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Dr. Jeffrey Epstein: Body Hair Transplant Expert

I have read a lot about three different people named Jeffrey Epstein in recent years. In a crazy coincidence, all three namesakes were based in Florida prior to the most famous one passing away in 2019. The second most renowned of the three is a doctor who gained notoriety in 2018.

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein and his Body Hair Transplants

However, the only one that we care about is hair transplant surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Epstein and his Foundation for Hair Restoration Clinic. He is based in Miami, Florida and also has a separate personal site.

Dr. Epstein is likely among the 5 most experienced body hair to head hair transplant surgeons in the US. These procedures are commonly referred to as just Body Hair Transplants (BHT). Moreover, he is possibly the world’s most experienced eyebrow transplant surgeon.

This year, I will write a few posts on body hair hair transplants after a lengthy gap. For balding men who have limited permanent donor hair, BHT can be a godsend. Note that men with androgenetic alopecia are also more likely to have profuse body hair.

On a related note, did you know that hair follicles across the body communicate with each other?

And did you know that Jeff Bezos’ grandfather had his butt hair transplanted to his hand? It was unintentional due to the need for a skin graft transplant after a burn injury. What is very encouraging is that the ass hair kept growing on Bezos senior’s hand for the rest of his life.

Two Types of Body Hair Transplants

Going back to the subject at hand, Dr. Jeffrey Epstein performs two types of body hair transplants:

  1. The first is the one that we men with male pattern hair loss all care about. It entails using hairs from the chest, beard, and or back to transplant to the scalp. In most cases, such a BHT procedure will only add density to existing hair. Most surgeons that offer BHT tend to use scalp permanent donor hair as the primary source, and body hair as a supplement.
  2. The second involves transplanting scalp hairs (!?) into areas of the body such as the chest, pubic region, and or armpits. Some men really hate a lack of body hair. Others such as myself would be happy to have significantly less body hair. Grass is always greener? I have my doubts and do not think that I would ever trade scalp hair for body hair. Even if I had superb scalp hair and zero body hair.

The Naked Ape is still not Realized

The below patient of Dr. Epstein obtained a great result after a back hair only 3,000 graft transplant to the scalp. However, do note that his “donor” body hair is beyond spectacular. Make sure to see 1:15 min into the below video. The Naked Ape was a misnomer after all.

Dr. Epstein’s YouTube Channel is worth favoriting.

Jeff Bezos’ Grandfather’s Crazy Body Hair Transplant

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been in the news a lot during the past year and a half. First, he surpassed Bill Gates as the richest man in the world. Then Mr. Bezos made the much hyped big announcement of the location for Amazon’s second global headquarters. And today, he shocked the world by announcing that he was divorcing his wife of 25 years. The couple seemed to have a very happy marriage, with four children (one adopted).

Jeff Bezos’ Grandfather’s Body Hair Transplant

I have watched a number of videos of Jeff Bezos over the years, since I really like listening to his speeches, interviews and lectures. He is a much more interesting speaker in comparison to other billionaires such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

My favorite Bezos anecdote (a shocking one at that) is found in the below video, around 9:30-12 minutes in. When Mr. Bezos was younger, his beloved grandfather had an accident in which he ripped apart his thumb. To repair the injury, he had to move some skin from his butt to his completely torn thumb.

Lo and beheld, ever since the butt skin transplant, the old man kept growing butt hair on his thumb for the rest of his life and had to keep shaving it off!

It has been several years since I last wrote a post on body hair transplants. For those who do not know, a number of surgeons offer body hair to head hair transplants where they move body hair to your head. This is only done when a male patient does not have sufficient donor hair at the back of his head to cover his extensive balding regions in the front and top (crown) of the scalp.

So Mr. Bezos’ grandfather might have been one of the earliest examples ever of proof that one can shift hair from one part of the body to another part and have it keep growing!