Prince William Shaves his Head

The global media loves to discuss celebrities and their hair, especially when the said hair is thinning or changing in appearance frequently. Since I first started this blog in 2013, the two celebrities who have probably been most frequently in the news due to their unique hair have been, in order of importance: 1) US President Donald Trump and 2) British Prince William. And this week was huge for both.

Right after I wrote my last post on US president Trump’s officially confirmed use of Finasteride to treat his hair loss, Prince William decided that he had had enough with my US-biased recent coverage. He therefore made a strong statement to upend Mr. Trump’s hair from the global news cycle and very easily succeeded this time around.

The below pictorial representation was the biggest story in the hair loss world yesterday and today. There are thousands of articles you can find about this story by now. The pictures represent a side effect free cure for hair loss that I always recommend above all else for those who are willing to go through with the deed.

It took this prince at least five or more years before going through with the decisive action.

Prince William Shaved Head Closeup

The Duke Of Cambridge Shaved Head Frontal

Prince William Shaved Head Side

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  1. He has exactly the same level of baldness as me ! Nothing you can really do but cut it short and hope for the cure !

    1. Erich in that case you should look into scalp micropigmentation, great cosmetic solution for this level of hair loss. I’ve had mine done and love it.

      1. I will have to look at that ! Im nervous to mess with my scalp to much as it is easily irritated and also if some miracle treatment should emerge, i don’t want to take a chance it won’t work for me cause I’ve altered my scalp.

  2. Has anyone on here tried bimatoprost mixed with minoxidil? My pharmacist said he can do this for me and the patients that he has been making this for are very happy with the results. Very interesting. Im looking at a mix of 7.5%minoxidil 0.025% tretinoin and 0.05%bimatoprost

      1. I live in Australia. There is a lot of snakr oil products that you can buy over the counter here but there is also slot of compound pharmacies that are very good at specialising in hair products. I was told that i need to take key amino acids as the minoxidil wont work unless i have the right amino acids in my system. Minoxidil has been slowly losing its effectiveness for me so i am very interested in bimatoprost

        1. I tried bimaoptrost for a year and it didn’t do anything. It was 120 dollars a month so I stopped since I didn’t see results. However, maybe mixing it with minoxidil will help carry it into the follicle better for absorption and that is why I didn’t see results. I have been on Rogaine foam and it never really grew anything and honestly it just thickened the healthy hair but I continue to lose grown. I’m trying the liquid now. It’s been a month and I am losing ground.

          What amino acids did your doctor recommend?

          1. So pretty much all the essential and non essential amino acids that make up collagen. I think there is 18 or 19. Some more important than others.. Look up collagen type 1 and type 3 powder. I mega dose it and i must say it is working. Try adding tretinoin to your minoxidil. Either get the powder and add it yo the liquid or get the cream and put it on first.. I always lose ground if my minoxidil doesnt contain tretinoin. There are some other products which will accelerate your hair growth so your progress with minoxidil will show up faster. The main one that comes to mind is rhodanide spray.. Activance makes one and there is a german company that makes one also which may be cheaper but i can not speak German. The spray really does work for increases speed growth rate. It is however quite expensive. But would be great for woman who are trying to speed up the growth rate of their hair. I have tried a few other ingredients mixed in with my minoxidil (azaelic acid, retinol, ketoconazole) and retinol was the only thing that did anything but that was at a very high dose of 0.5%. It turns in to tretinoin within the skin and can be a good alternative to tretinoin if you cant get a prescription. I wouldnt buy the pre made retinol liquids or creams though because it is impossible to find one without other ingredients like hyaluronic acid and other crap

    1. I tried using bim on an area of my head for about 3 months. Very costly and it didn’t help regrow or thicken at all. Thats just my experience.
      Good luck if you do try it

    2. I tried this by dumping the bimatoprost into the minoxidil bottle. I did this for about 4-6 months and can’t say I saw some remarkable difference.

  3. Offtopic
    Admin one question.
    The hair in the famous picture of (tsuji) a rat with a black hair. Is human hair??


  4. I would like to point out his net worth versus alexey terskikh budget or many other scientific promising unfunded cures really signals his ignorance or apathy one or the other

  5. Well everyone on the internet is bored so the media is always looking for anything to make articles on. You could talk about the arches of a celebrities foot, and get plenty of clicks.
    Its just something to talk about, and doesnt mean a whole lot like most endless debates on the internet.
    If you look at the 2 options right now minox and propecia is it that amazing he choose to shave his head? The expenses and health risks you take to keep some cosmetic hair is a lot to ask IMO

    1. Do you really think that Minoxidil and generic Finasteride are expensive? When I took both regularly, my monthly haircut (including tip) cost was more expensive.

      1. All I know is that current treatments are temporary halting or regrowth. Avg. 5 years with Rogaine and propecis. We need new treatments for when those stop working..20 years later and nothing! I added Rogaine liquid and I think it’s making my hair worse. It’s been one month and I only put it on my row of diffuse hair on my right side. I think I should drop Rogaine all together on the right side..both foam and liquid. I’ve just thinned out wherever I put. This is the problem with treatments that weren’t made to grow hair but as just a side effect to grow hair.

        1. have a look at the Australian biotech company – Cellmid

          they have an FGF5 inhibiting topical solution named evolis that has been clinically validated that takes a different pathway than conventional hair treatments. so once minoxidil stops working might be worth trying

  6. Good for him. It takes balls to make the choice to shave one’s head and I’m not too far away from making a similar decision. That’s not to say I wouldn’t still welcome an effective treatment from the likes of Follica/Aclaris, but I’m the meantime, I’ll continue to avoid Fin and focus on things I can control like my physical shape and body. Have in there, fellas. It’s good to hope but let’s not delay our lives while we hyperfocus on what cannot be controlled.

  7. Hi everyone!! I would like to tell you my experience with hair loss while i’m on accutane. I started noticing hair falling out at 22 y old(i’m 25 now).I think I’m NW2 and my hair is thinner than it used to be. Nevertheless something like Replicel would save it all and I’ll be pretty happy with it(don’t want to take FIN). While I’m on accutane(only back acne), i noticed that i don’t need anymore to use shampoo every day and my hair is a lot more nice to touch. I also noticed that i don’t lose nearly any hair during the day. It’s very strange. Somebody can figure it out?

    1. I didn’t want to take finasteride either, when I was a NW2, because of rumours of a cure only a few years away. 10 years later and 2 hair transplants later I am a NW5 taking finasteride to not lose even more.

      You may not want to take it, who would, but if you are serious about not losing any more hair it is the only medically accepted way to retain hair and has many cases over many years to back that up.

      Everything else so far is just bogus have-a-go chemistry. PRP – useless. ACell – useless. Laser cap – useless. Rogaine – useless. Wounding – useless. Coconut oil – useless. Onions on the scalp – useless. 20 handstands a day to increase blood circulation to the follicles – useless (for hair) but my gymnastics friends complement me on my handstand skill.

      1. Hi Scott, my dermatologist said that first i should try minoxidill but then i asked to try Fin. I took the pill for 20 days and my sperm started to become watery and I couldn’t handle it. The brain is to strong and I prefer to be bald than 90%man.I’ve already cut it 1mm and i just liked it, so i don’t think it will be a big deal.

    1. I agree with Scott. Finasteride is the only thing that really works. It saved my nw1.5 for 12 years till my body decided to not want to let it work longer. I’m on Rogaine for the past 4 years and it’s been a roller coaster ride of sheds and maintenance but a consistant loss below baseline. In the words of Paul phoenix we need new treatments ASAP!

      1. The sad thing is that no one of the company involved in the hair loss cure is able to confirm a date, they always delay.

  8. Hi all,

    Eating melt cheese and a handfull of nuts is holding my hair. Drinking bottled water too, at 2Litres a day.

    It’s not fake. I did not have regrowth but my hair is staying now for 6 months at the same condition.

    I hope i will see regrowth , but i do not count on it.

    I have at least the same results as propecia.

    Kind regards

  9. I know it is contradictory with the site name but just wanna say it….

    I would really like to have a post on this forum as to why it is not possible to have a cure? why we have waited for two thousand eighteen years and still no cure like solution? during this two thousand years, mankind has faced with many diseases and defeated them like plague and many others. we can all tell hair loss might be the oldest disease ever. see pictures from 14th century, they had all wigs on top of their head. so it was bothering then and is bothering now. yet we havent made any headway… sometimes when I just sit back and think what we are up against, it feels like we would never ever see the cure like our ancestors from 2000 years ago… just think about it ? am i really wrong?

    1. Not sure if you know, but humans were around and going bald a LOT longer than 2018 years ago.

      We’ve been about 200,000 years without a cure.

  10. Hi Donitello…I have been saying this since I first joined this site but stopped because it just upsets people. I don’t think they will ever release a cure for mpb. I do however believe they will cure it or have cured it just like aids. Remember these companies are working for profits and long term profits not for your emotional well being. They want to release something that works to grow hair but not a one stop solution to full growth and then for you not to be a long life customer. I am predicting better treatments with better regrowth than minox and proprcia. They should have already released a maintenance drug to at least completely stop mpb. Now I believe the ht industry and the makers of Rogaine will step in and attack any new hair growth topical so that it won’t interfere with their profits. That may be a stretch but wouldn’t hold it pass them. Yes its been thousands of years since baldness and no cure but remember medicine and the understanding of hairloss really came to understanding the past 25 years. So really it’s the past 25 years where they are looking for real treatments that can grow hair. I think we will see a better solution before 2020, whether it be follica, sisheido, aclaris, kerastem (looking to be a scam from what I hear) and any other treatment. Fingers crossed for at least complete maintenance for life and some regrowth. Then do large fue.

    1. This sensitive subject does not upset me, so here goes. You say 2000-2018 years. The search for a cure is much older than that.

      First some history. In the printed form, hair loss treatment writings were present as far back as 1553 BC. This was found in the medical book entitled The Ebers Papyrus. Found in Egypt, this book described hair loss medicinal treatment, which included a bizarre mix of animal fat (lions, crocodiles, snakes and hippos) and other natural ingredients (onions, honey, iron oxide and red lead). It was suggested in this book that the potion would only be effective if the God of the Sun was prayed to prior to taking the potion.

      Coming back to the present day and answering your question as to why a cure is not yet present. Did you know the hair follicle is one of the most difficult complex cells in the body to develop and replicate?

      Look at the work being done by Replicel. The same company working on this stem cell hair cure are also developing and releasing dermal injectors for skin regeneration and stem cell therapies to reverse ligament and tendon degeneration resulting in the end of sports injuries that ruin an active person’s life. You are holding out for a hair cure buy may end up getting much more. This is why I want Replicel/Shiseido to win the race.

      1. Samumed also working on a bunch of stuff and has many more accomplished researchers on board with numerous patents in comparison to Replicel.

        PolarityTE might joint the list too if they officially enter the hair loss field.

  11. Sure it might take some balls to shave the head. I did it 8 months ago. I was sick of combing and taking hairfies just to see how my scalp was shining through. Shaved to 3mm. Took some time to get used to. Now I have the problem that I get blemishes and get inflamed easily, NOT a nice thing to have in addition to hairloss. Luckily minox works for me atm and Im not losing any more. Now Im trying to find the golden line in length to avoid inflammation but still make the hair look thick enough. One gets used to it, although I still have hair left. Trust me guys, its better than desparingly watching the hair in the every bloody day. Find your optimal length, beat despair, hold on for better treatment. Shaving is not a defeat. Its taking control.

    Thanks admin for your great work, and stay strong folks!

    Best regards// S

    1. Agreed Simon. I’m going nuts looking at the mirrors and lighting seeing my diffuse loss look worse then better in different mirrors. My issue is that it looks worse when it’s short. My hair loss is weird. Diffuse and patchy on the right side.

  12. Scott- those ancient treatments dont count in my opinion. They didn’t have the technology like they do in modern times to know how a follicle functions. That’s why I said in the past 25 years. During the past 25 years is where we have seen major hair loss research breakthrough like pgd2, dht, inflammation, lactate, progenitor cells etc. Egyptians were just bsing around with it. If they had the technology and understanding of hair follicle science that we had in the past 25 years, we all would be fully haired.

    Admin- any news from Samumed. They went from the hype train to the quiet land. Are they still pushing along or did they give up to?

  13. SNL mocked Prince William’s hair (as we all know, bald shaming is the last socially acceptable form of shaming. How dare these men let themselves go bald!)

    Anyway, Weekend Update recommended he shave his hair even shorter for the more youthful and uniform look, and I agree with that part.

  14. Prince william can do what ever the heck he wants with his hair. Quite frankly, I’m glad he is doing his thing. We need more people like him. This helps us become more acceptable. Remember that.

    1. @tom.. True.. And Lebron James and Michael Jordan sure help bald men feel more physically youthful and capable. Bald does not equal past prime.

      1. Hi Admin, check my post..As I say, whilst not hair related certainly big news in relation to Samumed and their credibility/standing.

        Any thoughts?

  15. @Mjones: I think each century tried to tackle hairloss at its finest however all failed to do so.. can we really sit back for a minute and think maybe this is not a solveable equation like ageing? Maybe we are dealing with something never ever be cured. maybe for another 10000 years? why now? just because Tsuji put few follicles on a mice? how would it be seen on human scalp with 60K hairs? how do we know they wont fall out next day? questions can go on and on… I really wanna see a post on this… afterall its been 2018 years and pretty sure mankind has been working on this disease since the begining…

    1. Until the 20th Century, it was quite probable that a man would die before he’d have significant hairloss. War, famine, disease…odds are something would kill you off before then.

      Especially since hairloss seems to be becoming more prevalent among the young (as noted by even this site). Likely due to increased nutrition causing people to go through puberty at younger ages than in the past.

  16. Quentin- is collagen 1 &3 the amino acids needed to make minoxidil work better? They sell it at my local nutrition store. Or is the amino acids you are talking about separate from the collgen?

    As for tretinoid and retinal, I used it with minox and it caused really bad dermatitis and scaling. It was horrible. Plus they say using retinal on your scalp daily is bad for your hair long term as it can cause diffuse thinning due to high vitamin A.

    1. Yes collagen type 1 and 3 have the right amino acids..cysteine, lysine, arginine, methionine, glycine and proline.
      As far as the retinol, i had only had good results from retinol at a high dosage of 0.5% mixed with minoxidil. I just shed like crazy for two months and i did notice some peelig skin around my hairline for the first two weeks but not after that.
      With tretinoin i started at a low dose of 0.01% and worked up to 0.025% and again no noticable side effects.. people have great results using it as much as twice a day. I have psoriasis on the back of my scalp but no where that i apply minoxidil. You should really try activance spray if you are getting lots of flaking and dermatitis

    1. IMO, Finasteride has to be taken when your MPB is not at a full-speed.. if you start when you are on your early 20s for instance, may work better… just bro science..

      but me and 4 ppl I know from school, we all started taking Fin when we were around 22 / 24. We still taking it, 20 years later, and we have pretty much the same hair.. Very little decline during all those years.

        1. I started getting some sides after I decided to “take a break” fro Fin (was off for 3 months). When I resumed, I noticed a drop in the libido and erections were around 20% weaker.. Erections are a little better now, but it’s been 2 years since I resumed Fin..

          Don’t know about my friends, never asked.

  17. So i just watched the news and Chinese scientist cloned monkeys. Yet, cloning a human hair follicle is just to much of a challenge for scientist to overcome……pathetic.

    1. @Mjones: this is exactly why I said its worth making a post about it. why we cant tackle this disease? i believe it is heavily related to ageing and genes.

        1. did they have all hair in 11-12 years right? so yes my point is valid. I didnt say anything about how fast it goes or when it starts? we all know 2 things 1- all born with hair 2- if mankind live long enough say 200 years, we will be all bald

  18. Thanks Quentin! I will buy some collagen 1 and 3 supplements and try it out. Did you try minoxidil liquid with out collagen for a year with no results then when you added collagen you saw regrowth and thickening. Can you please go over your experience with minox and how long you were on it then your experience with collagen and minoxidil.

    Thanks buddy!

  19. Ruxolitinib protects skin stem cells and maintains skin homeostasis in murine graft-versus-host disease.
    Takahashi S1, Hashimoto D1, Hayase E1, Ogasawara R1, Ohigashi H1, Ara T1, Yokoyama E1, Ebata K1, Matsuoka S1, Hill G2, Sugita J1, Onozawa M1, Teshima T3.
    Author information
    Graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) is the major complication after allogeneic stem cell transplantation (SCT). Emerging evidence indicates that GVHD leads to injury of intestinal stem cells. However, it remains to be investigated whether skin stem cells could be targeted in skin GVHD. Lgr5+ hair follicle stem cells (HFSCs) contribute to folliculogenesis and have a multipotent capacity to regenerate all epithelial cells in repair. We studied the fate of Lgr5+ HFSCs after SCT and explored the novel treatment to protect Lgr5+ HFSCs against GVHD using murine models of SCT. We found that GVHD reduced Lgr5+ HFSCs in association with impaired hair follicle atrophy and wound healing in the skin after SCT. Topical corticosteroids, a standard of care for a wide range of skin disorders including GVHD, damaged HFSCs and failed to improve skin homeostasis, despite of their anti-inflammatory effects. In contrast, Janus kinase 1/2 inhibitor, ruxolitinib significantly ameliorated skin GVHD, protected Lgr5+ HFSCs, and restored hair regeneration and wound healing after SCT. We for the first time found that GVHD targets Lgr5+ HFSCs and topical ruxolitinib represents a novel strategy to protect skin stem cells and maintain skin homeostasis in GVHD.

    1. Van man I hear mixed reviews. Some say it’s good for regrowth and absorption while others say that retina causes diffuse hair loss over time of use due to high vitamin A. It’s all a mess man. Only thing you can is try it and find out. Just use it 3x a week.

    2. From that article i posted above, it seems like you need to have the right amount. Meaning if your body doesnt produce enough you have to give it extra and if your body produces too much you are kind of screwed

  20. Ok, so how effective do you think Topical Fin would be in penetrating the scalp? I want your opinions. I have a doc willing to do topical fin…another doc willing to do topical fin with latanoprost. The deal for me, is how effective in penetrating to do it’s job? Also, how long to penetrate. Example, Minox is slow at this.

    Another note, I have one willing to do a form of HGH- unrelated to hair loss and testosterone.

    So I could look like the rock lol…or hope to have better hair. Also, my hair loss has not gotten worse in 2 years, nor better. I use nothing at the moment. My hairloss was medication related. I am about a NW 2.5. Thoughts??? Also, what happened to ru?- Sorry but I missed the Ru( research compound ) train.

      1. I am a nw2. I buy neocell collagen from the iherb website. I was just rrading some articles saying that you could drown your head in minox 24/7 but no new hair will grow unless you have the amino acids in your system. I really do stick by retinoic acid, my hair barely sheds at all when i am using it. I think its important to just use it at night though. Expecially in summer as it can increase sun burn.

        1. Thanks Quentin! I’m going to buy the neocill collagen today. As for retinal I’ll need to get it from my dermatologist and add it separately to my scalp a few times a week then scale up if I don’t get scaling again.

  21. Quentin where do you get your reteonic acid from? How much and how often do you apply it to your scalp. And also how long were you using minox before you started taking collagen? Did you see results with minox without collagen like regrowth or less shedding or were you still losing ground?

    Sorry for all the questions Quentin but you are helping me out big time. I’m a nw2.5 and if I can get just a little regrowth with minox it would be a life changer for me.

    1. I started everything at once. Saw regrowth and haieline repair after about 4 months. New temple hairs and thickening. I usebthe minox and retinoic acid solution twice a day and i get a compound pharmacy to make it for me

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