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Global Hair Loss Summit 2020

Global Hair Loss Summit: December 2020.An innovative new hair loss conference starts today and runs from December 4-6, 2020. It is called Global Hair Loss Summit 2020. Or GHLS™ 2020.

See their Twitter account and also #ghls2020 for updates. The entire conference will be virtual.

Past Hair Loss Meetings, Summits and Conferences

I have covered the annual ISHRS conferences every year on this blog. I have also covered the biennial World Congress for Hair Research gatherings. And I have on rare occasions written about the AAD annual meetings; the American Hair Research Summits; and the annual meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology. In most dermatological meetings, they cover the subject of hair loss in great detail.

To the above list, we now have yet one more interesting addition.

Global Hair Loss Summit 2020

I first heard about the Global Hair Loss Summit 2020 in September when Dr. Zarev mentioned it in his interview with me. Someone from HLT has raised funds for Youtuber Mr. Rolandas to attend the virtual conference. Hopefully he will be able to record or at least discuss Dr. Z’s super giga-session (over 13,000 graft) surgery presentation.

The full program for GHLS 2020 can be accessed here. It seems like the acronym GHLS™ is trademarked, so I assume that this conference will occur regularly in future. This conference is organized by Spencer Kobren (“The Bald Truth Show”); Spencer Stevenson (@Spexhair); Joe Tillman (@realjoetillman); and Dr. John Cole.

The main focus of this Summit is clearly hair transplantation. Although I am mostly interested in the non-hair transplant related subjects, I am keen to hear Dr. Arvind Poswal’s presentation on body hair transplant (BHT) experiences from 1999 to the present. In my estimation, Dr. Poswal has done far more body hair transplants than anyone else in the world.

Other Items of Interest

Dr. Dan McGrath will make a presentation titled “Microneedling and Exosomes for Hair Restoration”. Dr. Glenn Charles will compare various exosomes used for hair growth. Interestingly, Direct Biologics and ExoFlo are both listed as “Technology Contributors” (sponsors?) on the conference homepage.

The keynote speakers include two people that I have covered on this blog in Dr. Ralf Paus and Dr. Karl Koehler.

In the medical therapy for androgenetic alopecia section, I was pleased to see two presentations on topical finasteride; one presentation on oral Minoxidil for hair loss; and one covering oral finasteride and oral dutasteride combination therapy.

Fat Love

A large number of regenerative medicine related presentations cover fat and/or adipose derived stem cells (ADSC) for hair growth. Other “fat” related presentations include the interestingly titled “Fat Juice”; and “Microfat and Nanofat for hair loss”. Several presentations also cover SVF.

Several “Studies” related presentations will cover nanofat and adipose derive stromal cells. Dr. Jerry Cooley will present on Rigenera (Rigénéra), which he discussed in this video in 2019. Note that this has since been renamed as Regenera Activa.