Increasing 3-Alpha-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase to Treat Hair Loss?

Update: “Roman” is now answering questions in the comments to this blog post.  At some point I might delete most of the pasted chat messages at the bottom of this post.

Update: I did not realize that the Technion University team from Israel (which I covered briefly last year under 3D printed comb) has a few pages on their website covering this very subject of the 3-alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3α-HSD) enzyme.  See their overview page, cofactor page, comb/design page, expression page, modeling page, secretion page and results page for more.  Looks like they started this work in 2015.

On very rare occasions such as this one, I write a blog post that is almost entirely based upon some random person (typically a passionate intelligent hair loss forum member or e-mailer)’s unique thoughts that I find very interesting and logical, even if I barely understand half of such thoughts unless I am able to devote significant time deciphering various acronyms and scientific terms. Generally, I trust and defer to my intuition in these cases and promote such people and their theories without devoting more than several hours of research unless I really have a lot of free time on my hands.  FYI: An example of such a past recent post:  Intelligent balding men post their theories.

Roman’s First E-mail

On April 16th, a person by the name of “Roman” sent me the following interesting e-mail:

“Hi, below, I am pasting my messages on your chat for what I believe is the most under researched avenue for the hair loss cure and the polar opposite of the approach that finasteride takes.  I think with the power you have you can get this out there as this is something that has been very poorly researched and possibly even hidden. Anyways, enjoy researching but I believe it really does tie the whole pgd2, dht and maybe even wnt pathway approaches under one enzyme: 3-alpha-hsd.”

He ended his e-mail with pasting his prior hair loss chat messages from this site, but I will paste those and other future chat messages that “Roman” made all together at the end of this post since the organization is very haphazard.

Roman’s Second E-mail

I replied to Roman, mostly in the form of an excuse that I could not devote time on research this past week even though I found his thoughts highly interesting.  Below is his second e-mail to me from April 18th:

“Thanks for your reply and I totally understand your work load.  As for a compressed version of my research, as we both know alpha 5ar converts T to DHT.  Well there turns out to be an “antimatter” sort of enzyme present in every human’s musculoskeletal structure called 3 alpha hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3a HSD) which converts all T and DHT to 3 adiol g (another testosterone by-product which is not harmless to hair and way less androgenous). Now if propecia can work so well off blocking off alpha 5ar then in theory the exact same should be the case for promoting 3a hsd in synthesis in the body. And finally, the side effects of 3a hsd upregulation should be fractional compared to alpha 5ar downregulation as the reason for the most of the propecia side effects is the lack of DHT being created.  Conversely, DHT will be allowed to generate under this treatment, however, the 3a hsd will instantly de-activate it.  The big hope from my side is that there is a topical way to introduce 3a hsd to the scalp as that will exterminate DHT from the scalp (as it does in the muscles).  Even if there isn’t there’s easily another (potentially a lot safer) variant of propecia waiting to be developed.

A link to start off your research is:

Note the paragraph on DHT deactivation in the muscles. Its basically local DHT deactivation which is what everyone has been longing for for decades. It happens everyday in our own body without any negative effects!

Anyways, I hope you find this topic as captivating as I do and I wish you the best of luck on everything to do with your blog and your research on this matter.

Kind Regards,

PS. if you were on the chat “ihavethecure” “klijom” and “klijomss” were all my names because people kept stealing my name lol!”

Roman sent me two additional e-mails with several useful individual links in there that I discuss below.

My Initial Thoughts and Various Links of Interest

I get many e-mails every week, and typically I only learn something truly interesting from 20-30 percent of them.  Right away I knew that Roman’s e-mail was one of those.  It does seem like increasing the expression of the 3α-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzyme will reduce DHT and lead to a reduction in hair loss and perhaps even lead to regrowth of hair that has been lost in recent years. Perhaps this approach will lead to far fewer side effects than the current approach of using Finasteride or Dutasteride to reduce DHT?

Roman pasted the following 2006 study link in his e-mail that also mentions a PGD2 connection (a difficult read for non-scientists):

Increased expression of type 2 3-alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/type 5 17-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase
(AKR1C3) and its relationship with androgen receptor in prostate carcinoma.

— During my initial research, I found a 2005 thread on on the same subject as well as a 2013 thread on

In one of Roman’s later chat messages, he posted the following recent 2016 study link that is much more relevant to our hair loss cause and easier to understand in its abstract format:

— Sulforaphane promotes murine hair growth by accelerating the degradation of dihydrotestosterone.

Key quote from above:

“Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes the regression of human hair follicles in the parietal scalp, leading to androgenic alopecia (AGA). Sulforaphane (SFN) increases the expression of DHT degrading enzymes, such as 3α-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases (3α-HSDs), and, therefore, SFN treatment may improve AGA.”

— Another interesting link on Sulforaphane and DHT reduction that someone on the chat posted (could be Roman).  Seems like broccoli has yet one more benefit.

— Finally, on April 18, someone who read Roman’s chat messages on this blog started this useful thread on the hairlosstalk forums that is well worth following.

It seems like antidepressants (SSRIs in particular) can also impact 3-alpha-hydroxysteroid levels…I will write more on that later if there is any interesting potential going that route.

Roman’s Hair Loss Chat Messages

Note that “Roman” has used a few different names in the chat as he mentioned in his e-mail.  One person might have used his chat name with minor modification for some reason (I do not require registration on the hair loss chat on this site).  In any case, I have tried to post only Roman’s chat messages below and those from others that were related to the subject.  In reverse chronological order from the past week with some dates deleted by mistake (4/22/16 –> 4/16/16):

asfasas 4/22/2016 3:10
“conclusion kijom ??”

I am not yet at the conclusion I am still actively researching the matter. What I have discovered though is that 3a hsd is an enzyme which is located in various parts of the body where it deactivates DHT. Now I am researching there is sufficient presence of 3a hsd in the scalp and if not, whether there are viable ways to introduce it to the scalp.

2020 4/21/2016 9:42
Can someone please simplify this for me

2020 4/21/2016 9:42
This is so confusing what you guys are talking about.

yazed 4/21/2016 7:41
conclusion kijom ??

klijom 4/21/2016 4:33
okay idk why its putting an emoji in it but I promise it works lol

klijom 4/21/2016 4:33

klijom 4/21/2016 4:33
extremely interesting article for the (medically aware) people to read :

lmlmlm 4/21/2016 4:10
type 3 3a hsd **

lmlmlm 4/21/2016 4:09
basically whoever is researching this needs to find a way of upregulating akr1c2, or more specifically type 3a hsd in the scalp.

lmlmlm 4/21/2016 4:04
Thinking behind Ursodeoxycholic acid is that it is an akr1c2 upregulator but I am trying to see if it has any scalp benefits.

lmlmlm 4/21/2016 4:01
as a starting point in 3a hsd boosting medications is sulforaphane. I have just ordered some. Also if anyone has the medical capacity to research Ursodeoxycholic acid, that would be great as I keep running into walls.

jkjnk 4/21/2016 10:17
Localised deactivation of DHT happens all over your body; in your muscles, brain, liver etc etc. Now we just have to find a way to introduced localised deactivation in the scalp. Peace xoxo

jkjnk 4/21/2016 10:15
Looking deeper into the highest expressions of 3a hsd, you discover that in your muscles, DHT levels have no androgenic effects whatsoever, and this is all due to the constant life long deactivation of DHT by 3a hsd. Now that is the goal I am aiming for in the scalp; a life long deactivation of any DHT that comes into the scalp by 3a hsd without feminising the body the way that propecia does.

jkjnk 4/21/2016 10:12
The main problem why SSRI’s arent cropping people with full heads of hair is because the conversion of DHT to 17 b adiol is a reversable on. Therefore any dht converted to to 17b adiol will later be converted back to dht by alpha 5ar present in the scalp if there is no 3a hsd present.

jkjnk 4/21/2016 10:09
Also a pattern I noticed, no research behind this, is that morbidly obese men more often than not have full heads of hair. Curiously looking deeper in to this, I discovered that obese men express more 3a hsd in their systems

jkjnk 4/21/2016 10:07
There is so little research on 3a hsd. 3b hsd deficiency is topic that is researched way more. Basically type 3 3a hsd is the enzyme we are after and that comes under the akr1c2 gene. Now I am currently in the process of identifying how well 3a hsd is expressed in the scalp (if at all). The goal is to bring increased akr1c2 (increased type 3 3a hsd) expression to the scalp.

Klijomm 4/20/2016 11:08
i read of a 5 fold increase in 3ahsd activity following levothyroxine treatment in trial. any idea how this might relate to activity at the scalp? would any ssri amplify considering net impact?

kilojom 4/20/2016 3:08
Hi test. I have seen the post and will make an account to comment

ok 4/20/2016 4:37
klijommm, it’s me, “test” (I had to change my username in the chat). I made a HLT thread about 3a hsd the other day and people think it is really interesting. It would be great if you made an account and joined the discussion over there, since you have a lot of knowledge about this.

klijommm 4:43
Also this is bearing in mind that there is little 3a hsd present in the scalp and people are still noticing an improvement in their hair. Now if we could introduce higher amounts of 3a hsd to the scalp then i think that is game over rip gg for the hair loss industry. (PS stop stealing “klijom” lmao)

klijommm 4:41

klijommm 4:41
Sulforaphane is currently the best avenue for 3a hsd promotion in the body. Check the review (on a totally non hair loss related website) from the lady who is talking about its effects on her hair.

klijomm 2:05
if anyone wishes to get in touch with me regarding any 3a hsd matters pls email me at (please dont spam lol I’ll just delete the account)

klijomm 1:28
@m also equol is a non steroid estrogen whereas 3a hsd directly converts DHT to a less androgenous derivate of testosterone (not an estrogen) hence your point holds no substance

klijomm 1:27
@m here is a link to offer you some insight into the work that 3a hsd does and where it is present


klijomm 1:27
@m yes SSRI’s do increase 3a hsd activity but the problem is that there is not enough 3a hsd present in the scalp. Also SSRI’s are not designed to increase 3a hsd activity, it is merely a side effect. If a drug/method could be developed to introduce 3a hsd to the scalp then we are on to a real winner

klijomm 1:24
@test I would be more than happy for you to take over the topic and get it onto the HLT forum as I am not a member on any forum website. I really do appreciate your interest in the topic however and can assure you it (although it is difficult due to the lack of research done on the matter) it is totally worth researching!

test 3:51
klijom, 3a hsd sounds very interesting, I really hope that you are onto something here

test 3:49
Or else I’ll do it to get your word out there, I believe what you’re saying is very important! I’ll credit you of course

test 3:44
killjom, could you please make a thread on the HLT forum (new research, studies and technology) about this 3a hsd enzyme? That would help a lot

hujk 5:14
this 3a hsd topic sounds really interesting, especially the anti matter comparisons with alpha 5ar.

klijom 3:08
the best chance of a cure coming out is if someone takes 3a hsd seriously and finds a way to introduce it to the scalp. If I had any sort of background in biomedical science I would be working on it right now as it does not seem too difficult to introduce enzymes to the scalp (no chance of rejection if enzymes developed are taken from your own body) and virtually no chance of mutations (cancer).

klijom 7:38
There seems to be a recently formed small team in Israel called Technion who have also identified 3a hsd as the main culprit. It is interesting to see their valiant but a little amateurish experiment results.

klijom 7:24
… to block alpha 5ar. WE SURE AS HELL can create something to magnify 3a hsd activity. And it is my understanding that formulating a topical treatment is a million times easier when you are trying to boost a function than inhibit (hence the difficulties in formulating a topical propecia).

klijom4 7:22
Also check this out, isoretinoin, better known as accutane is a drug infamous for causing hair loss. the reason? Isotretinoin causes upregulation of D2 receptors. Upregulating D2 receptors is bound to lead to hair loss (see Dr Cotsarelis). Another side effect of isoretinoin?? IT INHIBITS 3A HSD ACTIVITY…..! It’s clear that the antimatter to alpha 5ar is indeed 3a hsd and if we can make propecia

klijom4 7:11

klijom4 7:03
I really hope the admin sees this and decides to address it in some form in the next article.

klijom4 7:02
…be at least a permanent topical (worst case scenario oral) treatment. The link of 3a hsd and prostate cancer again seems to solidify this claim as this is the exact route that propecia and alpha 5ar inhibition came from.

klijom4 7:01
Also it seems that many of the “hair loss fads” that we hear about e.g. coconut oil, olive oil etc may actually be increasing 3a hsd activity (in however small effect). Now if this effect can be harnessed and magnified which may be a lot easier than most of the other methods being developed at the moment (follica histogen etc) then we will have something that although not a cure but would

klijom4 6:57
…be a lot easier than trying to remove an enzyme from a scalp (alpha 5ar). I honestly am starting to believe this a massive avenue which has been completely ignored and I don’t see why (ethics aside) 3a hsd supplements for the scalp could not be created to “neutralize” dht as soon as they interact (as they do in the muscles).

klijom4 6:55
Also that thread, is more than ten years old and I tried googling 3a hsd to find only 2 or 3 semi-serious discussions of it regarding hairloss. 3a hsd is a natural enzyme present within the muscular structure of the body which prevents the conversion of testosterone to dht wherever it is present. Now to me it would seem that introducing an enzyme to the scalp (3a hsd) should in theory…

klijom4 4/16/2016 6:52
@bigt1 I think he does have a point though. Why try and fight alpha 5ar when you have a natural mechanism in your body designed to do just that? It shocks me how poorly this issue has been (or not been) covered.

bigt1 4:49

@Ihavethecure this where your getting your info from?

@Ihavethecure 4/16/2016 2:54
hair loss is being researched by monumental retards who are taking all your money.

Ihavethecure 21:54
article linking 3a-hsd with the long heralded pgd2 cure branded about by cotsarelis.

Ihavethecure 21:53

Ihavethecure 21:44
It’s way easier (and safer) to augment 3a-hsd levels rather than inhibiting 5alpha reductase levels.

Ihavethecure 21:35
SSRIs fluoxetine, fluvoxamine, sertraline, and paroxetine, the SNRI venlafaxine, and mirtazapine. All current treatments used as anti depressants to increase 3a-hsd levels

Ihavethecure 21:29
Anyways, that’s your cure, go spread the word, took my a*s long enough to find it. I don’t know how to produce a treatment to administer the appropriate therapy but if testosterone therapy can overcome 5-alpha reductase deficiency then the exact mechanisms with a different drug make up would provide adequate doses of 3a-hsd to the scalp.

Ihavethecure 21:25
All the pharmaceuticals know about 3a-HSD and the natural DHT eliminating property that it has. But then again, replicating an enzyme is something only the very top pharmaceuticals can do and they wouldn’t want to lose such a steady stream of revenue lol.

239 thoughts on “Increasing 3-Alpha-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase to Treat Hair Loss?”

  1. @susana, yes Polichem is currently their own topical Finasteride product which should be in phase 3 trial. I dont know when their trial ends….hopefully soon.
    Search for Polichem on this site! Admin already wrote some splendid posts on their upcoming product.

  2. Can i just say about Histogen..

    From their trials 73% improvement in 1 year compared to -15% from the control group. I don’t know about you guys, but i could do with that 73% improvement. Histogen + PRP(seems to do something for alot of people) and Topical Fin would help a diffuse loser like myself.

    1. Here’s the thing: (263-179)/179 DOES NOT equal 73% improvement in haircount!! They cant even get their numbers straight! That’s like 43%, so again, wtf is up with histogen?! Chronic manipulation of any results…

  3. We will have the possibility to see results from: Histogen + Tranpslante hair ? It would be awesome for higher norwoods.

  4. We’re screwed. It’s all just talk talk talk. Nothing new coming out. Release dates keeps getting pushed back. We are discussing things that MIGHT be released in 5-10 years, I mean it’s sad.. The hair loss industry is a shame

  5. Guys, just get prepped to look your best for when you shave your head. In the end, it will save money and a lot of stress. Someday, we will all be forty, and it won’t even matter.

    1. Agreed. I’m 32 and I have difficult time imagining it not mattering as long as I’m single and trying to stay competitive

      1. You aren’t going to look like you are 20 forever. You can still be good looking, even without a full head of hair. I see very few older men with a movie start head of hair. It’s all good brother. It isn’t optimal by any means, but there are so many men who have this problem, it is somewhat normal.

  6. Yes. All of you are right. Hair Loss industry is deplorable. Finasteride and Minoxidil don’t work at all and have terrorific side effects. What a shame.

  7. Histrogen will never release anything to treat hair loss. Imo its obvious that they dont have anything. Wake up people! If you have a product then you present CLEAR EVIDENCE that its working.
    Lets just focus on the companies whos actually trying to do things in a professional way.

  8. I agree with Spanky! Histogen doesn’t have a great working hair loss treatment. If they could actually grow back 47% of our hair back that is technically a freaking cure. If you have 50k hairs on top of your scalp instead of 100k you still have complete coverage. You wouldn’t be thick hair coverage but you wouldn’t be bald anymore. If Histogen showed pics of this on normal aga patients who didn’t have scar tissue, TE, or whatever she claimed her test subjects had then should have investors lined up at her door and this hsc product available already. She wouldn’t be keeping off trials each year. We need to forget about Histogen. Better of focusing on Kerastem instead. Either way it doesn’t matter because follica will be a better treatment anyways. Too many shady lies with Histogen.
    Paul Phoenix, just because Dr cole lowered his prices doesn’t mean something better is coming. It just means his work probably sucks or less people are getting HT because it doesn’t really give you a good hair coverage plus it’s bloody and looks like it hurts like crap.

  9. a lot of conferences, powerpoints and stuffs but no one company can say if their products work? i mean, okey, they show the data base and many things but they could speak clearly ” Guys our product works and we’ll release it in X time ” c’mon is not too difficult to speak clear.. always the same.. i try to be positive and optimist but f*ck sometime is hard when you’re alway hearing the same in every single event..

  10. @Cris and Mjones, well said guys. Its not pessimistic to view things this way, just plain out realistic. Not many of us who visits this blog knows much about the science behind hair loss or the treatments, but alot of these companies act like we’r complete morons ready to believe anything they stick in a powerpoint presentation. I so look forward to the day when a company presents clear images of a treatment that actually works. No macro photography, combovers, unclear images etc etc. Just an ordinary pic of a dude with buzz cut where you can see new hairs growing on whatever bald spot(s) he may have.


  12. Let them win and bring out better ht with regeneration and let merk bring out a better drug for hair loss that works when Propecia stops working. I’m cool with that.

  13. Where are those two intellectuals crispy wan and curious now.. they were saying histogen is legit and their product is good… Why dont you comment to these people…

    1. Shut up dude. I never said Histogen is legit or anything. All I asked was that you temper your corny/perverted uncle jokes against the very same people that are trying to help you. You don’t know anything. You’re just an IT guy who just sits around complaining and sharing dirty/sad antecdotes about engaging in coitus with your “girlfriend” while being sad about the condition of your scalp. All that money that you claim your father has, and you can’t find a shrink in Australia, mate?

  14. @Farhan , Don’t get me wrong , im not trying to start an argument here, but, if its a scam why has it taken so long for their research and testing ? That surley has to cost them money .
    If it was a scam i would think they would just release it already , like all the other snake oils out there. If they think they can get more hair to grow by tinkering with the formulation more,then im all for it . I agree with you that some of the numbers and those pics dont help their cause but , if it didnt work ,wouldn’t they just drop it or ,market it with the other snake oils .

  15. you can buy everything inside of histogen over the counter except for follistatin which you can still buy it’s just more expensive… what am i misunderstanding

      1. according to Histogen The proteins within HSC, including KGF, VEGF, and follistatin,” are what it’s made up of 100% unless there are more in the patent registry.

        you can buy topical VEGF….. KGF=FGF7 (Adenosine/Adenogen/Adenovital etc)
        Follistatin is $500 on google through novateinbio
        …. I dont know how to do scalp injections but Adenosine and VEGF are topicals, so if you can figure out Follistatin … that’s pretty much the HSC treatment right there…

        Someone smart want to debunk that for me? Not really interested in doing it but interested in hearing why it wouldn’t work./

  16. Why ppl are so negative about histogen? The are New info? Nobody se this week peesentation…. So wth the disapointmen? For me is the only bio tech to show real improvwment and real and obtetive photos. And remember when they say 10 % of New hair is not the 10% of your original born hair. Is 10% more hair of you today hair. Life is short you dont have cancer… Lets hope Good News and be happy.

  17. type in Keratin in google
    Keratinocyte …KGF
    KGF is also known as FGF7
    its a growth factor present in the epithelialization-phase of wound healing.

    pretty sure it would be impossible to NOT get results.. given DHT/3aHSD PGD2 on mute…

  18. Guys instead of talking the same things over and over again we should do something about this issue… We need to hash tag aclaris therapeutics on Twitter and group tweet all at once asking for them what’s going on…. Same with other important people.. We need to start a revolution… Post about this issue every where online….

  19. @farhan, we are talking about the same things over and over again because the news and timeframes these companies are releasing are the same again and again. Your completely right mate, we all sound like broken records. This blog is gold @admin is doing one hell of a job, but ppl (myself included) cant help getting frustrated when none of these companies can produce actual results with pictures for us to look forward to and be happy about. But, as always im very much looking forward to admins next post, keeping fingers crossed for sudden good news:-)

  20. Histogen won’t work anyway so who cares when – if ever – it comes out.

    Let’s put our support behind Tsuji lab.

  21. You guys it’s all a conspiracy theory hahahaha. They don’t want to release anything better. Weak meds topicals, wigs and ht are going to be out only options. What gets me to believe their is a hidden agenda is the fact Christiano has a gold mine breakthrough with jak and she puts areata ahead of mpb. No offense to those who have areata, but mpb would be much more profitable to go after first in trials. It’s just weird she hasn’t even tested it yet for mpb. You guys don’t find that strange? I bet you she is being forced to not pursue it for mpb because it can cure it. The fda blocked a blood testing treatment that can detect cancer by analyzing your stem cells. I read this in the Washington post yesterday. Why would the fda block such a life saving early detection cancer treatment? It’s all business guys. It’s really sad. I don’t think we will ever have a cure but I still do believe they will release a treatment like kerastem or follica that will enhance coverage in conjuction with HTs. Bosley is here to stay fellas. Please be realistic. I have already accepted it. I will say this again, if you haven’t tried fin and you are losing ground, GET ON IT! Or else you will be screwed by the time a new treatment comes out in 3 to 5 yrs.

    1. So maybe we have to wait for Hair Loss Leaks …

      The time that someone important in the hair loss industry opens up about the treatments / cures that are being blocked by HT surgeons, the wig makers, the Fin/Minox industry and the FDA, just to ensure they keep their own job and yearly profits.

      If this were true, wouldn’t there be at least one wistleblower who told the media already that the balding community is getting fooled by its own government …

      Maybe it’s easier to start a worldwide petition against the abscence of effective hair loss solutions.

      Only charismatic leaders like Admin will acquire enough respect and therefore a lot of votes / momentum worldwide to make a political statement.

      I bet the media will cover it as soon as the number of votes explode, and when that happen, finally the Donald’s among us will hear it.

    2. Sorry but there is no way I’m trying finasteride or minoxodil, the risks just aren’t worth it to me and I know I’m not alone. I am rapidly losing hair every day and I would love to have a full head of hair again but I’m okay waiting for skin perturbation or a treatment that doesn’t affect my hormones. I guess everyone is different though and it’s a personal choice.

  22. What happened to that Italian doc.. He said they are going to release in few months.. Why would they say such things if they don’t want to…

    1. It’s probably snake oil farhan. If a real effective cure or treatment is in the works we will hear about on it MSNBC or on the Nightly News plain and simple. Curing baldness is like curing aids. The severity of the disease is different for sure but both are hard to cure and a real effective treatment will be all over the news. Italian lotions, Turkish foreskin hair topical and such are bs. The only hair loss treatments or people that ever made the night time news was christisno and cotsarellis. That’s it. Expect real treatments from them.

  23. mjones, honestly I’ve only made a few comments here before, but I just had to make this one. Please, for the love of God, shut up. I can’t stand that you constantly bring up your irrational conspiracy theories about the hair loss industry. You come to this site multiple times per day and shout insanity and absurdity. People then call you out on it, then you promise to stop. You then act like a happy-go-lucky optimistic guy for a few days, but alas you go back to your pessimistic, and frankly, annoying attitude. You’ll read this message and get mad and say you’re done with this site forever (when you really just keep visiting here without commenting). Then you’ll eventually comment again after a while, and the dreaded cycle continues. Now that I’ve ranted, just let me say that I love ya brother, but you gotta stop this. This isn’t healthy behavior, and you’re letting your hair loss drive you insane. I’ve been there before too, but let me tell you that life is so much better when you can focus your life and energy on more productive things. I seriously want you to be happy man, but coming here to this forum every few hours and screaming at the world isn’t gonna do it. So please, tone it down and stop with the madness.

    Everyone on this blog

  24. Dr. Tsuji shows a real passion and positivity for curing baldness. Watch this, the last few minutes sound really good and positive:

    Cotsarelis and Christiano are cynical, negative career researchers. Cotsarelis has been working in this field since 1990…. 1990! And he’s still giving the ‘maybe in
    10 years’ line. Ridiculous. Also his wounding theory with topicals follica thing sounds amateur-like and unambitious.

  25. Tsuji is going to take a minimum of 10 yrs starting at the year 2020 when he will conduct human trials lol. So that is roughly 14 yrs from now if he completed his trials successfully lol. I mean I get the point how you guys are enthusiastic about his work but what are you going to do in the mean time to hold on to your hair ? That’s 14 years from now we will all be living on Mars by then or fighting ww3 lol . We need to be more realistic on this site forum. The admin is doing a great job posting the latest treatments. Let’s focus on jak, cots and follicum, even SM it seems to halt hair loss and improve thickness and minor density. I would buy it

  26. I would like to know why Dr. Tsuji said they plan to start clinical human trials in 2020 and if that date could be brought sooner if they are ready to start before then. After all, his lab has already successfully grown human hair on mice (2012) an on artificial skin (2016).

    In any case, I hope the trials would then take 6-7 years from commencing to becoming commercially available. Japanese regulations help expedite new medical treatments. So sometime around 2026-2027 is not unreasonable.

    Dr. Tsuji is 50/51 years-old so he probably wants to take care of this hair thing asap before tackling other types of organ regeneration. Tsuji would potentially become one of richest men in Japan and easily a multimillionaire.

    On another Japanese front, there is Shiseido aiming to release their replicel treatment in 2019/2020.

    Then for scraps there is Dr. Brotzu’s lotion for release maybe in 2018/2019.

  27. 30% minoxidil is overdrive. I can only imagine the shedding phase on that. Best of luck man:) keep us posted how it works out

    1. Mjones bro don’t waste your important phase of life waiting for something that you don’t know when it’s going to come…. Get fue from a good surgeon… I agree it’s not Natural but still it gives a normal look.. Say even a treatment comes out I doubt that its strong enough to grow in frontal areas.. If something comes up it will be like icing on a cake…so get fue done.. The procedure takes few hours and two weeks of downtime that’s all…

    2. Thanks @mjones, im already a norwood 5.5to 6
      And im not on any treatment right now , so the shed doesnt bother me so much – lol . I hide my head under a hat everyday as well . Im not expecting much much,but, it would be cool to get to a norwood 4 . Im gonna take pics before and after . Im not gonna lie i am a little nervous about the fin as i have never tried it before

  28. Another thing i found today over at hairlosstalk forum is that supposedly hellouser has got some news on histogen hes gonna release pretty soon . Hes a believer in Histogen And is usually a pretty reliable source . If i see it i will post whatever it is here for the people that still care about it.

    1. Awesome thanks Eric, curious to see what news he has. Don’t worry about fin, it’s safe and if you get sides push through it. Your body will balance out in 6 moths and you will maintain your hair . You will probably gets some regrowth with that 15 Rogaine mix

  29. Any update on boosting 3a-HSD or introducing 3a-HSD into the scalp? I just stumbled upon 3a-HSD in a body building forum and immediately recognized the importance of such an enzyme in fighting MPB. This of course then led to a google search, and I was delighted to see that it was already being discussed on this blog, even more delighted that it was being discussed in 2016 and wasn’t an old idea that has been tested and failed. I think Roman’s research in the article and comments is spot on and I’d be interested in hearing if anyone has any more news on this topic. Thanks!

  30. google nail rubbing exercise for hair regrowth and indian gooseberry juice for hair growth .. im on it for a week or so , heard that it works in about nine months?!? any body knows about this?

  31. So.. no update on 3a-HSD. All I see is diversion to other topics here. I am seriously thinking an extract of crushed Broccoli in oil applied to scalp before bed is worth a try..whats there to lose ;) ?

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