Histogen and Replicel Updates

Declining Recent Interest in Histogen and Replicel

Several years ago, the two companies that hair loss sufferers cared about the most were Histogen and Replicel. Over time, news releases from Histogen slowed down and their published results were not especially impressive to the casual observer. While Replicel has remained highly active when it comes to news releases (probably more so than any other company ever involved in the hair loss cure world) and especially responsive on social media platforms, several delays in the company’s clinical trials have turned off many people.  Moreover, just as with Histogen, it is not yet entirely clear as to how great Replicel’s results will be.  It is assumed that once they use many injections, results will be significantly superior to what they have already shown in initial trials involving a limited number of injections.  When it comes to Replicel, making things even less clear is the fact that Replicel’s much larger Japanese partner Shiseido is supplementing Replicel’s technology with its own technology.  Below is an instructive chart showing Google Trends search results for keywords “Histogen” and  “Replicel” since the start of 2008.  Histogen is in red and Replicel is in blue, with the former causing the most excitement in 2010 and the latter in 2012.

Histogen Awakens from its Slumber

After not hearing much about Histogen in the past year, it was a pleasant surprise for me to learn that Histogen and its CEO Gail Naughton will be presenting at the upcoming 9th World Congress for Hair Research in Miami, Florida in November, 2015.  I will be covering the details of this Congress in more detail in the coming weeks.  See the news page on Histogen’s website that describes Dr. Naughton’s upcoming presentation.

Moreover, several months ago Histogen successfully garnered around $10 million in new financing that I mentioned in my brief items of interest post on this blog in July 2015.  Also of interest, Histogen published a new promo video on youtube about 3 months ago that I only saw recently:

Replicel Keeps Presenting and Tweeting Regularly

It seems like Replicel has continued to come out with new presentations virtually every 2 months during the past several years.  The latest from this month can be read here as well as seen in the video below.  That video is from a presentation by Lee Buckler at this month’s Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM)’s annual “Stem Cell Meeting on the Mesa” conference in San Diego, California.  It is worth watching most of the video’s on ARM’s youtube channel.  In the past, both Histogen and Replicel have presented at this annual conference, but this year it was only the latter.

Finally, for those who have questions related to Replicel, you should contact them directly via Twitter or Facebook as they are very responsive.

100 thoughts on “Histogen and Replicel Updates”

  1. Hey Admin,
    Thanks for the update, I was actually going to ask you in the comment section on the previous post about this exact topic but it started becoming a mess – people are starting to get excited.

    A few questions:
    1. When did Replicel/ Shiseido originally plan on having their trials start? I personally would have thought they would have started their trials by now even with the set backs but was surprised watching their presentation to hear that they will start “hopefully in a couple of weeks”.

    2. I still have yet to think that Histogen has raised the $10M in funding. If you read into the article, it reads “histogen inc. is expected to raise 10.39 million in this offering” or something like that. That article was from 4 months ago but tt seems that you are confident that they have already raised that, just wondering where that came from.

    I’m personally excited about Histogen and Replicel. I especially like how the presenter in Replicel’s video talks about how they are a business that is based around R&D and not one that is interested in commercializing it. I think that offers them greater strength in not having to worry about or raise funds for the logistics of commercialization, especially when there are already many great companies that exist that excel at that. In the end it means a faster and better service on our end (assuming their licensing the product to competent company).


  2. Curious the stage 1 trials were all done. There were some delays in Stage 2 trials, and it is confusing to follow everything since two separate groups are working in Germany and Japan. In any event, it looks like they are now moving along and hopefully Japan’s favorable new laws will speed up final trials.

    I thought I read that Histogen got that funding finalized, but now can’t seem to find the second article I read. Will look again tomorrow.

  3. Funny how nobody cares about Histogen or Replicel.. 4 comments.. lol

    200 plus comments!!!! for Ruxo……..tinib and Tofa………tinib.. I’ll never learn these names.. better call them just JAK inhibitors… lol..

    When something looks really promising the response is immediate and gigantic!!

    1. Not even a day has past… These 2 treatments have an exponential amount of potential to both work and come to market than the JAK inhibitors right now.

      It’s kinda like when you have had a girlfriend/ wife for awhile you forget how beautiful she is and start noticing the new cute little 20 year old girls running around. And when you stop paying attention she does something that reminds you that she is worth much more than you were appreciating her.
      Don’t believe the hype. The JAKs inhibitors are just the new girls on the block, don’t forget these treatments that have much bigger potential.

      And where is my beer? Lol.

  4. the looks of things as of now. Japan looks like it will be the first to have a baldness cure. Due to the generous new laws that were pass. Be able now to skip phase III is a big relief for the baldness sufferers around the world. Shiseido is a very well known reparable company that is currently working on a phase II Hair Regeneration trial with 60 participants which will last approximately 2 yrs. Once that is completed & data is collected. This should finally be commercialized in Japan in 2018!!!! All bald people across the world get ready to go to Japan in 3 yrs. But remember seeing is believing…

    1. C’mon Mike, don’t mix plans with what will actually happen in the future. Nobody knows what will be the outcome of this trials, you cannot just set your clock and think in 3 years or whatever length of time you choose a cure or treatment will be out. That is what all of us hope and root for but that doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen.

      The fact that in Japan their laws now allow medicine to hit the market faster, with less hurdles to the introduction of new treatments/drugs means nothing if the treatments/drugs don’t work in the first place. And I think, by what I’ve seen, that results of these two treatments, Replicel and Histogen, have been too modest, nothing to get excited about.

      Jaks may not hit the target as it did with mice, or with AA – these results were absolutely incredible, a guy with no almost hair, just a little patch here and there regaining all his hair back, not thin or fine but thick dense hair, like in the back of that mouse! It was INCREDIBLE!!.. If it does anything close to AGA, the cure is found!, nothing short of that. But that remains to be seen. Still, it is a could be situation.

          1. So far for AA bro not AGA. Please do not get excited that much because if it is not the cure the shock will be strong for you

          2. Hey, one step at a time…

            These results are amazing but AA is an autoimmune disease and the medicine (JAK inhibitors) work because they address that issue. If AGA were an autoimmune disease, they would have known that many years ago.

            We still need real testing before announcing this as the cure. Let’s hope for the best but not so hysterically ;)


            Ps. Where is my beer?

  5. Wasn’t me that was enthusiastic about the JAKs.. there were 200 comments for that. Replicel and Histogen got how many, so far???

    The last study done in mice and with human grafts were conclusive in state that there is a good chance that they – Jak inhibitors – might have an influence in MPB or AGA as well.
    It should be proved yet, and only the trials will say but it doesn’t seem to be only linked to the immune system, they seem to be bonded with hair. The study is about that. AA is from last year, this is a new discovery.

    And where is the MPB indian? lol… those were not convincing.

  6. An excerpt from the AA experiment:

    “Together with Julian Mackay-Wiggan, MD, MS, director of the Clinical Research Unit in the Department of Dermatology at CUMC and a practicing dermatologist at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia who treats patients with multiple types of hair loss, the researchers rapidly initiated a small open-label clinical trial of ruxolitinib—which is FDA approved for the treatment of a blood disorder—in patients with moderate-to-severe alopecia areata (with more than 30 percent hair loss). In three of the trial’s early participants, ruxolitinib completely restored hair growth within four to five months of starting treatment, and the attacking T cells disappeared from the scalp.”

    A Small Open-Label clinical trial, well….. it could be done again, now for testing it for AGA, couldn’t it??

  7. lol i like this, people still talking about last post not giving a damn about histogen or replicel.

    It’s kind of ridiculous that all of us with zero background in this field all have these bias as if we know what the hell were talking about. None of us even have the credentials to be pessimistic or optimistic.

    “JAK is for immunity problems” sure but there is research from spain and san diego that says AGA has something to do with the immune system… Dr. Cots say’s JAK is nothing to pay attention to. So sometimes even the elite minds are wrong too. We simply have no clue. Were all feeling the same elephant blind.

    1. You don’t need credentials to be pessimistic or optimistic. We base that on what’s going on, and that’s purely a feeling, a sensation. This recent news that the JAK inhibitors could also work for AGA, despite it’s uncertain yet, and unfortunately a long way, even if it works, from being finally marketed, feeds our hope that we may have hit the bull’s eye. But it’s too early to tell.. again, it’s just a feeling.

      Replicel and Histogen, I deeply root for them to have something better coming out of their oven, if they got it it would be faster. But theirs is a procedure, you’ve got to go somewhere, probably far away, to get it done, and maybe more than once, its costs would be higher. It’s way more complicated and expensive than if the solution was just applying a topical formulation – which would be the case of Ruxo or Toci.., Setipiprant, bimatoprost, PGE2.. those modulators.. But who cares, if you’ve got to fly to Japan or wherever in order to cure this problem, but if it’s cured after that, I wouldn’t mind.

      I just feel they aren’t doing that well, I don’t know, it’s just a feeling, as you put it, without any background or knowledge, and hopefully I’m wrong.

  8. Follica product? Cotsarelis…get a move on….

    Someone you know if there will be agreement between Histogen / Replicel and hair transplantation doctors ? IMO that will be very nice… Histogen+FUE?-(Pilofocus) / Replicel +FUE -(Pilofocus)? Awesome for high norwoods.


    Great Blog.

    1. Agreement between HT doctors and Replicel or Histogen or Follica??

      Why the hell would you still have to do a HT ??

      what’s the logic in that?

  9. The ONLY thing that is going to get us to the promise land is Tofacotinib and Rux. They grow 100% Back, and it is even better as a Lotion than in the pill form.

    As far as will they work on AGA – Heck Yes they will (not 100% certain but I am 99%). Why? Beno (JAK type drug from 1980 that was on market very short time due to side affects) grew hair on Two Bald Men. It stated in the article the 70 year old grew the hair on top of his (formerly) bald head as what was on the side of his head.

    Tofacinitib and Rux are also JAK Type drugs, PLUS they have tested it on Human hair on the Mice and the human hairs grew longer.

    Sorry Gents go cry someplace else. The Cure Is Here and it is going to be Tofacitinib and Rux.

    The Admin – needs to post a Permanent Top Portion of the website to the Up To Date Status of any info regarding those Two Drugs.

    Incidenentaly, about 12 months ago I heard Dr. Christano say when asked if she was going to try it on normal bald men and she said that those tests were too early to tell. I am almost sure she knows it has worked otherwise she would not have been so outright with recent information.

    All is my opinion.

    1. you can donate here to send hellouser to the 9th WORLD HAIR CONGRESS this November on our behalf to record presentations and ask important questions from researchers…. keep in note that Replicel, Histogen, Angela Christiano, and all the top researchers like Samumed will be presenting there…this is an exciting year for hair research.. many players in the race to cure baldness… we are short 400 something dollars.. it would have been alot more if our friend josh from UK hadn’t recently donated 500 dollars to the gofundme account..


      1. He’ll go, we are almost there! I’ve donated 20 as well. Unfortunately I’m in Brazil and here is 1-4… But I can put a little more if needed. This cause deserves.

        1. when is the deadline.. i know the congress starts on the 15th.. that doesn’t leave much time.. I hope Hellouser has purchased his tickets by now .. we have donated that much already ..

    2. “that achilles tendinosis thing that nobody cares about” – haha so true. On their Facebook there are only people asking them about the hair trials, even on unrelated posts.

      And you’really totally right. A company should focus on those things with the biggest interest.

      Also, some explanations would be nice, not just “we’re starting in a few weeks”, just tell us why. It would make waiting easier knowing that it is for a good purpose. A lot of these companies keep their target audience in the dark too much and it is kind of annoying.

  10. The Cure is Here… it is going to be a lotion of Tofacinitib probably from a doctor for other uses since it will take 5 years to get it FDA approved for hair growth. Note: Tofacinitib is already an FDA approved drug but not for hair loss but a doctor can prescribe it for Other Uses.

    Christopher, keep us updated from Day 1.

  11. I was right Before and I am Right now, and the Admin knows it.

    Tofacinitib in a lotion form will be the cure for ALL 100% of our hair back for Male Pattern Hairloss. How can I say it without any tests yet. Since, Beno (JAK Type drug in 1980’s was very toxic) grew hair on two men with Male Pattern Hairloss (reportedly it was as thick on top of one guys head as it was on the sides of his head and he was in his 70’s thus had been very bald before.

    Tofacinitib is a JAK Type drug and the LOTION is more powerful than taking a the pill form. Thus I strongly believe this is it. Put the Lotion on your head for 3 weeks and you get all your hair back. Simply Amazing. We should no for sure in 2016 as a few tests of it are completed and made public by Dr. Christiano. It only takes 3 weeks for hair to grow and 2 months for 1 inch think hair thus by the end of 2016 we absolutely should know. If she started the tests already then we should know in a couple of months.

    All is my opinion.

  12. Don’t get to carried away guys. This will a ton of bureaucracy and lobbying to pass through the fda. That’s if thr fda wants a cure for baldness. We live in a sick world and people enjoy seeing bald peoplr walking around buying rogaine and paying for transplants. If this solution gets released then it will put the HT industry out of business and they will have to work 100x harder to develop stem cell cloning to conpete. So hopefully these two methods get released very soon. Histogen should still be released for low Norwoods who need hsir line filling in. I just pray something good gets released that works 10x better than current treatments so that we can hold on to our hsir till hair cloning or jak inhibitors get released. BTW I was watching the greek news two days ago and they claimed that jak inhibitors are the cure for mpb.

    1. mjones, again with this conspiracy theory, mate? c’mon… when a new nice treatment is ready, you can bet your ass that it will come to you my friend… it’s just that it still doesn’t exist yet, unfortunately.

      1. yea mjones hearkening on the damn conspiracies again with the side note of his scoffing dermatologist that hold a 30 minute education on the hair process in comparison to the scientist. be warned people

  13. Admin, please answer me, I talked with my doctor about tofacitinib and ruxolitinib and he told me it s not going to happen. What you and other people thinking about this?

    1. Hi johny, it will be a few years before they can release the topical product, and only if it is proven to work on MPB…so your doctor is right to an extent. I am still somewhat optimistic (5/10 as I said in my last post).

      1. It’s quite sometime that they know jack stat inhibition can make the cells to go into early anagen. for example see this paper:
        This paper is almost 20 years old and basically shows the same thing, and for those of you who think Christiano’s paper was ground breaking it actually wasn’t.

        What happens in MPB is not merely a problem with anagen, but more a problem with deactivation of cells. So, even though, I don’t fully disregard the potential for these drugs to work on MPB, I agree with admin, and I say about 50% or something. To be really optimistic though.

        We need a cure, but more than that we honestly need all people who don’t like MPB to unite, and support each other to really find a cure and put an stop on this pathetic situation asap.

        I believe in citizen science, and that’s its possible to have a cure but it needs more passionate work than what is currently being done. I would say less than 20 labs work directly on this problem, while cancer diabetes and aids and … have thousands and thousands of labs working on.

        This is crazy, we should do something.

        1. basically panel C from Figure 1 is what is been shown in the recent 2015 paper, they used a conditional cre-knockout mice but here a drug was used.

          1. also, I don’t post anywhere else (no forum or anything) and this the only place I post my ideas on, so they may look a bit out of place. lol

          2. We need an ice bucket challenge or something. If there wasn’t an estigma attached to this thing, if only it was considered a real problem.

        2. also it’s almost 30 years or something that stat3 has been shown to directly interact with androgen receptor. Science is slow guys. but don’t turn science into religion, by being overly optimistic. it’s f slowwwwwww, like a turtle.

    2. your doctor is a dumb.. it’s not going to happen?! he knows not more than your barber or hairdresser!! believe me dude!

    3. Your doctor is a dumb.. it’s not going to happen?! he knows not much more than your hairdresser!! believe me dude!

    1. How is that possible when JAK type drugs, Tofacinitib and Rux are the ONLY drugs to grow 100% hair back. They are the ONLY thing to work.

      And we do not know for sure yet but again given that Beno grew to Male Pattern Hairloss guys there hair back in early 80’s that those type of drugs will work again!!!

      100% back, not 50% or 12%, all of it.

      Dr. King must be wrong. Up until a few years ago all these Sciencetists did not even know that hair was still fully intact but just miniaturized. They kept saying once 10 years goes buy after you lose your hair forget about ever getting it back since the hair follicle is gone forever. How stupid is that?!

      We are getting ALL of our hair back and it will start at the end of 2016. Since doctors can prescribe JAK type drugs for other purposes (for those with hairloss). Watch.

      All is my opinion.

      1. yeah.. if this thing works like it did in AA… it will be miraculous.. 100%.. They should test them immediately, topically.

        If I was Dr. Christiano, I’d test in myself, if she isn’t doing that right now already… Maybe all that hair isn’t a wig anymore… lol

  14. Haha. too much excitement over Ruxo and Tofa spilled over into this replicel section.

    There’s no guarantee they’ll work on mpb SAFELY. And the FDA approval is years away. I think it’s such a risky move to jump from a mouse to human trial without further in depth research on it. Hair is nice but don’ t want to grow an extra nose.
    I don’ t mean to be a party pooper but I still have faith in replicel and other upcoming technologies, with zero side effects. These companies have done a good job explaining their theories to a layman like me, and that tells me there have been adequate studys done in their research.

    1. Those drugs are already FDA Approved just not for hairloss yet as that will take years. If they do work for Male Pattern Hairloss just get a doctor’s prescription for it for other purposes, all perfectly legal and normal. Just need proof that the drugs work, and are safe on the scalp.

      It amazes me that people hang on to dear life for all of these Minoxidol type cures. 100% Hair Back with Tof and Rux in 3 weeks of treatment. Watch.

      All is my opinion.

    2. bw,

      Ruxo and Toci are already FDA approved drugs, taken orally, my friend!! Therefore, their safety is already proven, they are already commercial drugs, you can find them in a drugstore. In topical form, it’s even safer. You should know better, dude.

      What’s not guaranteed already is if they will work they way they did in AA. Efficacy is what they still need to be tested for. But the chances are very good, I’d bet they are pretty much better than Replicel’s or Histogen’s, which don’t seem to show great promise.. my opinion ok? I just find their results mediocre, so far. They way they are until now, they won’t be much better than Minox or Fin or a hair transplant. Hope I’m wrong.

      And all of them are upcoming technologies!! zero side effects? how do you know?

  15. All I know is that they have never cured anything in modernscience. Maybe because I have been disappointed time and time again with false cures and treatments but I think we should focus on Seti, bim, samumed and sishedo. Treatments will be released not cures. It’s the sad truth. If it does work to grow back hair in 3 weeks then what happens to hair transplant doctors? You think they won’t fight to block this just how they are blocking histogen and who knows what other treatments that would put them out of business. There is a cure for baldness and it was shown on those 80 yr old guys back 30 yrs ago. They never released it or even pursued it openly to try and commercialize it for aga. It was blocked and never spoken about till this week.

    1. Mjones,

      A cure 30 years ago blocked by who? you really believe that??

      So there is a secret society, the hair transplants illuminati, that has been keeping MPB from being cured in order that they can continue making money with their surgeries forever…

      And the “Big” Pharma, Propecia and Rogaine manufacturers, along with all the other many generic brands, also united with the HT doctors to help them put obstacles to new drugs and stopping their progress so they can never hit the shelves… and keep their less than 10% of the REAL market on their hands for all eternity… that’s it, You’re right!!

  16. fgf – that’s amazing your astem cell researcher and that christiano was on national media with ground breaking research that was actually 20+ years old. if the ‘cure’ is 10-20 years off is it really even worth paying attention to? i’ll be 40-50 by then if i was 40-50 right now i wouldn’t give a flying shit

    1. it doesn’t men her work was bad. it was actually pretty amazing, but it was no were near to a breakthrough. She’s an amazing person, that is truly concerned about hair research. She has organized amazing conferences. It’s just that it’s hard to treat hair loss, it’s not an easy job. A hair follicle, honestly, is not anything less complex than your heart or kidney. It has about 12 different cell types.

  17. fgf also, if it’s 10-20 years away
    what about all the GEL -Gene expression Library?

    it will elucidate at the molecular level what it is exactly needed to grow functionnal hair on skingraft (like US army researchers) or after wounding! ( thanks to michael Rendl’s lab, they are top for us as they exclusively work on understanding the hair follicle world)

    “The work is central to understanding the interactions between stem cells and their environment — or “niche cells” — during fetal development, and will specifically facilitate future attempts to make skin grafts with functional hair follicles or to regenerate lost hair in patients.”

    “The new tool and our initial analyses take a molecular snapshot of stem cells and niche cells as they interact to form hair follicles,”

    “We know these cells are important for coordinating hair growth, but we don’t know how they communicate on a molecular level to achieve such a complex process.
    Our goal in publishing this database is to construct a launching pad for future studies that will clarify the role of all signals driving this developmental program — with the ultimate goal of transitioning this knowledge to the clinical setting.”

    “Using next-generation RNA-sequencing, the research team compared transcriptomes in embryonic skin cells to uncover hundreds of genes that are active as skin develops, including those that guide the formation of hair follicles.”

    “While this work provides the first high-resolution molecular study of hair follicle precursor cells, its true power comes from analyzing these cells in the context of the entire developing skin,”

    “As hair follicles form, many other cells in the local environment simultaneously coordinate epidermal and dermal maturation, pigment cell migration, nerve cell distribution, and more. By comparing the genome-wide RNA-sequencing analysis of distinct cell types isolated from embryonic skin, the research team uncovered unique genes associated with each one.
    These aptly named “gene signatures” in turn reveal the messages specific cell types send and receive as they communicate and cooperate to form skin and all of its complex compartments

    “Such genes could represent core factors that establish stem or niche cell identity and activity, and could be useful to promote hair growth in a clinical setting.
    The authors additionally confirm the activity of defined signaling pathways, known to be important in diverse developmental programs, but for the first time pinpoint cells throughout the skin that take part in these molecular conversations.
    “Finally, they highlight the widespread activation of signals previously defined by their role in axon guidance signaling, which could have a heretofore unrecognized role in directing the large scale cellular rearrangements important for functional skin development”

    “The team is sharing all data in an interactive, searchable Hair Gene Expression Library website (Hair-GEL.net) that offers sequencing information on the stem cells and niche cells that interact to build hair follicles. Researchers can query any gene of interest to see if it is present and/or specifically expressed in any one of the distinct cell types that compose embryonic skin.

    It will give a big help to any researchers currently working on a cure and so shorten the timeline

    1. This is actually a very good work, but it just throughs some genes. Rendl is an amazing guy, his work may or may not have motivated by his own MPB but is definitely considered a great map in morphogenesis. However, the real work, would be when one does the same thing for different levels of miniaturization (progress of AGA) rather than morphogenesis. Why? because I don’t believe we are close in creating a hair follicle. De novo hair follicle morphogenesis (by follica) is also not logically sound, as the new follicles will be made from the same progenitor cells that is already prone to DHT and so they will also miniaturize. Given that they don’t create them on the back of head and transplant them, which will be a mess again.

      1. that’s why I say few labs work directly on this problem. The above work helps stem cell biology more than AGA research.

  18. admin hasn’t done anything on this story….. with good reason, you have to understand wth is going on. i wanted to hear your thoughts as a stem cell researcher.

    1. Also if you guys want any honest answers that is realistic, please write them in the comment sections and I will answer them.

      1. that is unfortunate, so everything on the table is all hype then? setipiprant, follicum, shiseido, rux, christiano, -everything their all working on something that may or may not come to fruition beyond 2020-2030?

        were just all uneducated people suffering and getting excited about illegitimate hype? … thats messed up. I would believe the brute reality before the miracle because that’s the way the world generally is. then why do you come onto these forums? are you hoping illegitimately too? this could take 10-20 years at best, it’s not even worth your time paying attention to we could be dead by then,

        1. fgf your my go to skeptic from here on out then, what are your thoughts on this study out this year.


          “cells were harvested and cultured successfully without a feeder layer” and “Their genomic DNA was extracted successfully”

          “The viable cultured cells of both groups refracted light, while dead cells appeared black. Keratinocytes appeared after 24 hours, Melanocytes appeared at 48 hours, and stem cells appeared in 7 to 10 days”

          -so let’s be straight , you don’t think there is ANY chance of a “cure” in the next 3-5 years.. the scientist at shiseido and replicel are totally misdirected and blindfolded trying to solve the -make more hair problem (rather than the miniturization problem)

        2. Cause I’m f**king angry at this shi*tty hair loss thing. So I keep reading everyday, keeping myself updated and thought to spread a bit of realism here and there. It’s kind of funny how media goes insane mixing hype and hope for their mostly lay audience.

          Also, the other reason is that It’s stupid we’ve got no effective treatment whatsoever, and all we can do is to step down and are forced to accept the inevitable. This shouldn’t be the case if we don’t five in to hype.

          1. i dont think your english is that bad at all written by the way. i appreciate your realism – even if it does suck lol.

            I just have to be just as skeptical towards your brand of realism as I am other researchers in the news that are actually at the cutting edge causing the news to pay attention.

            there are peripheral developments that make me doubt the pessimism which isn’t comfortable being inadvertently optimistic… as counter intuitive as that may sound.

            Don’t you ever doubt yourself or the hype of rando blog skeptics?

  19. there were brilliant scientist that publically denounced the possibility of the existence of the atomic bomb months and years before it happened. How are we to ration our speculation around this aspect with you.. or the aspect of scientific discord in general if it’s rooted in opinion.

  20. also admin ~ i know your not a god, but if you could jump on these stories before me and get a good interpretation on it that would be awesome. eventually.. if you have the time.

    it’s lacazette – hellouser on baldtruth forums they seem to be avid diggers, as well as a simple google search on various key words. pakistan university isn’t in the HL Research around the world page.

    1. Thanks for the link egghead. I am only adding places that have published a few papers or are home to a famous hair loss researcher. Will check to see if Pakistan University has more such research publications.

  21. Big progress are coming out day after day, and few days ago the 2 most powerful domains in regenerative medicine are now meeting each other : they are now able to bioprint iPS cells!
    ( safety, time consuming, cheapness, easiness, make large amounts of, etc,etc the meeting of these two worlds will be a huge help in every areas needed for commercialization be possible one day).

    In a new breakthrough for bioengineered 3D printing, a team from the Scottish-based Heriot-Watt University’s School of Physical Sciences and Engineering has constructed a 3D printer that is able to print with delicate stem cell cultures. The printer is engineered to print what the team calls ‘induced pluripotent stem’ (iPS) cells, which are delicate cells derived from the particular donor.

    “This study is the first to demonstrate that human induced pluripotent stem cells, that is stem cells derived from the adult patient’s own cells, can be bioprinted without adversely affecting their biological functions; that our 3D printing process is gentle enough to do this,” said Dr. Shu.

    Dr. Shu is describing a system that is able to bioprint these sensitive cell cultures without destroying their biological function to create different cell types.

    “The ability to bioprint stem cells while either maintaining their pluripotency, their ability to develop into all types of cells in the body, or indeed directing their differentiation into specific cell types, will pave the way for producing organoids, or tissues on demand, from patient specific cells,” Dr. Shu added.

    imagine,guys like Terskikh had to take adult cells from a biopsie, make them pluripotent, and then make these iPSCs become DPs cells , all that manually . It’s commercially not possible for a treatment when you need many many DPs cells. But now the entire process could be done via the bioprinter
    Not only transform the adult cells into iPSCs, but also then directing those ones into the type of cells needed

    Complete safety reprogramming is currently being solved, now that mechanical automation via bioprinting will enter the game , viability of clinical application of a treatment is becoming more and more possible and concrete day after day

    I still maintain that we will see at least one of them enter a phase1 during 2016 (or at least a proof of concept on a human head) ( terskikh, takashi tsuji, regience, ohyama, amagai, CHA korea, P&G/Singapore, chineses ones, or another using iPSC technology ) ( I could add also Cristiano as I see she is presenting recently a ” functional complex skin derived from iPSC” )

    FGF Admin – your thoughts?

  22. Guys there’s no point arguing…just shave your head and wait, I’ve been balding since 18 so instead of scaring my head up permanently or taking pills that destroy my manhood and thoughts, embrace your bald head and just wait… Arguing about this like you know more than the researchers is depressing, Jason stathom shaves his head and his girlfriends are all hot as hell, and I’m sure they wouldn’t prefer him to have hair if it also meant having a limp dick, just wait and don’t risk cancer by experimenting with risky drugs (also when I was 18 they said they’d have a cure in 5 years! That never came! So the standard “5 years and a likely cure” is not a good sign, means they have nothing substantial yet)

    1. Also, I had hopes for Piloscopy thing, but that was a major lie after lie by Dr. Wesley when it would be available (likely to get investors), also in one article I HATE how he insults some bald guys by saying when they come into his office and describe some of their problems associated with hairloss that they need a psychiatrist and not a hair transplant?! Ya thanks tips, hairloss and the drastic change of your appearance causes some personal self esteem issues…smug Harvard prick with all his hair. Anyways, love your site admin, PLEASE keep up all the good work, the baldtruth talk guy…not near as good!… and always seems to promote propecia…

  23. You are right Guest99. 100% agree with you in all. baldtruthtalk is a shame.
    People with androgenetic alopecia are very tired of this situation and always hearing the same. That’s PATHETIC.



  24. It’s always 5 years away. A breakthrough cones out every year to boost our hopes then it fizzles away. Julian, you need to understand that the hair loss business is multi billion worth with tons of treatments and snake oils. You release a cure out then all those business go away and you are stuck with one really good treatment. That puts a big dent in economy and big Pharma. Fda. They hide all cures and never release them. Only treatments. Personally I don’t mind putting a topical on my head or taking a pill everyday or a couple days a week forever to grow back my hair and to make big Pharma rich. We both end up happy. You must realize other hidden players are behind the scenes in business. I personally believe they have multiple cures for hair loss that are shelved, just like aids and cancer. The question is when will they release it as a lifelong treatment for us.

    1. Mjones, There’s no cure yet, man!! The moment it is achieved, its worth itself will surpass many times the worth of the hair loss market as we know it today. It will buy it many times, not the contrary!!

      90 percent or more of the people, men and women, who would have an interest in the solution of balding, or hair thinning, all these people are out of the market today.. be it because they ignore current treatments, be it because they have tried them but didn’t get the results they expected, be it because they find them useless, be it for fear of side effects, be it because they haven’t seen yet a bald friend becoming hairy again, in front of their eyes…. So, your multi billion dollar market is but a fraction, approximately 10% of what it could actually be!

      So, I guarantee you that once a really effective drug or treatment exists, is ready, there’s no way to stop it!

      1. If they had it they could sell them, very easily, and the market is eager and huge, so why the hell they would hold them and hide them?

        1. So there’s no conspiracy, there’s just enormous difficulty, bureaucracy, complexity, it’s really not easy to solve these problem and it takes time as we know, these are the real hurdles, but one day, and I hope it’s sooner than later, they’ll be overcome and we’ll have a solution.

  25. mjones and julian, although I believe in the black shelf patent registry conspiracy… with hair loss … lmao

    nah dude, you think Merck’s propecia getting sued to hell and back and the Bosley mafia is having back door deals to stop an international scientific community dead in it’s tracks?

    Do you think there is a New World Order of male pattern baldness that is international in it’s scope stopping men from having to deal with these problems? You don’t think that’s not even slightly ridiculous? let me help you believe it’s totally ridiculous.. Here is your hair transplant mafia Bosley trying their damn hardest to compete against the stem cell underling slave class scientist they have inprisonned in their new world bald order


    stem cell research! WOW bosley’s working on the same alternatives

    You say “My dermatologist laughed at me when i asked them about hairloss cures” dermatologist are so far below the level of research were talking about scientist not car salesman, they don’t work on this level they peddle drugs to people – smart but not quite the level were talking

    you also say Angela Christiano even said theres drugs out there that work that can’t be marketed. is that why she still wears a wig? wheres that quote? and why isn’t she taking that secret sauce? also.. yes.. she wears a wig she said that 15 times in 15 different interviews.

    1. That’s alright!! specially being a woman, she would take it right away lightning fast!!! lol…. I suspect she might have started using her Jaks-stats already… lol… just my guess… lol… in a silent Liz Parrish mode.. lol

  26. Julian and egg head sorry for all the negative posts. I am just pissed off that I am watching my hair recede and thin whike being on the big 3. The fact that there is nothing more I can do pisses me off! I’m more pissed that all these research companies are taking forever to produce a treatment better than minox. I remember in 2001 Dr Christiano said hair cloning would be available in 10 years. Well it’s 15 years later and we are in thr same fking boat. This is why I feel they are not allowing a better treatment. It’s impossible that they haven’t discovered a treatment better than rogaine or propecia. I personally believe intercytex had a solid treatment that was shelved.

    1. We all are pissed and can’t wait for nothing more than that, but hang on my friend! we’re close, we will enter the promised land, believe it!!

  27. I believe thats the cure is on the way guys. I am not optimistic i am realist look how many researchers are so close on this right now with differents methods and paths. I believe in this year we ll see the cure trials in human beings finally. Be patient…

  28. yeah admin – lacazette on bald truth forum seems to be the most inquisitive optimist that finds pretty obscure avante garde stuff…
    I would juxtapose his finds with FGF here or another skeptic stem cell researcher. that would be interesting. the biggest problem with me is I don’t understand the language maybe eventually there could be a laymen translation

  29. This place is getting out of hand.

    A lot of people are running their beliefs down each other’s throats and the conversation is becoming: I’m right and you’re wrong.

    We understand that you are excited about the “cure” that you think is the right one but that’s doesn’t make you right, same goes for me. Take a step back and have a normal conversation. If you have any new information, questions or thoughts say them… But don’t keep shouting the same thing over and over. It gets us nowhere. We all want a cure to come along, are on the same team, cheering as hard as we can and unfortunately we are all in the dark. Anyone of these “cures”, treatments or otherwise can be swept under the rug tomorrow. Once we have actual proof that something works on MPB (on a human, not a mouse) we can start celebrating. But until that time, take it down a notch. Your shouting/ unrelenting comments are drowning out actual conversation that could help the community.

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