Biosplice Therapeutics: Rebrand of Samumed

Update: February 2022

Samumed Ends Hair Loss Program

The biggest disgrace in the history of the hair loss world just happened. At least on par with the past failures of Histogen, Aderans and Intercytex. Update 2023: And now Follica too.

Biospice (formerly Samumed) just layed off its staff and axed its baldness program. After fooling us for a decade and implying that FDA approval was close. Their insane valuation was always a red flag. But I still got carried away after they finished Phase 3 clinical trials in 2021.

Biosplice Therapeutics
Biosplice Therapeutics Logo.

In a surprising twist, Samumed just rebranded itself as Biosplice Therapeutics (San Diego). CEO Osman Kibar has stepped down. The new CEO is Cevdet Samikoglu. In 2021, the company is supposed to release much anticipated results of Phase 3 clinical trials for its hair loss product.

Biosplice Therapeutics (formerly Samumed)

Biosplice also just raised $150 million in new equity financing investment. This latest round of financing will allow the company to accelerate the development and launch of its osteoarthritis drug candidate Lorecivivint.

The name Biosplice (rather than Samumed) more closely resembles the company’s alternative pre-mRNA splicing technology. It seems like splicing has becoming the company’s new buzzword or brand. Rather than the prior Wnt signaling pathway. From their updated site:

“Biosplice’s mission is to restore health by delivering first-in-class therapies that harness alternative splicing.”

Biosplice’s small molecule technology will make use of alternative splicing to target the CLK/DYRK family of kinases. Oncology and cancer treatment (Cirtuvivint) will be a key focus area of research. Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative condition will also remain key target areas of treatment.

The renamed company already has a short wikipedia entry.

Dalosirvat (formerly SM04554)

I was initially concerned at the rebranding and the new company’s focus shifting away from the Wnt pathway. However, then I noticed that their androgenetic alopecia drug has been renamed from SM04554 to Dalosirvat.

In my opinion, this is good news. If their soon-to-release Phase 3 clinical trial results are expected to be poor, why go through a product renaming?

Update: The guys on HLT seem skeptical. Some think that the renamed company might be preparing itself for an initial public offering (IPO).

Regarding Dalosirvat, the redone website says:

“The ongoing phase 2/3 study is fully enrolled with data availability expected in 2021.”

More information on the Wnt pathway activator Dalosirvat hair growth molecule can be found here.

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  1. Damn bro all we want is hair cloning, no topical treatment will give you a full head of hair I’m sorry to to say the truth!

    1. As complicated as hair cloning is I just can’t understand how the difficulties of cloning ones hair then translates to 360 thousand dollars plus tax and then does dr tsuji have a team of world class fue doctors ready for each and every single patient and do the 360 thousand dollars plus tax includes the cost of ones hair clones fue back in to our heads we are going to need to borrow money for this banks but more practically from insurance companies and then the fue doctors will have to borrow money as well dr Tsuji will have no choice but to kiss his 360 thousand dollars plus tax estimate cost idea good bye and render him self to more practical 40 to 60 thousand dollars then i still need about 25 to 30 thousand more to pay the fue doctor that will then take the clone hair bought from dr tsuji to put back in to my headThis is bigger then dr tsuji and “his” hair clone innovation i think that if I was a rich investor why give dr tsuji so little but then so much dr tsuji isn’t realy asking for a hole lot is he? But then he will achieve so much by then turning around and charging an almost 400 thousand dollars to each an every single hair sufferer for there hair back where is the investment for the investors in that? so dr tsuji found a hair cure but then how ethical is his 400 thousand dollar price tag on his hair cloning innovation really is-is doctor tsuji necessarily a good guy-I see some one that charges me 400 thousand dollars for my hair back as a bad guy! But that’s just me

  2. I agree Marc lol if it doesn’t have any potential on the highest Norwood Honestly I don’t care about the company/product. Tsuji will destroy these topical treatments and drugs that give tiny results. I have nothing against starting a company and selling a product making lots of money and being a entrepreneur but this is personal to me and I want a cure.

    1. Tsuji won’t destroy s until he don’t show legit result from you have nothing to be hype about. If he wanted to be the first to achieve HC he would drop the idea of funds and go straight for investors.

    2. Thanks woofy, OK other websites have Dr tsuji hair cloning coming out in 2025 and stemsons in 2027 and tissuse in 2024 , I don’t know but I seriously doubt it’ll happen within this decade it’s just not feasible! I talked to someone on the riken facebook page by a I assume a riken employee and he told me that he’s going to ask Dr tsuji to answer hairliciously email interview he said to have patience you can see it for your self on there facebook that was like 4 weeks ago, but man lately I have been loosing my patience, it’s just that I know I’m wasting my time and energy waiting to see if hair cloning will happen. Because I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen until the next decade.

    3. Only a wealthy few could afford Tsuji’s operations, these companies can be a god-send for people earlier in the Norwood scale.

  3. I agree. It seems like they wouldn’t go through the trouble of rebranding the name if they weren’t still planning to move ahead.

  4. I guess DALOSIRVAT is already the name of the product you can buy later this or latest next year. Its obvious SM04554 was only the trial drug.

  5. For what its werth, I noticed that name change approximately 1.5 months ago. Wondering if the name change was done before the company planned to change their name?…and I must say I am a bit nervous about Dalo being a dud as samumed was always quick to brag about their products in the past. Hope I’m over analyzing things.

  6. Tsuji lol woofy you crack me up bro. Tsuji is done. Finished for now until he can millions of dollars from a go fund me account haha. Let’s focus on samumed since it just passed phase 3vtrials and is the closest thing we got to a real new treatment. Not everyone is a nw 6/7 and this treatment can help millions stabilize and grow back some hair. Not sure what the results will be but if it can halt progression and thicken and grow back 15 to 20% hair then I’ll freaking take it cuz the big 3 ain’t working as great as it once did.

    1. If it works on a Norwood 6/7 it will work on every level, scientists need to approach these drugs with the thinking it needs to give a 7 a full head of hair because if it can do that then it can do it for a mw1. They need to try harder.

  7. i am a woman here with androgenetic alopecia.. so far people dont notice but i fear it won’t last…I’ve been hoping.for a cure or something close to it for more than 15 years now…it makes me cry everyday, it destroyed my life, it drove my choices in life, i did not have children because of this hairloss thing..and everyday i am afraid i will get dumped because of it… I hate it so much… Reading this blog sometimes makes me hopeful and sometimes it just make me want to curl up and hide… same things for the comments

    1. Sorry to hear. Definitely harder to cope with this as a woman. Ignore some of the immature commentators :-)

    2. Since Corona my hair loss got worse. Maybe from a NW3 to a NW5. Just 26 years old and a big hole at the Back of the head. I am really depressed about it. Sadly I don’t see hope in the near future. Every product seems to be a disappointment so far (SM, Fol 004). Even Tsuji is maybe 2-3 Decades away from a treatment. Tough Times for now…

      1. I started losing my hair when I was 20, now I’m 48 and thanks to finasteride and minoxidil I still have enough hair, have you ever tried it?
        PS: I still hope for better treatments

        1. Yes i used both. Unfortunately, the side effects were too drastic. With Minox I had severe headaches for months and feelings of dizziness. Fin made me even more depressed than the hair loss. Wasn’t a good choice. That’s why I’m waiting for better alternatives. SM and Fol 004 looked so promising. Fol 004 alone with a bombastic result! 40% of the lost hair brought back (at least if you can believe the results of phase 2).
          However, I don’t know what else to do but hope.

          1. Ok, think of it this way … you are only 26, you still have all your thirties ahead of you … I believe that within 4 years or sooner something serious will come out. Spend more time on the spiritual side of yourself, and maybe 4 years from now you will not only be more enlightened but also with a full head of hair;)

  8. @hopefullnot: sorry you have had to deal with this alopecia nonsense. I too made decisions with relationships based on hairloss. Looking back I should of done things differently but hind sight is 20/20…if you hair is really in bad shape then maybe try some different wigs if you havent thus far…and if you dont get side effects then maybe try minox and needling for 9 months and a good hair vitamin. I personally get bad sides from both fin and minox, but if I could handle them, I’d use them. Make sure you go to a good dermatologist and have blood work done to see if your vitamin levels and thyroid are where they should be. If you have covered all your bases then like I said try a wig if comfortable. Who knows, maybe you and I will have a good treatment in a couple years, never know. Hope you have a good week, stay strong!:)

    1. Hey, i am a woman…my hormones are monitored thank to the bcp and 50mg spironolactone…i haven’t lost hair in 15 years thank for his…so far unless you look closely i manage to style my hair so as people don’t notice but my hairdresser…

      But i did not have kids for fear of stopping the pill and what would happen while pregnant…right now i am single and it just makes the hairloss thing more unbearable as I fear no one will want me for real…

      Also, i have the impression I am losing some hair again but i am not sure, so i am freaking out.

  9. @hopefully not…don’t stress about it. I see several women daily suffering from hairloss. So you arent alone but I totally get it. I still have issues getting my hair wet at the beach. It’s stupid thinking but I have to blow dry my hair to make it look fuller and presentable. It’s a pain in the ass so I totally get you. Try using a nightly topical of rosemary oil, cedarwood and peppermint oil and castor and put it in a spray bottle. It will give you a thicker hair appearance and may kick start regrowth. Try using nizoral 3x a week and let it sit on your scalp for 5 mins. It’s a androgen blocker. Also check your thyroid, iron ferritin levels, vit d etc. Take lysine 500mg a day as well. One of my cousins is losing her hair on top. She can still hide with her longer hair and bangs style but she uses the oil spray mix and says she sees less hair fall. Also try limiting coffee and excessive amounts of sugar in your diet: candy, soda, sweets etc. A cookie here and there is fine but if you consume high amounts it causes inflammation. I eat a healthy Mediterranean diet . I do eat sweets here and their but mostly dark chocolate. Haven’t drank soda in over 15 years. Also take country life maxi hair vitamin. Awesome vitamin with lots of hair growth nutrients:) exercise as well.

    1. No matter what kind of diet I eat, for some reason, body hair and beard hair never seems to stop growing (even slower beard growth would be very much appreciated).

      Would be very surprised if diet does anything to scalp hair either.

      1. It doesn’t – at least not for me. I’m on a plant based diet. Been on it for years. No meat, no dairy, no sugar. I literally could not eat any healthier and all my vitamin levels are where they should be per my doc. I exercise. All that. Still losing hair.

        I’m sure it helps for some but I doubt very much. Maybe it’s just hard to measure (meaning maybe I’d lose even faster if I ate crap) but it’s doubtful.

      2. Admin diet does play a role in the overall play of things. Of course just eating a healthy diet on it’s own wont grow your hair back. I noticed from my experience that the cleaner I eat the less oily my face and scalp is and I also never get the itch burning feel on my scalp. When I eat a lot of sugary foods, fast food etc my scalp is oily itchy and notice more hairfall.

        1. When I have 4-5 alcoholic drinks, my hair feels superb while at the bar (itching completely gone) and also the next day. I think alcohol also reduces testosterone and increases estrogen (especially hoppy beers), which might benefit hair. But I try to limit drinking to no more than twice a week at most :-(

      3. Hi admin! Completely unrelated, but there’s been something interesting in the news lately. I tried searching for the protein “Gas6” on the website, but it didn’t come up with anything. Has Gas6 been discussed at all here?

        1. Hi Remly, that study was from Dr. Ya-Chieh Hsu and his team at Harvard University. Several people posted related links here, but I did not write a post on the subject.

    2. I ve been using mizoram for years but it does not seem to have any effect. I never responded to minox. I tried micro wedding for about 3 months, i did not see a difference…so hairloss have been stable, but no regrowth.

  10. Ok, let me correct lol : I ve been using nizoral for 4 years but it does not seem to have any effect. I never responded to minox. I tried microneedling for about 3 months, i did not see a difference…so hairloss have been stable.but no regrowth. ….

  11. Mjones, I have the same issues that you have when I dont eat clean. Dairy sugar and fried foods turn my scalp into a damn refinery…and even worse: if I have a sexual release, my scalp burns and itches that night and half of the next day. I cant be alone with this. I know some feel uncomfortable even commenting on this, but something tells me I’m not alone.

    1. Have you guys heard of SIBO? The food triggered hair loss sounds like an immune response to a small intestine infection. I’ve been suffering with this for five years. Luckily, Through the SCD diet (avoiding sugars,starches and carbs) I’ve managed to keep my hair. No doubt I’d be bald as an Eagle if I didn’t realise the triggers and match the symptoms. My family actually can’t believe my hair has grown back. It was that bad.

    1. I chuckled then i cried, this is pathedic we all know that hair cloning is the only answer, why is it so hard to clone a Single hair, when we have been cloning whole mammals for 25 years already its total B.S !….. Isnt it more complex to clone a whole animal then one human hair . after this year im not checking in on this or any other hairloss forum all these forums have been repeating the same thing since 2015 and were still not any closer if anything the whole industry went backwards!

  12. I might ask why so many are actually skeptical about SM04554? I mean, of course, some announcements have already disappointed us, but the results so far for e.g. Fol-004 and SM04554 have been somewhat promising.

  13. Tom Jones take zinc after sex or personal release. Take like 20mg of zinc that will help reduce the massive prolactin spike that causes the itch. I take zinc immediately after and no itch anymore. It works. Last night I ate a cinnamon sugar donut frosted with my tea. My scalp was on fire this morning. I micro needled my scalp for 20 seconds and it went away. Crazy sht we have to deal with.

  14. If the treatment with dermaroller should work, how long does it take to see the first results? Thanks for the replies :)

    1. It could take months for results—decades for full recovery. Who knows! My advice would be to buy a machine and a bunch of needles and resign yourself to the needling life: you wash, shave, brush your teeth, and once a week you microneedle. Consider it necessary upkeep, nothing more. You’re playing a long game: hairlosscured2040.

  15. Mjones what type of zinc?
    Do you also get more shedding in the shower the next morning after a release?
    Does the zinc also work when you eat something sugary or fried food?

    1. Tom Jones. Zinc only works after release. If you shed from food there is nothing to stop it….just dont est that food lol or drink tons of water.

      I use zinc chelated. 22mg. I cut it in half so 11mg is all you need.

  16. Gents,
    I know what I am going to say will sound like blasphemy…which is fine with me…
    I believe and almost certainly sure 99% now… that the problem is within the scalp environment (The soil) not the the Hair follicle (the seed)…and there was a scientific study that showed a significant difference between healthy scalp and AGA affected Scalp microbiota (overgrown of certain bacteria at the expense of others….P.acnes…is the main one…which surprisingly feasts on sebum …and release all kind of toxins waste that activate the bodily immune system …to attack the environment…and cases the fibrosis etc which chokes the hair follicle…
    DHT—-> increased sebum/sebum glands size —-bacterial overgrowth —> immune attack—-> calcification/fibrosis tissue—->hypoxic environment —>fibrotic tissue and prostaglandin damages the hair follicle—->hair loss…

    Nizoral —-> reduced sebum glands size…
    That’s why switching off the DHT will stop hair loss but hardly regrow due to the fibrosis and calcification that are already took place..unless c remediated by micro needling /Minix…

    A recent study just confirmed what I thought…criticism is welcomed..

    The studied links below :

    1. One thought that comes to mind…if the issue is solely with the scalp environment and not dht attacking the hair follicles then why do hair transplants work.. meaning they take hair from the back and sides of the head and transplant it into the same scalp environment and the hair grows. I think maybe the absence of hair is what leads to this environment not the other way around. What do u think?

      1. Transplanted hair is not immune to DHT as we used to think…transplanted patients are adviced to take the Big three (fin/Minox/Nizoral) and continue using them…to reserve the transplanted hair.
        It’s like transplanting a healthy plant to a bad soil…the plant will survive for a while but eventually it will thin and stop growing…also bear in mind that planting the hair requires needling/wounding of the scalp at the transplantation area…
        Which imo …helps in reducing the calcification/fibrosis and swalloen sebum glands…so it creates a relative better environment than the existing one…

    2. The problem *is also* within the Hair Follicle…

      “In hair loss patients, miniaturized vertex hair houses elevated Propionibacterium acnes in the middle and lower compartments while non-miniaturized hair of other regions were comparable to the healthy. Increased abundance of P. acnes in miniaturized hair follicles could be associated to elevated immune response gene expression in the hair follicle.”

      Microbiome in the hair follicle of androgenetic alopecia patients:

      1. From my understanding…this is the actual environment surrounding the hair on a micro/nano level….
        One thing that caught my attention is the new studies regarding the scalp microbiome in androgenic alopecia patients
        and the contrast between the healthy scalp and androgenic alopecia microorganism biodiversity (Bacterial diversity ).

        an intrinsic part of the problem-solution which is over sebum secretion and overgrowth of certain bacteria (s: Propionibacterium acnes in particular)

        The below has been verified :

        1- Over Sebum production from oil glands (Sebum production is under the control of sex hormones (androgens). … These enzymes convert less active androgens into the active testosterone and 5-testosterone (DHT). These more active androgens stimulate sebaceous gland cells to produce more sebum)

        2- s: Propionibacterium_acnes bacteria overgrowth in balding regions —> significant difference in population quantity between control and pilot subjects (as shown in the snip below, i attached the whole link study for your convenience)

        To simplify ——> + DHT—–> + Sebum—-> + Over growth of P.Acnes and other bacteria—> + unbalanced scalp microbiota —> + active immune response —>
        +scalp fibrosis/calcification/hypoxic environment —->hair thinining/loss

        Note : s: Propionibacterium_acnes —-> Feast on Sebum which could explain the overpopulation in overly active sebum glands secretion and its thrives in a hypoxic environment.

        that could explain why acne medication lowering DHT works …also Chloride dioxide seems like it helps too…but could it be due to its effects in killing this particular bacteria?

        also, it seems using Lindera strychnifolia roots extract re-balanced the scalp microbiome and reverses hair loss.

        the links below :

  17. Hi guys and girls, so I asked this question a while back but didnt get much of a response. Hoping it’s different this time. Really I’m hoping I get some responses from people in the medical profession or just strait up smart people…ok so here goes:
    I get occasional chest discomfort. I’m in my 40s. Back when I was on fin many years ago I would get significant chest discomfort and my heart rate would increase about an hour after taking the pill. So I only took the pill every week or so…but let’s talk about what is going on at the moment: I recently went to my derm and he prescribed topical fin. So I received the topical and applied it this past sunday. My heart responded same way it did when I took oral fin years ago. Basically a few hours after applying it, my heart rate started increasing. I felt okay and figured I just would put up with it. But as the night went on, my chest became uncomfortable and I had trouble sleeping…monday and Tuesday have been awful. At times I’ve become light headed and I feel like my heart cant keep up sometimes. I took my BP and it is 109/61. Which I know isnt bad per say but thought I’d mention it. I really feel like crap. I even took sleep meds last night to get a full nights rest. Under my eyes are dark and at times I look pale.
    This may sound really weird but I know from the past that if I have a sexual release, it takes pressure off my chest. I think it must increase my circulation, I dont know? So I could go do this and start to feel better or I could go to the hospital to investigate. I’m apprehensive about going to the hospital because say they find something that needs medical intervention. Say they say I need a stent or to take heart meds. The issue I have with that is that maybe I really dont need that and that maybe if I never try the fin again i wont have any major issues?? Again, I could go relieve myself with a release and start to feel better tomorrow but I dont know if I should do that or go to the hospital? And on another note, if I do go to the hospital I dont think I would tell them I tried topical fin and that is what causes it to flare up. Just so you know, I’m definitely not a hypochondriac. I cant force my heart rate to go up an hour or so after taking fin or applying it. As a matter of fact I desperately want to take fin which is why I tried it in a different version despite it not agreeing with me years ago. Any intelligent or medical professionals care to offer insight? And if you have any idea what could cause this reaction to fin I would really appreciate it. Is it messing with my thyroid? Adrenal glands? Heart blockage. I look like I havent slept in days despite sleeping 8.5 hours last night with sleep meds. Admin, sorry for the lengthy post.
    Thank you all.

    1. No worries Tomjones! Interesting comment. Oral Minoxidil (and even topical Minoxidil) can cause heart palpitations, but I do not remember ever hearing that Finasteride can do the same.

      At least your blood pressure is not high (if anything, it is slightly low). If your bad cholesterol (LDL) readings are ok too, there is very limited chance that you have any artery blockage at your age. Of course there are exceptions, but would be a surprise to me. You should definitely see a doctor if the heart issues continue each time you use Finasteride. But also get a second opinion in case the first doctor says you need a stent. I have read about some scams where they put in many unnecessary stents in one person just to make more money.

      Heart issues are no joke so I am glad you are taking it seriously. Not worth taking Finasteride if this keeps happening.

  18. Tom Jones that strange bro. I would think minox would do this to you not fin. Do you have high cholesterol? I mean it could be fin causing it since it’s a drug. Your body may not tolerate it. I doubt you need a stent. Go to your doctor, forget the hospital unless you are having an emergency. Talk to your doctor about fin and your body. Not your dermatologist but your primary care doctor and do some blood tests. This is the first time hearing chest discomfort on fin. Are you using minox?

  19. @Tom Jones. I had sides from Fin, but nothing like that. It sounds like something else that might be effecting the Fin in some way? I don’t know? That’s just a guess and obviously I’m not a doc, but I would insist on a Coronary Calcium Score test by my doc just in case. The suggestions from Admin and Mjones are advisable too.

  20. @Tomjones Finasteride is known to cause anxiety and anxiety is known to cause heart palpitations, chest pain, light-headedness, and trouble sleeping. Masturbating is relieving the anxiety i.e ‘taking pressure off your chest’. Pray one day we’ll be able to throw this cursed drug in the trash forever and live happy, healthy, and hairy lives.

    1) Investigation of Suicidality and Psychological Adverse Events in Patients Treated With Finasteride (2021):

    2) Chest Pain and Anxiety:

  21. Toccata, admin, and mjones…thanks for responding…toccata, this is definitely not anxiety driven. I had anxiety back when I was on oral fin years ago so i know that feeling. And the topical is not giving me that. I also want to mention that i have been taking a combo of CBC gummies with melatonin plus small dose of benedryl to sleep since this happened. I wont sleep without it.. So the last two nights I’ve gotten my 8 hours sleep too…if you were to look at me, especially my eyes, you would see that under my eyes they are kind of sunkin in and darker in color. Looks like I need sleep. But I had plenty of sleep…guys I know minox can mess with the heart and I am actually a victim of that as well. I’ve tried minox on many occasions and it gives me palpitations and fatigue amongst facial bloating and wrinkles. The palpitations even come when using the 2% version and only applying a couple dabs with a q tip. It’s weird guys I know….as for talking to my doctor, I have mentioned my experiences of using fin and minox several times with a few different doctors. I desperately want to keep my hair just as many on I continue to try ugh…They all say the same thing “dont use it”. This afternoon my heart has less pressure on it however I am very lethargic and just feel sick. I was nausea for a few hours today and I rarely get that way. If you have ever seen an older person that just doesnt look well and they dont have much life to them, that’s me right now…I will tell you that I have had really bad digestion problems the last several years. Maybe there is a link between the two and the fin simply exasperates it?? Possible pancreas at play here? I think that can cause heart problems too if it isnt working correctly. Years ago when I came off oral fin I was a mess and I recall one of my pancreas enzymes being elevated. I think it was elevated AST if I recall correctly. I know there are AST and ALT. But only one was elevated and it ended up going back to normal. They had me see an endo and he had no answer other then to get blood work monthly and see if everything goes back to normal levels. And they did eventually. So maybe my pancreas is affected?? I wish I could just write blood work scripts when stuff like this happens so I can get to the bottom of it. By the time I get a doctor appointment I will probably be close to normal and any odd blood markers would probably be back in range. And I assure you the doctor will simply tell me to stay away from the drug. And just so you all know, I only applied the topical ONE DAY. That’s it! I still feel like crap as I type this but at least the heart symptoms are now cut in half.

  22. I don’t like the Chinese communist party or there scientists but the science moves very quick over there, look at the 2018 gene editing of two girls scandal it’s only a scandal because the western countries medical establishments are pussies and “we don’t like cures cause we won’t make money it’s all about big pharma treatments and SAFETY FIRST” “just keep donating to our research even though we will never release any cures but we will give you this amazing big pharma drug” China needs to work on hair cloning! They would start a human trial tomorrow!

  23. @Woofy. I don’t like the CCP either, but Xi Jinping has truly great hair! He probably wouldn’t give a sh*t about hair cloning to begin with?!

  24. Where is ANY new product? Seriously. Put it to market! These companies take decades to finish trials, half the time never finishing at all, and they wonder why we lose faith and become naysayers. They talk a good talk. Put. It. To. Market. If they had something halfway decent it wouldn’t take decades (sorry but I don’t believe trials take 20 years). In the right country especially. And if it was good they’d have no trouble finding backers and funding. It’s one excuse after another from almost all of them.

    1. Keep in mind that many of these companies serve as money launders for other companies … I’m not kidding, the world is a very corrupt place my friend.

    2. Drugs get into patients at a good clip.
      If you think all the talk of scary side effects of Finasteride and Minoxidil (both initially intended for more dire situations than a. alopecia) then imagine running a trial with a drug you intend to sell to 10s of million of adults for cosmetic purposes. It’s not easy.
      The libertarian in me says that any patient should be able to try an a drug for an off label use. But again, it’s risk reward and for states with compassionate use or right to try types of legislation it’s usually for a debilitating or life threatening disease. I think that should be expanded to any individual for any drug possibly with at least a solid medical consultation so you know the risks.
      Cons: death (some idiot takes mass amounts of warfarin to grow back hair). It’s not a trial….it’s individuals. Who pays for this – the drug, the medical professionals,etc.
      Pros: 1000, 10000 thin hair dudes in the wealthiest countries in the world might actually hit on something if they are willing to put drops of drug/reagent on spots on their scalp daily. Sort of like microneedling. Generally it’s accepted it can work to some degree. But because there are some half ass studies and lots of cowboys trying it themselves with lots of variables (needle length, frequency, etc.) it’s taken a long time for that ONE technique to be given some serious credibility. But people don’t flock to it because they don’t know the best variation on the technique (yet) and it could be a lot of effort for low yield.

      No easy answers. At least Follica has microneedling + minox generation 1 going as a more exact science. Once people see the response to their drug and full on hair transplants aren’t always needed it will hopefully open the floodgates. That’s often what it takes in biotech.

  25. Tsuji directly answered how much his cloning procedure would cost per patient in the Hairliciously interview questions video:

    In Clinical Stage: $551,000-$735,000 USD
    At Commercial Launch: $276,000-$368,000 USD
    Commercial Stage: $184,000-$276,000 USD
    Maturity Stage: $138,000-$184,000 USD

  26. Hairliciously finally had the email interview with Dr tsuji and hair cloning is not going to come out until the 2030’s just like i predicted and only for the extremely wealthy ! I knew i was wasting my time waiting for hair cloning to happen and i dont care what the other major hair forum says stemson therauputics Will not be ready in 2027 either! Hair cloning is Simply not feasable

  27. If tsuji secures funding this year or next it will be released by 2024 he said it would take a year for a 10 person human trial to be finished and then commercialization by 2024, I’ve been saying that for along time most people would disagree with me that’s fine we will see who’s right :)

  28. Well, the results should be published in the next few weeks. Let us hope that the results (despite the skepticism) will be sufficient to replace current products or to be added to the regime.

  29. Having worked at Samumed/Biosplice, I can tell you not to believe anything from the company. If the results were good, they would have made a big deal of it. They changed their name and the CEO stepped down in an effort to escape the taint of fraud that is increasingly being associated with the company. The only reason they boasted of good results was to cheat investors, and it worked.

    1. Just for the record, I cannot vouch for the above accusation, but will leave the comment. The commentator’s e-mail address (which only I can see) and photo seem legit.

      I hope what he is saying is wrong and the company does release the hair loss product in the future. Readers should not insult the company unless the fraud allegations turn out to be true in court.

      I do know that there have been other such allegations and concerns regarding Samumed in the past (e.g., see bottom part of this article –>

      So it would not surprise me if we got overpromised on the company’s various treatments and their supposedly great potential. The company’s valuation always seemed way too high.

      1. If you know of them, you must be on the inside. They are not due until Q3 of this year.

    2. Very true. As soon as I heard the name Osman Kibar some years ago, it occurred to me that Samumed was big scam – fraud is a much better wording. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had no R&D facility and staff. It is amazing that there are so many naive “investors” who swallowed his anti-aging, hair growing and knee repair baits and wasted their money on his bogus enterprise. What a predator !

  30. His grandfather, also named Osman Kibar, was a mayor of Izmir in Turkey in sixties. He was an infamous corrupt politician who destroyed the lovely city which is still suffering his destruction.
    Osman Kibar Jr., a cunning shark, seems to be following the ethical legacy of his grandfather by swindling investors through advertising snake oil. He will soon be registered in business history as a criminal corporate scammer. The question “Why did he change the name of the company ?” should give enough suspicion about his motives and conduct.

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