Dutasteride (Avodart) Hair Growth Reviews and Ratings

If you have ever taken Dutasteride (Avodart) to treat your hair loss, please leave a detailed testimonial in the comments to this post in order to help others.

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Dutasteride for Hair Loss

Dutasteride Reviews and Ratings for Hair LossI have written about Dutasteride (brand name Avodart) many times before on this blog. It was approved by the FDA in 2002 to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostates).
Although the drug has not yet been officially approved to treat hair loss in the US or EU (it was approved for that purpose in South Korea in 2010 and in Japan in 2015), there is a small chance that this could happen in 2015 or 2016 (Update: the US and EU were still holding off as of year-end 2017). This would be a huge development, since to date, only two drugs (Minoxidil in 1988 and Finasteride in 1997) have ever been approved by the US FDA for treating hair loss. It has been over 20 years since the last approval of a drug to treat hair loss!

Dutasteride Hair Growth Prospects

Based on many existing studies as well as anecdotal forum evidence, it is virtually guaranteed that Dutasteride will result in superior hair growth/regrowth in comparison to Finasteride for most people, but will also result in higher rates of side effects. However, these higher rates of side effects are unlikely to be drastic enough for the FDA to deny GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) permission to market Dutasteride for hair loss.

One 2013 article that reviewed numerous recent Finasteride and Dutasteride related studies suggests a 5-9 percent chance of erectile dysfunction. In most cases, such side effects are not permanent, although some people have seen permanent problems even after complete cessation of drug ingestion. The big question is whether GSK will deem it worthwhile to produce and market Dutasteride for hair loss after analyzing potential revenue prospects. And they will also have to consider potential losses based on recent lawsuits against Merck regarding Propecia (Finasteride) side effects. Dutasteride will definitely have more people complaining of side effects in comparison to Finasteride.

Your Avodart for Hair Loss Experiences

In the meantime, rather than wait for the FDA and GSK to make their moves, I have decided to write this post in which I hope to see comments from people who have tried to use Avodart to treat hair loss. Success and failure testimonials are both welcome. By now, there must surely be well over 100,000 men around the world who have used Avodart off-label to try to regrow hair. When the drug was first approved in 2002 to treat enlarged prostates, people on online hair loss forums went berserk with excitement and were more than willing to try using it to regrow hair.

I hope to see many testimonials/comments to this post in the coming years. I will allow specific comments and concerns related to the drug itself, such as side effects, cost (including the cost of generic dutasteride), dosage and so forth. I hope that this post, due to the helpful comments/testimonials from you readers, ends up becoming one of the 5 most useful ones of all time on this blog. On hair loss forums, Avodart/Dutasteride related testimonials are usually either not broken out in a separate subcategory, or are not updated regularly.

It should be noted that older men who have taken Avodart to treat their enlarge prostates have sometimes noticed some hair regrowth in areas of their scalps that have been totally barren for many decades. You can read some of these testimonials in several of the below links. Regrowing long-lost hair is extremely difficult and akin to a miracle with existing treatments. Even when highly effective, current hair loss treatments only maintain hair and, at best, regrow recently lost hair.

Dutasteride (Avodart) Reviews: Links of Interest

Note: Dutasteride is not meant to be used by women who are planning to get pregnant.

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  1. I have been taking dutasteride for about 12 years, with several breaks of a year or two (for various reasons, such as a supplier disapearing, or ceasing to ship to Australia).

    My dosing regime has been 1/day for ten days initial loading-up, then three pills (0.5mg) per week thereafter.
    I have taken at least three generic brands (Dutas, Dutagen, Duprost), chosen only by availability and price.

    I have not noticed any side effects.

    I still have fairly good hair at age 54 – but I can’t say for sure that I would have lost it without dutasteride, as I started taking it when I first thought that it might be receding, and I might have been over-imagining things.
    Based on family members, I had calculated that I had, a priori, a 1/4 chance of having male pattern baldness, as one of my mother’s sister’s sons appears to have this.

    1. Hi Adam, do you mind sharing with me where you order your dutasteride online in Australia? Struggling to find a reputable place.

  2. I`ve been on dutasteride for 5 weeks now and I can´t say that I have noticed anything as of yet. I used finasteride for 13 months with no improvement before switching over. For the people who have had success with dut:
    When did you notice any results?

  3. Woman here late 20s. I have a looong story of hair thinning and an eating disorder which may have precipitated it, and the entire situation was once a complete nightmare. I sympathize with a lot of the sad comments on here. It sucks for females especially considering most people don’t even know that female pattern baldness is a *thing*. Suffice to say I attempted taking Dutasteride 0.5mg once/daily two separate times with no other changes in my hair loss regimen, and they were complete failures. Both were awhile ago but from what I remember the time period was between 8-10 months. Perhaps not long enough to conclude results but after the first month or two my hair began falling out more and more, and literally did not stop until soon after I quit the drug. Very devastating. Side effects included: increased oiliness in my skin and hair requiring more frequent showers, along with pimples (I normally have beautifully clear skin, which I like to think is a redeeming quality for my wispy, flyaway hair), increased sex drive, and was more prone to excessive anger and irritability. Like others have said I think the blocked DHT increases free testosterone as these seemed like masculinizing traits. I’d be interested to hear other women’s perspectives. There’s a big block on this and similar drugs for women due to possible pregnancy, but I am adamantly child-free so this is not an issue. Someone else also mentioned on here that failure on Avodart may signal that MPB is not the problem – I wonder if this is true for women as well? I’ve been wondering lately if CTE is my problem. Though I’ve had considerable help from Minoxidil, Spironolactone, and Diane 35 birth control pills. Wish I could share something here more helpful. Wishing well to all.

    1. Hi,
      I think I am in a similar situation. I started taking Dutasteride 3-4 weeks ago (before that I had Dut mesotherapy sessions every 2 months but it did not help a lot, though my shedding did decrease a bit). Well, now I’m shedding handfuls of hair and my scalp feels oilier and inflamed. At first I also had pimples which is quite rare for me.
      I will probably stop taking this, but nobody wants to prescribe anything else. I am on birth control pills, I did try Diane35 once but it was a complete catastrophe (inflammation of the stomach lining), but I’m willing to try again next month. Anything just to stop this nightmare.
      Thank you for your post

    2. Tasha, I think I know what is your problem. Plz try progesterone cream (you can easily buy online at iherb I use the one brand named ‘now’) cuz you’d got help from minoxidil and birth control pills.
      and also think about the blood vessels on your scalp. I took some injection which helps to enlarge blood vessels on scalp called prp. prp is also similar way that works minoxidil does but more permanent effect.

  4. 40 yo male. Losing hair since 18.

    DUT .5mg oral ED for 3 months.

    Pros: Shedding completely stopped. Increase in hair density. Increase in beard & nape hair.

    Cons: BIG decrease in energy & motivation. Some memory difficulties.

  5. I’m at week 6 with Dut and shedding has increased. Before Dut and on Fin (4 years) I was shedding ~15 hairs in the shower…now shedding about 50. It’s scary to see all that hair on the ground but I’m going to keep at it. I have been using minox 2x/day for about 4 years.

      1. I’m still using minox 2x/day. For me minox grew back tons of hair for at 4 months and has since diminished after 4 years, but it is still the best regrowth treatment out there….for me anyways.

    1. hey man, how is your hair condition now?
      I am using dut from one month, the shedding is very much. I was using fin before for 6 months, it was working good for me but dut is making my skin very oily and result is not good than fin

  6. I am now at 2 months with Dut and minox and shedding has decreased back to the same amount as when i switched from Fin. It’s a big relief because now i know the initial big shed was a good sign. I’m hoping the shed will continue to slow down, and I’m praying for some regrowth. So far Dut is doing something different…I can feel it more than Fin. The only side i had was tenderness in the left chest area, but that is now gone.

  7. i am taking finasteride 1mg per day and considering to switch to dutasteride. i was wondering whether if the dutasteride versions being sold in korea actually clearly mention that the med is for alopecia treatment. can anyone attest to this ?

  8. Honestly this Avodart sounds fantastic and I want to try, so far in this thread I have only seen recommendations for UK providers, but does anyone have a verified source in the US (that is hopefully inexpensive?)

    1. I get mine at Costco and the pharmacy is called Breckenridge. It’s $38 for 90-day supply. So far it’s working great.

  9. Tried this off and on but decided to stick it out this time for 6 months at least I felt propecia was wearing off I’d been on it for 6 years,, I’m just over 3 months in I’ve had tons of shedding on this medication (im told this is a good sign) I’m taking brand name real Avodart. my hair was very brittle before, it feels stronger, I will say my libido seems to have taken a turn for the worse after the 3 month mark, I find it hard now to get and maintain an errection and I’m definatly putting that down to the DUT, I don’t know if I can handle it much more and might revert back to propecia as it’s impacting on my relationship, I have warned you guys so try it at your own risk

    1. You can just take Some Sildenafil or Tadalafil to solve that problem ..im experiencing that too sometimes.I take 4 dutasteride 0,5 a week since 2 years. Tadalafil (cialis) works really well. also remember we are getting older, testosterone is decreasing already after the 30s

    2. Generics in the United started are required by law to be the exact same active ingredient as the brand name drug, generic Dutasteride is ‘real’

  10. Hi
    I am a female and have a significant sudden hair loss .
    All blood test are clear but my tricholosist and Gp has said that an event has triggered my hair loss and set alopecia .
    I have been using La Biostrat amps for at least a month and now using minoxidil 5% and now Avodart once a day .
    Will keep you posted as how I progress.
    Trying to keep positive and hope that I am lucky

  11. I am now at 3.5 months and very happy I made the switch from fin to dut. Shedding has gone way down and a couple days ago my wife commented on my hair looking thicker. I’m seeing little hairs becoming terminal at the hairline where it was bare before. If this keeps up, I’d be extremely happy by month 6. No sides except for the initial sore left chest area which went away after 1 week. The initial shed was scary but now i know it was a good sign. Fin did not do anything for me. I’m still using minox 5%.

  12. I am finding it impossible to order Dutas to Canada. Can anyone help? I used to order from India and an amazing price but customs nom longer allow them through. Thanks

  13. Hi All,

    Started Avodart 2 months ago and I am growing hair back to the front and it’s really working!

    I’ve had no major side effects but have started to grow more body hair (never really had any chest or stomach hair) and also more facial hair (always patchy and hardly ever had a moustache).
    Only issue I do have is that my penis has shrunk although remains unchanged when erect so I can live with that!

    Very happy as I took Propecia for years and had minimal gains and also changed my state of mind. I became a real a55hole and never really knew it but my family did and hence I came off it.

    I guess the problem is that as human beings were all different and hence why are results are different!

    I’m very happy with my results after 2 months will keep updating


  14. Tried generic dutasteride in an intermittent fashion for 3 months (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) before switching to a regular dosage. The regular dosage increased by libido initially and have me a crazy shed where my diffuse hair got even worse. I decided to take the plunge and shave it off. Continued with the regular dosage for seven months without any noticeable change and then switched back to generic finasteride. Added topical finasteride alongwith oral a few months ago followed by generic dutasteride for 3 days in a week. Noticed remarkable gains and at 31, I seem to have turned back the clock. Hair looks thick and full like it were pre-hair loss. Now, while wet, some thinning is still noticeable but my hair loss is more or less a non issue at this point.

    I also follow a strict diet and exercise regimen. In my opinion lifestyle changes coupled with the right medication can do wonders.

    1. @Lionel, when you went back to generic dutasteride 3day/wk at the end, were you still taking oral finasteride everyday? If so, would you say combination of oral finasteride and dutasteride is what works best?

      1. Yes, my hair has seemingly rejuvenated. It looks very lush and full now like there was no hair loss to begin. I take topical fin + min and dutas thrice a week. Both are generics; finpecia and dutas.

        Other factors to note: Gluten free diet. Lots of water. Fasting plus dermarolling.

  15. Hey guys. I’m planning to switch from fin to dut. What is the optimal dose and frequency of taking the drug? Appreciate it if someone gives their insight. Thanks.

  16. I’m 63, NW6. I can live with baldness though I’d rather not.In that spirit every now and then I’ve tried what might be promising. Minox did me no good. Two months ago I started on 0.5 mg Avodart daily, purchased through Oxford online pharmacy. I’m also dermarolling once a week. I believe I’m seeing new baby hair growth on crown and vertex and some darker hairs closer to existing hairline. Not a lot, but enough to persevere with. I think I have some loss of libido, though not of functionality (thankfully). No man boobs.

    1. Dutasteride is a DHT blocker, you can expect to raise testosterone by 15%
      Dutasteride is not a anti androgen molecule. You will not get boobs.

  17. After seeing positive results at 3.5 months in with Dut, I started getting major sheds at month 4 (July) and continued until last week (mid Oct). So far this week the shed has slowed down but my hairline has been decimated and my whole head is thinner (sides and back too). I’d say i lost 30% from when I started Dut 7 months ago. I’m not sure to stick with it or not but the shed has slowed down some over the last week so maybe I’ll wait and see. Just wanted to share my experience and would like to hear from others if they recovered after a major shed period or not.

      1. Hi AP, if you read further down you’ll see my updates. I’m currently taking the Avodart brand because for me, the Camber generic version was not effective. Sides are watery semen and slightly lower libido. I initially had some slight tenderness in my left chest when i started Dut but it went away within a couple weeks.

  18. Hi everyone! I stumbled across this site and thought I’d post my story.

    I’m 25 and probably started losing my hair around 21-22. I started Propecia when I was 23 and remained on it for 18 months. Finasteride definitely maintained my hair, but I wanted better results. I was probably a solid NW2 when I started, and as of now I’m hopefully creeping to a 1.5.

    I’ve been on DUT for two and a half months now, and so far my hair has only thinned throughout. However, I do notice small dark hairs coming up at the hairline now which is definitely a new development. I’m going to be patient, stay positive, and keep a level head. There’s no reason DUT should be worse than FIN.

    My current regimen is 0.5mg generic DUT a day, 5% minox once minimum daily, 2% niz two times a week, and dermaroller on sundays.

    I know from experience that these are the only products that actually work. I’ve tried scalp massage, saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, biotin, vitamins, etc. The cold hard truth is that right now the only thing close to a guarantee to keep your hair is Dut, and we’re all taking a risk by consuming it. For me, my looks matter a lot and I’m prepared to take the risk.

    I’ll keep you all posted. Thanks for the great site admin.

  19. Hello,
    I am a 26 year old female, and currently taking Dutasteride 0.5 mg every other day for the last 3-4 weeks. Before that I had Dutasteride mesotherapy sessions every 2 months for more than a year (I changed because my hair loss slowed a bit and I had very slight regrowth but it was not enough, I still felt and looked disgusting). I have had my hair loss issues for almost 3 years – I did have a lot of health problems which are eliminated by now, I feel completely fine at last. I am also taking birth control pills because I have elevated androgen levels coming from the adrenals (no identifiable illness, just more androgens than normal).
    For the last few weeks my hair has started coming out in handfuls, just like when it all started, when I was not on any treatments yet. Also having the same scalp inflammation when my hair loss first began. I don’t know what to do anymore, I have hip length beautiful dark hair but at the front and top it is very ugly also my hairline is receding on the left side. In the middle front there is a patch which is almost completely hairless now.
    I want to save my hair but the doctors don’t care about me though I could have other choices such as Spironolactone and Cyproterone Acetate. They just send me away saying it will stop. It won’t.
    Please help me what to do.

    1. Sad from reading your story ;'(
      I feel for you. I am female too en now 7 years of struggle with my hairloss. My beautiful long hair is gone for half what i used to have and with that a lot of my self confidence.
      English is not my mother language so sorry for wrong words.
      I know with duta it needs time to work.
      But I understand your concern and questiom where this sudden hairloss comes from.
      It is sometimes not understandable :( All the best for you. Hopefully it will get better

      1. Thank you for your kind words :)
        My shedding is even worse now. Although the scalp inflammation is gone. Skin oiliness also reduced greatly, which is good I think.
        My body hair is growing slower and maybe getting thinner.
        I guess I’ll wait another 2 months if the shedding does not stop I’m quitting Dutasteride.

        1. Hi Mira,
          How are you now?
          I am thinking about duta but i’m worries about my skin. I’ve heard it can give you aging skin and wrinkles
          Fina dried my skin totally!
          I hope you are doing well

    2. Hi,

      You should also see a dermetologist about taking minoxidil in tablet form but only a low dose .25 mg

      australian dermetologist Professor Rodney Sinclair says that a small dose is just as affective at taking a high dose of minoxidil tablet,

      I do urge you to give this a try along with Dutasteride, From articles I have read .25mg works wonders.

    3. Dutasteride can make you losing your hair. I am a generic pills maker, after reading your story I am worry about you taking Androcur, even Dutasteride!. I would need a complete blood analyse to understand your condition.
      I suggest to see a serious doctor taking care of your condition

  20. Hi-
    I’m 30 years old and have been on generic dut for 11 months. I keep waiting for a time when the shedding will slow down, but unfortunately it hasn’t yet. Prior to getting on Dutasteride I was on propecia for about 5/6 years. Propecia seemed to help slow down my hair loss until about 2 years ago, and finally as a last resort I started .5 mil Dutasteride daily. My hair loss has not only seemed to increase in my crown, temple, and forelock area, but also the sides and back of my head seems to be thinning out a bit. In addition to dut I use 5% minox at least once every day and use nizeral aprox 2-3 times per week. Even with the nizeral my head feels moderately itchy (sometimes more intense than others) through areas that seem to be thinning the worst pretty much all the time now. Needless to say this has been frustrating (!) as I hoped Dutasteride would at least stop further loss. I’ve been hoping that the shedding and thinning out overall was a “good” shed and one that would lead to thicker regrowth but so far my hair has just gotten worse. Has anyone experienced this many months without positive results then gone on and felt like the drug began to work and stop their hair loss? I’m hoping that within the next month or so I’ll start seeing a reel reduction shedding (right now I can run my hands though my hair over the sink and about 30-40 hairs come falling down at any time I do that). The side effects I’ve had have been slight loss of sex drive- not devastatingly though. Increased depression (continuous hair loss a factor!). And some brain fog where I can’t seem to think straight.

    If anyone has had a similar experience 11 months or a year in please respond! Also if anyone has had superior results from switching off generic to brand name (I get mine via Rite Aid)

  21. Hello there!
    Been using Avodart for about 14-15 years, started taking effect around month 6. Hair significantly stopped falling out. My hair is even possibly slightly thicker than it was prior to using the drug. I wouldn’t say I had any real ‘hair growth’ but I did notice tiny ‘fluff’ hairs appear in lots of places that seemed to help a little with over thickness. In terms of side effects, only thing I’ve really noticed is reduced sperm, perhaps not quite as horny but definitely perfectly acceptable. Gents, if your worried about losing your hair, avodart will stop hairloss in it’s tracks but some of us have to be patient. I believe (and this is only my opinion) the main reason avodart wasn’t given FDA approval for hairloss back in the early 2000s is because there wasn’t enough data at the time to significantly differentiate it from propecia so they didn’t see the point spending any more money on the research, furthermore, propecia was a ‘successful’ drug in its own right and why market something that is ‘somewhat better’ so to speak.

      1. I was on Finasteride for close to 20 years and started to loose ground the last five. Switched to Dutasteride two years ago and it’s halted the loss. Wish I could make up the lost ground but there’s other factors involved, e.g. age, Dr. Lee being shut down, etc.

    1. Hi Nommy,

      Are you taking the generic form of Dut? I’m almost a the 1 year mark and am frustrated I’m still losing so much hair- if I run my hands through my hair over the bathroom sink I count 20-30 every time. I’m a diffuse thinner and have noticed the sides of my head weirdly getting thinner as well as the vertex, hairline and crown. Any advice from you or anyone else would be Highly appreciated!!

      1. Hi,
        I use the generic stuff now and it works absolutely fine. I used to order it online but had one bad experience a few years ago when I suddenly switched my supplier because of cheaper costs and what I got was fakes. My hair started to fall out again so I learned my lesson. In any case, I just buy over the counter nowadays as its less hassle. The pills you use, do they look legitimate? It might even be an idea to have them checked. Make sure whoever you are ordering it from are reputable. I wouldn’t lose faith just yet Andy as everybody sheds hair EVERYDAY. Hope things work out for you.

      2. I’ve also been shedding like crazy for the past 18 months after stopping minoxidil for 1 month. After that one month of no minioxidil and resuming minox right after that, I’ve been losing 120+ hair each day. 20-30 hair every time I run my hand they my hair. I added fin the same time I resumed minoxidil. Still no improvement. I had a major shed again last month, with 200+ hair each day. So I don’t think it’s dut that is screwing up your hair per se. It might be that your body is shedding hair and dut is not helping enough.

        1. Very interesting. Me too I was without Minoxidil for a couple of weeks after using almost daily for 5 years, and I have also started shedding like crazy since. Have resumed Minoxidil and also considering 0,5mg daily finasteride.

      3. DHT isn’t the only cause of hair loss, if your shedding is really that diffuse you should research and ask your doctor about Telogen Effluvium it can be caused by a number of different factors, but is usually temporary and very treatable once you find the cause. Alopecia Arrieta is like MPB, but you lose hair in a diffuse nature as well. Unfortunately, if you have Alopecia Arrieta there’s not much you can do besides take finasteride or duasteride unless there’s another underlying condition causing it.

        Having issues with your thyroid can cause diffuse hair loss in both men and women, but it usually returns completely to normal once you get treatment for hypothyroidism (or hyperthyroidism).

        Shedding 50-100 hairs per day is considered normal by dermatologists. Anyone will get a few hairs after running their hands through their hair, if you notice a ton when you wash your hair or a lot piling up on and around your pillow (assuming you aren’t a slob and change your bedding at least every other week) then you might be shedding more than normal.

        However, with ANY hair loss treatment (especially minoxidil, it definitely messes with anagen and telogen phases) you are going to through a shedding phase, possibly multiple shedding phases… Usually this is a good thing because when the hair grows back it will be thicker (when you start to lose your hair it becomes thinner and thinner before it stops growing, when you are regrowing hair – or just keeping the hair you have left – the hairs will get thicker but they have to fall out first). So going through a shedding period or two (or three) is necessary to regrow hair or make the hair you have left thicker.

        I know it sucks when going through a shedding phase. I had to start TRT at 31 years old my testosterone levels got so low (about 3 months later I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism as well). I had no hair loss up to that point in my life, I might have been a NW1-1. 5, but that was just my natural hairline since a kid (I had pretty thick hair too). At the time my hair was very long and I noticed some extra hair in my hands after washing my hair, but I didn’t pay any attention to it. *Testosterone Replacement Therapy does NOT cause hair loss, but it can speed up the process if you have MPB*. No one in my entire extended family has hair loss on my mom’s side, on my dad’s side only my dad (he’s had two hair transplants, but he never even tried finasteride or duasteride and honestly he’s crazy so he probably didn’t need them) and to a lesser extent his brother so my genetics should be pretty good for not losing my hair. When I finally got my haircut short after about 6 months on TRT I was shocked at how much hair I’d lost and how thin it was getting especially in the front (probably NW3 at worst, but still I had no idea it was happening). I freaked out, researching hair loss like crazy. Turns out that it was mostly Telogen Effluvium and 6 months later after starting treatment for hypothyroidism and taking duasteride just in case I’m already back at NW2 and I’m still seeing new hair growth. I may have slight MPB in addition to my bout with Telogen Effluvium plus duasteride protects your prostate which can become a problem on TRT (again TRT doesn’t cause it, but if you are predisposed to prostrate problems it can make them happen faster or get worse) so I’m staying on the Duasteride.

        I had multiple shedding phases, in fact I’m going through another mild one as we speak. It definitely sucks in the short term, but longterm it’s usually a good thing (unless you are just a non-responder or you’re insanely sensitive to DHT then there’s not much you can do, just shave your head and own it).

        Long story short, you HAVE TO SHED in order to grow back thicker hair and grow hair back that you’ve lost. It’s how the body works naturally, but the hormone changes cause the Telogen and Anagen phases to change.

        I’ve had zero side effects on Duasteride except for a little excess body hair growth, but when you are on TRT it actually blocks any of the Finasteride or Duasteride side effects because it only acts on your skin, scalp and prostate (there’s multiple studies that show this, just Google TRT and Finasteride Research).

        Sorry for the long response, but I’m just providing accurate information. Everything I said except for my personal experience is based on scientific research.

        I would also like to add, that for men, going bald isn’t a big deal. Obviously, I’m a little vain because I’d like to keep my hair at just 33 years old, but if I had any side effects from Duasteride I would just drop it and go with a buzz cut (or completely shave my head) and keep my beard/goatee making any hair loss less noticeable. I once mentioned to the lady that cuts my hair to leave certain areas longer while I was going through a shedding phase, she said that she didn’t even notice it and that she doesn’t care if you have hair on your head as long as you have good facial hair lol.

        The point is, I understand the frustration, but men stress about this WAY TOO MUCH and women usually don’t care especially if you make sure that you take care of the rest of your body, keep your hair short (for the love of God don’t try long hair combover shit), grow facial hair to draw attention away from your scalp and dress well. In the end your hair is just a tiny part of your overall appearance, for men if you are funny and confident your looks don’t really matter as much anyway.

        I hope everyone hear has some success regrowing/keeping their hair, but if you don’t or have awful side effects just to keep it then just embrace it. Keep it cut short so it’s less noticeable, maybe grow some facial hair and focus on the rest of your body, but embrace it. Own it. You’ll be a lot happier once you learn how to do that.

  22. I have had amazing results with Generic Dutasteride and Topical Finpecia/Minox combo. It took me 18 months to see results being a diffuse thinner (suffered for 7 years using oral fin and topical minox to stop the hair loss).

    Use Dutasteride 0.5 mg on Friday/Sat/Sunday (3 times a week) coupled with topical finasteride/minox once a day. Also, combine it with dermarolling (1mm) and intermittent fasting.

  23. My big shed stopped at 9 months in. I lost about 30% but my hair is getting thicker even at the hairline. Things are looking good at 10.5 months and I’m hoping it will continue to get better. Dut does work. Just need to be patient. As for sides, my libido is slightly down but it is no different than Propecia. I workout and feel that Dut has helped build and maintain muscle. I’m still using minox 2x/day.

  24. I had been on propecia alone for 15 years. Noticed hair started to thin again in 2016. Added avodart in Jan 2017 and I can honestly say my hair is better and thicker than all the years on just propecia.
    I take propecia every day and one 0.5 avodart once a week.
    Never had any sides at all.
    I did have a shed when I added the avodart but stick with it and within about 4 months I could feel and see new hairs. My hairline is better than I can remember.
    It has taken one full year of this dosage to fully appreciate just how effective it has been. I will continue until things change and then reassess but hopefully that won’t be for a very long time.

      1. Hi Jeff
        That’s correct I’m amazed how effective it has been. I’ve done this since January 2017 and even now I still have new hairs appearing at the hairline.

        1. That’s great! Are you using genuine Avodart? And if so, do you mind if I ask where you get it from?

          I have been using Finasteride for over 20 years now (along with minoxidil), and for the past few years or so, my thinning has seemed to kick back into high gear. Adding an Avodart to daily Finasteride sounds very tempting to try.

          1. Hi Jeff
            I buy genuine avodart which costs about £21 for 30 capsules. I buy 2 packs and with the prescription it’s about £65 that’s over 1 years supply.
            I buy it from Oxford Online Pharmacy.
            I also buy genuine propecia.
            Take a look at The Westminster Clinic website in the news section back in 2016 is where I discovered this method and I’m glad I did.

            1. Thanks so much, Tom. I am in the States, so I’m not sure where to get genuine Avodart. I’m assuming your doctor writes you a script?

              1. I buy it online at that website and you complete a questionnaire and an online doctor approves the medication (or not) that costs about £25. Money back if you are refused the medication.
                So you don’t need to see your own doctor.
                I have only ever bought genuine medication I would personally not risk swapping to something cheaper as this has worked well for me.
                Take a look to see if they ship it overseas.

                1. Hi Tom. Hope you get this. Been trying your method (1.25 mg of fin a day and one Dut capsule a week) for the last three months, and it has really thinned out the front 3rd of my scalp (diffuse loss).

                  Did you experience a heavy shed when you switched to this method? What is your loss pattern like? FYI, both my meds are from local pharmacies, so they are legit.


                  1. I’m also a finasteride user for 7 years now. I started taking it after i had my FUT procedure way back 2013. I’m using generic finasteride btw. I just heard recently that taking avodart is a lot better compared with taking fin alone as far as hair loss is concern. Im taking 1.25 mg of fin daily and 0.5 mg of avodart once a week. I’m now on my 6th week of taking avodart. I noticed a lot of hair fall (mostly coming from my crown) especially when I’m taking a shower. This happened to me only after taking dutasteride for the past 6 weeks. My crown tends to get itchy as well even after using Nizoral shampoo. I’ve read that this is normal for some people taking dutasteride as it speeds up the telogen phase as the drug promotes rapid hair growth. Tom, did you also experience some itching on your scalp on your first 6 weeks of taking dut?

          2. Jeff, you must be an old guy like me! I used fin for 20 years, it started to lose it’s effectiveness a few years ago. I switched to Dut 2 years ago which help to halt the shedding but I added RU about 9 months ago and this combo (along with Minox) has really helped. While not a silver bullet I feel fairly comfortable where I’m at with no shedding and thickening of thinning follicles. All this with virtually zero sides.

            1. Congrats, Yoda! I’m not sure I’m ready to jump on RU just yet, but would definitely like to give Dutasteride a chance. Mind if I ask where you buy yours?

              1. I’m based in the USA, I get the RX from my GP (showed her a study to demonstrate it’s safety and effectiveness) and get the generic at costco, $38 for 90 pills. I will say, I bumped up my 1.25 mg of fin to the full 5mg pill just for a few months before switching to Dut. It may have been having a positive effect but I didn’t want to to take a chance, impatience took over and hopped on Dut. As stated, it stopped the loss but thickening didn’t occur till I added RU. My old genes are ramping up the genetics to be bald so guess I needed multiple avenues to attack the DHT. I totally understand your apprehension to try RU, I felt that way too. Unproven Chinese chemicals from sketchy suppliers. I gave it a shot, no problems and has definitely made a positive impact. Good Luck!

              2. I’m based in the USA, I get the RX from my GP (showed her a study to demonstrate it’s safety and effectiveness) and get the generic at costco, $38 for 90 pills. I will say, I bumped up my 1.25 mg of fin to the full 5mg pill just for a few months before switching to Dut. It may have been having a positive effect but I didn’t want to to take a chance, impatience took over and hopped on Dut. As stated, it stopped the loss but thickening didn’t occur till I added RU. My old genes are ramping up the genetics to be bald so guess I needed multiple avenues to attack the DHT. I totally understand your apprehension to try RU, I felt that way too. Unproven Chinese chemicals from sketchy suppliers. I gave it a shot, no problems and has definitely made a positive impact. Good Luck!

    1. Hi Tom,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. I plan to do exactly what you are doing. Add 1 dut a week to my finasteride regimen. That seems like the most logical incremental approach. How are things going one year later?
      Appreciate it,

  25. Hey, where can I order Dutasteride online? Or atleast how do I convince a dermatologist to prescribe the drug to me?

  26. Hello i have been using avodart for 4 years .i did not loose my hairs anymore (had some re growth but not that much )
    No real side effect
    Je I were N2 when I started taking the drug at the age of 21 ( I am 25 now )

  27. I am 22.. have been using dutasteride and minoxidil from 4 months….I have seen that my hairline has became worse than before..my right temporal moved an inch back and top front hair was thinning and I lost my hair density and I am worried about my hair . As am looking bald now..is it the position sign or am not good responder of this medication or I have to wait for a year to see positive results..I don’t wanna a be bald at this age. Can I recover myhair back with this medicine please help me with ur experience

  28. I first started taking Dut about 10 years ago in my early 30s due to a friend’s magnificent results,I have been taking it periodically since and have just restarted a course about 3 weeks ago and have noticed my hair has gone really really thin which has surprised me because it’s never been this thin since before I first started and I have come on here just to seek some reassurance that this is what happens.

    What’s bothering me is I’m starting to wonder whether my age (41) is preventing the growth I expected or that I have left it too long since I stopped taking it last time which I think must have been between a year and 18 month gap.

    When I think back to my first introduction to Dut I’m pretty sure I went really thin too and after approx 4 months my hair just grew back like wildfire,so much so I felt able to take breaks from taking it for months at a time,I had a thin patch on the crown which never thickened up and I was told this was because the follicles had died and would never regrow although I was quite lucky in that I could still have the hairstyles I wanted because the thin part was just thinking and not completely bald.

    Thing is now that technology has moved on I’m going to invest in an FUE hair transplant for the really think part at the back as my thinking is I can go back to periodically taking dutasteride when I feel I need to and hopefully keeping a full thick enough full head of hair.

    At the moment though I’m just fretting whether my thin hair all over the top of my head is just the natural course Dut takes before regrowing back with it just being a matter of time and patience and hopefully not me being too old or having let good follicles die with having quite a long period off dut.

    Lastly,after reading some of the posts I have definately lost some libido but that’s ok because I’m not in a relationship at the moment whereas 10 years ago I was and can remember it being a slight issue,I’ve also noticed my penis feels smaller lol but not when erect thankfully!

    One more thing I’d like to add is that I have been taking Fluoxetine anti depressant for the last year and I’m wondering if this drug has any affect on dut working as it should although I am gradually coming off Fluoxetine.

    Again I’m just hoping the dut requires time and patience as i shall be going straight to the hair clinic to transplant the part which won’t thicken up.

    So patience and fingers crossed.

    Oh and one other thing I’ve noticed again which I can remember happened before,I’m pissing like a racehorse haha

    1. Thanks James. I added your second comment as the last sentence to your first comment.

      When you say your friend had magnificent results, can you describe them in a bit more detail? How old is he? How long did he take Dutasteride? Is he still taking it and seeing results?

      I have had some regrowth from Dut, but do have major shedding for a couple of days once every few months it seems.

  29. Currently on month 4 of Dut, no libido changes and haven’t experienced shedding/regrowth. Though I seemed to have gained some body fat since starting….will update later on

  30. Hi Everyone, Well I am 26 years old been on Dutasteride for 4 months now results have been good my hair is growing thicker and i see hair growth even in my hairline. I would say I have 80 percent of the hair I had when I was 16, but I did lose a bit in my hairline and my temple. Bottomline I think dutasteride is not for everyone some genotypes just don’t react well to it. Nevertheless you have to keep at it if you see that its working you have to be patient. But DHT blocking is only part of the equation one has to make sure not to stress, stress causes hair loss unrelated to MPB. You must exercise and get good cardio going and eat healthy so as to allow good blood flow throughtout your body. Take cold showers when you are washing your hair dont wash your hair with hot water. You also need to be confident and find a hair cut that looks good with the amount of hair you have. There probably will be more innovations in the future I read about a drug called way 316606 thats supposedly miraculous for hair growth, is still being reseached of course.

    1. Hi Oscar,

      How do you get your Dut? And how often do you take it ? I’m also 26 and have been on Finasteride for 10 months with no changes.

  31. Update: Month 8 of Dut, experienced some shedding the past week, and I can say that my sex drive hasn’t changed at all since first starting this drug which is a relief. Only real notable change is gaining some (slight) body fat all around. I may update again if I see that the Dut has stopped further loss or experience regrowth as AA runs in my family. Though as most of my loss is at my hairline I suspect I’d have to be very lucky for any regrowth with Dut alone.

  32. After having success with Dut for about a year I started thinning again since April this year. It wasn’t until July that i realized Costco Pharmacy had switched generic manufacturers on me back in February. I lost all my gains and now way below baseline. They had switched from Breckenridge to Camber. Breckenridge works really well. DO NOT get generics with Camber Pharmaceuticals!! I googled and found others experiencing the same nightmare with Camber but with other drugs I immediately switched back to Breckenridge late July but the damage has been done. I’m going through the big shed (> 100/day) now but it’s most likely because the DUT is good and is working again. I’m.not sure how much longer this shed will last, but it worked good last year so I’m going to fight it out. I mainly wanted to warn everyone here about Camber Pharmaceuticals with headquarter in India….go figure!

  33. I’m based in the USA, I get the RX from my GP (showed her a study to demonstrate it’s safety and effectiveness) and get the generic at costco, $38 for 90 pills. I will say, I bumped up my 1.25 mg of fin to the full 5mg pill just for a few months before switching to Dut. It may have been having a positive effect but I didn’t want to to take a chance, impatience took over and hopped on Dut. As stated, it stopped the loss but thickening didn’t occur till I added RU. My old genes are ramping up the genetics to be bald so guess I needed multiple avenues to attack the DHT. I totally understand your apprehension to try RU, I felt that way too. Unproven Chinese chemicals from sketchy suppliers. I gave it a shot, no problems and has definitely made a positive impact. Good Luck!

  34. Two years on Dut and I haven’t lost any more hair. I’m 27 now and my hair is just as good as it was 4 years ago when I first started finasteride. I also use the laser comb, minox, and Nizoral 2% twice a week, so I’m basically doing everything I can. In studies, 0.5mg dut reduced dht by 94+or-3.4 so even the worse responder got 90% inhibition. Dut will work for everyone!

    1. Hi Leo,

      Where do you get your Dut ?i get my finasteride prescription from my GP but curious if it’s easy to get Dut that way as well.

  35. I wrote here last november.
    Dutasteride f my hair, shedding never stopped, it only got worse. Took it for 10 months. Now I’m on Cyproterone Acetate (Androcur) for the second month but I don’t think the damage can be resolved. Still shedding handfuls….

  36. Hi all,

    I’m 20 years old and diffuse thinning. I went to a dermatologist last week that prescribed me 0.15 mg of dutasteride. Any advice if I should go for it or try finasteride first?

    1. Hello,

      I’ve used Dutasteride 0.15mg for 3,5 years now without any significant results. The doctor said that after 3.5 years I should see the final result.
      I am female but the doctor prescribed it because I have very thin hair :(.

  37. Hi, was on finasteride for about 13 years, which possibly slowed my hairloss without ever halting it. However, was noticing far more hairs in the shower from about a year ago, so fearing the meds were losing their efficacy, I switched to dutasteride/Avodart earlier this year.

    I’ve literally just reached the 6 month mark and all I’ve noticed to date is continued heavy shedding. I’ve been universally advised to stick with the meds as need to give them at least a year. Sometimes shedding can be construed as a sign that they’re working?

    Must admit, it’s very hard to not get freaked out by the shedding and wondering if there’s anything else I can add to my regimen. I currently use Nizoral and Regenepure DR too. If Dutasteride doesn’t work for me, not sure what else I can do. Outlook feels quite bleak at present.

  38. Steve, are you using Minox in conjunction with Dut? You need a growth simulator. I was in a similar boat as you except when I switched from fin to Dut it did help slow the loss. I added RU about a year later and this really helped my situation. However, I’m not advocating you do the same as RU is an unregulated chemical from somewhat dodgy Chinese manufacturers.

  39. Hi Yoda, no, not using Minox. Wanted to avoid going down the Minox route as it’s a bit of a pain to apply with all the concealer and hairspray I use, and it is a big commitment. Plus, I tried it for a year when I was about 19 and don’t recall ever getting any results from it. However, is it all about the combination of products? It was a LONG time since I tried it and I think maybe the products have improved.

    I’m quite intrigued by RU though. It seems to be getting some positive news in the forums. I noticed there was one site that sells a mixture already made-up which is linked to from the forums. Not sure if that’s worth a go for a few months to see what happens. Are the suppliers potentially dodgy?

    Otherwise, I’m thinking of trying PRP, as well as keeping an eye on other new treatments in the pipeline such as the one Shuseido is testing, and that controversial stuff from Italy, which is launching later this year…

    Thanks for the comments guys!

  40. Yoda – do you mix up your own solution of RU? Is it easy to do?

    And do you apply it after a shower each morning? I’ve always been reluctant to add a topical product to my regimen because of it clashing with my styling products/concealer. But maybe I’ll need to ?

  41. Was on Finasteride from end of February 2018 to 20th of September 2018 and switched to Avodart right away. Started with 3 pills and then 2 now everyday. Today is the 24th of October. I could easily say I am seeing improvements on a weekly basis. I could obviously see improvements in photographs and my hair feels fuller. I do shed the small maniturized hairs, but I am seeing my scalp fuller every week. I am a diffuse thinner. Finasteride has ruined my hair earlier. I have seen nothing but sheds in the 7 months of Finasteride usage. Lost a lot of hair and density. My baseline pics were a slight receding hairline and a small spot in the middle of my scalp. Lost over 30% of my hair on Finasteride, but it’s filling in quickly on Dutasteride. Very impressed with Dutasteride in my first month. I don’t use minoxidil or any other treatments. Dutasteride is seriously Magic.

    1. Hi Mark! That’s nice to hear. I’m on my 6th week of dutasteride medication. I’m taking 1mg of fin daily and 0.5 mg of Avodart once a week. Did you also experience some itching on your scalp on your 1st to the 2nd month of taking dutasteride?

  42. I have just started taking avidart. I am a female 66 years old and for some reason on the last several years have experienced a lot of shedding…. have been taking monoxidil 5 percent for 7 months with little success if any. Has any female in this group found success with this treatment or any side affects??

  43. Grace, are you sure your hairloss is related to DHT? If not, Dut and Fin would not be the right choice for you. I hope you’ve had blood tests and been evaluated by a doctor.

  44. So far the dutasteride from Breckenridge has worked great for me, however, they have just been discontinued this past August and my bottle ran out 10 days ago. Camber Pharma was horrible…didn’t work at all for me. I had to get a new prescription with Amneal. Has anyone had bad or good experience with Amneal? Costco also source from Epic, has anyone had experience with Epic?

  45. Having looked through all the comments I am surprised to see there is no mention of one serious side effect of Avodart which I have been on for the past 10 years to reduce the size of my prostate gland – any reduction in hair loss at 70yrs of age is a bonus. Recent studies have shown that long term use of Avodart will result in NAFLD (Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) which I am now under investigation for after some recent Liver Function Blood Tests. I would be interested to hear from other longer term Avodart users if they have experienced the same results.

    1. Bump. Anyone have any comments on this?



      Can anyone refute these studies? I want to take dut, am on fin and losing ground, but these studies do concern me for long term use. I don’t want to end up with high blood sugar, insulin resistance, and NAFLD after 5-10 years.

      Do any of you long term Dut users get blood work done?

      Any input is appreciated.

  46. Jeff, lucky I saw this! Anagen, easy, great service and seems to be doing the job for me. I use the premix, powder didn’t pencil out to much of a savings and a kind of a pain. 5% in pg.
    Steve, I apply mid day between minox applications but I don’t think that’s essential.

  47. Thanks so much, Yoda! I actually have 3 bottles of the pre-mixed from Anagen, but I’ve been hesitant to pull the trigger. How many ml’s are you applying per day? I can’t see 1 ml being enough to cover the whole scalp.

  48. I completely understand about being hesitant to pull the trigger dude, it is an unregulated, little clinically tested chemical from China after all! I’m only thinning at the front 1/3 of my scalp, I use 1.25 ml to 1.5 ml per one application, once per day. Would more or higher concentration make additional progress? Possibly, but I’ll go with this for the foreseeable future. Mind you, I’m also on Dut and use high strength minox, currently 15%.

  49. Yoda, I have the exact same loss pattern! Crown is thick and full, but thinning in the frontal 1/3rd. Now you’ve REALLY got me curious to try it. Would love to build up some density there. Currently I use 1 mg Fin a day, 0.5 mgs of Dut once a week, and minox twice a day (foam in morning, liquid at night), and 2% Nizoral twice a week.

  50. Jeff, unfortunately nothing is a cure all and will give you back your adolescent hairline. Even though I still seek more hair I’m grateful for what I’ve been able to maintain and thicken. Not sure of your situation but you might look into higher concentration of Minox. I’ve been at this for over 30 years and always had to up the strength to maintain results. I’ve even used Murray’s 30% cream, hard to apply but works…not sure how much better than 15% which has been my go to for years. Another factor here is age and also what works for one may not work for the other…good luck!

      1. Yoda, did you get any side effects from RU? Also, I would like to keep applying minoxidil foam twice a day. How would you suggest I apply RU in conjunction with twice a day minox?

        1. No real sides, maybe dry eyes but that could be age. :-( I’d apply the RU as long as possible in between minox apps but at least 4 hours after minox and at the very least 10 minutes before.

  51. I’m 22, at 20 I suddenly came to the realization that my temples have receded to between NW 1 and 2. Receding started very young (16-17). I instantly went on 1mg of finasteride (propecia) once per day and 1ml of minoxidil once per day. I’ve been on fin and minoxidil for 18 months at this point. No sides at all from either drug. Yesterday I noticed that my crown is thinning very slightly (can only see in a certain light and the area is about 1 square centimeter large). I’m not sure if this has always been there or not since I didn’t really ever check that part thoroughly. Consequently I decided to completely NUKE my hairloss to make sure I don’t lose any more. I think my temples are almost the same as they were when I discovered my hairloss, might have receded just a tad but I’m not sure. Minox has grown tiny baby hairs on my temples, but nothing major. Fills it out a bit, which is nice.

    I ordered RU58841 from anageninc, and have an appointment with my dermatologist this week to hopefully score a dutasteride prescription. I plan on taking RU every day, and dut once per week (0.5mg, avodart) to start. I will continue with the fin and minoxidil and plan on keeping the dosage the same. I’ll update the situation in the weeks/months to come. Thanks for the page, read through all of it in one go.

    1. Go for Dutasteride if you can, but please have the backing of your Doctor. Never take a decision without medical guidance. I can tell you Finasteride wasn’t the best for me, and Dutasteride is awesome. Finasteride made my hair so much worse and Dutasteride improved my condition a lot in two months. If you start Dutasteride, you won’t need Ru. I guarantee this. I am not a fan of minoxidil myself, but I am sure it works since it’s FDA approved.

  52. Seems like an overly aggressive treatment for someone so young Bob. I know as well as anyone the impatience and fear one feels when loosing hair at an early age. However, I’d urge you to stick with Minox and Fin for at least a year before moving onto anything else. And if you did try something else I recommend higher % minox before Dut and certainly RU.

  53. Took Fin from The first of Feb 2018 to 20th of September (almost 8 month). It made my hair thinner and diffused loss everywhere. Finasteride made me look bald, when I had hair loss and just a receding hairline and just some thinning which wasn’t very obvious. Just a bald patch on top which wasn’t very obvious. I switched to Dutasteride everyday from 20th of September and in two months I am seeing lots of regrowth and my hair is much fuller. Went from terribly thin to so much better in two months. I am still bellow baseline, but if growth continues at this rate, I will have my hair fully back in a few months. I did shed a lot on Dutasteride and fin. Shedding is less but it never stops. People need to realize that shedding won’t make your hair thinner, if it’s getting healthy. Although it does shed you find yourself having more hair because your hair grows. It’s normal. Another thing to always keep track of for balding men is speed of hair growth on top and the sides. When my hair was at its worst with fin, and before fin, hair growth on the sides was a lot faster than the top. Now I can feel it’s normal. I strongly recommend anyone who is balding to ask your doctor for a prescription of Dutasteride. It’s a magic pill. Always track the hairs you shed too in order to know how effective your treatment is. Since I started Dutasteride, the only hairs I shed are small miniturized hairs, and growth is spectacular so far. Let’s hope for more results. I guess we all react to meds differently, but always experemint with what works for you, and find a dermatologist who can help you do what you want, and monitor you to help you reach your goals. Keep track of your hair twice a month with pics. I have pics of before Dutasteride and before fin, which is why I know what’s happening on my head too.

  54. I am 31 years from china. I noticed my hair lossing from one year ago. I tried Fina 6 months every day,but it’s ineffective… So I switched into Duta from last week.
    I take one pill everyday,you know,it’s my last chance,I can not find other solution anymore… I hope it will be effective. God bless me.

  55. Hey, im just 20 years. And my hairfall started 1 year back. But somehow usage of oild got it stabled and even regrowth was visible. This year june it got worse ans worse and i atarted losing excess hair from right side of my head. I atlast i had to see the doctor who prescribed me multi vitamins + minoxidil+ dutasteride. Should i go for dutasteride? I have heard it caused impotency! Please suggest me. This hairfall is causing a huge downfall in my confidence.

  56. What website do y’all order your dutasteride generic or avodart from. Every website I’ve tried I have been getting fake pills from India. I’ve gone to four dermatologists and asked for a prescription, but they all say they do not prescribe dutasteride for alopecia.

  57. Hi !!!
    I am from Brazil, and my english is not good
    I use 10 year finasteride ( since 33 year age)
    And I use together dutasteride 2 times a week,
    In Brasil dutasteride is very easy to find in drugstores and not need prescription.
    My father and grandfathers have hairloss in 30 age
    My father use dutasteride to prostate hiperplasic and your hair come back
    No side effects to me
    I do blood tests every ear

  58. I have been taking fin for almost 3 years 1 time daily. I found dermo to prescribe me duta 1 day per week (take it Monday mornings). I also use Rogaine 2x daily and hair max laser comb every other day. I felt like this has def worked for me. I use regenepure hair products everyday, I use neutrogena residue free shampoo once per week, and use palmers olive oil deep conditioner once a week too. The addition of duta has further improved things. Hoping this continues for years to come.

    1. Hi Josh. Can you definitely say the addition of Dut once a week has definitely helped regrowth? What’s your loss pattern like? And are you currently using 1.25 mg of Proscar daily, or 1 mg of Propecia daily in addition to Dut on Mondays?

  59. Admin, you might want to do some mod stuff and delete some irrelevant posts in order to keep this strictly about testimonies of dutasteride users. Maybe it’s hard for others to go through the posts like it is now and it makes ir harder for others to decide whether or not to take it. Anyways, just a thought.

    That having said: I’m a 21 y/o male and have been taking 0.5mg dutasteride (almost) daily for almost 4 years now. I started taking it about 3 months before I turned 18. I used to really take it every day, but the last 2 years I’ve been slacking a bit. Sometimes there are periods where I only take it once every few days, and sometimes I even forget taking it a week. In general, I think I do take it 4 or 5 days out of 7 days.

    My hair has basically stayed the same compared to 4 years ago. Maybe my hair line moved a few milimetres but it’s just a gut feeling. Still a NW2 like when I begun and it’s as thick (likely thicker) compared to when I started. I don’t have any noticeable sides such as loss of libido or gynecomastia. But then again (regarding libido), I’m still young and it might not affect me as much yet…

    I’m getting more and more scared each year about long term side effects though. It’s not a super old drug (in terms of modern medicine) and I sometimes worry about infertility or brain related stuff in the long run. I say this in vague terms because I sometimes read stuff online about how supression of DHT can have negative impacts on various things, or I read stuff about dutasteride possibly having negative effects on other stuff. I don’t really understand most of that science-heavy stuff unfortunately.

    All in all, it works really well for hair loss for me but due to the drug its relatively short history I’m growing increasingly worried about taking it for a very long time. I’m not sure if I would take this till my 40th (22-23 years of dut usage). But even if dut gives any side effects, some might be hard to pinpoint on dutasteride (brain related stuff) even if they are caused by it.

    I hope this helps people who are in doubt regarding to taking it or not. When I was younger, I was like them too. Just know that if you decide to take it, you will most likely be safe in the short and medium run. But in the long run, no one really knows for sure.

    1. Thanks Illusion, great comment and I am worried about side effects too. Hopefully, we are lucky like Ashton Kutcher (read my post on him and Avodart if you have not already).

    2. Hi Illusion, may i ask which pharmacy or manufacturer do you get your dutasteride from? I’m currently taking Strides Pharma and they seem to work okay but not as good as Breckenridge (discontinued). Thanks!

      1. Hi waiting, sorry for the late response but I almost never check hair loss sites/forums anymore. Anyway, as for your question, I used to get the “real deal” aka Avodart from GlaxoSmithKline. That was very expensive though (30eu / month). Nowadays, I take something called Dutasteride Aurobindo (like 5eu / month). Both are gel capsules containing 0.5 mg dutasteride per capsule.

        I have a connection who is a pharmacist and he gets me the dutasteride for the purchase price, so that’s why it’s so cheap for me. So both medicine come straight from a real pharmacist (physical drug store), hence I assume the quality control is good.

        However, there shouldn’t be much difference between dutasteride meds with the same dosage. After all, dutasteride is dutasteride. The inert compounds in medication might differ but these seldom affect the efficacy of the active compound (it’s the very definition of an inert compound to not react with the active compound).

        There is the possibility though that your medication does not contain dutasteride or as much dutasteride as indicated though. There’s quite a big fake-medicine market out there (google it sometime, I believe especially India produces a lot of fake stuff) so you should be careful with buying online. I don’t know either of these brands/pharmacies you just mentioned, so I can’t help you with that unfortunately.

        1. Hi Illusion, thank you for your response. Dutasteride is not approved for hair loss here in the U.S. therefore my insurance won’t cover. The generics are relatively cheap but the Avodart brand costs $215 / month and that’s with a coupon. I’d be ecstatic to pay 30eu / month. I know generics are supposed to be the same as brand but i’ve experienced a difference in quality even amongst the generic manufacturers.

    3. Hi Illusion,
      Thanks for this! I’m 26 been on finstaeride for 10 months with no results and would love to get on dutasteride (got the finasteride prescription from my general practitioner). Who prescribed your dutasteride ?

  60. Hi. Aside from shedding, does anyone here experience some itching on their scalp after a month or two of taking dutasteride? TIA :)

  61. Hi guys.
    I am a latecomer to this blog. I am 21years old and have been losing hair since 17 years old (when I started swimming that is). Before that, I used to have a really thick hair with no receding hairline and I could even have it pompadour styled. But now, I don’t even dare to walk out in public without my cap. It is so thin you could actually see my scalp from all sides.
    I was in a really stressful place when I was 20 years old, and I think this was the main reason that my hair loss drastically increased. I discussed with my parents and at 20 years old, I had a hair transplant surgery (1500 grafts). After the surgery, the doctor prescribed me with Zagallo (which is a brand of medicine that contains Dut as the main ingredient) and 5% minoxidil spray. I have been using them on and off since I am a college student and sometimes missing dosages and forgetting all about it during final weeks. I have to say my hair is really bad as of now, but I do see some baby hairs growing. However, whenever I shampoo, I see that the hairs that are lost, while drying with a towel or a dryer, are mainly baby hairs. So I have no other option as of now to just continue using the meds but I am looking forward to the 2020 cure with the Stem Cell Transplant.
    All in short, I would trade my soul to get back my thick head of hair.

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