Male-to-Female (MTF) Transition Hair Growth

Even though I am not a transgender person, I have long been fascinated by men who become women. i.e., Male-to-Female (MTF) transsexuals. Note that nowadays, the term transgender seems to be preferred to transsexual.

Hair Growth During MTF Transition

My biggest reason for this fascination is due to observing how such MTF transitioning people get much better scalp hair. I am also curious to see how much body hair reduction happens in those who are transitioning. In particular, beard growth slowdown.

Scalp hair loss cessation and regrowth happens once MTF patients start estrogen, anti-androgen (e.g., Spironolactone) and other hormone replacement therapy (HRT) treatments. Some do not even take Finasteride or Dutasteride and still get much improved scalp hair growth. A select few get tremendous hair regrowth.

Many people assume that hair cannot regrow once it has been lost. Especially if the loss happened many years ago. However, reversing hair loss and regaining hair in totally bald areas of the scalp is possible.

If a MTF transgender person completes the full transition process, he will also get the orchiectomy testicle removal procedure. Thereafter, further androgenetic alopecia type hair loss stops entirely. This is due to the lack of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) production and drastic reduction in testosterone production.

Sona Avedian

Sona Avedin MTF Before After
Sona Avedian MTF Before After. Source: Facebook.

In the second half of this post, you can see some incredible before and after transformations of scalp hair in MTF trans persons. All have been verified as legitimate.

Previously, my favorite  MTF transformation was of Sona Avedian. Her before and after image on the right is astounding. Like many men with excess body hair, Sona also suffered from scalp baldness.

Many newspapers covered her story since she was a former US marine. However, according to one post on Sona’s Facebook page, she wears a hair system :-( So although not my favorite transformation anymore, Sona’s new look after transition is still astounding.

Side note: When a woman decides to become a man (FTM transsexual), the result can often lead to baldness. The testosterone supplements can cause hair loss in those that are genetically susceptible.

Caitlyn Jenner’s Hair

This week Caitlyn Jenner (previously, Bruce Jenner) is in the news again due to her running to be the next California Governor. And being misgendered.

At age 71, Ms. Jenner has phenomenal hair that does not look fake to me in the below recent video. I am nevertheless going to assume that it is not entirely real, especially the color and length. Some articles on the web suggest that she might have had a hair transplant or hairpiece in the past.

Spectacular Hair Regrowth in MTF Transgender People

Nowadays, societal norms make it much easier for a very young person to transition from male to female (or vice versa). In many cases, such young people reverse their hair loss and even regrow most of their recently lost hair. For middle-aged people such as Danielle Hallet, hair transplants are often required to get back a decent hairline.

Below are some of the best MTF transition hair regrowth examples that I have seen on the web. Make sure to click and scroll through the below links in their entirety for further closeup shots. Most of these people have a presence on Reddit as well as on Imgur.

The below person has more photos on Imgur:

I wondered if I would make it to 30, now I look forward to the future for the first time ever (1 year hrt)
by intranstimelines

The below person was almost entirely bald for 3-4 years, and the regrowth is real (not a hair system) per his comments. He was on HRT for 14.5 months.

I didn’t think this was going to work, but I think it is safe to say that it did. 14.5 months hrt.
byu/neederbellis intranstimelines

The below person (Bree) has a detailed thread on HLT with a timeline of treatments and regrowth. You can swipe on the white arrow on the right to see all 14 images.

Hair loss recovery

The below person also has a lengthy thread on HLT regarding the power of super aggressive regimens. You can swipe on the white arrow on the right to see all 22 images.

View post on

This before and after on Reddit is hard to believe at all. We live in a strange world and you never know what you will get.  For example, this muscular body builder decided to transition into a woman. The longer and thicker new scalp hair growth is impressive.

There are dozens of such examples on the web. Feel free to share the ones that you like the most. I am especially interested in a discussion of the treatment regimens that each of these MTF persons takes. Especially if they see great results before orchiectomy.

64 thoughts on “Male-to-Female (MTF) Transition Hair Growth”

      1. Enlighten me, why does a straight man want to become a woman if he’s not gay? You can be feminine even in a man’s body.

        1. Because I want to present as a woman externally to get everything in line with how I perceive my true gender. Not all MTF folks are the same as me. Some don’t do anything, even HRT, and they are still a trans woman. Some do everything that is available, HRT, orchiectomy, vaginoplasty, breast augmentation, facial feminization, hip and butt implants. Every trans woman is a woman, their individual wishes as to what they need to do to reconcile their physical body with their true gender (and this is purely up to each of us) is their own business and nobody elses but their docs.

          1. Trans means ” transition ” ( change) if a man have no desire to transition then they can’t be transgender. Just simply a man who wishes to be a woman . You can’t look like a man and say ” I’m transgender ” lol

      2. You are right, I’m MFT and not Gay..Divorced and have a older child. But , I love dressing like a women and dream of wearing a bathing suit. I publicly dress as a women including wearing skirts (limited places). Yet to begin transitioning. Men do try to get friendly with me , I just say I’m not what you are looking for , there are bar’s for your kind go hang out there…Please

    1. Being transgender has nothing to do with being gay. You can still be with a woman.

      But of course the reason is not to get rid of hair loss.

      I think it is interesting that you can treat hair loss with hormones. If this treatment could be a little bit more topical it would be another cure.

      But for me the next cure is still hair cloning.

    2. I am all the more fascinated that I am a woman who have lost way less hair than them, on spironolactone, now with super low androgens..and my hair never grew back….life is unfair… But good for them.

      It’s usually however easier to stop facial or body hair growth usually that to regrow scalp hair, that is my experience as a woman with pcos.

      Plus for facial or body hair you have now laser treatment and other things.

      1. I have a friend of a friend who was nw6 and regrew back all his hair with a transgender drug that the doctor prescribed him. At first it was hard to believe until he showed me the before and after pics. He took cyproterone acetate and is not transgender. He claims to have no side effects and does not take the tablets even consistently anymore. I will use this as a last resort if the standard medications for mpb does not work.

        1. Thanks. I was planning to write a post on cyproterone acetate (Androcur or Diane-35) in the past, but never did. Great to hear!

        2. Do you have the name of the doctor? If I’m anywhere nearby I’d consider seeing him. Even if I didnt go through with it it’d be interesting to consult and get information on how to monitor sides.

  1. How is this possible. Aren’t the follicles dead? Or even gone? Are they given a chance to heal through these treatments?

  2. Obviously then, hair can grow back from a cue-ball state. That gives me hope. Great. It’s quite amazing if you think about it. However, time is passing by…it’s getting kinda old. NASA just flew some gadget to Mars that’s taking HD selfies of itself for gods sake! Waiting for the hair-loss industry is like being stuck in a supermarket queue, watching an old granny count out her coins at the checkout.

  3. Admin please approve my comments.
    Why don’t u? I have a serious question about the mechanisms impacting the regrow here.
    Presumably these follicles have died or become very unhealthy. So I am asking the readers their thoughts on how they would regrow on a late stage Norwood as seen in the images. It doesn’t make sense to me. Any ideas (admin or anyone else).

  4. It’s like someone rubs your nose that it’s reversible, but actually not. I am really disappointed. even the remedies that looked promising always fail on Trial 3 (SM 04554, Breezula, Fol 04 and others). So far I don’t see anything in the pipeline that we can expect in the next few years, which is at least a little better than Fin or Minox. depressing.

  5. If these Guys stopped hormone treatments and effectively returned to male then obviously their Androgenic alopecia would return but would it begin from the new starting point or would it all just completely fall out.

    1. Depends if they stop smoothly or not the therapy. I had to stop my hormonal treatments when I was 23 after my gun told me “it is impossible you have pcos, you don’t fit the profile”..i stopped abruptly and had a rebound effect, it was disastrous, i lost a lot of hair very rapidly because emt hormones were upside down…then i finally got my pcos diagnosis…most likely the hair their gained would fall out before the other ones, unless for some reason their androgens naturally dropped..

  6. Woofy97 ! And jan ! We need an emergency meeting ! What do you guys think of Hairliciously email interview with riken? Woofy so your saying that maybe if Dr tsuji secures funding this year or next year theres à chance hair cloning might come out in 2024 but from my understanding Hairliciously was saying most likely it Will come out in 2030. Can someone please explain . admin also if you can speak on this it would be greatly appreciated . thank you.

    1. Please let’s discuss Tsuji when human trials start. Try to stick to the content of this post. You can post anything under the last Tsuji post if you want.

    2. Hi Marc send me a message on YouTube on Hairliciously Newest Tsuji video and we can talk about this there if you’d like.

                  1. Jan sorry i didnt see the video coneference meeting until,now. this is great news so stemson finished there pig trial. Do you know if there going to do monkey or human trials next ? Thanks for finding this! Admin, woofy97 what do you guys think of this great news?

  7. Thank you for the post Admin, I myself will most probably start transitioning from M to F in the next year after I finish my masters’, so this gives me some hope that I may get some hair regrowth as a result. Consequently, has anyone seen the Youtuber RivalMaverick, she transitioned from F to M, then back again in a short amount of time, but her hair has never recovered. She talks about it in the following video

    1. Thanks! But if you are 100 percent sure of transitioning, why not do it right away in case some hairs go beyond the point of no return in a year?

      1. Hi Admin,

        Comes down to having money, the drugs are not as cheap as I would like, so making sure one can afford them is important. I did start Fin 6 or 7 months ago no sides, maybe a bit of thickening, still shedding a bit though, and I’m not sure that I would get the hairline of Sarah Kerrigan that I would want without some form of multiplication if when it becomes available, And the final reason is safety, I live in a small town not ideal to transition, so moving would be best.

  8. Wait am I getting this right. First I said to myself wow would this be a very extreme measure one could take. There are some anecdotes in the comments of straight guys using this for hair. Is this totally insane or only kind of fringe?

  9. I read a lot of literature about hair growth in MTF and came to the following conclusion 1. there are several documented articles that declare that hormone therapy only promotes the growth of existing hair, but none of them contain information about the growth of new hair 2. there are only unconfirmed anecdotes about the growth of new hair on a completely bald scalp in trans woman, I personally do not really trust them, in various forums it is only said that most often they have to do a hair transplant or use a wig 3. I want to note that even after castration,the beard still grows simply weaker. Therefore, even such a radical method as hormone therapy does not lead to a complete restoration of hair growth. Therefore, the mechanism of regulating hair growth is very complex, and if the process has already passed into a certain stage,then there is no way back. In my opinion, it is unlikely that it will ever be possible to find a real treatment at all.

    1. The exceptional results all regrew hair in totally bald regions of the scalp as seen in the examples in the post. And these people often document their regimens and photos on Reddit, Imgur, HLT etc. across several years. Most take both anti-androgens and estrogen. Some cases you see on the web are of patients who also had orchiectomy. Miracles are possible, and worth tracking in my opinion, even if it is MTF we are talking about.

    2. As a female with hairloss, i can tell you that in some cases you can actually have regrowth from hormonal therapy. I started to loose hair very slowly age 16, realized something was off around age 21, went on hrt for pcos age 22 and regained almost every i had lost..until a doc told me “no way you have hairloss or pcos stop the hormones” and i lost all of the hair that grew back….after this disaster i went back in her but since my hormones were higher than the first time, it seems my follicles were dead for good ..i haven’t lost hair since age 23 though, i am 39 now.

  10. With all due respect, isn’t this precisely the outcome most men are trying to avoid?
    I knew a female to male trans-man who went on fin and it gave him his period again.
    Needless to say, these drugs aren’t good for being a man.
    The whole idea of inhibiting DHT seems totally wrong minded. Some other biochemical process is triggering the cascade that winds up with DHT in the hair follicle and are collective energies should be entirely focused in that direction.
    It’s completely outrageous that these YouTube shills are trying to provoke young men into taking feminizing drugs.

  11. Someone on Reddit wrote a long theory about AGA and one of things he says is “hair cloning, PRP, stem cell will never work for a simple factor. We are not addressing the cause of hair loss with any of these techniques. In paper, stem cell is amazing and should regrow hair. Exosomes should regrow hair. Hair cloning should be easy! We can clone other organs, we can even clone teeth, even dolly the sheep has been cloned to a perfectly functioning animal. So why won’t any of these things work? Because there is not a single evidence that hair follicles or DP cells from the vertex to crown are different from hair on the back and sides of our head. This is a dangerous assumption, that was taken from the lack of other evidence and has lead the hair loss researcher many dead ends and so will be hair cloning” I’d like to hear Tsuji or stemson response to this

    1. It’s perplexing to me that Barbara Streisand can clone her dead dog and we’re just about to colonize Mars but hair cloning isn’t reality!

  12. And I don’t understand he says “because there is not a single evidence that hair follicles or DP cells from the vertex to the crown are different from hair on the back and sides of our head” then why do hair transplants work? Am I not understanding him?

  13. I’m currently debating going on a low dose topical fin regimen. It just seems like the worst idea though. Does anyone have any powerful words to top me in either direction!?

  14. I think that a level of desperation has been reached where we are considering the hair growth benefits of stopping testosterone and giving up on manhood. This speaks to the bigger idea that medical science and the established hair loss industry have simply failed us. My partial solution of three hair transplants plus SMP artistry has helped me look better and more youthful, but it certainly is the shaved very short look (and it’s a lot of money spent for a subtle improvement.. most wouldn’t spend that much). I still check this website thinking an actual hairloss breakthrough might be made, but something is preventing a cure at this point. Hair Club’s business model must be very profitable.

  15. Matt take 1mg propecia 1x a day and move on. If you get sides then drop it. The more you wait the balder you get. Plain and simple. This is all we have. Topical fin will go systematic so if you are prone to sides you’ll get sides. Plus topical fin doesn’t work as well as oral. I’m on both. Do 1mg oral propecia and stop thinking about sides etc. 99% its psychological and fear mongering from these forums. Tired of hearing people doing .025mg or .5 mg just take the recommended dose and chill out.

  16. I don’t follow up as much on the Puretech site website as their waiting game is growing tiresome but I did check in today and saw the addition below indicating they are still intending to move forward………but still nothing regarding initiation of Phase 3 trials:

    Follica has an active IND on file with the FDA for FOL-004. Our board designees represent a majority of the members of the board of directors of Follica, but Follica has its own independent management team. In January 2021, Tom Wiggans joined as Executive Chairman and Michael Davin joined as an independent member of the Board of Directors. Mr. Wiggans has over 30 years of experience and most recently co-founded and served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of . Mr. Davin also has over 30 years of experience, including 14 years as Chief Executive Officer at Cynosure. PureTech’s role in the development of Follica’s therapeutic candidates is through our representation on its board of directors and our role as a majority shareholder. Follica is well-protected with a robust intellectual property portfolio. Follica was incorporated in July 2005.

  17. Winlevi is on the market. Anyone on here going to try it on their scalp? I think it will slow or stop hairloss in slow diffusers but be ineffective against aggressive mpb.

  18. Trans woman here. Just wanted to give you a bit of a primer on more respectful ways to refer to transgender people.

    First, transgender is an adjective, not a noun…so we aren’t “transgenders”.

    Second, when referring to someone who has transitioned, you should use their new pronouns, not their old ones. So a trans woman (usually) will be ‘she’…trans men ‘he’. But also remember there are non-binary people too and this terminology essentially ignores their existence.

    And that last bit is why “MTF” or “FTM” is an obsolete term. We weren’t male before…we were female but with a body that doesn’t match. Brains matter more than balls. :-)

    Instead of MTF, use trans woman, and trans men instead of FTM.

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