil with tretinoin online. Thanks guys q.

  20. Ok so my posts were deleted.. sorry to go off topic. I just wanted to know if anyone on here had answers for me…

  21. Hi Quentin- Happy New Year! How have you been? How is your hair holding up? I remember you were taking minox with collagen 1&3. Are you still getting regrowth?

    1. Yeh i dont seem to be getting any new regrowth but my hair has been really stable for atleast 2 years now. Minox fin and keto. It dries alot quicker now. Not sure if its because i have it shorter or the strands are thinning but no scalp is showing. Very hard to use minox here in australia at the moment. 35celsius everyday and i have been non stop sweating.
      I even switched to just using minox at night and no noticable difference

  22. what ever happened to Follicas RAIN product? Like why the long silence? Seemed like they had everything ready essentially

  23. I think this article is a keeper. The admin should post this one and hopefully future REAL hair growth products permanently on the top of the webpage in a few small boxes showing the results picture.

    This solution is one I would consider but will wait for something better over the next few months (Aclaris should release their results on JAK by June) by other companies.

    Hopefully this will be the Year. All just my opinion.


  24. Happy 2019!! C’mon Riken! These hair cloning companies have made such incredibly positive statements on hair follicle cloning. It seems that what’s remaining is to crank up their output, implant into humans, and take some photos. That’ll be an absolute cure and miracle. Riken claims 2020 release, so let’s hope to see real proof this year.

  25. I am just glad that at least for now we have this current cocktail that appears to really work. I wonder how it worked on other patients who had a similar hair loss level. 6 months is very fast results for the tremendous hair regrowth he had. Need to see more pictures of other people to ensure its real across the board. To be honest, this seems to be the first Real Results I have ever seen for male pattern hair loss where a person had lost almost all of their hair and got back most of it and considering that;s only 6 months time period. I would consider this treatment but for now will wait for something else.

    One Treatment Now. Let’s hope a second treatment becomes available very soon in 2019. As a footnote Aclaris should release its results on JAK by June.

    All my opinion.

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