The Bionic Revolution

Though not hair loss related, modern medical and biological technological progress is truly stunning.  I will be posting videos such as the one below every now and again on this blog. Please do not post comments criticizing such posts.  If you do not want to watch such videos, just do not click on play:-)

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  1. Thank you for this blog.

    I cant help but notice that you are posting articles which does not relate to hair loss directly. Do you still believe that we will have a cure in the next 5 years? I really have no idea myself. I’m 21 years old at the moment and i’m starting to lose my hair rapidly. Hopefully I will be a candidate for hair loss when i’m 23 years old.

    I’ve been using minoxidil for a year now but I am too scared to use propecia. I generally hear a lot of guys talking about “bad side effects” related to propecia and i’m especially scared to become permanently damaged.

    1. If I stop believing a cure will be here by the end of 2020, I will have to close the blog or change the domain name!

    2. I told you what the cure is and you refuse to listen.

      Notice the COMMENTS section half way down happen to mention that they grew much more hair on one leg after they had leg surgery, and Add RUX or TOF. Add in the Beno in 1982 and the 1986 Campfire guy PLUS what Follica has stated about Cut skin grows microscopic hair. It needs to be tested by the Medical Experts ONLY. By the way, they hope to have a Stem Cell cure in 3 years, but we can only hope.

      All is my opinion.

  2. Replicel is about to start their phase II on hair regeneration. Which should last for 2 yrs. Then phase III will be the finally one which should last about 3 yrs. Then, this will finally be on the market. Most likely overseas like Japan. And it probably will not be cheap either. But for someone like myself who has a Norwood 6 & being 34 yrs of age it is worth the wait. We are probably looking @ a cure in the next 5 to 6 yrs.

  3. RepliCel replied that are awaiting authorization from canada to start Phase 2 in Germany. Lasts a year to get the results, will be in court a while longer. I was told that Japan could take out a product in 2017. While they have to go through phase 3 but this surely will be in charge of a larger company.

    1. How much longer do you think it will take for phase II to begin? What will be coming out in Japan in 2017??? Who told you this?

      1. Japan passed a law to bring products out sooner by not requiring phase 3. Japan’s phase 2 starts this year as stated by replicel. So 2017 is their goal. Personally I think it’s going to be sooner, phase 2 is just a dosage test in order to find the proper dosage required to offer best results. I think it will last a year.

        1. How do you know they are going to skip phase III? And it will only be on in Japan? Meaning one from America will have to travel there?

  4. Hi Mike, I sent two emails, one to RepliCel and another to Lee, vice president of RepliCel. The answered me that phase 2 would begin soon. The results are in 2016 and 2017 could have a product in Japan. RepliCel would take more as they have to comply with a phase 3. Another thing that struck me is that I asked myself if in case a hair transplant could make me like them so when you leave the product, they replied: should not have problems, we are also a few years of a product on the market. I asked to be few years ??? and they answered 2 years. Let’s hope so.

    1. Thanks for the Reply Gabriel. I e-mailed Replicel a few times. And never got back to me. I guess you had better luck. Anyway, I really hope this on the market soon. Hair loss is horrible. I never thought in a million yrs that I would practically lose all my hair when I got older. My father is bald. And told me he started losing his hair @ 25. He now shaves all his hair off. But I rather have a full head of hair. So, again from what you gather this should be out in Japan in a couple more yrs? They been saying that last 8 yrs & it is not still out. How is it going to be out in 2017 if they still have to couduct a phase III before it hits the open market???

  5. Just have to be careful. We must be patient. What wonder if we have new news Histogen, Follica. End of February said they were going to hear from bimatoprost and so far nothing came out. These are the things that take away the desire to continue to believe and hope.

  6. Personally, I have not much hope something comes out again. There is some news from anyone. Not a new medication, or a new lotion. Regarding all stem cell research. Zero something new prospects in the short term. It is a theme that runs out. They spend the year, we expect new news every day but nothing concrete. It’s terrible psychologically.

  7. Shame about the hair loss industry, critics are many but are more than justified. They are simply pathetic, always delays and more delays … pathetic.

    We never heard any GOOD news.

  8. I think we should live without even thinking of a cure coming out just incase… but who knows.. maybe in the near future these treatments do come o fruition.. theres alot on the pipelines as we speek.. if only half of those makes it to market we could be in for a surprise

  9. Sometimes I feel we tease. For those who are losing their hair wait 2 or 5 years is a long time !!!!!
    So many millions invested, like me someone give us a good explanation. Follica never answered an email, histogen no new news, RepliCel not begin Phase 2 yet. The truth’m speechless.

    1. Your’e speechless because you keep setting your expectation that these treatments will all go through the most perfectly smooth trials testings etcc when you should not expect anything to come. Its likely that these treatments take considerably more than what they say.. (Pure logic) .. So if you stop expecting stuff every month… You wont be dissapointed. The truth is.. If replicel says 3 years for market.. This probably means 10 years until there is a wide spread enough imementation so that the price is affordable. The proof is the fact that they have only applied for their products which are not related to hair loss.. So this means something went wrong.. Hiatogen has been completely silent and hasnt announced a partnership/investor.. So from now on think of it lime this.. The “cure” is NOT gonna be here any time soon. Treatments though.. Ver likely. )

  10. Rich/nasa yes it should be all the hair but it looks like such an expensive procedure . culturing your hair for several month and then transplanting it back into the scalp..

  11. It is not for nothing Follicleman but if we think that the cure will come out in 10 years does not make sense that we are in this forum. If it is true that so far we have nothing new. And nobody tells anything in the short term. Yesterday I made the decision to shave my, actually I quite like. The only thing I would like is to correct or download a centrimetro entries, but still do not dare to make the decision to undergo a surgery. I’m afraid the design of the line being noticed. But good is no small thing to have decided to shave my.

  12. Hello everyone! administrator and need help others in the group. I want to fix the inputs as queries that I need only 900 UF, and I just want to lose inputs 1 cm. My big question is that I’m used to using the hair on the sides and back shaved Machine Number 1, I mean well cortito and the rest of the head with step 4 of the machine. In short very short all over the head. My question is whether the implanted hair is different from the remaining hair of the head. It is important to know this because when wearing short hair is going to look. I just want to have neat hair lines. But I want to keep taking it short. Natural left ???? or the receiving area is rare ?? Thanks and hope comments.

  13. Estan empezando a sonar noticias nuevas de Replicel. Hoy en twitter pusieron que se reunían en japón con shiseido y otras empresas por el inicio de la fase 2. Alguien tiene alguna otra info??? ojalá comiencen pronto.

  14. Parece ser que replicel empieza a finales de 2015.. y shiseido a finales de otoño de 2015.. osea que dentro de nada…. replicel quiere comercializar su producto que tal vez sea una cura( si estas fases clinicas asi lo demeuestran) en 2018.

    Aunque hay que esperar a ver. que solo se necesitan unos malos resultados para que ni salga a la luz el producto.

  15. When the end of 2015 in Japan ???? in that month ???

    I can not believe RepliCel begin later this year, by god, waiting !!!!!!
    You say a product launch before 2018. Shiseido what ???

    Thank You.

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