The Instructive Case of Transsexual Danielle Hallett

Until around 15 years ago, I always had to suppress a laugh on the rare occasion when I saw a MTF (male-to-female) transsexual person. I did not know anything about the biological basis for transsexualism. Neither did I realize the tremendous struggles that  transgender people have to endure their whole life.

Family, community, cultural and religion based judgement and ostracization of transsexuals can often be brutal. These issues have improved significantly in recent years in the developed world (and some lesser developed countries such as Thailand). Fifteen years ago, I essentially thought that transsexuals were semi-crazy people experimenting with themselves for some twisted reason! How wrong was I.

My feelings about transsexuals changed drastically over the years as I met more of them and learnt about the problem in detail via YouTube and the Internet in general. Moreover, as I began losing my own scalp hair while gaining a decent amount of body hair at the same time, I started becoming increasingly curious about male and female hormones. Today I find the whole process of converting from male to female very fascinating. Even though I have no intention of doing so myself. I would definitely prefer the scalp hair of a typical woman though.

Another thing that made me more interested in transsexuals was that every single MTF transgender that I have talked to over the years was very intelligent. Perhaps their numerous struggles from a young age make them more likely to become astute thinkers Perhaps they have been gifted with both men’s and women’s strong suits when it comes to intelligence? Assuming that sex differences in different areas of the brains do exist. Most of the videos on YouTube from TrannyGirl15 are good examples of a high level of intelligence. I especially like this one.

It should be noted that I have never talked to a FTM (female-to-male) transsexual person in real life. I think there are also more MTF transsexuals than FTM transsexuals in general. My interest in the former is far more significant because once they become female, they often have to go all out to regrow their scalp hair. FTM transsexuals on the other hand often seem okay with losing their scalp hair!  How annoying that there are people out there willing to take drugs whose side effect is loss of scalp hair.

Danielle Hallett Gets Her Hair Back

In any case, the reason for this post is to discuss the amazing transformation of Darren Hallett to Danielle Hallett. Danielle has a lengthy internet trail documenting her transition and its aftermath. Including over 1,500 often very useful posts on the hairlosstalk forums where she is known as GeminiX. Also make sure to see her YouTube videos and her Twitter.

The most impressive thing about Danielle’s transition is that she seems to have done most of it in her late 30s and early 40s. i.e., when she was already middle-aged and significantly balding. Transitioning when young is a lot easier, at least hormonally speaking. Danielle has had a few hair transplants over the year along with hair extensions. Danielle Hallett is also a very experienced IT professional and consultant. Also see more before and after photos on her Facebook page. And her Linkedin page.

In my recent post on estrogen and hair loss, I pointed out how it was amazing to read that estrogen supplementation in castrated individuals can grow back substantial amounts of lost hair. This goes against what many scientists have said for years. i.e., hair that is dead will never come back. According to one of Danielle’s posts on the forums:

“As far as I can tell I grew back hair that I had lost in the 5 – 10 years prior to starting medication, I have transsexual friends who recovered what appears to be far more hair than me who started treatment much sooner into the MPB ‘journey’. My theory is that medication can reverse all hair loss if the hair follicles are still there (even if dormant for a long time), but once they are gone, they are gone.”

In essence, she is saying that hair that has been dormant for as long as ten years can still come back and is not totally gone. No-one seems to be in agreement as to when hair is “totally gone”. Around 15 years ago, Dr. Marty Sawaya stated that she had a patient who had been totally bald for decades and still regained most of his hair via Dutasteride. Not sure how much I can believe from that one somewhat controversial anecdotal case.

It also seems like Danielle Hallett was never castrated, although I am not certain. In future, I hope I can find more well documented cases from middle-aged or older MTF transsexuals who regained a lot or most of their hair after both castration and estrogen supplementation. Perhaps hair is never gone permanently and can be rejuvenated even decades after it disappears!?  Wouldn’t that be wonderful.

The Daily Mail article that I linked to earlier in bold font mentions  her wealth and success. However, one of Danielle’s forum posts indicates that she was homeless at one point of time. On top all that, she also had a gastric band procedure to lose weight. All-in-all, one heck of a story and transformation. Danielle’s 154k Twitter followers at the time of writing this post a testament to her great story.

14 thoughts on “The Instructive Case of Transsexual Danielle Hallett”

  1. I wonder how it’s possible that dutasteride and finasteride works better than castration causing hair regrowth. In my opinion I dont understand how a person can have less DHT taking fin than have castrated.

    1. Do not think that either of them work better than the castration+estrogen combo. One case of Dutasteride was supposedly phenomenal per Sawaya, but not enough evidence.

  2. Sorry for being so Head Strong about it. But I told you what the cure probably is, Skin Perturbation PLUS Rux.

    Notice in the COMMENTS section half way down two people happen to mention that they grew much more hair on one leg after they had leg surgery, in other words after Skin Perturbation (New Skin). Yes you can regrow hair from a bald area for decades just need Skin Perturbation (New Skin) PLUS I think RUX will then regrow all hair.

    Case, after case, after case people regrew hair AFTER Skin Perturbation and usually on an Arthritis type drug.

    -Beno in 1982 an old man fell a sleep and burned his head while on Beno and regrew his hair.

    -1986 Campfire guy 76 year old man fell into fire head first and regrew his hair (probably on some type of Anti Inflammatory). There are Before and After pics on Net.

    -The two guys in the above link mentioned how they regrew more hair on one leg that had Knee surgery. They obviously had Skin Perturbation (New Skin) plus could have been on some drug (Anti Inflammatory).

    Yet the Obvious solution is Ignored instead it is wait for something like Bitamopist (sp?) that will not work.

    We should have the cure right now. I hope this summer some Researcher somewhere is going to try Skin Perturbation PLUS Rux then that is it. If that happens not to work then it will be Stem Cell guy Alexey. But I honestly believe it will work.

    All is my opinion.

    1. Hopefully. But I wish they would try it to find out if it is right. The drug is already FDA approved (just use Lotion form of it and not Pill for of the drug) just need to try it with Skin Perturbation at some Medical Research lab. And if it worked we would have the Cure Right Now.

      All is my opinion.

  3. Rich if you are so sure, please sell your car and house and invest all in it and then you will be rich and famous for ever

  4. Lol rux is extremely expensive.. Hed bee bank rupt and in debt to aimply try it out….. A researcher must test this or any new treatment. On NEW skin… I abaolutelt agree with that.. Im sure fin and minox will work 3x better on a scalp which has been wounded alightly or fibrosis removed

  5. You all talk about this possible cure & this possible cure. REPLICEL appears to be the closest. Hopefully, phase II begins before I turn gray with whatever hair I have left. Furthermore, someone said on the forum that once phase II is done they won’t have to conduct a phase III. Meanwhile, if you to Replicel on Twitter you will see that phase III will need “women” & “Men” participants. So a cure for baldness by 2020. I doubt it. It is close but may take a little longer. Only time will tell. Correct me if I am wrong. But I believe that Replicel also figured out matching color & texture. Phase II is base on dosage & pricing.

  6. Ok let’s get one thing clear since people get it mixed up.. THERE.IS.NO.PHASE3. IN.ASIA “ASIA” “ASIA”” in the west there might be 20 phases lol but in japan they made new laws to fast track stem cell treatments because they realized that stem cells are the cure to everything. I’m more ocncerned over the fact that replicel STILL hasn’t commenced phase 2.. If it weren’t for shiseido backing them up i would consider them to have failed.


      This new Stem Cell success for growing hair will probably end up being tested in Japan this year to test hair growth on humans using Stem Cells. It has been stated that they hope to have it available in 3 years if everything goes well. Although we know how everything takes forever maybe once we can get a break.

      Although I still think Rux plus Skin Perturbation will work but sometimes even I wonder since NOTHING ever works, sorry I do not want Peach Fuzz.

      All is my opinion.

  7. Ok, I hear you I am not retarded. No phase III in Asia. Wonderful news if accurate. Ques: Why is there a “Phase III” when you go to Replicel site on pipeline product. And why when you go to Replicel Twitter it’s says Phase III will gave Men & women candidates????????????

  8. Rich I can see you are super adamant about tux and skin perturbation. I say this in a non sarcasm way..maybe you can take this idea to some scientists. Email them and see what they say? I dont think they hang out on hairloss forms like us as most of them are wealthy and have a good life.

    1. I have put it on the Hairloss Forums to let others push it too.

      However Follica, that identified the fact that skin that is cut grows hair but the body then for whatever reasons stops the hair from growing, is using Skin Perturbation PLUS available drugs on the Market to try and find a cure.

      Follica is super secretive and no one knows what they are doing (if anything),

      I took this a step out into the Public Domain and now it is for Others to take it to the next step with Medical Researchers.

      All is my opinion.

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