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I have mentioned many times that Dr. Takashi Tsuji and his hair loss treatment protocol holds the best short-term prospects for a hair loss cure. Mr. Tsuji is working in partnership with RIKEN, Organ Technologies and Kyocera. The treatment can come to market faster because 1) It is autologous in nature; and 2) Clinical trials in Japan get finished faster due to favorable government regulations.

All four of these Japan-based partners have their own sites (in Japanese and English). So it is hard to keep a track of new developments.

Organ Technologies’ New Website

Astute reader “Ben” recently found that Organ Technologies has updated its website. A goldmine of information is available in the new site. The hair regeneration page has a list of publications at the bottom. Apparently, the company has developed three generations of its technology over the years. Mostly via the work of Dr. Tsuji and RIKEN (in Kobe, Japan) it would be safe to assume.

I will add more to this post in the coming days, but wanted to start the discussion now. Please only post comments about Organ Technologies and the work of its partners in this post. All other comments can continue in the last post.

Organ Technologies Hair Regeneration Treatment.
Organ Technologies Hair Growth.

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  1. I am wondering if human trials has been finished for the 1. generation: DP rejuvenation treatment.
    Otherwise SHISEIDO has a big advantage. I could not imagine that SHISEIDO has to do a 2year trial and Tsuji has only to do a little trial and then commercialize it.
    I want an official update of Kyocera. They claimed in 2016 on their homepage that they commercialize in 2020. in November 2018 Tsuji said that they will cure baldness in 2020.

    So we need an kyocera-Update!

      1. bringing out a $300,000 treatment wouldnt be as a worthwhile for a company than a $5000 treatment that they can sell to the masses

  2. Hopefully one of those will be available this year! Glad to hear they have other options and the prices could be much less the other treatments.

  3. Now this is EXCELLENT information from a company. These Japanese have tackled all 3 areas of its competitors. Sisheido better stop messing around or these guys will take them under. I still think it will be out of reach for common folk due to its price 300k but……if they announce completion of any of the three treatments they technically cured baldness. I’ll take a loan out to end this bs mpb once and for all.

  4. Which of the three treatments do we think will be best for diffuse thinners?

    Also, what is Organ Technologies relation to Tsuji?

  5. On the page they mention that they continue R&D and anticipate clinical trials. Too bad thought they were undergoing trials in humans already. this still sounds like it’s sooo far away:/

      1. Hi Admin, first thank you for mentioning me, that’s kind. I knew you would make an article (or more articles) out of this new information as this company is our biggest hope and the by far most advanced in terms of time schedule and technology.

        How do you know they started human trials already? Any official statement?

        Anyhow I believe they started secret testing long time ago, probably in 2018. Those claims on the website are so strong and confident, they must know it works – otherwise it would be terribly embarrassing.

        1. Hi Ben and GreedBlocksTheCure,

          — Per this interview (I did not recheck the video today so please do so), human trials began in 2019:

          — Per page 2 of this interview after translation, human trials were scheduled to start in 2019:

          I would be surprised if they are behind schedule, since this is an autologous treatment.

          1. I see now. They were doing clinical research at a university hospital during 2019. The clinical trials for product approval will begin after the results of the research are submitted.

      2. @admin according to their last official post from 2018:
        ” Under the plan, we will begin manufacturing samples for preclinical testsinJuly2018 and we will conduct preclinical safety tests using animals.Weplan to complete the safety testingin 2018.If the results of the preclinical safety testsare successful, we will apply for clinical research to the Certified Special Committee or Certified Committee for Regenerative Medicine. After receiving approval fromthe Committee, we will present aprovisionalplan to the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare,and will shift towardimplementation of clinical research.The details of the clinical research will be announced before the initiation of theresearch. ”
        But, there is no official announcement about any clinical trial.

      3. Histogen made similar claims about time lines, FDA in The States average 17yrs for trials and market phase. Ill remain hopeful but expect the worst, 300k is ridiculous but perhaps there will be licensing and more affordable options of it does indeed make it to market

  6. Unfortunately, I have to ask the question… Are these companies seeking investor money? Companies make beautiful claims when seeking investor money. What’s motivation for website claims without proof or an available product? Just tempering expectations a bit.

    Photos. If these claims are legit (good chance they are), then I sincerely hope we see photos soon. That’ll be the moment. Let’s hope these companies have done it and they’re good, honest people.

    1. Videos, not photos, should be the minimum standard of proof. My first question when I see before and after photos is often is it even the same person?

      Even people in Africa have video phones now. There is just no excuse for not taking a video.

    2. good, honest people!!… what’s that??…
      It’s about money… good and honest it’s not part of the deal…

      But we still hope for the best…

      1. Admin, forgive me for the skepticism. I’ve been lied to by the hair loss industry since I was 19, and the results have been particularly rough for me over the past 20 years…

        I once knew a very reputable HT doctor who claimed a 70% growth rate with his brand new hair follicle generation process. He used that promise to get me to agree to another hair transplant surgery (my 4th) plus his new hair regeneration procedure to supplement. That said, he still wanted standard FUT to make a predictable and artistic hairline, but he was to fill in the crown with his new breakthrough procedure (I drove 9 hours each way to see him.. twice). I agreed to his plan, because I was desperate from previously failed FUT procedures, and the doctor knew it. Again, he had a great reputation for hairlines, so I trusted him on the FUT in the front and new hair regeneration process on the crown. It made sense. He took my money.

        This doctor is a well-known name in the HT industry even to this very day. He presented a very lengthy and beautiful PowerPoint presentation at a national hair conference showing microscopic photos of new hair follicle formation through his breakthrough process. I now know that the point was to attract desperate people like me to his office.

        Needless to say, the new procedure failed. The new follicles were a lie. I now have linear FUT scars on the sides of my head that have left me no other choice but to cover it with a wig every day, costing me thousands of hours, thousands of dollars, discrimination against me at work, and no personal relationships (since I refuse to impose my daily stress on anyone).

        This doctor named that fake cure “autocloning”… plucked hairs plus Acell.

        That’s enough venting for one day. I know the past doesn’t predict the future, and I visit this website with hope each week. I just also hope that my story might help give people’s optimism a healthy dose of caution and critical thinking. Doctors can pretty much claim whatever they want, and they tend to do so if it helps the money roll in.

        1. I understand Slick, and hope things improve for you. I want to stop wearing a cap so often myself. Not to mention needing haircuts every 4 weeks due to various regions of the scalp misbehaving.

        2. this guy got me too..back in 2009 …shaved my head, got smp…to cover my scars…after lasers to smooth and flatten the scars.. concealed my scars about 70 percent in 2015..this doctor charged me…for the test and never called me to see if the beard hairs grew.. the beard hairs never grew back either..there is a circle in my mustache..where he plucked them so hard…lol

  7. First of all, Dr.Tsuji is not professor and scientist on some marginal university in some rural Thailand town. He is professor on one of the best universities in Japan. Japan is highly advanced country and Japanese are very hardworking people. So, don’t worry, he is not gonna lie if they failed to produce cure for MPB.

        1. I think you may have misunderstood what I meant. I was not ridiculing Tokyo University but most of the others.
          And I have been to Japan and it was awesome.

      1. Dr.Tsuji is scientist with very big credibility and his team is working on many other organoids. Not just hair. In future all these treatments and innovations will bring very big positive things for japanese economy and health. Everyone who had visited Japan knows that they are very credible people.

  8. Hey Slick, sorry to hear about your experience. Hair loss industry is a giant scam. I personally like it when people vent on here. It’s good to hear it so others can learn andnot fall for ht and other scam doctors. Was this doctor Rahal? I know he is big on fut hairlines and known for impressive results but it’s all advertising. I hear other complaints from that Prasad guy who is pushing his advance prp. Haha dude screams scam. They all need to be called out. Not sure why so many forums block the names of these ht scammers. They need to be accountable for their actions for taking advantage of innocent mpb sufferers. Better off not getting an ht from a crook and go bald than have a failed one with scars and blowing thousands. So much for the fda tracking these guys down. It’s all about money ….always about money.

    1. Thanks Mjones. I found a great micro pigmentation artist who is slowly helping me mask the scars with a buzz cut, so I’m hoping that’ll help me ditch the life-sucking wig and makeup routine. The SMP is subtle, unnoticeable, and effective. I do take some responsibility for bad choices and am always working on a “fix”. Moral to the story is NEVER get FUT scars. My life would’ve been far easier had the most recent scam not sold me on getting scars on the sides of my head which are very very hard to hide.

      The doctor’s name I won’t say, but searching autocloning acell and plucked hair might get some results from good ole 2010. He was really onto something working with intercytex! LOL. The PowerPoint presentation really sold me on traveling to see him. Desperate people make bad decisions, and HT doctors take full advantage. You just have to keep moving forward and try to have a better plan.

      1. Slick

        Reading your story, I feel deep and honest empathy with you.

        My personal struggle with mpb has also caused me to isolate myself, socially and relationship wise.

        I also feel ridiculous lucky that I’ve been able to dodge several transplants – that I know would have been disastrous. The first one 20 years ago (when I was around 20) with a local doctor would have ruined me for life.

        I was so close, so reading your story really hits home, because it could very well have been me.

        Honestly, I truly hope there will be something that actually works within the next five years, so that people like you can finally find some healing and peace. I, with my NW3, will gladly get inline behind you, as you deserve this so much more.

        1. Telly, Your comment is greatly appreciated. I’m pretty much max NW. That said, at your NW 3, it’s possible that FUE and some subtle SMP could help you. Regardless, it’s best to embrace it and clip your hair nice and short. Men look the strongest when thinning hair is clipped short. Embrace being a guy with too much testosterone! Women have told me they liked when guys clip hair short, because it makes them feel more girly by comparison.

          Anyway, I WISH I could clip my hair very short and just move on. Unfortunately, FUT scars are long and embarrassing all around my head. I refuse to be a walking joke, so I cover them up (particularly at my job as an engineer, I speak in front of big crowds sometimes). We all have our issues to deal with. It’s certainly been humbling and isolating as you say.

          Best wishes to you. I’m very glad you never got strip scars! Maybe you can buzz it short until we get the cure!

      2. Sounds like you are speaking of the MD in North Carolina, but that seems odd considering his stellar reputation?

        1. “live your life” Yes, I thought the same thing! He’s a hardworking MD that takes pride in conventional HT hairlines. You feel you can trust well-known industry leaders, right? I did.

          But ask yourself, given that we have nothing better than finasteride and minox in 2020, what business does anyone have naming a 2010 procedure “autoCLONING”? What does that imply?? How does a doctor get away with such colossal BS and still keep a “stellar reputation”?? He claimed 70% success rate of new follicles in a written presentation… BS… No consequences

          The whole point of the scam was to draw long-distance people like me, with no hope left, into his office where he could convince a scarred, max norwood guy that there’s still hope and that I should pay thousands for even more procedures. That’s the evil of the business. There was still money to be squeezed from me. I was desperate after failed hair transplants and being a high NW beyond any surgeon’s capabilities. He knew it. He used it.

          Even the most reputable names in the industry have no problem running scams based on hope and hype. They’ll give you life-altering scars knowing full well they can’t really fix your hair. It’s all about the money.

  9. Yeah that Dr in North Carolina talks a lot about innovation but I never see any real WOW factor results from prp or his transplants. The best fue I see are from Spain. Fue experts, and some good results from hassan wong, rahal and Konior. I see great ethical reviews from konior and great quick healing from his patients. Hopefully we will see cell based transplants this decade and remove the need to butcher our heads.

    1. Mjones.. LOL… Hype brings clients from far and wide! They can claim almost any new, unprovable “developmental” breakthrough is working with no consequences (if it doesn’t work for YOU, then you’re a unique case). You only find out after you’ve paid. So what’s the latest snake oil? Exosomes?

  10. I google Acell hair auto cloning and at least 10 doctors refer to it as autocloning or auto cloning on their sites….! Based on some paper about Acell. What a scam.

        1. Admin, Okay I’m done spamming your site with my scar-head origin story. It helped to share. Now I’ll stay relevant to the topics and hope for the best moving forward! If and when we see evidence of a breakthrough, I might just appreciate that a bit. Thanks.

          1. No worries, I trust long time posters’ feedback. Were your scars largely from your earlier FUT, or from the most recent one?

            1. Original scars in back of the head were from Dr. Shapiro in South Florida. He had big-time radio ads running the Miami-Fort Lauderdale metro area. I was 19 years old and showed him photos of my NW7 grandfather to see if that’d be enough hair to work with, and he told me the results would be “miraculous”… Had 3 surgeries over consecutive Spring Breaks. Result was sparse plugs and cratered scalp.

              Many years later I was searching for any solution to fix hairline, add density, and ditch wig (buzz shorter). That’s when Dr. North Carolina had the plan of supplementing new FUT from sides of the head with his new “autocloning”. It made sense at the time, since Acell was supposed to make scars almost nonexistent (per the PowerPoint presentation) and I was desperate. The side-head FUT decision I blame more on myself, since I was then an adult. Regardless, I was lied to about autocloning and was flat-out told that it was working very well. I wanted to believe in a reputable doctor. Didn’t work out.

              The scars on the side of the head make SMP masking much more difficult. It’s a highly noticeable location when facing people to talk. My hair is too thin to cover them without makeup. Sucks.

              Anyway.. I’m ready for a real solution. Hopefully we see some results.

  11. Hairclone received full funding!!!
    We’re on course gents
    Tsuji hairclone Tissuse and distant chance shiseido on the line up!


        1. ive met with 4 of their clinical partners, 2 face to face. the other two via skype. i believe we will have other treatments that prove more robust soon before they launch. conincidentally, i am meeting with Cooley on Friday and will ask him about hair clone. however, he is really high on exosomes right now….so should make for an interesting meeting

        2. Ok, but that Tweet I linked to before from one of the UK doctors only mentioned follicle banking. Hopefully they can speed up the more important work.

    1. Only interesting for our children. I’m following this blog since I’m 23, back then I was hearing news about the „big players“ that were supposed to have a cure by now according to their timeline and I always thought to myself nice, I’ll just focus on studying, maintaining a good lifestyle and physique and by the time I finished university and found a job, I’ll finally enjoy life again having hair like most people around me. Hitting 28 soon and nothing has changed, not even speaking about available treatments but also potential treatments. The biggest innovation is follica, combining microneedling with probably minoxidil

      1. I remember when I was 18 and started losing hair and they said a cure was within 5-10 years away. There was equal hype back then but it feels like they are maybe half way there since then. I’m turning 30…so at 42 maybe I’ll have hair lol. Who honestly cares at that point. At least I’ve been alright with buzzing my hair with a 0 and 1 since I was 19, not some guy messing with my hormones or butchering my scalp. So I’ve been fortunate there. Besides random comments and questions if I’m in the army or a neo-nazi, it’s alright.

  12. If that same north Carolina doctor is involved with hairclone then my excitement for that company is now gone. I really hope these researchers actually understand the stress we go through and that scamming us or providing false claims is not cool. My gut tells me that this treatment will provide sparse new hairs and nothing close to a cure. Prob best case prp results. Of course im pulling this out of my a%* but I just don’t trust that company. Failed intercytex researchers with a scammy ht doc already promoting autocloning. Doesn’t sit right especially when they asked the public to crowdfund them lol. Even follica didn’t have amazing results at least he didn’t put up a go fund me account lol.

  13. Biologist find 5x increase in life span
    For c elegan “applocable to humans”

    Also sinclair has new interview saying their working on full tissue age reversing at Harvard with george churchs lab.

      1. This is a lot bigger than hair. In fact I’d encourage anyone stressing about hair loss to dive into all of the exciting stuff going on with life extension and age reversal. It’s given me a genuine peace of mind.

      2. Well hey It’s not easy becoming a chief scientist at Harvard… just hearing two of them saying their astounded by what they’ve discovered in the past 6 months is obviously note worthy.

        These studies are totally correlated with yuva mitochondria take on the situation btw so I think it’s much more worth attention.

        Not to sound elitist but you know it’s a big difference between these hair loss companies vs Harvard.

  14. Hello Gents,

    Probably i’ve missed that but Tegardong this new technology: after new follicles will be cultivated in the lab and and send back to the doctor is it going to be good old regular transplantation? Similar to FUE procedure?

  15. Tired of hearing about all the hairloss and age reversal break through’s. Nothing ever comes to fruition. Most just want the publicity.

    1. Age reversal? It’s gonna take decades no need to be on the edge of your chair. Their doing clinicals in 2022 it’ll be alot longer than that until they can turn a 60 yo into a 20 yo body. Even ray kurzweil as aggressive as his exponential time lines are is 2040.

      If libella succeeds this year starting next week dr. Bill Andrews work is being put to the test with controversial coverage. If they succeed then you’ll be hearing about this more than trump. That’s not likely to succeed though according to other scientist.

  16. Admin,

    I contacted Organ Technologies to ask some basic questions, and they responded. Here is their response:

    “We are conducting research to provide patients with our technology as you have expected.

    The method of recruiting clients and clinical trials or subjects are undecided now.

    We hope to confirm our progress on our new HP new arrivals and media etc.

    I am sorry to hear that you will respond to your expectations,
    but I would be pleased if you can understand it.

    We will encourage our employees to use words from you
    and we will make every effort to realize it as soon as possible.”

    Sorry for posting this on an “old” post (not even on the first page) but I wasn’t sure where to put it.

    1. Thanks Paul! Greg got a similar reply too. Other sources suggest they started trials last year. Hard to tell if Tsuji and Organ are on the same page and being transparent.

    2. Well it’s basically neither a bad nor a good reply, and probably a standard generic text, copy and paste. I wonder how many enquiries they get, must be thousands a year.

      It’s clear that they don’t want to give any promises and hold expectations down. There’s always a chance of failure – maybe the technique just doesn’t work in humans (mice it does).

      What’s true is that the official statments (Tsuji Interviews, Organ Tech Website, RIKEN) are sometimes a little contradictory or confusing – the website for instance is pretty direct and audacious and claims a “global breakthrough”. Other statements are more cautious. The translations from Japanese to English also seem to be a little wooden at times.

  17. No worries. Do you think we will learn anything significant in March?

    Greg, did you follow up? I didn’t bother, as they didn’t really answer any of my questions, and I thought I’d just get a similar reply to the first one.

    1. Nah, I didn’t. Although they usually do give updates in March. I think that they’re not telling us anything real about their work because those inquiries can come form anyone. Only months ago they were giving lectures and interviews about their treatment so I wouldn’t take what they said as super crucial – they could just be avoiding disclosing anything of importance.

  18. Very interesting. I guess that this treatment is for people who are completely bald and not in the process of balding? Unless you could do multiple surgeries but with the price that seems unrealistic.

    1. From the information their website, they claim that it doesn’t matter at what stage you are – they have the treatments to fix it.

      1. meaning even If I’m only a norwood 2-3 it can restore me back to a 0 forever? I’m confused how they would be able to do this with out multiple surgeries if I am certainly gonna lose more hair

            1. I think their “first generation” procedure dies that – I think it’s similar to Shiseido’s procedure or what hairclone is trying to do – it DHT-proofs the hairs that you have. And the second gen. treatment clones hairs and fills up places in which you don’t have any. Check out their site – all this info is on there.

    1. They definitely claim to so some amazing stuff. I guess we’ll find out this year with trail results – but yeah. A lot of people – both on this blog and other blogs and other places as well refer to tsuji as one of the “imminent cures” that are being developed. And while there’s no tangible proof to back that up yet, there is a very good amount of evidence.

    2. Only downside is the price during the first few years. Then it should drop to be somewhat affordable but still pricey. But it’ll spark competition – like TissUse who’s already playing ball – and others and create variety so you might be able to get a very similar treatment that’s in a much different price range.

        1. Tsuji or TissUse? TissUse should be starting their trial in late January – so any day now. For tsuji, nobody really knows when they’ll do an update but they usually give an update in March so there’s a good chance they will this March as well.

          1. I assume TissUse will have another delay… unfortunately
            Jon Knight had problems with the company which should do the trials. As we are in end of January and the trial haven’t started I think we can forget TissUse for the next months

  19. Corregidme si me equivoco, pero todo esto no fue noticia en 2018?Según lo que había leído en articulos de tricologos, los resultados en humanos habían sido malos y aseguran que todavía es una utopía la clonación capilar.
    Ojalá no sea así. En qué os basais para esperar buenas noticias este año?

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