Brief Items of Interest, May 2016

Hair loss news first:

There have been a huge amount of hair loss related news items of interest in the past month.  Several of them probably deserved their own blog posts.

— I did not realize that GSK was launching Dutasteride in Japan via the brand name Zagallo (to treat male pattern hair loss) and that this plan was delayed in late 2015.  I did, however, cover the favorable Japanese clinical trial results last year that are mentioned in that first link.  Now comes word that Catalent’s French plant has been cleared to restart production.  So there is a very high chance that Dutasteride will finally be approved to treat hair loss in 2016 (one year later than I was hoping), 14 years after being approved to treat enlarged prostates in men. (Edit: in fact the drug was already approved for hair loss treatment in Japan on September 28th 2015, and even approved in South Korea around 2010!  Hopefully the US and EU will finally follow suit in 2016.).  It would be the third ever drug to be approved to treat hair loss, almost 20 years after the second one (Finasteride/Propecia) was approved and almost 30 years after the first one (Minoxidil/Rogaine) was approved.  Make sure to read the Dutasteride testimonials post and related comments.  FYI — If you are worried about Finasteride (Propecia) side effects, do not even consider taking Dutasteride. The side effects from the latter are guaranteed to be worse for most people.

— Since quite a few of the reader comments to my past few posts have mentioned Kerastem, I am giving high importance to Christopher1’s thread on hairsite regarding his Kerastem treatment in Switzerland.  He had the treatment in early February of this year for $8,000.  Unlike his well covered failed experiment with topical JAK inhibitor tofactinib, this time he went to a professional clinic (more reliable in my opinion) to get the Kerastem treatment. Per his latest post from three days ago (which has surprisingly still not received any replies), he has good news to share and I quote:  “After having brought you some bad news about my Jak inhibitor trial, I finally have some good news for you. It’s not great, but it’s very good.  My hair has stopped falling out. It stopped about three weeks ago, which was a bit over 2 months after my Kerastem treatment.”  Note that this is only one data point and there has been no regrowth and we do not know how long this cessation in hair loss will last.  The rest of his post indicates that this is the first time in 15 years that his hair has stopped falling out.  I find Chrisopher1 to be a highly reliable and sincere person, or else I would not mention him to start off a blog post.

— Scientists at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York recently found the molecular pathways responsible for creating the color of skin and hair.  They found that a signaling pathway known as Edn/EdnrB interacts with other pathways (in particular, with the Wnt signaling pathway), which in turn causes the proliferation of melanocyte stem cells (McSCs) that are involved in the earliest stages of skin and hair pigmentation.  This suggests that targeting Edn/EdnrB signaling in McSCs can be a therapeutic approach to promote hair pigmentation retention.

— A new paper from China titled “Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway activates melanocyte stem cells in vitro and in vivo.”  Research was done in mice.

— An update on research at Japan’s Yokohama University under the leadership of Dr. Junji Fukuda.  Translation required, and yes, it is in mice only for now.  Short interview with Dr. Fukuda in there that is partially lost in translation.  Thanks yet again to our wonderful Japanese blog reader and commentator “nosyu” who updates me regularly about developments in Japan that are not covered by the English media.  The Fukuda Lab lists hair regrowth as one of its key areas of research.

— Update on Thorn Medical’s further plans in the Bahamas.

Topical methyl vanillate (a plant derived natural ingredient) increases hair count and hair mass index by inducing Wnt10b mRNA expression in the scalp.  According to the study, methyl vanillate has recently been shown to activate the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway, which has become a key target in the treatment of androgenic alopecia by numerous researchers in recent years.

— I was not planning to cover this public relations type piece on Dr. James Harris, but I liked the ending: “And when Harris predicts the future of his profession, he sees stem cells and growth factors – not plucking and planting.

More good publicity for Samumed and its CEO Osman Kibar.

— I am always impressed by hair loss sufferers who go through impressive regimens and post regular updates.  The latest example is “westonci” on HLT who is supposedly going through the whole of SwissTemple’s prostaglandin protocol that I have mentioned on this blog several times before.

— Talking about PGD2, an interesting new study from South Korea just came out today and provides yet more evidence that prostaglandin D2 (PGD2) and its nonenzymatic metabolite, 15-deoxy-Δ-prostaglandin J2, inhibit hair growth.

— For those in the United Kingdom, Dr. Steven Edgar is now prescribing topical Finasteride in the UK (his e-mail address is in that thread).

— An interesting new hair product from a company named “Reason to Believe” will soon be produced in North Carolina, based on the Alpha Keratin 60ku patent.  Hard to tell how good this product will be and how long it will last (I doubt it is permanent).

Can protein shakes lead to hair loss?

— “Baldy Viking” has some videos on dermaroller and onion juice!  I just saw only part of one of those…seems interesting and not entirely crazy.  I have become more of a believer in natural treatments for hair loss having at least some minor benefit.

— An interesting story of an Irish woman’s battle with alopecia cicatricial related hair loss since age 21.

Yet one more distraction for Dr. George Cotsarelis.

— In celebrity news, Rosie O’Donnell discusses her hair loss; it seems like golfer Jordan Speith may have had a hair transplant; and Charles Barkley has asked basketball superstar Lebron James to stop painting on his hair.  Search this blog for my past mentions of Lebron James if you are interested in this kind of news.

And now on to medical items of interest:

CRISPR breakthrough is most clever yet, and increasingly relevant to humans.

Scientist turn skin cells into heart cells and brain cells just using drugs.

Regenerating brains of the dead.  A more interesting take from my favorite Daily Mail.

Japan OK’s gene editing of eggs.  As long-time blog readers know, the Japanese have already fast tracked clinical trials for newer regenerative medicine and stem cell treatments, and earlier in this post I mentioned that Japan could be the first country to approve Dutasteride for hair loss treatment.  Everything is moving along fast over there and I am glad that we have both Shiseido and Dr. Takashi Tsuji based in that country.

— As expected, the first ever penis transplant in the US got widespread global news coverage yesterday.  I first heard about it via the radio in my car yesterday, then via a text message from a friend (wonder why?), and then again today via my yahoo homepage. Bill Gates must be horrified at global priorities.

— Now just imagine if this really happens in 2017?  I doubt it, but it would be absolutely ridiculous if that came to fruition before a hair loss cure.

— Alzheimer’s cure getting closer:

— Five-year update on face transplant recipient.

— MIT scientists and others create an artificial second skin:

— Histogen is also involved in skin care products via its growth factor technology in case people forgot.  Here is an update.

Doubling lifespan of embryos in petri dishes.

Maybe vitamin supplements are useful after all?

Biohacking in Brooklyn.

— I am a bit skeptical about Liz Parrish and Bioviva, but since I have mentioned her a few times before, here is an update and some reddit comments on the subject.

Rapamycin and more to make your dogs live forever.

309 thoughts on “Brief Items of Interest, May 2016”

  1. Hi again guys,

    Admin I will gladly post on the relevant topical fin blog posts once I start the H&W topical fin.

    Mjones I am not on oral fin at the moment so I won’t be able to tell whether topical is more effective than oral. I will monitor my progress with pictures and so I will definitely be able to judge the effectiveness. Also, my head itches at the spots where I’m balding the most (crown) so if my crown stops itching that might give me an initial indication that the fin gel is working.

    Balding is a complex puzzle that will be solved one day. We study one piece of the puzzle at a time and if it doesn’t work, we move on to a different piece.

    I know how hard it can be to deal with this, whatever the age. I am 20 and am fighting very powerful genes (everybody is completely bald in my family). Nevertheless, everyone has their own problems and I think hair loss is nothing when put in perspective (cancer, etc.) Also, we live in an incredible era with very promising technology that will enable us to achieve things we could not even dream of! The only thing that technology won’t be able to do is give you back the time you wasted despairing on your hair loss. So please try you best to enjoy life while waiting for a new treatment that will solve our problem, because once it comes out, you will regret wasting your precious

    Have a good one


    1. I’m really curious to see if topical fin can reboot the lost effectiveness of oral Propecia for those like myself who have been using it for 10+ years

      1. hej mjones, can you tell what finasteride you have been using? propecia, proscar, generic? Is this all the same? can proscar cutting be as effective as propecia?

    2. Hi Saleem,

      Wasn’t it already tested that topical fin has the same systematic sides as oral fin? Or am i missing something?

      1. some one on this blog told that he was a candidate in hasson finasteride where he encountered side effects since % of finasteride was high

  2. @mjones i had a nice full head, i used to style my hair by just putting drops of water on it. Now i have about 15% of this full head, i wish i can get my hair .
    i tried minoxidil propecia laser comb aq hair complex spironolactone cream

    but irregularly with no results

    i was a tired of just trying this lead me to stop and then continue then stop then continue

    1. Hi Fadi, I have always used brand name Propecia since day one. 4 years ago I noticed Merk stopped manufacturing Propecia is NJ and started making it in Italy. That was the same time my hair starred thinning . Not sure if they half assed the main ingredient to save money. Who knows?
      I sounds like you had the same thick density as me buddy. I would take a comb through my hair and it would always get stuck because my hair was super thick. I probably had 150 thousand hairs instead of the normal 120k. Good old days. Now I avoid bright lights to hide the diffuse loss. So sad

      1. i am using 1 mg finasteride that is manufactured by local company, who knows how much is it effective, wish old day come back

    1. That is absolutely ridiculous. He is aiming for human trials in 2020. After that there will be about 3 or 4 years till commercialization. I’m disappointed in you Lewandowski for even entertaining the thought that it would take this long. You guys are speaking with your emotions.

      1. PBTA, you seem to not know how long a true clinical takes, especially one involving stem cell regeneration. There is no way it can go through phase 1 and 2 in 3 years. People estimating a 2030 time frame for tsuji are being accurate. Plus he isn’t even aiming for mpb for his main goal. Let’s wait for him to actually grow hair on a male subject with mpb then we talk time frames.

        1. Mjones you appear to have a comprehension problem. This page shows their method for regenerating hair using a germ cell method. This does not incorporate the use of IPS cells, it is entirely separate from his skin work. And the reason trials are so short in Japan is because stem cell treatments are allowed to commercialized their work after phase 2. Germ cell therapy has a mid level risk assessment, therefor it allows for conditional approval. You have no clue what you are talking about. You’ll probably respond with some useless conjecture devoid of substance, but many have already come to expect that from you. Sorry to be harsh but your cynicism is toxic on this blog.

          1. PTBA Japanese law on stem cell treatments are great and I agree they can release products after phase 2. So far I haven’t seen them do it. Replicel shiseido have been waiting for Japan to give them the OK to start phase 2. It’s been freaking 2 years now with no go ahead from the Japanese govt. I’m being realistic and helping those on this site realize true time Iines for release . Don’t call my thoughts toxic buddy. If tsuji comes out in 3 years after they start trials I will personally buy your treatment from them lol.

      2. It was a joke. Damn man. I know that he will be first. I hope it will be available in 2022.
        Yes, IMO he overcame culturing problems.

  3. guys I am going to tell this again… just because people who read this blog should understand. when they claim a cure is coming in 10 years +…. never ever believe it.. why ? because no one would invest such a programme for 10 years. thats why stem cell research has been crushed in the last decade…
    investors are like us and wanna see ROI in short term 3-5years… if u say 10, then no one will fund u… and it will prolong another 2-3 decades

  4. I hope that readers on this blog know that there will never be a pill or a magic lotion that can cure AGA. Thats brutal true. Yes, there will be preventive treatments but such effect like using JAK on AA is almost impossible. It isgenetic disease. The only good aproach is regenerative therapy and genome editig (at least 40years). Maybe replicel achieve thier goals? That would be great. Maintain what you have. However new hair only from cloning. Thats why we talking about Tsuji. He is many many steps ahead of all. And remember that this method will help burn victims and all kinds of alopecia… He said that hair ( YES, it is a very small problem) is just begining. Due to that fact he is working on other subjects.

  5. And I try to explain why I think that he overcame culturing problems. Past few months there was discovers which colud help him to culture appropriate cells (I think PTBA has links). Dr. Tsuji suddenly stopped to respond to e-mails about Hair Regeneration Method (NOT hair from skin!!!). And there was some information on hlt that he decided to collaboration with big company to develop hair regeneration (in late march).
    And his team and Riken Institute want to take it to clinical trials because if it apear succesful there will be easier to take to the market next developments (teeth, skin etc.)
    PS. STOP confusing hair on skin with method published in Nature in 2012.

  6. i agree. however i also feel that there will be better treatments coming up in this decade. look maybe we dont have to cure AGA.. all needed is something that can grow on top of our head which look like hair.. there is always workground…

  7. All scientific teams working on a cure against alopecia ( hair follicle regeneration) are more advanced than in their PowerPoint presentations . Have no doubt about that .100% SURE. Another thing: Propecia formulation (gel/topic) WITHOUT SIDES is a winner…

  8. Well, according to the king of the hair loss the cure ( hair regeneration) will be on the market in the next 10 years. He knows what is happening around the world but he keeps quite because he is not allowed to talk about other companies.

  9. no i think its just admin’s prediction or his wishfully thinking that 2020 is the year…
    difference than wig is : it will GROW and maintainable.. pls read my statement above once more.. artificial hair or skin might be a workaround… or accepting hair from others or advanced body hair transplant…etc
    propecia: it doesnt work for everyone. plus i ve heard from others that it will lose its effectiveness over time

    all we need is around 15K grafts right? lets look it from numbers… i think sort term (5-10 years) only workaround will be with transplants…

  10. guys im pretty sure Aclaris is working hard to bring JAK to market…. they wouldnt have spent so much just for AA …. all these companies are after AGA…its not cos they feel bad for anyone…its bcos of the money involved…please be optimistic and if you are not dont spread your depression here….

  11. Dear Admin:

    Do you still believe it’s feasible for a cure to be released by the end of 2020? Is that feasible given the current state of research? If a cure was supposed to arrive by 2020, would we not have at least some signs points to a potential cure? I understand you want to keep readers interested, but is it not a little too ambitious to believe that this malady will be cured? I apologize if I have offended you, but this just doesn’t seem pragmatic. I do commend your efforts to spread positivity.

    1. The blog is not to spread positivity but real News about real reserch…
      I think a lot of information these companies give are not truth. This is the case of histogen. They continue to give the same data over and over without real New News. For them will be easy to show mora data because they have many years and many patients with the tecnology in ther heads. Many people make the illusion that companies are racing to bring to market its treatment. The truth is that although there millions expected of them millions more every year are born and die. Today tomorrow or in 10 year will be the same. The big difference Between all are some have funs to extend the study 1 year os 10 years until they have some thing real and not cosmetic.

      1. Ok…ok…but exist a huge demand for a new treatment for MPB because current treatments have poor results . That’s life and the truth.

  12. I just watched the video about Replicel and they said it would be released in 2015 and then 2018. . I think the biggest reason it has failed for now is because they still can’t solve the mystery of why the adipose fat tissue is depleted.
    Anyway, would it be possible to grow scalp-like hair somewhere else? Probably like injecting the cultured cells on your stomach or chest. It would look ugly if it grows LOL but the hair could be transplanted to your scalp just like BHT. IMO it could be an ultimate solution for the next 10 years.

  13. guys correct me if i am wrong but this site also used to be named as hairlosscure2015… i may be wrong… sorry if i am mistaken

  14. About Thorn, I still haven’t heard back from them to schedule my medical assuming they are busy setting up for this fall and contacting pateints this summer, I have emailed everyone and have not heard back. But yoda say’s he has heard back they have emailed him and they even gave him before and after pics of people they already did and also they showed him how it’s done and it looks like PRP and it’s a big scam.

    After months of them not contacting me through email or phone besides Dr. Khan telling me she has me on file and expect a call from the medical director, Yoda somehow seems to be special because they contact him back immediately with before and after pictures and explained to him personally in his email how their procedure works. So if anyone has questions about Thorn Medical get in contact with Yoda because he seems to be in really close communication with Thorn.

  15. Okay,
    So these are the main concerns for me when it comes to treatments that should be released in 2018:

    1) The possibility the releases are postponed in 2018, and postponed and postponed as they always have been … How many years ago FIN was introduced ? Rhetorical question …

    2) The waiting lists which might be extensive, so when something comes out, you might have to wait a long time before you can get it, because the entire community is waiting …

    3) The possibility that your hair loss has more underlying problems than the particular treatment can solve, in short, you might belong to the group for which the treatment does not work …

    We are always talking about AGA as being one type of hair loss, however I believe even within AGA there are different types of causes on each persons AGA. Your AGA might be harder to solve than the AGA of others who just use Minox or FIN or Apple Cider Vinegar+Onion Juice … Just to name a few treatments the tiny tiny tiny minority of sufferers benefit from.

    I understand that scalp hair regrowth is hard to solve, but I don’t understand that they still have nothing for hair maintainance.

    1. Forgot to mention an additional angle to this as well… It seems as if Estrogen has the exact opposite effect on IL-6 as does testosterone/androgenic hormones.

      Androgenic hormones up-regulate IL-6, a known inflammatory agent. Estrogen mitigates this. IL-6 is released from balding dermal papilla after DHT is administered. This leads to premature catagen and an increase of STAT-3 expression in the outer root sheath, of which the bulge arises from.

      So where am I going with this? AGA is highly heritable, as has been established? Well check this out:

      This is not in the hair follicle per-say, but it is in a region known in males to be associated with AGA, the prostate. IL-6 works 80-90% through JAK/STAT3 pathway (cannot remember where i read this, but none-the-less I read it). It seems as if during prostate cancer, STAT3 not only upregulates AR trans-activation, but ALL the other steroid receptors as well. This means Estrogen receptor is up-regulated also. Trans-activation means increased gene expression, which leads to the phenotype seen in AGA. It creates a vicious feedback loop. If we can make the logical leap that this happens in the hair follicle via IL-6, we can see that in women an increase in STAT3 overexpression would put one at risk for AGA female pattern, but because of the minimal presence of androgen in the female body and because of the huge presence of estrogen IL-6 is being downregulated by estrogen via STAT3 through the estrogen receptor. Using the same pathway as males but with a different hormone to cause a hair protective effect. Well what happens when estrogen levels fall during menopause? The normal jak/stat cascade takes over in females because of the lack of estrogen protection (remember androgens ALSO fall for them during menopause). This leads to their phenotype of hair loss.

      You guys…. IT IS THE STAT3/IL-6/AR TRIANGLE. Targeting only one of these will not work. It will slow down AGA but you are fighting a losing battle targeting only 1. You MUST target both STAT3 and AR in my opinion if we want to reverse AGA appreciably, as in take a NW 6 or 7 back to a NW 0 or 1.

      I truly wish someone wealthy would go to a doctor and get a jak stat inhibitor prescribed off label. Just like propecia was prescribed to men off label before becoming “official” for AGA. Spencer Kobran of the Bald Truth Talk specifically mentions this happening to him, and being fortunate to have it prescribed to him off label before it became mainstream.Then take it to a pharmacy and have it compounded into a topical, of relatively high concentration (3-5%). Use this twice daily with once daily finasteride.

  16. @Netshed : pretty well summarized. just one remark to ur last paragraph.. u can not just stop the interactions between materials. this is from quantum mechanics. in other words there is no such thing as maintenance. u will always lose ground , just pace would be very slow. in essence yes u will always lose hair.. so either improvement or deterioration…
    in very rough terms, what fin and minox does is to slow down your hairloss.. thats what u call maintenance…

    1. @danitello. Are you kidding us? Minoxidil and Finasteride have very poor results…and limited efficacy. Think please. We need better alternatives than current treatment. It’s very easy.
      In conclusion: MPB have a HUGE demand for a new treatment / cure.

    2. Everybody might have another definition of maintainance, for me, maintainance is in the middle of detoriation and improvement.

      So the current options, are no options for us, they don’t stop the detoriation.

      If current medicine would provide maintainance from the moment we spotted our hair loss, nobody would be posting here, everybody could get a FUE HT (or 2) and would be running outside during the next rainy and windy day.

  17. Any news on SM phase 2b? I’m excited about Follicum, Follica, Histogen and SM. If these come out within the next two years it will help out millions of people. All I need is some diffuse thickening and hair line thickening. The good news about all of this is that they know not to release a treatment that doesn’t work much better than current treatments. Pharmaceutical and companies like Follica will have to release a game changer to market or else they will not be profitable.

      1. mjones i’m wondering what your thinking these days.
        After seeing rev post that topical natural forum person i was intrigued. but after seeing that greek natural topical forum b/a pic i’m pretty convinced something is going on.

        Are you considering trying out that dude’s regimen?

        1. Egghead, we can safely say that wounding with topicals definitely work to grow back hair. That Greek guy did it home. I can only imagine what follica can do with their advanced protocol. I was thinking of just buying a derma stamp and using it on my temples. Just to try it out on a small scale. The thing is that Greek guy used a whole bunch of stuff. IL just use castor, coconut, rosemary oil. A lot of people here still think cots is just patent collecting. He is a very smart guy and will be making millions of dollars. He will release a treatment and it will work better than the Greek guy’s kitchen sink approach. I just hope we have other options as well like SM, follicum etc to keep our hair from thinning.

          1. But, if you wound, then apply topicals like minoxidil and whatever else, won’t these topicals go straight into your blood system? Isn’t that a potential issue?

          2. I’m sure follica’s precision protocols will be way better no doubt. just curious if u were going to wait for it

          3. I was also surprised more wasn’t said about that on this forum. Those were incredibly effective and convincing pictures.

            No doubt baring a complete disaster we are going to have far superior options as early as 2017/2018. Options that can bring back multiple Norwood levels.

  18. I hope that if this companies really have something can get it out before the bubble in silicon valley blow…..

  19. @admin, thanks again for all your hard work! This is the no. 1 site for hl news! The different companies should do more interviews for your site:-) Eagerly awaiting your next post! :D

  20. Is anyone here tryed getting all his hormones tested and can it be that some ppl have hairloss due to low testosteron. If any of you had some expirience with that post pls. Sorry for my english it is not so great

  21. ngago is really really interesting considering it’s “challenging CRISPR” i can’t find anything on it though

  22. 2 years is a long time to wait and the way I’m going I will be a nw6. Sucks that my hair is accelerating so fast after so many years of maintenence. It’s Propecia I’m taking from CVS is fake or something

  23. Do you guys think bronze lotion will work for mpb? I am a little worried that he focused on showing it’s results for AA and nothing for aga. My gut is telling me this may be a bad sign. You would think he would show regrowth pics for aga to boost popularity of his treatment.

  24. Yuck. Absolute yuck all these US scientists with new pills and discoveries and studies…and loads of BS with their trials phase 1 phase 2 phase 1110004503…If treatment will ever come it won’t be from these snake oil companies trying to sell their companies to the highest bidder. You can see the companies being absorbed by great pharmacy companies whenever they release a study and suddenly there is no more progress…funding problems???? Give me a break guess ill just get the HT in Turkey to save me my last year’s before the 40s…The city of bald where grass ain’t green and girls ain’t pretty :D

  25. MATT, you were talking about someone getting a prescription for jak… if somebody lives close to Mexico couldn’t they cross the border and just buy it in the drug store there?
    what is the drug name to look for?

  26. I think it can be done in the United States. I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable buying from Mexico but to each their own. It would just take a general practitioner willing to prescribe this to you for the purpose you want. And it would take someone knowledgable enough to create a topical with the JAK/stat inhibitor as the main ingredient that would stay in the epidermis/ dermis mainly. Tofacitnib and Ruxolitinib are the only FDA approved JAK inhibitor so far, although others are close behind. A months worth runs $2000 or more. But I think you would only need 1-3 months worth to create a topical in the right percentage. Anything less than 1% Tofacitinib or Ruxolitinb will do nothing and Christiano said herself in the interview that it needs to be in a high local concentration to have the effect seen. The mice were given 3% topical.

    Another thought, and I have mentioned this before on here. It is indeed possible that Christiano already knows this works on AGA as well. If you shout that to the world right away you stand to make NOTHING off of your groundbreaking intuition. Men will just rush to their general practitioners and have it made into a topical. The only ones who would make anything whatsoever would be those who already own the rights to the the two medicines mentioned. Thus in order to make money you would let this run its FDA course of likely 8 years minimum, unless major changes to law are passed. Sucks, but this is the reality. Not a believer in the “fin” conspiracy theories that run around here buying people out with hush money, but I am a believer in people’s personal motive to make a huge profit if they have the cure. You only could do that through I.P. ownership at the scale of production this would require. And this is exactly what Christiano did with selling I.P. and future royalties to Walker.

  27. People have landed on the Moon. People have learned to harness the power of an atom’s nucleus. And yet they can’t cure baldness.

    The fact it’s 2016 and we still don’t have a cure for baldness is beyond ridiculous.

    How come?

  28. there are MANY people in the AA community taking JAK with success. You think we would have heard by now of someone with AGA taking them. Either they have without success or they haven’t which is unlikely.

    1. I still find it really weird she wouldn’t test it first for AGA. That would get her more money and more attention that curing AA. I find it very shady and crooked. She knows something big and I think she sold it off to that other company. I wouldn’t be surprised if jak actually cures aga and this other company is going to shelve it and never say a word about it. Imagine a topical that could totally reverse aga after 3 months. This would destroy every hair loss drug, surgery, wig business. Something is going on behind the scenes and it’s really pissing me off because we all want our hair back and tired of waiting! It seems Iike AA,is more important than a blockbuster billion dollar discovery like aga cure. It’s all shady bs!

      1. Well she does have a vested interest in AA first and foremost because it happened to her. And as much as AGA sucks, I do think AA would indeed be worse. AGA is still “normal” hair loss. And it really is only truly terrible for those who start going noticeably bald at a very young age. If this started for me when I was 50 I wouldn’t care nearly as much. Your youth is out of the way. But starting in your late teens and early 20’s it can be a tremendously touch pill to swallow.

        What I like so much about Christiano’s approach is she focuses on the genetics behind it. Study the genes to find the answers. Both AA and AGA are highly hereditible. We already know that the set of SNP’s between EDA2R and AR confers the most risk for Europeans for AGA. Specifically one of these SNP’s has something like ^-89, which is the single most at risk SNP amongst Europeans. But the number 2 at risk spot is 20p11 and its SNP’s. One SNP from this set has ^-39, the second most at risk SNP in the whole genome.

        Here is the kicker and this is where I think the key peice of evidence comes in for IL-6/Stat3 being all bald people’s main problem. The variants in different AR/EDA2R IS NOT AN AT RISK SPOT AMONGST ASIANS. ONLY EUROPEANS.

        this bit is after [10] under “introduction”.

        Only the SNP’s at 20p11 are shared at risk spots amongst all people of all ethnicities. FOXA2 and PAX1 are the genes on each side of the 20p11 SNP’s…. And looking at FOXA2 functions on Wikipedia shows it to be involved in Androgen metabolism and response to IL-6 amongst other things. So this tells me that IL-6 and JAK/stat3 cascade and Androgens are what is common amongst all people. Europeans just happened to evolve a couple of really nasty androgen receptor associated SNP’s that rapidly accelerates the inflammatory based JAK/Stat process along. Hence why Europeans start the earliest generally and have the highest incidence of AGA.

        Will this be reversible by targeting JAK/stat as well as AR at the same time is the main question. You gotta hit both at the same time, and in high enough concentrations to change the micro environment of AGA effected hair. And I doubt this has been done yet as a high concentration topical JAK/Stat with proper delivery and for a long enough time, in conjunction with heavily blocking AR via fin/dut to give the topical JAK/Stat some time to work.

        Some common arguments against it working are things like:

        1.) AGA follicles lose contact with the arector pili muscle, in AA where JAK/STAT inhibition has worked they do not.

        My response: It looks like as has been shown already by Christiano that JAK/Stat signaling is a stop signal in the hair follicle, it is highly elevated during Catagen and Telogen. Well it appears to be the same in muscle tissue. And with age in all tissues JAK/stat signaling increases.

        Attenuating this allows muscles to be repaired when JAK/Stat signaling gets too high, as happens with age. So perhaps inhibiting AR/stat3/il-6 will bring about the repair of the arector pili muscle. This is a smooth muscle, and stat3 mRNA and protein is expressed in both smooth and striated muscle types so perhaps this could work. Furthermore WE ALREADY KNOW that it is possible for arector pili to regenerate under the right circumstances. Aka non stat3/AR/il-6 dependent hair. These follicles have NO PROBLEMS growing in the “bad” region of the scalp. This suggests to me that the bad region itself is due to the hair follicles themselves and not the other way around. During FUE hair transplants the muscle is cut from non-AGA effected hair and after transplantation regenerates itself. It also regenerates vascularizarion with the micro environment.

        2. AGA has tissue fibrosis involved

        My response:

        Read the last paragraph under “conclusion” of this article:

        Il-6 signaling leads to Stat3 and a target gene is activated which leads to TGF-B activation. This leads to increased collagen production aka fibrosis. Weather fibrosis can be completely reversed is a good question. I think based off of very close to completely miniaturized hairs regrowing with finasteride (although usually close only to other terminal hairs) it can be. You just have to reach that threshold in the microenviroment. The hair sends signals other hair follicles as well as to itself.
        This is why it won’t just “grow on an island”. Notice how while using fin it is almost always the hair closest to the “healthy hair” that becomes “healthy” again. You are not getting high enough good signals in AGA
        effected hair with just fin to regrow just a random spot of hair out in the middle of no healthy hair.

        Also in this article, it talks about increased Stat3 causing graph-vs-host disease. Guess what? You guessed it. In graph vs host disease hair follicle growth was allowed by topical JAK/Stat inhibition

        So hair was regrown with topical JAk-stat inhibition now in Graph vs host disease, HUMANS with Alopecia Areata, and normal mice hair cycle…I’m telling you guys I
        really think this is going to work in AGA as well if applied topically in heavy enough concentration while also targeting AR/DHT.

        3. Premature cellular senescence in balding dermal papilla:

        Once again, IL-6 and Stat-3 which are heavily increased and expressed naturally in all
        tissues with age, is a big culprit in this one.

        —-much more I could say and link to in regards to overexpressed stat3/il6 reorganization of hair follicle stem cells, increase in skin cells, sebaceous gland enlargement etc. but got to get back to school work for the moment.

  29. Jak will work for sure.. I think they are trying to make their own jak lotion as they can’t use pzifer made ones…. And it’s expensive too… Dude no company can buy a possible cure bcos they don’t make that much money.. Say if jak works every one will start using it… People who are using current treatments are like 2% of the hair loss sufferers… So no company is rich enough to pay a cure.. Even if they are they will buy the cure and release themselves.. Why do you believe in this conspiracy shit…

  30. Matt these jak drugs are already fda aproved, you even wrote that in your comment. then later you say it needs 8 years for fda aproval. It’s been done they need to just combine them and make a topical…. come on, get it done!

    1. Needs 8 years to be approved for AGA. They can’t just repurpose a drug. Hence why you would get it off label. They’ve been approved for other purposes but not AGA. Same situation as finasteride. Was already approved for BPH and side effect was hair growth. So some went to doctor and had prescribed the approved drug for a purpose it isn’t yet approved for. The difference here is the additional step of needing to be made into a topical.

  31. It would just be nice to know if there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Like even to hear, “yes Jak works and regrows back an NW2 hairline in months, but we wont release it for 5 years.” Id be ok with that because for those five years I could try to maintain, or even rock a hair system a couple years before I finally was able to take it. Its this not knowing BS that sucks. You always see these articles on how a new drug is the potential cure, then it goes away and you don’t hear about it for ages. Arghhhh

  32. Message to all scientists, spokespersons and others. It would be nice to stop doing meetings and give to all of you ( people with androgenetic alopecia) a safer and more effective treatments than current treatments. They really deserve it.

  33. i would really request it from admin to shut down this cry-board. nothing more than mere frustration… we went to moon and still AGA, scientists should be bald….etc

    these people actually think it is an easy equation to solve and fix.. oh yeah we havent tried anything for 2016 years… what makes you think we will find it now?
    quote from Spencer: i thought when fin was first introduced, had only limited amount of years ahead of me that I can lead this community… almost 20 years and here we are still..
    people criticize him because of not making time for future treatments. guys, honestly what treatment is there to discuss? name me one treatment with EVIDENCE (photo)?

    1. Honestly I don’t get your point. Do you actually believe that the ultimate treatment will ever be available or not?

      I keep reading reports all over the place that the cure might really come soon, and believe in it. What annoys me is that not being a specialist, it is very difficult to understand how close the progress being reported is to an actual treatment and how good that treatment might be.

      And yes, it is frustrating. You have a problem with that?

      I never said this was “easy”. But seeing what medicine can do nowadays, I think issues of equal or greater complexity have been addressed.

      My opinion about why this hasn’t been solved yet is because the endeavors to find a cure are not focused enough, they are too fragmented with different research groups just testing various “novel” approaches and when they fail, discontinuing them.

      But like I said in the beginning, I am hopeful. Who knows which technique currently being researched into might turn into a future treatment.

    2. No offense, but if you think this is just a “cry board” then why do you come here yourself? No one is forcing you to read anything you see here, or making you come to this board as often as you do. Suggesting he shut down the board due to balding people talking about being bald on site dedicated to baldness is hardly fair.

      People are frustrated. And why shouldn’t they be? No one is claiming it to be a simple cure. But im using the same treatments to combat MY balding that my own father used when he was my age to combat HIS hairloss with the same crappy results. After all this time not one other treatment has been released, and no one but balding people care.

      1. People are frustrated because current treatment DON’T WORK AT (POOR RESULTS) ALL AND HAVE A LOT OF SIDE EFFECTS! Is very easy.

    3. I get your frustration. We are all frustrated. But to suggest they are not close I believe is wrong. Maybe you are right in the sense that it won’t be reversible without hair cloning technology. But I think far more is known now about AGA and it isn’t just the simple “DHT + bad AR = bald” equation. But I also don’t believe it is as hard as some have suggested. I thin k a few critical players are causing the whole phenotype. We have known that androgen is a key player for a very long time. What we haven’t known is what are the other key players/interactions with androgenic hormones. I think out of the maybe hundreds of “bad” AGA factors that maybe 3 or 4 are the root cause of all the others. It has just been a matter of finding which ones they are. And i think now they are closer than ever to pinpointing them.

      And the fact is when you live in a capitalist society with government regulations and a profit incentive, it means things can take a while. You don’t want your competitors to be right on your heals if you are right so you are releasing dated information to them, so you always stay ahead. Then when something does work, it has to go through the risk doesn’t outweigh the reward for the product test. I agree that regulations are too tight and take too long with way too much government bureaucracy involved but you really do need them.

  34. thats not the point. spencer talks about ht all the time because it makes him money, most guys, including me don’t want to get their heads carved up. he makes money promoting hair transplants and doesn’t even get one himself. we need to get rich and poor guys together to fund our own lab that can make something for us to at least stop the shedding and get a little growth is what we need. many famous people with big bucks and hair loss, we just need someone to get it together, organize, supervise etc.

  35. my opinion AGA is almost impossible to cure.. I even think my AGA is some sortof different than yours.. thats why some medicines are working out just fine for some..

    let really get real here. I give this example at least 10times here and i am going to repeat that to you all again. we managed to clon Dolly almost 20 years ago… how come we havent made a single headway ? i am just being realistic here.. and i dont believe anyone of the treatments mentioned above until I see photos.. yes not a single one.. I wanna see how it works in crown, temples…etc…

  36. HT industry is worth 800 Million a year and only in the US… so this is guaranteed per year.. do you really think they would do it for balding people…for a good cause, sympathy!? do you see a pattern here?! It’s in your face!!! We need to keep positive,true but, not believing in any bs that comes out giving hopes that will be in 5 10 or gazillion yrs… Ideally everyone would stop using minoxidil. Fin. HT and this fake industry would simply collapse allowing the necessity of doing better treatments. Why chemo and radio are the best for cancer?! Because it’s the only tx they sell.

  37. why u guys dont understand technology at hand is not advanced to be able to find the cure….

    simple example… light bulbs.. LED technology has been found in 1940s… almost 80 years ago.. did it take off? penetrate into the market? no… why? because technology was not advanced enough. This is exactly the same thing with all stem cell research stuff…there are decades ahead of us…
    thats why I dont believe a cure for hairloss market..

    again no one is blind .. investors know the market potential is HUGE.. more than cancer in terms of money…

    my frustration is mainly to people who think researchers dont pay much attention… or mankind visited moon but couldnt cure hairloss…etc. honestly this type of ignorant comments touches my nerve…

    1. Not at all bigger than the cancer market, do you know what percentage of people get cancer in their lifetimes? And what it does to your life?…and usually results in a terrible death. Why are their so many comments about random craap on here? Keep to the post or dont comment, its insane and hard to even bother to read to find a legit comment. Seriosly…

    HAIR RESEARCH SOCIETY June 24-26 2016, Tbilisi State University Tbilisi, Georgia.

    @danitello. We have a lot of treatments in the pipeline: Breezula, Bimatoprost, SM, Setupiprant, Brotzu lotion, “Follica”, BMD-1341, Histogen, Replicel, Taiwan Technology, Tsuji Labs, Lauster, JAK inhibitors, “Pilofocus”, Dr, James Harris technique and OTHERS! Do you really think MPB won’t have a new treatment very soon? I’m not agree with you. And yes scientifics are doing the best in their labs of course. A lot of respect for researchers please. Thanks.

  39. SC-14-3

    Continuing to talk about no treatments and cure in the horizon….continuing…people ARE working very very hard.:)

  40. Guys, nobody compared cancer market with the hairloss market and it’s impact!!! ..ignorants will simply perceive the message they want and start to shoot down every comment. Mine ia valid as from every body else in this blog.
    Since it is so ridiculous can you answer me this:

    1since we have so many breakthroughs from those great researchers, why we don’t get to see pictures ? Even the hedgehog picture was so weak..omg. somebody should call animal rights on those people..poor mouse.
    2 why the postponing of launching products into the market?
    3 they are waiting on effective treatment? How about those dercos aminexil and all snake oils alike in the market??? Why they were launched? Can you tell me why?

    Amazes me when s**** hits the fan like Ebola…They run against creating an antidote…I’m not talking about approvals FDA etc. but I’m talking about the technology to have an antidote in such short time…

    Nobody said anything about impact and cancer market…just to tell you that the only drugs available that btw,is proven to take you nowhere., are the only ones available. You might think it doesn’t cost you anything if you re being covered by the state but believe me…It costs a fortune to the state to give you that tx.

    Do you guys have meal vouchers or any sort of incentive to support these ppl?!

  41. Wow this blog has gone to shit fast lol. Admin I think you should close this thread because it’s turning worse than my conspiracy theories haha. The only thing I will add to this which I find shady is that brontzu claims that his lotion works for aga yet he doesn’t show any pictures of it, only AA. I give him till July to post proof that his lotion can grow hair for aga. If he doesn’t or pulls some sht that it needs further testing, then you have your answer that it doesn’t work. We are in an age where we deserve yes or no answers. No more bsing us. Tired of these false hopes. Just use the shit on a mpb man for 6 months take the fking pics and post it online so you can prove it’s success. If not just sell it for AA and stop messing with our heads. This goes for jak as well.

    1. I think most of us here agree on the main culprits being the disintegration of the comments sections. A couple of losers who have nothing else to do in their lives:-) I hope you pick the same culprit names as I do mjones!

  42. I cant wait till the admin makes a post about hair pieces . That should bring out the haters in full force . I can see it now, oh look, even the admin has lost hope . Mass pandemonium,lol.

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