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Hasson & Wong Topical Finasteride Update

My 2014 post on topical finasteride became one of the most popular ones ever written on this blog. This was not surprising, as literally hundreds of thousands of people around the world are nervous about taking oral finasteride. They are hoping to switch to or start a topical version as soon as possible.

It seems like the topical version will results in fewer side effects and less systemic absorption, although this idea is still debated. Different topical formulations will probably have significantly different levels of systemic absorption depending on technology used.

One can get topical finasteride compounded at any local compounding pharmacy. My own local one said that they fulfill one or two such request each month. However, hair loss sufferers have for years been hoping for reputable multinational pharmacies to manufacture the product. In recent years, two entities have taken the lead in making this finally happen:

  1. Switzerland-based Polichem (now Almirall) via its P-3074 product.
  2. The Canada-based Hasson & Wong clinic via its topical liposomal gel product developed in conjunction with Farmacia Parati of Italy.

Hasson & Wong’s Topical Finasteride Finally Here?

A few days ago, the Hasson & Wong clinic announced on its blog that topical finasteride was finally a done deal and available with a prescription globally! However, their blog post was later removed from their website.

Dr. Hasson Explains

Dr. Victor Hasson has posted on this blog before, and I have talked to him about this via phone in the past. Therefore, I decided to call him last Thursday and find out more about why that blog post was removed. Luckily, he was kind enough to talk to me right away.

According to Dr. Hasson, the reason that the blog post was removed is due to some legal issues and clarifications that are still pending. Throughout the course of developing this topical product, their clinic has had to deal with numerous regulations. I assume that they have to adhere to Canadian regulations, European EU regulations, and US regulations. Dr. Hasson mentioned numerous hurdles and headaches involved in following all these protocols.

In any case, Dr. Hasson is extremely confident about this product. While oral finasteride does not cause major side effects in the vast majority of patients that take the drug according to most studies, there are still some patients who seem to get long-term problems. Usually less than 5 percent, although some recent studies suggest a higher number.

Topical finasteride will likely resolve this issue. According to Dr. Hasson, in the past around 50-60 percent of their patients were on oral finasteride. However, lately this number has declined to around 20 percent. Not surprising considering all the “I am scared of finasteride side effects” threads that we have been reading on hair loss forums in the past year. Not to mention news items about Propecia lawsuits.

The most exciting things that Dr. Hasson told me about this silicone based liposomal gel topical finasteride product were that:

  1.  It will not be systemically absorbed to any significant extent. In the deleted blog post, it said the topical finasteride systemic absorption rate will be 1/18th the systemic absorption rate of oral finasteride.
  2.  Every morning (or night) when you shower, the silicone in the product will be washed away entirely from your scalp. So that silicone is probably not dangerous, as some have suggested on the forums.

Note that this product is not FDA approved, as the cost and time-frame involved in getting that done is excessively high. So if you do end up using this gel and getting any kind of side effects, I am not responsible whatsoever. It is worth repeating here what I have said a few times before: any hair loss products that you buy should never ever be based on my opinions. I am not a scientist, nor a doctor, nor well versed in biology or chemistry.

European prescriptions will be handled by Farmacia Parati. Canada and US prescriptions will be handled by a local pharmacy in the vicinity of the Hasson & Wong clinic in Vancouver. This pharmacy will be compounding the product themselves. H&W have been using this pharmacy for many years and consider them reliable and trustworthy.

So in summary, we are very close. Moreover, hopefully Polichem will release their P-3074 product in the next year or two so that we can have two choices. Dr. Hasson said that topical dutasteride is next in line. Great idea, considering that my dutasteride for hair loss reviews post is also extremely popular.

FYI — For those in Europe, make sure to read the Italian hair loss forum thread on Hasson & Wong’s topical finasteride gel product. Right click and select “translate to English” via your browser if necessary.

Dr. Hasson Updates us on Topical Finasteride

In June 2014, I wrote a popular post on topical finasteride that I  have since updated a few times. Shortly thereafter, someone from the Hasson & Wong clinic in Vancouver, Canada e-mailed me. They wanted to let me know that they now prescribe topical finasteride for hair loss.

Fast forward to several days ago, and Dr. Victor Hasson posted a detailed comment in that original blog post. I thought that his comment deserved its own post. Here is Dr. Hasson’s update:

Our topical finasteride solution that we have been using for the past 2 years has proven to be very effective. It has been used primarily in patients who had been experiencing side effects on the oral drug. These patients have been free of side effects on the topical formulation.

This is a good sign that the drug is unlikely to be going systemic via cutaneous permeation. We are currently performing tests using Franz diffusion cells with the The University of Milan to get more data.

Once we have secured a reliable source for dutasteride we will start testing topical formulations with this drug as it will likely be more effective.

A new liposomal formulation of topical finasteride is currently available to our European patients. It has been developed in collaboration with Farmacia Parati in Italy. This preparation can be obtained from this company. You will require a physicians prescription for this, as the formulation needs to be compounded on a case by case basis. This is in order to comply with European and FDA regulations.

Victor Hasson MD

I am impressed by the efforts that the Hassson & Wong clinic is putting into creating their own topical finasteride and topical dutasteride products. A 2007 study on liposomal delivery of finasteride suggests that this route  will be effective.

If the results from these topical products consistently prove to be as good or superior to oral finasteride, this development will be a game changer. Especially if there are fewer side effects.