Rosemary Oil and Castor Oil for Hair Growth

In 2024, the most widely covered natural ingredient with beneficial hair growth properties has been rosemary oil. Almost every week, there is an article that shows up in my Google hair related alerts in regards to rosemary oil and hair growth.

Another natural oil in the news with beneficial properties towards scalp health is castor oil. It can raise PGE2 levels and potentially benefit hair. It is one of the ingredients in Revivogen’s Scalp Therapy product.

Neither of these oils will likely regrow hair on bald heads, but they may make existing hair stronger and reduce scalp inflammation and dandruff.

Rosemary Oil and Castor Oil Hair Growth
Vegan Mia: Organic Rosemary Oil and Castor Oil for Hair Growth.

Vegan Mia: Rosemary Oil and Castor Oil Hair & Scalp Treatment

A quality new hair and scalp treatment product that contains both organic rosemary oil and organic castor oil is getting great reviews. It is made by Vegan Mia, and currently has an average rating on Amazon of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 15 reviews.

Moreover, it also contains a host of other organic oils, including argan oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, broccoli seed oil, marula kernel oil, lavender oil, cedarwood oil, thyme oil and coconut oil. And sunflower oil that is infused with burdock root, nettle leaf, shavegrass (horsetail), green tea and bhringraj. Topped off with vanilla CO2.

Rosemary oil benefits overall scalp health and can lead to modest hair growth. According to dermatologists, Rosemary oil has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It can also increase scalp blood flow and circulation. One well known 2015 study from Iran found that rosemary oil compares favorably to Minoxidil 2%. Below is one before and after photo from the study.

Rosemary Oil Hair Growth
Rosemary oil before and after hair growth. Source: SKINmed. 2015; 13:15-21. Panahi et al.

Various past reports have concluded that castor oil potentially benefits scalp hair growth. One well known study from 2008 found castor oil (Ricini oleum) used as lotion for external use (35% formulation) to have a stimulating and regenerating effect on rabbit hair.

The ingredients in this this Vegan Mia Hair & Scalp treatment product are all 100% organic, cruelty-free and vegan. Moreover, it has no artificial fragrances; no parabens; no synthetic ingredients; no chemicals; no toxins; no petroleum-based ingredients; no formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasers; no phthalates; no triclosan sodium lauryl sulfate; no sodium lauryl ether sulfate; no GMOs; no fillers; and no artificial colors.


5 thoughts on “Rosemary Oil and Castor Oil for Hair Growth”

  1. Most studies have proven that rosemary oil and castor oil are effective in treating hair loss but not baldness.

  2. I add rosemary oil, 15 drops for 3 day supply in my RU mix. Any more than 15 drops and people can smell it and say that I smell like an old lady.

  3. I tried castor oil 10+ years ago. It’s possible that my application wasn’t correct in that I didn’t properly blend it with a carrier oil, but its viscosity lead to more shedding during application and removal. I haven’t tried it since.

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