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Donald Trump Definitely Takes Finasteride

In the past, there were rumors that president Donald Trump took Finasteride for his hair loss, and I wrote an entire post about that here. However, those rumors were based on interview claims in 2017 by Mr. Trump’s former personal physician Dr. Harold Bornstein. That doctor seems to be a wacky character and I was unsure about believing everything he said in those interviews. Moreover, in the bombastic letter that the doctor wrote for Mr. Trump in 2015, he did not mention Finasteride:

Donald Trump Doctor Letter

2018 Official Update: Donald Trump Takes Finasteride

Several days ago president Donald Trump underwent an annual medical check-up, this time with a Dr. Ronny Jackson. Yesterday, the website officially published detailed results of Mr. Trump’s comprehensive medical exam on their website.

On page 3, it is confirmed that Mr. Trump takes 5 medications. The line that caught my eye:

“Finasteride (Propecia). 1 mg daily for prevention of male pattern hair loss”.

So there you have it. The US president clearly has a healthy libido, no gynecomastia and no depression despite most likely many years of taking Finasteride. Some fans would even claim that Mr. Donald Trump has a perfectly healthy state of mind and temperament.

Mr. Trump even recommends Propecia to people, despite not getting any endorsement fee from Merck.

Kerastem, Wounding and Other Hair News

Kerastem Update

Kerastem STYLE phase II clinical trial results update. Somewhat positive news of 17 percent increase in hair count at 6 months post-treatment. However, they only treated men in the early stages of hair loss (Norwood Scale I to III).

Wounding and Hair Growth

New hair from wounding.
Single hair follicle regeneration after wounding in elderly man.

Reader “omg” posted an interesting link to a study from Taiwan with a great title: “Never too old to regenerate (hair)”. The researchers report on an 80 year old man who regrew 1 brand new pigmented black hair after scalp wounding due to excision of a basal cell carcinoma.

Yet more evidence in support of wounding, the main idea behind the work of well known company Follica. The new (or regenerated old) hair remained black at the 42-month time of follow-up. I do not think the claim that the researchers make that this is the world’s first case of wounding led hair growth in human skin is true.

Other Hair News this Month

— A potential improvement in current hair regeneration technology from Japan via self-sorted hair follicle germs (ssHFGs). I visualize an image of ant collaboration (which creeps me out a bit), each time I read that term. Dr. Junji Fukuda who I have covered on this blog before is a lead author. Update: A new article on this development came out on February 1, 2018.

— Dr. Takashi Tsuji was back in the news a couple of weeks ago. He is leading a Japanese team that includes RIKEN researchers that will develop technology to analyze human health ramifications of changes in people’s hair shape and quality. According to Dr. Tsuji, some research indicates that certain changes in human hair components are unique to people with diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Perhaps in future one can detect cancer earlier depending on hair analysis.

— Discussion about Donald Trumps’s hair never seems to get old when it comes to the major newspapers. I previously discussed Mr. Trump’s usage of Finasteride as well as a 10 page detailed article on his hair. Now come news that his daughter Ivanka has claimed that Donald Trump has had scalp reduction surgery.

Hair transplants could cure migraines in some per Turkish surgeon Dr. Safvet Ors. Actual study was published a few months ago despite major newspapers only covering the development more recently.

Topical Tofacitinib 2% ointment at least moderately effective in 3 of 10 patients suffering from alopecia areata. Dr. Brett King led the study. Hopefully, Aclaris will see better results for male pattern hair loss sufferers with their topical JAK product when it finally comes out. Fingers crossed.