11th World Congress for Hair Research

I have covered most of the World Congress for Hair Research events since starting this blog in 2013.

11th World Congress for Hair Research

World Congress for Hair Research, 2019

The 11th World Congress for Hair Research started today in Barcelona, Spain. It will run from April 24-27 2019.

There have already been some interesting presentations per the commentary and photos I saw on Twitter via #WCHR2019.

Two of the main Spanish organizers of the Congress are very active on Twitter and worth following:

  1. Dr. Sergio Vañó
  2. Dr. Ramon Grimalt

The scientific program is as impressive as always at these annual events.

Shiseido (Japan)’s Dr. Jiro Kishimoto’s presentation is titled: “Autologous cell-based therapy for hair loss using dermal sheath cup cells.” Perhaps he will give some hints regarding how much further along Shiseido is in its development and enhancement of Replicel’s hair multiplication product?

There are a number of potentially interesting presentations focusing on the dermal papilla, prostaglandins, neogenesis, stem cells and hair genetics. One presentation has the strange title of: “Minoxidil and dutasteride drug tattooing for androgenetic alopecia”.

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  1. Shiseido’s representative held his presentation already on the first day and no new information regarding rch-01 was presented, is that correct? I believe someone would have reported to the outside world if there was anything new mentioned.

      1. That’s what I assume happened. I said “is that correct?” to see if anyone has a different information regarding the presentation. But since it has been 2 days and no reports on it, I think its safe to say that nothing new was said on the presentation.

        1. I thought you were quoting someone. That’s why I asked.

          Agreed though, if nobody rises to challenge this then I guess Shiseido have no aces in the deck. I had much hope in them.

    1. Its also interesting for me. Do we know any details after congress like dut concentration or depth of needling?

    1. read my reply a few comments lower especially the last paragraph. JAK is continuing to progress at Aclaris we have real hope but its still just hope until we get results and that should be very soon.

    1. Nothing new brother they are working for AA so it’s not our case. If you think this will work for us them be prepared to be shocked and disappointed!

      1. Hoping they are building up Expertise in treating AA hair loss. Remember, the topical was NOT suppose to work for AA hair loss yet all indications are that it does. The experiments on AA hairloss the different drugs, and different delivery systems that are being perfected hopefully can be used to better treat male pattern hair loss.

        We will know very soon from Aclaris if JAKs work on male pattern hair loss with photos should happen within months. Best of luck brother… I’m very tired of this stuff too.

  2. Thank you for your interest in RT1640, we are not currently recruiting for any clinical trials. We are anticipating a release date in 2022.

  3. This is very cool that these efforts and presentations are being made. How do we get the presentation summaries?..Just wait for news articles it seems. I’ll just keep hoping that among all the venture capitalist attractions there’s some actual real content and breakthroughs. We’ve been waiting for so long.

  4. Their itinerary is nothing new. They are still talking about hair transplants. We want to know about when a treatment that will actually work will be out. All talk talk talk talk. Same stuff since at least 2003. Best solution would be either something cell based or drug based. Creams and lotions are too hard to stick to and end up messy, with more hair falling out from the tangles. I am a woman. We need something quick and easy.

  5. I follow some doctors on Twitter and what I see from this congress was more focused on alopecia areata and the AFF. Unfortunately I have not seen anything yet about the aga

    1. We’ve already known they can regenerate 100 hairs. The question is what percentage of these are terminal.

      1. @Hate da BS : yes of course ! we already know that they can regenerate 100 new hairs. But Today, we learn that they are developing a Small molecule that shown to amplify new hair growth during healing with a Short-term use and systemically safe. A short-term use is interesting. We will see. Before that we can try SM with Follica :)

  6. Guys it’s follica for real regrowth. The rest doesn’t event mention regrowth just 8% growth etc. If follica can really grow 100 real terminal hairs per cm2 then that’s as close as a cure we will get for a while unless tsuji comes through.

  7. Pivotal means phase 3. But puretrch pipe line says it’s still at phase 2 … 2021 release most likely…. I wish it would come today

  8. I would suggest, because Dut can not be absorbed past the skin layer, because of the large molecular size, that Dut and Minoxidil tattooing injections delivering past the skin, is way they are alleviating this problem. As a bonus, reducing sides also.

  9. Does anybody know how many terminal hairs an fue can yield? Is 100cm2 follica more hairs than the average fue? I think I heard ht docs can yield 70 hair cm2 as dense pack or is it mm2? I forget..

    I hope follica comes out in 2020.

    Egghead- optimization study is set to end 1st half. I’m assuming pivotal will start later this year. I think they keep pushing it out because they want to release it with a full punch with that new compound to further enhance results. They know they need a game changer to bank the big bucks and wipe out rivertown, follicum, etc. I still believe SM will be a good solution too.

  10. Mjones I’m not sure they have a daily compound made just yet. We know they can create new hair, but keeping it without minox may be well down the line.

  11. And why is follicum moving so slow?…and it is interesting how some guys in their 4os and 50s look fine with big bald spot in back and and thin on top and yet other guys same age cant pull it off with same amount of hair. So much depends on the rest of your features.

  12. Shiseido may not have a cure yet, if they even wish to continue with RCH-01, but they could have at least released the results of the phase 2 test, which ended months ago. Bad play on their part.

    1. It’s with mice. It will never be discussed after 2 months. Mice don’t have AGA. So these results are pointless.

    2. If all “cures” that worked on mice would work on us the same, we would have like hundreds of fully working cures by now. Yeah, a mouse works different their body reacts better to regenerative things.
      Speaking of Congress, it looks like a silent one. Why they even organized such a Congress if there s no breaking news, nothing at all. Everyone is silent so far. What a Congress..

  13. so it means like there is no cure absolutely coming for aga patients.

    for the last 13 years I keep on searching on google…hair loss cures! and till now nothing.

    for female it feels much worst!

    the place I live do not even have hair toppers…I fel ashamed going out, meeting people, I feel so horrible towards my husband…its causing me to have a no confidence

  14. @jango, hang in there. Your not alone….maybe order wig online? Hopefully we will have a new treatment coming.

    1. yes online…but how do I know if it fits me?

      actually backside I have lots of hair…a topper will do.

      any idea anyone how I can at least prevent the hair loss from progressing?

  15. None of this will be relevant anymore when hair cloning launches. Does anybody have any updates about the Tsuji team and that god forsaken human trial or should we just keep waiting for an update from them?

    Also, admin, could you post any other information on upcoming hair loss treatments / cures discussed at WCHR2019?

    Thank you

      1. 2021-2023?!?! That’s around the corner! Are you positive on this prediction? I’m willing to pay ANYTHING, as are many people. Even if it’s a hundred thousand I’ll pay for it. The question is how will it look and will the results be permanent? Either way, this is really exciting stuff. Even if it takes more years to be available in the US and globally, just think of all the people in history who couldn’t do anything about their hair.

        Thanks for the reply

        1. I agree with you Greg. I have no problem with the cost or trips to Japan if I can get my teenage hair back.

          1. Lol! I started losing hair at 15! Excited to get my hair back from when I was 12! I think this all going to be over rather soon than later. It’s too big an industry to pass up.

    1. “Applying knowledge of hair follicle regeneration and expertise obtained from clinical trials to other organ germs or organoids will enable the regeneration of other organs from pluripotent and tissue stem cells in combination with organoid technologies in the next few decades.”

      They are talking about ‘other organs’, not hair.

  16. Anyone have an update for Replicel? Did they present at the conference? Will Replicel’s treatment be able to make existing hairs DHT proof?

    Thank you

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