Exosomes for Hair Growth. Miracle or Not?

The 2019 word of the year in the hair loss world has got to be “Exosomes”. Another name for exosomes is extracellular vesicles (EVs).

Update: July 2020 — US FDA Consumer Alert on Regenerative Medicine Products. Including Stem Cells and Exosomes.

Update: December 2019 — US FDA warning on unapproved exosome products.

While exosomes can be harvested from most human stem cells, the most powerful ones are derived from mesenchymal stem cells. Exosomes contain no DNA or nucleus, and are around 1000 times smaller in size compared to regular cells.

More specifically, exosomes are tiny nanoparticles (30-100 nanometers) that are involved in cell-to-cell communication and intercellular signaling. They are secreted by most cell types in the body, and contain both messenger RNA (mRNA) and microRNA (miRNA).

Exosomes were first discovered around 35 years ago. They have only been studied extensively for the past decade. Especially in the regenerative medicine field for therapeutic applications. Exosomes are known to activate several signaling pathways that are important in wound healing, tissue regeneration and bone fracture repair. This phenomenon is called paracrine signaling.

I have had a few readers email me about exosome treatment for hair loss throughout this year. There are almost no reviews on this procedure on the internet. Initially, after minimal research, I assumed that this was just yet another platelet-rich plasma (PRP) type of treatment. See my post on whether PRP works for hair loss.

Exosomes to Grow Hair Breakthrough

However, I started paying more attention to exosomes (sometimes called micro-vesicles) a few months ago. Besides some new studies on the subject, a few renowned hair transplant surgeons emailed me to praise this fledgling technology.

Towards the end of this post, I cover some recent studies in support of using exosome injections to promote hair growth. Moreover, there is even a patent filed all the way back in 2010 and approved in 2019 from Singapore related to using exosomes for hair growth. Another patent was filed by a Turkish university in 2015, but is not yet approved.

Dr. Ron Shapiro from Minnesota told me that he is especially excited about early reports. I do not think that he is offering this treatment at his clinic as yet. However, he is very positive about its potential based on feedback from colleagues. He told me that Dr. Jerry Cooley from North Carolina is extremely knowledgeable about this subject.

Some of the early adopters are using exosomes on donor hair before and after a hair transplant and seeing thicker hair. Some are microneedling the scalp beforehand for greater absorption and effectiveness.

It has been postulated that exosome therapy promotes hair growth via providing the signals necessary to reinstate mesenchymal-epithelial communication.

Dr. Jerry Cooley

I contacted Dr. Cooley, and he told me that he is currently writing a paper on exosomes and hair growth with Dr. Daniel McGrath. Dr. Cooley thinks that Dr. McGrath has the most experience with this technology. He also thinks that “exosomes might represent a real breakthrough in hair loss treatment.”

Dr. Daniel McGrath

Dr. McGrath has injected ExoFlo into the back of his own scalp with with very good results. He also got a hair transplant for his frontal hairline five months ago. In the below video, the doctor ends with the following statement: “Stay tuned guys, because I am telling you that this is going to be something big.”

The ExoFlo exosomes are isolated from donated human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Direct Biologics only launched this treatment in July 2019. The company seems very professional. It has put strict sterility and quality controls in place, including cGMP and cGTP.

ExoFloTM Exosomes and Direct Biologics

Lo an behold, yesterday, one of this blog’s readers e-mailed me a new video (embedded further below) interview with the same Dr. Daniel McGrath. This doctor is based in Austin, Texas and is using an exosome hair loss treatment called ExoFloTM.

The ExoFlo technology is manufactured by a company named Direct Biologics. The company can make over 100 million exosomes per cc in terms of concentration per one source. On Direct Biologic’s site, they describe their product as: “naturally occurring allograft extracellular vesicles.” The company purifies and processes donated human mesenchymal stem cells using a proprietary technique.


Note that there is another similarly named XoFloTM treatment that utilizes mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes. Dr. Ken Williams is conducting a clinical trial on this technology. The exosomes in this case are derived from placental mesenchymal stem cells rather than bone marrow.

According to Bioinformant and CEO Cade Hildreth, the 4 most richly funded exosome startups through 2018 were:

  1. Codiak Biosciences.
  2. Exosome Diagnostics.
  3. Evox Therapeutics.
  4. ExCoBio.

Feedback from other Hair Loss Surgeons

Dr. John Cole

Dr. John Cole has a detailed write-up about exosomes on his website. He told me last week that he would send me some more information in the near future. I decided to publish this post rather than wait longer. Dr. Cole and exosomes were covered in a video by Hairsite in August 2019.

And just last week, Dr. Cole was interviewed on The Bald Truth Show and I have embedded the video below. He makes some very interesting points about fetal exosomes derived from amniotic fluid; the various companies involved and their wide ranging claims (he praises Direct Biologics); comparisons versus PRP, ADSC and SVF; and much more.

Despite some cautious words and warnings, Dr. Cole says that this new treatment is “about as good as it gets.” Exosomes represent the purest form of cellular therapy that is currently available. Also see past blog posts of mine where I discussed Dr. Cole’s work. In a more recent video from 2020, Dr. Cole mentioned 500 billion exosomes per 5 cc vial or injection as the latest achievement. The product is dilated with another 5 cc saline solution.

Dr. Joseph Greco

Exosomes Cell Counting
Cell counting by Dr. Greco using a Luna machine (though exosomes are too small to be counted by this machine).

Dr. Joseph Greco is one of the pioneers in PRP and CRP technology for hair growth. I have covered him a few times on this blog in the past. He seems to always be involved in any new injection based treatments involving stem cells, cytokines, growth factors and so forth. He has an informative page on exosomes on his website. In an email to me last week, Dr. Greco said the following:

“I’m quite optimistic with the addition of exosomes for hair and with other pain and ortho treatments. Because no one really know’s proper dosing yet and how often treatments are needed, we are doing an outcome study prior to an IRB comparing exosomes verses Wharton’s Jelly UCT. I am injecting exosomes and my colleague Dr Edwin Griffin in the other arm of the study is doing the Wharton’s Jelly. Protocols include blood test before and after, global and digital photos with tattoo, patient observation forms and attached is a video of how we doing a cellular assay as part of the study. (the video can be shared). Results will be in 6 to 9 months.”

Note: Dr. Greco sent me the 3 month before and after patient photo, but he does not want it shared on this blog as yet. There is clear hair growth in that photo. The patient had a depleted donor supply from FUT and FUE done somewhere else. If Dr. Greco shares the photo in future, I will paste it here.

Dr. Chiara Insalaco

Dr. Chiara Insalaco is based in Italy and has in the past worked closely with Dr. Cole. She has been involved in some truly ground breaking work in hair loss. For example, see her page on hair bulb stem cells. However, in the case of exosomes, Dr. Insalaco was cautious and told me the following:

“Actually the research is still in progress. We don’t have yet any scientific evidence about it. I will come back to you when we will have more information.”


  • A California-based company named Novus has been promoting exosomes for hair loss prevention very heavily recently. Their website even claims that:

Hair loss will soon be an affliction of the past. Exosomal therapy is the hair restoration treatment of the future.

I hope that this is not just marketing, and that they have seen strong proof with their own eyes.

  • Also getting into the action is Avalon GloboCare, whose CEO Dr. David Jin seems very optimistic.
  • Update: ExoCoBio (South Korea) is yet another new company involved in using exosomes for hair loss. Their main focus seems to skin regeneration, and they are targeting both cosmetic and medical applications. In April 2020, company CEO Byong Cho made an interesting webinar presentation. He discusses exosomes and hair loss in the second half of the video. On Facebook, the company announced in January 2020 the pending release of a 10 billion exosomes per cc hair loss product.

Recent Studies on Exosomes and Hair Growth

Note that there already exist a few studies that have concluded positive effects on hair growth after exosome treatment.

Also of interest, several years ago, I covered a new hair loss drug candidate called UK 5099. Earlier this year, scientists successfully tested a combination treatment involving this UK 5099 drug and exosomes in growing hair. The delivered both products via a unique microneedle patch.

Further reading: A 2011 article titled “Exosome Explosion” suggests that this field only started getting significant traction around that year. And when it comes to hair loss, it seems like we are only starting to get traction in 2019. One amazing thing of note — in 2005, there were less than 50 results on PubMed for a search on “exosomes”. Today, there are over 10,000 results.

Growth Factors in Extracellular Vesicles

There are 100s of proteins, cytokines and growth factors in exosomes. Far more than found in platelet-rich plasma. Among the ones that are proven to aid hair growth and have been covered on this blog in the past include FGF, HGF, IGF and VEGF.

Make sure to read my post on PRP and growth factors for more information on how growth factors benefit scalp hair.

105 thoughts on “Exosomes for Hair Growth. Miracle or Not?”

  1. Admin, OC Hair Restoration offers the exosome injection, XOFLO. I have a consultation with Dr. Ken Williams. I will provide an update post visit.

    1. quick update:

      I called Dr. Williams. Because I live in Chicago he referred me to Dr Daniel McGrath. He will be travelling to Thailand for the next few weeks so I will have to followup with him early December.
      Bad News: This treatment involves multiple office visits. I was quoted XX per injection. Depending on how I respond would still need a HT to correct the frontal hairline :(

      Edited by Admin — Hi Eddie, it was not clear if you were referring to Dr. Williams or Dr. McGrath when you discussed cost, multiple visits and patient success rates. Please see the response further below from Roy who works for Dr. Williams.

      1. Thanks for the fast update Eddie! I will email him too, but maybe you can tell him to look at this post too. Since there are 100s of million of exosomes per injection, hopefully 1 injection is all it takes every few months. Assuming this is not required forever?

      2. Hi Eddie, I called them and they gave me some other information. I have asked their staff to reply to your comment and hope they do so.

          1. Thanks, but we have no idea which of these companies are reliable as Dr. Cole says in the video. And it would be crazy and dangerous to try this on ourselves! Bekoo posted that link earlier too and I was about to delete it lol

            I think that just like some doctors offer $500 PRP, some will offer lower-cost exosome treatment in future.

      3. That’s way too expensive. There are places you can get 5ml for around 5k which will treat the whole head. 2ml will cost about 2800. I’m sure the cost curve will bend downward as the treatment goes mainstream – I hope so at least. The product comes in a powder and is reconstituted in solution.

      4. I spoke to Eddie from Chicago. His post above quoting Dr. Williams is false. Dr. Williams did not take the call from Eddie. We have yet to offer consultations on exosomes, or treat any patients. I did not say one word on any results, because we don’t have any results yet, and won’t until sometime in 2020. I did refer him to Dr. Dan McGrath, without giving any estimated fee. Please remove the post from Eddie regarding Dr. Ken Williams, here is Irvine, CA. My name is Roy Woelke, and I am the practice administrator.

        1. Thanks Roy! I removed those sentences from Eddie’s comment. He might also be referring to Dr. McGrath for part of his comment even though it seemed like he was implying Dr. Williams.

        2. Hi Roy, I inquired about the exosome XoFLO and you did quote me 10 thousand . So I’m not sure what has changed between the time we spoke and the admin reaching out to you. You then mentioned to me for logistics purposes to reach out to your colleague Dr. McGrawth in Austin, TX. But that he is travelling to Thailand so I would have to reach out to me after he is back from his trip. I do have a Skype call setup this Friday with Dr. McGrath office, 10am central time .

        3. Hi Roy,
          I would appreciate it if you can answer the questions below:
          1.Do you offer XoFLO (Mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes) for hairloss treatment like your website clearly states(orangecountyhairrestoration.org)?

          2.How much do you charge for the injection of the entire scalp ?

          3.Yes I did not speak directly to Dr. Williams but apparently spoke to you who works at OC Hair Restoration . Don’t you represent Dr. Williams???

          Please answer these questions and we will see who is providing false information.

        4. Eddie, Roy is if anything the liar here . He’s blatantly denying information. Liar is too strong a word to use, maybe there was misunderstanding?

          Hair loss sufferers are Far too often taken advantage of by sales rep / pseudo-office admins like Roy who are out there to rip of patients.


  2. Seems promising, but until there are legitimate before and after photos it would be better to hold our horses.

  3. Yoda’s somewhat educated guess is that the cost will be in the $5k+ neighborhood. For that kind of scratch the results need to be visible, work on a wide percentage of people and not need to be repeated all that often. I had four rounds on PRP in a year from one of the aforementioned doctors that did not meet this criteria.

  4. I spoke with Dr. Chiara Insalaco and she told me that the patients undergoing the exosome treatments in her office are getting two injections a year and even then, she wasn’t sure if that was enough or not.

  5. Hmm are we talking n5 to n0? Or peach fuzz? Ground breaking to me is 5 scale reversion.

    Still need pictures price dates etc pretty cool though

    1. No way that it will be that ground breaking…even my most optimistic side does not think so.

      For me, any significant new guaranteed hair growth is ground breaking when not coming from the few existing treatments.

      1. I was very excited because you used “miracle” in the title. Please let me enjoy it for a while :)

        Why do you think it can’t be ground breaking? The growth shown in the video looks good.

        1. You forgot the question mark in the title :-)

          I do not want to count any chickens before they hatch, as we have been burnt so many times in the past.

  6. Exosomes are very expensive, I was quoted $5,000 for 1cc or $8,500 for 2cc, although they said it doesn’t have to be repeated as often as PRP. In another clinic they were planning to offer it at $3,000.

  7. Money is not a problem for me. It if works I will take it. But I will wait until the Shiseido results are published before falling back on to this.

  8. I’m skeptical if all we have is the youtube video.

    Guy #1 looks like he had an average hair transplant (thicker on top but no regrowth near hairline of on the sides)

    Guy #2 in the video is like nw8 and the after picture is like nw7.9

    Did I miss other results somewhere?

    Also spencer from bald truth has hyped many things this way in the past including where you balloon your scalp for an ht

    1. I have never seen Dr. John Cole even remotely close to being bald. Are you confusing Joe (who has significant hair loss, but is not bald either) in the second video with Dr. Cole?

    2. This. This right here.

      “Hey everyone, I have a pill that can completely reverse fat loss and turn you into a fitness model.”

      *Dr is fat.

  9. If this is effective, it’s a better version of PRP? Do we think it will thicken existing follicles and, therefore, be ideal for diffuse thinners?

    1. Hi Paul, the doctors who have been testing it so far seem to think so. Dr. Cole mentioned some of the reasons in that second video.

  10. Admin I wonder if these Exosomes are so small why are they not delivered topically? Maybe in Cosmeceutics OTC products? I think I read that somewhere.
    Anyway as I saw so many companies now working with Exosomes and they are safe enough to launch already I guess there will be lots of offers in near future and Price lowers dramatically. … Look, even big Players like GE HealthCare already are in that Topic. And think About all the Stemcell companies (Stemore, Stemson, Medipost aso …)

    1. Hey John, I guess that the most important thing is that the ExoFlo and XoFlo products have 100 million or something crazy number of exosomes per cc. Store bought topical products might be less impressive or reliable.

      If I get more feedback, I may ask some of the surgeons why injection is necessary versus topical application. I am sure there must be a good reason.

      1. Hi Admin, thats probably true. But distribution over skin would be better topical than injections. Also you could do it maybe daily or once a week without going to the clinic.

        If before/after pics show great results you could get this Treatment everywhere in the world within a year.

  11. My hair isn’t too bad yet so I’m not considering treatment but I do live in Austin. Great to see someone close by offering this! I also do have that stem cell line banked from my wisdom tooth removal. I’m curious now if these can be used to fix my TFCC too.

  12. This is probably 99% overhyped treatment just like how prp was in 2013. In all reality this should technically work since it deals with stem cells etc but since we are a cursed bunch of people this probably will grow some bs peach fuzz or at best Riverton regrowth of 5 hairs where you have to look close to find it. We have come to point where these researchers and doctors should know what a good treatment is and what isn’t.

    Good treatment 2019= Stop of further hair loss and three norwoods of real terminal hair regrowth.

    Bad treatment 2019= peach fuzz, no real maintenance, combover before after pics, Rogaine results or prp scam results hyped up to be great treatment when actually nobody really gets regrowth.

    Hopefully I’m wrong and this exosome stuff works wonders because I’m diffused and a treatment like this would be a life saver if it could thicken, stop and regrow legit amount of terminal hair.

    Oh…charging 10k for this is bs! Better give you fue 5000 grafts worth of regrowth to justify that price and be a once a 5 year treatment. Crooks!

  13. The idea is that exosomes are the key component of PRP and other regenerative medicine treatments, so by providing a higher contration the results should be improved (more effective than PRP, work for more patients). If that’s true, and if prices go down, then it could be useful.. Do they claim it can slow down hair loss or is it simply a growth stimulator?

  14. Yoda- I was checking out the follics.com website regarding FR05 and FR07. It says that they don’t sell to the USA but they are HQ in the USA MiaMI. Are you located outside of the USA ? I’m planning to ditch 82M since it’s not working. I also noticed FR05 is a cream foam not a liquid. Is it easy to apply to diffuse areas with hair? 82M is easy to use as well as Rogaine foam. Follics topical similar to Rogaine foam texture ?

    1. Someone named Phil Collins posted about Follics at least 20 times in the past, including fairly recently. I deleted some of his posts with links in them as I was not sure if he owned the company or not! Anyway, if he is still reading, he can also offer advice.

    2. As related I buy the products from a resellers website located in another country. I’ve been hesitant to talk about them as I prefer not to shine any light on where I purchase things for a whole host of reasons. Not the least of, that they get shut down like Dr. Lee if thy become too popular. They “express” confidence that this won’t occur. I live in San Diego, last I checked that’s still in the USA. :-)

      1. ^Yoda

        I don’t talk about them for the same reason.
        Because they have been shut-down before. I was so mad I even wrote to the president about it, lol.

        I don’t recommend any specific product. People should use their best judgement. (and of course I’m not affiliated with them, admin can look at my email and see that the first letter “n” is the first letter of my first name, the letters that follow is my last name. use google and find out who I am)

  15. Yoda just read your comments about minox 3xpress. I’ll read their site. Is it legit ? Are the products new and not expired? Do you need to pay by paypal? I’m looking to start with FR07 since Im using 82M 5%.

    1. MJ, yes to all your questions. They may have other payment options besides Paypal but not sure. They are very responsive and customer service focused. The site and products have the Yoda seal of approval! :-)

      1. Thanks Yoda! I’ll reach out to them to see if they take cc and not PayPal. I’ll try the FR07 and see how that goes. I just hope I don’t get massive shedding from 5 to 7% minox. Is the stuff like a foam or lotion?

        1. MJ, you should sign up for Paypal for any internet purchases you make where it’s accepted. It’s easy to do and MUCH more secure. I’m just saying!

        2. FR-7 is a liquid, like the crappy, expensive 82M you’ve been using! :-) All the ones I recommended are liquids, easier to apply for diffusers and better penetration than creams/lotions in my opinion.

  16. I wish I had an update tomjones. I’m hoping phase 3 starts next month and things pick up quickly. Need this treatment asap! I just keep telling myself hold on one more year, don’t do fue, follica 30 hairs cm2 and thickening of existing hairs and I’ll be back to thick nw2.

    I just don’t see anything else coming out soon…

  17. Cassiopea Announces FDA Acceptance of its New Drug Application for Clascoterone Cream 1%, the First New Mechanism of Action for Acne in Nearly 40 Years
    And start the third clinical trial in 2020 Clascoterone solution 7.5% as the best candidate in the treatment of baldness.

  18. I stay positive even through the onslaught of bad hair news. Although, I do not think that Exosomes will do anything.

    I am very hopeful on the positive news that we already have received about Low Dose JAK from Aclaris. It showed a slight growth of hair ALL OVER the scalp. Since we did not lose hair overnight I think it is very possible that Low Dose JAK will continuously grow more, and more hair Over TIME. And it probably is the only treatment EVER to grow hair all over the entire scalp, back and front. Thus the treatment would be to use it for 2-3 years before getting a substantial amount of your own hair back.

    Aclaris is expected to show within the next couple of months a follow up to their initial 6 month trial of Low Dose JAK with another 6 months (1 full year) results of Low Dose JAK probably by the end of this year (2019).

    If it does show even more hair growth then we are on our way. Do not be negative until the results are shown. I am very Hopeful, and Hopefully Right.

    1. John Doe did you see the before and after 4 month pics. So the before pic hair was shorter and looked wet or gelled. The 2nd photo hair was longer and dry which always shows as more thicker. Anyone else want to chime in on that pic in the video ….looks like a overhyped prp.

      1. I know all too well about dry vs. wet hair. I’ve been blow drying my hair everyday (minus a some weekends since I’m anti-social) since 2013 to obtain body.

        I definitely see growth and many people losing their hair tend to grow it out because they get more coverage so I don’t think he was cutting the front of his hair. I believe the 1st pic is the progress of his hair loss. Without this treatment I don’t think he would be able to achieve what you see in the 2nd pic.

        1. Hi pepper….I also blow dry my hair since 2002 when I starting losing hair. My hair looks 4x thicker when blow dried. This guy might have had minimal regrowth at best. The effect here is before after of gel hair when to dry longer blow dried hair for volume. Possibility of some minor regrowth that cant justify a 10k price tag for exosome treatment. There should be massive regrwith to justify that price like undergoing a 10k price tag fue of 3k grafts.

  19. I know this is off-topic, but does anyone know what the average cost is for a FUE hair transplant with Dr. Jerry Cooley (in Pineville, North Carolina)? or what he charges per graft?


  20. I’m slightly confused. Is the treatment available in some places now? Any idea how long it will take for the treatment to be available on a wider scale?

    Or, are we still waiting on trials and data to see where we stand?

    1. Paul its already available at few places for much Money but also companies like Avalon GloboCare/GE Healthcare/Weill Cornell Medicine or Exopharm are working on mass production Solutions. So I guess it will be available very soon for smaller Price. Also Haircell/Leonhardt Ventures works on combination of Exosomes with Electric Stimulation.

  21. Guys whats wrong with Aclaris!? Did they stop all Hair Loss Trials?

    Seems they really Need a Partner and cannot proceed without.

    “Seeking Partners to: Further develop and commercialize ATI-501 (oral) and ATI-502 (topical), which are investigational Janus Kinase (JAK) 1/3 inhibitor compounds, as potential treatments for alopecia”


    1. You can get better than Aclaris results with over-the-counter hair thickeners and not have to worry about drug side effects.

      1. I want much more hair, and no existing product will grow a lot more hair except possibly JAK.

        If Low Dose JAK does grow more, and more hair, then I think it could be on the market in just a few years. There’s a chance.

        1. It won’t. I have a feeling there might actually be a reason as to why they don’t just up the strength of it…… hmmmmmmm I wonder…… I would imagine that rather simplistic concept of simply increasing the dose might have crossed those clever scientists minds over the course of developing it….just before they thought oh yeah it might actually be dangerous and actually effects the bodies immune system.

  22. I just looked up the Aclaris Pipeline page and I did not see anything for AGA anymore. Jeez. It was my main hope and now it’s gone.

    Aclaris had a major reduction in spending since they were spending way too much to stay in business. Therefore they had to greatly cut back. If they are looking for Partners it’s possible someday they might move forward but for now it’s gone. Double Jeez.

    1. Jak inhibitors make avodart and finasteride 5mg look like a Tic tac in terms of possible side effects.
      The risk will never be worth it.

  23. Let’s face it – Nasa-rs has it all figured out .
    Jake are our saviour , ignorée the jak test results that did DICK for MPB, ignore the fact that they are an immune suppressing drug .
    Who needs a properly functioning immune system when you have 3 more strands of hair
    I’m going to sell everything I have and invest in JAK inhibitors and if you are even have as stupid as nasa-ra you will too.

  24. Now we know why Aclaris Shares crashed.

    Lets face it so many companies do Research for decades and at the end it will be something “simple” as Electric Stimulation with Exosomes, and Metabolism :-) … and Maybe Giuliani WAY Drug and Cassiopea …. Well it stays a multifactor Treatment. There just is not only a single Drug for it. We Need many different drugs.

  25. @John Doe. There already is something simple which is scalp massage. Works better than most people realize.

    This guy is legit

    IMO, the before and afters on this site are also true

    No need to spend any money. Between those 2 sites, most of the info is free. For me, I find 5 minutes/day of hard manual massage + a 10 minute cycle using one of the $40 electric scalp massagers from Amazon is sufficient + easy to do.

    I’ve gotten some decent results and my crappy NW4 doesn’t look so bad anymore, and maybe its could even be approaching a NW3. I’m not going to be Fabio, that’s for sure.

    Anyway its something to do to successfully attack and improve the problem, and a true cure comes when/if it does. For me, if i keep getting OK results with the massage, I might not even bother with anything else.

      1. @Meko I use this one – LATME brand


        The people on those sites say they do 2 x 20 min / day, which IMO would be difficult. I think 5 min manual + 10 min electric is an excellent hack which makes the whole thing feasible.

        Good to keep in mind what is being accomplished
        5 min of manual to
        – soften or break up fibrosis, stretch scalp
        – stretch follicles, give them a chance to reclaim some of their size
        10 min of electric to
        – engorge the area with blood, re-establish circulation (personally, I think 10 min of electric massage does that better than 20 min of manual ever could)

        1. @Ben – thanks! I see the guy now switched from selling an ebook to forcing people to join his online membership group. I don’t think I’ll join his membership group. I would have bought his ebook and video, though.

  26. I’m looking for a good clinic for SMP in the Chicago area for fue scar concealer. I love the look of shaved sides but the scars are visible to me at the moment. Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated!

  27. Hi Admin,

    I wasn’t sure whether to post this on the relevant blogpost incase you didn’t see it.

    Ever since you posted the botox article a few weeks ago I’ve been looking heavily into it. I really think the theory behind the treatment is one of the strongest in the hair loss world and the results speak for themselves. I’ve found two different cosmetic clinics in the UK that are willing to trial the proceedure and I just had a consoltation with one today.

    They seemed interested but hadn’t really read into the studies or info I provided and were trying to push their own PRP treatment, but would still be willing to offer me the botox treatment should I want it. They perked up a bit when I showed the before/after photos and they were comparable or better than the PRP results they were showing me.

    I asked if there was a chance I could get both treatments at the same time and they said yes and would be interested in taking whatever results to a cosmetic conference they mentioned.

    I just thought I would mention this as I would likely be the first person in the world to have both treatments done, and who knows, maybe break new ground for hairloss treatments.

    At the moment I’m struggling to compile an exact methodology on how to perform the botox treatment which I would need to provide to my surgeons. The studies aren’t very specific. I’ve reached out to the authors of the indian botox study but they haven’t responded. Any ideas on how I could go about building exact directions to provide?


    1. Hi FFB, I would try to get advice from doctors who are highly experienced at Botox injections. I would definitely never go to a first timer, unless I really trust them! Botox is ultimately a poison, and I assume the dosage for the scalp will be much higher than for treating forehead wrinkles. Someone who has already used it many times on hair loss patients would know more about depth, number of injections, best areas of scalp to inject and so on. And whether it even works at all!

      Also, at the moment, exosomes is the most exciting thing I have read this year. Some of the top surgeons are excited about it, studies are supporting it, and exosomes have been used for many other non-hair loss related treatements. In one video I saw online, Dr. Cooley or some other well known doctor stated that he would be entirely switching over from PRP to exosomes! Anyway, perhaps I am getting carried away with this new option.

      FYI — when you post a comment I can see it right away when I login, so best to post in the topic related post.

      1. Thank you for the response, I’ll check out your comment later too when you fill it out.

        This clinc reguarly does botox injections and the person doing the injections has experience as a nurse, so I believe I’m in safe hands. It’s just making sure the injections are going to be correctly located.

        At most I can only find a few studies that have a variation of this:

        “Botulinum toxin A 100 U was diluted in 1 mL normal saline. Insulin syringe of capacity 40 U/mL was used for injection, resulting in a concentration of 2.5 U every mark of insulin syringe. In 30 different sites, 5 U was injected resulting in a total of 150 U. Injections were intramuscular and sites were selected in frontalis, occipitalis, temporalis, and periauricular muscles”

        The latter part isn’t that specific where exactly the injections are done. I’ve found a couple of diagrams (each from different sources) but they’re conflicting.

  28. in 3 month before and after photos from Dr. Greco.
    Is the clear growth not only at the top of the scalp but also the donor area where hair shouldn’t grow anymore because of an FUE/FUT?

  29. I saw that exosomes have been linked to the metastasis of cancer. You mention that because exoflo is derived from stromal cells, it cannot be cancerous or malignant. Does that mean the exosomes derived from stromal cells specifically do not spread cancer? If so, would you be able to provide the research behind that?

    1. Hi thanks for the great question. There are no studies I saw, but it was mentioned on several sites. The below linked site says there are no studies, but stem cells and exosomes are thought to not cause cancer. Another site I saw said that since the exosomes have no DNA and are not actual cells, the chances of cancer are unlikely. However, to be accurate, I removed that sentence from the post and will add it back if I see some study showing conclusive proof.


  30. As a follow up to my other post, i met with Dr Cooley. We discussed exosomes and he is offering it as a stand alone treatment for 2500 to 3500 dollars, depending on if treating full scalp or just part of scalp. His price will increase in July. I decided to wait another 4 months before I commit, because would like to see some results from others. Right now I havent seen enough. One year ago i had a prp/stem cell procedure with Dr Marco Barusco and saw a net gain of 20% in my HMI, pre treatment 82, post treatment 98.

  31. I am completely new to all this, so forgive any ignorant comments.

    I have only recently heard about exosomes treatment for hairloss. I’m in the UK and have been searching but can’t seem to find anyone in the UK that provides this treatment. Does anyone know of a clinic that does?

    Also, I’m female. If anyone has advice on other treatment options, I’d gratefully listen. Drs here are very lacking in treatment advice. Rogaine/minoxidil and to ‘deal with it’ is the majority of the advice we receive.

    Many TiA

    1. Hi Splitting hairs, sorry for the late response. I am not sure about who is reliable in the UK unfortunately. I will update this post in the next month or two. I know that Dr. Robin Unger in the US is very experienced at using exosomes to treat women. Maybe you can e-mail her for UK doctor recommendations.

  32. Anyone here actually have the procedure done, or know someone who has? What kind of results have you seen?

  33. I have female hair loss due to Lichen-Planus. My doctor suggested that I do 5cc of XoFlo. I was excited about doing it as in the last 1 1/2 years I have probably lost 50% of my hair. Now I’m not sure what to do. He has before and after pics that are amazing.

  34. https://www.allure.com/story/future-hair-replacement-treatments

    “The second-most name-checked therapy on the horizon is the use of exosomes, which use the same mRNA technology seen in the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. Explains Wasserbauer, “Exosomes contain mRNA, which is the same type of ‘messenger RNA’ that COVID-19 vaccines are using to tell cells what to do to recognize the virus. Messenger RNA can tell a cell to do many different things like grow, shrink, or produce a certain protein.” Halaas calls it “by far the most exciting treatment in recent years.”

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