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Prince William Shaves his Head

The global media loves to discuss celebrities and their hair, especially when the said hair is thinning or changing in appearance frequently. Since I first started this blog in 2013, the two celebrities who have probably been most frequently in the news due to their unique hair have been, in order of importance: 1) US President Donald Trump and 2) British Prince William. And this week was huge for both.

Right after I wrote my last post on US president Trump’s officially confirmed use of Finasteride to treat his hair loss, Prince William decided that he had had enough with my US-biased recent coverage. He therefore made a strong statement to upend Mr. Trump’s hair from the global news cycle and very easily succeeded this time around.

The below pictorial representation was the biggest story in the hair loss world yesterday and today. There are thousands of articles you can find about this story by now. The pictures represent a side effect free cure for hair loss that I always recommend above all else for those who are willing to go through with the deed.

It took this prince at least five or more years before going through with the decisive action.

Prince William Shaved Head Closeup

The Duke Of Cambridge Shaved Head Frontal

Prince William Shaved Head Side