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Jeff Bezos’ Grandfather’s Crazy Body Hair Transplant

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been in the news a lot during the past year and a half. First, he surpassed Bill Gates as the richest man in the world. Then Mr. Bezos made the much hyped big announcement of the location for Amazon’s second global headquarters. And today, he shocked the world by announcing that he was divorcing his wife of 25 years. The couple seemed to have a very happy marriage, with four children (one adopted).

Jeff Bezos’ Grandfather’s Body Hair Transplant

I have watched a number of videos of Jeff Bezos over the years, since I really like listening to his speeches, interviews and lectures. He is a much more interesting speaker in comparison to other billionaires such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

My favorite Bezos anecdote (a shocking one at that) is found in the below video, around 9:30-12 minutes in. When Mr. Bezos was younger, his beloved grandfather had an accident in which he ripped apart his thumb. To repair the injury, he had to move some skin from his butt to his completely torn thumb.

Lo and beheld, ever since the butt skin transplant, the old man kept growing butt hair on his thumb for the rest of his life and had to keep shaving it off!

It has been several years since I last wrote a post on body hair transplants. For those who do not know, a number of surgeons offer body hair to head hair transplants where they move body hair to your head. This is only done when a male patient does not have sufficient donor hair at the back of his head to cover his extensive balding regions in the front and top (crown) of the scalp.

So Mr. Bezos’ grandfather might have been one of the earliest examples ever of proof that one can shift hair from one part of the body to another part and have it keep growing!

List of Surgeons who Offer Body Hair to Head Hair Transplants

In 2013, I wrote two posts (see here and here) on body hair transplants (BHT) where surgeons move body hair to the scalp in the event of donor hair shortage at the back of the scalp in the permanent zone of severely balding people.  This type of procedure has some drawbacks as I discussed before, and body hair is virtually never as good or reliable as scalp donor hair. Nevertheless, there have by now been thousands of BHT cases performed worldwide with many satisfied patients.  In most cases, body hair is added as an adjunct filler to scalp hair during a hair transplant procedure, although I have also seen videos of excellent body hair only megasession hair transplant procedures.  The increasing popularity of BHT makes sense when one considers that a large portion of balding men tend to have a lot of body hair.

Below is a list of surgeons who offer body hair transplants around the world.  I only included those that have devoted pages of their websites specifically to BHT or have presented interesting BHT case examples on their sites and/or hair loss forums.  From my years of reading hair loss forums, I would guess that Dr. Arvind Poswal (India), Dr. John Cole (US) and Dr. Ray Woods (Australia) are probably the most experienced surgeons in the world at performing body hair to head hair transplants, although I could be off and you should conduct your own research.  Virtually all surgeons seem to find beard hair as the best type of body hair to be used for moving to the scalp, although some prefer not touching facial hair due to fear of potential permanent scarring.  Most surgeons seem to find chest hair to be the second best candidate to move to the scalp.

Note that for many people hair transplants represent a “cure” for hair loss so posts such as this are important.  Moreover, if you browse all the links below, there are some fascinating before and after transformation photos and chest/beard/other body area post extraction healing photos that are worth checking out.









  • Dr. Coen Gho (scroll down the page to get to the BHT section).





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