Dutasteride and Minoxidil Before and After Photos

When I originally wrote this post, I focused on topical Minoxidil and oral Dutasteride combination hair loss treatments. Nowadays, it seems like oral Minoxidil plus oral Dutasteride has become the gold standard combination treatment among some doctors. Some also add injection Dutasteride into the mix.

Make sure to also read my post on before and after hair growth photos from Finasteride and Minoxidil.

Oral Dutasteride plus Oral Minoxidil

In March 2021, Dr. Sergio Vano (Spain) and Dr. Bevin Bhoyrul (Australia) posted interesting before and after success story photos on Twitter. Both doctors made use of oral Minoxidil and oral Dutasteride (aka Avodart).

Dr. Vano tends to offer both oral and injection Dutasteride in the beginning, with the patient deciding on one or both after a year.

Oral Dutasteride and Oral Minoxidil Hair Growth
Oral Dutasteride and Oral Minoxidil Hair Growth Results. Dr. Bhoyrul and Dr. Vano.

Jan 3, 2019

In my previous post on Dutasteride injections for hair loss, I showed an incredible before and after photo. That male patient was taking taking Dutasteride (oral and injection) in combination with oral Minoxidil. This person was treated by Dr. Sergio Vañó-Galván from Spain. The doctor later sent me a number of other before and after photos of his hair loss patients. All of them saw significant hair growth while on some variation of this Dutasteride (oral and/or injection) and Minoxidil (topical or oral) combination treatment.

I was debating on whether these new photos were worthy of a new post, and concluded in the affirmative. Sometimes people forget about the excellent existing hair loss treatment medications out there that have been proven to work really well for many patients.

Of course one must be willing to risk potential side effects of these medications. Most published studies suggest very few people get major permanent side effects from Dutasteride, but it is up to you to do your own research and reach your own conclusions. Note that Dutasteride is only approved in several countries to treat hair loss as of 2019. However, it is approved as an enlarged prostate treatment all across the world.

Dr. Sergio Vañó-Galván was on the organizing committee of the 11th World Congress for Hair Research that took place in Barcelona in 2019. He is also on the Board of Directors of the EHRS.

Oral Dutasteride plus Topical Minoxidil Hair Growth

For those getting side effects from oral Minoxidil or fearful of taking it, topical Minoxidil is always a good alternative. Below are some great hair regrowth results of men who took topical Minoxidil 5% and Dutasteride.

Patient 1: Dutasteride injections plus oral Dutasteride plus 5%  topical Minoxidil at 12-months.

Dutasteride and Topical Minoxidil -- 12 Month Hair Growth

Patient 2: Dutasteride injections plus oral Dutasteride plus 5% topical Minoxidil at 12-months.

Dutasteride plus Topical Minoxidil Hair Growth at 12 Months

Patient 3: Dutasteride injections plus oral Dutasteride plus 5% topical Minoxidil at 12-months.

Dutasteride and Topical Minoxidil Hair Growth Before After

Oral and Injection Dutasteride

One can also ignore Minoxidil entirely and just focus on Dutasteride (oral and injection combination treatment) if desired. Note that Dutasteride injections are sometimes termed as mesotherapy.

Patient 4: Oral Dutasteride plus mesotherapy with Dutasteride 0.05% once every three months.

Dutasteride Mesotherapy Before and After

Female Hair Loss Treated with Oral Minoxidil

Women are not given Dutasteride if trying to get pregnant. However, females are allowed to take oral Minoxidil at any time if healthy. However, women should note that oral Minoxidil can cause excessive body hair (hirsutism) as a side effect.

Patient 5: Oral Minoxidil 1 mg/day at 12-Months in a female.

Oral Minoxidil Hair Growth in a Female: Before and After

88 thoughts on “Dutasteride and Minoxidil Before and After Photos”

  1. Wow, they are all fantastic results. I’m still hesitant to take these medications for fear of side effects but I’m happy for these featured patients nonetheless.

    1. Hey Daniel,

      I’d definitely try finasteride first. If you are also wary of taking finasteride I’d have you look at this study:


      Basically the study shows that men who are told about sexual side effects are more likely to get them. Which means that a large number of cases are from the nocebo effect. If you have already tried finasteride just keep the nocebo effect in mind. It is very powerful, but something that you can overcome mentally.

      A majority of studies have shown about 5% of men get side effects. And I think this research shows why a larger number of people online get side effects.

      I’ve been on finasteride for 2 years with no side effects. I’ve lost no ground either so overall I would say it’s successful. I’m considering maybe switching to dutasteride in a year. I’ve recently started dermarolling. If I get good hair regrowth from that then I won’t have to even take dutasteride.

      1. Thank you, Flow, I really appreciate that information! As I continually lose more hair I consider it more and more. As a single guy, my looks are important to me.

        1. No worries! My biggest regret was that I didn’t start finasteride sooner. I was really afraid of the side effects. I should have started 4 years earlier than I did.

          My hair still looks pretty good with topic, but I’d rather not have to worry about it. Now I’m trying different things to try and get regrowth.

          If you’re hair isn’t too bad I’d say you can weigh your options, if it’s going fast I’d say try getting on finasteride quick.

          Anyway, good luck! Hopefully you find something that works well for you!

      2. @Flow it is not truth! Sides are real and it does not matter if you are awere of it or not. I got them 3 months after usage small .25, and basicly it killed my libido and erection.

        And worth to add, that I was awere of sides and was afraid of them, but in first months of use it actually incrised my libido. So don’t spred this study statistic lies.

      3. Funny story. I looked into it. The percent of the general populace of men in the age range of hairloss who suffer SD is higher that that of those who suffer it while taking fin.

  2. the second patient looks amazing, he was literally “CURED”, the only problem with him though might be long term side effects.

  3. Liked here, I wouldn’t mess with Dutesteride or Propecia not to be that annoying person. These pills inhibit enzymes for the lipids (testosterone). These lipids are used for communication in cells and can perhaps alter transcription and translation (DNA/RNA). I can see a treatment having something to do with Mitochindrial damage from oxidation.
    Example this article just read the abstract.


    Funny thing the quest to treat hair loss might be the rabbit hole, that will deepen the lead to treatment of aging. This in my opinion is better.

    FYI. Hair loss will have remarkable treatment by 2032-2035 at the latest. Assuming no WW3, crazy epidemic, or Super volcanic eruption. Why? Computational limits will have breakthroughs making protein twisting and turning more predictable, today that’s only partly thanks to a Google AI breakthrough, but barely still doable and accurate. (Head line is exaggerating AI capabilities btw)


      1. Thanks very much Admin. I am thinking of paying him a visit. Incidentally, I use oral Dut and 10mg oral loniten. Still losing ground sadly (v slowly).

  4. Dut is more dangerous than people think. I stopped oral over a year ago and my libido & ejaculations halved and stayed that way. I also get pain in my testicles from time to time. I wish I hadn’t touched it.

    1. I’ve had the exact same problem with Finasteride. Sexual Side effects are permanent so it’s really not something people should be experimenting with.

      I wish I never touched the stuff.

      I feel to many people are being hushed to keep quiet about the negative side effects of Finasteride and Propecia. It’s not the right thing to do! There are tons of people who have terrible side effects and should be allowed to speak their truth.

  5. Similar results to those shown can be achieved using hair fibers, without the side effects of this more invasive treatment.

    1. Dummy, hair loss is a degenerative condition. You’ll continue to lose hair without medical treatment to the point where you won’t have enough hair on your head for fibers to cover if you don’t use fin/dut.

  6. Patient 2 AND 3 looked great.

    This is what I consider to be the FIRST real treatment for male pattern hair loss that grows a lot of original hair.

    I am not in a rush to try such a potent cocktail but I will follow it closely on this forum and if no other choices emerge soon then this would strongly be considered.

    Looks like we have 1 treatment. Let’s get a second treatment early in 2019. As a footnote Aclaris should release Phase II JAK results by June.

  7. Just propaganda. There is not logical reason on why topical minoxidil will be less effective than oral minoxidil. In fact, topical should be more effective, since the dose you use is much higher and go direct to the follicle . A none sense, dangerous, already tried it in the past.

    1. You can’t compare topical dosage with oral dosage and conclude in favor of the former without citing data (ml versus mg unit comparison makes it difficult). A number of doctors in recent years have stated that oral is superior to topical, including Dr. Sinclair and Dr. Pathomvanich. A few of the surgeons I know have also started prescribing oral Minoxodil in recent years.

      I do not want to risk more body hair as a side effect so am not on oral Minoxidil, but would not be surprised at all if oral is proven to be superior to topical.

      1. I tried it oral, along with oral spironolactone, back in 2002 was a real popular ( and stupid ) combo on hairsite. Didn’t give me better results than just dutasteride oral and minoxidil topical, of course, it gave me much more side effects .
        When you take it orally, that tiny 5mg or 10 mg have to by pass the stomach, then splitted in the entire body. When you daily apply 2 ml of 5 % minoxidil, you are applying and small molecular weigh drug in a dose of 100mg direct into the scalp each day ! . The only possibility is that the enzyme that convert minoxidil in the body into the active minoxidil, is more present in the rest of the body that in the scalp, but, that are just theories .

        On hairsite, you can still find that posts . w

  8. I’d still be wary of JAK inhibiters, let’s say they do work. They can be potentially be carcigenic in the long run. Inhibiting Kinase disrupts phosphorylation. This disruption of the cycle for immune cell growth and cell cycle can be bad. It interferes with transcription.

    In English: pretend you have a factory that are producing cars. You start throwing wrenches into one of the machines in the middle of the cycle, You are no longer producing cars but giant kinked metal. Essentially the car is a cell and the kinked metal is cancer.

    These companies don’t talk about the potential long term effects or biological process. Why? It’s disrupt potential profit and affect there capital value as a company.

    Now the bright side is you’ll hear more breakthroughs in hair loss Resarch more often in the upcoming years, that will dwarf the past 100 years of biological research.

    1. True. but most people treat their body like a dumpster anyway.

      We smoke/vape, we drink alcohol. People in the US regularly intake food ingredients banned in some countries. Tapeworm in pork, bovine viruses in cattle, mercury in fish. Just add JAK to the pile. I doubt it would make a significant difference when all things are considered, if it even works.

      I doubt it works. They would know by now. It’s like the scientists of old that tried to change copper into gold.

      Any news on Shiseido anybody?

  9. I’m just waiting for follica since it’s the only thing that will be easily accessed and massed produced in the usa. Traveling to Japan for sisheido sounds difficult for those of us with full time jobs. Two trips required, cell injections, a very new type therapy dealing with cell injections. Etc. I might be over reacting but I’d rather get follica done by my local dermatologist or hair transplant doctor then apply the topical in my own home. 100cm2 new hairs is probably more than what sisheido will do. Upside with sisheido is that it will make our hairs immune to the dht and it’s one treatment per few years. Just wish these companies would hurry the fk up already before it’s too late for me to save the hair I left. 17 years waiting for new sht….exhausting lol.

    Ps. Thanks for the blog admin, I know I complain like a little girl but your site does give me hope and I know you are a legit dude unlike other hair loss forum admins…won’t say who but we all know who lol.

    1. Waited 17 years for a cure, but won’t make 2 trips to Japan?

      The flight is longer from the UK, but let me tell you that if those Pokémon enthusiasts/robot makers invent a hair loss cure I will be on the first flight out.

      Hell, I would go to Iran. I would go through the painful months of getting an Iranian visa and forfeit the rights to my visa-free entry to the US because I had been to Iran.

      1. I totally agree with this. I am literally here waiting Pockets full of cash to throw at a viable option. Where ever when ever.

  10. Lol keep on waiting mjones…i don’t think anything in near future will be coming…maybe like in 10 years but not now…i have decided either to shave it or get another fue at least it will give a decent look

    1. Farhan, FUE plus SMP is great for a closely trimmed look of maybe 1/8″ (FUE provides a little 3D fuzz for natural texture). That really is a partial cure to continue looking young and not balding IMO.

      Unfortunately for me, that’s not an option with my FUT linear scars. Never get that.

  11. Hi Farhan, yeah you are probably right buddy. It’s all a waiting game. I still thing big players at Rogaine and merck are blocking or making it very difficult for new drugs to replace their stone age drugs. I am thinking of fue, but I work a face to face job with customers and can’t look all bloody and weird for a month or two. My customers would dip out. Hopefully miracle will happen and something better comes out asap!

    Scott- it’s not the traveling but more of not being in Japan if something were to go wrong with cell injections. Here I could drive to my derm. I don’t know I just think it could be a problem. Maybe I’m over thinking it.

  12. Please someone explain to do mesotherapy with Dutasteride.

    How yo convince and ask my doctor to give Dutasteride injections in India?

    1. Not recommended at all if the doctor is new to this. In fact, even with an experienced doctor, I would be wary about getting Dutasteride injections until more studies come out showing results and side effects.

  13. Has anyone an idea about the process of Follica? They expect to initiate their pivotal study in the first half of 2019. So this could be immediately the case or in like six months. Maybe they have already completed their optimization study?

  14. These results are very scientifically interesting and look promising, however, there is a case to be made for the tightness of the scalp. Why are doctors and researchers not interested in finding a way to relax the scalp so that follicles are not constricted? Is this not a area worth looking into?

  15. This could be interesting:

    A clinical trial from Cairo University will ‘assess the Role of the JAK-STAT Pathway in the Pathogenesis of Male Androgenetic Alopecia’

    Androgenetic Alopecia and the JAK-STAT Pathway:

    “It is a well known fact that the JAK-STAT pathway plays a pivotal role in the pathogenesis of alopecia areata.[…] However, whether this pathway plays a role in other hair loss disorders remains unclear. Our study aims at assessing STAT3 levels in male patients with androgenetic alopecia. We hypothesize that STAT3 levels will be elevated (due to a previous study proving that JAK-STAT pathway is involved in non-immune mediated hair loss in mice).

    1. Might be a moot point if Aclaris comes through by this June. Waiting diligently for the results a potential breakthrough.

  16. Hello admin,

    Sorry if it’s the wrong place to post this here, but I might have some interesting info.

    Poietis, the french start up that has a partnership with L’Oreal for printing 3D and 4D hair follicles, got a funding of 5 million euros in March 2018.

    This funding will serve to accelerate the research, not only in the hair research field. They would like to get involved in regenerative médecine in general (liver…).

    They plan to use the technology in humans in 2021 ( sorry I don’t know if it’s commercial release or beginning of clinical trial, but I think it’s probably the Later).

    Here is the link of the paper but it’s in French :


    1. @ Kevin … I really think this will be quite interesting in the next years and maybe does not need Long Trials. Also big Player BASF is involved … and they dont Need Crowdfunding :-)

      1. @admin can you make an updated post on iRestore laser treatment? that has 800+ reviews on amazon and an avg of 4/5 stars
        does it really work?

        1. Not this exact brand but I got the same type of product 3 years ago and used it every other day as instructed for at least 6 months. It made no difference. The laser caps are the most expensive gimmick of all the so-called cures and the manufacturers should be closed down. Sorry if this is not the response you wanted.

  17. Patient number 3 has incredible results (number 2 also) and that this is an Excellent treatment that really works. Just that the cocktail is too much for me to try. But nice to have a fallback.

    John Travolta has embraced the bald look. I say we should embrace the hair look for all of us in 2019. Another treatment, hopefully not as potent as the one above, is coming in 2019.

  18. FYI on Frequency Therapeutics raising 42 million as they are completing Phase 2 on ear hair regeneration. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190107005112/en/Frequency-Therapeutics-Completes-42-Million-Series-Financing This is the company focusing on progenitor cell activation and can culture progenitor cells in an unlimited number in vitro side stepping the hurdle of culturing stem cells. They are actively working on a solution for androgenic alopecia. Not an immediate possibility but solid platform and they are moving fast.

  19. Very lively couple of microneedling threads on the new research section of Hair loss talk, I can vouch that it seems to be working too – lots of great anecdotal success!

    1. Could you post some links its always hard for me to find what i want on those threads on hairlosstalk

      1. OK thanks Chaney … somehow didnt notice that. Is it only me or are most pics again just lighter or darker :-(

  20. 2019 is going to be the year of Big Hope as things start to fall together. I have no proof just that things are moving forward and its just a matter of time.

    I consider the article above to be One nice alternative although too much chemicals. Hoping for a few more treatments by end of this year or at least knowledge that real treatments will roll out soon.

  21. Does anyone know where you can get dutasteride injections in the States? I can’t seem to find any mesotherapy places.

  22. Admin, When you say “Sometimes people forget about the excellent existing hair loss treatment medications out there that have been proven to work really well for many patients.”, I think that adds great perspective. Many of us are so focused on finding a real breakthru that we forget what we have…….at least those of us who have something left to lose. I use oral and topical minox, dut, CB and I microneedle. While I may not be going forward, I might be in a much worse position if I didn’t have these options. It is easy to forget that as we dream of the potential possibilities on the horizon that we are so desperately hopeful will come to market.

  23. PinotQ being the optomist… that is what many on here want as well, a treatment that doesnt give sides and can hold the fort down. Many of you already have that, hopefully the rest of us side effect wizards will have the same choice at some point in the near future.

    1. I hear you and I realize not everyone can take advantage of the maintenance level products that are out there……which is another reason I feel very fortunate…………while at the same time wishing we all had a far better option.

  24. Have to agree. Even tho I got sides from Fin, I would give anything to still be on it and possibly save more hair. Could be years or even decades, before something else comes out?

  25. Something will come but it wont be great. Just a step up from what we got. Maybe 10 more hairs per cm2. I’ll take it though.

  26. Baumer, I just wanted to clarify that I am in no way endorsing Science Bio CB. I have not seen any evidence of positive results yet although my initial trial was at a very low % concentration which I have now increased. I think when you buy any of these chemicals sold under the radar it is a crap shoot. But they seem as professional as any out there and as long as I am throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the problem, I would rather buy from a company in the US rather than China. That doesn’t mean that the product is pure or that even if they buy it pure, they don’t cut it to make more money. I don’t have an opinion either way but if at some point I feel confident enough that it is working, I will certainly post something.

  27. I don’t understand why it’s available in a handful of other countries but not in the US (the shots I mean). I get why, I suppose, but come on. Pretty ridiculous. Results look good, actually. Surprisingly.

    Not risking side effects on the oral. Not even close to worth it. I’d rather an ear fall off that those side effects. Nah man. Not for me. I know not everyone gets them but it’s not worth even trying imo.

  28. Valkyrie Group Places Big Bet With Hair Growth Pharmaceutical Firm Aneira Pharma, Inc.


    Harvard researchers say a cure for baldness is on the horizon after scientists uncovered a protein that fuels hair growth.


  29. Same old stuff. you won’t hear about the harvard thing for like 5 years or its going to be put on the shelf and you will never hear about it again. the media hype is out of control when it comes to this they always have the same bs headline and it never goes anywhere. scientist make more money doing research then they do if they were to release the cure or a treatment

  30. I used oral minoxidil while on dutasteride. Oral minoxidil was essential a cure for me. However, it utterly destroyed my face with swelling in my cheeks, lips and eyes. I did try using lasix with it for water retention, but that didn’t help. If you can avoid the fluid retention, definitely worth trying.

    1. oral worked for you but not topical? why would that happen?

      anyway, same drugs from 1999, still no real progress.

  31. @James – that’s good digging on your part. I never heard of this Aneira Pharma. But let’s see them successfully finish a trial. Lot’s of talk in that PR. Always good to see new players, anyway.

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