Hair Transplant Board of Advisers

The below listed hair transplant surgeons represent official advisers to HLC2020. Click on their names from the bulleted list in order to view details regarding their extensive qualifications. Also make sure to see their hair transplant before and after patient videos.

All of these surgeons are highly respected by their peers; have developed stellar reputations after performing hair transplantation procedures for many years; are members of the IAHRS and ISHRS; have presented at conferences; have trained other physicians; have received various prestigious awards; and have written textbook sections and/or technical articles related to hair restoration techniques.


Virtually every week, someone either e-mails me a question about hair transplants, or asks for advice in picking a hair transplant surgeon. To date, I have never referred a person to make sure and go to any one specific surgeon.

Usually, my advice is to look at the listing of surgeons on reputable hair transplant association websites as a starting point. Then see if anyone on such sites that you like is also recommended and certified by his/her respective national hair transplant (or plastic surgery or dermatology) association.

Thereafter, you should look online (on hair loss forums, blogs, surgeon websites, Google reviews, Yelp and so on) to see before and after patient photos and videos. You should try to find patients who have posted long-term results. Finally, you should try to talk to and meet at least several of a surgeon’s satisfied past patients in person. And before committing to a procedure, you should get an in-person consultation with any surgeon who interests you.

Even the best surgeons can get some rare bad outcomes or dissatisfied patients due to unforeseen circumstances. So it is not possible for anyone to guarantee a 100% positive outcome. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that a hair transplant is an elective surgical procedure. All surgical procedures always carry some risk.

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