Donald Trump Definitely Takes Finasteride

In the past, there were rumors that president Donald Trump took Finasteride for his hair loss, and I wrote an entire post about that here. However, those rumors were based on interview claims in 2017 by Mr. Trump’s former personal physician Dr. Harold Bornstein. That doctor seems to be a wacky character and I was unsure about believing everything he said in those interviews. Moreover, in the bombastic letter that the doctor wrote for Mr. Trump in 2015, he did not mention Finasteride:

Donald Trump Doctor Letter

2018 Official Update: Donald Trump Takes Finasteride

Several days ago president Donald Trump underwent an annual medical check-up, this time with a Dr. Ronny Jackson. Yesterday, the website officially published detailed results of Mr. Trump’s comprehensive medical exam on their website.

On page 3, it is confirmed that Mr. Trump takes 5 medications. The line that caught my eye:

“Finasteride (Propecia). 1 mg daily for prevention of male pattern hair loss”.

So there you have it. The US president clearly has a healthy libido, no gynecomastia and no depression despite most likely many years of taking Finasteride. Some fans would even claim that Mr. Donald Trump has a perfectly healthy state of mind and temperament.

Mr. Trump even recommends Propecia to people, despite not getting any endorsement fee from Merck.

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  1. hi admin great work

    can you get an interview with takashi tsuji this year??
    march 2019 is the date to start! (2020 comercialization if all goes well)

  2. I think Mr. Trump. will help new treatments for androgenetic alopecia come out relatively soon to the market.

    Great Blog.

  3. Now I’m glad you don’t allow swearing on the site Ned/Admin, whenever I see anything associated with the Donald I feel compelled to let the expletives fly like no tomorrow! :-(

  4. Side effects may include brain fog, firing your White House Chief strategist, paying porn stars for sex, and money laundering.

  5. I have two friends who’ve been on Finasteride around ten years with no problems…(so far, and I hope they never do). They can’t seem to understand why I’ve had such a bad ongoing reaction to it?! It seems generally well tolerated according to my doctor the late Dr Rhett Bosnich. He himself used it at a small dosage three times a week and had prescribed it to thousands of patients. However, myself and a handful of patients he had seen have experienced severe side effects-the very reason I went to him in the first place. He was the ONLY doctor who truly believed my symptoms and had seen them before. To his patients who were initially trying the medication, he told them if there was a problem to stop the medication asap and call him immediately. He was a kind, caring and professional hair loss specialist/doctor-almost unheard of in the industry. Of the 16 docs and hormone specialists I had seen in the last two years, most were in the dark about the possible permanent side effects. They just looked up their MIMS spreadsheet and said, side effects were doubtful or would go away. Only a couple were wary of it, but had no strong convictions either way. They just didn’t know?
    I would argue not everyone’s hormones are the same and it can be a lottery in terms of outcome. The one-size-fits-all mentality for prescribing medicine by many in the medical profession doesn’t always work for everyone.
    Just because it’s FDA approved doesn’t always mean it’s 100% safe. Anybody remember Vioxx? Finasteride can be a bit like using an elephant gun to your hormones to decrease just DHT. I’m sure Andrew Zarian, who once stated on The Bald Truth radio show that “…anybody suffering from side effects from Propecia must be crazy”, would no doubt disagree?! (And many others I’m sure!)
    I myself have trouble believing guys who claim problems from Saw Palmetto. Just because I didn’t, I would never dismiss or discredit them either-if someone’s telling you they have a problem, then usually they have a problem! (This of coarse doesn’t include hypochondriacs, drama queens and narcissists).
    Not saying don’t use Finasteride, if I could stop my hair loss without the side effects, I’d still be on it, but I would talk to a doc first who knows something about it before jumping in. Get a full hormone and PSA test too. Don’t do what I did and just stick your head in the sand like an ostrich and cherry pick only the most favorable articles on the risk of side effects to make your decision.
    As for Donald J. Trump. I hope his low PSA reading wasn’t mixed up with his cognitive score?
    Happy New Year to all-Summy

    1. Sorry to hear SummyKim. You are among the 23 percent the studies seem to indicate have serious issues with Fin. What kind of side effects did you get?

      1. Cheers for that admin. I appreciate it. The side effects are the usual you here about. Too personal to go into detail here, but more than happy to correspond privately to anybody who needs some advice. Since taking it, my body has never been the same. Depression and low testosterone/androgen levels amongst other things. As a keen surfer it’s really affected my endurance-from fatigue. Thank god it didn’t take away my sex life, although the libido took a hammering. The physical changes are another story! I know one guy who is permanently impotent from using Proscar for enlarged prostate. He’s only 35, married and a very successful businessman, but somehow retains an amazing up-beat attitude towards life!

  6. On a side note: I always wonder how many people who can’t afford to lose their hair (actors, celebrities) are on finasteride and experience sides but keep up with it because they have to. On the other hand those people are kind of a litmus test for me – those who can afford basically every treatment on the planet but still have a hair problem up there that’s clearly visible. Jude Law comes to my mind.

    I wonder what Donald Trump would look like without meds and HT and I am actually surprised he doesn’t just wear a hairpiece.

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