Trinov (Brotzu Lotion) Buying Options and Reviews

Update: October 2, 2019 — Trinov (formerly Brotzu lotion) is now available in lotion as well as shampoo format. The company that makes it now also sells a hair loss supplement. Please make sure to discuss your results and write your reviews of this hair growth product in the comments. Also see this new study on Trinov.

Update: October 4, 2018 — Trinov is finally Released! In Italy, it is known as Trinov lozione anticaduta. The chances of any side effects with this product are minimal.

Trinov is the most hyped hair loss product to come out in many years. The Italian manufacturer Fidia Farmaceutici released this new hair growth treatment around the end of 2018.

The initial product release is planned for Italy. Note that this product was formerly known as the Brotzu lotion. It can be used by both men and women, but is not a cure for hair loss. Just a very rare new and potentially strong treatment.

Trinov Hair Loss Product.
Trinov (Brotzu lotion) for hair loss.

Trinov (Brotzu Lotion) Purchase Options

However, it seems like Trinov is already being sold online by several companies. I will add more to the below list in the coming weeks.

  • Several week ago, reader “hlscc” posted a link to the Trinov sales page on Italian online pharmacy website Current price is 71.25 Euros (slightly discounted from 75 Euros retail price).
  • Yesterday, reader “Javier” from Spain e-mailed me a link to Tuttopharma, also based in Italy. They are selling Trinov for 67.50 Euros. Interestingly, they have a photo of the packaging. It looks like a 30ml spray per the title. I was under the impression that it would be a lotion?
  • Another new one is Farmacia Sant’ Antonio. The offer worldwide delivery with 48-72 hours.
  • Update: Trinovanticaduta official website.
Trinov lotion ingredients.
Trinov lotion ingredients and packaging.

Ingredients and How it Works

After translating into English, the below Trinov ingredients sound encouraging and exactly what we expected. See my past posts on the Brotzu Lotion for more on the science and ingredients behind this product. Especially the original Dr. Brotzu post from February 2016.

  • Dhomo-Gamma-Linoleic Acid (DGLA). A precursor of prostaglandin E1 (PGE 1).
  • S-Equol. Inhibits 5 alpha-reductase enzyme activity.
  • Propionyl-L-Carnitine. Promotes lipid metabolism and stimulates energy production.

Trinov Reviews

If you try out Trinov, make sure to write your reviews in this post’s comments section. I do not intend to try out the product myself until I have read many positive reviews about it over the next 6 months. How do you rate it on a scale of 1-10? Do note that it is not meant to grow hair on totally bald areas of the scalp.

Dr. Brotzu Latest 2019 Interview

The below image is from a recent interview of Dr. Brotzu via Trinovanticaduta’s Youtube channel:

Dr. Brotzu Explaining Trinov
Dr. Brotzu Explaining Trinov.

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    1. Please keep me informed my son is 25 and trying to buy trinov for him he is losing his hair very fast. Every site I go on is in Italian.

      Edit: Email address was removed.

  1. When will Fidia publish their promised study? The Sitri pictures are not convincing, and if younger men supposedly respond better, why not publish photos of their treatment results? This is fishy. Its not looking good and people will have to spend 483$ + shipping (50$ or more) to find out if it does anything for them.

  2. it’s another reboost…, photos are total crap, all the hype was created when brotzu said that it will reverse 5 years of baldness .. which clearly has no sense

  3. @hlscc I assume you haven’t seen any of the homemade lotion results? They speak volumes and are much more promising than the official photos. Besides this, the latest set of official photos show a 47 year old man regrow a lot of his mid scalp hair and even thickening temples. Remaining skeptical is good, but this is no Reboost (the science is actually sound)

  4. Very pleased if this will be available as a spray. Looks like it will need to be applied only once a day; so a 30ml bottle should last as long as Regain (60 ml but twice a day) i.e. one month. Bit pricey, but worth a try. PS I do wish these web sites would also provide for English. I know the translate function is pretty good, but considering how much interest there is likely to be in this from outside Italy (and that English is the modern world’s equivalent of Latin) you’d think they would make the effort (!)

  5. @Cosy Because it is not a cure. Even brotzu himself said that it is only able to regrow the hair back that you lost in the last 5 years (which is most probably a claim far from the truth). So even if this would be true it wouldn’t be a ‘cure’ because it does not grow all the hair back, which the word cure would suggest.

  6. When I posted my before and after results of a hair system I used videos, not still images, which can always be suspicious. For those of you willing to test this and then spread positive messages about its effects, I am not expecting the same dramatic change but I hold you to the same standards of proof.

    A video before and one after, in the same room, same lighting, showing your entire scalp. Even people in Africa these days have phones that can take videos. You have no excuse. Well, unless the treatment doesn’t work.

  7. New to this forum but I would like to say I’m impressed with the amount of information available here(-:
    Is it possible that the good doctor claim of 5 years baldness reversal can happen?
    Because to my understanding we are not actually loosing the hair but rather the hair follicle enters into a dormant state so this lotion can potentially change dormant hair to terminal hair?

  8. Aclaris Therapeutics presented at the Cantor Global Healthcare Conference (The webcast is available for 30 days here: [AGA at 16:00]

    Most Important Quote:
    “…she decided to study this JAK inhibition mechanism in mouse models designed to look at Androgenetic Alopecia and she looked at a [anagen hair growth mouse model] and surprise, surprise, saw that JAK inhibition worked better than the positive controls and she theorizes—by the way, that only works topically, not orally, which is quite interesting—she theorizes that it really hits the stem cell compartment and that’s why the topical works and the oral doesn’t because usually you can’t get concentrations to migrate up from the systemic circulations. So we have on ongoing open-label study in this [AGA] and we look forward to presenting that data in the first part of next year.”


  9. it doesnt do anything more than a minox and propecia. If you get any regrowth its just the hair most recently lost. Once hair is gone for a few years its toast. No one knows any way to get it back, and there might not be any.
    I am not wasting my money on this crap until some people take it, and prove it works.

  10. i am waitting nasa make a statement after aclaris news lol. Admin great job, i think you should put like and disslike in the comments if it’s easy for you.

  11. In all honesty, if this halts hair loss without sides effect, it would be the cure. From the day it gets released, none will ever go bald anymore. Think about it, million of people balding would be buying this product, since its safe and will stop its hairloss. All the people in minox + finas would swtich to this product.

    Sadly, I doubt this will stop hairloss, because if it did, this would be such a huge announcement you would see it everywhere. But obviously this is just a gamble, I have no facts at all and no science for this claim. We just need to wait and see.

  12. Aight folks, as usual theres a lot of posting, positive and negative. But as many of us are complaining about bad photos and loose advertisement (I totally agree on this point), now lets make this forum the testing ground we want to see. All those trying this out, make sure to let us know how this progresses, and do so in a good way. I think Im not alone in getting tired of geniuses speculating here venting whatever ungrounded views without shit to support either the good or the bad claims. All people who is trying this out, make sure to follow up with photos with the qualities we want to see, and share with us your thoughts in a good and balanced manner. We will all be much obliged to you for sharing your experiences with us.

    Also gonna take this opportunity to thank admin for this site, very well done with good and balanced writing. Creds, and many thanks.

    // S

  13. Nasa and That Guy should have a death match throw down over Toccata’s Aclaris post! I’m Yoda was never bald thanks to Minox, Fin, Dut and RU! Hopefully even better days are ahead. Don;t let anyone ever tell you there will come a day you’ll quit caring about having hair, soon to be 56 and fighting this for over 35 years.

  14. Anyone want to comment on Sandalore? its been all over the news yet no one is talking about it on this site.

  15. Baldiebald, tell me more about the potential Sheishedo read out? When, where, how, how likely? Super hopeful for this to at least be guaranteed long-term, side free, maintenane.

  16. Baldiebald, tell me more about the potential Sheishedo read out? When, where, how, how likely? Super hopeful for this to at least be guaranteed long-term, side free, maintenane. Look

  17. Not to change subjects or anything but does anyone here use lipogaine? I’m looking to switch from Rogaine foam because it doesn’t have that thickening effect on my hair anymore and I’m losing ground even on a compound fib minox topical. I use both foam and the compound topical for years. Should I add dermarolling 1.5m once a week with current topical or switch to lipogaine?

  18. Mjones, I’m curious, what is your pick for the next approved hair loss treatment? Still going with your boy cots and follica?…brotzu doesn’t count fyi

  19. I’m planning on buying this. It looks like it won’t be available for purchase on until December 2018?

    I’ve also been using Follics FR12 (yes I’ve ranted plenty of times on here about the product in the past), and I will honestly say I’m getting some good results. In fact, I stopped taking oral finasteride a year ago and my scalp looks better now than it did then.

    Also I’ve been reading about this sandalore product that is applied topically. Does anyone know where the actual product that was used in the study ( can be bought? It’s manufactured by Giuliani Pharma S.p.A

  20. Brotzu claims it can treat autoimmune hairloss and if I read correctly, scarring alopecia is considered an autoimmune disease. I think I started developing scarring alopecia sometime in 2009, but its a slow follicle killer. I didn’t notice any serious hairloss until 2013. At that time I went to the doctor in November, 2013 and was diagnosed with CCCA. To date, that would put me rite at the 5 year mark for some of my hair loss. I don’t want to rush into trying this until I see other results but I don’t want to miss the opportunity to regrow my hair because I waited too long. Does anyone know exactly what they mean by 5 years. Is it actually 5 years and under or 5 years plus but less than 6 years?

  21. TomJones, I would say either Samumed or Follica. But I am leaning towards samumed. My boy cots disappointed me with another delay. SM has been pushing along nice and steady. I think it has to do with their political investors in the business which is good for us. Those politicians want to make their money. Sisheido, tsuji seem to hard to get when they get released. Aclaris is 50 50 shot.

  22. I have been using duta (avodart) for 3 years now. the first year was the best within I had even thicker and heathier hair than my sister . the first year was pure magic . However my hair started thening and lost about 40% of the first year density and 60% of shafts thickness.
    Actually, nothing seems to work other than Duta and we all know that minixodill loses the effect after few years, any suggestion about topical Duta will be welcomed

  23. @mjones why would you say Shiseido and Tsuji is hard to get if released? You don’t need a VISA to go to Japan and from the US you can get direct flights.

  24. Mjones I just think it’s odd that after all these hair break throughs and knowing about scalp disruption after all these years and cots still doesn’t have a working product. This just doesn’t seem right to me. I mean, what has he and his team been doing all these years?

  25. Mjones, Lipogaine is nothing special. I use it because it doesn’t dry my scalp out like other topical minox solutions. Otherwise results are exactly like you’d expect.

  26. @scott: what type of costs are we looking at to fly round trip to Japan? From east coast USA. Thanks….and why get excited about shiseido when they are so quiet? …and if it actually does prove safe and effective I wouldn’t mind flying over there with someone from east coast if possible? We will see.

  27. You will be making multiple trips (at least two) to Japan my friend…this is not a one and done sort of treatment. No one seems to want to acknowledge this. If you’ve got the time and the dough more power to you. If it comes to market that is.

  28. Scott…it will be hard to get not because it’s in japan. Well actually that does make it tiring since you got to make multiple trips due cell harvesting and then injections. The difficult part I’m referring to is that they will only accept a limited amount of patients until they complete phase 3. Those who get in for the treatment you have to be under japan’s monitor patient list or something like that. Where they track your progress and any side effects. So it may get release after phase 2 under Japan less stringent laws but it doesn’t mean this treatment is easy to get and 100% safe.

  29. With a great deal of attention going on to – new products coming to market, I think it’s also important to bring attention to potential issues going on with products “we hair loss sufferers” are buying now on a regular basis.

    I buy and use Fin and Minox on a regularly and buy from a site that advertised on your site (Minoxidil Direct .com). I have emailed them 3 times asking about the same issue (fake products) recently posted on the bald truth, to simply get clarification from them, but got no response at all. The last batch I bought from them is exactly as the designated fake minox (pics) that is being implicated on this BT link . Buyer beware…

    It really sucks to think we have to add this extra bs on top of what we stress over already…


    1. I have let your comment through for the time being, but how do you know that the Amazon reviewer named “global resident” is legitimate?

      His comment states “most likely a fake product” as if he is not certain.

      At the bottom of his Amazon comment, he also states:

      “My question is whether the one with white column is fake or not.”

      Meaning he is asking others for their opinion and not sure.

  30. Thx admin.

    I guess my point is, in the this day and age where companies are creating or selling products claiming to potentially grow some lost hair it just plain frustrates that quality control is another layer of issue on top of all the other issues related to hair loss…. I wish minoxidil direct would have got back to me ensuring me that they go through extra and full measures to make sure their products they sell are 100% legit.


  31. Admin,

    I guess 2018 was enriched with Brotzu going back to march-april. I guess we can look at 2019. Is there anything that truly looks like a good treatment for 2k19? Has replicel just fallen off?

    I have stated this before and I guess I will again. I really don’t think Jak inhibitors will work for AGA. It just doesn’t make sense. I know one poster is hoping it will, and I would hope I am wrong. The great thing about science, is we are ok if we are wrong as long as the resolve is improvement. I am saying, Jak can address anti-inflammatory issues, which is one part of probably 100 problems if we did studies on hair loss. I think Jaks with AA is more than probable or not. Hairloss, is many things, but it’s hormones. I mean bodybuilders are a walking example, older men whose DHT is stable but test lowers. Women’s estrogen lowers post meno and female pattern hits. Pregnant women get hit sometimes with hairloss, usually reversed. It all points to hormones. That is one of many reason, I do not see jack working. Now if one can bypass these hormonal problems and target another area superior to hormones….but that is not JAKS.

    Off topic: Some bodybuilders do say HGH has helped their hair, but take that at face value, third party.

    So anything in 2019? If brotzu wasn’t so expensive I would probably try it. I am leaning to topical fin, with other stuff in it, no minox- I will never use minox. Minox is a short term goal. I was prescribed testosterone, and have held it off for 8 months bc worry of hairloss further. I am young to get Testosterone, and I really don’t know if a topical fin can counter test- low dose testosterone. My endo is not for it, but my derm is ok with it. Cmon 2019 S10 being released, how about some hairloss lol. I can say, I grow a fast beard, and have a square jawline, so if I shaved it, it wouldn’t be bad……so I tell myself. I am a nw 2.5ish.

  32. Meanwhile Follicum will present topline results before end of this month. And I guarantee. No delays from this company. Then we’ll know if their approach have succeded or failed.

  33. I’m sure selling fake generic Minoxidil is a huge money maker (sarcasm). I imagine the containers cost more than the real product. Seems like good rationale to blame further hairloss on. Trust me, minox loses it’s effectiveness, I’ve had to bump up the concentration over the years. Also, Minox on it’s own will only help for a short period of time. Instead of conspiracy theories research other means to halt the loss, it’s what I’ve been doing for 35 years.

  34. To Mjones and anyone on the fence, Lipogaine is a godsend. I tried to switch to kirkland once and I literally didn’t empty my stack before switching back to Lipo. Not only is the consistency of their product MUCH, MUCH better, but it has azelaic acid and some other shiz in it that makes it better imo.

    At least it has carried me from 24 to 30 so far and my hair still looks perfectly fine on a good day. Shit I seriously can’t thank it enough. Can only speak for my experience though, good luck whatever path you choose.

    PS: Use it responsibly, slacking off does hurt.

  35. Where do you order your lipogaine from? I’ve been using regaine for 4 years and its really slowed things down.

    Also if anyone knows about Shisheido releasing results please do let me know. I’ve heard murmurs there will be a presentation this week but can’t find anything concrete?

    I’ll probably try Brotzu so will be sure to provide an update.

  36. @Aaron Rawlings (on Shiseido’s study results)

    From Replicel 2h’s ago: “We anticipate seeing data from the RCH-01 study in Japan sometime before year-end but the real answer is whenever the investigators/hospitals in charge of the trial (not us) decide to release the data once it’s ready.”

  37. I thought they took out Azelaic Acid from Lipogaine a couple years ago due to FDA. I see it containing apple polyphenol and some other linoic acid etc. Am I right?Did you use Rogaine for years and switched to Lipogaine and grew more hair?

  38. I sm having a problem where i have been getting a 7%minox made with 20%pg and 80%alcohol. It dries so quickly.. Within 2 minutesvim wondering ifvit does anything.
    He said he adds citric acid to the pg after he adds the minox and the solution changes from a cloudy color back to clear smd them adds the alcohol. I alwsys complained my other compound took 30 minuted or so to try.. Now im wondering

  39. You’re right! As far as I know they did take out azelaic acid per se a couple years ago, but they have their own proprietary formula called Azetinol or something like that, some people speculate that Azelaic acid might still be in there under that name, though I can’t say that for sure.

    What I can say with 100% confidence is that Lipogaine alone has carried me and my hair more than anything in the world. I’m not one to mention products by brand (But while I’m at it, I love Regenepure Dr. as well) but it seriously was a life saver for me. And the composition of the liquid compared to Kirkland’s when I tried it was night and day. Like when you can tell a product is quality and another one just a knock off or just not as good?? Hard to explain.

    I order Lipo from the official site. I’m thinking of ordering their dermaroller too but doing some research first. Might end up pulling the trigger though, they’ve certainly earned my trust.

  40. When it says above that the product release is initially planned for Italy, does this mean it will be possible to buy the product in a chemist in Italy? Am planning a trip to Italy in mid December and would much prefer to buy over the counter if I can. Apologies if this question is already answered above.

  41. ^Monica

    If you search on google I’m certain you can find where to purchase follics products. I will not post a direct link on here since doing so may jeopardize purchasing of the products.

  42. Lots of money to be made very quickly. Just like Reboost. Take a figure of say 60.00 dollars a bottle times 12 months is 720.00 dollars. 720.00 dollars times say 200,000 thousand people (low estimate) 144,000,000 dollars……hope its not a dud….

  43. Tires of naysayers and eternal optimists so will just buy it and test it for a few months.

    Easier than speculating, and to be fair having arrived the product looks pro. Clearly they spent the effort in packaging and delivery. The pipette and spray cap are solid. Seems like they gone the extra mile. After couple of days use, hair feels like ive used an expensive conditioner.

    I have curly arabic style hair and the temple and front is where ive lost hair. Deepish receding hair line so far with fullish looking thinning front.The hair that has already stopped growing, first dried out then kept growing back weaker till sadly no more.

    After 2 days the hair lost its crispyness and feeling soft and healthier, that is a good early sign. Took a set of before picks and will after my trial send some after pics with them.

  44. I have been using TRINOV for about 6 months with poor results. Maybe there is some hair loss slow down, but no regrowth.

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