What is the Cost of a Hair Transplant?

The cost of a hair transplant varies significantly depending on:

  • Surgeon –> Reputable ones will be pricier.
  • Technique utilized –> Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is significantly more expensive per graft in comparison to follicular unit transplantion (FUT — also known as strip hair transplants).
  • Number of grafts extracted and implanted during the procedure –> Prices per graft tend to decline as you get larger sessions.
  • Country where the surgery is taking place –> Developing countries usually offer much lower rates for all types of cosmetic procedures.
  • Whether you are willing to go to a national chain clinic such as Bosley, where the cost of a hair transplant varies depending on location, surgeon and more.
  • Whether you are willing to come in at short notice in case of cancellation by others.

In the table further below, you can find hair restoration per graft prices that I found on surgeon websites or via internet forum posts from ex-patients. These prices can often change, and some surgeons are willing to negotiate them downwards (especially if you are able to come in at the last minute if someone else cancels). Some are also willing to cover expenses such as airfare and accommodation. Note that a few of these prices may be estimated and it is best to consult a surgeon for the latest pricing data.

Many of the below listed per graft hair transplant prices are converted to US dollars based on prevailing exchange rates. The list is sorted by surgeon last name. Although there are thousands of experienced hair transplant surgeons around the world, I am only including a few of the most well known ones in the below table and have tried to include the most popular surgeons in a number of countries.

Note that body hair FUE (BHT) transplant prices are generally significantly higher than regular scalp hair FUE transplant prices and are not included in the table below. In most FUE mega-sessions, body hair is a small or even nonexistent factor. Also to be noted is that some surgeons offer lower FUE prices for patients that are willing to shave their donor area prior to the procedure.

Hair Restoration Costs Around the World

While a hair transplant in a developed country will typically cost anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000, the corresponding cost in a poorer developing country will be anywhere from as low as $2,000 to almost never above $10,000. Although cost per graft for hair transplants is usually much lower in developing countries compared to developed countries, one needs to account for other expenses such as airfare, visa fees, accommodation costs, and miscellaneous expenses such as taxi and bus fares.

There are nowadays excellent hair transplant surgeons operating in quite a few developing countries, but in general, the number of inexperienced below par surgeons is more prevalent in developing countries than in developed countries due to weakly enforced regulatory systems. Moreover, if you have any kind of bad result or injury or infection in a poor country, you will have a much lesser chance of getting reimbursed or being able to successfully file and win a lawsuit.

That said, going to an experienced, well reviewed accredited hair transplant surgeon in a developing country such as India or Turkey can be a great option, and you will usually save a lot of money in the process. I am very impressed by some of the surgeons in those countries. Moreover, newer FUE practicing surgeons can be subpar even in developed countries, typically relying on their past strip/FUT surgery experience and good reputation to make it seem like their FUE practice is just as great. In the end, bad results are definitely not the sole domain of poorer developing countries.

Note that both the FUE and FUT techniques tend to differ among various surgeons (different punch sizes used, robotic versus manual extractions, type of storage medium used, lateral slit versus sagittal slit etc…), and some surgeons even have their own trademarked acronyms for their particular version of the FUE or FUT technique. In many cases, these trademarks are just marketing gimmicks.

Hair Transplant Cost Comparison Table

I do not regularly update the below hair restoration cost by surgeon statistics, so some prices may no longer be accurate.

SurgeonCountryStrip (FUT) $/graftFUE $/graftMy Comments
Tejinder BhattiIndian/a$1.50/graft.Slightly different prices for various packages. His website has some great info on patients by regional origin and much more.
Christian BisangaBelgium$3.50/graft for first 2,000 grafts. $2.70/graft thereafter.$6.70/graft for first 1,000 grafts. $4.00/graft thereafter.Good FUE price for such an experienced surgeon.
John ColeUSA$6.00/graft per forum posts.$6.00/graft (shaved head per their e-mail to me).A ground breaking renowned surgeon, so I put his name here even if his website does not disclose pricing information.
Hakan DoganayTurkeyn/a$2.70/graft.Uses Choi implanter and “micromotor” FUE extraction process. Slightly higher price for manual FUE extraction. Accommodation, food, transportation and PRP included in price.
Koray ErdoganTurkeyn/a$3.50/graft.Heavy online marketing since 2013.
Robert JonesCanada$3.00/graft.$5.50/graft.I estimated these prices from some of the blog posts on his site.
Suradej PongThailand$2.00/graft for first 2,000 grafts. $1.84/graft for first 3,000 grafts.n/aMany favorable online reviews about him from western patients.
Arvind PoswalIndia$1.50/graft for first 3,000 grafts.$4.00/graft for first 3,000 grafts.The most results presented by any surgeon online. World’s most experienced body hair transplant surgeon.
Radha RaniIndia$1.00/graft per forum posts.n/aTrained under the well respected Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich of Thailand.
Ron ShapiroUSA$5.50/graft for first 2,000 grafts. $3.00/ graft thereafter.$7.00/graft.Lengthy online history of great strip hair transplant results.
Sanusi UmarUSAn/a$8.00/graft.Among the select leaders in the US for body hair to head hair transplants.
Brad WolfUSA$4.50/graft for first 2,000 grafts. $3.83/graft for first 3,000 grafts.$7.00/graft as long as you get at least 1,200 grafts.Lengthy online presence.
Hasson & WongCanada$5.00/graft for first 2,000 grafts. $3.00/ graft thereafter.n/aIf considering strip, these guys are as good as it gets based on online results and testimonials.
Ray WoodsAustralian/a$15.00/graft per forums posts.Extremely pricey. Revolutionized the global hair transplant industry by popularizing the FUE method of hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Insurance Coverage

Note that hair transplant costs will never be covered by most health insurance plans since they are considered to be cosmetic procedures. Of course if your hair loss is due to an accident such as a fire or workplace injury to the scalp, insurance companies might be more willing to help you. Many surgeons will cover the cost via financing plans and arrangements.

Hair Transplant Cost Calculator

On many hair restoration surgeon websites, you can find built-in online hair transplant cost per graft calculators. Prices are usually available in local currencies as well as the US dollar and the Euro. Since rates per graft are tiered and decline once you exceed certain graft totals, a calculator is a very useful tool.

3 thoughts on “What is the Cost of a Hair Transplant?”

  1. Very useful table! I am wondering if these hair transplant prices have declined since you wrote the post? Isn’t there more competition nowadays?

  2. I believe that the cost shouldn’t be the deciding factor in choosing hair transplant Clinic.
    Undoubtedly, you should never put your health at risk in order to save some money.
    And one thing I advise you that to prevent any kind of risks, research is absolutely required.
    If you have any doubt about the effectiveness of a clinic’s treatment or any fears about potential risks, it is crucial that you should double-check the credentials of the clinic and the surgeon’s themselves.

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