Bimatoprost Results are Finally Out

At the beginning of this year, I published a detailed post on Allergan’s Bimatoprost product.  In that post, I stated the following:

My feeling is that Bimatoprost may result in slightly superior results to Minoxidil, but nothing extraordinary.

***I am pleased as well as slightly disappointed to say that I was probably correct (read the rest of this post).

At the end of January 2015, Allergan was supposed to have finished its phase II clinical trials regarding using Bimatoprost to treat scalp hair loss.  However, those results have not as yet been published, although…

Allergan Finally Releases Some Information on its Results of Treating Hair Loss with Bimatoprost

On November 4, Allergan published two interesting pdfs on its website that can be downloaded.  On pages 16 and 17 of one of those pdfs, there is a surprising and unexpected summary of the initial results of using Bimatoprost to treat people with hair loss.  I am assuming that these results are from the earlier mentioned clinical trials. (Note that the pdf also includeds some information on Allergan’s more exciting Setipiprant product to treat hair loss).

It seems like Bimatoprost 1% and Bimatoprost 3% both result in slightly superior hair growth in comparison to Minoxidil 5%, based on an “Expert Panel Review” and based on an “Investigator Global Assessment.”  Hopefully the experts and investigators involved in those reviews are unbiased and not employed or funded by Allergan.

Funnily enough, Bimatoprost 1% has slightly better results than the higher dose Bimatoprost 3% according to the “Expert Panel Review”, although the “Investigator Global Assessment” finds the opposite to be true as one would have expected.  When it comes to actual volunteer opinions based on non-scientific self-assessments, Minoxidil results seemed to be slightly better than Bimatoprost results.

We Have Become Spoilt

The overall mood of hair loss forum members regarding this news has been slightly pessimistic per my analysis. On the one hand this is very surprising considering that to date there have only ever been two FDA approved drugs to treat hair loss on the market (Finasteride and Minoxidil), and Bimatoprost will match or slightly exceed the results of one of those two (Minoxidil) and work via a different mechanism.  Just a few years ago, millions of people around the world were delighted that Minoxidil (Rogaine brand) was finally released in a foam version.  The old liquid version was extremely irritating for many people and often dripped down people’s foreheads.  Last year, women were also pleased that Rogaine had finally released a 5% version for females.  All in all, there are numerous people out there who find Minoxidil to be very useful to slow their hair loss progression and sometimes even halt it entirely.  I hope that Bimatoprost finds similar success.

On the other hand, I am not surprised at all by the pessimism.  In today’s extremely fast paced world where groundbreaking medical and technological advances are announced on a weekly basis (and popular smartphone brands come out with new versions of their bestselling models almost every year), many hair loss sufferers expect a 100 percent foolproof hair loss cure immediately, or at the very least, a new hair loss drug every six months!  Nothing less is worth getting excited over.  While not particularly impressed by these results, I am still pleased that we could finally have a third FDA approved weapon in the fight against hair loss, and one that acts via an entirely different mechanism (prostamide F2α analog) to Finasteride or Minoxidil.

Other Notes

— Even if Bimatoprost does consistently produce superior results to Minoxidil with no significant side effects, we are still at least 2-3 years away from actual product release.  However, lower dose versions of Bimatoprost have already been in use for eyelash growth (via the brand name Latisse) for a few years now.  I am guessing that some hair loss forum members will continue to try to make their own higher dose versions and play around with topical delivery mechanisms for the scalp, although the current cost of Bimatoprost makes it very prohibitive at higher doses for the vast majority of us.

— In my post on Allergan from a month ago, I was thinking that it was worth buying the company’s stock.  Since then, AGN has gone up by 10 percent!  The main reason for this is due to the fact that the world’s largest drug company, Pfizer, has recently expressed interest in purchasing Allergan for around $120 billion.  The primary reason given is that Pfizer would then benefit by drastically lowering its tax bill by adopting Allergan’s headquarters in Ireland (US corporate tax rate = 35%, Ireland corporate tax rate = 12.5%).  I think that the two pdfs that Allergan has just published give even more reason for Pfizer to acquire Allergan.  However, it remains to be seen if the US government will allow Pfizer to get even bigger than it already is and at the same time pay far less taxes to Uncle Sam.

— Allergan plans to commence further clinical trials for Bimatoprost on scalp hair in the first quarter of 2016.

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  1. Also would like to know what Dr. Christiano thinks of all that. If she knows of this difference between miniaturized hair follicles from AA and AGA. If she thinks Ruxo.. or Tofa.. could act in some way to reestablish this junction…

    1. If she is familiar with the study from 2003 that proved hair follicle miniaturization to be reversible??

      That I would like to ask Cotsarelis too.

  2. You guys are going to get mad at me again but I have a gut feeling they have a cure. It’s freaking hair lol. It can’t be that hard for them to rub a tonic that makes miniaturized hsir to become long thick again. I just don’t buy it that after all these years they can’t do it. It’s just like technology. The Internet was secretly used in thr govt in the 70s and 80s. Then BAM! AOL cones out of nowhere with the biggest technological advancement in history. I think the same thing will happen very soon. Out of nowhere they will release a remarkable treatment that will make a Norwood 5 a Norwood 2. The reason why all these rich people are still bald including prince William is that if they all of a sudden grow back their thick hair people will ask how the fk did he do that? It will come out for everyone just like the Internet. Released at the sane time. It will be pricy for sure though.

  3. mjones the ultimate question is are the scientist every other scientist in the world with 100% disclosure of their findings rapidly progressing our understanding. OR are they hiding 90% of it to safe guard their sponsors and teaching each other 10% of what’s going on. IF SO we are not growing optimally and that is the reason why it’s taken 30 years of minox and fin.. that is not a conspiracy that is just flat capitalism holding hands with science.

  4. I don’t know Egghead. I just find it strange that 30 yrs has gone by and the results are the same as rogaine. At this point they should have a treatment that grow at least two Norwoods of thick hair. Latisse phase 2 results are just pathetic and embarrassing and that was probably their best result. Whatever happen to that Korean adipose stem cell injection treatment study that actually grew back thick hair? That is the results I find acceptable. Not photo shop images from allergan lol. What boggles my mind is that whoever cones out with a true effective treatment will make billions! Wake forest research seems to have a secret treatment for hair rejuvenation. Same place samumed did their studies. Samumed phase one showed increase hair growth and dramatic slow down in hair loss in just 14 days. Plus samumed has been moving quickly with their trials, no delays or funding issues. I wouldn’t be surprised if they rolled our phase 3 in march 2016 and wrap that up by Nov. My gut tells me they have something good and they are doing their trials in thr USA. they are looking to release this here in the states not oveseas.

    1. That’s phase1 results and doesn’t make for good reading. Hopefully they’ll give a glimpse on their phase2 results. Needs a monumental improvement.

  5. so.. it was true… they were taking so long to show bims results because they really were shit and not innovative at all? wow… this is just bad guys…. bim+ seti was supposed to be the holy grail according to many…

  6. Sammumed doesnt put any photo of their first trial? and, the first trial has been just for 14 days? i’m a bit confused, can someone explain me?

  7. Guys, my first post here. Thank you for a quality forum.

    We need to test Tofacitinib! No time to loose. We can’t wait.

    Here is my idea on how we get Xeljanz from Turkey and make our own topical solution. I need your help as I am myself not

    able to travel.

    I believe a lot in the potential for topical JAK inhibitors for MPB. JAK is the group name for drugs like Tofanitinib and

    Ruxolitinib that we’ve heard so much about lately. The main JAK taken by the AA-community (Alopecia Areata) is Xeljanz. It

    has proven mighty effective for many with AA. People who haven’t had a single hair for years now sport a full head! So far

    the AA-guys have taken Xeljanz orally. Quite heavy doses with possible side effects. They need to start taking it

    topically as well IMHO thus reducing possible side effects drastically.

    Why would JAK work for MPB?
    In AA as in MPB the follicles are still alive, just dormant/miniaturized. Most likely in a way that is very similar in the

    two diseases even if the reason for the abnormal state is different. In AA it’s the immune system who terrorizes the

    follicle and in MPB it is very likely DHT that shuts it down. Point is the JAK inhibitor seems to wake dormant follicles.

    Why not in MPB as well? this needs to be tested. Note that AA has not had an effective drug for just as long as MPB. Its

    no short of a miracle what this drug really does to AA-patients.

    What we need for a 2-month test
    1 pack of Xeljanz 5mg, 56 pills.
    6 x 60 bottles of Minoxidil solution (not the foam)
    5 x 20 ml empty vials (buy at pharmacy)
    1 mortar (borrow your moms)

    How to make the topical solution
    1. Grind one Xeljanz pill in the mortar.
    2. Mix it with 10 ml of minoxidil solution in a clean vial. Let it rest for 10 minutes.
    3. Shake well.
    Importnat! Grind a new pill and make a dose every morning so that the effective components of Xeljanz are fresh. Make a

    new 1-pill-batch every day. Don’t mix all pills at once as the effective parts of the Xeljanz could possibly start to wear

    off when dissolved in a solution.

    How to use
    Let the mix rest for 20 minutes and then apply half of it on your test area and massage properly for a few minutes until

    your skin has soaked it up.

    Why do we need the Minoxidil
    Because we need a vehicle for the JAK to penetrate the skin and reach our follicle. Minoxidil solution does that, plain

    water wont. If really want to you can find a different vehicle that does not possibly skew our experiment (because if we

    see an effect of my recipe it could potentially be just the Minoxidil, however unlikely that is…) but as this is test is

    not being published in Nature I would use the Minoxidil myself. If we see results we will all know it’s from the JAK.

    How to get hold of Xeljanz
    The price in Turkey for 56 tablets Xeljanz (Tofacitinib) is 1700 Turkish lira which is about 600 USD. A flight from US to

    Istanbul in Turkey is around 500 USD. When in Istanbul (in my opinion one of the world’s most beautiful cities btw) go to

    a large pharmacy and show your American prescription for Xeljanz. What? I have no prescription! Well… use your

    imagination on how to produce that piece of paper. The drug name on the prescription should read Xeljanz 5mg. Most likely

    the pharmacist won’t even ask for a prescription. Prescription is not necessarily needed in Turkey to buy drugs, money is.

    And the pharmacist for sure won’t call the US to double check if/when you show your prescription document. My

    recommendation would be to stay 3-4 days if the pharmacy need to order home the pills.

    Read more about getting Xeljanz in Turkey in an AA-forum:


    Visit a Turkish pharmacy guide:

    Who goes first?

      1. sam this would be definitely doable … all it takes is a trip to turkey. If you guys actually do this or need someone to do this over the holidays let me know whats going on… I’ve been piping this idea for the last 3 days. Even if you don’t do it I’m going to do this whenever i get the money together myself.

    1. Well, not bad idea, but from my point of view, minoxidil show some ‘good’ results, so maybe is better if we mix it with ethanol or another vehicle, just my opinion, cause of this way, we are 200% sure is the Jak

  8. Bimatoprost results are pathetic for 2015 and Samumed phase 1 results dont’t do anything. Only their massive phase 2 will enable us to judge their drug.
    However, I have never believed that any drug maybe holy grail for this disease. The cure I am waiting for is the cell solution and I think that’s the only way to end this nightmare of programmed ugliness. Before the ultimate cure we have few options like HT. Or even concelears or hair pieces. I would never let the others get to know that I am suffering from this hideous genetical humiliation. FDA drugs like minox and fin are pathetic: the first one doesn’t do anything or has effects for about one or two years, the second works of course, but inhibiting an important hormone DHT for X years seems to be an aburd for me.
    Histogen and Replicel may be in Japan in few years, it wouldn’t be full cure, but it will be a total breakthrough if Replicel may stop hair loss progression. I think that total cure will come from cell projects realised by scientists like Christiano, Lauster, Ohyama and the other. All of them will be present in the congress, so I hope they will realase some important information about their projects actual state. According to Christiano (and her Rapunzel Company) they will start clinical trials in about two years ( statement from NYT article).

  9. If christiano is starting trials in 2 years that means she will need at least 8 years for clinical trials to market. That’s 10 more years . I give up. Just going to shave it off and accept it. Tired of waiting and waiting for bs results from over hyped treatments. They just can’t do it. Human race will be plagued with this disease forever

    1. Me too mate. I’ll shave it off and be done with this sh*t. Let’s face it, nothing will see the light in the next decade and I am giving them some leeway
      These researchers have been at it for decades and they have bugger all to show for it. They just spin this “cure is 5 years away” to get more grant money and line their pockets. Same goes for these small time biotech start ups.

      Shaving it and I’m signing off. So long fellas!

        1. What progress Ddog? It’s all speculation and a lot wishful thinking on our part. Life’s too short to worry about this sh*t. I’ve set up some Google alert on “baldness cure” just in case though! LOL.

      1. The problem with shaving it as a bald man, is it doesn’t look as cool/hip as a buzz cut. People can still tell that you are bald! Not the best option. I would just hold on to what you have. Look at Bill Murray. He has been going bald since he was 23, at least. People still think he is cool as ice. Never shaved his head.

  10. “The trial treated male subjects topically once daily for 14 days with either 0.05%, 0.15% or 0.45% SM04554 or vehicle; subjects returned 14 days post­treatment for final evaluation. Safety data, including pharmacokinetics (PK), electrocardiogram (ECG), laboratory parameters, application site assessments and vital signs, were collected throughout treatment, with subject­reported efficacy outcomes collected at end of study.”

    Sounds good!!

  11. “SM04554 appears to be safe, well­tolerated, and potentially efficacious. These results will help guide future AGA trials using this treatment.”

    Nice to know!!

  12. @mjones: That is true, but only under the western legislations. Cell therapies in Japan have the possiblity of the temporary approval DURING phase II, after the collection of safety and efficacy data. If the trial begins in 1/2 years it is really possible to have the therapy in Japan in about 5-6 years. And that therapy from Christiano or Lauster wouldn’t be a treatment, but would be the cure. You are lucky that you can just shave and accept it, I can’t. And it’s not the matter of looking good, that’s the problem of existential identity, the problem of identifying ,,myself” with its physical presentation. In my case, it’s out of question to function properly in the life. What is more: I will be public person in the future and the problem of appearance is also crucial.
    If Samumed will work for the regrowth and slowing/stopping the process, that would be huge, but we will know only after phase II results. Their attitude shows that they are very sure of the success, so I assume it will be available in max 2 years (its phases are quite short). Then, I would make HT on the front and I will take Samumed on the crown until something new will come for example CB or Seti.

  13. The only thing we need is One trial for Male Pattern Hairloss using Tofacinitib. Then we should immediately be able to get it.
    Just wish a researcher would do one study, just one.

      1. We NEED THIS STUFF TO WORK IF IT DOSENT THEN WE ARE ALL going to stay bald. lost my girlfriend faild in uni, i dont go out anymore i dont see friends. Life is shit without hair……

        1. Question to Dr. Christiano:

          I’m pretty sure Hellouser will ask her that one, cause it’s so obvious… but here it goes:

          When are you planning to start trials of topical Tofa../Ruxo… in humans to access their results? Is there a timeline already?

        2. Hang in there. One day, your hair will be back. Imagine how frikken awesome it will be to watch it come back and to look like you again.. That is a bad ass thought. One worth hoping for.

  14. We need the results of the JAK Inhibitors used on MPB asap. No one can tell for sure whether they work or not without testing the damn drugs.

    No need to wait for FDA. I have no trust in them. Just google” Vioxx Recall – Merck and FDA Scandal” and you’ll see what I mean.

  15. All these researchers can blow me! Japan laws are bs. Sishedo hasn’t started their phase 2 yet. Who is going to fly to Japan every 3 months to get histogen done or other treatments that require constant monthly or tried monthly use. I only have hope for samumed at this point. If jak inhibitors worked for mpb then why is christiano still working on stem cell shit? If jak is the cure I highly doubt she would pursue another 10 yrs of trials for stem cell. She would cash in on jak inhibitors. Too much bs going on and it’s stressing me out. I am going to find a hot wife, continue to make good money and forget this shit. Later

  16. The last two years they found out hair follicle don’t die they just shrink and are very velous. Nice job Havard grad scientists of the hsir loss world. I knew that shit in the 90s when I looked at my dad Norwood 7 scalp under bright lights and I can see thousands of very fine wispy transparent hairs there that just can’t grow past that stage. It took these retards 30 yrs and millions of dollars to find that hsir is still there. You guys expect a cure from these idiots? Haha. In 30 yrs they will say all we needed to do was inject vitamin D to the scalp to kick start growth. Hsir should be the easiest thing to cure because it doesn’t involve any internal surgery. It’s right their on thr scalp for anyone to look at or take a microscope to see even better. Sorry for the rant guys but I’m fed up with the constant 5 to 10 yr shit

  17. … guys we could crowd fund our own TOFAC human experiment… seriously were all pissed off enough to get it done all we have to do is buy the plane ticket get the “perscription” and mortar,ethanol … TOFAC is way cheaper than RUX too.

  18. One last thing, samumed is testing their treatment on high Norwoods 4 5 6. This shoes that they are pursuing growth as their main effort goal. Not maintenance . They are a sponsor of the hair congress which shows they are working on an effective treatment. If it didn’t work then I doubt they would be a sponsor.

  19. Mjones, your the rich one why dont you do it!
    You drive a benz dude beast that shit out for us
    or give me the money I’ll do it for you give you my drivers license lol you can meet me in person so you can beat the shit out of me incase you dont trust me.

  20. Unfortunately great IQs doesn’t have interest in hair loss biology, those things.. If a mind like Stephen Hawking’s got an interest in solving a problem like that, I’m pretty sure it was solved by now!

    All we’ve got are strong willed average or a little above average minds dealing with it, so it takes time.. lol.. but we got to be very thankful to them anyway, cause they want to help us, everyone.

  21. guys I’m dead up serious I will fly to Turkey and test TOFAC on myself for all of us to see if you guys want to help. If someone else wants to do it I can crowd fund $200 … you guys definitely have the money to do it alone

  22. I think a pretty good damned hacker could be very helpful in attempting to decode those signals between cells, hormones, follicles, chromosomes, growth factors, these complicated pathways that we know are what regulates, stimulates or forbid everything.

    We needed a guy like Alan Turing in this endeavor:

  23. “We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.”

    Turing on the challenge of machine intelligence, 1950

  24. I am going to telepathically communicate with the shape shifting reptilian grays to beam me up to their space ship where they hold the real cure for hair loss. I will then hijack their space ship and land it here in the states grow everyone hsir back on this forum starting with the admin since he takes time out of his day to write this blog. Once the hsir loss companies find out about my space age alien cure for hair loss I will burn the cure in front of all these companies that promised us 5 to 10 years. They will see me destroy a billion dollar cure they want to own. The feeling of happiness and joy will enlighten me whike I watch them suffer. Plus I will inject then with Norwood 8 level baldness so they can live in this hsir loss nightmare like us. Then we can say “use your 5 to 10 yr away treatment to cure your hair loss” hahaha

    Egghead what is Rogaine RX foam? Is that a new foam product rogaine us releasing lol?

    1. lmao

      good plan bro!

      …rogaine xr foam is another hypothetical granny shot to the market ..another dud from the future that the brilliant minds at the highest levels have concocted smoking crack with their lab mice.

  25. Some researcher or pharmascist must be trying out the Lotion form of Tofacinitib. We just need to see the Before and After pictures after 3 weeks. That’s it.

    We just need ONE Public Experiment of Tofacinitib Lotion on a bald head daily for 3 weeks.

    It has to work. Not my will buy by logic. It grows on Rats (everything grows on rats); it grows on AA Type Hairloss to give 100% hair; No Public Experiment for regular baldness (dang it). I almost do not care either way just do the experiment and let us know.

    This is the thing that keeps me around as it does not need to take years just a few weeks to know if it works and I am waiting for someone with a half way decent experiment (with photos) to let us know.

    Also I think Dr. Christiano already has some evidence that it works since coming out with those rat pictures with hair would crush her with publicity and if she later said it does not work for regular baldness then she would know that billions of people would be upset. All is My guess.

    1. Lastly, why would she continue with cell research if the Lotion form of Tofac worked? One reason, over the long run it would be better to have a Natural Treatment over a Drug Treatment. Two, the drug may not work on ALL types of baldness.

      This whole hair thing for me comes down to one thing: does Tofacinitib Lotion work? If it does not then Fine, I am through. If it does work, praise god, I am done.

      We will know either way hopefully within months to the end of 2016, and I have to know ASAP the second it comes out.

    2. I think jak inhibitors as tofacitinib has great potential to hair grow and if it works then i think it will take more time than only three weeks use to fully grow all hair. The patients of 80’s who were treated with beno, grew their hair after 7 months use of beno. So I think only 2-3 weeks will not be sufficient to fully hair grow with tofacitinib. It may require more time to use, maybe months.

  26. Nasa, I love your optimism, but it does make me afraid that it really is just optimism. As you said, everything grows on rats. I read in another article, I can find it for you if you want, that rats are actually a poor model for testing baldness because their hairloss/baldness is fundamentally dissimilar. I found that disheartening since it seems like that is all that we test on. With the JAK inhibitors, really the only source of optimism we have is the evidence you mentioned about the guys regrowing hair in the 80s. We haven’t seen pictures of those, so we don’t know about the quality regrowth, right? Scientifically speaking, why would JAK inhibitors regrow all AGA damaged hair? Does anyone know this? They are anti-inflammatories, right? But it seems unlikely that this plight is caused solely by inflammation, you know? I want to believe. Help me! lol

    1. forget about rats. how do you explain their effect on AA? Dr. Christiano had said that MPB follicles are stuck in the same state where these drugs seem to work. So ? MOST OF THE TIME scientists don’t have a clue about why or how a drug works. They just give it to the patient and patient gets better. That’s it. They only have theories. So I think JAK inhibitors are definitely to be tested on MPB

      1. I explain their impact on AA by saying that AA is an immunodeficient disease, and JAK drugs seem to treat issues with the immune system whereas it seems that AGA has a complex genetic pathology.

        1. Immunodeficiency has a lot to do with genetics traits, just like AGA.
          AA and AGA follicules might be affected via the same miniaturizing pathways. Follicules are miniaturized in both situations right? Maybe it takes the activation of one single pathway to miniaturize a hair follicule and if these drugs deactivate this pathway then voila! You get your hair back just like those old men from the 80s and AA patients treated with JAKs.

          1. The activation of this pathway might be due to DHT sensitivity determined by genetics, or crazy antibodies targeted at hair follicule. But it might be boiling down to one single pathway to miniaturize the follicule. What if JAKs deactive this pathway?

    2. Regarding BENO and the regrowth of the two guys. The article specifically stated that the older man had hair as thick on top (after it grew back) as what he had on the side of his head. Remember this was just a curiosity story not anything about Hair Loss Research per se.

      Also, we know that Tofacinitib HAS grown 100% hair back on AA Type baldness on Humans. The lotion form of it on the rats the was recently in the news stated that it worked much more Effectively as a Lotion (on rats) than in Pill form. Also that the human skin grafted on rats where topical lotion was put on Grew Longer and Thicker. That means that human hair will grow Longer and Thicker if we use the lotion form of the drug. The BIG question is does it work on AGA – I have no idea just speculation from looking at a few scant stories.

      But I just wonder if maybe it was AGA skin she put on the rats and she is just keeping quite about it just saying that hair grew longer and thicker.

    1. To many desperate Pharmacists and others out there. Someone is going to try this Lotion Form afterall someone probably made the formula for Dr. Christiano.

  27. heres the bottom line gentleman read it over a few times

    1. TOFAC/RUX is a JAK BENO is a JAK, BENO worked on two guys with AGA in the 80’s

    2. AA and AGA are different but both miniaturize follicles JAKS work on human with AA last year.

    3. Human AGA skin was on those immunodeficient mice in the news we all saw.

    4. They haven’t said when or how long we will know till they test topical RUX/TOFAC on men with AGA. PERIOD

    Again, we know JAKs HAVE worked in the past on men with AGA, the mice had AGA human skin on their backs, …

    5. Were the only english speaking community in the world (internet) talking about this.

    6. Theres a dude say’s we can get it with bs perscription in Turkey for $600 using ethanol as vehicle.

    K? that’s the state of affairs right now

    1. Wait until some researcher tries it Do Not Buy Anything From Turkey. As Either your hair will still be Gone from a fake formula or your Money or your health.

  28. Ive only been balding these last two years. So two years ago I noticed and started doing research on how to prevent it. Ive been excited about propecia, RU, CB, seti, and bim because I thought at least one of them would help. I dumped an ass load of money into RU with 0 results. I popped a propecia pill for a year with nothing but accelerated loss as im now almost a norwood 4 and sexual sides. Practically no one even talks about CB anymore so I doubt its of any help since its like a glorified RU. Barely hear anything on replicel or histogen anymore.

    This whole hairloss treatment thing is a joke now. I actually started to have high hopes for tof and rux, but I just dont see it working anymore. Julians post about why it may not work was actually pretty damn depressing, but he is probably right. I don’t mean to be pessimistic, my whole image revolves around my long hair, but this just sucks. How long did we have to wait to just hear that BIM is barely better than rogaine? Now we can wait over a year just to hear some results from tof and rux when we could know in 3 weeks. So sad that in 2015 people are still plagued by this stupid cosmetic defect. We can work out, run, eat healthy, stay clean and hydrated and it doesnt matter we lose our hair anyway. Just wish I knew one way or the other if tof and rux would work, even if it was a few years out. At least then I would know I could just get a hairpiece and hide it for a few years until its out. Now ive no idea wtf to do.

  29. I would say your best bet is just to get fit as possible if you are vain, like the rest of us. It is the only thing you can control. At least, you will be good everywhere else when there is a solution.

  30. I totally agree. We all need to figure it out. My self i will buy the TOFAC and keep it with me until i see some result online then i will do it to my scalp. Maybe if this is real cure it would be expensive in the futer when they releas the JAK to the people.

  31. I still have faith in Ruxo and Tofa, based on what has been shown mainly the grafted skin’s results… if it doesn’t work, the secret is in the rat’s blood!.. lol…

    I think they have to test it!! Fast!!

  32. Just a quick question for the like’s of Julian, Egghead, Ddog, MJones etc.. the regular posters on this site.

    Do any of you have a regimen of sorts? Any of you on fin or anything similar?

  33. I tried taking FIN, but developed sides pretty quickly. I guess I need DHT, go figure. I did PRP/Acell.. I feel I actually benefited in quality of my current hair. Glad I did it.

  34. The bald Richie I have been on propecia for 14 years. I added rogaine foam in 2014 when my hsir started to thin again around 2013. I upped my dose from 1mg to 2 MG of propecia in 2014 as well. It stopped by scalp burn and tightness but hair still thinned. Propecia was a success for me till 2013. It kept my Norwood 1.5 in tact for 12 years. I must add every male in my family is a Norwood 5 to 7. Now I am diffuse losing hair . Temples miniaturizing to a Norwood 2.5. Rogaine thickened up the hsir a bit but accelerated thinning in my hairline which blows. Now I am just watching my hsir get worse each month which blows because I thought I had this hair loss beat for 12 yrs. I took a protein whey isolate shake for 6 months in 2013 and that is when I noticed my hsir loss increasr. My dht levels increased due to that shit and messed up my propecia balance of hormones. I always wonder if I didn’t take that protein shakes if my hair wouldn’t have started falling out. That’s my kick in thr balls story.

    1. Thanks for your responses guys. As a 21 yr old with nw2 (been receding since 17-18) it’s quite depressing seeing everyone with full heads of strong hair around me. Recently i’ve notice a bit of loss on the crown and was wondering whether to jump on fin or not (very worried about the sexual sides and potential risk of prostate cancer). Have you ever encountered anyone whose suffered permanent ED as a result of it. And what would any of you recommend? Should i go see my GP, a dermatologist a HT doctor? A HT is definitley on the cards at some point if i can get the money together.


  35. Bald be rich. If you are losing lots of hair in the shower, thinning on crown and hsir line then I would recommend getting on 1mg of brand name propecia once a day. Don’t cut pills, don’t take some indian made finasterude crap. See a dermatologist asap. Buy country life Maxi Hair vitamin and take that once a day with a 1,0000 iu vitamin D. Exercise 3x a week with a day of cardio. Do scalp massages before you go to sleep and don’t smoke and drink no more than 3 to 5 drinks a week. Don’t take rogaine. This is what I did at age 20 and kept all my hair for 12 yrs with minor temple recession and minimal density loss. First go to your dermatologist. You might get some sides from propecia but it will fade away once your body adjusts to it in 3 to 5 months. As long as you exercise, eat healthy and not stress about sides you will be just fine buddy . Let me know if you have any other questions. I know how it feels to lose hair at an early age so I am here to help you kid

    1. The only useful thing for his condition is finasteride, the rest are useless. The most shocking thing you said is do not take rogaine, this is the only FDA aproaved medicine to regrow hair. If it works with you it may not work with him so be careful giving wrong advises as it may distroy people life.

      1. Being approved by FDA means nothing. Check out the Vioxx Scandal. THE WORST DRUG DISASTER IN HISTORY

        in 1999, FDA approved Vioxx, a non-steroidal anti inflammatory drug, for use BUT in 2004 MERCK withdrew the drug from the market after a study revealed the drug more than doubled the risk of heart attacks and death!! By that point, more than 38,000 deaths were related to Vioxx use.

        Merck was accused of misleading doctors and patients about the drug’s safety, fabricating study results to suit the company’s needs and working together with FDA to keep the drug on the market and quiet the health concerns

        And you know who is the manufacturer of Propecia, right?

  36. Kjouri, I recommend him not to take rogaine because he said he is a Norwood 2 probably thick hsur with some minimal loss. Propecia will thicken your and possibly grow some back since he is young. I just don’t want him taking rogaine and being dependent on it with minimal results. He should use propecia as first line if attack for 1 yr to see how it goes. I think it will work for him. If not he can add rogaine foam. I don’t want him to go through drastic hair shed from rogaine . That will freak him out. He doesn’t need that right now. That’s just my advice

  37. I think this is the post of most comments here. I think this forum is becoming popular day by day & it’s really worth of it. I believe this is the best forum in internet nowadays about hair loss discussion & research.

  38. You guys taking finasteride arent worried about the long term sides? When I started taking it my libido dropped very quickly. On other forums people kept telling me to stick it out and it would go away. But then you see other posts from people that took it for like 8 years side effect free, and then all of a sudden it hit them hard and they can’t recover from the sides. After almost a year of no libido, I got too scared and just quit.

  39. I took Propecia and noticed significant changes down there in a week. I know some people will say I am crazy, but trust me when I say I never had any issues down there before – strong in that department. I didn’t want to believe it. I tried manually to see if I could get an erection, and much to my surprise.. It wasn’t happening. Fortunately for me, it came back after I quit in ten days, and now there are no issues. It was easily the scariest thing I went through in my life. I was bummed because I thought the people who had issues on it were crazy, depressed, or did not take care of their bodies. I am a workout junkie, so I thought my hormone levels would be fine, and I would have no side effects. Bummer. By reading how many people have problems with the medication, I seriously doubt the side effect percentage is really 2%. I wonder how many times, sides go unreported. I know my dermatologist didn’t report my issues to Merck. No one will ever know, statistically.

  40. @ DDog.

    You arent crazy. I dont believe propecia only has a 2% risk of sides either. I have read about and know too many people that got sides. Mine showed up very quickly too, and I also am a workout junkie that has NEVER had a problem down there. Going 3 times a day witha chick was not uncommon for me. After about a month it barely would stay up. Gf and I ended up breaking up so I didnt care at first and hoped it would go away. It didnt. Not until I stopped popping the pill. Then it took about 3 weeks to normalize. I had brain side effects too though. More forgetful, i always felt at a loss for words or couldnt think of thr word I wanted to say. Idk if it was the FIN or not, but its gotten a lot better since stopping.

  41. FYI Allergan Q2 2016 Earnings call
    ( ): “So we actually have two hair growth programs. One is bimatoprost, where we’re looking at a Phase 1 local PK [pharmacokinetics] study with bimatoprost for hair growth, and we’ll get the results for that later this year.

    And we also have setipiprant, which is the CRTh2 antagonist, where we plan to start Phase 2 studies later this year. The CRTh2 program came out of some academic work showing changes in prostaglandin D2 expression in male pattern baldness, and the CRTh2 receptor is the receptor for prostaglandin D2. So we have genetic validation of the target in male pattern baldness. And it’s that genetic validation that we’re exploiting with the compound that we acquired from Kythera along with Kybella.

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