Global Hair Loss Summit 2020

Global Hair Loss Summit: December 2020.An innovative new hair loss conference starts today and runs from December 4-6, 2020. It is called Global Hair Loss Summit 2020. Or GHLS™ 2020.

See their Twitter account and also #ghls2020 for updates. The entire conference will be virtual.

Past Hair Loss Meetings, Summits and Conferences

I have covered the annual ISHRS conferences every year on this blog. I have also covered the biennial World Congress for Hair Research gatherings. And I have on rare occasions written about the AAD annual meetings; the American Hair Research Summits; and the annual meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology. In most dermatological meetings, they cover the subject of hair loss in great detail.

To the above list, we now have yet one more interesting addition.

Global Hair Loss Summit 2020

I first heard about the Global Hair Loss Summit 2020 in September when Dr. Zarev mentioned it in his interview with me. Someone from HLT has raised funds for Youtuber Mr. Rolandas to attend the virtual conference. Hopefully he will be able to record or at least discuss Dr. Z’s super giga-session (over 13,000 graft) surgery presentation.

The full program for GHLS 2020 can be accessed here. It seems like the acronym GHLS™ is trademarked, so I assume that this conference will occur regularly in future. This conference is organized by Spencer Kobren (“The Bald Truth Show”); Spencer Stevenson (@Spexhair); Joe Tillman (@realjoetillman); and Dr. John Cole.

The main focus of this Summit is clearly hair transplantation. Although I am mostly interested in the non-hair transplant related subjects, I am keen to hear Dr. Arvind Poswal’s presentation on body hair transplant (BHT) experiences from 1999 to the present. In my estimation, Dr. Poswal has done far more body hair transplants than anyone else in the world.

Other Items of Interest

Dr. Dan McGrath will make a presentation titled “Microneedling and Exosomes for Hair Restoration”. Dr. Glenn Charles will compare various exosomes used for hair growth. Interestingly, Direct Biologics and ExoFlo are both listed as “Technology Contributors” (sponsors?) on the conference homepage.

The keynote speakers include two people that I have covered on this blog in Dr. Ralf Paus and Dr. Karl Koehler.

In the medical therapy for androgenetic alopecia section, I was pleased to see two presentations on topical finasteride; one presentation on oral Minoxidil for hair loss; and one covering oral finasteride and oral dutasteride combination therapy.

Fat Love

A large number of regenerative medicine related presentations cover fat and/or adipose derived stem cells (ADSC) for hair growth. Other “fat” related presentations include the interestingly titled “Fat Juice”; and “Microfat and Nanofat for hair loss”. Several presentations also cover SVF.

Several “Studies” related presentations will cover nanofat and adipose derive stromal cells. Dr. Jerry Cooley will present on Rigenera (Rigénéra), which he discussed in this video in 2019. Note that this has since been renamed as Regenera Activa.


62 thoughts on “Global Hair Loss Summit 2020”

  1. Thanks admin for your work, I highly appreciate it. I have to admit that it kinda disappoint me to see that the matters of.interests in these huge conference might still be treatments that are basically glorified PRP, with low efficacy ( if any :D ), and nothing regarding a possible solution for this agony. Let’s stay positive tho, something might be coming our way sooner or later

  2. Oh good they speak about Exosomes … its hyped since a year and they should come with results if it really works.

  3. This upcoming conference does not seem as if it is anything to write home about. Everyone is kvetching over Tsuji as being a failure. If I am not in error, it was reported that his project is bankrupt. Does that necessarily mean his prospective hair cloning approach was a failure or what?

    1. C yes Dr tsuji was never close to doing human trials. He basically lied about everything he’s timeline of a cure was ridiculous.

        1. Dr tsuji made too much of a bold claim to have a revolutionary cure for hair loss. That timeline of 2020 being a release date was a huge red flag and releasing bits of valuable information the youtuber youngjet , was another huge red flag, that just screams fraud and pipedreams, and side note my dermatologist did me the favor of going over the companies that follicle thought and hair loss cure 2020 talk about, and she is not impressed with none of them, she said there going to be snake oils

        2. Ignore him. He has no hard evidence to present. He can’t even write proper English (as is clear from the comment below). I have no idea whether Tsuji has failed or not. No one does. So far all we know is that one of the financial partners has (may) have gone insolvent. Nothing is clear. It is quite possible that there will be other financial backers. We will have to wait and see. Too many people who comment on these blogs just want to spread pessimism (perhaps they are just rather sad people). Sometimes that is justified; but if so, it must be backed by hard evidence. We simply don’t have that in this case.

          1. Alan j live in your fantasy world, I’ll live here in reality! Just ask your dermatologist and see what they have to say, that’s sad being delusional like your self

            1. Marc, your first comment from a few months ago was as follows:

              “None of these things are going to come to the market not in 10 years especially for hair cloning!”.

              So we get the message and you do not need to repeat daily. Please say thanks to your wonderful dermatologist!

              1. @admin I thought kintor pharmaceuticals had some results soon? They had some strong products that could start phase 3 next year

  4. The people who work in these companies have to earn their living, and they do it by organizing meetings and conferences .. they need attention .. but as I have said before .. nothing serious will come out from these companies .. but don’t worry sooner or later something will come up and one of the biggest drug companies will put it out there.

  5. I suppose I can understand everyone’s frustration with the lack of any substantial development/quantum advancement in combating hair loss. Even if something were to hit the market in a few years, what makes us think that we will be able to afford it considering the world will be undergoing the Great Reset? If anyone is aware of it, it is not a world in that anyone with a scintilla of a brain would want to live!

    1. What is this GREAT RESET your talking about, is this some new age spiritualism. If it doesn’t help with hair loss than what good is it

  6. The Great Reset might mean: take a deep breath, be patient and stop fighting online. (Been guilty of the latter myself too-it doesn’t help however-no matter how frustrated and angry you might feel). I like what Lorence said about something will come out sooner or later. If you discount the possible time wasters out there, I believe something will. Things just take time…unfortunately.

      1. I am already almost 50 years old and believe me my desire for a full head of hair is still as strong as it was when I was 20 … in a way it’s like time has stopped… waiting to go back to being that carefree guy with his thick hair blowing in the wind… sad but true:(

        1. Did you consider a hair transplant? I mean your hairloss can‘t get any worse by now, right? I‘d do it but I‘m too young (24) so I‘d probably need several HTs as I get older.

  7. You know I don’t watch joe and Spencer’s show that much I know all they talk is hair transplantation and that’s not a bad thing but I wish they would talk about the hair cloning and bring scientists on the show and ask the tough questions put them on the spot.

    1. Woofy97 I bugged them for 3 years straight and they finally mentioned it for a very short period of time in one of there 4 hour long podcast episodes and they said hair cloning is just science fiction and it come out for many decades if ever.

      1. FYI Marc — This is the only blog or hair related site that I run. Deleted your All Caps shouting comment where you were implying otherwise.

      2. Marc, wow that’s dumb. They should atleast talk about it more not everyone wants to listen to Finasteride talk, hair Transplants talk for 4 hours lol . When you would ask them did you call into the show or just comment on YouTube section?

    2. Back in 2016 I asked a doc I went to for PRP (who also did FUT & FUE), why he wasn’t listed on Kobren’s hair transplant doc recommendations list? He laughed and said he didn’t want to pay annual fees to be vetted by someone who isn’t medically trained in the field. Fair enough, make of that what you will? For me however, I’m bored sh*tless of that old show. I stopped watching it years ago. There are other hair related topics to talk about than having to listen to a radio host endlessly bang on about hair transplants, as he casually sinks yet another beer. That’s why I read this blog. It’s professional, current and its hair related topics are varied and unbiased.

  8. Guys not all was lost in 2020.

    The story and pictures here showing that the HT doctor Zarev can give slick bald dudes with the right donor a full head of hair again was very encouraging. Probably the best piece of news in decades!

    Looking forward, I’m placing all my bets on Stemson since I think they are the only ones with a chance of delivering something relevant in the future.

    But even for them it will take years before they release anything so please consider researching about HTs, some doctors can really give life changing results as of now. Life is too short to be waiting for years (or decades!) for treatments that never come.

    1. Lurker10 I’m surprised you haven’t had a comment from the user “yoda” yet with “I’m putting all my bets on stemson”.

  9. I hate writing what I’m writing but I can’t help it … On google the latest articles on baldness talk about caffeine and ginseng … I hope that my grandchildren or at least their children will have a solution to this damn baldness .. . Caffeine and ginseng … :(

    1. Have you tried squashing goji berries mixed with wasabi peas onto ur scalp, before dermarolling with pine cones dipped in mixed herbs by any chance? I hear it works wonders on mice using a good carrier oil! (Kidding; please don’t try this at home kids). In the decades to come, I’m sure Mr Google will most likely still be around in one form or another. I pray however, that the baldness curse and many of the associated bs ‘puff-piece’ articles that go along with it, won’t be?


    Admin check this out. Look at RainXmaker post on this stock histogen blog. Looks like histogen did achieve regrowth compared to placebo. Grew new hairs on vertex compared to placebo group. I didnt see that listed in their press release. Was it updated after? Any thoughts on this?

    1. Thanks Mjones. In all of RainXMaker’s 4 comments in that link, no photo of before and after. If you click on any his comments, you can post a direct link to the one you want us to read FYI.

      Also, yes, they did grow new hair on the vertex. See my last update in the post on Histogen where I say “Good news”.

    2. Mjones you trade stocks alot? I bought Pfizer (I hope you did the same?) a couple of weeks ago and holding still until the 10th when fda approval of covid vaccine it’s going to hopefully make a big move.

  11. Cool thx admin! Yeah I just saw the first release where histogen said no statistical difference. So this is good news for maintenance and hopefully higher strength hsto or more injections for phase2.

  12. This is really interesting. I haven’t posted on here for a while, I have however been posting on here for years.

    I did a little experiment this year. I took a three month break from minoxidil and dut. My hair did not change much in that 3 months.
    I jumped back on minox and dut and had a monster shed. I went to a nw3 for the first time in my life. I have been back on minox and dut for 4 months now and I am happy to say I am back to a decent nw2. I was hoping for my hair to get a little better than at the beginning of the year and that has definitely happened. It’s a nw2 and thick! And girls are complimenting my curls again and saying you have great hair.

    Now, minox and dut were not the only things I used.
    Retinoic acid was added to the minox of a mix of 7.5% minox and 0.01% retinoic acid.
    Activance shampoo (blue bottle) and activance leave in treatment (also the blue bottle) was used on a daily basis (I am in no way affiliated with activance and I think their products are overpriced) but they work for me.
    The last thing I have been using is a amino/vitamin/mineral mix.

    There is about 50 ingredients in this but I do think the most important ingredients are the amino acids. Investing amino acids that make up keratin in the right quantities will highly improve your regrowth if using minoxidil, high amounts of vitamin c 1500mg a day and b vitamins.

    I would love to be able to say what ratios of keratin amino acids are in this, but I am pretty sure the compounding chemist doesn’t label them as it’s his recipe and how he is making his money.

    As far as I know keratin is made up of mainly glycine, alanine, tyrosine, serine, arginine and a few others. Of which are ingestible I don’t know.

    So that’s what works for me and really well. It’s a scientific approach with what’s currently available and it works.. well for me anyway

    1. Hi Quentin! I highly recommend you join the Discord chat as many people have so far posted about various concoctions they are trying. Some people are trying new version of topical Finasteride (including Minox and Retin-A) that are on sale for the first time this year. Warning: Do not join if you have OCD and will spend too much time on there daily! I would only recommend if you know your limits :-)

      1. Thanks admin.
        I’m working so much and have had such success with my current stack that I hardly get time to do research at the moment. I thought I would just update on what was working.

        I will join the chat though. When doing my research though it seems that minox only works for about 30% of males. I do think that number would be higher if males also had the right amino acids. I was told the hair won’t grow and won’t turn terminal if your body isn’t getting the correct aminos.. if I could only find out exactly which ones and at what quantities I would make my own formula.

        I did try collagen for a while as it contains alot of aminos, great for skin but I can’t say I noticed much in the way of new hair. The quantities must be in the wrong ratios.

        Vitamins are a must in my book, gut health is another. If the liver and kidneys are functioning 100% and you have energy then things will work out much better. I think it is especially important for smokers and drinkers to take vitamins.

        I do smoke cigarettes and am trying to quit. I am interested to see what happens after I do.. I will probably pull all my hair out during the withdrawal process though. Haha

        1. Great. If you join, please email me and also post a comment in the blog post on the chat so I know. We have some very intelligent participants so far, including a doctor and a pharmacist.

    2. @Quentin; is the compounding chemist C Pharmacy in Melbourne or can you tell me the one you are currently using?

      1. Yes that is the one!
        I have tried about 5 compounding chemists and most of what’s available online.
        Can’t say I have had much luck with anything apart from with this company. Funnily enough his name is Dr Lee also.
        This guy seems to be a wizard in hair restoration. The other thing he offered was a minox-retina-ketoconazole formula.
        The keto is at 0.8% from memory

    1. I use it in the mornings with nanoxidil and use minoxidil at night + Dr. Pen once a week. I was planning on posting if things go well.

  13. Hi Admin
    I normally write only to complain about the current situation .. but this time I want to ask you a very specific question, I have read very positive things about Samumed, what do you think about it?

      1. I have read that in 2021 Samumed could market a new treatment for baldness, or at least that phase 3 ends in January and that the results so far are very encouraging.

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