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Donald Trump Definitely Takes Finasteride

In the past, there were rumors that president Donald Trump took Finasteride for his hair loss, and I wrote an entire post about that here. However, those rumors were based on interview claims in 2017 by Mr. Trump’s former personal physician Dr. Harold Bornstein. That doctor seems to be a wacky character and I was unsure about believing everything he said in those interviews. Moreover, in the bombastic letter that the doctor wrote for Mr. Trump in 2015, he did not mention Finasteride:

Donald Trump Doctor Letter

2018 Official Update: Donald Trump Takes Finasteride

Several days ago president Donald Trump underwent an annual medical check-up, this time with a Dr. Ronny Jackson. Yesterday, the website officially published detailed results of Mr. Trump’s comprehensive medical exam on their website.

On page 3, it is confirmed that Mr. Trump takes 5 medications. The line that caught my eye:

“Finasteride (Propecia). 1 mg daily for prevention of male pattern hair loss”.

So there you have it. The US president clearly has a healthy libido, no gynecomastia and no depression despite most likely many years of taking Finasteride. Some fans would even claim that Mr. Donald Trump has a perfectly healthy state of mind and temperament.

Mr. Trump even recommends Propecia to people, despite not getting any endorsement fee from Merck.

Donald Trump’s Physician Claims President Takes Finasteride

Donald Trump’s somewhat crazy (but still believable) long-time physician Dr. Harold Bornstein just claimed to the New York Times in several interviews that both Mr. Trump and Mr. Bornstein take Finasteride to tackle their hair loss problems. Mr. Bornstein claims that his own full head of hair as well as Mr. Trump’s full head of hair are a testament to the efficacy of Finasteride. Surprisingly, the article even mentions how Donald Trump’s prostate specific-antigen (PSA) levels were an extremely low 0.15 due to his taking Finasteride (a hair loss drug that was was originally developed to shrink enlarged prostates in men and in the process reduce PSA levels).

I try not to devote entire posts to celebrity news, but this particular development was significant enough to write about separately. It is very rare to see a story on Finasteride and hair loss in a major newspaper (except when it involves athletes who take the drug and get banned).

Mr. Trump almost certainly has had significant work done to cover his hair loss over the years according to numerous sources. The most in depth research and speculation covering that subject was in this impressive article from last year.

I hope one of Mr. Trump’s advisers tells him about Dutasteride in the near future. Perhaps he can then even get that drug finally approved in the US to treat hair loss. Especially considering this new initiative from the president.