Fully Bald Areas of the Scalp can Regenerate Hair

Over the years, the most intriguing question in the online hair loss world has been whether totally bald areas of the scalp (i.e., sections that have been devoid of any terminal hair for many years) can regrow that long-lost hair.

Historically, the answer to this question was a bit discouraging, although no-one was ever entirely sure. For decades, there have always been anecdotal cases of people who regenerated some of their long-lost hair.

The one encouraging factor has always been that even totally bald areas of the scalp still seem to have all the hair follicles intact. They are just way too miniaturized (vellus) to be easily seen with the naked eye, even at close-up. The one discouraging factor has been that progenitor cells in balding areas seem to be depleted.

Finasteride and Minoxidil Rarely Regrow Long-Lost Hair

Having seen 100s of before and after Finasteride and Minoxidil online photos during the past dozen or so years, I rarely ever saw any truly spectacular results that clearly showed a totally bald man regrowing healthy robust hair.

To me, even most of the excellent before and after photos seemed to suggest that the hair that was regenerating was probably lost in the past few years (since the photos typically involved younger people or those with limited hair loss in the before photos).

In the rare event that long-lost hair is regrowing from these drugs, the new hair tends to be very thin and short, offering sparse coverage. It is still worth your time in checking out before and after Finasteride and/or Minoxidil patient photos.

Dutasteride will Sometimes Regrow Long-Lost Hair

The best current medication to treat hair loss is Dutasteride (brand name Avodart). As of year-end 2015, only South Korea and Japan had officially approved this drug to treat hair loss. In other countries, for the time being it is only approved to treat benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH — aka enlarged prostates) in men.

The side effects of Dutasteride are worse than those of Finasteride. However, it should be noted that people with enlarged prostates usually take much higher doses of Finasteride and Dutasteride in comparison to people who are using these drugs to treat hair loss, and I have yet to hear of any enlarged prostate patients dying from side effects after taking Dutasteride at high doses.

When Dutasteride first came out in 2002, there was a level of excitement in the online hair loss forums that was never before witnessed and that has probably never since been witnessed. I know, because I have followed the online hair loss forums for around 15 years, with only brief breaks during that time when I was busy with less interesting things in my life.

In the early 2000s, a doctor by the name of Marty Sawaya claimed that her elderly test patient Dr. Monahan regrew hair that had been lost for decades. She even had a stunning before and after photo as proof. Recently, the Rasssman blog also posted about this phenomenon.

In any event, it has now been well over a decade since Dutasteride came out, and tens of thousands of people have tried the drug to treat androgenetic alopecia. Results have generally been superior to that of Finasteride, but very few people have seen significant quantity and quality of regrowth of long-lost hair.

It is nevertheless worth reading some of the before and after Dutasteride testimonials on this site, as many are extremely encouraging for those who have not lost too much of their hair yet or have only been losing their hair for five or so years.

Moreover, on various drug review websites, a number of very old patients who take the drug (Avodart) for BPH have also posted that they sometimes regrew hair that had been gone for many decades. I do not think that any of these older gentlemen ever came close to regrowing their childhood hairline. Nevertheless, I have seen enough testimonials from older people to suggest that regenerating some long-lost hair is possible with Dutasteride.

Male-to-Female (MTF) Transsexual Experiences

Even Castration plus Estrogen plus Spironolactone will usually not regrow robust hair in bald regions

I have covered male-to-female (MTF) transsexuals a few times on this blog. The ones who transition at a later age after having lost much of their scalp hair are an especially fascinating subject for me. Unfortunately, once men have lost hair for many years, even castration PLUS estrogen supplementation PLUS Spironolactone during the conversion process to becoming female rarely regrows thick hair in bald areas of the scalp.

Although it seems like she was not castrated, I highly recommend reading about the famous hair loss forum member and MTF transsexual Danielle Hallett.

This phenomenon is a bit discouraging for me. If even men who remove their testicles (which are 100 percent responsible for male pattern hair loss) cannot usually regrow long-lost scalp hair (at least not to original density and thickness levels), we are in trouble. Removing your testicles will completely halt any further hair loss and sometimes regrow hair that has been lost in recent years.

Some Unusual Cases

  •  It should be noted that there is one image I have seen of Spironolactone by itself regrowing long-lost hair in an elderly gentleman. However, the new hair is not too long and this phenomenon does not seem to be a common occurrence. Below is that image taken from a full version of this study that I can’t seem to link to directly (google for it):
Hair Regrowth in Old Man
Reversal of baldness in old man after Spironolactone use.
  • There are also some MTF transsexual cases that I have seen where people have regrown hair that they lost 5-10 years beforehand. Most of these people take an assortment of feminizing drugs and are often also castrated. For example, MTF transsexual “recidingyt” on hairlosstalk saw spectacular results and regrew hair that she had already lost between 5-7 years earlier. However, her regimen consists of way too many products (some of which help make you female). She takes Minoxidi, Finasteride, Nizoral, Spironolactone, Estradiol, Progesterone and Biotin, while also performing dermarolling on her scalp. This extensive regimen is unrealistic and ill-advised if you are a man who wishes to remain male.

PRP does not Regrow Long-Lost Hair

There has been a lot of hoopla over platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments regrowing scalp hair in recent years. However, my feeling is that there is no way that PRP will grow hair on totally bald regions of the scalp. In fact, there is not even yet any sufficiently reliable evidence that PRP can regrow hair that was lost just 1-2 years ago.

At best, PRP seems to make existing hair stronger and perhaps reverse very recent miniaturization of follicles. Even several doctors who offer PRP have told me an approximate version of this story. It should be noted that most doctors who offer PRP do seem to believe that it offers at least modest benefits to the majority of treated patients’ scalp hair.

Reduction in Progenitor Cells, but not in Hair Stem Cells

In 2011, a famous study came out that concluded that totally bald scalps do not have fewer hair follicle stem cells, but rather, fewer specialized progenitor cells. The authors concluded that “understanding the signals responsible for transition of stem cells to progenitor and more differentiated cells will be the next step in developing new treatments for skin disorders.”

Although upon initial examination this seems like good news, it would only be so if scientists can figure out how to increase the progenitor cell population, ideally without any kind of new cell injections. Many hair loss forum members think that this can already be done, but I am not so sure and have not tried to do much research into this. Update: In a comment to this post, Nic said the following: “You can increase your progenitor cells by using Stemoxydine, LiCL after rolling or topical VPA. I’m personally using Stemox and LiCL and it works!” No idea about this, but sounds interesting.

Until 2013, the numerous publicly viewable online before and after Dutasteride results and before and after MTF transsexual results were proof enough for me that any scalp hair lost over 5-10 years ago was highly unlikely to ever grow back, especially not in terms of roust length and thickness. I thought that perhaps long-lost hair can never be regrown and the only hope is to wait till hair cloning or hair multiplication materialize?

Then my thinking changed in 2014. I discovered older neglected reports of miraculous hair regrowth on totally bald scalps (see below). Moreover, this new information was further bolstered by all the recent hysteria surrounding JAK inhibitors (which have cured alopecia areata in many people) potentially working on androgenetic alopecia patients too.

Burnt Scalp Regrows Long-Lost Hair

I have frequently read about how wounding could regrow long-lost hair and even wrote a post on dermarolling in 2013. However, the results of this self-injury are far from convincing, perhaps hindered by the fact that the injury has to occur in a very specific and well defined manner (also see my somewhat related post on Quorum Sensing).

Then last year I discovered a case study in which the authors discussed an old man who burnt his scalp badly and thereafter regrew a lot of hair in the burnt region that had been devoid of hair for decades! Below is the article and photo pasted from here. Also note the unusual story of a guy who regrew his hair after being struck by lightening.

Scalp Burning Hair Regeneration
Hair growth after a burn injury.

Wound Healing Grows Brand New Hair

A 2018 report from China proved wound induced hair follicle neogenesis. An 80-year-old patient had a large wound on the scalp after excision of a basal cell carcinoma. This patient’s wound healed very well aesthetically. Surprisingly, 180 days after the initial wound, a single hair was observed to be growing from the center of the wound. The hair remained black at 42-month follow-up. A company named Follica is working on wound induced hair follicle regrowth.

Benaxoprofen Regrew Long-Lost Hair in 1982

Last year’s biggest news involved two JAK inhibitor anti-inflammatory drugs curing alopecia areata (AA) in humans, with uncertainty about their benefit to the vast majority of hair loss patients suffering from androgenic alopecia (AGA). This uncertainty prevails even today.

However, the strange thing is that as far back as 1982 an article was published that discussed how an anti-inflammatory drug called Benaxoprofen regrew hair in a 75 year old patient who had been suffering from androgenic alopecia for 30 years. I covered this highly important issue in a post last year. There were no before and after photos of this patient, but the article appeared in the prestigious British Medical Journal and seems believable.

Unfortunately, Benoxaprofen was later banned in the US due to major side effects:-(

Topical Diclofenac 3% Gel for Actinic Keratosis Regrows Long-Lost Hair

A study from 2015 fund that topical Diclofenac 3% gel for treating actinic keratosis (also called “solar keratosis”) resulted in three elderly patients regrowing some long-lost hair.

Key quotes:

— “Diclofenac 3% gel is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that inhibits COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes, resulting in decreased production of PGs (prostaglandins) and MMPs (matrix metalloproteinases).”

— “COX-2 has a key function in the prostaglandins pathway, converting AA (arachidonic acid) to PGH2, from which PGD2, PGE2, PGF2α, prostacyclin and thromboxane A2 are produced by specific synthase enzymes. Recent publications demonstrate that PGs are implicated in hair growth regulation.”

Ruxolitininb & Tofacitinib Hair Regrowth for Alopecia Areata

Of course we all know a lot about JAK inhibitors these days. Will they work on male pattern baldness too? I rated the chances at 5/10 in my recent very popular post on this subject (Update: also see my posts in June 2016 regarding Alcaris Therapeutics).

Based on the earlier mentioned experiences with Benaxoprofen, I am optimistic that at least some people will see hair that has been gone for decades regrow when taking these JAK inhibitors. It remains to be seen if the topical formulations of these drugs get faster FDA approval in the next few years because of the oral versions already having been approved.

Note: Also see this interesting patent from 2014 where there is a lot of discussion about JAK inhibitors and their potential positive impact on alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia as well as skin generation.

Hair Growth from Cyclosporin A and FK506 Immunosuppressants

A study from all the way back in 1994 found that Cyclosporin A (CsA) and FK506 (both of which suppress the immune system) led hair regrowth. Key quote:

“The hair growth stimulating effect of CsA is observed not only in normal but also in pathological conditions of hair growth, i.e. in patients with alopecia areata and also in some patients with male-pattern alopecia. Although hypertrichosis is induced by both topical and oral administration of CsA, there has been no report showing that FK506 induces hypertrichosis. Recently we have found that topical application of FK506 to skins of mice, rats and hamsters markedly stimulates hair growth. This hair growth stimulating effect of FK506 is observed when applied topically, but not by oral administration, even with a dose which causes marked immunosuppression.”

Very interesting, since the previously mentioned recent news from 2014-2015 suggests that topical JAK inhibitors might help patients with androgenetic alopecia, but oral ones will almost certainly not.

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  1. Interesting those drugs seems really work from 1982. Admin i want to ask you what is your opinion about pilox hairegen and woundhealing with lgr6 growth factors? thank you in advance and sorry for my bad english…

  2. You can increase your progenitor cells by using Stemoxydine, LiCL after rolling or topical VPA. I’m personally using Stemox and LiCL and it works!

    1. Nic, that’s great!

      I have been thinking of using LiCl for WNT activation.

      Does LiCl cause any significant irritation with daily use?

      1. Hi Admin
        How is the best way to upload pics to show? I have 2 photos of my 1 month progress where you will hopefully see the little hairs starting to sprout on my temples already.

        1. Sorry Nic that is not possible at the moment. I can get a plugin installed that allows it, but it seems like there will be space problem when large images are uploaded…plus I will have to monitor comments too closely to prevent spam images. If you ever create a site with your images on there (or post your images in a forum thread on hairlosstalk.com/interact ), you could link to that in your comment.

  3. Tofacinitib and Rux prove that regrowing 100% hair back from people who had almost 0% visible hair is not only possible but thanks to these new drugs has happened.

    These drugs applied as a topical cream on male pattern hairloss (experiments carrying on or are about to occur) are our best solution to a cost effective and simplest solution to solving all of our hair loss, as they appear to grow back all of the hair back with a natural hairline.

    We do not know yet if this is true but the experiments carried out in 2016 should prove it, either way. And for those who say those drugs cost $25K-$100K per year. The cost would dramatically be reduced as Economies of Scale kicked in for producing huge quantities of the drugs.

    Also hair loss surffers probably would need smaller doses since topical solution seems to be much more effective. And selling 1,000 bottles of pills for $100K each or selling 1 billion lotion tubes for $100 month (just guessing) would be much more profitable for the drug company.

    Finally, Stem Cells might be an overall guranteed solution but it will be years, and years before it is perfected and the cost would probably be enormous. The drugs Tofac and Rux are here now, FDA Aprroved Now, and litterally could be on our heads by the end of this year if the experiments show that it works without toxic affects on the body. Yes I say it is very possible by the end of 2016 a local doctor can simply prescribe a topical solution of those drugs to hair loss suffers.

    Of course, All is My Opinion.

    1. If Dr.Cristiano discovered a real truth. I mean, maybe it is not only JAK inhibitors that we need…but I hope you’r right.

    2. Also, we just have to find aa bald human enough brave to test topical JAK inhibitors. Yeah….we don’t have topical solution of JAK inhibitors…

      1. Why enough brave? these are approved drugs, in oral form, they are totally safe. What remains to be proved is their efficacy in Androgenic Alopecia. I believe they work, as have been demonstrated with mice and human grafts.. and it’s so easy to test, just put it on the scalp. I’d test it right away if I could. I suspect Dr. Christiano couldn’t resist it as well. I bet she is using this thing already!

        1. Since they did test the lotion on human grafts on rats my guess is they are or about to start the topical solution on humans as that would be the next step on a drug already FDA Approved in pill form (in other words they are about to do or are currently doing human trials of the lotion form of these drugs).

          1. Pretty sure they are already doing human trials because a few company’s that came into my investment radar today bought licenses to commercialize the Jak inhibitors. So I’m thinking 2016. Also the price won’t be as dramatic since the topical form is a lot more effective at growing hair then the oral form, the doses are a lot smaller and not as frequent as the requirement for cancer patients.

    3. My experience in a RA clinic is JAK inhibitors cause hair loss. Most of our patients are female and developed hair loss. I would not recommend JAK inhibitors.

  4. Someone in hairlosstalk wrote that they are on JAK inhibitors for medical reasons for about year and have 0 hair regrowth.

    1. Maybe there is a reason the JAK inhibitors selected for the study were selected. Did the individual in Hairlosstalk mention which he/she was put on?

  5. we’ll see what happens… the only shiny pearl I see about this whole story is rux and toc are already FDA approved and regardless of what happens that still stands as a major leap forward

    1. I have a doubt admin, I’d like to know if in Alopecia Areata the follicles also miniaturize, the way they do in Androgenic Alopecia.. Or do they just or suddenly stop producing hair fibers but their size remains normal?

      Concerning the reversion of the miniaturization I deeply believe that it is reversible. There is even a study from 2003 that demonstrated that miniaturized follicles implanted into a mouse grew big again and produced normal hair shafts. I don’t remember where I saw this study but it was mentioned in this blog. For me, that is proof that they can regain their normal size again and grow normal hair, they can resume their function perfectly.

    1. The King of Research is the reason why there is no cure yet. I heard it all: Once hair falls out it will never grow back again, age causes hair to fall out and it is irreversible (both age and the hair ever coming back). Yet Dr. Christiano has proven all of that wrong. I guess she will just show That So Called King of Hair WRONG too, the King (of hair research) is dead here comes the Queen of Hair.

      Christiano is going to solve this issue for Male Pattern Hairloss. She is great, period.

      She did what know other researchers have ever done she provided a drug and grew back a few young men all their hair back. Now she is trying to help us too.

      I know I am right that Tofac and Rux will work in lotion form to cure Male Pattern Hairloss, as Beno was a JAK type drug and it restored hair to two men who had Male Pattern Hairloss (although back then they did not know it was from the drug).

      All is my opinion.

  6. I agree with khourli. It’s to simple for it to work and for it to be mentioned after all these years since 1982. If it worked then it would have been out by now. They wouldn’t wait 30 years to cash in on billions of dollars. Plus christiano is just mentioning it might work for aga to get funding to start her repunzel and vixen company that will take another 10 years to produce any results which will probably bs. I only have faith in Cots! And possibly samumed.

    1. This might come as a surprise but they never cared about growing hair on Male pattern hairloss sufferers. Beno was a drug for Arthritis who cared about it possibly being the reason to grow hair on two men?

      Up until about 3 years ago they did not even know that the hair follicle was still on your head fully intact but just miniaturized. They thought it was gone or only parts of it left in the skin. And this after decades of research. You would think they could just have put a bald man’s skin under an electron microscope and notice the hair was still there.

      In lotion form, Tofab is 3X more potent than in pill form. They were shocked how quickly and robustly it grew hair on rats (and it did work on human skin grafts in the same way). The lotion form is more of a kick and it will work on AGA hairloss even better than Beno did (from the 1980’s).

      I told the Admin that I was right a long time ago and I still say I am right more than ever. Tofab and Rux in lotion form will cure male pattern hairloss. You guys will have to go to thebaldtruth.com and cry like those guys do as this site is for a Real Solution that cures 100% of hairloss in 3 weeks.

      All is my opinion.

    2. you know why he said it wouldn’t work? envy, professional vanity.. How he knows, did he test it? he should shut up instead. He should talk more when it comes to his own work, Follica.. He should mind his own business.

      1. Interesting that HIS discovery of a few enzymes need to be blocked in order to allow hair to grow back is exactly what Tofac and Rux do.

        1. dr. cots is balding badly… theres also an interview of him on youtube with mat lauer both men have thick healthy heads of hair.. now… both men are almost completely bald if not hanging on to what they have.. i wouldn’t call him ‘the king’ he found pgd2 .. thats cool.

  7. My question is, to anyone here, the admin…

    In Areata do the hair follicles miniaturize just like in Andro?
    or do the hairs just all and they all of a sudden, stop producing hair?

    I mean, their size are normal and they are just blocked from growing hair or they also miniaturize and get very tiny too?

    I wait your answers, would like to Hellouser ask Dr. Christiano about that…

  8. Read christiano’s paper. It says that these drugs will help in delivering an autologous cell therapies for pattern baldness. So the recent findings will benefit her 3d spheroid method via rapunzel. It Won t be a cream for pattern baldness but only for aa.

    1. This is another research. I think you are mistaken.

      My doubt.. AA follicles are like AGA follicles? Both miniaturize? or in AA they just stop producing hair but keep their normal size?

        1. “In alopecia areata, immune system cells called white blood cells attack the rapidly growing cells in the hair follicles. The affected hair follicles become small and drastically slow down hair production. Fortunately, the stem cells that continuously supply the follicle with new cells do not seem to be targeted. So the follicle always has the potential to regrow hair.”

          Strange… stem cells also are not affected in MPB… and yes, they also miniaturize in AA… I suspect the two are not that different – different causes but similar consequences!.. In one it is the immune system that damages the hair follicles, in the other it is DHT and PGD2.

      1. nasa_rs, I get more and more optimistic about these two drugs. I don’t see how they would not conduct a small open label trial, as they did last year, it would be faster, to test them in human subjects. It has to be tested!

        1. Dr. Christiano is mainly concerned with AA type hair lose of the type she has us AGA (normal hair loss) are lucky that her work should benefit us. But I think she knows from the onslaught of emails and any type of revenue projection that solving normal hair loss will be extremely lucrative.

          1. Anyone knows that nasa_rs, just by looking around, just how many people deal with this problem, how this is a need!, despite some try to hide it. People just care about hair, this is a known fact! The market is almost all the world’s adult population!!

  9. ” It remains to be seen if the topical formulations of these drugs get faster FDA approval in the next few years because the oral versions have already been approved (albeit not for hair loss)” If someone is really curious about this and wants to get a bead on it, research how long it took topical minoxidil to get approved. Similar situation, was used in pill form to treat high blood pressure, found it grew hair and Upjohn put it through FDA for the original 2% RX only solution about 30 years ago. I know as I lived it and used a 2% solution off label prescribed by Dr. Peter Panagotacos of San Fran that he had compounded by the pharmacy downstairs.

    1. easy, buy the pills – they are for sale in drugstores, grind them, mix with water other liquid, apply to the scalp.. what’s the mystery?

    2. I got it the same way off label. What’s the problem? If we know it will work I would put that lotion on my head in a split second. When they go through the FDA approval process to allow the lotion to treat normal hair loss it probably will take 10 years. It will not matter to me as I will already be using it for 10 years.

  10. Great post admin, but honestly I believe something will be out very soon, I stopped looking at the mirror 4 months ago, just to avoid the hairloss stresss I get whenever I see new missing spot.

    1. it has already been approved and it is currently sold in drugstores with commercial names.. Side effects? eating hamburguers has side effects, drinking Coke, falling in love, running, breathing… everything… do not worry to much.

    2. A lot of the symptoms that I am reading sound a lot like Minoxidil type symptoms.: dizziness, bloating, headache, feeling tired etc.

      The ones that look like a concern to me are: unusual bleeding or bruising, ulcers, sores, or white spots in the mouth, small, red or purple spots on the skin, pale skin etc.

      Because of these symptoms it will need to be tested for the simple fact that we are putting it so close to our face. I can only imagine that we grow our hair back and look like monsters because of it with ulcers, and bruising all over the face.

      1. it’s not like that, man.. all drug that has passed FDA will have a list of sides.. You know, there’s people who sneeze and say that is a side… it’s absurd, don’t believe everything.

  11. Why does everything that seems to good to be true always is to good to be true. My gut tells me a very good hsir loss treatment will come out in 2016. Now the question is what will it be? Theoretically tofa and ruxo should work to turn our hsir back on like in thr mouse. My gut tells me someone will block it from hitting the market because it would wipe out all other half ass money making treatments available. I hope I wake up one morning and they release this cure so we can live happy and confident with our HAIR BACK. No one should suffer from baldness this day and age. Unacceptable! And for any big Pharma asshole who blocks any potential game changer treatment, hr should be stoned by all Norwood 7s out there lol

  12. there’s no big pharma for this disease, bro!! put that in your head.
    Today anyone who wants to manufacture minoxidil or finasteride can do it. This are the only two drugs that work somehow and even so only about 10% of people affected seek these available treatments. The market need is vastly unmet! There’s no way they can hurdle potential new treatments. This is not an organized entity, this is not a mafia, dude! What do you think, that every time a potential breakthrough arises, such is the case now with JAKs, they get together and make contact with the researchers and buy them? It doesn’t happen, trust me.

    1. julian mjones belives the reptillian illuminati is going to pay off the cure and hide it in the pleiades star system until big foot and elvis find a way to warp space time to get it back for us. you cant convince him its been weeks of this he’s our local couch conspiracy theorist we need him for comical relief.

  13. I think it’s pretty obvious at this point. They are really zeroing in on the problem in my opinion. If castration + estrogen suplementation doesn’t regrow long lost “androgenic hair” then DHT is not the direct main culprit. The hair is still locked in telegen even without the continuing presense of DHT and it needs some form of signaling to renter anagen. It is causing the main culprit to happen. The fact that stem cells are preserved but progenitor cells stop being made…. the fact that hair follicle cycling becomes shorter and shorter until it is premanantly dormant….. This seems to me to say with confidence that the main problem is some signaling not letting the hairs back into anagen caused by DHT over time. Not by the DHT itself. DHT resistant hair cannot be effected by these signals, even if put in areas that are going bald, aka explaining hair transplants. Even some with the “bad androgen receptor genes” do not go bald. But those who are bald are like 99% likely to carry the variant of the androgen receptor. Meaning once again the entire story is not just “DHT is bad and causing dermal papilla senescence.” I really think this factor could be the JAK system. To those who talk about taking a JAK inhibitor orally and growing no hair, perhaps it takes a very concentrated topical solution of JAK inhibitor to overcome the JAK induced DHT response and kickstart the hair into growing again. It is incredible in Christiano’s paper the direct effect it has on directly stimulating anagen from telegen, even before it is traditionally time for anagen. Not only this, the association with WNT, sonic hedgehog pathways, dermal papilla inductivity, hair follicle stem cell niche differntiation, this could be explaining everything.

  14. my only question is if Brett king already use this on an AA patient and then later he used it on a patient with vitiligo, why are they waiting for FDA approval to try this on a bald scalp? the first two cases we’re just dr.king trying out a theory and they worked. why can’t he try out his theory on a scalp and just see if it works there. if we see just one case of it working , then we won’t have to wait 10 years to find out if this is a viable product or not. just freaking test the drug on one person already… I’ll be the damn guinea pig

  15. JAK treatment is not readily available for hair growth right now. I am not selling it. However, in due time Vixen Pharmaceuticals should be selling it for hair growth.

    1. If I recall correctly I think they said it works 3X-4X better as a lotion. Thus it will give that jolt the old hair buds need to re-awaken those long lost missed follicles.

      Time to buy some combs! But growing my hair long, very long.

    2. ^upvote

      That is a great point. There may be an explanation for it but I would like to see some story/ study of a person with vitiligo having hair grown back. We reference the story of Benaxoprofen in the 1982 where patients were taking 600mg/ day (later some knocked down to 300mg) where they noticed hair growth around 6 – 9 months. If you actually read the article, this was not just hair growth on the head but all over the body and in places where there had never been hair grown before (some mention on the fingers and hands) as well as accelerated facial hair growth. This leads me to believe that there was an effect from this specific drug but you think that other JAK inhibitors would list this as a side effect if ANYONE experienced these types of growth as growing hair on your hands and fingers where there previously was no hair would probably be very noticeable.

      Again we are talking about the 80’s and probably during a time when drugs were a lot more potent but I’m no pharmacist and wouldn’t be able to tell you the differences between Benaxoprofen and the other 2 (newer) JAK inhibitors and their dosing/ delivery/ effects. You would just think that someone would have noticed some sort of side effect.

      With that said, I do think a higher dose, applied locally of the problem might be a viable solution but again I would assume there is a higher risk of sides in the locations you applied them. As I mention in a shorter post earlier in the thread, while we might be able to avoid some of the systemic side effects but not ingesting the drug there might be some pretty gnarly local side effects that would be in line and potentially more apparent than minoxidil – think face bloating, dark circles under eyes, skin discoloration and possibly ulcers around your face.

      I’m with the admin on this one. I think there is evidence that this treatment has an effect on hair follicles in a positive way for us but I’m still hesitant as I would like to see trials. I have been moved from a 3/10 to a 5/10 for JAK inhibitos from this article and it’s linked studies. Let’s hope that it doesn’t have any big side effects that we would deem unacceptable.

      Side note/ question: Let’s pretend this does work: Do you think that this treatment will take you back to the absolute most hair you have had, NW 0? The reason I ask is at the age of 30, while I would like to get some of my hair back, I would prefer to not go back to the hairline I had at the age of 15. I would like to be at a solid NW 2 if possible. I say that because I personally think that men look better with a VERY slight receding hairline, where the corners go back ever so slightly (think David Beckham as a reference). Gives them a mature look. But really I would take a NW 0 over NW 3 (current status) any day.


      1. yeah, you are right, otherwise it doesn’t look natural.. if you’re 30 with a hairline like 16.. Almost every man, even those who never bald, usually get a little receding at the sides at the temples, very slight but it is natural and it’s okay as long as it doesn’t go beyond that.

        But I guess it would be amazing and funny.. after all this struggle for hair, so hard to make it grow back.. and then we want to stop its growing, want a little less hair.. I hope this day arrives!! That’s a problem I dream of, too much hair!! lol

  16. Hi Admin, Hi everyone

    That’s a nice article Admin. I think the same. If Dr Angela Christiano could read this article it will probably be a good thing !
    So bad that we have no idea about her future possible clinic trials on adrogenic alopecia.
    I think that if Dr Christina, Dr king and Cotsarelis have worked together, they would have probably found The Treatment we all waiting for !
    I know there must have some sides effects, but if I d had some Tofacitinib, I will try it and I’ll post some pictures every weeks.

      1. hey Angel

        I can”t mixe it in a topical form. If Tofacitinib was cheaper, I bought it on my own and would take oral pills.

  17. Admin,
    hope you’ll do a write up about bimatoprost. Their initial results are up and it looks on par with minoxidil 5%. Very disappointing as it goes and no wonder Allergan are tweaking their formulation, so another phase2 and more wait on the horizon.
    I am still optimistic Samumed will surprise us all and bring forth something significant in the HLC Miami. Here’s hoping..

  18. Athmane…Bimatoprost presents good results the photograph is after Bimatoprost 1%….Maybe Bim not have the extreme shedding like Minox and Fin. And you are right! HLC in Miami is here: Reflect, Rejuvenate, and REGENERATE. I’m so happy with that event. Of course we have a new treatment better than Minoxidil and Finasteride at least….Very happy. I hate Finasteride.



    1. Read the PDF posted on their website Paul. Results for BIM 3% look on par with minoxidil 5%. The good thing I guess is them going back to the drawing board as they believe they can get better results.

      Right now, the only thing that can save the day is SM.

  19. There is a cure but there is someone trying to hide it from the puplic because they do not want us ( male pattern baldness people) to stop using the unworthy drugs and hair transplant surgery. They want to keep us paying and paying for these available medicines.

    At the end male baldness is nothing serious its like when you feel sick you take a medicine to be good, same story with hairloss the ( THE SECRET DRUG FOR BALDNESS IS HERE SOMEWHARE).

    If you want to keep taking the available medicines nowadays just keep paying for a unsatisfying unhappy results.


    1. I suppose you are a teenager, right?

      so there is a cure?

      you know what it is worth?

      I mean, a cure is like Jaks did to those guys with Areata.. you know… it’s SLICK BALD to a FULL HEAD OF HAIR, right?

      But Areata affects 1% percent of people… what about common baldness, which affects at least 50% of men, and a good portion of women too?

      So, how much do you think this is worth?

      Remember that those at least 50% of people, 90% percent of them, approximately, are not spending with any treatments nor with hair transplants… and why???

      because they are not satisfied, they are not convinced, and they are right, that what exists doesn’t work, the results don’t impress. A real cure, off course, would impress everybody and you can bet your ass on that they would go after it!!

      Therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE for the current market, even if they wanted, to buy the cure if it had already been found, so as not to let it hit the shelves. This is not logical, nor even it is doable, there is not this interest by them, either. Believe it.

        1. dude the only 3 companies that are selling anything are either being sued to death or throwing everything they’ve got into the burgeoning competition.

          this conspiracy shit man, it’s so exhausting and oh am i arrogant and unimaginitive for scoffing? god damn its never ending

          1. sam do you really think the military stem cell researchers and hundreds of Phd’s worldwide that are publishing their results contacting multibillion dollar companies pushing clinical trials and risking their own money on the line are all doing it to hide THE REAL CURE “THEY” DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT .. look where kevin trudeau is and why. k? you don’t know shit man .. give it up. the world isn’t as black and white as you think it is

  20. There Cure is Here. Let the studies prove Tofab and Rux lotion solves male pattern hairloss. We will know in 2016.

    Then it is a simple Doctor Prescription for it and waiting 3 weeks for a Full Head of Our OWN Hair, with our own natural hairline to grow in. It is here! (well probably in 6 months)

    All is my opinion.

    1. I also think this has a tremendous shot for curing AGA in lotion form, not just AA. It is also much less dangerous as a lotion than going straight through the body systematically. Perhaps you would only need to take it to reawaken then dormant follicles and then when needed down the road to combat DHT’s relatively slow influence (slow compared to AA.) We will find out soon. 2106 should prove to be a very telling year.

  21. If you look at the study from Guest 99, its a topical tofab used for a skin condition. 35 people were tested using the formula, NOT ONE reported any adverse effects.

    2 adverse effects were reported from the subjects that used the vehicle only with no tofab. So the vehicle alone caused more probs than the drug did during testing

    1. I wish I had this cream when I had an insane rash one summer…used corticosteroids and was left with sunken in stretch marks…doctor didn’t even warn me, such a joke. Also took predisone, which was a risky drug… Anyways, this was only used for 4 weeks so it’d be interesting what long term safety is like but it looks good so far. I don’t think it would be nearly as bad as taking it orally because you’d have to apply quite a lot of it on you’re head for it to affect your immune system when it enters your blood? I have no clue though since I’m in finance and not medicine lol Think they’d be able to test if this works and in which medium to use for best results quite easily, wouldn’t they? Does anyone know if pfizer has actually released this ointment or are they still developing it, or have they scrapped it? It showed improvement for eczema so you think they would have went ahead with producing it…

    2. Please read these better guys, there are adverse events.
      Click on the + other adverse events…
      They include: Nausea, Application site pain, Application site pruritus, Bronchitis, Furuncle, Gastroenteritis, Nasopharyngitis, Viral upper respiratory tract infection, Headache, Initial insomnia and Urticaria

      All of these had 1/35 patients except for Nasopharyngitis which had 2/35 patients.

      That means roughly 2.8% patients (1/35) had reported these adverse effects from this sample group.

      The more you know…

      1. Total, other (not including serious) adverse events
        # participants affected / at risk
        Tofacitinib 20 mg/g BID — 11/35 (31.43%)
        Vehicle BID — 19/34 (55.88%)
        NO SERIOUS adverse events, these people had exczema, their skin is sensitive to ointments usually…

  22. I agree with Sam. Sorry julian but he is right. They won’t release a cure for hair loss. There found a cure for cancer a few years ago that destroys cancerous cells without the use of chemo. It’s been 5 years now since that study and still we use chemo. Wouldn’t a cure for cancer be worth billions? Big Pharma is blocking it from hitting the market because it would destroy them financially.

    1. mjones, go smoke a pot man… I’m tired of that shit.. okay

      I never seen a guy change opinions more and faster than you…

      you’re like schizophrenic man!!

      which big pharma? Rogaine and Propecia? what is this Big pharma you talk so much???

  23. They can reverse alopecia areata bit not mpb. I don’t buy it. They have the cure and they are sitting on it. Maybe one day when stem cell technology is available they will release it as an alternative to hair cloning.

    1. So they won’t let stem cell technology advance too, according to your logics?? or hair cloning, or whatever..

      How old are you, by the way?

    2. mjones: stop saying nonsense. What are you doing here. We don’t buy more Propecia and Minoxidil because the results are pahetic. That you don’t want a cure , it does not mean that millions of people do not want…Relax man.
      A a new and better treatment for US is coming…I’m so happy.



  24. guys.. sam and mjones are right.. the cure for male pattern baldness is being controlled by a cabal that have hired hundreds of scientist from across multiple different languages, countries, and disciplines to pretend to “be on to something” when their really just fooling everyone including the multi-billion dollar corporations that are throwing millions at them.

    This goes up to the universities themselves who are also taking part in the cover up. Now that Merck’s Propecia law suits are destroying the stock as the case is building, Minoxidil’s Rogaine has decided to throw all of their money into the hair congress event so christiano, dr. cots, follicum, hair scientist from across the world that have been hired to pretend to be on to something can all continue the illusion while christiano herself bald wearing a wig admits several times she suffers with hair loss is clever enough despite her condition she plays along.

    THANKS to sam and mjones, we all know the CURE THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT.


  25. Egg head you said it perfectly lol. Finally you get the idea. I am entitled to say whatever I want. It may sound crazy but there is truth to it. You and julian however sound ridiculous thinking we are going to have the cure next year. If this so claimed jak inhibitor is the real deal they won’t release it for at least 5 to 10 years. You won’t be able to get it off label because your average dermatologist won’t know the exact method or anyone on here won’t know the exact method to make it a topical because christiano will have it so confidential and locked up to protect her solution. I hope I am wrong but I am not. We have seen this over and over again for the past 20 years. Maybe histogen will come out next year since she got funding hahaha.

    1. You are 100% right!!! Guys, I don’t wish it, but I think that this is going to be a big disapointment for when you found out the reality of this story. I am also excited but not overexited like you are. Seams that you are new in this nightmare of hair loss story.

    2. I never said there will be a cure next year, I don’t know where you saw that. I just think this last study by Dr. Christiano has good chances and I hope she will proceed to human trials to see what the results will be. Just that. I frankly do not agree with you as of the existence of a so called big pharma trying to block future treatments… and I ask you to say WHO or WHAT is this big pharma in your mind. Who are they?????

      So why

      1. If it’s like that then why Upjohn, Rogaine’s owner, let Merck, Propecia’s, release it in 90’s????

        As you know, before Propecia, much before, there was Rogaine.. And the HT doctors, how did they let these two drugs pass and steal their clients???

  26. Admin do you have the link to the bim phase 2 latest trial results? I thought they won’t be releasing those till 2016..

      1. So the cure already exists, it’s fire!! lol

        Just put fire on your head, very simple! Now we got to do some trials, and then pass a matchbox to the FDA approval!!


  27. 1. Replicel – Replicel’s hair growth treatment, RCH-01, involves culturing a person’s own hair follicle cells and then re-injecting them back into their scalp. First, a small punch-biopsy is removed from a person’s healthy hair follicles. Then a specific cell is dissected from the follicle and cultured in a growth medium. The cells are replicated into the millions and then injected back into the person’s scalp. There is a short video about the procedure here. Replicel has been involved in a lot of activity over the past years in terms of developing their RCH-01 treatment into a worldwide success. For starters, Replicel created a partnership with Shiseido, which is the fourth largest cosmetic company in the world. In May 2014 Shiseido opened a huge biotechnology facility in Japan to accelerate the launch of Replicel’s hair technology RCH-01. This endeavor coincides perfectly with Japan’s new legislation which is designed to help expedite the trial processes for stem cell technologies. In other words, Japan is the ideal place to launch a new stem cell technology. Replicel has also launched trials for other areas of interest including tendon repair and skin rejuvenation.
    Points of Interest: Replicel has a big time parter in the likes of Shiseido who just opened a huge biotech plant to develop Replicel’s technology. I believe that Shiseido must be very confident in Replicel’s technology to justify such a move. Also, mutiple research papers have surfaced recently with information that seems to validate Replicel’s approach of focusing on Dermal Sheath Cup Cells. Have they solved the 3-D culturing puzzle? As a bonus, Shiseido will be trialing Replicel’s RCH-01 in Japan as well.

    2. Histogen – This was pretty close to a toss-up with Replicel for the #1 spot. Histogen’s Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC) is a cell conditioned media that is derived from neonatal cells grown under embryonic-like conditions. In other words it is an injectable serum that is used to stimulate the growth of new hair follicles as well as existing ones. Earlier this year, it was announced in a separate post that Histogen has raised several million dollars for their continued development. They have also gained an investing partner in the company WealthForge. Funding is a critical element to the success of a biotech startup and so this is very good news for the people at Histogen and you.
    Points of Interest: This is a treatment that has a very high appeal due to its ease of application. Theoretically, you could walk in, receive injections, and walk out. No need to harvest your own cells and come back to get them re-injected such as with other cellular based treatments. Histogen has shown visual evidence of its efficacy and has had great numbers in their trials. I expect Histogen to release some information about its final trial for approval in Japan shortly.

    3. Samumed (SM04554) – SM04554 is a small-molecule topical solution that activates the Wnt pathway. Samumed has not not been covered in the media much, presumably by their own choice. However, Samumed recently updated their website which released more information about the company’s background and the people involved. For your perusing pleasure, it can be found here. As of July 16, 2015 Samumed has enrolled another phase 2 study for SM04554 on top of their initial phase 2 study. This particular study includes the analysis of scalp biopsies prior to and post dosing of SM04554. A quote from the trial page: “Improved knowledge of the changes in hair counts and immunohistochemical analysis associated with androgenetic alopecia (AGA) before and after treatment with SM04554 and compared to placebo may lead to a greater understanding of the underlying mechanisms of action of SM04554.” It appears they are seeking to find out exactly how their topical compound produces hair growth (and hopefully lots of it).
    Points of Interest: A new small-molecule topical that can work on the Wnt pathway is an eye opener. Samumed has literally breezed their way into two phase 2 trials, one of them which completes in October 2015. At that rate they could theoretically be approved for use in the US by the end of next year. I like the fact that they have kept their results low-key, but I too am very curious to what type of growth this topical can produce. I look forward to the next big news release from Samumed.

    4. ACell+PRP – ACell+PRP is an injectable serum composed of extracellular matrix and platelet rich plasma from a person’s own blood. ACell, which is the extracellular matrix, is an FDA approved wound healing treatment that is actually derived from pig’s bladder. In a nutshell, it is tissue that is stripped down to the bare collagen scaffold and contains no pig cells, just a matrix that is able to regenerate living tissue once it is placed within it. PRP is created by centrifuging a person’s blood and separating all of the rich growth factors that settle together. The ACell granules are typically added to the liquid PRP and then injected into the scalp. If you search images for “Acell+PRP” you can take a look at a multitude of results. Here is one example of ACell+PRP injections. It’s not the type of treatment that can regrow a full head of hair, but as you can see it has great thickening and rejuvenating potential for hair follicles. This treatment can also be combined with hair transplants. Some offices swear by it, some claim they see no definitive results. Some doctors that have studied PRP+ACell extensively claim that there are certain methods that need to be followed when administering PRP in order to achieve desirable results. It’s obvious that ACell+PRP is capable of helping hair growth, even if it is to just preserve hair health. On this blog you can find a post about Dr. Cole engaging in a study to find the greatest protocol for administering PRP. I’ve jumped PRP up a few spaces on this list because of the fact that it is a treatment that is actually available to the public now.
    Points of Interest: Based on the wide array of photo testimonials of PRP results I can say with certainty that it is a beneficial hair growth treatment. It has been said that specific concentrations of PRP are needed to receive its optimal benefit. Finding the right office to do the job is an important factor when considering PRP treatment.

    5. Kythera Biopharmaceuticals (Setipiprant) – Setipiprant is an oral medication or pill. Specifically, it is a prostaglandin 2 receptor (PGD2R) antagonist. It was previously developed for medical applications aside from hair loss and has undergone clinical trials. After George Cotsarelis at UPENN discovered that PGD2 receptors potentially play a major role in hair growth, Kythera began pre-clinical trials with Cotsarelis’ office to determine if PGD2r antagonists were worth developing as a hair loss treatment. About two years later, Kythera announced it acquired the rights from Cotsarelis to use Setipiprant as a hair loss treatment. I believe that Kythera saw convincing results from their pre-clinical work with Cotsarelis.
    Points of Interest: Setipiprant has already undergone a Phase III trial in the US. This should cut out a large portion of the time it usually takes to undergo an FDA trial process. This audio snippet of a rep from Kythera discussing the companies recent acquisition of Setipiprant is a gem for a number of reasons. For starters, he mentions that the company has had an internal hair growth research program going on for about 3-4 years. Raise your hand if you knew that Kythera Biopharma was working on a hair loss cure 2 years ago. This is mentioned to show a classic example of legitimate progress being developed behind the scenes.

    6. Allergan (Bimatoprost) – Bimatoprost is a liquid topical solution originally used to enhance eyelash growth. It is the active ingredient in the product Latisse. Allergan has recently decided to test Bimatoprost for hair growth on the scalp. Things have been mostly quiet during the trials, but they seem to be going smoothly. Since the time that this post was originally published, Allergan has acquired Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, the company developing Setipiprant. Allergan was then subsequently acquired by an even bigger company, Teva. The most important part of that news is that Bimatoprost and Setipiprant are being developed under the same roof now. Bimatoprost is said to have a positive effect on PGE2 levels, while Setipiprant is a PGD2r antagonist. Many people theorize that those two effects would be an ideal combination for stimulating hair growth. One thing that remains uncertain at the moment is exactly what’s going on with Bimatoprost at Allergan. The page on Allergan’s website that had Bimatoprost in it’s pipeline has been taken down.
    Points of Interest: It’s a product that has already been FDA approved to grow a type of hair on the body, eyelashes. Allergan has plenty of funding to get the trials done as quickly as possible. If all goes well, this should be out sooner than later. And If it has no side effects and has similar growth results as Minoxidil or Finasteride, it’s a winner. It theoretically couples very well with its new in-house teammate Setipiprant.

    7. Follicum – Follicum is a Swedish biotechnology company that is developing human peptides for the use of stimulating hair growth and inhibiting hair growth. The lead candidate peptide that Follicum is called FOL-005. Specifically, it is called FOL-S-005 when being used to stimulate hair growth. Yes, interestingly enough, the same peptide is used to grow hair and also inhibit hair growth. According to the CEO of Follicum, Dr. Jan Alenfall, various factors will decide what effect is attained from FOL-005; some of these factors include dose, the way it is administered, and the type of hair follicle being treated. It seems to me that Follicum has the ability to control the effect of it’s peptide well in hand. FOL-S-005 will be commercialized as a topical solution according to Follicum’s website.
    Points of Interest: Follicum has been very kind to Follicle Thought and even debuted a graph of their pre-clinical trial results on this site. I’ve looked over their history and where they are at currently and I’m very excited for their product because I feel that it is ‘the real deal.’ Here’s why I feel that way: The hair growth effect of their peptide was originally observed in mice in 2004, accidentally. That means they’ve presumably been conducting R&D on their technology for about 11 years. Patents for hair growth and inhibition have been filed. They have been working with renowned hair researcher Ralf Paus since 2012. They have received multiple investments of millions of SEK (Swedish Currency) over the last 3 years. They’re initiating their human trials which are set to begin early 2016 and have secured two major manufacturing partners for their technology. All roads lead to Rome. (In this case Rome is a successful hair growth product) Once again I really appreciate Follicum’s kindness to this website and I wish them worlds of success.

    8. Fat Stem Cells – Adipose derived stem cells, or simply “fat stem cells” have been used in the hair regeneration field for the past several years. The first time I remember seeing the treatment offered was through a company named Recoverup. At first there was a bit of confusion on the message boards about the validity of the treatment. Now, several years later, there are several clinics in the US that offer fat stem cell therapy, as well as many more abroad. Well known hair surgeons like Dr. Yates and Dr. Ken Williams offer the fat stem cell therapy at their clinics in the US. The procedure consists of taking a small amount of liposuction from the patient, then the stem cells are separated from the apidose tissue and injected into the scalp of the same person. The treatment is sometimes coupled with PRP. At first, I thought it to be a superior treatment than PRP therapy, but currently the results that are available appear inconclusive.
    Points of Interest: As of now it’s the most viable way to treat your scalp with stem cells in the USA. Every once in a while a compelling photo of fat stem cell treatment results will pop up online. Though, from what I can observe the results do not appear to be consistent. If they were, fat stem cells would be much more popular in the USA right now. I know the photos that are linked to this title are quite impressive, yet until results like that become more prevalent it’s best to remain prudent on the subject. Though, it is safe to say the treatment does produce some results, presumably along the lines of a good PRP treatment. Because it is available and it does have some positive effect on hair growth I felt inclined to include it in this list.

    9. Dr. Christophe Guillemat (Stem Cell Transplant) – Dr. Christophe Guillemat of the CFS Barcelona Hair Transplant Clinic has been researching a method of extracting hair follicle stem cells from the donor area and utilizing them for hair transplants. I’ve previously made a post about this trial when it was first announced. Dr. Guillemat’s method appears to be a similar in concept to the one used by Dr. Gho. At the beginning of summer, the doctor announced that he had begun a trial with 20 patients after he saw good results in his first ‘test’ patient. The results from the 20 patients were set to be announced in September 2015, but it appears he is conducting another round of treatments on the same 20 patients to determine if his method does indeed leave intact an unlimited donor availability. Presumably, the cells that he is injecting to the recipient area are currently growing hairs.
    Points of Interest: It’s still in the development phase. The results from the 20 patients should be known by January. The initial trial done on one patient, which is depicted here, showed good results. If Dr. Guillemat can achieve his goal of unlimited donor availability and share the technique with other respected doctors, we will be at a whole new level of hair restoration.

    10. Dr. Gho – Dr. Gho is a medical doctor and hair loss researcher based in the Netherlands. As stated on his website, he has been conducting studies on hair follicle stem cells since 1996. Over the years Dr. Gho continues to allude to the fact that he is developing a hair multiplication treatment.
    Points of Interest: Dr. Gho recently filed this patent for hair multiplication. He seems like a guy who prefers to keep his work quiet until he’s ready to release it. I wonder how or if his hair muliplication method has worked in human patients so far.

    11. Dr. Colin Jahoda & Dr. Angela Chrisiano – Two of the most prominent names when it comes to hair follicle research. Dr. Jahoda’s latest public work has been focused on 3D Dermal Papillae culturing, while Dr. Christiano has always been known for her studies in gene therapy. The two of them have been partnered on at least two bio-tech startups over the years. I hope to see big announcements from them this year about a treatment ready for trials.
    Points of Interest: Dr. Jahoda implanted his own hair cells into his wife’s arm and found that the cells grew hair on her arm all the way back in 1999. Currently, it has been reported that his 3D method is being trialed in Taiwan. That’s pretty awesome. Great things may come from that. Dr. Christiano has been gaining some momentum with the recent finding that Ruxolitinib is a potential full on cure for alopecia areata.

    12. The University of Berlin Team – The three main players that we know about from the German team are Dr. Roland Lauster, Dr. Gerd Lindner, and Dr. Beren Atac. Their body of work is extensive, including the development of hair follicles outside the body using stem cells. More recently, Dr. Atac presented their work on 3-D micro hair follicle culturing. It seems as though they have been at the forefront of cutting-edge hair follicle research while flying under the radar. It has also been reported online that they are going to be unveiling their hair-cloning website soon. They could easily jump to the top of the list once they have revealed more of their progress.
    Points of Interest: These scientists have been growing hair follicles in test tubes pre 2010. The internet found out at the 8th World Congress for Hair Research that they have been busy over the past couple years and their development is accelerating. They are potentially “right there” in terms of being able to create an unlimited amount of hair follicle regeneration. I can see these guys getting a treatment into production in a hurry. Perhaps they’re already working on that

    13. Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute – The technology being developed at SBMRI by Dr. Alexey Terskikh is based on turning human IPSC (induced pluipotent stem cells) into Dermal Papillae-like cells to induce hair growth. The technology would then be applied through scalp injection. Dr. Terskikh and his team showed up unexpectedly in news headlines in early 2015. Their arrival was most welcome to the hair regeneration enthusiasts. The SBMRI technology is similar in nature to Replicel and the research done by Dr. Xu of UPenn, but the SBMRI technology seems to contain a missing piece of the puzzle which makes it that much more exciting.
    Points of Interest: This method could potentially produce an unlimited amount of hair growth cells (DP cells) for hair restoration purposes. The SBMRI is actively promoting this research, and finally a University-based research program is publicly announcing they are “looking for business partners to commercial this discovery.” Hallelujah.

    13. Theracell (TC-CT-12131) – Theracell’s hair regeneration technology is an injectable DPSCs (dermal papilla stem cells) treatment. Like Replicel, the cells are harvested from about 10-20 healthy hair follicles from the back of the scalp. The DPSCs are then isolated from the follicles and cultured for several weeks. Theracell refers to the cells after being cultured as “pre-follicular units.” The pre-follicular units are then re-injected back into the scalp where the person desires to grow more hair. Cool. Theracell is very new to the game and there is little information online about the people involved or what stage they are at in their development. From their webpage I’ve learned that they are based in the UK and have a subsidiary in Greece. I wonder which doctor’s research they are involved with.
    Points of Interest: Theracell’s process involves 3D culturing for the dermal papilla stem cells, according to their webpage. Anyone who has been following hair regeneration for the past couple years knows that successful 3D culturing has been thought to be perhaps the missing piece for unlimited hair regrowth. The information on their website about their technology sounds very robust.

  28. 17. Pilofocus.

    And other that we don’t know. That’s awesome. No way we have a new treatment at least!



  29. we probably won’t have a cure on the market until 2021 that’s what i believe, unless shiseido hits a home run late 2016 early 2017… if rux works out i suspect 2018-2020. follicum 2023, alexey still looking for funding 2030, samm 2020, histogen 2018, kerastem 2018, hair cloning 2025, seti 2020, military neogenisis 2025 theracell is in greece.. i would be suprised if they even make it.

    I don’t think shit is coming out in 2016-2017 personally i might be wrong but that would a big surprise

    And for anyone that researches 6 hours a day like Lacazette .. the cure is actually already here it’s been done theoretically it’s already happened. The reason why it’s not here is storage, transportation, application, IP etc. It would be incredibly expensive to do shiseido is working on a short cut to make it ocmmercially viable. There are multiple labs that have proven the concept is scientifically valid it’s not even theoretical at this point it’s empirically present, it just needs to be scaleable and reduced down to a commercially viable level. Is that big pharma at play ? no they have lost all market share in the race, they don’t even have the money to stifle progress even if they tried and if you believe there is a cabal actively doing that for this specific disease then there wouldn’t be so many ground breaking trials happenign right now.

    1. watch, there will be a day in 5 years where something huge happens and you’ll ask yourself. “Why did the illuminati release the cure?” “Did big foot and elvis make it happen?” the answer at that point will be irrelevant

      1. Big foot doesn’t care about the cure, he’s furry all over! Elvis want it more than anything since he got bald.. and Elvis bald isn’t Elvis..

  30. Egghead your timeline is wrong…Think about it… think please :) We are fight for that. We want a new treatment. Millons of people want a new treatment. You will be surpirsed. Just wait…


  31. If a better treatment comes out like sishedo, histogen, seti or jak in the next two years I will surgically remove 4 of my ribs and blow myself for being wrong and pessimistic. Technically histogen should be releasing HSC here in the US based on what was written on their website. Lol

  32. Well.. to be honest guys, all posted in here is speculation, so much the optimistic as pessimistic, what we know is there will be some great companies in the congress about hair cure this month,so let see whats happen there, anything else are opinions… and guys, i wish the pessimistic are wrong and optimist are right, but the best is be on the middle and be patience till the end of november.

    Cross finger for something good in the next year.. (:

  33. Did allergan release their latest bim phase 2 results yet? I saw something on here that said it was similar to minox 5 percent but not sure if that was the first phase 2 results or the latest one they did?


      1. LOL

        I know who you are talking about he is famous
        he got a transplant dude, look it up…

        sam go fetch another conspiracy for us

  35. Sam there was a doctor in Egypt who used stem cells to cure children alopecia and she treated a few guys with mpb and gave them all their hair back. They shut down her practice and never heard of again. I will try and find the article. This was like two years ago. Shady sht going on with medicine. Someone wants the money

    1. If you find it let us know, trust me i will travel to Egypt to find her. i feel that there is a cure but we dont know about it YET. The secret cure will come out eventually. And you’ll see. If i found it and it WILL work i promise i will help everyone on this website.

        1. same dude, either you are below age 25 or you are not a seasoned skeptic i’m not going to be a bigot and say a muslim woman could not possibly checkmate hundreds of international PHDs that would be messed up, so i’ll say it like this .. natural cures do NOT work for AGA i have 2 years and $8,000 put into my own body to back that up. I was skeptical that natural treatment wouldn’t work at all so i tried and it failed. mpb research .org is a total scam

  36. Sam, mjones and eeghead, Curious, Follicleman….and others. What are doing here? You don’t want a new treatment ASAP. For sure we have a new treatment and you know that. It’s simple.

  37. Paul of course I want a new treatment. I want it yesterday lol. I just don’t see it happening. Medical science hasn’t cured anything or at least told us about a cure. I just lost hope after waiting 16 years with absolutely not one new fda approved drug for hair loss. I mean 16 years! They have like 5 different boner pills and tons of acne drugs and wrinkle injection shit. They can’t sprout freaking hair from our heads. I just don’t believe they can’t figure it out

    1. rogaine and propecia were accidents at working for hair, the recent developments are actually people working on treatment for the specific target of creating hair and there is actually soo much potential from different sides coming in. Stop being such a troll…you troll.

  38. Medical science has cured plenty of things. Here is a link:


    They don’t really have a ton of acne drugs. They still prescribe generic versions of Accutane, Just like they did 30 years ago. once they find a medication that works for a problem, they stick with it.

    Interestingly enough, Accutane was a cancer medication that was found to have a significantly positive impact on acne. Personally, I think the best treatment will come from a place where doctors are trying to treat something else, and stumble upon a hair raising discovery, just like Minoxidil. Maybe these anti-inflammatory drugs are an example of that. We will see.

  39. I have a question for all optimistic guys….if you are 100% sure that this is a real cure, and that JAK inhibitors are 100% safe for topical use, why don’t you try it??? If it’s so simple, why don’t you buy it and rub that shit on you scalp and regrow you losted hairs??? Insted you are killing us with your posts about new era for hair loss!

    1. Because it ain’t in a drugstore, it ain’t sold in topical form anywhere in the planet! because nobody knows what Dr. Christiano and her team’s formula, what about that?

  40. It’s not that simple. They need to find the correct vehicle to use.. You can’t just put it on your head and expect it to penetrate your scalp. That seems to be a common misconception on here.

  41. It is not confirmed yet, but it is the most hopeful promise out there currently. It is an FDA approved medication that has already been shown to work with other forms of hairloss. The oral prescription was seen as somewhat dangerous, but no more potentially dangerous than some of the drugs out there, like Accutane, for example. It seems that these medications, mixed with whatever vehicle that was used, delivers a extremely potent dose straight into the follices, which resulted in many positive markers for our condition (AGA). I am not a biologist, so I don’t know how similar the two diseases are, AHA vs AA, but there has to be some similarities. I am just happy it seems the long lost hair can be regrown. When there is a cure of some sort, it seems that we can get most, if not all of it, back because the stem cells are just dormant.

    1. Pretty much summed up my thoughts exactly. Cristiano has shown how critical jak inhibition is to anagen reentry from telogen. And the fact that this has been shown to work on AA patients. And the fact that it appears to work directly on the hair follicle rather than just through the immune system for AA. This is the most important news that has ever come out of Alopecia studies in my opinion.

  42. Sam and egg head that wasn’t the article lol it was a stem cell researcher in Egypt who had her own practice. It was talked about on the forums too a few years back. IL find it

    1. mjones thank you, give me that link. i don’t believe it. glad to see you weren’t fooled by a big foot lotion drawn from a alchemist witch doctor. stem cell scientist being stifled in egypt? ok .. shoot

  43. why do not scientists take the miniaturized scalp hair follicle from a bald person scalp and study it alone and make thier researchers directly on it and try to develop it to a new normal hair follicle using different medications and procedures?

    1. have been done, miniaturized hair follicles were implanted in the back of mice and they returned to their normal size and function and produced normal long hair again. This study is from 2003. I don’t remember where I saw now. That is a proof that the miniaturization is reversible.

      1. julian then how can we explain that “Perhaps long-lost hair can never be regrown and the only hope is to wait till hair cloning or hair multiplication materialize? Then my thinking changed in 2014″,”Dutasteride will Rarely Regrow Long-Lost Hair, and Never of the Same Caliber”,”Finasteride and Minoxidil will not Regrow Long Gone Hair”,”PRP Does not Regrow Lost Hair”?

      2. Can we find this study?, what did they used for miniaturized hair follicles to return to their normal size and function and produce normal long hair again? how long they have been miniaturized ?

  44. Admin, thanks for another effective set of information.

    We would like to quote Julian: “I have a doubt admin, I’d like to know if in Alopecia Areata the follicles also miniaturize, the way they do in Androgenic Alopecia.. Or do they just or suddenly stop producing hair fibers but their size remains normal?”

    As per the current research, AGA involves miniaturization of follicles, programmed in the follicle cells. This COULD have something to do with immune response, but we are inclined to think that it would be better to be able to completely reprogram cells rather than hindering natural physiological processes that just happens to play some part in follicle miniaturization. Besides, full hair management will encompass two different endeavor: first to reverse miniaturization (and we agree with you, it is better to try to repair existing follicles), second to be able to grow brand new hair follicles.

  45. I can not understand some people talk about conspiracy.
    Please, go to occult site.
    This is not constructive discussion.
    We can not know existence of conspiracy.
    We can only believe and talk about scientific solution.
    Japanese hair website is so awful and emotional.
    So, I enjoy this site and expect rationality and pragmatism of Americans.
    Please more coolly.

    Sorry my bad English.

    1. Exactly! It doesn’t make sense at all, why bothering so much with new treatments or a cure if one doesn’t believe them possible!

      1. there is no talk of conspiracy here, only from sam and mjones.. Sam and Mjones say there is a financial cabal that are black mailing egyptian stem cell scientist to not release the cure because billions of dollars is at risk

  46. From Guest 99, we saw that there were 35 patients who used tofacitinib ointment without any significant side effects as well as no hair growth side effects. So I think tofacitinib is not the cure for MBP. If it is the cure then there should have been listed any adverse hair growth side effects but there is nothing about it. So I think these two medicine will not be the cure for AGA. It’s my opinion. What do you think guys ? Hope I’m wrong.

  47. i think this guy (Sung-Jan Lin) will present the cure in WHC if you don’t believe me just w8 and you will see

    1. You are right Master. That’s amazing news!
      There will be better news than that. HLC in Miami 2015 will be awesome!
      I hope Hellouser do a good job in Congress. Just wait people.

  48. One question I’d like Hellouser to ask Dr. Cotsarelis is:

    Cotsarelis has claimed that the main problem in research is funding. According to Desmond, who interviewed him last year in the hair loss congress, he told him that Follica needed 20 million to develop a cure, but it would take a long time. With 2 million, Desmond’s account, they’d be able to finish a product/procedure capable of better results than what exists today: Minox and Fin.. you know. This is Desmond’s report..

    Question is: Puretech has got more than 100 million recently. So, I guess funding is not a problem anymore to Follica, is it????

    Have Follica grabbed a part of that money???

    I can’t ask in the hair loss forum so I ask somebody here to tell Hellouser to ask that question, if he can.


  49. Egg head why are you totally dismissing my conspiracy theory lol. You need to have an open mind. Remember there is no money in a cure. They won’t release a full blown cure for baldness. They will only release a treatment that will be used daily or weekly to grow and keep hair so we keep paying them. No one is developing a cure because they feel sorry for you for going bald they develop a treatment to get your money!! Executives want money. The only thing we can hope for a TREATMENT that can restore our hair or make us all Norwood 2s with constant use of whatever drug comes out. I believe we will hear amazing things at thr hsir loss congress. Maybe a new treatment for 2016. I don’t expect anything that can make a Norwood 7 a Norwood 1. I am being 100 percent realistic and actually got my info from top researchers I met with at university of Pennsylvania in the spring. They told me that a cure won’t be released. Expect a better treatment in 5 years. They actually laughed when I mentioned cure.

    1. Mjones, do you think that executives are not also balding? The rich and powerful want a cure just as badly as we do. Most men would rather have hair than money – there was actually a study done about this. lol

    2. I know you are happy with a treatment that restores your hair cause you’re Norwood 2-3 but there are people who are Norwood 11-12 , and a cure is what can help them too. You don’t know what that will be so it’s useless keep saying how long it will take, that it’s being hidden, the big pharma forbids it and so on…

      you just don’t know, we don’t know..

      You know what you could do? you could start thinking on some questions to ask the researchers in the HL congress.

      Hellouser will be there, he got it!!

      Send questions, good questions please, to him now!!

  50. Follica is still alive. They recently made changes to their website. So we know they still have enough money to pay for web development, which would probably be the last thing that they spend money on. They just keep things pretty tight.

    I like to be optimistic that we are close to a reasonable treatment. At least we are closer than 20 years ago; that shouldn’t be disputed. 20 years ago, it is amazing they really hadn’t even identified the numerous parts of a hair shaft. We will know for sure that someone has found something once we see famous people with heads of hair. Once we see Putin walking around with hair again, we will know someone has found something. The rich and well-connected will be the first to be contacted by companies looking for spokesmen for their product. World leaders everywhere seem to be going bald. You can’t tell me that they are all “cool” with it.

  51. Ideally I want a medication that reawakens the hair I already have affected by AGA. If it can also reverse gray hair on the entire body and also only need to be taken once a month or so after you get it all back that would be ideal…

    …but at this point I’d just be happy with anything new and even marginally effective without side effects. I think I echo everyone in here. While I doubt my ideal hope will come to fruition in 5 years, I am optimistic that something better than what is currently available will.

    1. I respect Mjones presence being here, negative trolls are more comforting to be around than aggressively optimistic trolls that makes me doubt and worry even more. I’m coming from a neutral position but Mjones I think your right in a few regards considering the phenomena of ‘Planned Obsolescence’ within the medical industry. I just think 1. You haven’t proven there is an egyptian stem cell scientist being held an intellectual hostage. 2. The competitors holding 100% of market share are Merck and Rogaine. Merck has not even begun getting sued yet this could totally put them out of business. Heres some citation. Recognized by authorities. http://www.lawyersandsettlements.com/articles/propecia/propecia-lawsuit-finasteride-side-28-20749.html#.Vj0XlLerTcc

      Type Merck on google news, the CEO is selling shares, they are being investigated by the department of justice. Look at their stock in the last year it’s falling despite the SP500 rise it is trading below par to their benchmark. Propecia sales have declined plus there are generics out there most people take anyway so Merck hasn’t really “cornered” the market as much as one would be led to believe.

      Rogaine is one of the main financial sponsors to the miami hair event they are listed as above gold “platinum” if that gives you an idea and people are highly unsatisfied with their product. This also minoxidil is heavily saturated in generic rip offs.

      So there it is the big evil pharma cabal you keep talking about that doens’t care about our pain. One dying from within the other sponsoring the scientist talking about cloning hair for permanent growth which uneducated masses would call “the cure”. Both being gripped by the throat of generic spin offs devouring market share.

      I would interpret the alleged ‘top researchers’ at pen quoting 5 years a new treatment as .. yeah i agree..so? that is unless something incredible happens between now and 2021. Rux on the market 1-2 years? Doubtful. Also them saying “the cure won’t be released” I call total bull shit. Your telling me top researchers at Pen told you confidentially “Yeah even if we have the cure now or in the future we won’t release it THEY won’t let us” … Sure dude whatever call me the son of god thats some tenuous anecdotal B.S. sounding quote right there.

      There was another guy that said Alexey T. from san diego has a russian colleague that left shortly after and promised everyone on baldtruth forum that whatever they had discovered wasn’t going to work guaranteed even though it proved Dr. Xu 10 year leap in progress.

      And lastly to what Dave said, they were probably laughing at you using the word ‘cure’ as a bald guy that has no research and them 8+ years deep into the bowels of molecular biology.

      Even if all of my logic here is wrong which I’m doubtful why the hell would you keep coming back to this website on this forum reminding people “the cure” will never be here if not 20 years from now. Why do you remotely even give a damn I would be out living my life instead if I was certain there would be nothing the next 5-20 years. I’m a skeptic to optimist just as much as pessimist but I’m not wasting my time I’m gathering information. Some people have gathered more than you, me, and Admin put together.

      1. Do you understand this egghead: Propecia and Minoxidil don’t work for life, don’t REGROW LONG HAIR, a lot of dangerous side effects, pathetic results…the actual treatments are sh*t.
        So I do not think that is so terribly difficult to understand…


        1. yes i took both of them, i took everything except for lasers when i was 25… i’ve tested all natural products too, their all shit

          1. paul ill tell you what i took. I took propecia 2 years proscar, spironolactone 1.5 years, ket, naturals: saw pal, curciumin, apple procyanidins, resveratrol, ginko, UNPF, tocotrienols, MGtea Extract, coq10, vit d, all vits, green diet, emu oil, grapseed, horsetail, gotu kola. all at the same time. for over a year. and my fraternal twin brother’s girlfriend told me my hair looked “big” and how did i do it? then fin got me, my dick stopped working for a week straight, i thought i was going to kill myself until one day i was cuddling with my girlfriend it came back. that shit is dangerous and those kids that commit suicide did it because they were a victim of what i experienced so yes i do understand paul

          2. Propecia did the same to me for 10 days… Scariest time of my life. It was probably good that it happened. I had no idea how important it was to my perception of life just to be able to get an erection. LOL

      2. I can’t believe you are discussing Merck and Upjohn men!! My grandmother already knows how to make finasteride at home for breakfast!

        please guys!!

  52. Dave don’t get mad because deep down you know I am right. I am stating the truth and it’s backed up by researchers in the hsir loss industry. I just saw the results of phase 2b bim. Haha that right proves my point. Everyone on here was talking about how it’s going to be a game changer. Well it didn’t work at all. Pathetic results if any and they spent 6 years to show us that picture. Now we will wait another 4 to see that they failed and can’t produce better results than rogaine. Expect the worse so that you don’t get severely depressed when half of this upcoming treatments don’t work. Ps you should leave this site. I’m not going anywhere. My info is coming from top doctors and research in thr field. Yours is all speculation coming out of your ass.

    1. what’s wrong with you? I’m in economics and financial modeling, wtf does this have to do with ppl not releasing something new to the market? THAT’S THE GOAL OF EVERY BUSINESS. If they found a cure somewhere outside of their corp. if anything, they would steal it! You said somewhere you had your hair till like 30 or something…go somewhere else troll, some of us were NW 5 at 23. Maybe we like thinking a cure could be coming sometime soon, it’s called hope and being optimistic of what the future might bring,…called being a normal human. Do you understand human emotions troll?

  53. Everyone in here should like me because I am stating the truth and not getting people’s hopes up. Whatever… keep believing what you guys want to believe. I know what I am talking about. If anyone in here took economics and worked in corporate America you should know how business works

    1. Bimatoprost results are BETTER than Rogaine. I know what i am talking about. Get out of here mjones. Nobody wants Propecia and Minoxidil my friend. We have for sure better treatments in 2 years than this pathetic treatments like Finasteride and Minoxidil do you understand that? Ok. bye.
      Please read the summary of treatments. 2 or more treatments for MPB are coming. Are not you happy? I know the answer: NO. Get out of here please. We don’t buy more Propecia.
      We don’t like Propecia/Finasteride. Greetings.


  54. Also, I don’t recall anyone ever thinking Bimataprost would be a game changer. The admin certainly didn’t give off any illusions that it would be so. It seemed to me that most basically speculated it would be more or less like minoxidil.. but most likely less. I mean, it barely works for eyelashes, so what could you expect? You are just a really angry guy, Mjones.

  55. LOL mjones seriously?! You have GOT to be joking now
    You were talking privately to the world elite scientist of international hair loss science behind closed doors and they confided in you .. “we wouldn’t release the —>”””cure””””<– even if we had it." LOL and "then THEY LAUGHED AT ME" "You guys don't understand how business works"

    "you know your so right and deep down your scared to know that with me."

    "Also Merck and Rogaine are hiring international scientific community to cover up the real cure and pretend to be onto something. " Your a clown ass sob and I hope you stick around.
    I'm no optimist but I don't even consider you pessimistic your a straight up joke dude. You have established yourself as the Alex Jones of male pattern baldness, i'm gonna start calling you Malex Jones.

    Better yet, we should make a serious real website called like BaldCabal and teach everyone this theory you have ~ trust me it will work you've talked to the top researchers in their fields

  56. bitm was made for eye lashes. Anybody who had high hopes for bitm was not a serious skeptic ad probably shops for clothes at walmart

  57. DDog
    NOVEMBER 6, 2015 AT 1:25 PM
    Mjones, do you think that executives are not also balding?
    I like this – good question. If the illuminati is afflicted with the same disease including the doctors and researchers like christiano and all the researchers malex jones interviewed that work under christiano then wouldn’t they already take the cure?

    Malex Jones we need to write around this to validate the conspiracy… maybe we can tell everyone Christiano has a full head of hair she secretly grew under her wig would that make you sound more credible?

  58. also for anyone interested in HelloUser’s friend swisstemples that used the PGD2 theory to his advantage he reboot at swisstemples.com and for some non conspiracy news from lacazette ~

    “Innovation Alliance between Sanford Consortium and Takeda

    Research project ideas can be proposed by Member Institution PI’s to Takeda Pharmaceuticals via submission of one or more concept proposals. Concept proposals should describe an innovative, collaborative project in the field of regenerative medicine. Proposals can be submitted using the following web form through October 15, 2015. Project concepts will be matched with Takeda scientists to form collaborative teams, and selected ideas will be further developed jointly by the Member Institution PI and their Takeda counterpart in a detailed project proposal due February 1, 2016.

    PI’s belonging to one of the following Member Institutions of the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine are eligible to submit concept proposals:

    La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology
    Salk Institute for Biological Studies
    Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
    The Scripps Research Institute
    University of California, San Diego

    Well Terskikh is no more a study concept proposal, they have something better to propose to Takeda

    Well IMO it seems obvious that Takeda with Terskikh technology will fight Shiseido for the holygrail”

    very interesting! admin i had no idea! there is a lot more fascinating breakthroughs and commercial mergers happening behind the inundation of info out there

  59. relax guys. All this tension and stress can’t be good for our remaining hair.
    We already found a proven cure, although only a brave few might try it because of its possible severe side effects… diving head first into the fire.

    1. LOL everyone is against each other. If there is a cure we will know at the congress in 18-NOV. everyone wish that a cure or a treatment to grow the hair back. JUST WAIT FOR IT GUYS.

      1. no one hates anyone, i just think its cute and ridiculous that sam and mjones have this theory that rogaine and merck are conspiring to bribe the international scientific community to pretend they are onto something nov 18th. why are you even excited?

  60. Haha well it looks like there is a unanimous vote that everyone hates me on this site and want me to go away. I will leave. I just expressed my opinion on here based on what we have seen in the past 16 yrs of hair loss research. I still think they will never release a cure for hair loss and I won’t change my mind on that. I am not angry and I am not the one posting mean remarks to anyone on here regarding their opinions. You and ddog are the ones who have anger issues for attacking me on what I believe. Ddog I visited one of the country’s top hair loss doctors who works and does research at thr university of Pennsylvania to have a look at my hair loss situation and if there was anything I could do to stop the loss. She told me a treatment that will activate stem cells to grow hair could be possible in 5 years. I said would it be a cure and she laughed and said we are no where close to having a cure, but it will be a better treatment.
    Egghead, actually I enjoy my life, my high paying job, my nice benz, girlfriend etc. I have time when I take a shit and sit in traffic to reply to your negative comments. Other times I am out enjoying life. Best of luck in waiting for the cure buddy, I won’t be responding to anymore of your attacks. I going to wipe my ass now and flush the toilet and forget all about you.

  61. You are so happy with your life, but you travel to meet with the most prestigious doctors in the country at the University of Penn for your hairloss?? Who is the doctor? Seems like a bold step.

  62. Ddog I live 90 mins from Philly. What does happiness have to do with me seeing a doctor? Not giving out her name. Just go on their website and you will find it. I like going to thr best doctors so I can get the best treatments. That’s what normal people do who can afford it.

  63. Oh, is that what people do? Why do people think giving out names is such a big deal? This is a common theme among many pessimists. They want to quote certain prestigious researchers, but always fail to give names. Why the secrecy? It’s not like that doctor is going to get in trouble lol

  64. Everyone listen to Dave.. Ignore everything I say even though half of my family are doctors and that I met with researchers who are working on hair loss research. Everything I say is invalid and the university of Pennsylvania is full of uneducated scientists that work under George cotsarelis.

  65. Ddog to shut you up her name is Jennifer Nguyen and thr other doctor/researcher is Susan Taylor that I had a consultation with. Both work for George Cotsarelis. Look up susan profile. Top notch dermatologist that was on the Today show and presented at numerous dermatology conferences as well as hair loss seminars. Now stop saying I am lying. I speak the truth.

  66. Just so we are clear, this all started because you were implying there is some grand scheme to keep a cure from coming, but you are going to believe those dermatologists that you supposedly met with? I thought all those researchers were hiding the cure.. lol

  67. I do think there is a cure for it, and other diseases and cancers. Govt level top secret. Even these researchers don’t know about it. It’s what I believe in man. I am big on conspiracy theories because it makes sense to me. In terms of a cure hitting thr market for us to buy is not going to happen for a very long time. Better treatments I strongly believe will hit market in a few years. Now leave me alone jeeez. Can’t speak my opinion without getting attacked by everyone wtf lol

    1. mjones… i’m not attacking you… i just think its funny that you believe there is a govt level top secret baldness cure being hidden from researchers. a cosmetic disease. makes no sense to me.

      I appreciate the name dropping underlings of dr. cots but after all this guy is balding himself and doesn’t believe christiano’s work is significant.. which makes him appear incredulous in my opinion. They are not the top researchers in the world by the way. and i agree with them, something significant will unfold by 2021 but not ‘a cure’ of cloning.. highly doubtful. that 2025-2030 japanese researchers said themselves that’s 10-20 years away.

    2. Nobody is attacking you.. you just have to be more specific.. Big pharma? ok… but there is no treatments other than Finasteride and Minoxidil, you know. And these are patent-broken remedies that anyone can manufacture and commercialize today! what else, a bunch of snake oils that sells to some poor desperate guys. What else, some hair transplants, it’s 5% of the balding people who have the guts to do it. Man.. there is No big pharma here!!

  68. Sorry man. If there was a top level cure, I just don’t think famous people or government officials would be going bald. You would have to think research in modern nations all over the world is relatively similar. Putin in Russia wouldn’t be bald. What about Prince William? No cure yet, but seems like the science is progressing every day.

    1. well said. both prince harry and king william or whatever they are now ~ are both in the news particularly harry who has gone public stating he his “horrified” by the thought of going bald he said “he is now eating fresh greens” … dont worry he’ll be noticeably bald in 3 years…

      to Mjones cred, I think all of his statements are rooted in truth now that I’ve seen the researchers he cited. The top secret cure -no way. however wake forest army scientist have found neogenesis and various elements of research quoted in bald truth have verified the “Cure” is real it is at this point a matter of commercializing it that is very difficult to work around storage, shipping, IP, privacy etc. which is why shiseido is trying to develop a short cut with IPSC cells so Susan Taylor and Nyugen and Cots are right… their brand of pgd2 setipiprant/wounding protocol will work and be here in 5 years if shiseido/replicel work their stem cell will be here 2020-2021 will it be a cure? not really, the “cure” is cloning which is “not even close” 10+ years away according to the second video on replicel’s channel, they have already done cloning hair cells in mice but they say humans is 10 years off.

      1. mjones if i were you i would show them swiss temples website .. apparently that guy is already seeing results using dr. cots theory… and he’s a real dude friends with hellouser not a mouse

  69. Hey guys look, we got off to a bad start and I am not trying to start shit on here. I apologize if I come off pessimistic or negative but it’s hard to be positive when everything is 10 yrs away and we are all losing ground quickly while being on big 3 for so long. It’s bs and unfair. I still do believe their is a hidden cure but I will stop mentioning my ideas on here. I am not a fan of starting arguments or drama. You guys want to start from scratch ? Clean slate? I’m here just like all you guys…looking for ways to grow back my thinning hair and stopping hair loss

    1. mjones agreed, i actually like that start, i never disliked you i’m not being sarcastic. everyone else did maybe but not me.

      this guy that was freinds with hellouser name swiss temples grew vellous to terminal hairs in front using dr. cots strategy and claims he’s being silenced from forums he started a club only people allowed in had to be serious and show results testing themselves with using various regemins and theories Dr. Cots PGD2 was big in his approach, this guy has grown hair on the front of his scalp. Considering you are into the scientist under Dr. Cot’s at pen I wanted to get your reaction out of this story.

      admin i think this is the most interesting underground story in hair loss in the past 10 years. I would disregard it as a scam but it’s scientifically sound and the dude is friends ith hellouser who is apart of our community. what are your thoughts ?

      his website is swisstemples.com the results are on dotted tabs

      1. I’ve been on this protocol for about a month now. Been on dut for 2 years. Now my temples are going ballistic. I was NW5V. But not anymore! SwissTemples deserves a friggen noble prize for curing baldness.

  70. Admin i just want to say thanks for all the effort you put into staying positive and spending energy on legitimate updates

  71. People,

    send questions, good ones please, to Hellouser to ask the researchers?

    We made it, he’ll be there and he is our voice!! and ears!!

    Think of what you want to know, be rational, and send him questions, doubts….

    that is what he’s going there for! Help him and help us!

  72. Cure conspiracy theories are pretty much nonsense. Dr. Christiano has already potentially found a cure using JAK inhibitors for Alopecia Areata and its already been documented as such for all to see and there was nothing holding her back from presenting those results. I believe her discovery gives hope for MPB as well because it shows that hair can be fully restored from a completely bald scalp albeit from a some what different disease. Regardless, if AA can be cured then why not MPB?

  73. I agree with mjones, sorry guys lol. I think replicel well release a treatment that is better thank minox and fin combined but it is not the cure at all. Maybe they will make more research in the future but they are happy with the result for now. Histogen is good but also not the cure and I think there is no improvement from the previous result. Tuf and rox will not work for AGA. Setipiprant will not wot work but I have a little hope for SM. I maybe wrong through.

  74. Egghead, yeah that swiss temple experiment sounds legit. Glad to see we have some sound evidence that cots method works. Now just imagine what cotsarelis us capable of doing with wounding and pgd2 treatment with his exact protocol. Cure probably not but definitely a better option than hair transplant with more growth.
    Personally I don’t have a favorite hsir loss researcher or company. I just want one of these companies whether it’s folica, histogen, repkicel, sishedo, samumed etc to actually pan out with a solution that can GROW REAL TERMINAL hair that can take us down at least 2 Norwoods and for this to come in the next year or two. I will personally drive to the company and give everyone on their board room has haha. Just to go back to a normal life of not having to hide from bright lights, being able to jump in the ocean head first and not worry about girls seeing my hair loss etc. Tired if this shit

    1. yea, I’m seriosuly considering trying out this guys protocol sometime next year when i can afford to. I’m moving to seattle and I’m not rich by any means. But seeing his results makes cots theory look legit… I didn’t know kerastem is already open to public in switzerland, japan, and spain.. not that they are impressive by any means but still interesting to see stem cell science out there already.

      Swiss temples, is already taking setipiprant that he got through PHG I tried to subscribe but its invitation only, they are elitist and impossible to get in. Also they might be experimenting with RUX considering they are all scientist themselves and know how to turn pills into topical purchasing Novartis’s jakavi Rux. I don’t know how they got setipiprant pre KYTH105 trials but…

      1. I’m on the ghetto protocol. Cheap as.
        Sulpha 3 times a day, 1ml of castor 2 times a day, Stemox shampoo every day except selsun gold on Sundays, wound on Friday nights after a few drinks then add 0.01g of LiCL.

  75. by the way sorry, i found out earlier today i was a dumb ass and PHG was not started by swiss~ correction, aplogies

  76. Swiss temples results came in 8 months not 3, using his protocol also he is on Dut “which has less sides potentially” in his words.. his results are better than mine though, I’m taking nothing right now and have nothing to show for it

  77. Would JAK inhibitors work on someone who had a hair transplant? When the surgeon makes the slits in the scalp does that damage the hair follicle so even if these drugs are proven to work, would they work on someone with a transplant? Also could they regrow hair in the strip scar area back of head? Could you please ask these 2 questions at the convention. And if anyone has any thoughts I would love to hear their opinions. Thanks.

  78. I have not seen Dr. Christiano promote a human trial for the JAK inhibitors, though I do suspect that she is engaging in them. Because she is keeping it quiet, I am sure the trials are small and I do not think she would be accepting volunteers. Though, if this trial goes well, I’m sure she will be creating a larger trial for her new company Vixen Pharmaceuticals to go through the FDA process.

  79. Dear Admin,

    We can’t follow those comments which are come by reply bcos there is no notification of that. We want to know all the comments. It would be better if there were any app of this website. I’m a mobile application developer & I can help you to make the app. I’m very proud of you bcos you are doing a great job. However if you want I can make the app for both android and iOS for you without any cost & it will help us all I think.

    1. Hi Ruhan, very kind of you. I would guess that there is already a plugin like that out there, but let me first see how long I keep getting so many comments to each post.

  80. REPLICEL EMAIL TO ME:We have completed a phase 1 safety trial and are working on our phase 2 clinical trial application.Three clinical trials must be completed before you can market a product.ach clinical trial takes 2-3 years to complete. There is the possibility of a product being available in Japan sooner due to their new regenerative medicine legislation that allows a product to apply for conditional marketing approval if safety and early signs of efficacy are shown.

  81. Hi Nic, please keep us updated with your ghetto protocol. If it works well for you like swisstemple then it is the damn cure that we are waiting for years. I’m very curious about it.

  82. Guys be careful with experimenting with jak inhibitors. As much as I want our hsir back it’s not worth getting sick and dying from unproven methods topically.

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