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Shiseido Sounds Optimistic

Update: Shiseido has updated its website. The Kobe cell processing and expansion center is now clearly visible on the map. Thanks for the link to commentator “Edgar”.

Shiseido’s Biggest Dot on the Map

Shiseido Cell Processing Facility
Shiseido’s Updated World Map. Kobe Cell Processing and Expansion Facility.

Dr. Jiro Kishimoto’s Presentation

I last covered Japan’s cosmetics behemoth Shiseido in early March. This was in my post discussing Replicel’s two important recent announcements. For those who are new to this blog, Shiseido is working on a hair loss cure via its own research as well as via the use and rights to Replicel’s technology in Asia.

A few weeks later, we had the 11th World Congress for Hair Research in Spain. At this Congress, Shiseido (Japan)’s Dr. Jiro Kishimoto had a much anticipated presentation titled: “Autologous cell-based therapy for hair loss using dermal sheath cup cells.”

Shiseido 2019 Update

Several days ago, I got access to the summary of this presentation. Below is the most interesting and important section (with slight grammar changes from my part):

“After a Phase I clinical study with dermal sheath cup (DSC) cells in the EU showed no serious adverse events, we conducted clinical research studies in Japan on autologous cell based therapy for 66 male and female patients with androgenic alopecia using DSC cells. The study is currently ongoing at two medical institutions and no serious adverse effects have been reported thus far.

I would also like to discuss a unique registration law for cell therapy in Japan. This law enables hospitals and clinics to outsource cell and tissue processing to specialized cell processing facilities (CPC) located outside hospitals. We have introduced a cell manufacturing process for DSC cells in the CPC established in Kobe by ourselves, and I will discuss future prospects for cell-therapy in patients with AGA.”

If Shiseido Decides to Do So

I used to cover Replicel (Canada) and its Japanese cosmetics behemoth partner Shiseido at least a few times per year until last year. At some point, I got skeptical about the RCH-01 autologous cell therapy hair loss product being released any time soon.

Shiseido LogoBesides typical delays, Replicel and Shiseido had some unclear conflicts regarding their partnership.

However, Replicel published two important updates this month, the second of which is of most interest to us:

Per the first link above, the disagreement regarding the agreement between Shiseido and Replicel remains unresolved. However, it is not subject to any litigation or arbitration at this time.

The key money quote is from the second link:

“While the Company’s RCH-01 product for hair loss due to androgenic alopecia may be launched in Japan much earlier if Shiseido decides to do so, current planning anticipates the potential for all four products to be on the market in Japan by 2022.”

The implication seems to be that:

  1. Shiseido could release the product well before 2022. See my past post on Shiseido’s new research facility in Kobe, Japan.
  2. Even if Shiseido does not release the product earlier, it will quite possibly get released in 2022 in Japan by Replicel.

See my past post on Japan’s new laws fast-tracking stem cell therapies and clinical trials.

Another key quote:

“Unlike anywhere else in the world, one well-designed cell therapy trial in Japan, approved by their regulatory authorities, has the potential to lead to product market launch.”

Replicel is clearly focusing on a “First-in-Japan” strategy due the country’s favorable regulatory environment. Shiseido has rights to the Asian market when it comes to RCH-01, but it seems like Replicel can still release the product in Japan in 2022 if Shiseido does not do so?

Hard to make this conclusion for certain without knowing much more about the two companies’ legal contract. In any case, this is a great development.

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