Generic Dutasteride Cost

The cost of generic dutasteride is drastically cheaper than the cost of brand name dutastride (Avodart).

Generic Dutasteride from Epic Pharma (via Humanwell PuraCap)
Generic Dutasteride manufactured by Humanwell PuraCap Pharmaceutical of China. Via Epic Pharma of the US.

Update: January 9, 2022 — Yesterday, for the first time ever, I purchased my generic dutasteride 0.5 mg using GoodRx. Please note that you can sort on their site by number of pills as well as branded versus generic. My cost for 90 pills was just $23.31 via Safeway (my closest pharmacy). This is a lot less than what one would pay with regular health insurance coverage (see table at bottom — not updated recently). I get my prescription from Medical Wellness Center.

In the past, I used to go to Costco, but I ended my membership there last year. GoodRx will save you 95 percent of the cost of your pills (or capsules) if you do not have any health insurance. The product I purchased was made in China (see image on right) via Epic Pharma and its local partner Humanwell PuraCap Pharmaceutical. In the past, I have purchased my generic dutasteride from various other company names, including Breckenridge, Apotex and Camber.

Generic Dutasteride Price

After I wrote a post on the cost of generic finasteride last year, I received several requests to write one on the cost of generic dutasteride. However, the reason for my not being able to do that right away was because the patent for Avodart (the original brand name dutasteride that is made by GlaxoSmithKline) only ran out late last year. It took a few more months before generic Avodart became readily available.

Low-Cost Generic Dutasteride.
Generic Dutasteride. Far less costly than brand name Avodart.

Note that dutasteride is only approved to treat hair loss in South Korea and Japan as of the time of writing this post. In the US and EU, it is approved to treat enlarged prostates, but not yet for hair loss. I am optimistic that this situation will change in the next several years, but no guarantees. Edit: No longer optimistic.

As I have mentioned many times on this blog before, dutasteride (see positive and negative reviews and testimonials) is likely to give substantially superior results in comparison to finasteride when it comes to treating hair loss. But at the same time, likely to cause more frequent side effects.

Do your research carefully before deciding to proceed with such a strong drug and always discuss taking it with your doctor before proceeding.  In rare cases, it seems like the side effects from both finasteride and dutasteride can be permanent.

GoodRx Discounts

Note that various online sites now offer coupons for drug purchases if you are buying them with cash and not paying via insurance. Perhaps the most popular one is GoodRx, which has coupons for numerous drugs, including for dutasteride. For those not in the US, feel free to provide your country’s prices and discount options in the comments to this post.

Note: Prices and brands at the same pharmacy chains may vary by US state. Also keep in mind that many stores may price match or have internal savings plans.

Generic Dutasteride Cost Table

Country of manufacture entries in the below table could be off and I have not tried to go through product brochure attachments on company websites for now to try to find out.

Teva Pharmaceuticals is headquartered in Israel, but a pharmacist told me that their generic dutasteride was made in the US. The Breckenridge Pharmaceuticals website says it is based in the US, but a Costco employee told me that the packaging on their generic dutasteride says its made in New Zealand.

Amneal Pharmaceuticals website says that 95 percent of its products are made in the US and 5 percent are made in India. GSK is headquartered in the UK, but it seems like the company’s Avodart is made in the US. Please let me know country of manufacture if you purchase any of the below and find errors in my table.

Pharmacy NameAvodart (0.5 mg) — 30 pillsCompany Name (Country of Manufacture)Generic Dutasteride (0.5 mg) — 30 pillsCompany Name (Country of Manufacture)
Costco$190GSK (US)$21Breckenridge
Pharmaceuticals (New Zealand)
CVS (Target now seems to house CVS)$207GSK (US)$172Teva Pharmaceuticals (US/Israel)
Rite Aid$222GSK (US)$173Amneal Pharmaceuticals (US)
Safeway$232GSK (US)$203Amneal Pharmaceuticals (US)
Sam’s Club$190GSK (US)$100Teva Pharmaceuticals (US/Israel)
Walgreens$206GSK (US)$182Amneal Pharmaceuticals (US)
Walmart$195GSK (US)$157Teva Pharmaceuticals (US/Israel)

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  1. i think they are still testing both topical finasteride and dutasteride.
    May take some times. yes it would be nice to avoid the side effects but will it be as efficient as the pill

  2. I would love to try topical Duasteride or Finasteride. I can get topical Fin delivered to my door where I am, costs 55euros PM though which is tough for a student (If I worked I’d do it, no probs) and has no real promise of working aside from a few anecdotes.

    Given that I can get Fin tabs at a fairly cheap price, I’d be keen to hear from anyone who has made a DIY topical from Fin, what results they have been having and how they formulated it.

  3. I experienced side effects with finasteride and stopped it. Is it certain that I will get side effects with dutasteride too? Or should I try and verify?

    1. @PaulPheonix Dude, you’re not a doctor, im agree with you, we need new treatments, but stop writing that finasteride or dutasteride has side effects for everyone cause thats not true, im on fin from 3 years ago and at the moment, it’s the best thing i’ve done, i know that we need a new treatment, but stop writing the same and the same all the time, we’re not pharmacists here, and nothing we can do at the moment but wait.

        1. @Paul Phoenix if you are a doctor then you should know that nothing is ever medically 100% certain. A doctor would never use the term ‘100% sure’ especially to someone he/she has never met. I agree with Cris, side effects are very subjective and there’s absolutely every chance that @abc may have no side effects with Dut. The only way to know for sure is to try.

      1. @Cris

        Can I ask you a quick question about Fin if you don’t mind? I’ve been on for about a year. I think it may have somewhat slowed down the recession, it’s hard to tell. I was advised to wait till the two year mark before exploring options but just wanted to ask some who’s been on for longer than two. Did you notice much in the first year? Or was it the second when it started to thicken up?

        Thanks in advance.

        1. i noticed the first year, after the first year im not sure to be honest, but i think it’s help me to loss hair slowly (cause im still loosing hair, a bit every year but i am almost like 5 years ago with 21 and im started on fin with 23 )

  4. Hi guys, I’m may be norwood 6/7, I use minoxidile daily want to try finasteride. Should I go for it as I know finasteride doesn’t regrowth hair follicles. Will it be a clever choice ?

    1. If you have miniaturized (very thinning) hair, the follicles are still active but cannot grow terminal hair due to DHT damage. Fin should help here, it eliminates/reduces this damage, allowing the miniaturized hair to grow thicker.
      Minoxidil could sometimes reactivate follicles causing “new” regrowth.

    2. As a stage 6, now 5 and heading toward 4 in just 3 months, I’d say that the minoxidil/finasteride combination seems to be working for a guy in mid 50s. I also see a heavy crop of vellus hairs all over at this point, so I’m hopeful.

  5. Hey admin, do you know what the consensus us regarding daily dosage for dut?
    Some forum members recommend up to 2.5 mg a day. Seems like a lot but ive heard this multiple times

    1. @Shane from my personal research online the best dose seems to be 0.5mg daily – some people then drop to 0.5mg every other day if they are having good stable results. I’m hoping to find a good online supplier – any links welcome!

    1. Paul is lying! He is not a doctor! He just frustrated and trying to back up his anti Propecia campaign by saying he is a doctor. Just ignore him. Try Propecia and see if it works for you. If it does you will hold on to your hair for at least 7 more years.. it’s the only thing we have that actually works to fight the root of mpb

      1. I have a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. Investigation and research. Why should I have to lie? I don’t understand. @mjones. Respect please. Propecia isn’t a safe drug. People with MPB needs urgently a new treatment. Only this.

        1. @Name.
          I will continue doing my work through the evidence and scientific rigor that prestigious journals as (Nature, Science, JAMA, BMJ, The new Journal of Medicine) delight us. ALWAYS WITH scientific rigour as its basic tenet.

          Some scientific papers listed in PubMed (although it seems easy to obtain a scientific article in PubMed not as easy at it Seems). I will continue doing my job here.
          You can continue to assume or inventing “things”. I think you should read some of my posts with links to previous posts about adverse drug reaction in Finasteride you will be surprised.
          Good luck.



  6. It would be kiddish if someone just starts or stops any type of medicine because some unknown person from somewhere in other part of world is saying to do so.

    Also no one should ask to take anything to anyone. You don’t know the other person, his medical history or type of alopecia. Prescription should only be done by Doctors/Dermatologist after consulting the patient.

    You are free to share your experience though.

  7. @Paul, if you have a PhD plz enlighten us with some more educated answers as to why we should not touch Fin or Dut? I dont use any medication but im considering Finasteride. Its hard to make a decision because the discussion is often very one sided.

  8. Finasteride sucked for me. Libido dropped way too low, couldn’t keep a stiffy, and had brain fog. Prior to fin I had no idea what brain fog even was. Didnt take me long to figure it out. Once I stopped my libido came back after a few weeks, and could keep it up again. Still feel that they are weaker than before though, and the brain fog cleared up a bit, but I still think it messed something up in my head. Sometimes im just at a loss for words even though its like right on the tip of my tongue. Idk I just feel much different than before I used it. I personally would not recommend fin. Being in bed with a gorgeous girl and not even getting remotely turned on by her, almost disgusted by her even, really freaks a man out. Id love to try it again because looking back, ive lost alot more hair this year. Not worth it though. People can take it for years with zero side effects, then stop it one year and go through the post fin crash and seriously mess themselves up.

    1. I had the same experience, Fin ruined my sex life at the time and like you I’m not sure I even recovered completely. Here in France, Chibro-Proscar 5mg (the original fin) was only 5€ (now it is 10€) and was completely covered by my insurance. (State and additional) free healthcare at its best lol

  9. Hey Rancid. I’m glad you quit if you were suffering sides. I’m on it for 14 years and get strong erections all the time. I had issues in the beginning but it went away. Never had brain fog though. I work out daily, eat healthy so that keeps me in check. Plus I had super high dht. I was getting boners non stop when I was 20. Propecia calmed me down. Nothing worse than having a huge boner when you just talk to a girl. She will think you are crazy haha

  10. Hi guys.
    I’ve purchased Avodart’s Dut twice already from this site: .It’s like £20.00 per pack and you can buy 6 packages per one prescription so I think it’s an amazing deal. There’s a 20 or 30 punds price for one prescription so I think it’s best buying 6 packages.

  11. @mjones: u wrote fin reduced ur super duper high dht as a good thing and saying its actually helping u. i appreciate ur story and thoughts however when it comes to advising drugs to someone, choose ur words more wisely. from what i read, fin has side effects on you too. and u also dont know what will happen if u continue taking this drug say 5 more years.. perhaps fin post syndrome or ur libido will go down flat zero..etc.
    like i said no one can tell that. but 100% sure it has side effects on you. and to me its a show stopper.
    people have to understand this: this is not type of a drug u can take for certain time and then quit. u have to take it to ur grave. so my question is it worth taking it? honest answers not bs ones.

    1. Hi donitello. I have been taking it for 14 years. I had sides at the beginning. Some ED but it even out and went back to normal. I agree I do have sides. I was super horny, non stop boners etc. Now I don’t have that sex drive. Don’t get me wrong. I still get erections during the day and during sex but non every 3 minutes like before. If I ever decide to go off the drug I would simply dose down little by little over a year. Ex. 1mg every other day for a month, then every two days for a month. Then every 3 days for a month etc. Just to be clear, I’m not trying to push anyone to take Propecia that doesn’t feel comfortable with it but I want to let people know who are interested that it WORKS very well to hold on to your hair.

  12. Hi guys,

    I’m about to go visit vancouver and make an appointment to get topical finasteride from hasson and wong(I was born in canada, but live in the states). Has anybody tried their topical finasteride yet and not got side effects? I took oral propecia six months ago and freaked out when my left side of my chest got slighly puffy, and I had stomach cramping/feeling bloated after a month of use.

  13. I was on Propecia from 2005 to 2012. Than before I got married, I read that fin can damage your sperm: count, motility and morphology. Then I had my sperm checked to see if this was true. My sperm was definitely damaged. I stopped Propecia that day. It took me a year and a half for my sperm to return to normal parameters. I also read that even when all 3 params are OK it can still damage the integrity of the DNA carried inside the sperm. Today I have 2 kids, but less hair ofcourse

    1. I read a study the men suffering with PTSD from war also had negatively altered the sperm to have messed up DNA in their children. I can’t imagine what finesteride/Dut would be doing to the offspring.
      Suicidal thoughts is another side effect. Just – no thanks – i’ll pass.
      I can’t help but to roll my eyes as soon as I see the words DUT or Fin, can’t even believe it’s still apart of the conversation

    2. Hey mjones, Guys i have been taking propecia for 5 years and i am still in year 5, but i stopped taking it for couple of months each year, i am married when i decided to have a child i stopped it before 2 months before trying and did spermogram and the count of sperm was higher then normal and motility and other features were normal, when my wife got pregnant i started again using it i am now on my first year of using it again i did my hormones test and result was normal, now i am going to do my spermogram.

  14. What worries me most from what I’ve been reading is all the users who get side effects AFTER they stop taking these drugs. I would have no problem talking these drugs if I only knew that I could just stop and the sides would go away. Its what comes after that worries me the most. God we need a new treatment ASAP!!!

  15. I’ve been taking Dutasteride for 14 years. It has slowed my hairloss considerably. I stopped taking it for about 9 months in 2014 for financial reasons and had noticeable thinning. Once going back on the treatment I’ve made a full recovery. I’m very much looking forward to the topical form, hopefully it eliminates the side effects (gyno) of the pill.

    1. I would like to know if topical solutions for hairloss works only locally where it is applied and do not go systematically, then we can use a topical made from dutasteride, minoxidil or histogen or bortuzu or …, jak. This will be the cure topical anti androgen+anti immune inflammation + regrowth factors.

  16. Hey mjones, Guys i have been taking propecia for 5 years and i am still in year 5, but i stopped taking it for couple of months each year, i am married when i decided to have a child i stopped it before 2 months before trying and did spermogram and the count of sperm was higher then normal and motility and other features were normal, when my wife got pregnant i started again using it i am now on my first year of using it again i did my hormones test and result was normal, now i am going to do my spermogram.

  17. My spermogram was directly after stopping propecia and my sperm count was above the higher bound of the interval.

  18. Well said egghead. These drugs scare me due to sides in the unmentionables department and whole lot more besides!!

  19. I agree with everyone when it comes to having a better treatment than Propecia. I would love to drop the drug and get follica done or SM. However if I stop I will be a nw6 in a year. My family has super aggressive mpb genes so it will be hair suicide! If I stop I will go bald fast. Then if a new treatment were go come out it won’t be good enough to get me back to a nw2.5. These new treatments in my opinion will only be good for mid to low norwoods. Nw4 to 1. None of them showed or claimed a cure or super regrowth. So stopping Propecia will make a nw7 until tsuji comes out with a cure which is probably 2030 . IL be 50 years old then. F that! The key for all of us is to save what we have.

    In the words of robot Paul phoenix…” we need a new treatments asap”

  20. @mjones. Thanks mjones… I said before:

    Paul Pheonix
    JULY 7, 2016 AT 7:26 AM
    The key is avoid side effects. If not…all of you are in the same problem again and again.

    Thanks again.

  21. Ease up ppl, too much hostility on this site lately. We all gotta deal with this frustrating defect. Some take dut or fin, some dont. I myself cant decide:/ I could probably save myself alot of frustration if I hopped on either one and responded well, but having to deal with sexual side effects, penile shrinkage or man boobs would be the end for me. HL is bad, really f****** bad but sexual sides on top would be too much. I’ve been thinking more and more bout getting a FUE. Problem is that I’d have to wait if I dont wanna go on finasteride. Imagine if we could have a Fin or Dut without side effects, Lol! Would be the best! Why cant the sides just be an ultra hairy ass or whatever…just not impotence:/

    1. They claimed to grow a full head of hair but doesn’t provide any background science behind it how it work for MPB. They have only depicted about the device, not about the procedure how it works. I have doubt how much it will work for MBP.

  22. That hair stimulating device sounds really cool but it’s getting approved for phase 1. Early stages. Sounds like pilox device. The beat thing to cure hair loss would be a device instead of surgery or drugs. The science sounds legit but we all know how this will turn out. Man this hair loss industry is getting repetitive and boring

    1. Farhan, I’m just letting the young know my long term success with Propecia. Not forcing anyone to take any meds. Trust me that’s not my goal. I am lucky to not have serious sides like many. There are many of us who respond well to fin without the sides. Just want to state that I’m not pushing anyone. Just want to let them know it’s an approved option that works for many. Most of my friends are on it without sides. Only 2 dudes I know had erectile sides and they quit but it kept their hair for 4 years. Once the got off BAM nw2 to a new in two years. Anyway on to fue. I’m considering it but I’m a diffuse thinner Faehan all over my scalp if I just had thinning in the front I would get an fue. But my hair loss isn’t stable anymore. Each month I thin more and more. I think Rogaine destroyed my hair line because once I added it my temples receded more within 3 months. If I could stabilize my loss I would do fue but I’m not a candidate at the moment. I don’t want to have a thick hairline and the rest to be bald. It will look weird.

  23. @danile
    Have had a look at goldpharma .com.But I don’t see avodart so how do you order I am from Europe .

  24. Just read the other link from Paul and that device seems really cool actually. The whole males who have a partners and are both able to have children are exempt from study criteria is kinda strange. Too bad the comments they got are despicable they even say they are just going into trials and everybody mobs them and slays the morale no wonder company’s keep their updates sparse.

  25. hey all, after mjones and rev linked pics to alleged naturals dramatic success, I just want to report back with whoever cares- I’ve been using topical artichoke extract and Saw palmetto topically. I bought the liquid extract on amazon using the last week. My hair feels pretty damn soft and healthy.

    I’ve been doing the garlic, apple cider vinegar, red onion, and cayenne experiment the past three months. I notice very very small vellous hair’s in the front turning dark but nothing dramatic I haven’t been using the 9 different oils Mjones greek reference guy used- I have noticed shedding has stopped completely my scalp is not itchy anymore which is the only only reason I continue any of this. I’m taking pics.

    I know naturals are ‘stupid’ but I can’t take fin or Dut, HT or minox, or spiro, or ket, etc because i took them all and ineligible for HT

  26. Egghead, you mention yoi cannot use fin minox or Keto. Did you try all three in the past with no luck or did you get bad sides?

    1. I got sides and no luck with every pharmaceuticals – yes. I even took spiro with fin at the same time 200mg and 1mg per day. I went all out – got nothing.

  27. Dr walker is speaking tomorrow , hope we have smth new about jaks

    Aclaris Therapeutics, Inc. at Cantor Fitzgerald 2nd Annual Healthcare Conference (Live)
    Jul 12, 2016 at 2:30 p.m. ET

  28. Admin – please can you update on Polichem P-3074 soon?

    UK clinical trial phase I concluded and results published this week – focus on photosensitisation.

    They have a Phase III going on elsewhere in the EU – not sure where it is at. A Gantt chart would be a sweet idea on treatments.

    Polichem seems like a great win:
    Higher reduction in scalp level DHT plus localisation of drug effect meaning much lower serum level impact plus think they have some film forming agent meaning no worries waking around with the stuff on your head (I think)

    1. Their trial states a primary outcome measure of “Potential for induction of photosensitization”. In this context, I am not sure what that means as I don’t believe their (Polichem) other trials stated this. A novel approach to application? Interesting they choose .2ml which they earlier stated as having good scalp dht reduction and minimal serum dht reduction. The puzzle of hair loss research continues….

  29. You are really inconsistent – you study hair loss but needed assistance in drawing the above possible conclusion. You’ve been taking Propecia for 14 years and yet have never looked into risks of HT?

  30. I am deleting most comments that are/were unrelated to Finasteride, Dutasteride or discussion of new developments from this week. Will make some exceptions if logical to do so.

    Will do the same the same in many of my future posts where the subject matter is of great importance and where I do not want people having to search through 100s of unrelated comments.

  31. Can someone explain why Polichem is starting a new trial in Europe when they already have one that is in phase 3? I could understand if they started another outside the EU but going phase 1 again does not make a whole lot of sense to me.

    1. Not started – finished. Not sure why – could be supplementary or something – reach out to the company and query.

  32. There are a couple of new meta-analyses on negative side effects from finasteride use (not sure about dutasteride). FYI, meta-analyses are typically classified in the biomedical sciences as the gold standard of primary literature. I’ll post a few later in the week.

    And no I do not have any important updates of setiprepant clinical trial

  33. You guys should check out the user KhalilYousuf on reddit. The guys been doing swisstemples’ protocol for about 3 months and is already showing pretty promising results.

  34. @Kain, your post and also this one will be deleted by admin cuz its off topic. Anyways I would in no way call that good results or great hair. He should just buzz it down to 1 and be done with it.

  35. remember admin
    dr walker today presentation!!

    Aclaris Therapeutics, Inc. at Cantor Fitzgerald 2nd Annual Healthcare Conference (Live)
    Jul 12, 2016 at 2:30 p.m. ET

    1. Nothing new sets. He reconfirmed they that they will be trialing JAKs on androgenetic alopecia and vitiligo patients.

    1. Thanks. Will mention it in my next brief items of interest update. Interesting that they mention 2020 in there twice:-)

  36. I have been paying $150 for generic Dutasteride at Duane Reade in the states; however, I do have some membership card there which typically saves me around $30 dollars. I will update with definitive amounts at the end of month when I get a refill. However, hopefully I can save some additional money with those coupons posted earlier.

    Drug Manufacturer

    1. Thanks Daniel G. I just purchased Amneal’s generic version from Walgreen’s and my usually terrible insurance charged me just $20 for one month’s supply. I am not sure when I will start taking these pills, or even if I will take them continuously yet. I might just take a few every month and then stick with Fin, even though my prescriber advised me to not take both at the same time.

      1. $20 dollars!??! That’s amazing. How did you get such a good deal?

        Anyways, I highly recommend Dut over Fin. I don’t have any serious sides on either and can tell Dut is working much better, I have completely stopped losing ground.

        1. Daniel, my insurance sucks when it comes to medical coverage, but for prescriptions, they seem to always be great. I also got a super deal with same insurance on Finasteride in the past. This time my Dutasteride prescription doctor note said “for cosmetic use”, but the insurance still covered it lol

  37. Why do you say Jak trials are a long way off?

    Thats awesome about Kyocera. :) see! More and more companies tossing their name into the hat.

  38. Dermaroller?

    Response to Microneedling Treatment in Men with Androgenetic Alopecia Who Failed to Respond to Conventional Therapy. Dhurat R, Mathapati S – Indian J Dermatol – May 1, 2015; 60 (3); 260-3
    “Micro needling is a novel and safe tool in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia which induces hair regrowth by the following.[8,9,10]

    -Release of platelet-derived growth factor and epidermal growth factors are increased through platelet activation and skin wound regeneration mechanism
    -Activation of stem cells in the hair bulge area under wound healing conditions which is caused by a dermaroller
    -Over-expression of hair growth-related genes, vascular endothelial growth factor, B catenin, Wnt3a, and Wnt10 b as documented in animal studies.
    Our first in man study demonstrated the augmented effect of microneedling in promoting hair growth in men with AGA.[4] We have modified our microneedling protocol to reduce frequent visits of the patients to the clinic.”

    Although the sample size of this study was small, the discussion of AGA having a multi-faceted etiology appeared pertinent.

    1. In a way, paper almost seem to emulate follica’s approach to treat AGA with wounding. Four subject study is way to small for any conclusions and they were also recommended to keep on fin and min (doesn’t really say what is control on meds if any). I would not take this paper too seriously until better research is presented (perhaps from follica). Visually before after pictures seem to show some improvement, though subjects show NW 6-7 patterns.

  39. I tried Fin a few years back. I developed anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Of course , this may have been a coincidence, but I’d never had this before and it went away after I stopped. So I certainly won’t be trying this even stronger drug. I know people get desperate, but probably best to avoid messing with your body chemistry. Hair multiplication is not that far off. I am now considering a hair system to get me through the next few years.

      1. I am not sure how you would know that, any more than I know it’s definitely seven to ten years away. What I do know is that there are now several reputable companies working on it with serious money behind them. Please give us your evidenced based (emphasis on evidenced) reasoning for saying it’s decades off.

        1. @ Alan j. Oh you mean stemsons therapeutic which will not happen if even possible by 2035 or do you mean Dr tsuji who lied about everything, or do you mean tissuse who also lied about everything, or do you mean histogene who failed or do you mean replicel/shishido with there rch-01 which was supposed to come out in 2018 which only gives a 10% increase in hair density and one has to fly to Japan every 6 month’s because RCH-01 wears off after 6 months I’ve been studying hair cloning since Dolly the sheep was cloned in 1997 , I thought for sure by this time there would be hair cloning out by now, and I’ve spoken to several dermatologist and numerous plastic surgeons since 2015 and they all told me the same exact thing not in 20 years . funny Dr Diep told me in 25 years . so I mean there you have it anybody can do the research and realize it’s not going to happen.

  40. Kind of sad that the ” news ” on this blog is talking about a drug that hit the market in 2002. Almost 20 years and there is not even studies on topical formulas of dutasteride to see if we can inhibit DHT locally and not systemic ( plus all the other hormones you inhibit by blocking in a systemic way 5-alpra-reducatase )

    1. When the richest man in the world is forced to have a hair transplant to get back some acceptable hair, you know there is nothing out there, just total darkness.

        1. Dude, Where’s My Hair?
          Fun fact: apparently he and Mila quit using soap as well. (I’m really having second thoughts on inviting them to my pool party next week.)
          God I’m bored…

          1. Lol. And looks like he did not go bald despite quitting Avodart. Maybe after he had his children, he takes 1 pill a month to maintain (half life of Dutasteride = 5 weeks).

  41. Admin: I’ve heard stuff online about Camber dut, that it doesn’t work as well as other generics. I’ve been on Dutasteride since 2013. Most of the time it has been Dr. Reddy’s “Dutas” which has worked fine.

    In 2020 due to covid I couldn’t get Dutas shipped to me. I decided to go the Medical Wellness route and had Camber dutasteride delivered instead. I took 90 pills over the course of about 9-10 months.

    Sadly I lost serious ground during these months, and since my hair was long due to not being able to go to a barbershop, I didn’t notice until the damage was done. I panicked and switched back to Dutas, which stopped further loss. I’m microneedling to see if it will recover the recent loss.

    Fortunately I’ve been able to finally track down the Epic Pharma dut that you are taking, which is substantially cheaper than Dutas. Just wondering if this is your first time taking it and how it’s working for you. I’ve seen crazy results from a redditor who was using Epic Pharma Dutasteride and microneedling (no minox!), so I’m confident that this stuff is legit.

    I personally will never use Camber again. Just wanted to give you a heads up in case your pharmacy switches dut generics down the line, which is apparently a thing…

    1. Thanks for the useful report Shmee! My results were tapering downwards for the past year or two, but these past few weeks on Epic seems to have caused a slight improvement. Really hard to tell though, as my thin increasingly curly hair is now cut very short and I need a haircut every 4 weeks.

      Yes its my first time on Epic. If you can share the link of the person on Reddit who is on Epic, would be great.

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