Finasteride and Low-Dose Dutasteride Combination Treatment

Finasteride and Dutasteride Combination
Finasteride and Dutasteride combination treatment for hair loss. A 2012 case report from Boyapati and Sinclair.

Almost anyone who takes 5α-reductase inhibitors to reduce dihydrotestosterone levels (and treat hair loss) chooses either:

  1. Finasteride (1 mg/day; brand name Propecia). Or,
  2. Dutasteride (0.5mg/day; brand name Avodart).

I have discussed the dosage and efficacy of both Finasteride and Dutasteride in lengthy detail in the past. Most people take either 1mg Finasteride per day or 0.5mg Dutasteride per day to treat their hair loss.

While Dutasteride inhibits all three isoforms of 5α-reductase (types I, II, and III), Finasteride only inhibits the type II and III isoforms of the enzyme. Dutasteride inhibits a significantly greater percentage of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in comparison to Finasteride.

Taking Both Finasteride and Dutasteride to Treat Hair Loss

A few years ago, one of this blog’s frequent commentators mentioned taking Finasteride for six days a week and the much stronger Dutasteride for one day a week. This would theoretically limit the side effects from taking the much more potent Dutasteride for all seven days of the week.

I blew off this idea as pointless, since Dutasteride by itself has such a long 5-week half-life (Finasteride has a 6-hr or so half-life). So one might as well just take Dutasteride once or twice a week and completely ignore taking Finasteride to keep things simple. In fact I myself have been taking 0.5mg Dutasteride every two days rather than daily for a couple of years now.

However, a short time after the above commentator made the suggestion, another blog reader made the following comment:

DECEMBER 8, 2016 AT 2:58 PM


I have just been advised by a hair transplant surgeon, that if you combine 1mg finasteride daily with 0.5mg dutasteride once a week, you can expect regrowth. He learnt this from a recent conference he attended. A hair specialist presented a paper which showed good results from combining finasteride regularly with just one capsule of dutasteride per week on top. I’m yet to try this, but am willing to give it a go and just stop the dutasteride if there is no change or bad side effects.

And then yet again, someone else made the below comment last year:

FEBRUARY 8, 2018 AT 6:20 AM

I had been on Propecia alone for 15 years. Noticed hair started to thin again in 2016. Added Avodart in Jan 2017 and I can honestly say my hair is better and thicker than all the years on just Propecia. I take Propecia every day and one 0.5 Avodart once a week. Never had any sides at all. I did have a shed when I added the Avodart, but stuck with it.

Within about 4 months I could feel and see new hairs. My hairline is better than I can remember. It has taken one full year of this dosage to fully appreciate just how effective it has been. I will continue until things change and then reassess, but hopefully that won’t be for a very long time.

Combination Therapy: Finasteride and Low-Dose Dutasteride

While doing research for this post, I came across a 2013 study from Australia that found combination treatment on one male patient quite effective. Finasteride by itself was not working for him, but adding 0.5 mg Dutasteride once per week drastically improved the hair growth results. Before and after photos can be seen in the study. The screenshot of the abstract of this study is posted at the top of this post.

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  1. Real question is :
    Is Dutasteride on time per week plus finasteride everyday better that only dutasteride one time per week ? Dutasteride have an extremly long half life. May be one dutasteride per week is all that you need.

    1. I am a finasteride non responder, so once I moved to dutasteride 0.5mg/d, I saw regrowth and all around thickening of the hair. I remained in that regime for 6 years and hair loss was totally stabilized but started to develop sexual sides on the 6th year (no morning wood, loss of erection, bending of penis). I started vit D, LLLT, PRP, sandalore, cetirizine and gradually tapered dutasteride to every 48h or even 60h. Guess what? it FAILED. I losing my temples at a very fast pace. it does not work. dutasteride simply has no substitute. yesterday I cried a lot because I’m going back to every 24h.

      1. Oh for sure. Nothing we have right now can even approach the results of dutasteride. Which is why despite the sides, and other new things coming I still fin/dut sticking around for a long long time. They just work head and shoulders above everything else.
        Its just a shame about the sides and risks with them. They do have risks some known and some unknown.

        1. Finastride 1 mg was past safe by the FDA in the USA, in 1997, and Dutasteride 0.5 mg was past safe in both South Korea in 2010 & Japan in 2015.

      2. Has probado a reducir tú dosis de dutasteride para tomarlo 1 o 2 veces a la semana y combinarlo con mesoterapias del mismo? La mesoterapia es que te inyectan el medicamento(dutasteride) directamente en el cuero cabelludo, anulando los efectos secundarios con 3 o 4 al año bastaría y si a la semana te tomas 1 o 2 pastillas simplemente para mantener. Infórmate sobre la mesoterapia te puede ayudar además la puedes combinar con mesoterapias también de plasma rico en plaquetas

    2. That is exactly what I say/imply in the post in the paragraph starting in “I blew off this idea….”

      But I do wonder if there is “something” in Fin that is not in Dut? I would have guessed definitely not, but science and chemistry can be strange.

      1. Great find……….this study suggests a scientific reason…..that while Fin reduces Type II 5 alpha reductase 10% less than Dut (41% vs. 51%), it is also a powerful inhibitor of Type III 5 alpha reductase (it inhibits Type III at the maximal level at 4 fold less the dose). So theoretically, while Type II reduction has been thought to be the most important enzyme to reduce, perhaps Type III has a much more important role than previously suspected……at least in some people. Apparently, Dut does not inhibit Type III………I didn’t even know there was a Type III. Using both Dut and Fin inhibits all 3 types to varying degrees.

          1. Admin, You are correct, I had just never heard any reference to Type III. It appears to breakdown like this: Dut inhibits all 3 types. Dut is 100 times more powerful that Fin at reducing Type I, and 3 times as potent as Fin at reducing Type II. I couldn’t find anything on Dut’s ability to inhibit Type III. Fin inhibits Type II and Type III and would appear to be the most powerful at reducing Type III given that it inhibits Type III to the maximal level at 4 fold less the normal dose. I guess it is plausible that if there is something to the combo treatment, it could be because of the increased inhibition of Type III, at least to those that might be more sensitive to Type III…………if that is possible…….or the overall increase across the board in all 3.

      2. One point we should consider, Finasteride gives less testosterone spikes on scalp than Dut. As Testosterone is itself is the reason for hear thinning on scalp locally. That’s why Fin gives better results over a long period of time.

  2. If there were no side effects on erection, sperm and sexual functioning; it would be the greatest cure for baldness

    1. I’ve been taking 0.5mg dutasteride every day for like 9 months now. It has not really helped my hair much, if at all. I have had nothing but increased libido and sexual functioning. So, basically the opposite of what you said. Remember that everyone reacts to drugs differently.

      Also, please don’t tell me I have reflex hyperandrogenic response.

      1. I’m doing dutasteride once a week and 1mg finasteride everyday, combined with 5% minoxidil twice a day.
        I also got the increased libido, and then went back to normal. I heard that when you start inhibiting DHT, the body produces extra testosterone for a while (or something like that). I haven’t got the sides, and I hope I never will. Got huge regrowth on the first few months, and now I’m going through a shed. Been on it for about 9 months already.

      2. I’m about to come into taking Dut 0.5 daily without any prior FIN or DUT usage…I’d rather not waste a lot of time on a FIN trail for 12-16 months just to have it potentially not even work for me as I just turned 23 and have been very slowly noticing hair thinning and hairline receding for the past 3-4 years. But now is the time.
        Should I begin with a daily 1mg FIN and DUT 0.5 one day a week as a start? Or would it be better to start out on DUT 0.5 alone daily and see how things go? I just don’t wanna waste a lot of time running in circles with either drug singularly if the best approach or “most positive” approach would be to just take both from the get go.
        Thanks – Jared

        1. Hey any updates?

          I was on fin for a year with no results of improvement / stabilisation. Last week, I switched to dut but I read that you can take them together (fin 6 times a week, dut once a week). I just want results so not sure its worth the time it will take for me to experiment a combination that may not work

  3. I have always wanted to add dut once a week but I’m nervous to do. I hear people losing their hair lines and getting worse with adding dut, but then again other people like in the examples above benefit from it. I’m 15 years on fin and losing ground. Maybe I should try it but a shed would ruin me.

  4. I was once prescribed 0,2 mg of dutasteride per day by a homeopathy doctor, ironically. I already tried 1 mg of finasteride/day for 8 months and stopped because I didn’t see much result and had annoying sides. I am considering going for the 0,2 mg dutasteride/day to check if I also have sides and also because I am getting desperate. Either that or 0,5 mg of fina/day. The only issue regarding Dutasteride is that the drug is still in “experimental phase”, as affirmed by my dermatologist today. Not sure about possible long term side effects. Finasteride in that sense feels safer. What do you guys think?

    1. Dutasteride worries me a bit as far as long-term side effects go. But it has been in use for 18 years now for enlarged prostates (and is probably no longer considered as “experimental” for that condition).

    2. Sorry, but you got all wrong. First, no real homephatic doctor will prescribe you Dutasteride. That is not homeopatic at all, and not at a dose of mg. Second, Dutasteride have being on the market for 17 years !!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, not for hair loss and we will never be approve as hair loss in USA. So, you derm neither know a thing.

      1. She meant experimental as in its use against hair loss. But I wouldn’t argue she knows a lot either haha. I guess doctors, in general, will say the use of a drug is experimental for countering hair loss if the FDA has not approved it for this purpose.

      2. Dutasteride has been past in both Japan & South Korea as safe to use at 0.5 mg every day and has a half life of around 5 weeks. Don’t need to take it every day to get full benefit, 3 times a week is enough for most people. And less chance of sides, and cheaper on the pocket

  5. in 2019 is commercialized dutasteride topico I think ???? apparently has only 10% of 100% of side effects of the taken and with almost the same effect on the hair

  6. Not perfectly on point but another of your posters reported positive results with a Fin/Dut combination after no success with just Dut: Lionel
    AUGUST 8, 2017 AT 2:42 AM
    Tried generic dutasteride in an intermittent fashion for 3 months (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) before switching to a regular dosage. The regular dosage increased by libido initially and have me a crazy shed where my diffuse hair got even worse. I decided to take the plunge and shave it off. Continued with the regular dosage for seven months without any noticeable change and then switched back to generic finasteride. Added topical finasteride along with oral a few months ago followed by generic dutasteride for 3 days in a week. Noticed remarkable gains and at 31, I seem to have turned back the clock. Hair looks thick and full like it were pre-hair loss. Now, while wet, some thinning is still noticeable but my hair loss is more or less a non issue at this point.
    And later, in 2018: Lionel
    JANUARY 4, 2018 AT 12:14 AM
    I have had amazing results with Generic Dutasteride and Topical Finpecia/Minox combo. It took me 18 months to see results being a diffuse thinner (suffered for 7 years using oral fin and topical minox to stop the hair loss).
    Use Dutasteride 0.5 mg on Friday/Sat/Sunday (3 times a week) coupled with topical finasteride/minox once a day. Also, combine it with dermarolling (1mm) and intermittent fasting.

    Could be a fluke or maybe certain combinations work better for certain individuals.

    1. Hello, your comment is pure gold. You say you tried topical and oral finasteride, plus oral dutasteride at first. Did you take both topical finas and dutas every three days and why? At what dose?

      What is the comparison of this latter regimen to the first one in terms of results? Also what’s your take on something like topical fin + <2mg fin ingested plus three times a week plus ingested dutas once a week M,W,F. Also vs monday tuesday thursday plus using topical antiandrogens in the weekend?

    2. Do you also take the topical fin/minox on the weekends with the dut? Or do you only use that on mon-thurs?

      Any new updates btw? Hopefully its still working for you.


  7. **Update from RepliCel as of 3/05/2019**

    RCH-01 – RepliCel’s cell therapy for the treatment of Androgenic Alopecia has been the subject of a successful phase 1 trial in Europe and a clinical study now complete in Japan. Shiseido is expected to announce soon whether it will commercially launch the product in Japan or conduct further development and clinical testing. RepliCel will not plan for a phase 2 clinical trial of this product until it has the RCI-02 injector commercially available to use in such a trial and it has clarity from Shiseido regarding its plans for the product in Japan.

    Partnership with Shiseido – The disagreement regarding the status of the agreement between Shiseido and RepliCel remains unresolved but is not the subject of any litigation or arbitration. RepliCel maintains the Agreement remains intact and is communicating with Shiseido regarding its expectation of a release of data from the recently completed study of RCH-01 in Japan and clarity around Shiseido’s commercial plans for the product in Asia (the territory for the Shiseido license).

        1. I remember egghead 2009 looking at replicel commercials feeling lucky to be alive and young enough to catch is release in 3 years. Their done with phase 1.

          I hate saying it obviously but I’m willing to bet shiseido will opt to not release and either continue perfecting or drop it altogether judging by the delay

          1. Replicel completed it’s previous Phase I study seven years ago. Now they’ve completed another one in Germany? Whoopie!

            Replicel is hoping Shiseido bails them out before they die. But unfortunately, Shiseido is using Replicel’s same protocol.


            1. That said, the lucky one’s with a 20% improvement aren’t going to be too concerned. And phase I did show all who took the treatment maintained their baseline for a good long time. So not all bad news.

          2. Wait, I think I’m reading it wrong. I’m thinking the phase I they’re talking about was the one done 7 years ago. So the only thing new is, we’re waiting on Shiseido?

  8. Hi, i read a lot about avodart, taken all the side effect into consideration, and two months ago i started taking one per day, i am 23 y/o, my hair started falling when i was 18, minoxidl didn’t help much or at all, i follow this blog for a long time.
    When it comes to avodart for 2 months now, i don’t have any side effect.. yet… my sperm count is lower tho, but everything else is fine. My hair shed stopped, maybe i shed 10 hairs per day, really low for now. I don’t know if i am going to get some major side effect, for now avodart keeps my hair, i want to have kids some day and as i have seen Aston K. stoped using avodart and he was able to have children. I didn’t start with propecia btw. i cut right to avodart. Lady that works in the pharmacy told me that ibuprofen has more serious side effect then avodart like DEATH for that matter.

  9. So here is how it will go down. We will know a real cure for hair loss exist when we hear it on the nightly news. Just saw on NBC nightly news that they have cured aids in one patient with stem cells. Until we hear this about mpb, we should just not get our hopes up. Everything else is just bs over and over again. Just like egghead says. Same repetitive pattern of false hope. Keep taking them fin pills boyz.

    1. Mjones has anyone compounded topical dut?
      To your point, you’re right in my opinion. If s cure hit….it would make the news. However, something overseas there might be a delay. Furthermore, many news stations have mentioned cures before. However if it’s not a talking sub point….yes a cure would hit the news, in my opinion.
      Side note some women have proclaimed success with tea tree oil in salons.

    2. As for cynicism. Tsuji has enough photo evidence for me to move out of the “is the cure even real” phase. It’s easy to forget with all the set backs and normal cynicism. Those mice had human hair and skin grafts.

      If that’s not enough terskikh proved beyond question to multiple scientific journals. That man absolutely already proved hair can be cloned. The “cure” has been proven for years now. Were in the when where how much picture proof phase.

      Hopefully sites like these pay off if we’re early enough we can get treatment. If it’s on msnbc that’s tells me your late get to the back of the rich guy line. I don’t want to be behind 50 million dudes lol

  10. I wondered why we are still promoting Finasteride and Dutasteride (which has never been aproved for allopecia use) considering all the serious side effects these drugs have.

      1. can i use dut 0.5mg daily?
        i am now on finasteride 1 mg and it looses its effect
        i am just keeping my crown hair now
        and my hair line is thinning

  11. Side effects that are actually experienced by very few who take it. Fin then dut EVERYDAY has saved my hair for over 20 years, if not would’ve been horseshoe bald years ago. No appreciable side effects, a bit of watery semen for a period when I 1st started taking. You propose it shouldn’t be accessible even though it’s saved the hair of most…because of the few who get sides, the many who believe they have sides or just because that’s what you think ( I use the term “think” loosely)?

    1. Appreciate Yoda’s comments…

      I started fin (1.25 mg per day) just over 2 years now. The first year was not very impressive in terms of growth, had a couple of shed periods, experienced some very mild side effects (which definitely got better over time). Then halfway through year 2 – I started getting really good results with growth. My bald spot is almost entirely filled in, hair is thicker, darker all over (natural color is dark brown). My main area of concern has always been my crown (was becoming the very typical visible balding spot). My hairline was getting thin too but not as bad as my crown area. Anyway, I will continue with the FIN, if the results keep going the way they have been, I will likely no longer have to use the sparingly amount of hair fibers I currently use (just to thicken up the crown area. I don’t use very much to begin with just a few passes over the crown area to thicken it up, looks amazing, my GF says it look very full and natural.

      So that’s experience with FIN (50 something year old male often confused for a much younger age…).


      1. PFS “cases” where? People on the internet that claim to have sides? If not, provide the links to reputable studies that illustrate a high population by percentage of users that experience side effects…I’m waiting, is that crickets I’m hearing Leo? ;-)

        1. If it cured baldness but had nasty sides, some people on this forum would still take it because that’s how traumatized they are by their hair loss; it has become their whole life.

          The last article showed how Jordan Peterson risks ripping open the deep wounds of our society with specific viewpoints best not expressed and all we focused on was his temple hair line.

  12. Bottom like is dht is a neurosteroid and alpha reductase is used in out bodies not only to facilitate testosterone conversion to dht but also for a few more important functions. Can’t name them on top of my head but certain that it is used outside of testosterone->dht conversion.

    We need to look at solutions that reduce sensitivity of dht on our follicles , or reduce dht without blocking alpha reductase.

    1. That’s a good thought Bal but as a not so wise Secretary of Defense once said, “You go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time.” At this moment it’s the best we’ve got and it’s worked well with little to no sides for the the vast (silent) majority. It’s the one’s (few) who actually got sides, imagine they got sides or are scared to try that squawk the loudest.

  13. I took minoxidil for about 2 years. The initial results were fantastic, but within about 6 months I could see it was starting to reverse slowly but surely.

    I tried a higher strength but I could see no improvement.

    When I decided to switch to propecia I did it alone without minoxidil. I knew minoxidil had lost its benefits and wanted to see if propecia would work as good as it was said to. I also wanted to know 100% if this drug alone was working. It did for 15 years.

    When I noticed my hair thinning my initial thought was to switch to Avodart completely, however, a hair transplant doctor told me that adding just one 0.5 Avodart in addition to propecia everyday will reverse and improve your hair.

    This has proved absolutely true. He did tell me that sometimes switching completely to Avodart everyday does not necessarily make things better,
    This initial research was proved by a lady called Dr Rogers in the USA back in 2016. It has worked for me and I would say to you all try all the standard treatments before you start mixing various treatments together. At least then you will know which medications definitely work for you.

    1. Great post Tom! I assume you mean one .5 Avodart a week? How long have you been on the combo treatment? And have you ever gone back on Minoxidil?

      1. Might be worth asking for before and after videos before you take potentially harming drugs based on results you can’t verify on the hearsay of someone you have never met.

        1. My history sounds very similar to what Tom has experienced except that when the effects of Fin faded, I switched to Avodart on the recommendation of my doctor (who I respect) but it has done nothing in over 18 months. I have never had sides on either but as Dut could have as of yet unknown long term effects, I’m thinking that moving from seven .5 daily doses of Dut a week to only 1, with daily Fin may actually be safer…………..with a long shot possibility that I may be one of the ones to whom it is beneficial.

          1. I will get roasted (again) for saying this, but if you have money and don’t live in a humid climate or have a sweaty job, a hair system will take you to a full head of hair, no side effects, no drugs, guaranteed immediate results. No experimenting with chemistry sets risking your health.

            The biggest problem with them is the adhesive strength. After 4 weeks it has to be re-glued, and after 8 a new system to replace.

      2. Hi PinotQ
        I take propecia daily.
        One .5 Avodart a week.
        I have now been on this dose for 2 years.
        I gave up minoxidil the day I started propecia (15ish years ago). I have never gone back because I knew its initial effective results were reversing.

  14. So… Any reason not to go ahead and get a HT now? Nothing at all in the pipeline looking promising. Might just get one done, it’s a waste of time waiting.

    1. Wait another year until either Aclaris or Shiseido release something or both drop out of the race. A HT is very painful. I sent a post-op video to @admin but he has not posted it yet, where I hopefully deter some of you from rash action.

      1. Painful? You know what’s painful? Dealing with hair loss for years. HT is only a few hours, and with today’s procedures 99% of patients feel 0 to none pain.

        I’m getting FUE in 10 days. Not waiting anymore.

        1. Appreciate your 99% figure, well done on your research, but I have actually had it done.

          The surgery itself is relatively painless, but after day 1 the anaesthetic wears off and the pains kick in. It will hurt even to rotate your head. For the first 2 weeks the head is so painful you won’t be able to sleep laying down; you will be sat in a chair.
          The other thing they won’t tell you is that anaesthetic does not leave your system via your nose, eyes, etc so it bloats your face and you will look like the villain from the blade 2 movie for the first 3 days. It will leave your system in your urine, which will be fluorescent yellow.

          I wish you luck, I hope you get a better result than I did, but you deserve to know what you are getting into.

    2. gbh, Get FUE transplant only, and you won’t have anything to regret in the future. Never ever get FUT linear strip scar. Scars can limit your options to clip hair short in the future and force you to look terrible. Other than that, go for it. Good luck!

  15. Tom my situation is very similar to yours. Been on Propecia for 16 years and it lost its effectiveness back in 2013. Been on Rogaone with very small benefit after 6 months of some thickening. Now I’m just losing ground all over. Can you please share photos or tell us what Norwood you were when adding Rogaine, then what Norwood you were when you stated and stopped Propecia and where you are now and how much growth you got by adding avodart? I’m considering adding .5mg Avodart a week if it can regrow what I lost the past few years during Propecia losing grown on me. However, im very frightened of the side effects.

    1. Hi Mjones
      I have 2 pictures posted on Westminsterclinic its a UK website (go to the news section of the menu and scroll down) and the pictures are approximately 16 months apart. I had diffuse hairloss and receding at the temples when I started minoxidil. This thickened amazingly initially but about 6 months later I lost a lot of the initial gains but still continued applying it for about 2 years.
      When I started propecia I discontinued minoxidil. The research at the time said it was the best thing for a cure and I decided to go for it on its own. For 15 years it was.
      When I spoke to a HT doctor about switching completely to Avodart, after about a year of starting to lose ground, he said about the benefits of adding just one pill a week in addition to daily propecia. He said it can reduce DHT just enough to get regrowth and better quality hair, basically topping up the benefits of propecia while reducing the risk of side effects from taking Avodart daily (even though they are rare) This has definitely been my experience but better than I can make it sound in this message. Hopefully you can access my pictures on the above website. I can also add that the right side of my hair always looked thinner than the left but has now balanced out.

  16. Scott , some hair systems look ok but most look like crap . The main problem with getting a system is getting found out .
    If you can’t get a HT and still want coverage then I think SMP looks very decent . I’ve seen some great jobs .
    As for systems , a guy I went to high school with has one and goes to my gym.
    It looks pretty good but the hassle and worry it causes him is not worth it in my opinion.
    If you have a partner and she doesn’t mind the system , that’s perfect. But if you are in the dating world , a hair system is worse than living in your moms basement in chicks minds.

    1. @STU it’s not chicks I am into. You are trying to sell a cat to someone who likes dogs :-)
      I don’t wear them all the time though and that’s the point. Even people with hair shave off for summer.
      As for getting “found out”, I think women are far more guilty. High heels, breast implants, etc.

    2. I’ve been on dutasteride every day for probably 15 years now for BPH. I have never had thinning hair until now at 39. My hair is shedding an insane amount. I’m noticing my temples looking a lot thinner and my scalp really showing through when my hair is wet which is definitely newer to me as someone who has always pretty much had very thick hair. I’m for sure losing hair. I asked my doctor about adding finasteride but she said I would only be able to take either finasteride or continue with my dutasteride. I’m wondering if I should make the switch? I know dutasteride is supposedly better for blocking DHT but maybe I need a change? My biggest worry is throwing my prostate out of wack since Avodart has truly been a lifesaver for me with those issues. I guess I could call my doctor again and ask how she feels about the daily finasteride with a once a week dutasteride addition? Maybe she will understand that schedule a little more? I’m willing to do anything to get this hair to stop falling out.

  17. I have been on Rogaine / Minoxidil since it was released in ’88. I added Propecia when it was approved (’97? if I recall). I didn’t get much improvement with Propecia.

    When Avodart was approved in 2002, I switched from Propecia to Avodart. I was still on Minoxidil. I had my best results with Avodart / Minoxidil. After being on Avodart for 10 years, I started getting a host of urology problems (not ED). I panicked and switched from Avodart back to Finasteride. I’ve since been on Finasteride / Minoxidil since 2012, and my results are back to the way they were prior to Avodart.

    The idea of adding Avodart back at just once a week, while taking Fin the other 6 days really intrigues me. I think it will work for me – I might give it a go and just drop Avodart if the sides at even the 1x / week usage start up again.

    As of right now, I get more woodies than I care to – and I’m supposed to be over the hill. But I don’t want all the other symptoms returning. In 3 years, I would like to drop the oral meds and try one of the new topicals that should be out around that time.

    I sure appreciate this blog.

      1. I know for myself with dutasteride the only urological issue I have is a super low volume of semen compared to when not taking it. It seems to decrease the amount. Not to sound gross. The first few years I was on dutasteride I also had slightly painful ejaculations. Not actually horrible pain but just not comfortable. Also, after ejaculation a sort of “ache” will linger down there for a while. But, I got used to them and don’t really experience them much anymore but it has been 15 years on them. I’ll take the aching and low volume of ejaculate any day over painful urination, having to pee all the time and constantly waking up to pee all night. It’s worth the trade off imho.

  18. I have been actually using a very similar regimen. I was on minoxidil for 2 years with great results but as all you guys know it started to lose effectiveness. So I added propecia 1mg a day and after a year my results were somewhat okay… so I decided to take the plunge and purchase dutasteride… I’ve been on
    Minoxidil once a day, finasteride 1mg every day AND .5mg dutasteride 2x a week for a 1.4 years. And my honestly I would say that my results are very good. I have all my hair just slight recession of the temporal regions. Note I am 24 years old and have been losing hair since I was 16 lol. My hair is way better now than when i was in high school..

      1. Yeah hairloss really tore my confidence down especially when I was 16/17. You see everyone at your school with beautiful heads of hair and you’re the only one with a noticable receding hairline. It really sucked but I decided to hell with this, I’m going to do everything I can to stop/reverse this disease.

  19. Michael what Norwood were you before you added dut? Were you diffuse loss, bald spot or scalp showing? Or just minor thinning not noticed by others? How much did you grow back with dut?

    1. Well as a matter of fact my hairloss was pointed out by a girl I liked when I was in high school! I remember showing her my school IDs freshman year to senior year and to my sadness SHE pointed out my “M” shaped receding hairline! I’ll never forget that. I never had diffuse/bald spot I’ve only had major recession from my hairline when I was in HS. BUT what I think helped me tremendously is the fact that I took preventative measures within 2 years of first noticing my hairloss.
      In terms of what Dut has done for me is that it significantly added volume to the head of hair that I have now. I believe in minoxidil, fin and dut because my brother who is a year younger than me isn’t on any hairloss medications and he’s hairline is non existing, he’s diffusing all over and he has a bald spot in the back of his head. So I know for a fact these meds work for me at least!

      1. Amen Brother! Hair loss sucks at any age but is more traumatic at an early age as you become an outlier. Like you, I know this from experience, although I hopped on meds at an early age so it never became too noticeable and the situation improved. These meds not only work for you and me but for most and shall be side effect free for the overwhelmingly vast majority that use them.

  20. Michael thank you for the details buddy. I started losing hair at 20 and hopped on Propecia once I noticed thinning. Held my nw1.5 for over 13 years. Propecia lost its strength so I upped it to 2mg and still on it but losing ground. Rogaine was added at year 15 and got some growth but that is losing its touch and I see my hair miniaturizng along the hair line and diffusing. So now I’m closing in a nw3 diffuse hairline corners and right side top. My hair needs some new nourishing or fue to fill in hairline diffuse. It’s just annoying that after all these 18 years and still using same treatments when I was 20. Pathetic. I guess I should be greatfull for keeping an illusion of full head of hair all these years. But I’m just getting annoyed and want something better to come out. Don’t feel like getting fue and explaining it to family and friends

    1. You know to me personally I do agree with you. It’s amazing how millions of men and women are suffering from this horrendous issue and we still don’t have a cure but what can you do.
      If I were you I would add dutasteride twice a week. It seems to me that your body has built a tolerance to finasteride after all these years so I would say screw it and add dutasteride. I purchase generic from medical wellness center (Murray’s apothecary) not too expensive.
      Keep using your finasteride , add duta 2x a week and wait at least a year to analyze your progress… if it still not where you want then you can add RU/get a hair transplant etc…. hope you get better man!

  21. MJ, higher strength minox (murray ave or Dr. Kleins), switch to Dut, add RU. Not a silver bullet but helped me greatly when I was in the same situation as you…kitchen sink approach buddy!

    1. Yes, if you’re talking about all in I’m with Yoda on this one.
      10-15% minoxidil from a reputable source
      Add dutasteride
      Add RU
      Use Nizoral 1 or 2% just not niz is harsh on the hair
      And just pray that it works!

      1. I’d been using 15% minox with other goodies mixed in for years. Dr. Lees was the best but the ones I’ve used since are ok. Quite frankly I question how much minox is even helping me now, even with Dr. Lee’s I had to keep craning the % up after a few years. Fin ran its course, Dut stopped the shedding, RU even further and jump started additional thickening. I believe you really need to get the DHT/androgens under control to have any growth stimulating effect from minox and as one ages it becomes more of a challenge. My genetics are saying “you should’ve been bald years ago Mo Fo!

  22. Can you please share the routine? Is it 7 days fin with dutasteride 1 day or 6 days fin and only dutasteride on the 7th day?

    1. Yes so it’s actually very simple. I take finasteride 1mg every day throughout the week. I also take dutasteride .5mg capsule BUT only twice a week on Sunday and Thursday to be exact. I also apply minoxidil every night, side note I prefer to use the foam version since it doesn’t cause flakes and drys very quickly but I personally since I have longer hair i use the liquid to make sure it penetrates my pores and as for the flakes if you wash your hair thoroughly you shouldn’t have any flakes at all.
      Lastly I use nizoral 1% as my primary shampoo. I use it about 4 times a week. Another note, when I shower I use a light shampoo like baby shampoo to clean my hair then I apply the niz for 10 to 15 min.
      Hope my routine helps many of you, I’m pretty sure we all have extensive knowledge about hairloss since we are on this amazing forum.
      I like to keep my hair routine simple and easy.

    2. mr derm just prescribed me Dut. Been on propecia for close to 20 years. Its been great but at 49 noticed its losing effectiveness. He says stay on finest 6 days and substitute Dut on the 7th. suggested I can up to 2xs a week (5fin/2dut) in a month. For some reason Im freaking out about starting. Not about anything other than possibility of cancer which i dont even know if thats possible. The depression from losing hair IMO outweighs the possible side of depression as a result of hair pills. Will keep you posted. – Los Angeles

  23. I would hop on dut, but I’m afraid a shed will happen as many who added dut to fin got hairline shedding. RU I won’t touch. No trials or any data. Higher min might be an option.

  24. I use finateride everyday and dutasteride every monday morning. I honestly notice a difference. I started using Fin in Aug 2016. In Aug 2018 I sought out another doctor for this combo. Yes, in US it was a SEARCH to find a doctor to do this. I found one. Please do not hesitate to contact me!

    1. Hi Josh. Do you mind if I ask what brands of Finasteride and Dutasteride you are using? Do you cut Proscar into pieces and take 1.25 mg a day, or do you use 1 mg Propecia?

    1. I am on 6 days propecia, 1 day .5Adv. Its been about 2 months and 2 weeks. I had shedding the first 6 weeks which sucked but I have been on propecia for close to 20yrs and it started to lose effectiveness. The shedding seemingly stopped right at 6 week mark but as of yet don’t notice any regrowth. I read that shedding means its working so i have that. My derm told me after a month to go 5 days propecia, 2days Adv. I have been reluctant because I am curious if to see in 6+1 will work. Will probably move to 2+5 but will give it another month.

  25. Maybe this is not the most topic related question here, but can anyone comment on finasteride and pregnancy? My wife and I are trying to have a baby and I find all kinds of mixed information from doctors and searching the net varying from 1) finasteride doesn’t affect pregnancy to 2) men should stop taking finasteride at least 3 months before trying to have children. My idea is to stop taking in for a month..

    1. i took it and had a healthy child (knock on wood). Hes 9. The only caution I was told was to not let wife touch tablets.

    2. Sperm generation is a 2~3 month process. So, if you want to have a healthy sperm (without future problems for your kid) then you have to stop finastride at least 2~3 months before you conceive a baby.

  26. I’m taking finasteride 5mg past 2 years.. But it’s not as effective like it used to be once upon a time… Planning to add dutasteride 0.5mg once weekly.. (I’m a female btw, 20y/o)

  27. I have been using finasteride 1 mg/day for 5 years now. I don’t use minoxidil because I am just too lazy to apply it every day. When I started fin at 25 yo, I was having diffuse thinning all over my crown and vertex, which was more noticeable when my hair was wet. I started to notice my hair loss at 21, and by 25 it was becoming obvious.
    Finasteride worked well for me these 5 years, I didn’t get much hair regrowth but it has remained pretty stable. I have a strong family history of androgenetic alopecia on all sides of my family (I’m talking about complete horsheshoe baldness in my father and both grandparents), so I think I would be pretty worse if I hadn’t taken it. Unfortunately, hair loss has been very slowly worsening again for the last year.
    I am thus considering to start dut 1x week plus fin 6 x week. I don’t start right away eith dut everyday because I am a bit scared of side effects, especially breast enlargement (I got some nipple tenderness with fin) If it doesn’t work, I’ll consider taking 2xweek or even switch to dut everyday.
    I don’t usually get into these forums very often, because I don’t like to think about it all the time, but I hope I can tell you my results in a few months-years.
    PD. I am a dermatologist myself.

  28. Chris – I hope you post updates on your regimen if you plan to go through with the Dut 1 / Fin 6x.
    I was originally in Fin, switched to Dut for 10 years, then switched back to Fin b/c of some sides. After being on just Fin for about 8 years, it is now losing its effectiveness. I am considering the Dut 1 / Fin 6x a week regimen, but I am desperately trying to hold out a few more years for a new approval. Thx

  29. I’m going to be doing fin/daily Dut/Sat,Sun,Mon,Tues,Thurs

    Been on fin for 8 years, noticed losing ground so i hope this will bring back to where i was a few years back. Will update after 6months. Been on it for this regiment for over a month so far.

  30. Guys, many of you in your 40s+ have commented that Fin and/or Dut has lost its effectiveness and is no longer working for you, I’m wondering if the cause could just be ageing?

    I’ve been on Fin for 6+ years now, since the beginning of this year I’ve started to notice a sudden shed, but that was due to weight lifting and protein shake intake (plus major change to diet), I stopped a few months ago, and went back to my normal routine/diet, and although the shedding stopped, I can see that my hair is now thinner than it was last year which is very disheartening.

    I also switched Finasteride brands, have been taking generic Dr Reddys Finasteride for the last 6 years, but have had to switch to generic Milpharm Finasteride a few months ago as Boots chemist no longer stock Dr Reddys.

    So I’ve had quite a lot of changes happen all at once which hasn’t helped, but tomorrow I’m also going to add a dose of 0.5 mg of Dutasteride once a week, and continue taking Finasteride 6 days a week.

    I’m dreading the sides and the shedding which I believe will take a place once I start Dut, but I don’t really have any other choice.

    My hair isn’t too bad and everyone tells me I’m mad for even considering a hair transplant right now, so will hold off for a few more years before I do.

    Just thought I’d share my experience, will try and keep this thread posted with updates.

    Good luck to you all, and keep safe.

  31. About to try the Finasteride 6 day, Dutasteride 1 day treatment. I’ve been on finasteride for 18 years or so and I’m losing ground. Also I tried RU. If you discontinue it it will cause a major thinning wherever you put it. It nearly destroyed my hairline when I stopped and I’m not willing to continue it based on it’s status as a failed drug.

    1. John – Any luck on your combo.

      I’ve been on fin for 14 months plus min twice a day. Had great results for the first 8 months (best my hair had looked in years). Then on month 9 I started to notice a change. Fast forward to now and I’m worse than when I started. Seriously thinking about HT, but if the combo works I’d like to give that a shot first.

      1. Hey! Yea the 6 days fin and 1 day Dutasteride has seemed to stabilize my hair loss. I’ve added minoxidil recently to thicken my hair line.

  32. Hi. I’ve been on finasteride for over 10 years but recently felt the effects were not as good as they once were. I am interested in trying Dutasteride once a week but my online chemist won’t prescribe both. Can anyone tell me how to get round this (Im in the uk)

    1. I get it from my private GP, who also prescribe me the Finasteride. If you’re desperate you can tell the doctor your having issues peeing, and believe it could be due to an enlarged prostate which runs in the family, and your father takes Dutasteride.

      Or just be honest and tell the doctor you’ve been taking Fin for years and have heard good things about taking Dutasteride once a week.

    2. Buy them from two different online pharmacies. I get finasteride from Dr Fox and dutasteride from Oxford Online Pharmacy

      1. I placed an order from Oxford Online Pharmacy yesterday and filled in a form, they took payment, but waiting to hear if it got approved. My private GP is no longer prescribing Dutasteride (only Finasteride) as it’s not licensed as a hair loss treatment.

  33. Even if type III is involed in hair loss, “dutasteride is a much more potent inhibitor of SRD5a-3 than SRD5a-2” [1]. So, I suspect switching from fin to dut would have been >= to fin+dut. But, it depends on the doses. 0.5mg Dut/month probably won’t be >= 5mg Fin/day.

    [1] PMID 25961201

  34. If once a week oral dutasteride combined with oral finasteride 6x / week is getting better results for some, I wonder if once a week oral dut would also get appreciably better results if one was using topical finasteride. In other words, topical fin 6x / week and oral dut once a week. Any thoughts?

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