Bill Gates is Going Bald

For most of the past two decades, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been the richest person in the world.  Unlike most billionaires, he has been extremely active in improving the world via donating his wealth to numerous projects that are of benefit to humanity, especially those associated with human health.  He plans to donate almost his entire wealth to social causes by the time he dies.

Is Spending Money on Hair Loss Research a Waste?

In 2013, Mr. Gates caused a lot of controversy on hair loss forums when he questioned why we spend more on finding a cure for baldness than on finding a cure for malaria?  Of course that is an entirely accurate concern. Sadly, I will still get more excited by a cure for hair loss than a cure for malaria. I have had malaria once in my life too and it was not fun.

In any event, the reason for writing something about Bill Gates is that today, I saw a photo on Twitter in which Mr. Gates  is meeting the leaders of France and India:

Bill Gates Hair Loss
Bill Gates is balding in the crown.

Bill Gates’ Hair Loss

I was surprised to see how much hair Mr. Gates has lost in his crown region. It is refreshing to see such a well known personality not care about such hair loss. If I was in his place, I would probably wear a wig, or perhaps shave my head.

I do envy those such as Mr. Gates who do not care about their hair loss and are focusing on more important things in life. Unfortunately, millions of us are unable to do what he does. I am also certain that I would still care about hair loss even if I was the richest man in the world.

Perhaps Mr. Gates learnt about charity and about not to care about hair loss from a young age based on his father’s attitude to life:

William Gates Senior
Bill Gates’ father and his hair loss.

30 thoughts on “Bill Gates is Going Bald”

  1. I think different priority for different people. Hair loss worries me a lot, and I have been losing a lot if hair in recent years which is why I come and visit this site in daily basis. I have tried many things, but none of them working. Wish a cure is like wish for a miracle.
    Thanks to admin for your hard work.

  2. This not caring is also a function of age in my opinion. Losing a significant amount of hair before 30 is a kick in the nuts. If I had his amount of hair at his age I wouldn’t care any less as I’d be well into the aging process. But many of us are in our “primes” (I’m 26) and dealing with major hair loss very early, me and many others as having it start as young as 16/17. You better believe that psychologically it is absolutely important to get this cured. Maybe it won’t happen when I’m young, but I don’t want anyone who is pre puberty right now to have to go through what I and many others had to go through at a young age. It sucked/still sucks. Are there more important life threatening things to allocate funds to? You better believe it. But it still doesn’t make this issue one not worth addressing in that many peoples life’s would drastically improve in some manner if this was cured.

    1. Bill Gates’ comment shows exactly what is wrong with the technocratic and political elites’ attitude toward the rest of us. They don’t seem to understand — they don’t get to tell us what to do! That was the whole point of the American Revolution.

  3. Bill gets deserves to go bald for making that comment. People don’t know how it feels to lose hair at a young age like how we do. All the crap we have to do and meds to take to avoid loss. It’s a psychological issue. I am a firm believer that every arrogant man and woman who make fun of bald people should have aggressive mpb and become a Norwood 7 in a year. It’s the only way they will learn to better people. Haha I know way too evil lol

  4. I agree with you mjones. This is the first time i notice bill gates get balding and he is 59-60 years old !! we also needed a pic from above to see it. many of us become NW7 in our 20s. the whole image changed becoming a different person . a less attractive older one. and guess what confidence and not caring doesn’t matter much to society especially beautiful girls when you are bald and don’t have Gates billions. . did Gates experience that before he takes baldness lightly like this ? admin you are envying Gates for not caring about baldness when he started balding at 50-60 ?and while him being happily married for years before balding and also the richest in the history of mankind !!! lol .that how most men (not all) act like when they start balding at his age. we see tons of them everyday . envy him on his 83 billion USD that makes him times more attractive than you with baldness or not. about him donating his money after he dies . I definitely respect that of course . he is free to do what ever he wants with his money. but why doesn’t his donate that sum now while he is alive ?!!. the answer is he enjoyed being treated like a god for the past two decades and he doesn’t want to lose that feeling . when people give you such a look and you notice that it’s not changing with your crown baldness . you don’t need to care about baldness as much as we do. his statement annoys me tho. for one simple reason there ain’t much money spent on baldness cure. especially with such a huge market. if there was, we would have cured baldness years ago.serious balding research began only recently . also there are much money spent on minoxidil, finasteraide and HT more than both baldness and malaria cure research combined.

    1. He is donating while he is alive. Not after he dies. He is planning it in a way that his wealth will decline as he approaches old age, but he does not want to give it all away right away. Makes a lot of sense to me. He donates billions each year.

  5. Amen to that 7777! Baldness should happen to peoplr in their 50s and 60s. Not late teens early 20s. It’s just freaking cruel for any young man at thr beginning of his life to suffer this. I pray every night propecia spared me my 20s and early 30s with a nw 1.5 head if hair. However at 33 it still hurts me emotionally to see my hairline recede at a quick pace after years of success. It’s a kick in the balls. Bill Gates if you want to be a true humanitarian give Folica 100 million bucks to cure hair loss and save millions of young emotional distress and giving them a happy life. Cure cancer and life threatening diseases too but just like baldness they can’t cure that either or they just don’t want too. I hope bill Gates daughter marries sine ghetto ass lil Wayne thug and he takes all their money and spends it on bitches and yachts hahaha

  6. I’m just as desperate as anyone on this blog to see the end of hair loss(been losing hair since 19. Now 34).
    But if I were suffering from a terminal disease and mpb at the same time, it’s hard to say I’d pray for more hair instead of less physical pain.
    Psychological suffering, including low self esteem and depression is sure a serious problem but you can’t numb your pain away or hide it by wearing a baseball cap when you have MS or Parkinson’s.
    Albeit very slow, I’m just glad there ARE some researches being done at all to cure hair loss when it’s likely driven by profit factors.

  7. Apparently, and very unfortunately, it must be a very slow time for hair loss treatment updates, that this is what hair loss blogs are resorting to. Might as well have went on some tabloid gossip site to check which other celebs are balding/fat/ageing poorly etc.

  8. Bill Gates is an ugly guy, and he has always been since childhood.. That’s why he doesn’t care. He is accustomed to be ugly.

  9. and… there are 100.000 researchers trying to cure Cancer in the world and just 50 trying to cure Baldness… So, c’mon…..

  10. @Julian, that’s abit rude to call him ugly. If you think someone is ugly keep It to yourself and don’t be mean by saying it. Someone might think you are ugly too and also accustomed to being ugly. And incase you hadn’t noticed, cancer is a deadly disease, so yes let there be 1000,000researchers trying to cure it. Yes, we all have hair loss and its a nightmare to live with but most of us are still healthy. You only realise there is bigger problems out there until you have them, obviously u haven’t had anything worse so count urself as lucky. I had nice hair last year, infact everyone would comment how nice my hair was. I am only 27 and have been diagnosed with female pattern hair loss this year in May and yes i think I am a pretty girl and for me my looks are important at the end of the day. It was hard to deal with and i almost went crazy. A month later because of all the stress i put my body under, i got gerd so for last few months I havent been able to breath properly, eat properly, talk without it hurting, walk without getting out of breath. And no I’m not fat either I’m skinny lol. That’s only half of my symtoms too. I have had to stop all hair loss treatments for now, its more important for me to be able to breath properly and have not had time to think about the hair as much even though it is falling like hell. But what I’m saying is We shouldn’t over stress or get so frustrated because it causes more problems and the other problems I have now is far worse then having hair loss. There are bigger problems then hair loss, so be grateful and always keep a positive mind about future treatments. @all the men, I didn’t realise that hairloss affected you guys so much, emotionally. I always just saw it as normal if a guy was loosing his hair. But least you guys have more treatment options then us. We only have minoxdil and any hair transplant would be crap on us as most women don’t have strong donor hairs and have diffuse thinning from everywhere. I know it’s hard, looking in the mirror each day lossing more and more hairs but don’t let it ruin your lives, build up confidence, because there are so many guys out there who are bald and sexy lol

  11. Bill Gates is just trying to act like a humanitarian since he has probably done evil things in life to beat the competition and to become a billionaire. This is just speculation bit there is no such thing as an honest and good billionaire. So his way of sounding like a caring man is by saying I will fund cancer research and other serious diseases but forget baldness that is not serious. It’s all about public image. He could care less about people getting sick. If he got sick he will be cured instantly with the available cures for the rich and important people.

  12. I need my hair back, the only women that are attracted to my Mr. Clean look I wouldn’t take home to Momma if you get my drift!

  13. Okay Kav, Bill Gates is cute. I understand perfectly that there are many more maladies much more serious and important than Alopecia, that is obvious! I’m not saying there shouldn’t be 100.000 searching a cure for a deadly disease. I’m just saying it’s unfair to think there shouldn’t be even 50 concerned with baldness. And did you know that the understanding and finding of a solution to a less serious or aesthetical disease may ultimately lead to a cure of a more serious one, as many things are connected.

    1. Th ats exactly what i been waiting for . Thats the hidden answer behind it all julian. Someone down and out cause his or her hair that could possibly find a cure for something bigger wont if his attractiveness puts him into a deep depression. When you feel good about yourself, the sky is the limit

  14. Sishedo claims that once they cure baldness in 2018 that they will use a similar stem cell approach to cure paralysis. Hair loss research can lead to other treatments. I agree with julian.
    Kav. I also agree with you as well. Cancer and deadly diseased deserve more focus but unfortunately 100,000 researchers must fiddling their thumbs the past 30 yrs because the same treatments are still being used today. Bottom line here is that if you have money you have a cure. Aka presidents, magic Johnson etc.

  15. Not so simple, mjones… money currently can pay for treatments and for better caring, not much else.

    Kav, did you know that Rod Stewart was once diagnosed with cancer and told that his major fear was losing his hair.
    For some people hair is that important!

  16. Why not release a product on the market? Current treatments are limited and offer many side effects stop lying.
    We WANT A BETTER TREATMENT FOR androgenetic alopecia.
    It has been MANY years since it hit the market the poor treaments we have now.


  17. Paul I think we need to just accept the fact there won’t be anything new for a long time. They are waiting for a blockbuster drug that will really grow hair. They just can’t do it yet. Once they find it they will fast track it and release it. Tons of money to be made. Whatever happened to histogen? Did she give up on trying to release her bs hair injection treatment that grows hair on msn bit only showed a woman growing minimal hair back on her temple lol . Such scams!

  18. mjones…You are so wrong…Think about it. So far I have already stopped taking Propecia and Minoxidil.

    Take care.

  19. @mjones. There are MILLIONS of men and women who want a new treatment for androgenetic alopecia. We DON’T need to accept nothing. Another TIME AGAIN:

    – Current treatments are limited and offer many side effects stop lying.
    We WANT A BETTER TREATMENT FOR androgenetic alopecia.



  20. I think that different priority to different people. Hair loss bothers me very much, and I have a lot to lose if hair in recent years, which is why I come and visit this page in daily basis. I have tried many things, but none of them work. If you want a cure is as desired for a miracle.
    Thanks for your hard work admin.

  21. Why don’t Bill Gates give grants for a free hair transplant to us, to we who are bald and have depression and think that baldness have made us lesser than what we are before. Can we not make a formal request for this matter to his foundation?

  22. Always thought it was grossly insensitive and ignorant for Bill Gates to make this comment. He has no idea what it’s like for a young person to see their hair falling out in clumps, never to be restored. It IS A BIG DEAL – it’s not just an aesthetic problem but a psychological one that can really affect one’s confidence and quality of life. I’m a woman who had the most beautiful thick hair growing up, and it started falling out in handfuls when I was 18 and never grew back. Now I have jerks occasionally make fun of how much of my scalp is showing. Yes, malaria and cancer are more serious, but the fact that he would mock baldness as an ailment is just incredibly ignorant and shows no insight into humanity.

    1. I believe that anyone who would make fun of you deserve to have the tables turned on them. It is one thing for a man to loose his hair, it is almost expected, however for a woman it is very traumatic for them. I knew a lady whose hair was very thin on top and she felt terrible but still held he head high and tried not to let it get her down. She was still a very beautiful woman in my opinion and to heck with who does not feel the same way. God bless you lovely lady.

  23. The first time I noticed his hair loss was in the late 1990’s when he gave an interview and the wind blew and his bald spot showed. I am 68 and am thin on top but still have the same color of hair I have had all my life even my beard is dark brown.

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