NgAgo Genome Editing to Cure Hair Loss

Update: A year after I wrote this post, Dr. Chunyu Han was discredited. However, further research concluded that NgAgo does have the ability to edit genes. It is just hard to reproduce Dr. Han’s work.

On this blog, while I have mentioned gene therapy and gene modification a number of times in the past. Especially when it comes to the now ubiquitous CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing method. However, I have hardly discussed its application towards a cure for hair loss. The main reason has been due to my feeling that a genetic modification based cure for hair loss in adults is still a long way away (but perhaps not that far off when it comes to embryos).

This feeling of mine is shared by virtually all online hair loss forum members that have shared an opinion about this issue. It also seems like more than a few genes could be involved in balding (e.g., see the excellent diagram in this hair loss gene research, which shows two of those genes — GRID1 and AR/EDA2R). It should be noted that if certain national governments turn a blind eye towards experimental genetic therapy treatments, we could see faster results.

A person would have to be exceedingly depressed by hair loss if he/her were to take such a severe step such as gene modification to  cure or revere hair loss. I would not want to modify my genes to cure hair loss until it has been done safely on other adults for at least ten years with no unforeseen side effects. Even then, I might never go through with it, although this is all a moot point if a non-genetic cure for hair loss arrives by the end of 2020.

Dr. Chunyu Han, NgAgo and Hair Loss

In any event, recently some important news came out of China regarding a genome-editing treatment for hair loss. A 42-year old scientist by the name of Dr. Chunyu Han from Hebei University of Science and Technology made this discovery. The most interesting thing is that this scientist discovered and is using a technique called Natronobacterium gregoryi Argonaute (NgAgo) that could end up being even better than CRISPR!

For more, read “whether NgAgo could challenge CRISPR.” NgAgo is a DNA-guided genome editing technique, whereas the mainstream CRISPR technique involves RNA-guided genome editing. Dr. Han’s original paper on this work was presented at MIT and has subsequently led to a great deal of excitement in the scientific community. Coincidentally, one of the co-inventors of the CRISPR technology is also a Chinese-born scientist by the name of Dr. Feng Zhang.

Going back to the above article, the following quote from Dr. Han is very encouraging:

“With this technique, middle-aged men with bald heads can probably regain their hair through genetic repair.”

That is huge. We all know how difficult it is to recover hair that has been lost for a long time. Yet, this respected scientist whose work is now being discussed in detail at universities such as MIT suggests this is not true. It should be noted that Dr. Han also states the following:

“Although the science is currently futuristic.”

Miscellaneous Notes

— I cannot believe that an esteemed scientist such as Dr. Han is discussing how his new gene modification technique could cure hair loss. The lead scientists behind CRISPR or any other such breakthrough technologies in the western world would never focus significant time on a cosmetic problem. In fact people would start to doubt there credibility if they shifted focus away from major diseases to cosmetic problems.

— Even more surprising, Dr. Han is not losing his hair, so does not have a personal interest in the subject. Of course I am not complaining about any of this. It is very pleasing that a renowned scientist is focusing global media attention on hair loss.

— It is also wonderful news that Dr. Han’s NgAgo discovery could reduce the significance of the patent controversy (and even worse, a potential patent monopoly) that the western world has become obsessed with when it comes to CRISPR. Also see this 2014 article on the original controversy.

— Dr. Han claims that his NgAgo technique does not pose dangers of a person getting cancer, while this is not true of CRISPR. I have not tried to verify this point.

— And finally, according to the original article about Dr. Han that I linked to at the top of this post:

“To cut costs he and his team had to use discarded beverage bottles in the laboratory and struggled under a debt of more than 300,000 yuan ($45,870).”

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  1. I read about this the other day , hopefully we can get some of these other treatments out shortly , while these new cutting edge sciences come to fruition. Its really nice to see that mpb is on a much larger radar then it was even five years ago .

  2. I read this too. His way does not have the risk of causing cancer like CRISPR. So he claims. Anyways I might like to be a test subject. I ain’t gonna live forever anyways.

    1. That would be pretty bold of you. While I was reading it I was thinking about how this would separate the people who really want their hair back and the people who can wait.

    1. Yes Susana , really , to cut cost . Sorry you find it so tiring that someone is trying to accomplish something for someone else on such a limited budget. Maybe you can do it better?

      1. Yes Yes. The same tactic to have funs. Fortunately other areas of business and Reserch dont have the same lame tactic.
        And Yes for me this is the same level of BS or snake oil. To have some respect in you business you need to respect yourself…

    2. I think we should discuss the actual issues covered in the article, not trivia like “discarded beverage bottles”, as if that was the key point.

  3. cancer and coronary heart disease get grants and fundings 1000’s times more than hair loss. that’s why we got tons more treatments as result. even though hair loss is not as serious, it is still greatly ignored compared to the other issues taking in consideration the very high prevalence rate of hair loss and the impact it has on tens if not hundreds of millions of lives . only crazy and conspiracy theory people will doubt scientist credibility. when you say cosmetics you make me think of make up and breast implants. this is a disease that change one’s image and quality of life and no where close to the other cosmetic issues. also don’t get ahead of yourself admin we still don’t have a single picture of hair loss cure result. we may never do.

    1. Hall of us are no waiting for a cure. But a Good traetment and the sad os this is all are promeses….

    2. There is a cure but do you actually think it will get the light of day. As long as you keep coming back, they make money. Just like the Pharmaceutical Industry.

  4. I sure wish and I deeply pray that this is the solution we are seeking.

    I hate that all the hype and emotions can only contribute to internet traffic in some sites and money in some pharmaceutical company without any result. Please don’t feed on our hopes :(

  5. Admin it is incredible that his first epiphany was hair loss considering he doesn’t have it – Doudna would have never done this. I’m glad you covered this considering the hype of CRISPR and this being “something more than CRISPR”. This is definitely a curve ball.

    I emailed crisprtx company myself and got a response asking about AGA specifically he said thank you no i haven’t heard of the idea. I am aware that CRISPR can be used on adults in genetic therapy though (which is why i asked). I suggest forum members ask companies these questions instead of speculating we all have a lot more power than we realize

  6. so what admin i think it’s time to change the name of the blog. what about dsrna louis garza reasearch can u find more details about this? i think is the most realistic plan .
    one thing about the blog you should put a like and dislike aplication thank you . nice job by the way . let’s hope a better treatment will come out soon and maybe a announcement of a human trial to cure baldness

  7. Is it safe to modifiy gene in adult people ?

    did doctor before try to modify gene in adult people to treat something, like disease for example ??

  8. I would never mess with my genes! This is insane. Plus he even mentioned that is futuristic and many years away so I don’t know why a few of you are getting excited like this is coming out in a couple years. He hasn’t even tried it for aga. Probably just mentioned it can cure baldness to gain attention from the world just like Thorn. Either way I won’t ever manipulate my genes and become a deformed mutant if something goes wrong. The only time I would consider this is if we live in a day and age like the movie Elysium where Matt Damon went to that outer space man made planet and they had all that advanced stem cell and gene clearing devices haha. Follica 2018!!

      1. Haha ddog! I probably would set up a consultation with the clinic but I wouldn’t go through it. I would chicken out how I am chickenin out in getting an fue.

          1. Why? I’ve seen decent results on people with diffuse frontal loss. You’re just referring to shock loss I presume?

    1. I’d be a guinea pig without hesitation. Then again, hair loss has had a harsher psychological impact on me than other more level headed, mature individuals.

      As for a cure, @Admin I’m wondering how you think this will be possible within five years?? That seems wholly unrealistic to me. Gene editing and hair cloning are truly the only things I think will ever approach a “cure” and they are at least 20-30 years away. The science isn’t there yet and the government red tape/ funding will always be problematic too, especially in the states.

      1. Mother of god….30 years for a cure? Are you kidding us? Your knowledge about MPB / integumentary system and homeostasis must be updated!

        1. lol I said 20-30 so 20 optimistically but really what approach is on the precipice that could bring a NW7 to a NW0 in terms of coverage while simultaneously reversing the pathway of AGA. Replicel and Histogen aren’t even close to achieving this and hair cloning is still in its infancy.

          Powerful treatments and alternatives to finasteride will hopefully be here much more quickly

  9. @admin, maybe you can get an interview with Polichem? Im very curious bout their Phase 3 trial and if we’ll see a release soon?

  10. Hello,
    What do You mean writing:


    Is it December 2020 or year 2029?

    (Excuse me, I don’t speak and understand English fluently)

    1. Something cut off

      You wrote:
      “non-genetic cure for hair loss by the end of 2020 in my opinion”

  11. yoda i’m still waiting to see your personal emails from thorn medical that you claim not only getting in touch but getting their before and after shots and methodology.

    upload a hyperlink to the pictures to a photobucket website
    prove it

  12. Egghead, I am with you. I hope Thorn gives you back your hair. Something interesting is going on with all the money they are putting into it. It is not PRP. No company would put that much money into something like that. Hair is like faith… some people believe, and others are just di*ks about believers. Why do some want to go through their life being skeptical about everything? Doesn’t hurt to be optimistic and hope.. Nothing bad is going to happen to you if you are wrong… Besides.. there are some of you out there that are praying for a topical treatment.. sounds like crap to me.. No girl is going to date you while you put that crap on your head all the time.. and lord knows what it will smell like. A woman would rather date a man who shaves his head rather than a guy who has thinning, greasy, smelly hair.

    1. I think thorn will produce good treatment. Cure is a stretch but maybe something along the lines of follica 100cm2 coverage. I like how they are going against barriers of govt road blocks for stem cells and taking the initiative. USA will take forever to release a pure stem cell treatment. Fda is a pain. If they can fill in my diffuse loss and thicken up my receding temples and stop balding process.I will fly down to the Bahamas asap. I wouldn’t even care if it cost like 3k a year to keep results repeat treatments.

      1. Me to. A pay easy 3k if they can give me my Temple hair back. :( easy. And i got time to go to beach easy i pay that. :) but mjones where are the after and before pictures.

  13. 2020 is coming very fast almost in 2017. The only possible complete cure that could arrive in time is JAK Inhibitors. They really need to test it on AGA and find out if it works.

    Dr. Christiano must be working on some more research for hair growth.

  14. Hey sorry if this is out of context admin but have you seen on hlt about Brotzu lotion coming out soon? There is no exact dates but apparently someone on an italian forum got an e-mail from Fidia saying they were looking at marketing the product in 6 months. I just used google translate to try to understand the forum which might not be 100% accurate.

  15. ok once and for all, send me a link where follica said 100hair per cm2… havent seen or read it anywhere…

    1. Dude it was a link in 2 blog posts ago. The link directed you to follica presentation where it showed their procedure and results plus plan to commercial the product. Just Google it and you will find it. I’m too lazy to sort through 500 posts to find it

  16. That bio hair looks really cool! Only concern is that your surrounding hair would grow and the bio hair wouldn’t and make you look weird. I wouldn’t mind implanting like 200 bio hairs in my right temple to fill it in better. Does this stuff feel and look like real hair or is it going to be shiny and weave looking?

    1. MJones, I have been trying to look into that, too. The results look natural and it is FDA approved.. makes you wonder why we do not hear more about it though…

      1. Just read a few blogs that these bio hairs can cause severe infections. It leaves scars on all bio hair sites on the scalp. You have to touch up every year as you lose 10 to 20 percent of the hairs. Once those fall out you have to add more which will require more scars. If they botch this up you can’t even get a transplant to cover it up because the scars will ruin the blood supply. I guess there is a reason people don’t do it haha

        1. I read that, too. The potential is there. If they can create a biofibre substance that does not cause irritation, then it will be a viable solution. My guess is that can be done sooner than there will be a viable hair loss cure or treatment.

    1. He sure did and is still in research mode lol. Lauster is just researching and has no plans to bring anything to market. Tsuji will but I’m not expecting anything for at least 10 years. I have my hopes up for Follica, histogen, follicum, and SM for near term treatments

  17. I see a lot of negativity in the latest comments. People with such odd personalities don’t deserve a cure. I am quite sure that my health condition triggered my MPB. It all started after my neck injury in which my spine is not properly aligned anymore disrupting normal blood flow. When I have regular osteopath sessions and my neck feels better so does the hair shedding and vice versa. I am just saying this to explain that IMO each one of us have a different cause for hair loss. The only treatment that may work for all of us is hair cloning/multiplication. This will allow unlimited donor and will eventually provide a head full of hair to those who can afford multiple transplants. As for all the other topical solutions, etc.. I am sure it will work for some people but not all MPB sufferers. Finally I wish you all a happy life, don’t let anything mess with your happiness. Even your hair! Cheers

    1. If you have a blood flow issue, why would transplanted or multiplied hairs thrive and grow when they have no nutrients?

      1. I have the same concerns mate… that’s why I would never opt for a hair transplant until they come up with a solution to provide unlimited donor. And to be more clear on this issue, the blood flow assumption is totally mine. It might be some other factor, but what I am sure about is that my neck injury triggered the whole process. Migraines, hair shedding, dizziness, blurry vision, eye floaters, etc.. all started within weeks after the accident :)

      2. I actually think hair transplant is like a mega process of dermarolling it is literally forcing your body to let blood to your scalp

  18. Dear Admin,

    I normally do not write in this wonderful lab which actually is this blog. I am reading extensively in this subject and I think I will become quite exper too. But this time I have to bring to the attention of everyone something that I can feel can be a simple and strong way to tackle the issue for lots of people in the future. In fact for the first time I saw a scientific procedure that ( apart from minx and fina) can actually and clearly regrow hairs : adipose stem cell! You surely have covered this but I believe that being these not chemicals and possibly fasten to market , reaaly we need to spread out the thing and push those who can set up a line of action with this procedure. below the link to the GREAT article and I realt would like to know what this community can suggest to have this procedure more easily made and found in avery corner of the globe at an affordable cost.

    A great Thanks to all here…and please make this happen!!

    1. Wow. This is the Best thing i hope clinic next year Begin to sell this treatment. This will be magnificent. \O/

      1. @mark.

        – Adipose-derived SVF for Treatment of Alopecia

        – Point-of-Care Adipose-derived Cells for Hair Growth (ASVF-2016)

        -STYLE — A Trial of Cell Enriched Adipose For Androgenetic Alopecia (STYLE) aka Kerastem

        Not bad.

        Best regards.

    2. We posted that study already. It looks good, hopefully we will see results from adipose therapy like this soon. So far just been hearing lack results.

      1. Adipose stem cells = Kerastem basically.. same thing.

        If you google Adipose it’s basically brown fat. Increase brown fat levels, regrow hair?

  19. @ Nasa.
    Not sure if Jak inhibitors will make the 2020 timeline anymore. Looks like they are focusing on areata and psoriasis first. Which means to me it will likely be much further out for male pattern baldness. I don’t understand this either because I was just reading an article on JAK and it was talking about how it is primarily for areata and that 2 out of ever 1000 people are diagnosed with it. Like 1 out of every 3 dudes has mpb! Why the hell are they focusing on the minority?!

    1. Easy. You need to underteand that AA is consider a disease MPB not. Só the labs and farma focus in things that can sell easy to all nacional health programs… And yes AA is more horrible than MPB so in this case is not only about the money.
      Lets hope SM and follica have something for us real. Because for me jak will dont work and histogen is only about cosmetic grow and Take money from people with lost hope.

    2. Rancid that is the same question I am asking too. Why go with AA when aga has more money potential. Plus more people have aga. My reason is conspiracy theory but I won’t go into it. There is a reason they are not going quick with jak for mpb. I’m sure it has to do with fda, ht industry and other behind the scenes individuals who want to keep the mpb market large but selling crap half ass treatments like Rogaine, snake oils and false hopes. These lousy treatments generate billions of dollars. They introduce jak, it will wipe out all those treatments including ht market. Huge hit to industry while making jak company monopoly and rich. It’s all about the money baby. At least that’s my reasoning

  20. How is a worse then aga? Unless you get it as a child, but even then you can regrow all of your hair by not even doing anything. MPB you have zero chance of retrieving your hair no matter how many chemicals, money, etc you throw at it. Plus, what’s worse 1 in 1000 people suffering mental health issues due to baldness or 1 in 3. Not trying to downplay arrays but they are in the same boat as us, only at least their hair can still regrow on its own. Omaha cannot. Plus there are literally hundreds of thousands more aga sufferers.

  21. Susana, any form of alopecia is considered a disease, androgenic is just considered normal because as I said, 1 of every 3 people will have it. And as we have all come to realize,its all about profit, so them going after AA first is puzzling to me. I mean say you have 100 bald dudes, 90 with AGA and 10 with AA. Why go after the 10? My only thought would be that since she suffered AA herself, maybe that is why.

    And im pretty sure we went over the Australian dude a while back didnt we? I think it was you that posted a photo of it, and turns out it was a female with AA and she hadnt been on the drug long or something like that?

  22. BTW I truly believe jak works for mpb. It triggers the root of hair growth. I bet it could turn a nw7 to a thick nw1 in 6 months. They are keeping it hush hush..there is no way Christiano didn’t test this on mpb. She is lying through her teeth.. maybe in 20 years they will decide to release it when a full blown hair cloning procedure gets released

  23. For the one who said that he received before and after pics of thorn results looking like prp can you proove this please ?

  24. I’m really only interested in filling in my hairline. Any one have any luck with that? Propecia, Rogaine haven’t seem to help that area.

    1. I’m with you Daniel. My hair line is rapidly going to shit! I can’t believe it. I cut my hair every month and each month my right temple recedes. I am a nw2.5 right temple status. 3 months ago it was thin but if blown dried it was hidden. Now it all fell out and it’s a empty spot of no hair. Right temple from middle of hair line to right side obliterated! Ever since I used Rogaine it has fast forward my temple thinning and hair line incredibly. I wish I never touched that crap! I would have more hair now where I applied Rogaine. Everywhere I applied Rogaine has thinned out like crazy. I’m just so upset. I was losing ground before Rogaine but once I started using Rogaine my hair thickened up for 2 months then it all went down hill fast. Too fast. Not sure what to do now. Should I stop it, apply less? I don’t know anyone who has lost so much ground in just one year. The last 3 months has been the worst. I’m losing healthy hairs on my hairline and they don’t even come back thinner they just fall out and never return. Could this be telogen effluvium from Rogaine. My front hair lime hair turn limp, fall forward toward my forehead then 3 weeks later fall out and never return . Fml

      1. Mjones i’m in the same shitty situation from minoxidil… I went to a dr and told me to switch from 5% to 2%… Still loosing ground and its really hard…

        1. I would just apply less and and not downgrade. That may cause a shed. But then again what do I know. This whole hair loss thing is crazy.

  25. @mjones and @daniel, im in the same boat as you guys! Hairline looking like crap but I still have really thick healthy hair on the rest of my head. I really wish Polichem would just freaking release their topical fin so I can start some kind of treatment. I’ve been so close going on oral fin but I really dont wanna take the libido-risk unless we get news that polichem wont release their product. My hl is progressing but at a very slow pace so im thinking I still have a little time to wait for their topical fin.

    1. I stopped applying Rogaine on my temples like 5 months ago once I saw how thinned out they got from Rogaine after a year of use. I just apply on crown and make two rows from crush to mid scalp on the left and right side. I hope topical Propecia can restore what I lost on my temples. This is ridiculous Rogaine shouldn’t accelerate hair line loss. I would do an fue and be done with it but my hair isn’t stable how it was the first 12 years on propecia. I’m with Paul Phoenix we need to new treatments asap! 20 yrs with the same stuff is ridiculous and embarrassing. If there is no conspiracy behind new treatments and scientists truly can’t find anything better than Rogaine from 1984 then medical science is a freaking joke.

  26. Admin and others with seborrheic dermatitis: this regimen works for me to suppress / prevent outbreaks on my face (hairline, forehead, eyebrows, nose, upperlip, inside ears, back of the ears). Maybe it is of any help for others.

    1) Bio Oil, every morning
    2) Apple Cider Vinegar with water 1:1 ratio, every other day in evening
    3) Revita on hairline, every 3 days

    When it comes to the scalp:
    1) Revita every 3 days to prevent seborreic dermatitis
    2) Rogaine 2 times a day against MPB
    3) Topical (natural) DHT blocker every day against MPB

    The MPB is not impressed by my regimen, losing in NW6 pattern, at least 80% lost in crown and midscalp, now front loss is 60% so this is becoming see-through as well. Also the graying of the rest of the hair does no stop.

    For those who believe there might be a link … eye floaters are getting worse in both eyes.

    1. Do you put ACV on face (if you have the SD there too) and scalp, or just drink it? Any bio oil product links on Amazon?

      1. This is the Bio Oil I use. Only on the face (all mentioned areas), so not on the scalp. To keep the skin hydrated / oily. White box and orange letters/logo.

        Traditional ACV (not filtered) + water as a topical on the face (all mentioned areas), not on the scalp. To bring the HP level of the skin back to normal and maybe it even kills the yeast. I don’t drink the ACV (yet). I wanted to test it topically first.

        Revita for the scalp.
        I just hope others might benefit from the oil and ACV too, because you look like a clown when your face is effected with this.

        As soon as I feel scales, I apply some extra ACV for that evening. When you wake up in the morning the smell of the ACV is gone. Before short showering protect the skin with Bio Oil.

        The ACV might itch a little when the skin is damaged. If the skin is damaged, use more water for the first application. As soon as the skin is more balanced, the ACV won’t itch anymore.

        1. The eye floaters thing is so interesting…mine started at the same time as HL too, always been perplexed by it

  27. @mjones and the likes of him….

    Christiano is lying about JAK and withholding cure as a secret? – it is more than funny, just pure ignorance… here is why

    1- if you are a true scientist, prestige and renown are the most important things to you. there is no way she will be keeping it as a secret… fame is the only motivator… if u r not into science, u would not understand this..
    2-money= u might be a great scientist but fame would not be as important as money to you . then still u will be the richest men alive..
    3- making world better place= ok u might not be into fame or money but u can be a still great scientist and only care about human well-being.. baldness is a cancer for our spirit.

    one of 3 has to , i mean has to attract you.. otherwise u are not a scientist.. I know Christiano is a true one.. so i have no wonders about her…

    Same claims are also made for cancer treatments.. Guys like mjones thinks big pharma is somehow withholding the cure…. again i want to stress out that no one in right would able to do that.
    ıf i have a secret pill or vaccine for cancer and u r holding it up to yourself?? would you even put your head on a pillow at night? u feel shame and guilty.. or not getting enough fame or money… I just mean there is no way

    1. @ Danitello,

      Pharmaceutical companies ask 2x more money for some cancer drugs from hospitals in The Netherlands, compared to hospitals in Germany. Why? Because The Netherlands is a smaller country which means we have less negotiating power due to the lower quantities of drugs needed.

      Now the Dutch Health Board has to say NO to some cancer patients because certain drugs are too expensive for the government to cover.

      Pharmaceutical companies don’t care whether you die or suffer my friend. I have more faith in certain scientists buth they have to coöperate with pharmaceutical firms to get things on the market.

    2. Donatello, pharmaceutical companies and have no soul. They don’t feel guilt at all just money in their hands by releasing and blocking treatments to benefit them. I am more positive that their is a cure for cancer than one for baldness. President carter had like cancer and tumors all over his body a year ago at stage 4 or something. Two months ago he was completely cancer free. Explain that? He had access to some high tech medical treatment. Anyone else would have died especially someone his age

    3. Another example Danitello?

      Our local pharmacists could make a certain prescription themselves for several years when patients came to them ( I forgot which disease sorry). However, just recently some commercial firm has jumped into a gap that the EU laws and regulations have, and was awarded the patent for exactly the same substance, while this firm did not invent this drug!

      All of the sudden pharmacists can’t mix and sell this drug anymore for patients, and they are only allowed to sell the patented one for 3 or 4 times the price of the patent-free version. Note: both products are exactly the same!

      The laws and regulations are made for the reason that inventors of drugs can obtain patents to earn the R&D costs back they made during the development of the drugs. These laws are in place to encourage investment in new life changing drugs.

      However this MAFFIA firm just abused the situation and asks a price which is 3 times higher and they had no R&D costs. And who do you think has to pay the higher price: the patient himself or the government = all Dutch tax payers.

      And these examples are about some drugs for severe diseases, which means there is no respect to be expected from pharmaceutical companies.

  28. Will Tsuji and Follica work for diffuse thinners?

    Are Follica still looking at using fgf9? Will Follica hairs be permanent?

    1. Yes it should work well for diffuse thinners. Add 100cm2 hair coverage to diffuse areas will add great density.
      Not sure if these hairs will be permanent. Probably will have to repeat every couple years if not on Propecia

      1. Hey thanks for your reply.

        So you don’t think that follica hairs will function exactly the same as regular hairs? You think they will be inheritenly weaker?

        I have never used minox but I know that those hairs rely on once/twice daily applications of minox to sustain, otherwise they fall out.

        What I don’t get is how follica grown hairs would be any different to minox induced hairs, especially since there is a good chance that follica will use skin perturbation + minoxidil as their treatment.

        Won’t it then be like diy dermarolling/abrasion with minox that many individuals have tried with some success? But the fact is if they stop the hairs still fall out.

        I don’t get it… it skin disruption causes new follicle formation as follica claims, surely this would have been discovered a long time ago when guys began to grate and scrape their scalps.

        Dr. Cotts is known as the king of hairloss, but his discovery is a little sharp wurring device, plus minoxidil? Or is there more to it?

        1. I don’t know the answers my friend. I am sure cots method is very advanced. We just have to wait and see. Everything we say is just an assumption

  29. Propecia just slows baldness… for some. You will still have to follow up on Follica, which is fine if it does a good job.

  30. Does anyone know what the total area of the average human scalp is? That way we can estimate the total number of new follicles on a whole scalp based on Follica’s 100cm2 total hairs/25cm2 terminal hairs.

  31. Let’s move to the 21st Century as scientists need to try JAK Inhibitors, including with other drugs, to solve hair loss. At least freakin’ try it!!!!

    No other way will we solve hair loss by 2020, period.

  32. Dear baldies if any one has frontal hair loss and the other hair is stable…get a FUE from a really good surgeon and dont even think about it….it will solve the issue….but if you are thinning overall dont do it and wait for a treatment to come over…I have done fue and it is good…im not saying it is perfect but atleast doesnt make me look bald and I add toppik to that, whick makes me look thicker than normal…. this is just to make life easier guys

    1. You don’t have a scar? And the results look real? And, what happens if you lose more hair in the hairline, behind where you got your hair transplanted?

  33. @farhan, do you have any pictures? I am considering getting a FUE transplant, but am worried it will not look real and that I might lose hair after and it will look strange at that point.

  34. Thats what I am trying to say if you are loosing your ground in a fast pace dont worry about it….. but if your hair loss is stable and only you lost a bit…then dont even think about it …get fue done…. the thing is you need to choose the surgeon wisely…google and look at their credentials…I am not going to recommend anyone as it might look like I am advertising…but trust me fue is good…and with fue there wont be any scars….the first two days there will be bit discomfort and after two weeks you wont even look like you had a transplant…once the scabs come off it will look like you had a hair cut….but again my advise if you are loosing a lot dont do it…..sorry I cant put my pictures anywhere bcos internet is a bad thing buddy…

  35. with FUE there wont be any scars dude and with a good surgeon results are almost natural…but again I am stressing this you need to choose the best surgeon or else you will regret it…

  36. Guys do you think with follica treatment it will be possible to get your entire scalp treated in one session?

      1. But I mean could your whole scalp take it all in just one sitting? The wounding sounds like a brutal and bloody mess. Your head would look like a mushy tomato. Maybe they will only be able to do a small area of scalp per session.

        I hope that no types of alopecia are excluded from having treatment, for example diffuse thinning (if in case it would damage the existing surrounding hair) or slick bald scalps (if it was ineffective there).

          1. Since what is in that video is skin perturbation, I wonder why it doesn’t work even just a little bit to create follicles? Cott’s device can’t be that different. He can’t go in too deep.

  37. @Daniel G.

    We already had someone test Jak inhibitors on themselves without any results. The problem is we have no idea what dosage, what vehicle to use as a topical, what the formula is etc. Without knowing that, we will not get the results we want to see.

    1. Exactly.

      We need a Comprehensive Scientific Experiment by Dr. Christiano to try Tofac on AGA sufferers with a wide array of dosage and time of use. What is so hard about that especially considering that the drug is already FDA Approved?

      Maybe we should Lobby the drug manufacture and they could fund such an experiment since we would show them the tremendous demand for the product if it worked.

      Gene therapy will never work in our lifetimes, plain and simple.

      1. Maybe this is the solution. We should LOBBY Tofac manufacturer and have them fund a comprehensive scientific experiment on AGA sufferers and show them that if it worked they would make billions.

    2. And the person who tested it had it in less than one percent as a topical. And here is the kicker: was only used for 1 month, albeit with oral tofacitnib as well. Don’t think the person using it even used any DMSO which would be by far the best penetrator of the skin.

      You cannot expect results in one month, at that low of a topical dose. Furthermore, was this person also on an anti-androgen at the same time? I think you may have to combat DHT with fin while using topical JAK/STAT inhibition to even hope to achieve results.

      1. JAKs have a short half-life. I am sure he wasn’t using the correct formula that would be necessary for it to penetrate, and perform.

  38. thansk Ddog, Mjones

    ya obviously I don’t know whats going to happen with thorn
    i’ll let you guys know and make sure I have photos etc
    I should be getting a call from them in the next 60 days or max 90 days so we’ll know relatively soon

  39. I think the whole mpb thing is being blown out of proportion anyway. I dont deny it is a complex issue to understand and fix, but we really need to edit our genes to stop balding? I just think its such overkill. When you have something like JAK that kicks follicles into overdrive and could potentially help mpb, or this new brotzu lotion that could possibly give good regrowth I see no point in all these extravagant gene editing, hair cloning etc. Like hasnt it been shown before that benoxoprofen has regrown an entire head of hair on a few mpb victims that took the drug for other purposes? Instead of delving deeper into the root cause of what triggered that regrowth we have scienctists wanting to edit our genes. Instead of starting Jak trials for a massive hairloss industry of mpb, we have stuff like cots talking about cheese grating our heads and rubbing minox all over our bloody scalps. Or hey, maybe if you rip out 200 of your remaining good hairs you could possibly have some regrowth!!

    1. But ultimately gene editing will be something difinitive…. You don’t need to fight it with treatments anymore if your genes are edited. JAK/STAT inhibition, Brotzu, Folica…. All of these may work in bringing a high NW to a really low NW but you are going to have to constantly fight it bc of your genetic predisposition.

    2. It is insane that the JAK/STAT link took so long to get here in the first place for AGA. Stat3 and IL-6 have usually major negative inflammatory effects all over the body when overexpressed. AND THEY NAURALLY ARE EXPRESSED IN TISSUES MORE AND MORE AS WE AGE…. JUST LIKE HOW THE INCIDENCE OF BALDNESS INCREASES WITH AGE EVEN THOUGH DHT/TESTOSTERONE DECREASE. Then recognizing the fact that STAT3 and AR crosstalk and express each other through a feedback loop it’s easy to see that this angle should be targeted.

      Go to Michael Rendle’s hair gene website and look up stat3 expression in postnatal ORS stem
      cells and in the dermal papilla. Stat 3 is highly expressed in both. AR is only highly expressed in dermal papilla and sebaceous gland. The main problem is Stat-3 cascade. Blocking AR and even castration won’t reverse your condition because the inflammation is already present. You gotta relieve STAT3 in my opinion.

    3. I like your thinking, Rancidmango. The Benoxoprofen situation is what gives me faith in JAK inhibitors, although someone on here argued Beno was not truly a JAK inhibitor.

      I don’t see why we couldn’t get on one of these drugs long enough to get a full head of hair, and then jump off, maintaining what we’ve gained with finasteride if we had to.

  40. mats right no matter what at the end of the day genetics overrides everything. gene editing is really the only real checkmate with this problem

  41. Damn guys… 125 comments in less than 3 days… I can’t keep up. I see we are talking about JAK again :)

  42. Gene editing may be the end all treatment in the future, but idk I find that to be a really risky way to go about curing mpb. As the admin said, you would have to be insanely desperate to try something like that, and id never do it unless itd been around for yearsss without people having any adverse effects.

  43. The company that acquired the rights to Dr. Christiano company, the one that uses JAK inhibitor, had the following news today:

    “7:31 am Aclaris Therapeutics enters private placement of ~1 mln shares of common stock at $18.50/share, yielding expected gross proceeds of $20.0 million (ACRS) :

    The private placement was led by Aisling Capital with participation by additional new and existing investors.
    Net proceeds from this offering are expected to be used to fund research and development, including new JAK inhibitor programs for androgenetic alopecia (also known as male or female pattern baldness) and vitiligo, as well as ongoing business development.”

    1. Net proceeds from this offering are expected to be used to fund research and development.

      “…, including new JAK inhibitor programs for androgenetic alopecia (also known as male or female pattern baldness) …”

      Wow, I think. Before spending $20 million on research did they do some type of preliminary test on a few AGA follicles to lead them to justify spending that much money on research???

      That’s a lot of money to spend on something that you have no idea is going to work. They may have done some type of minor test on AGA Hairs (miniaturized hairs) to lead them to believe that it could work.

      1. Lets hope they do it. Or they Know that only work in AA and need to reserch more in New drog to AGA

      2. This is only Great News. They are spending $20 million on tests for AGA using JAK Inhibitors.

        Now they have the money, next comes a very comprehensive extensive test. All on FDA approved drugs, thus, no FDA issues. This could Finally Be IT.

        I just wonder if I could volunteer for the test. That’s a lot of money for a drug that is already FDA Approved. Just think about that for a second, the drug is already available (they probably get a big discount on it for using it for research) and they ARE GOING TO USE JAK INHIBITORS ON AGA. Wow.

        Been telling you guys for years, that JAK Inhbitors were the solution. And now this could be the final proof of it.

        The ADMIN even dedicated a thread on JAK inhibitors after me.

        The solution is not Minoxidol, Hair Transplants, Gene Therapy, or any of the other Peach Fuzz treatments that will not be available for decades (fortunately now never probably). Instead it is very, very close to being JAK Inhibitors in about 2-3 years at the drugstore (per Dr. Christiano statement that if it worked we could see it in a couple of years)-if i remember correctly. My opinion folks.

      1. Thank You Sir!

        This actually might FINALLY be it!!!

        They would not spend $20 million unless they felt strongly that it would work. They must have done some minor test on a few AGA hairs and had success. Just my opinion.

        But in the very least we will know either way now for JAK Inhbitors – Finally.

        And do not think they it might partially work. This could be the real, complete, thick hair solution where we get ALL of our hair back.

        Plus it is already FDA Approved drug. I think I remember Dr. Christiano saying that if JAK Inhbitor ever did work on AGA that it would just take 2-3 years until the public could get it. My guess those who go to their doctor and pay extra could get it much sooner.

        But we still need the test to be done and pictures shown to know that it works. But it sounds like they will be testing this year thus we should know by year end if it works.

        Wow. . Wow. WOW.

  44. Of course it works for AGA. They are just going to take freaking forever to get this to the market which is upsetting. I just hope it works well enough to grow back tons of hair so that if we need to wait 5 years to get it at least it can grow back our lost hair. Fingers crossed

    1. mjones – they are lining up to do the research this could FINALLY be it. Better yet, people who volunteer could get it this summer.

  45. And NO Delays. The JAK Inhibitors are already FDA Approved. Just need some type of additional tests and approval for the Lotion form of an Existing Drug that is already FDA Approved.

    I emphasize the FDA approved drug since how many times have hair loss drugs NOT passed FDA drug approval for various reasons. No Concerns this time. It is 99.99% Guaranteed.

    Wow. I just can’t believe the news. Just need the final acknowledgement that it works. We are almost home. A complete cure, Fast to market (already FDA Approved), Yes, YES!!

  46. Admin – you need to do a thread on only JAK Inhbitors, a history, and how they are gearing up to do the Final Tests. If only we can find out when.

    It must be very soon (within months) since now they have the $20 million. They already know how they are going to spend it. PLus it is not a Government or Educational Program research entity that can be caught up in politics and delays.

    This is Private research where they want to get done fast to sell the solution and make money.

  47. ADMIN – actually this news deserves its own thread. The news that they are spending $20 million on research and finally doing the final tests of JAK Inhibitors on AGA. Remember Dr. Christiano said if this worked that it is just 2-3 years [probably just paperwork approval] until the public can get it.

    The Final Tests This Summer!

  48. Wow awesome news @nasa_rs. Your completely right. If they spend that amount of money on mpb research they must be onto something. Im curious if we should be concerned bout the usual fda approval process? I believe I read somewhere that it does not matter that the drug is already approved for other treatments…its still one hell of a loooooooooong process.

  49. Note: the private placement they did today to sell the stock shares was fairly simple. The reason why it is private since someone would have difficulty buying 1 million shares on the open market when only a few tens of thousands of shares trade each day.

    Thus it is just a quick way to buy 1 million shares of stock. Thus they will have the $20 million within days. And they must have plans set in place on what it is to be spend on, in other words, ordering everything and getting people lined up to conduct the experiment.

    This is not Government research thus it will get going much faster.

  50. I know next to nothing about the mechanism behind jak inhibitors. I only know that it has shown promise in treating alopecia areata.

    I also read that at diy attempts using jak inhibitors for AGA didn’t work.

    It would be interesting to know if anyone with AA had tried jak inhibitors off label and what success they had (to compare with unsuccessful AGA attempts).

    If it was shown to work for AGA, would it probably need to be applied every day like minoxidil? Also where are they at in developing it for AA?

    I hope it leads to something good.


    From 2014 article about tofacitinib curing alopecia areata:

    “Neither doctor said he believes the drug will work for the common kind of baldness that comes with age. Cotsarelis was adamant about it because male pattern baldness isn’t related to the immune system.
    But King said he thinks conducting more research is worth a try.
    “To not imagine it would be crazy,” he said. “The possibility should be imagined and should be investigated.”


    “What might make him stop taking it is cost. Xeljanz is a new, expensive drug. Without insurance it can cost $25,000 a year, according to King.”

  52. I’l Love this excitement, but I am realistic after all those disappointments, so we have to wait and see if this is the solution.

  53. Im also completely down to earth and realistic about this. Its easy to hop aboard the hype train, only to be utterly depressed and dissapointed. I´d also like to see some official news before I get really excited. Just a tiny hint from the company – yes, we´r onto something, it might actually work on mpb etc. Its annoying that none of the companies we talk about so often on this blog can produce “regular” updates bout their research. Imagine if a company actually came out with clear evidence that they had a product that really worked, and made an announcement that it would be available within 3 years. Would be the greatest relief ever, pure bliss. The only company making just a little effort keeping us updated is Histrogen and yer well….

    1. Once I see proof that it can restore thick density for mpb then I will be hyped. I agree with spanky. Let’s take this one step at a time. Aclaris is spending money on research for jak. All companies spend money for research. It’s a good sign they feel that it will be worth spending on jak aga tests. It would be nice for one of these companies to show before after pic of awesome regrowth. Like 3 nwd levels growth. Not thickening of existing hair or kerastem bs results which I find embarrassing and shocked washenik is spending so much on it. I hope his results are 100x better or else he in for weak ROI.

  54. “Net proceeds from this offering are expected to be used to fund research and development, including new JAK inhibitor programs for androgenetic alopecia (also known as male or female pattern baldness) and vitiligo, as well as ongoing business development.”

    I don’t mean to burst the bubble here, but it isn’t $20million for AGA. It’s for business development, AGA, AA and vitiligo. Put it into perspective, they’re not going all in for AGA. They’re going through with R&D just like all the other programs. My point being this isn’t $20m just for the AGA, it will be split up.

    Positive news.. just dont get carried away,.

  55. Thank you, Nasa RS.

    Vitiligo has already been treated with Jak inhibitors with success. Just like AA has been treated with some success, psoriasis as well. Tested on Crohn’s disease, used for arthritis. They all have an auto immune component.

    I am waiting for official news which states people with these diseases can get a prescription from their GP or MD, because as long as we are only fed with rumors, data and results of trials, we still have no real solution in daily life for these mentioned diseases, let alone an over the counter solution for the AGA/MPB beast.

    Either way, good news we finally might find out whether it works or not.

      1. Good News Keeps Coming.

        I visited that link too Admin. The results of taking a pill every other day for 1 month is as follows:

        “I have completed my first month and have already noticed my alopecia has stabilised . I have not lost any existing hairs. In addition to this I have seen little hairs growing in my chest area as well as eyebrows. Fingers crossed! To date, I have experienced no side effects.”

        It appears promising, and it appears there is some improvement. We will know in a few more months and I will definitely follow the ling for progress. But also remember, the lotion applied to the head is supposed to work better.

        WE HAVE A POSSIBILITY!!! And it is not 10 years away but a few months.

        1. The post above is not accurate in that the experiment was done 2 years ago. There was no results posted beyond what I have quoted above.

          That experiment was done using oral Tofac however Dr. Christiano believe Lotion is much more potent.

  56. This is Great News, period. Not Hype or over excitement but great News. Stop being under informed.

    This is not an IF in 10 years if everything goes right. This is not Histogen photos where you cannot tell the before from the after pictures. Or, Gene Therapy where we could have a cure in 100 years. And it is not something ridiculous where you shine lasers on your head after you take the beanie off your head that has the propeller on it. This is REAL and Already Proven, at least for AA.

    This is JAK Inhbitors that have turned almost completely Bald AA heads into FULL SET HEAD OF PERFECT HAIR. Proven to work 100%. Get IT!!!

    I worked in R&D and they do everything in steps. You do not spend $20 million on a Possibility but only on prior Steps all pointing to the fact that it should work. Common sense says they would not spend $20 million on research if they did not have some evidence from Lab experiments that it should work. And $20 million is too much to spend for basic lab work. This is a Public Company and they only do things that have a Big Profit potential – waste $20 million without a return and managers are gone.

    As far as there spending the money on MPB, Vertiligo, and other Business Development. Out of those three things which one do you think the Big money is in??? Take a Wild Guess?? Would it be in Vertiligo? Maybe make a few million profit. Business Development, adding more office space will make you more money??? OR Selling a Complete Cure to Male Pattern Hair Loss and make $100 Billion Profit Per Year??? Take a guess which one they will likely put that $20 million into.

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