9th World Congress for Hair Research in Miami, Florida in 2015

The usually biennial World Congress for Hair Research gatherings are the most instructive and large-scale gatherings in the world of hair.

9th World Congress for Hair Research

The website for the 9th World Congress for Hair Research in November 2015 is already up. They have a preliminary scientific program on there, with the US-based leading trifecta of hair loss researchers Angela Christiano, George Cotsarelis and Ken Washenik all presenting. Hopefully the other well known research teams that I have discussed on this blog from Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the UK also show up.

It is a bit unusual that three women (Co-Chairs Dr. Angela Christiano and Dr. Wilma Bergfeld and Associate Chair Dr. Maria Hordinsky) are in charge of this conference for a problem that is generally thought to strike men much more than women. The vast majority of hair loss researchers, hair transplant surgeons and hair loss forum participants are male.

However, in the real world, I have noticed an increasing number of women with thinning hair and it makes sense that we are seeing more female representation in the hair loss research arena (e.g., Dr. Claire Higgins).

Or maybe the second image in my post on human evolution was not a joke, and a female led world is close to being reality?

4 thoughts on “9th World Congress for Hair Research in Miami, Florida in 2015”

  1. More than 30% of women past menopause are losing their hair. There are better prosthetic options for women aesthetically, but the suffering is the same if not greater for the half of our populace so measured by physical beauty. For example…See comment on recent prince post. I’d wager you have a silent following of far more women than you would think, all appreciative of the positive slant of your blog, and hoping for more on women.

  2. Thanks for your reply. Yes I cringed when I saw that comment under the prince William post. I assume that past menopause, both men and women care less about looks irrespective of media and peer/internet comment pressure?

    I have considered adding more posts on women’s hair loss, but it seems like the currently approved medications are most effective on men, while the vast majority of research also tends to focus on men too. I will look out for studies focused on women, and try to also visit the womens’ sections of forums that I always neglect!

    FYI — Dr. Christiano wears a wig and I could never tell from her video.

    1. Thanks! I’ll enjoy hearing whatever you may discover. Caring less about appearance and more about personal quality seems like a healthy goal at any age. In response to your question however, menopause and/or peri menopause begin as early as mid thirties, so many women are still quite young when this happens. Yup…still care about looking good. (;

  3. I have been following some interesting developments lately. The 9th World Hair Congress in November will be interesting. Both Samumed and Replicel will have members of their team speaking at the congress. Samumed will have Dr. Sarah Millar, and Replicel will have Dr Roff Hoffman.

    Samumed’s Initial Phase II Clinical Trial finishes this month October that includes data collection, they might present there findings at the congress next month. Samumed’s supplementary trial finishes in feb 2016 which will include punsh biopsy biomarkers. If the 21st century Cures Act passes and i believe it will because of the intense lobbying behind it by biotech, pharma, and other interested firms and groups, then samumed may be able to skip phase III and have a product on the market by mid 2016 hopefully. Replicel’s Hoffman might share data for their clinical trials in Japan and elsewhere… and i checked on youtube the CEO of Histogen has uploaded a short video clip 2 months ago of their companies mission statement.. i’m hopefully optimistic about all this.. REPLICEL will also be presenting at this month’s stem cell mesa conference on the 8th of October.. i’m not sure if they will be talking about their hair trials though..

    Here is the link to the mesa conference, be sure to check out the live webcast feed if u can.. and in addiiton here is the SAMUMED Phase II studies links ..



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