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Prince William Shaves his Head

The global media loves to discuss celebrities and their hair, especially when the said hair is thinning or changing in appearance frequently. Since I first started this blog in 2013, the two celebrities who have probably been most frequently in the news due to their unique hair have been, in order of importance: 1) US President Donald Trump and 2) British Prince William. And this week was huge for both.

Right after I wrote my last post on US president Trump’s officially confirmed use of Finasteride to treat his hair loss, Prince William decided that he had had enough with my US-biased recent coverage. He therefore made a strong statement to upend Mr. Trump’s hair from the global news cycle and very easily succeeded this time around.

The below pictorial representation was the biggest story in the hair loss world yesterday and today. There are thousands of articles you can find about this story by now. The pictures represent a side effect free cure for hair loss that I always recommend above all else for those who are willing to go through with the deed.

It took this prince at least five or more years before going through with the decisive action.

Prince William Shaved Head Closeup

The Duke Of Cambridge Shaved Head Frontal

Prince William Shaved Head Side

A Busy Month in the World of Hair

Hair loss news first:

Very busy past month in the hair loss world.

Update: Dr. Neal Walker just presented for the final (third) time this month on June 22, 2016, this time at the JMP Securities Life Sciences Conference in New York. Two clear POSITIVE statements on JAK inhibitors and AGA:

Mr. Walker: “We do know that systemic JAK inhibitors do not work in this (=AGA) disorder, but topical does.”

Investor question: “So it would work for both types of alopecia:”

Mr. Walker: “Yes.”

— Allergan starts phase 2A clinical trials for Setipiprant this month. Study completion date is set as September 2017. They are going to be recruiting all over the US for volunteers.

— I am disappointed that in my last blog post, despite over 350 comments, there was essentially zero discussion of the two most salient points that I made:

  1. Commentator “nasa_rs”‘ blast from the past and its relevancy if any to JAK inhibitors works for both AA and AGA).
  2. Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) being classified as an immune system problem in Daphne Zohar’s presentation slide on Follica (enlargeable slide is here under “Tracksterdam’s post). Yet, the same company’s co-founder Dr. Cotsarelis claimed to CNN in 2014 that AGA was not an immune system problem so JAK inhibitors were unlikely to work. The exact words in the CNN article:Cotsarelis was adamant about it because male pattern baldness isn’t related to the immune system.

— An interesting new interview with Dr. Takashi Tsuji. Not too much on hair, but nevertheless worth a read. Key part:

Interviewer question: “Speaking of hair loss, it was recently reported that you are working with a private company to development a treatment for using regenerative medicine to regrow hair. Will this be available soon?”

Dr. Tsuji’s answer: “I think it will. We have developed technology to grow hair follicles using stem cells, as hair follicles are one of the few organs where we always have stem cells ready. We hope to be able to start clinical trials in the next few years so that the treatment can move into the clinic.”

Having a mathematics background, I am biased and was pleased to read two quotes from Dr Tsuji: “Biological phenomena are governed by mathematics” and “I think that probably all of biology can be explained by math.

— I hate to give Donald Trump’s hair any more coverage than has already been given by the media for years, but this new 10 page (!) article is pretty spectacular in its depth. The best ever analysis of Trump’s hair. I learnt a new hair loss industry term: “microcylinder intervention.”  The 25th floor in Trump Tower is apparently where all the hair action has been taking place for years.

— A new privately-held company named RiverTown Therapeutics claims to have a proprietary topical product called RT1640 that regrows hair and also darkens gray and white hair. They claim to have tested the product in seven humans so far. Way too few to garner any confidence, and the company does not seem to have a website as yet.

If the company’s CEO David Weinstein ever changes his Linkedin photo and suddenly has dark hair, I will follow the company more closely. The three agents that comprise RT1640 are supposedly very safe and together they promote “the reanimation of hair follicles through the recruitment and differentiation of follicular stem cells, including melanocyte stem cells.”

— New study from the UK on β-catenin signaling and hair follicle regeneration during wound healing.

— New study from China titled “Self-assembling peptide hydrogel scaffolds support stem cell-based hair follicle regeneration.”  Bit above my level of full understanding, but we have several expert readers.

— I have covered Dr. Kevin McElwee on this blog before. It seems like his lab at The University of British Columbia in Canada (plus others) might be doing some hair research for a new company named Avagenesis.

— Increasing rumors that Prince William is finally considering getting a hair transplant.

— US swimming superstar Katie Ledecky has been in the news a lot lately due to the approaching 2016 Rio Olympics. Her hairline is a hot topic of discussion online and recently Katie said “I have such short hair that they think I’m a little boy” in an interesting interview.

A real life Rapunzel. Dashik Gubanova and her crazy long hair.

— Bulgarian soccer/football player Dimitar Berbatov gets a great hair transplant.

— Ending on a sad note. A really tragic hair transplant related death. Be very careful when you go abroad for low-cost hair transplants.

And now on to medical items of interest:

An artificial heart for 555 days in a backpack prior to finally getting a heart transplant!  And the guy played basketball with it. More here.

— A story that some stroke patients were walking again after stem cell therapy at Stanford caused a lot of excitement recently, but some scientists remain skeptical.

— After all the hoopla surrounding the crazy Italian Dr. Sergio Canavero and his full body transplant (inaccurately called a head transplant) ambition, we now have similar plans emanating from China.

— More improvements in bionic hands. Mr. Hugh Herr will be pleased.

Baby-making in the lab (instead of via sex) and eugenics. No longer far fetched.

BBC Panaroma — Gene Editing. YouTube video is now removed from the US.

Gene editing will change entire species forever.