Hair Loss Research Around The World

  • See more precise details by city when scrolling down through this entire page below the map.  Some cities such as New York, San Diego and Tokyo have a few distinct ongoing projects, and only some of the dots show up on the map in those cities.
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Groundbreaking hair loss related research is being undertaken at various universities and labs globally as can be seen from the above world map.  I am only including those universities and labs that are home to at least one renowned hair loss researcher; or have been in the news many times when it comes to groundbreaking hair loss related research and discoveries; or have published many hair loss related papers in reputable journals.

On the above map, you can click and expand each country to zoom in and clearly see individual cities that are too close to each other. Unfortunately the map does not allow you to see more than one or two university or lab per city (a problem in cities such as New York, San Diego and Tokyo) so I have listed each one separately below. The links in the map and below are for the most part targeted to related posts on this blog, from where you can then get direct links to each researcher or lab’s home page.  I hope to update this map every month and add many more Asian universities and research centers on there in the coming years.

United States




  • Theracell — cell-based hair regeneration via 3-D culturing.


  • Technion — Israel Institute of Technology.




  • Follicum — FOL-005 drug to inhibit body hair and/or increase scalp hair.


  • Polichem — P-3074 topical Finasteride product.

United Kingdom





South Korea


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