Osaka University Hair Loss Research

Today, someone on the hair loss chat on this site posted an interesting link concerning a Dr. Shigeki Inui. He is associated with Japan-based Aderans and has positive thoughts on light emitting diode (LED) therapy for hair growth. After translating to English, it was not obvious when the information on that page was published.

Osaka University Hair Research

However, more importantly, I was surprised to learn that Aderans still has a somewhat active research & development sector that is affiliated with several local Japanese universities. The most important of these affiliations is with Osaka University and its Department of Dermatology.

Further research convinced me that Osaka University is one of the more important hair loss research centers in the world and therefore warrants a thumbnail on my world list of key hair loss research centers. This is the fifth thumbnail in Japan and counting.

Dr. Inui has published numerous interesting hair loss related research papers in the past decade. Also affiliated with Osaka University is Dr. Satoshi Itami, who has been involved in hair loss research for a few decades.

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    1. ALL of us are sick of waiting. We are more and more closer. A good treatment is coming in a few years. 100% SURE. (Maybe a cure not sure of that). Anyone who says otherwise is lying. Easy.

      Great Blog, another time. Thanks admin.

      1. WTF do you mean lying? Nobody knows. A lot of us are sick of the LYING done by the snake oil salesman who sell false hope. Nobody wants a good treatment more than I, but you must be new to this if you think you can be 100% sure of anything.

        And, admin, respectfully, I cannot believe you are letting this IGROW nonsense be advertised on your page. You of all people should know better.

        1. I can’t control any google ads and what they show. Also, lasers have shown some benefit to hair in quite a few studies so not a scam.

  1. I think if we want a cure to come sooner we need to stop buying treatment products. The industry is motivated by $. If we are smart and hold off our money for a cure rather than keep buying bs like propecia and minoxidil (temporary solutions) that is engineered to keep you coming back with more $, then hair pharma will have to speed up research for the cure if they want to stay in business.

    Otherwise, us waiting will be our fault if we keep buying treatment products.

    – zerrr

  2. But even if something comes out its not going to be a cure. Some pharmaceutical company will probably put a patent on it and we will probably have to buy medicine every month or at best every year. All because of greed. It be better if Europe or east Asia came up with a cure

  3. Histogen and hsc lost its news.Last years a news told that hsc will commercialize in 2015-2016,but what happened now?

  4. Maybe histogen hsc is in the process now commercializing their hair loss treatment. They had phase 2 done a couple years ago and they were planning on doing phase 3 spring 2015 but since Japan you don’t need phase they may be quietly getting things ready for commercialization by end of year or early 2016. They see replicel, setiprant and bim coming out in 2018 2020, they can get a good three years of $$$$ . This is just my guess

    1. On average, companies in the Biotechnology sector, sell 73.77% of the total offering size. Histogen sold 100.00% of the offering. Could this mean that the trust in Histogen is high? The average offering size for companies in the Biotechnology industry is $3.08 million. The total amount raised is 207.99% bigger than the average for companies in the Biotechnology sector. The minimum investment for this offering is set at $0. If you know more about the reasons for the fundraising, please comment below.

  5. Hair Stimulation Complex form Histogen. This product should be available in market today. That’s a shame…always delays.

  6. HairLoss is a billion dollar market. We all need to stay together and stop using ongoing treatments like Propecia, hairtransplant etc. If there will be one medicine which can cure hair loss problem then entire hairloss industry will go down with severe loss.

    Could be really possible that such medicine does exist but due to billion market industry no one is ready to release it in the market.

  7. Thank you for the site, it’s a great source of information without all the bad vibes of the current hairloss forums. I don’t know if there’s going to be a cure or not in the next 10 years, but still the research being made it’s quite interesting to know.

    1. For us young people (18-30 y/o) the only option we currently have is: finastiride + minoxidil, potential hair transplants.
      We have to think of hair as money, some people have more some people have less, but you have to make the most of life with what you have, don’t worry too much about it.

      1. OK. Minoxidil: Side effects and poor results. Finasteride: Side effects and the hair still losing (not 50% effective: Poor results.

        Hair Transplants: Very Expensive, and with some hair transplants surgeons very poor results…. We are in 2015 and we continue with FUT (scar)…Pathetic.


        Best Regards.

        1. I know they ain’t a cure, but still… I started losing my hair dramatically at 17, when I started to use the big 3. Right now I’m almost 24 and my hair has had only minor changes, so I guess finasteride sometimes is much more effective than the 50% you said (by the way I have 3 brothers and they are NW 6, my father is NW 6)

  8. Trust me guys I know your frustration. I been bald since I am 26 & I am 34 yrs old now. That is a wonderful 8 solid yrs gentlemen. My only advice I can give is be a little patent. It appears that Shiseido will beat everybody in this race towards a cure for baldness. But this is still a few yrs away. And you will have to travel overseas to get this procedure done when the time comes.

  9. Anyone have contact details for Replicel in europe? I’d like to mail them and ask what the issue is!

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