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ISHRS 29th World Congress Begins Tomorrow in Lisbon

ISHRS 29th Congress.
ISHRS 29th World Congress in Lisbon.

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)’s 29th Annual World Congress will run from October 21-October 23 2021. It will take place as a hybrid event, with an in-person 3-day meeting in Lisbon, Portugal followed by an online virtual conference in the following weeks. I have covered these ISHRS meetings every year since this blog was incepted in 2013.

The focus of these conference is always on hair transplants, which are becoming increasingly popular in this age of Zoom and social media. However, most of us readers are more interested in existing non-surgical cutting edge treatments and future treatments.

The detailed schedule and program of the ISHRS 29th Annual Conference can be found here. Also make sure to follow the ISHRS ‘s Twitter account and Instagram page for updates.

ISHRS 2021 Presentations
ISHRS 2021: Some presentations of Interest.

Interesting Presentations at the 29th ISHRS Conference

Among the most interesting presentations that involve hair regeneration include:

  • Dr. Sergio Vañó covering both of Kintor’s hair loss products per his Tweet from today.
  • Dr. Paul Kemp of HairClone presenting on hair cloning.
  • Dr. Nilofer Farjo covering adipose tissue and hair growth.
  • Dr. Ron Shapiro providing us an update on exosomes for hair loss.
  • Dr. Anil Garg discussing the use of hair follicle derived stem cells to promote miniaturized hairs to convert to terminal hairs.
  • Dr. Salome Vadachkoria presenting on hair follicle stem cell activation with “Polylactic Co Caprolactone based subdermal implants”. For both androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata.
  • Dr. Sharon Keene discussing a case of vitamin D deficiency correction and hair regrowth.
  • Dr. Ratchathorn Panchaprateep analyzing fractional lasers and Nd:Yag lasers in stimulating hair growth.
  • Two doctors from China presenting on mesotherapy and hair growth. Physicians are increasingly injecting vitamins, minerals, hair loss drugs and more directly into the scalp.

ISHRS 28th World Congress is Virtual

Update: October 18, 2020

— ISHRS Conference 2020: Twitter Account:

Final Program Guide.

Lots of other items of interest in there besides the big three presentations that I outlined earlier.

  • Shiseido’s Dr. Jiro Kishimoto’s presentation seems to include results of their earlier clinical study and is titled:

“Autologous Cell-Based Therapy for Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss using Dermal Sheath Cup Cells.”

  • Dr. Young Sil Kim from South Korea will make an interesting presentation related to his study on ADSC and hair growth from May 2020.

“The application of the ADSC‐CE topical solution has enormous potential for hair regrowth in patients with AGA.”

A few other presentations entail using fat cells (microfat and nanofat) for hair growth.

  • The most unusual title award goes to: “Hair Follicle Stem Cells Activation with Polylactic Co Caprolactone Based Subdermal Implants in Androgenetic Alopecia.” — Dr. Salome Vadachkoria from Georgia.

October 7, 2020

28th ISHRS World Congress

I have covered the annual ISHRS Congress ever since starting this blog in 2013. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) used to call these annual gatherings “Meetings” rather than “Congresses”.

Note that the biennial World Congress for Hair Research has been postponed till 2022.

The 28th ISHRS World Congress will run from October 17th, 2020 through October 25th, 2020. The ISHRS Instagram has more details. Due to Covid-19, this year’s conference is virtual (online). When I first heard this news, I was not expecting much at all.

However, the unforeseen bonus for us is that the ISHRS is already releasing very good content almost daily on its Youtube channel. In the past, we never got any decent content before the beginning of these meetings. Moreover, videos from the conferences were not even published online after the fact.

For several of the World Congress for Hair Research Events, people even crowdfunded “Scientific Event Horizon” to attend and film some of the sessions. I even donated one time when he went to Asia. I am grateful to him for delivering us the great content and learning how to film while on-site. Also a special thanks to “Hello User“.

Christiano, Plikus and Terskikh

The leading speakers are all well known to blog readers. Especially the 1st and 3rd below.

  • Dr. Angela Christiano — “Hair Follicle Bioengineering Producing Human Hair Follicles In Vitro Using 3D Printing Technology”.
  • Dr. Maksim Plikus — “Groups of Hair Follicles Regenerating as a Spreading Wave”. See my past post on Dr. Plikus’ and others findings on hair follicle communication across the whole body.
  • Dr. Alexey Terskikh — “Hair Regeneration: Using induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) derived from dermal papilla cells with a 3D biodegradable scaffold.” I interviewed Dr. Terskikh in  2017 and he promised me another one last year. However, due to pending plans related to Stemson Therapeutics, he delayed the interview. He has not responded to requests this year. Luckily, we still get a chance to hear him tomorrow in a special event.

ISHRS Conference 2020 Announcement:

ISHRS 28th World Congress
ISHRS 28th World Congress via Twitter.