11 Best Hair Loss Concealers in 2024

Why am I discussing the best hair fibers (also known as hair loss concealers) on a hair loss cure site? Largely because of my own great results from trying out Toppik hair building fibers in the past.

When I first wrote this post, there were only five or so well known concealers in the market. In 2024, there are well over twenty. I list the top 11 best hair loss concealers in the second half of this post further below.

My Experience with Toppik Hair Building Fibers

In 2016, I got a haircut and really disliked seeing an increasingly visible small bald spot in my receding hairline. The frontal scalp region frames ones face, and my thinning hair and bald patch in that area was annoying.

Hair loss fibers color options.
Toppik hair fibers color options.

Therefore, for the first time in my life I decided to try out a hair loss concealer (Toppik hair building fibers) seriously. I was doing this for largely experimentation purposes, with no desire for long-term daily usage.

I was not keen to try out a hair loss treatment such as scalp micropigmentation, since I prefer longer hair. Note that while scalp micropigmentation and tricopigmentation can both give the illusion of longer hair, they are still in 2-dimensional format rather than 3-dimensional format.

Caboki Hair Loss Concealer.
Caboki Hair Loss Concealer.

Initially I had reservations about my experiment due to possible hair fiber side effects and other issues such as: scalp rashes and itchiness; a messy spray type application process; rain and wind causing some of the powder or hair fibers (if not waterproof) to run onto my forehead; the color of the hair loss concealer not exactly matching my natural hair color; the dye discoloring my pillow; the fibers not sticking to my hair; and finally, I did not want to become addicted to the product! Nevertheless, I decided to proceed.

I chose to try Toppik because it was one of three popular highly rated products (the others being Caboki and Dermmatch) that I had heard of over and over for many years. Make sure to see the comprehensive list of the best hair fibers (also spelled “fibres”) and concealers based on ratings and reviews further below.

Hair Loss Concealers: Toppik Hair Building Fibers.
Hair Loss Concealers: Toppik Hair Building Fibers.

For around five consecutive days after my haircut, I sprinkled a small quantity of the concealer onto the small barren patch of my frontal scalp region. I did this every morning after a shower, once my hair was totally dry. I was quite impressed at the ease of the process of applying Toppik. It was not messy whatsoever and had few disadvantages other than not being entirely waterproof.

More importantly, the results were excellent. Just a few shakes/sprinkles of Toppik black were sufficient to totally cover my small bald region. Moreover, the product never came off during the course of the day (even in significant wind) unless I happened to sleep on a bed and rub my scalp against a pillow for a significant period of time.

Even then, the pillow did not become dirty. The hair loss concealer fibers just came off without discoloring anything they fell on. Showering the next day removed all the product from my hair, without getting the bathtub dirty. All in all, I was quite impressed with Toppik and therefore decided to write this post.

The Best Reviewed Hair Loss Fibers and Concealers

While far from being a permanent solution for hair loss, hair loss concealers are a great camouflaging option for many people. Best results and greatest satisfaction will be attained by people with minimal totally bald patches on their scalps. However, there are many videos on YouTube where hair building fibers are even very helpful for people with extensive hair loss. Amazon.com reviews of virtually all hair loss fibers and bald spot concealers are generally favorable. Women are also often very pleased with hair loss fibers.

Below, I list and compare the most popular hair loss concealers out there based on number of Amazon reviews (if there are many versions of a product that are sold separately, I only consider the most reviewed one). Keep in mind that there are many fake reviews out there in the online world. You should pay most attention to the ratings that come from verified users who have reviewed a diverse range of products for at least a few years.

Virtually all of these best hair loss concealers are deemed to work well for people of all ethnicities, as well as for both men and women. Just make sure to pick the right color for your particular hair type and check that the material is waterproof.

Note that hair loss concealers come in three types:

  1. Fibers Concealers. The most popular type.
  2. Liquid concealers. Usually in a spray form, though creams and gels are also available.
  3. Powder concealers. Similar to makeup and camouflage products.

The Best Hair Loss Concealers in 2024

Toppik Hair Building Keratin (Wool) Hair Fibers

Toppik Concealer
Toppik Concealer.

This is the bestselling hair loss concealer product on Amazon with almost 35,000 reviews averaging 4.4/5 stars at the time of updating this post in 2024. As discussed earlier, I used this product (12 gram version) and was very pleased with it. Be careful that you pick the correct color (nine choices) and size options before buying Toppik. As you can tell from the reviews, a lot of women love this product too. My own salt shaker type container of Toppik is made in the US by a company called Spencer Forrest. The main ingredients are keratin, silica, ammonium chloride and DMDM Hydantoin (plus added artificial colors). The keratin is sourced from wool according to the Toppik website’s FAQ section.

Each small bottle will last for a month or two depending on extent of daily use and extent of balding area. Note that I did not use a Toppik brand FiberHold Spray to cover bald spots. The hair concealer spray for thinning hair is recommended for concurrent use with the fibres for best results. Neither did I use the Toppik Spray Applicator that is supposed to help make the application process more precise.

Also note that while the company’s website states that rain will not remove the fibers from your scalp, I have my doubts. Many reviewers suggest that scalp concealers for thinning hair are never fully waterproof. You probably want to avoid heavy rain when using Toppik or any bald spot concealer products.

Boldify Hair Building Fibers

Boldify Hair Building Fibers.
Boldify Hair Building Fibers.

Boldify hair fibers have become extremely popular in recent years. A few years ago, I did not even know this company’s name. The product has rapidly aquired an insane 28,200 reviews averaging 4.3/5 stars as of 2024. It now competes with Toppik when it comes to the most popular hair loss concealers or fibers. Customers claim that Boldify is easy to use and apply. The smallest size option is 0.43 fl oz (12g) and at $15, it is similarly priced to Toppik. In comes in shades black, auburn, brown, blonde and grey. For even more scalp coverage, Boldify hairline powder may also be a good option for your needs.

XFusion Keratin (Wool) Fibers

XFusion Hair Fibers.
XFusion Hair Fibers.

This is a product that I had never heard about before I started writing this post. Apparently, despite having its own website, XFusion is made by the same US-based company (Spencer Forrest) that makes Toppik and contains the same wool based keratin ingredient. On Amazon, the product currently has over 3,570 ratings averaging 4.5/5 stars. This XFusion 28 gram large size container is significantly cheaper in comparison to Toppik for the same quantity of product. It is available in nine different colors, although each option is sold on separate product pages. (Note that Spencer Forrest also produces a third line of hair concealer products called Couvre).

Caboki Natural (Gossypium Herbaceum Cotton) Hair Loss Concealer

Caboki Hair Loss Concealer.
Caboki Hair Loss Concealer.

I have seen Caboki ads all over the internet during the past several years. On Amazon, the product has 3,130 reviews averaging 4.4/5 stars as of today. The great thing about this product is that it seems to be totally natural per the list of ingredients: “Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum and mineral-based colorants (natural iron oxide)”. On the company’s website they are currently offering a free sample, though you pay for shipping. The manufacturer is headquartered in the US. Caboki is offered in seven different color choices. It seems like the two most compared hair loss concealers by hair loss consumers are Toppik versus Caboki.

Febron Bald Spot Concealer Filler

Febron Bald Spot Concealer.
Febron Bald Spot Concealer.

Febron is yet another newly popular name in hair concealment products. The Febron hair volumizing fibers are considered to be natural and undetectable. The complimenting Febron FiberHold Spray will lock the synthetic fibers in place and not leave any residue. Customer ratings average 4.4/5 stars based on 2,950 reviews as of 2024.

Hair Illusion 100% Natural Human Hair Fibers

Hair Illusion Natural Hair Fibers.
Hair Illusion Natural Hair Fibers.

Hair Illusions’s very unique and interesting 100 percent natural human hair fiber product currently has 2,920 reviews averaging 3.9/5 stars. The product has eight color options for both men and women. However, on the company’s website, they do not have much information on where the human hair is sourced from. Hair Illusion is based in the US, but no actual address is shown on their website.

DermMatch Natural Botanical & Mineral Based Hair Loss Concealer

DermMatch Hair Loss Concealer.
DermMatch Hair Loss Concealer.

Long-time hair loss forum visitors will be aware that DermMatch has been one of the 3-4 most popular products out there when it comes to hair loss concealers. However, on Amazon, the product has surprisingly fewer reviews than would be expected: over 2,150 reviews averaging 4.1/5 stars as of today. The product is available in eight colors. Each DermMatch disc container lasts for an average of eight months according to the company’s website. Ingredients are all natural and include various emollients and botanicals. The US-based company that makes this product has been in business since 1992. Note that this product is not a fiber, but more like a scalp makeup product.

Nanogen Fibres

Nanogen UK Hair Fibres
Nanogen. A leading UK hair fibre brand.

Nanogen is one of the most popular hair fibre brand in the UK. Several readers of this post also commented about this highly rated product. On the Amazon US site, it currently has 1,640 reviews with an average rating of 4.0/5 stars. However, on Amazon UK, it has a higher rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Nanogen uses “color lock technology”, which means that there will be no staining to your skin or clothing. The product is made from 100% natural keratin and contains no parabens.

Infinity Rayon Based Hair Building Micro-Fibers

Infinity Rayon Hair Fibers.
Infinity Rayon based Hair Building Fibers.

As of today, this Infinity hair fibers for women and men product had 999 reviews averaging 4.2/5 stars on Amazon. As of 2024, it is currently out of stock. I could not find anything about the location of the company on the company’s website. They do have a FAQ section and easily visible contact options. The ingredients of Infinity are listed as “Rayon; may contain: CI 47000, CI 14700, CI 42102.” The latter three are various artificial colors. Infinity comes in ten color options.

Cuvva Keratin Hair Fibers

CUVVA Keratin Hair Fibers.
CUVVA Keratin Hair Fibers.

While several of the earlier mentioned keratin fiber products were made from wool, US-based Cuvva does not disclose that information and just states the following on its site: “Cuvva hair fibers are made up of pure, organic keratin protein, just like all human hair. They are charged with a precise level of electrostatic energy in order to form the maximum magnetic attraction to your thinnest hair. There are no harmful chemicals or additives whatsoever.” Available in four colors on Amazon, with 607 ratings averaging 4.1/5 stars at the moment.

Strand Maximizer Keratin Hair Fibers

Strand Maximizer Thinning Hair Building Fibers.
Strand Maximizer Thinning Hair Building Fibers.

Yet another keratin based product, although unlike the earlier wool-based ones, this one does not disclose the exact type of keratin used. It used to have 1480 reviews averaging 4.0/5 stars on Amazon. However, it seems to be out of stock at the moment. It is available in ten unique colors and the company is based in the US.

Other Scalp Hair Fiber Products

Art Naturals (US) used to sell a unique cotton based hair fiber product in the past. I do not seen it on Amazon or Walmart at present. It was similar to Caboki, with the main ingredient being a type of cotton named Gossypium Herbaceum. On the company’s website, the full list of ingredients used to be listed as: “Gossypium Herbaceum fibre, castor oil hydrogenated, spice berry, ethanol, mineral based colorants (natural iron oxide).”

More recently, a US company named SureThik started selling 100% organic keratin protein based natural hair building fibers. SureThik microscopic hair fibers blend and bond electro-statically with existing hair. Another newer company is Thick Fiber, which claims to be wind and sweat resistant.

A UK based company named Gofybr used to free samples in the past, but this is not the case as of today. Another newer popular product is called Minute Hair Fibers, which comes in a spray in ten different colors.

When it comes to hair loss concealer powders, one of the most popular products is Joan Rivers Great Hair Day fill-in powder. L’Oréal and Clairol also sell very popular root touch-up and cover-up sprays and poders.

Hair Loss Concealer Colors

Hair loss concealers typically come in the following colors, listed in order of darkest to lightest:

  • Black.
  • Light, medium and dark brown.
  • Red.
  • Grey.
  • Silver.
  • Light, medium and dark blonde.
  • White.
  • Auburn.

For African American hair, note that there is also the Bigen hair dye treatment.

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  1. Great post once again Admin.. Some guys are in limbo like ourselves and their hair may be in really goog shape excluding a few thin spots so until polichem ahhumm…. Lol.. Any new news lol.. Or the much talked about brotzu… Concealers can create an excellent illusion for the time being…!!! Thanks for sharing.. U went very in depth..

  2. Please try to limit comments to concealers or to new significant developments of interest in the hair loss world. If you are not interested in concealers, wait for the next post to comment.

  3. Thanks for sharing this information admin..
    But is there any other solution to control hair loss or hair transplant is also the other way, is it better if someone suffering from hair loss + baldness.

  4. I’ve used Nanogen for years and found it better — less powdery — than Toppik. It’s a better colour match for me too but everyone will have their own experience and preference. Toppik have an excellent spray-like applicator whereas Nanogen’s attempt falls short. I would also mention that the fixer sprays that these companies sell are, in my experience, overpriced hairsprays. A can of regular hairspray is just as effective at keeping everything locked down. I’ve never bought my fibers from Amazon, instead I buy them from Nanogen themselves as they often have offers, or from a specialist hair care website which sells all the different fiber brands. When a concealer is a staple in your battle with hairless, it can get expensive so it’s worth finding the 3-for-2 deals or special offers. Good post, thanks for your continuing work. I always read your updates.

          1. Hi, nice one!. I also use Nanogen and I really like it above others. I think Nanogen deserves to be mentioned here as well.

    1. Totally agree that Nanogen was undeservedly left out. When it comes to hair sprays, most of them are just another variation of much cheaper hair sprays, but the Nanogen hair locking mist is an exception to the rule. At least that’s my experience and I have tried at least 10 other similar products. I even swam with it and it kept the fibers in place. The downside is that Nanogen tends to be more expensive than its competitors but I find the price difference justifiable.

      1. You can have as shorter as you can… But the thing is you need to get it done from a good surgeon and also it will look almost natural… And again depends on surgeon…

        1. thanks Farhan, but the thing is; What’s a good surgeon for you? i live in Spain and im thinking about have one in here.

          1. There must be good ones there bro….just look for their credentials and also go for a surgeon who does fue only… or there are heaps in europe

    1. I have shaved my head for the last six seven years and really don’t let it grow. It comes out when I don’t shave it for a couple weeks. Very tiny hair follicles. Will concealer or fibers work? It’s not like I have long thinning hair. I have virtually stubble on my head. Are these designed to work for guys like me?

  5. When I was in transition I used toppik for about a year, it was amazing although during ‘intimate’ moments some can rub off on the pillow – though that was likely towards the point when I was having to use a lot to cover my bald spot. I would recommend this to hide thinning if you don’t have too much of a bald spot yet. Good post admin.

  6. Out of curiosity, how well would toppik or something similar hold up on longer hair? Not real long, but if your hair was about 5-6inches with bangs and swept to the side? Would it work the same, or is it just meant for short hair?

  7. I feel like putting stuff in your existing hair will hurt long run. All that stuff going on your scalp might not be good. But I’ll admit it can help for those with glaring thinning spots if you need to cover during a special event.

  8. @admin: can u also share some of ur thoughts about wigs? do we have maintainable ones? so far i see maintenance is the biggest issue…
    if there is any technology which is completely undetectable and somehow self-cleaning I would go for it sure ha…

  9. I will never use a concealer. One of my colleagues at work thats about my age dyes his hair this certain color of red that covers up his hair loss pretty well.

    I will use styling products to give my hair some volume, which creates an illusion, but that’s it.

    I am still using the rice bran extract from aromantics, revita shampoo, and I just recently started using the topical Polaris research nr-11, which I am also buying from the UK. The Polaris nr-11 contains 12% minoxidil and 0.1% finasteride and does not contain alcohol.

      1. Honestly, yes. My hair has become thicker overall. My scalp, 3 months ago, was pretty much bare. Little peachy hairs were there, now they’re growing in thicker with more pigmentation. And I used to have a whole bunch of wiry hairs but they’re all gone. Now I am using two other topicals by DS labs: spectral f7, and spectral RS, plus generic oral fin.

        Without jumping into the science. I feel like I’m giving my scalp the right fertilizer if you will for the hair to grow.

        1. That’s awesome Phil! How long have you been taking oral Propecia? Which of the topicals do you think is jump starting the regrowth?

          1. I’ve been taking propecia for 3 years. Didn’t start minoxidil soon enough. It’s hard to say which topical is doing the most work.

            I’ve been using rogaine foam for a few years now. Hair was really starting to thin 4 months ago due to stress. Honestly, every topical i use is a different way of fighting the hair loss. The rice bran supposedly fights DHT, the spectral F7 fights cortisol (long term stress steroid), the spectral RS contains a couple antiinflammatory agents and mineral nutrients, and the Polaris research nr-11 is something i’ve only been using for a few days so far.

            Besides using revita shampoo I also using DS labs radia shampoo every few days to clean off the mineral/residue build up on my scalp from the topicals I use.

      1. @Breezy

        Minoxidil Express.

        Be aware that I am not advertising this product. I got mine delivered by DHL and I had to sign for it. The customs paperwork labels it as a hair lotion/gift.

    1. Where can I get this product you are talking about. I use 5% minoxidil now. Is the topical product called Polaris nr-11 and do use apply this product directly to your scalp. I would like to order this product and see if I get better results. Please tell me how to order product. Thank You,

  10. I’ve been using X-Fusion keratin fibers for about three years now. I honestly would not be able to leave the house without using it daily. It’s been a life saver. You may need to consult a reputable and trustworthy hair stylist in order to purchase the right color and so forth. I would suggest purchasing the applicator for a more precise way to apply it to thinner areas. Keratin fibers + a stylist who can cut hair to help mask hairloss has gone a long way for me.

  11. I tried a type of hair fiber and I’m sure it works for some guys but unfortunately my hair is multiple colors so it was really noticeable. I ended up scrubbing it off immediately. I don’t think hair dye is in my future either unfortunately since every strand of hair is either brown, red, white, or light brown…unless I completely dyed my beard and head hair completely every few days which just seems tedious and probably not healthy for my skin or body. I really need one of these new, cellular developments.

    1. Mine too, I just bought one tub a shade lighter and one tub a shade darker than my own hair and mixed them, looks great

  12. If you have black or dark brown hair, you are the perfect candidate for fibers.

    Hair fibers only work when you still have no bald spots.
    However, even at places where up to only 20% of your original hair is left, you will encounter trouble with it.

    If you have multiple coloured hair like me, forget it.
    You can’t mix grey, ashblonde and mediumbrown.
    Also, light coloured fibers are very visible, light colors absorb all the daylight.

    Based on own experiences.

  13. The angle of the before and after pic bothers me… They always make it look better than it really is. This guy had a lot of hair from the beginning, by switching angle from tilting towards front to tilting towards back they make it look like a lot more hair has come back… *face-plam*

  14. * Since HSC is a quicker, less invasive treatment, hair surgeons have the opportunity to administer this product either alone or in
    conjunction with a transplant. That’s awesome. FUE or Pilofocus +HSC.

  15. i agree with sweden.. i dont think before and after photos are in fair comparison. photos speak more than words.. u may write hair count increase and shite however we dont see it in photos

  16. What’s the problem with the photos? The photos are GREAT. HSC will be the next treatment for MPB. There is no reason to be so pessimistic. Great Blog.

  17. To me it doesn’t seem like Histogen would be beneficial really to a nw7 or someone close to those advanced stages would it?

    1. Hard to tell. I don’t think it would restore full density, but I believe it would help somewhat.

      There was significant improvement in every part of the scalp that was treated. This includes temporal regions, which have historically been hard to treat.

      “In addition to the overall significant improvement across hair growth parameters , the data
      from this trial revealed further benefits over currently marketed products. Significant hair
      growth was seen in all treated scalp areas. Subjects receiving HSC in the temporal
      recession, which is known to be more difficult to treat than other areas of hair loss, saw
      marked improvement in terminal hair count, with a mean increase of 22.6% at 12 weeks
      and 25.2% at the 24 week time point. In the pilot and Phase 1/2 clinical trials, men over 40,
      normally less responsive to non-surgical treatments, responded extremely well to HSC,
      including a mean increase of 39% in terminal hairs and 19.4% in total hair count in this age
      group in the current trial.”

      I don’t think this will be the cure all (have to wait a few years for Tsuji), but I believe this will be a very good treatment to hold off many men until the cure does comes out. It sounds like this will be a much more effective maintenance and regrowth treatment that will replace minoxidil and fin. This could be a game changer for millions.

      1. Well I’d be like a nw2 I believe but i have definately diffuse all over crown not bald bald but you can see my scalp my blonde hair isn’t very covering and I shave it short. I don’t think histo will help me at least that much but hopefully someone finds it useful. If that Brotzu lotion is what he says it is that would be my go to for now he says or so I’ve heard that it’ll bring back the last 5 years of hair and it works on younger guys better and I’d fit that criteria. I really don’t know what to do lol

  18. Histogen will be great for low norwoods who need thickening and minimal to average density filling in. Could be a cure like solution for nw1 to nw3. I just wish this could be released here in the states.

    1. Salient points:

      “With our initiation of preclinical development in vitiligo and androgenetic alopecia (AGA), commonly referred to as female or male pattern baldness, we now have a diverse pipeline targeting multiple dermatological conditions. We look forward to the second half of 2016, during which we expect to report results from multiple clinical trials,” added Dr. Walker.”

      “Commenced preclinical development of Aclaris’ Janus Kinase (JAK) inhibitor compounds for vitiligo and AGA.”

  19. When I used concealers, the fibers would cause irritation on my scalp and the inflammation and itching increased my hair loss rate. Anyone else have this problem?

  20. I know many on here are not fond of Histogen, but there has been a big news drop over at HLC. I strongly recommend anybody interested to read the thread.

    Mexico Phase 3 trtial in 2015.

    1. 2 questions
      1- if this is true why dont we see any photos?
      2- they were looking for funding before. why they didnt made it public before?

      if this is actually true, then it is almost a cure like treatment. however somehow it just doesnt sink in me

  21. HSC’s information was written by Feb 20 2016.????
    Isn’ it old information that cannot tell these days news???

  22. I’ve used Toppik – not a bad concealer, but from my experience Caboki sticks to the hair a bit longer – maybe two days, versus 1 day for Toppik.

    I always use those hair fiber concealers at least 12 hours after washing my hair, because when i put it on just after washing, it usually doesn’t stick to the hair so well and lands on the skin of the head (I do have short hair though).

    Just after washing my hair I usually use Dermmatch – i put it on, wait about 20 minutes so it’s fully dry and then go over it slightly with a paper towel (remember, my hair is very short).

    Then as said before, after at 12 hours (usually the next day) I put some Caboki on it to get some more fullness and even distribution. I usually do this by putting some Caboki on the crown and then distribute it with a comb to the top of the hair.

    Hope this will help.

  23. Phil Collins – do you apply the topicals at night all at once or some in the morning and some at night? Where did you buy the rice bran? Any growth at hairline and temples?

    1. @mjones

      Honestly if you look at a picture of myself 3 years ago you would expect me to have a shaven head.

      The rice bran I get from aromantics.com which is in the UK, and I buy the 500 ml bottles.

      I usually apply the spectral f7 in the evening, 20 minutes later I apply the Polaris research nr-11, then maybe an hour after that I apply the spectral DNC-S. In the mornings I just apply the nr-11 and DNC-S. Since I started the Polaris nr-11 four days ago I’ve tapered down on the rice bran oil. And yes the price of all this stuff isn’t cheap.

      Note that all the topicals I now use except for the rice bran are all ultimately made by Divine Skin Care: they own DS laboratories and Polaris Research.

  24. Admin,

    Just some random advice on concealers..

    I have fine dark to medium brown hair…

    For anyone in that range of color, the most natural shade of Toppik is a 50/50 mix of dark brown and medium brown.

    Basically, I had discovered that dark brown is unnaturally dark and even purplish under fluorescent lights, and the medium brown was much too reddish under that fluorescent scrutiny. However, a mix of the two was almost undetectable.

    You can put on Toppik very thick as long as you use some hairspray to lock it in. If you go that route, it’s good to brush off the top hairs with a wet paper towel to avoid it looking too fuzzy or “chalky”.

    Another great concealer, if you want to thicken a hairlines or conceal FUT scars, is Couvre. I’ve always found that dark brown is the most effective color, because it simulates dark shadow or that darkness of skin where active follicles are. Anything to cut the contrast between hair and skin makes a big difference.

    Anyway, Couvre is great for hairlines. You apply it thick about an inch behind the hairline, spreading it where you want with a finger. Then, you can create a nice transition of darkness to the hairline by working that already applied Couvre gradually forward, grabbing some Couvre and reapplying it with a motion moving away from the hairline, but getting progressively closer with each pass.

    If you accidentally put too much near the hairline, you can just remove it with a paper towel or q-tip and rework it until it looks good. It’s forgiving, and almost impossible to mess up when not near a hairline. FUT scars are easily consealed within an inch length of hair.

    Anyway, that’s all I got.

    With any luck, these things will be obsolete soon!!

  25. A new article on Angela Christiano came out today.

    The article says that after selling Vixen and it’s JAK research to Aclaris, Christiano has started up another company called Repunzel. The aim of this new company is growing hair via stem cells. Her team was able to grow rat hair ” like no tomorrow” with this method in her team’s lab. Shes overcome the culturing issues that have plagued hair growth research in the past and has achieved the ability to grow hair on a 3D scaffold in the lab. Christiano and her team believe they will be able to duplicate these results in humans to treat all types of Alopecia.

    1. Good find Red! They are taking things seriously…MPB is a medical condition , not just a cosmetic condition. As always GREAT BLOG.

    2. I guess JAK isn’t the ultimate answer to AA seeing Christiano still working to develop better methods to be used with HT.

    3. Great find! Yet 5 to 10 years away if we are lucky :( We need something now! We are overdue for even a topical that is slightly better than Rogaine.

      1. Most likely 5-10 years away that is true, but I look at this development more in terms of:

        1. A potential viable “cure” that is a backup plan in case Tsuji and his work for whatever reason do not come to fruition. Most people have all their eggs in the Tsuji basket as the only potential cure, so having another company that is claiming “unlimited hairs” via stem cell growth is very positive news. Also, this is a pretty reputable researcher in the hair loss world, and one that has very honest motivations.


        2. Hopefully its a good technology that can compete with Riken/Kyocera. If Christiano’s work can compete with what Tsuji is working on, that will be excellent news. Not only will that likely help keep Tsuji’s treatment at a reasonable and competitive price, but will also give people more options in terms of what “cure” they want/need.

        Also, as much as I have been skeptical about Histogen in the past (mostly because of delays and long periods of silence), I think they will produce a significant step in hairloss treatments. I think Histogen and/or Follica will turn out to be good “bridge” treatments from 18-2020~. I know living with this really sucks, but better treatments are coming, and are coming within the next two years. In 5 years or so we will hopefully never have to even think twice about hairloss ever again. What a good day that will be.

        1. Totally agree Red! I have more faith in Christiano though than tsuji. The competition is great news because it will bring a race to market first. I still think we are 10 years away from stem cell hair cloning but it will happen. Follica and histogen could be the bridge we need to grow back lots of hair till a cure. Who knows maybe some good news from SM this fall

          1. Exactly. It’s nice to finally see some actual competition between companies who seem to be moving into the last stages of trials/development. People are finally taking this disease seriously, and can see the HUGE profit potential in better treatments. Like the article said, curing hair loss is like the “race to the moon” now. The first company that gets there is going to filthy rich, and rightfully so.

            In the mean time though, we will have some more information and answers from Histogen on Monday. HLT is doing an exclusive interview with Gail Naughton. I’m not expecting anything earth shattering, but here’s to hoping there is at least some good news shared!

      1. Surely this should effect the percentage you gave of yak working ? I mean she wouldn’t set up this company if she knew she sold the cure

  26. Red- I don’ think that article said she overcame the culturing issues, it says that they grew rat hair on a “tissue culture medium.” I don’t believe those two mean the same thing.

    Also, scientists have been able to abundantly grow rat hair for years, so her statement is not much new. When they start talking about growing human hair, or even set up a website for Rapunzel, then I think we can start to get our hopes up.

    1. pilofocus is still around? That arrogant NY doc pumped it like crazy saying it’d be released in 2013, was such a douche too during his interviews.

    1. Just saw the pics. Nothing special. Looks like a typical half ass result of an ht. I guess the no scar result is what makes this novel.

  27. I think people are far too concerned about what topical chemicals they can use than what they ingest and how that results.. what is hair made up of? 90% protein. What is protein made up of? Amino acids… thenother 10% being water, biotin, iron, copper, rhodanine. I have had amazing results taking amino acid/biotin/vitamin c-e and some time in the sun with minoxidil/retinol mix. I actually have more hair than i did 5 years ago. I feel like its all about what you intake and pushing the blood supply to the areas that need it.

    1. Quentin explain in more detail please. Do you take each of these supplements separately? What Norwood were you 5 years ago and what are you now since adding these supplements and minox? I take Maxi Hair vitamin for 12 years. It has lots of vitamins but it never regrew anything for me. Just kept the hair healthier I guess. I take lysine for the same amount of time with sane result. How much protein should I take in each day? I’m 160 lbs. Please tell me in detail your regimen. I’m very interested. I may be doing something wrong on my end that you could help me with .

      1. Hey 10g of amino acids. Small amounts of vitamin c, b6, biotin, iron, zinc. I eat hzlf a cup of blueberries a day, half a cup of wallnuts. Plenty of avacados and drink lots of coconut water. Check the link below i posted and it has a picture of my mix. I had a blood test first so quantities may be different for each person

  28. Hey Quentin, are you Aussie mate? Saw your iodine thread you mentioned about aust soil lack of iodine.
    How much you paid for minox + ret ? Great hair pic hardly can tell you suffered from mpb.

  29. Hi Admin, you probably came back from future, after saw cure for mpb by 2020, hence start this blog and called hairlosscure “2020” lol, kudos on the blog seeing lot more companies progressing searching for treatment/cure for mpd.

  30. I’ve used them all and dermatch is where it’s at. If I’m going out and getting dressed up I’ll mix toppik in after applying dermatch and you can’t even tell I’m thinning at all. the main thing these products do is color your scalp and give the appearance of full hair because it hides the much lighter skin color underneath and dermatch does this best as it is applied directly on the scalp. try it out!!

  31. Histogen says the hair that regrow r permanent. Looks like Paul is right. Get histogen then a touch up fue or pilofocus n u shouldn’t have to worry bout hairloss anymore

  32. I am aussie yeah :). I was a norwood 3 thinning very fast and managed to get back to a norwood 2. With many more hairs. The minox-retinol is about 100 for 100ml. About the same price as store bought rogaine. For the vitamins/minerals/amino acid supplement mix i use please follow the link above in my other post

      1. Roughly 3 months if i rotate with kirkland. I use kirkland probably 4 mornings a week because i leave a bottle at work and my hair doesnt dry until i get there. On those days i still use the minox/retinol mix in the evenings. Sundays are my day off where i dont use anything. Just a rhodanine spray when getting out of the shower.

    1. Thanks Quentin! One last question, how long were you on regular Rogaine before you switched to Rogaine retina mix? Did you get results on regular Rogaine ?

      1. I honestly felt like i was always just going backwards with rogaine alone. I would constantly shed. Also i must mention the mix is minox and retinol not retin a. I have used a mix of minox and retin a and it worked better than minox alone though not as well as the retinol mix. I am puzzled as to why that was and i think that its because retinol is weaker so alot more can be applied to the scalp and it has some kind of dht blocking abilities.. they both do. Its about cellular turnover. The next bottle i will get will probably be 7%minox with 0.5%retinol. The instructions that came with it said contains no or modified propelyne glycol

        1. Thank you Quentin. Yeah I’m on Rogaine foam for almost two years. Got slight thickening first 2 months then nothing but losing ground after. I’m going to see a dermatologist and see if they can get me a Rogaine retinol mix solution. I’m hoping that will help me

  33. Damn, what does “practical use” mean Kyocera?!

    So ambiguous. Can’t tell if it means first trying it out in human trial patients OR actual commercial release.

    1. That’s the thing that bothers me about Kyocera. I know in the past, when Histogen or a Follica touted claims, it was to help investment and drum up some money. Could this be a similar case?

      Touting such an early release, relatively speaking, is curious considering we don’t know how this works in humans yet.

      1. I think Shiseido has more than enough funds, and now they get added support from Kyocera (not to mention Japanese government support via RIKEN). Between Shiseido and Kyocera, the combined entity is probably at least 1000s of time larger than Histogen and it would be quite astonishing if they were in need of help in raising some $10-$20 million like Histogen.

        1. Yeah, fair point. Still, it strikes me as very presumptive but then again, they are maybe further ahead than they let on. Which would be smart.

          1. They likely are further along than what people seem to think.

            I don’t think the “practical use in 2020” is in reference to simply starting clinical trials. It doesn’t make sense why the press release would differentiate between “clinical research in 2019” and “practical use in 2020” if they were talking about trials in 2020. Based on information that has been released, I believe their plan is this: Kyocera will have the equipment for the procedure ready in 2018, clinical trials will begin in 2019, and they will release the procedure in 2020 during phase 2 trials as per Japan’s new legislations.

            My interpretation is that they are planning on having the product commercially available in 2020. Keep in mind they are governmentally funded and supported, which is good news.

    2. Probably means to start clinical trials. Can’t see how they can complete clinical trials and release it in just a year. They claim 2019 for trials

  34. Guys if 2022 rolls round, tsuji becomes available – WOULD YOU drop your current treatments in advance to vacate your scalp of minox/fin dependant hairs? Or would you go into tsuji still taking fin and risk having to go back for repeat procedures etc.

    I think I would drop fin (because I don’t want to take it forever), watch my hair go to shit for 24 months then when its stabilised go and get tsuji cloning done to rebuild the total losses.

  35. honestly guys do you think histogen will struggle for funding if it really works what its claiming for….im pretty sure they dont have anything…. must be similar to prp ….

    1. There he is!
      Lol… since when did they have troubles finding funding… last time I checked they raised millions of dollars without any issue. Did I miss something?

      Have you looked at their numbers? What gives you the idea that it is going to be similar to PRP? Honestly… I hope you’re just trolling and trying to become a character here… like the “I hate Histogen” guy.

      I’m interested in hearing their interview that the guys over at HLT are going to be releasing by Wednesday.

      Whether you like them or not you can’t deny the energy they are adding to the industry and pushing others to produce.

  36. I don’t think histogen will work but today they got $6 million new funding from a Chinese company.

    I’m so surprised; that money should have gone to Follica not Histogen!

  37. Can anyone tell me whether dandruff causes hairloss or not? I’m diffuse thinning and every hair I lose has this sebum thingy in the middle. It’s like beads in a string, I can move them up and down using my fingers. Any help would be appreciated.

  38. Hi Admin, I am a female with AGA becoming more visible now. I have been following your blog for a couple of years. I remember on one of the threads you mentioned you would recommend maybe 5 docs for PRP in the country – would you mind sending/posting that list? PRP is pretty popular these days at med spas/clinics but if you dig into the protocol, it doesn’t generate a lot of confidence. I’d rather go to a doctor who’s more invested.

  39. I like toppik a lot. I get very good results from it. Practice makes perfect though. Takes a bit of experience and a touch of artistry. The negative reviews I’ve seen for dermmatch and for fiber products like toppik are from people who expect flawless results without effort.

    Shine-enhancing hairspray helps with the matte look, btw.

    I worry that it interferes with the absorption of topical medications, though. Seems like the excess fibers that make it through to my scalp soak up the propylene glycol or glycerin in commercial minoxidil preparations. Once they’re absorbed, there isn’t much chance of minoxidil penetrating the scalp.

  40. COUVRE is absolutely needed for a realistic hair line, but they stopped selling it last year. It’s a “masking lotion”. I stocked up, but will run out in a year or so. Does anyone know of a good substitute? It has to be a ready-made lotion.

  41. Hi! Nicole the SMP tech for Dr. Ron Shapiro weighing in on this. First of all, clearly I want share my 100% biased opinion that tricopigmentation couldn’t hurt you. And, secondly remind you that long hair smp does exist and looks great (if done correctly). Most of my patients pay a lot of money for hair. We had to figure it out because they arn’t going to just shave it off.
    But, I also wanted to make say that the truth in my opinion is that you can’t compare the two solutions because smp can never do what topical concealers can. The products with keratin fibers can work three dimensional miracles. SMP is 2d. I also know, because I have FFA and use them myself. Toppik should come with an addiction warning label. But seriously, I see people all the time who think they can totally replace using concealers with smp and it’s just not true. SMP techs can’t or shouldn’t ever be making your scalp as dark as these products can. Need I not remind us after 10 years of bad photos that “the painted look” with SMP looks ridiculous. (I know this post was not about smp but you brought it up) :)

  42. Also, in my experience in the hair color section the spray products that are intended to cover gray hair between hair colors “root covers ups” (there is a million brands) work really well alone as concealor (no pillow residue, people can touch your hair and not tell, and they don’t seem to run if you sweat) or as hairspray for toppik. It’s definatly sticky thou.

  43. some quick notes of a heavy concealer user:
    – toppik is the best if you use the applicator and the spray holder, the hairline optimizer dosn’t really matter.
    – dermmatch is really good and underrated. I used it daily for two years without running out.
    – toppik without the applicator sucks. period.
    – if you’re a heavy concealer user, look into hair systems and DIY attachment. there’s a point where they are easier and more capable of “a full head of hair” than normal concealers.
    – if you decide to go with hairsystems, keep using concealers to create stronger temple points, it’s a dead giveaway otherwise.

  44. Hi.. Is there any type or make of concealer or spray that does not come off on your pillow… Thanks John..

  45. Admin can we get the full scale run down on stemson tsuji and hairclone.

    You/we interviewed Alexey he said a product could be launched within three years after funding in 2017 he just got 15mil+.

    1. A few people commented and emailed about this in the past month. Have written a post. Might publish soon.

  46. These would’ve been great for me 15 years ago when I was 25 and still had a semblance of a hairline. Now at 40 I’m considering SMP instead but the unnatural look is putting me off. I really wish we had better options than the current drugs / transplants.

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