9th World Congress for Hair Research — “Reflect, Rejuvenate, and REGENERATE”.

Last year, I wrote a post about the 9th Congress for Hair Research that will take place in Miami, Florida this year from November 18-21. At the time, the website for this congress was already up, albeit a bit barren.  The most interesting thing that I saw and mentioned in last year’s blog post was the fact that the three people in charge of this conference were all women despite the fact that men suffer from hair loss far more frequently than women, especially when it comes to major (high norwood scale) hair loss.  In any event, it is no longer surprising for me to read about renowned female hair loss research scientists and I am grateful for each new one.

I am certain that this will be the most heavily attended Congress for Hair Research to date, just like the recent 23rd ISHRS Meeting was the most heavily attended one to date.  Worldwide hair transplant procedure totals have also been breaking new records every year recently as middle class populations with expendable incomes increase (and as hair loss rates in general also increase in my as yet unproven opinion).

Among the interesting things that I have seen on the current version of the Congress website include:

  • The Final Program Book.  A must skim through.
  • The theme/slogan of “Reflect, Rejuvenate, and REGENERATE.”   It is encouraging that they have capitalized the word “REGENERATE” and this hopefully portends favorably to the focus of the conference.
  • While the topmost Platinum level sponsor (Women’s Rogaine) is a huge disappointment since they are not selling any new hair loss technology or product, it is encouraging that Samumed is a Silver level sponsor and Kythera Biopharmaceuticals is a Bronze level sponsor.  Proctor & Gamble is a Gold level sponsor and their bio seems to imply that they are there to primarily promote their shampoos (which are not even among the best hair loss shampoos in the world).
  • Also encouraging that Shiseido and Kerastem are contributing sponsors.
  • The number of hair loss researchers presenting at this Congress seems to be a record high, although this remains to be verified.
  • A majority of the big name companies and researchers (Christiano, Cotsarelis, Garza, Jahoda, Tsuji and many more) are presenting at this Congress.
  • The next 10th Congress for Hair Research will be in Japan, the current global epicenter of hair loss research and clinical trials due to that country’s favorable new laws.

There are way too many interesting presentations to list here separately.  Topics ranging from PGD2 inhibition to Wnt/β-catenin signaling to progenitor cells to wounding are all covered.  Cell based regenerative therapies are not surprisingly well covered.  There are a few presentations on JAK inhibitors and alopecia areata from new research centers.  I am also interested in the update on topical Finasteride product P-3074 as I would love to stop taking oral Finasteride next year.  An update on Samumed’s topical drug SM04554 is also something to look forward to.


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  1. Nasa, as well as others, have posted quite a bit of scientific evidence that indicates it does have a possibility of working… There is just as must possibility theoretically as all the work that is being done out there. It’s not a lock, but neither is the work being done by Cots. The work being done by Garza and RNA is extremely exciting!

    1. Ddog, please reply on my question, would you try it, would you rub it on your scalp if you could have it in your hand right now??? Without any evidence about safety???

  2. Thats my point. You should stop, a little at least, repeating things that were said more than 1000 times and think of something interesting to ask in the congress for example. Think of some doubts you may have concerning any of the treatments. Go after and see if you can find out something. You didn’t even know that AA follicles miniaturized. I asked that a couple of times, until Curious told me to do my own research and stop being lazy. Good advice, I thank him. Then I quickly discovered that yes, they did miniaturize. Then I found out that despite that similarity with AGA follicles, their connection with the Arrector Pili muscle doesn’t get lost, as in AGA follicles, and that alone may explain why they can be regenerated.

    So, stop saying the same thing over and over, and be helpful the way you can be. Hellouser will attend the conference and the best thing to do is to think of good questions and doubts and send them to him. I myself don’t expect much of conferences, but it’s better than nothing and it’s an opportunity to present our doubts and concerns to the researchers. Let’s not miss this opportunity, then.

    1. Not so much another question for the member attending the congress but this is an interesting tweet:


      I wonder what this presentation consisted of… interesting though. Hopefully Follica have some news soon. Congress typically doesn’t yield a lot of earth shattering stuff but with so much news this past year particularly around wounding…could be an interesting one.

    2. Julian, the arrector pili muscle may not be as important as the article theorized in regard to hair regeneration. If it were the end all be all, Swiss temples and the guys who had been bald for 30 years would not have been able to regenerate.

      1. It may be as well.. SwissTemples is not proof of anything to me.

        What I take for a good reason to be doubtful is that 2003 study where miniaturized hair follicles implanted into mice skin regrew and became normal again, that in a mouse skin. That is more than enough to know that it is a reversible condition. I’d like to know if their arrestor muscles gaps were restored as well, if all the structure regained its normality. That is a doubt of mine.

        1. Since this study was before the one that observed the gaps, this may not have been observed. I mean, there may be no way to know now if the gaps were present before or after the implantation and restoration.

  3. Rogaine is the CURE hahah. I agree we with khouri, we must wait till after the cobgress to know what is real and what is actually going on. Btw the conference will be recorded by the committee organizing it so we will have videos of the presentation . They won’t allow attendess to have videos or pics taken

  4. Dark Prince they will for sure record the presentation. They document every congress . They just don’t want everyone and their mothers therewith their cell phones taking pics, videos etc and posting on YouTube without hair loss cobgress approval I’m 100%positive the hair loss cobgress will record the presentations

  5. An excerpt from Dr. Louis Garza’s interview:

    Chris – Given you’ve made this discovery then, and you can supply these chemicals, including this double stranded RNA signal that is the stimulus for this. Do you think then we are on the path now to being able to provision a human with these signals to make good damage and could you, for instance, make a bald person hairy again?

    Louis – Yeah. We’re really excited about this. And the very interesting part of this story is that we think that it’s, like a lot of discoveries, it’s already being used in ways we didn’t predict. For example, men and women who want to look younger and go for rejuvenation and visit their local cosmetic dermatologist, and receive laser treatment or receive dermabrasion, or receive micro-needles for rejuvenation of their facial skin. It’s very likely that the one thing that unifies all these very different methods of rejuvenation is damage, and that it’s by activating the same tall three double-stranded RNA pathway that people are receiving benefits when they go to their cosmetic dermatologist even now. So the exciting question that our work raises is whether we can reduce the damage we have to do by instead just directly giving these agents like double-stranded RNA and save people the suffering of having to go through these treatments. The other main application of this could be in scar victims. So, people who’ve had burns, for example, where we think by creating new hair follicles, we’ll be able to restore the skin to the way it normally is which is dense with hair follicles – even where we can’t see them, for example, on the face.

    Kat – That was Louis Gaza, and he’s just published that work in the journal, Stem Cell.

  6. Funnily enough, this solution would act by activating or stimulating an innate immune response that naturally occurs in just some individuals. It goes against the Jak-stat inhibitors which on the contrary act by blocking an immune response in the case of AA sufferers.

  7. That case of the old bald man whose scalp was burnt and then got a lot of hair grow in the previously bald spot is a case that attests this phenomenon surely.

  8. I need to hear a big loud science-backed NO! (or maybe…yes?) to the question:
    “Are JAK inhibitors going to work on MPB with no safety concerns?”

    1. edhel – JAK Inhibitors are FDA Approved. Are they safe? They probably are very risky but safe enough to pass FDA rules.

      Dr. Christiano has clearly stated in this video (link previously posted above by Egghead).


      She essentially states that these drugs in Lotion Form Could Work on other types of hairloss besides AA including AGA. Personally, I do not think she would have said that without some type of scientific proof (maybe rat studies on AGA) that these drugs could work on other type of hair loss.

      The simple fact is, these drugs are FDA approved now, once they become available in Lotion Form assuming they do cure AGA then we will be much, much better off.

  9. Vedran you buy me Rux or Tof put it in my hand and help me find a way to transport it with a “vehicle” ethanol using a simple pestle and mortar i’ll put that shit on my head for 30 days on youtube.

    I’m not scared lol. If my balls fall off i’ll post that up too and get banned from Youtube for ya too. that shits expensive and requires a perscription. Unless you get Tofac in which case it’s much much cheaper.

    I just don’t know how to apply topically.

    Yeah I was a human guinea pig when I was 18 to make money because I didn’t have any family support, not scared.

    You wanna challenge me to that deal?

    1. Egghead – By the end of 2016 I plan to try Tofac Lotion, with doctor prescription, assuming there is a study that shows it works on humans and they hopefully will have one done by end of 2016.

  10. Seriously now, what is the new rogaine product that is coming out? I have more faith in that than anything else right about now

    1. Hi mjones, that’s my opinion. You can think as you want. I’m hopeful about jak inhibitors. Hope is the only thing to live where there is no cure.

  11. I think this congress is crucial.
    If tsuji starts the clinical trials, maybe will have a cure soon.
    If Christiano starts clinical trials too.
    If not… nothing in 2020 :(

        1. Oh hahahaha shut you got me egghead. Sad thing I actually believed rogaine was coming out with a new treatment. Have more hope in them than anyone else right now

    1. Im using 1mg finasteride + 12.5 Minoxidil + Hairmax lazer = regrowth in the scalp i was totally bald with few hairs in my scalp but i only used this medicines for 3 months now and the results are amazing!! You should give a try using minoxidil 12.5%

      1. Where do you get 12.5 rogaine? I use 5 percent. It’s working great for you because you just started propecia. After about 7 to 10 years you will be in my boat where your body starts to fight back on the meds and they become less effective :( I hope you get more regrowth bud:)

      2. If anyone get the thread of hellouser about congress info in hairlosstalk forum, pls give that link here if possible. I didn’t have access to hairlosstalk forum.

  12. Does the congress state today? Btw, I heard they aren’t allowing it to be recorded, either. So whoever is sent to it, will be vital for information.

    1. HelloUser from HLT forum is going
      He’s well prepared it seems, with many interviews already set up and a long list of questions by the forum members.

      You can browse the said forum to follow his updates.

  13. You should curb your enthusiasm with these Rux or Tofac a little bit don’t you think?

    There’s nothing beyond promise to hold on too. keep an eye on it but give it a break a little.

    There’s way a bunch of other treatments that still hold promise. Follica isn’t out of the game yet. Replicel and Shiseido, Histogen, Samumed, Kythera.. a lot of players.. Latest study by L. Garza also very promising.. You’re too obsessed with these Jaks. It works in AA. It’s not the same thing. Once it’s approved to treat AA then you can go and try it but there’s no evidence that it will work the same way to treat AGA. Don’t expect that much, it’s too early.

  14. Let’s see if Hellouser can get some information from Cotsarelis, Christiano and all the others. Maybe he can get them to say something we still don’t know, maybe some good news. Congresses aren’t where I expect the big announcements to come from but who knows… maybe a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.

  15. Has tsuji started clinical trials? I like Garza too, seems to be very promising. Samumed is still my favorite for latest topical non cell treatment product. I like how quick they move. I hope they show pics of robust hair growth for their phase 2 trials

  16. After phase II trial completion, samumed has started to next trial that will finish February 2016. They are really going fast. Hopefully we’ll know the phase II results in this congress & it’ll be good I hope.

    A Study of SM04554 Applied Topically to the Scalp of Male Subjects With Androgenetic Alopecia Analyzed by Biopsy of the Scalp Prior To and Post Dosing – No Study Results Posted – ClinicalTrials.gov https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02503137?term=Samumed&rank=3

  17. I have faith in samumed as the next better treatment fir hair loss. Won’t be a cure but hopefully a treatment that can grow a Norwood 4 to a 2. Thick regrowth results

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