Dutasteride works when Finasteride fails

An interesting study by South Korean scientists was recently published in “The International Journal of Dermatology” .  They took 35 balding people who did not see any improvement while on Finasteride 1 mg/day for 6 months. They then put those same people on Dutasteride 0.5 mg/day for 6 months.   31 of those patients completed the 6 months of treatment.  **Hopefully, the 4 who stopped treatment were just tired/bored/worried/paranoid, and did not stop due to experiencing significant side effects.

Over three-quarters of these 31 patients saw at least some increase in hair count.  Only 1 patient had a marked improvement, while 6 patients had a moderate improvement and 17 patients had a slight improvement.  The remaining 7 patients did not see any improvement or worsening.   “Side effects included transient sexual dysfunction in six patients (17.1%)”.

Link to study summary –>  Dutasteride works when Finasteride fails.

3 thoughts on “Dutasteride works when Finasteride fails”

    1. Does this mean that if Fin doesn’t work *at all* (as in, there is absolutely no slowing of hairloss, or possibly even an acceleration of hair loss perhaps due to upregulation) that Dutasteride may in fact at least temporarily reverse or halt the balding process?

      Reading over the article I wasn’t able to determine whether they defined Finasteride as “not working” simply by a lack of regrowth at 6 months, or a complete failure to halt miniaturization altogether.

      As someone who can literally take a six inch strand of hair and watch it thin from tip to root all the way down, I’m more than a little desperate for anything that could help.

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