Sirnagen CosmeRNA for Hair Loss: Releasing in 2023

Now we really have a reason to get rid of Kim Jong-un. South Korea just keeps on adding groundbreaking companies working on hair loss treatments. See my page on hair loss research around the world for some of the main names. My latest three blog posts all cover new groundbreaking work from South Korea. Truly remarkable and entirely unintentional.

CosmeRNA from Sirnagen Releasing in 2023

This post covers a new topical hair loss product called CosmeRNA, whose website is now live. It is made by siRNAgen (South Korea), a subsidiary of Bioneer (South Korea). I briefly covered this company in the past, but now it deserves its own post.

The reason I am writing this post is due to a great new interview with siRNAgen CEO Dr. June Park. Both these new developments were sent to me by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. Key quote from Dr. Park (also see her Linkedin):

“The first SAMiRNA product will be available for sale in the first half of 2023. We had an unconventional route to commercialization by developing a hair loss cosmeceutical product. CosmeRNA, named after cosmetic RNA, provided an early validation of our platform’s potential as a topical cosmetic product for androgenetic alopecia (hair loss).”

They wil not need to conduct clinical trials since this is a cosmetic product! The actual release date is likely to be in early 2023 per another quote in the same interview. After first being done in South Korea, CosmeRNA’s safety study was repeated in Europe by Dermatest in 2022. Note that SAMiRNA is shelf stable in a solution for a year, so it can be applied topically.

Ms. Park anticipates the product launch to occur some time in early 2023. They will focus on the European market first due to the region’s more streamlined cosmeceutical trial and approval process. It is called Cosmetics Product Notification Portal (CPNP).

Note that I previously briefly covered siRNAgen Therapeutics in my post on OliX Pharmaceuticals. The latter is working on a hair loss cure involving RNA interference (RNAi) via asiRNA (asymmetric small interfering RNA). The aim is to reduce androgen receptor (AR) expression on the scalp.

SAMiRNA, Androgen Receptor and Hair Growth

siRNAgen is also working on reducing AR expression and regrowing hair. However, it is doing so via treatment with self-assembled micelle inhibitory RNA (SAMiRNA) nanoparticle-type siRNA. See their site for more on small interfering RNAs (siRNA).

They published an important study on this in Nature Journal in January 2022. The encouraging title of this paper is worth posting: “Weekly treatment with SAMiRNA targeting the androgen receptor ameliorates androgenetic alopecia.”

The product they use for androgenetic alopecia is a topical called AR68. It is classified as a cosmetic ingredient and will be called Cosmerna-68. In the above mentioned paper, they have before and after photos of a patient that I pasted below. The chart on the right shows the actual percent improvement with AR68 0.5mg/ml treatment versus placebo. They also state the following:

“In the low-dose (0.5 mg/ml) clinical study, AR68 was applied three times per week for 24 weeks, and through quantitative analysis using a phototrichogram, we confirmed increases in total hair counts. In the 24-week long high-dose (5 mg/ml) clinical study, AR68 showed average additional hair growth of 1.3-1.9 hairs/cm2 per month, which is comparable to finasteride. No side effects were observed. Therefore, SAMiRNA targeting AR mRNA is a potential novel topical treatment for AGA.”

Sirnagen CosmeRNA AR68
Sirnagen CosmeRNA SAMiRNA AR68 hair loss treatment. Source: Yun, SI., Lee, SK., Goh, EA. et al. Sci Rep 12, 1607 (2022).

Edit: The higher dose AR68 5mg/ml before and after photos are here.

Is this a miracle? Most likely not for most severaly balding people people. However, just as with finasteride, some people could see stellar results. And for those who are just starting to go bald, this could be a much needed non-DHT inhibiting product with few if any side effects.

I am not a big believer in cosmetics, but this latest interview with siRNAgen CEO June Park is encouraging. She comes across as very intelligent and sincere.

19 thoughts on “Sirnagen CosmeRNA for Hair Loss: Releasing in 2023”

  1. Thats very interesting Admin, thanks for the write up! What I don’t understand, and maybe someone could clarify this for me. If it’s an Anti Androgen Receptor, and as efficacious as Finasteride, how can it not have side effects?
    As in, if reduces AR reception, how does it not also target DHT?

  2. I see a lot of people complaining on reddit, as usual. I would remind people that this is more of a MAINTENANCE COSMETIC than a regrowth cosmetic, as finasteride is mostly a maintenance treatment. maybe you should have pointed that out in the article, admin.

    do you think using microneedling along with this cosmetic will be safe?

  3. Soooo, it’s a cosmetic huh? Btw: I think I need to get my eyes tested, bc for a minute there, I thought those bottom pics were sea urchins?!

    1. I almost forgot about Breezula…I don’t know, what happened there? They finished trial phase 2 in 2019. Then: nothing.

      It appears to be in trial 3 now, but I couldn’t find any confirming info on that.

      Strange, there was/is definitely strong demand for something like Breezula. Now they are overtaken by Pyrilutamide from Kintor.

      But Cosmo seems to be successful in a couple of areas, so that’s fine.

  4. Nice posts admin, your blog is on fire lately, I don’t know if you realize but the work you do helps alot of people’s spirits

  5. Hey Admin do you know what the reason was behind them using images of the group that received the 0.5 mg/ml dose and not the 5mg/ml dose? If it was the 5mg group that had results comparable to Finasteride I don’t know why they use these other images.

  6. A question for anyone scientifically well versed:

    Some people do not respond at all to Finasteride but have the same MPB pattern. Could there be some other reason behind the hairloss for these people? Why would the same response not be induced if the reason behind the hairloss is the same?

  7. hey all, i was wondering if any of you used Maxogen already, i am wondering if it is a scam… years ago i tried regular over the counter minoxidil with no result but more hair on my sideburns ant forehead…not on my scalp. With maxogen, not only i dont get any hair on my scalp, but i dont get it on my sideburns and forehead…since the minoxidil content is supposed to be stronger with maxogen, i find it very weird…..

    your opinions ?
    i am a female, 38 years old. thanx

    1. The higher % of finasteride in Maxogen could be helping to control your facial hair growth. That happens with anti-androgens. I’m not saying the product is legit or not, it’s just a possibility.

    1. Well Cosmerna already got a 5 start safety rating and updated their website stating A commercial release of 2023. And their Cosmerna website is still up.

      Then they had an interview in November stating “The first SAMiRNA product will in fact be available for sale starting in the first half of 2023. We had an unconventional route to commercialization by developing a hair loss cosmeceutical product”

      Seems like it was a done deal

        1. Thanks for the reassuring info!

          After reading Randy’s post, my heart stopped for a moment.

          Intentionally spreading false information like that on a website like this, is quite an insidious thing to do!

          We poor balding folk are easy prey for trolls.

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