3D Printed Comb Hair Growth.

3D Printed Comb to Treat Hair Loss

An interesting week in hair loss, with the highlight being a 3D printed comb to regrow hair.

3D Printed Comb to Treat Hair Loss

— An update on the 3D printed comb to treat hair loss from Technion University in Israel. The user injects the comb device with an enzyme that triggers bacteria on the scalp to secrete a substance that breaks down dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Both the comb and syringe are designed to be reusable.

Note that the DHT-inactivating enzyme is 3α-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3α-HSD), which I covered in detail on this blog. More information can be found on Technion’s project overview page.

3D Printing of hair fibers. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (US) have devised an groundbreaking new method for creating lifelike hair fibers. The only requirement is an inexpensive fused deposition modeling (FDM) printer.

— I discussed the important work of the Rendl Lab and Dr. Michael Rendl a few months ago. Several weeks ago, it was announced that Dr. Rendl’s team have created an online database that will allow researchers to study the interactions between hair follicles, stem cells and their surrounding environment. This database is called Hair-GEL (gene expression library). It is worth playing around with this database even if like myself you do not understand or recognize the names of most of the relevant genes. This sort of open source project is extremely encouraging.

— Yet one more positive report on Adenosine and hair. Make sure to read my post on Shiseido and Adenosine from last year.

Christopher1 on Hairsite has been testing out topical Tofacitinib to tackle his hair loss (as well as his vitiligo per another of his posts). Worth bookmarking that thread, but do not emulate him. Too risky in my opinion.

And now on to medical items of interest:

— A great new face transplant success story about ex-firefighter Patrick Hardison. He also got new hair and I wonder if it will grow as long as the original stellar hair from the donor?  The most interesting quote in the article is the following:

“Of the roughly 30 patients who have received partial or full face transplants, Rodriguez said some three to five patients have died after rejection.”

I was unaware of this fact and had assumed that nobody ever died from these procedures. I thought the worst case scenario was that the new face would be rejected (without any death). Or that in the long run someone would have a higher chance of getting cancer and other medical problems due to taking the anti-rejection/ immunosuppressive medications for years. Hopefully these death rates become zero as scientists gain more knowledge with each new patient. And perhaps in the future it might also no longer be necessary to take immunosuppressants.

The heart is just a pump. My father recently needed to get two stents put into an artery after a heart attack, so this subject is especially interesting to me.

— Interesting CRISPR related articles are now being published on an almost daily basis and it is hard for me to only pick 1 or 2 every month. The best one was published today and includes interviews with some of the world’s leading geneticists. The New Yorker had a good one this week titled “Gene Hackers“. Editas Medicine will commence CRISPR gene editing trials to treat a rare form of blindness in 2017.

— And finally, a new TED video on DNA editing from CRISPR co-pioneer Jennifer Doudna.

160 thoughts on “3D Printed Comb to Treat Hair Loss”

  1. I feel this post may be a bit dismissive of the Technion University project. Certain types of bacteria are shown to be extremely effective anti-dht blockers, but they only appear naturally in 30% of men’s scalps. Engineering your own scalp bacteria to contain the right component (I believe it is Equol) and applying it topically would, theoretically, allow for effective blocking of DHT, which it appears to be already doing in the aforementioned 30% of men.

      1. Admin I totally agree that was a stupid video with a yawn of a treatment highschoolers wearing balding wigs and broken ass english. Total waste of time I was annoyed I even clicked.

      1. C’mon mjones.. you buy anything don’t you?


        can’t you tell a snake oil from a serious thing when you see, guy?

        This Fadi guy only brings bs to this blog, my god.

  2. We need YUDA type of results for any next treatment to be released. That is what is acceptable for 2015 2016 not the results of latisse

  3. Admin have you ever heard of sirt 1? Zeiring medical are about to launch it as a hair loss treatment program after to years of trials and they say it’s very effective at halting hair loss. Similar to prp but requires weekly treatment. I’m in London and going to go for a free first session where they micro needle inject it into your scalp. They ask you to evaluate its effectiveness yourself by doing hair shedding test for 10 days either side of treatment. Clearly they believe in this product to a significant degree. Ziering getting behind something means it must be promising?
    Anyone else whose heard of it please feel free to advise!

    Thanks all

    1. I hope the results are promising. I saw the website and there is nothing about Sirt1. Please update us with this treatment and best wishes for you.

      1. Even the name is bad.. Sirt1?? Does it look to you like a name of something that will put an end to this damned malady?

        No waay!

  4. Sirtuin 1 is a naturally occurring protein in the body.. That’s why it has that name. It has shown to regulate hormonal androgen related functions including local regulation of dht. There science behind the name its not all a load of crap although how well is work it’s definitely out to the jury!

    1. No need to delve into the science
      Just the name “ziering” is enough for you to know that you’re dealing with snake oil, Bs treatments.
      A bit of common sense wouldn’t go amiss fella.

  5. you can test anything in the world on your DHT levels and know for sure if it’s lowering your DHT just by buying a DHT kit.. … they sell those .. I jsut don’t think halting DHT 100% really stops hairloss… people on the big 3 start losing too..

    1. Yeah, dht is a factor but prostaglandins are the big ass hole regulators of mpb. I’m still losing on dutasteride so either the feed back loop came into play or AA’s just can’t mediate the inflammation caused by pgd2 with me. I’ll be using Setipiprant in about a month so that will be the true test. Need to get the constriction lifted so that I can regrow.by Saturday or Sunday, hopefully we will have a better chance and a better understanding of treatments, cause/effect, results and timelines as well. I suggest everyone take advantage of these group buys though because people are having good results. Just because they aren’t published in public forums doesn’t mean they aren’t being documented in the private ones.

  6. hey admin, i just want to congratulate you on being the number 1 non fascistic HL forum in the world, you should be appluaded for your effort as well as you not deleting, or silencing other members the way the other forums do, apparently swiss temples and hellouser are not allowed to report their findings and there is a rumor that there are financial interest on these popular forums, i was skeptical when i responded to another user saying I doubt this that there is some conspiracy i found out 5 minutes ago they deleted the comment even though it was on topic …

    ..your real and I appreciate that more than anything thank you

    1. I second that. Hands off the best website out there for cutting edge news on hair loss. I stopped visiting Hair loss forums and I only visit HLC for my daily dose of AGA news and analysis.

      So once again thank you Admin for a job well done

      1. your right dude, your totally right.. I was a total skeptic until recently. If anyone is skeptical I encourage you to test their waters. You’ll find out what I did. … You can even be as intelligently discreet and on topic as possible watch what happens.

        In regards to forums yes, it’s true they do silence delete and ban people with either relevant information, they also delete anyone who points that out as well as the people who merely question and doubt the fact.. sketchy.

        In regards to an international conspiracy to hide a cure? No I will never be able to believe that.

  7. The Internet and the mass communications will conquer the MPB disease! Scientists should make a private Reddit and share their researchs, but sadly this will probably never happen, cause they are too greedy for the money!

    But still should happen in the next 5 years

  8. Hi,

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    What are we expecting to get out of this hair congress and how will we hear about what is being (was) discussed?

    Is there a likely hood these doctors will share their ideas with each other or form partnerships?

    Also, what is likely to come first…
    A cure for mpb through JAK inhibitors or stem cell therapy?
    I know it’s the golden question but some opinions (even from admin) about which is more advanced would be nice to know.

    Keep up the great work, and loved the banter between everyone over the past few years (especially the past few months)

  9. Hi Admin,

    You mentioned not to emulate ‘Christopher1 on Hairsite’. What if he gets good results and no or minor side effects? Still will you wait for the FDA approval?

    and THANKS a lot for the best forum for hair loss cure. You are doing really amazing work. And also thanks to all the commentators who are sharing valuable info!!!

      1. The govt or shape shifting reptilians will probably abduct him into outer space if he grows his hair back. Christiano would engage this abduction lol

  10. christopher1 Has not posted anything from 5-11-2015 i hope he is good i think that the results where amazing thats why he just disappeared from posting updates.

  11. yeah seriously think about that, he stops posting … no pictures nothing…

    if christopher1 was on THIS WEBSITE.. we would know exactly whats happening to him. . I’m telling you guys, we are the only free and open society on the internet involving this subject and we have no one else but admin to thank for that. We have seriously been taking this for granite totally oblivious of how corrupt it is out there.

    1. I dont want to talk about a conspiracy or anything like that. BUT if you ( READER ) have tried the treatment and the results was amazing and there is no bald spot you have a full head of hair. TRUST ME you will not update about the result instead you will enjoy your hair and your life..

  12. Admin – incredible job over these years. Thank You.

    I am getting almost what I want. I want more hair but at least Christopher1 is trying out the Tofacinitib Lotion on his head (small part on his temple region).

    I have said for 1 Year on constant posts that Tofac/Rux will work with Skin Perturbation (I know longer believe skin perturbation is necessary).

    The moment is here. Christopher1 is trying it. Everything says I am right, the few scant historical facts, recent experiments by Dr. Christano, BUT watch it not work. Please let this work. Please.

    1. Adding, if Tofac Lotion does not grow hair on Christopher1 I am completely done with following the topic about future hair growth. I will let life go on with just a few less hairs on my head. That’s life.

      I am tired of all of it. I just want a cure NOW! Not in 5 years.

      Christopher1 is like Columbus discovering another world, or Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon. Do you realize his experiment could (although I would think should) give us confirmation that Tofac Lotion can grow ALL of hair back NOW! Amazing.

      I just want to know either way does Tofac work or Not Work. It should work but the way life is Probably will not work but at least it is being tried.

      I am hanging on for the next few weeks to find out. If Only… if only.

  13. Adding one last thing. If Christopher1 experiment does not work Never, Ever will I Post Or Even Go To A Hair Loss Site Again.

    I will forever let the topic go. It has been too many years, too much money spent on junk products. This is Finally It – Either Way.

    1. Hi nasa, don’t be disappointed. If it’s not work then life will not end here. Hair is a good thing to have, if you don’t have, it’ll not kill you. However we hope that tofa will work for christopher. But what my main concern is whoever try something new promising to hair growth, they didn’t update after few days. Why ? See swisstemple now christopher, they were actively sounds before starting experiment in the blog with daily update but after few days they all stopped to update the experiment. I don’t know why ? If I were like them I would never stopped to update the info even I would have been offered million dollars to stop. I would did daily update whatever it is. However if I can get that drug tofa, I really experiment that on me with daily update on this blog. I have money & courage to experiment tofa on myself but don’t know where can I get that drug.

      1. I think if Tofa doesn’t work, probably a good idea to invest some money in veneers, a squat rack, and maybe some tats… depending on the type of women you want to attract.. lol It won’t be the end of the world, bud.

    2. Grow up man! C’mon. I won’t work because you need or want. And this is not the only treatment or cure that may possibly arise.. there’re others. I wouldn’t even say that it is the most promising.

  14. I really hate some Tom and Jerry play in some hairloss blog. They are playing with their followers. But we are fortunate that there is a blog like this in internet and we are grateful to the Admin. God bless you admin. I really believe this blog will be the most famous hair loss blog in Internet world in near future & hopefully we’ll get the cure soon. Thanks Admin again.

  15. It’s been 2 weeks and still no word from Christopher1. Quite unlikely for a fellow hl sufferer not to report his results.

    1. same thing happened to swiss temples… the dude just dissapeared a few weeks ago for a period of time and his next photo is pathetic showing no improvement….. if your conspiracy theories are correct.. he was threatened to not keep informing the masses of a potential cure and decided to show a terrible photo of the “progress”

      1. Are you serious?? the masses??? what percentage of hair loss sufferers do you think this kind of stuff reaches?? BS BS BS BS!!

  16. I am hoping Christopher is getting great results, and he is letting it grow a little before he updates us… Please.. Or he has been offered a million dollars to shut up. If we don’t hear from him in 3 months, I am trying his method! lol

      1. Because it’s a different cause, and consequences too, similar but not the same. There’s differences. It may work, but not so well, or it may work similarly, or it may not work at all.

        Talking won’t make it work.

  17. nasa_rs you are putting a lot of hope on some random guy you don’t know .. never seen a picture of him at all. don’t even know his real first and last name. and he hasn’t posted in weeks, very unusual. You don’t think that’s obsessing?

    Mjones also bad news but congress will absolutely not be posting any video of their event anywhere

    “The videos will not be posted on YouTube. A link to photos will be sent to Congress attendees about two week after the conclusion of the meeting.” -WRCH personal email to me 5 minutes ago.

    So hellouser is our only source for reliable infomration

    1. Well that sucks. Why would they not want the public to see videos . This whole hair loss industry is sooooo poo fked up in every angle.

  18. That is what I heard, egghead. The conference is very secretive. It must be set up this way because then they can make sure other researchers must attend and pay the attendance fee, rather than just sit and watch the videos taken from the conference,

  19. lfma Nasa_rs got some more bad news for ya sorry bud.

    Hellouser is our only contact to the inside world of hairloss congress apparently…not only that but you can review his questions on his forum where he will be updating.

    not ONE question about Rux/Tof…so apparently you or anyone else had ZERO input on getting HelloUser to ask the most basic question you’ve been repeating for 1 year straight.

    1. You guys are going to miss the Cure waiting for some 5 years from now Peach Fuzz type cure. You need not be so Cynical as something must work as we all had all of our hair once.

      Although I have no idea why Christopher1 stopped posting. I thought it was great what he was doing for Humanity. It is suspicious that he has not done any updates. Let us know what is going on.

      1. He probably got sick from the side effects since it destroys your immune system. Very risky taking this stuff. If it worked he prob won’t post because he won’t want to jinx himself and have the treatment taken away from him. Imagine if he grew his hair back in a month. Everyone of us will be visiting our doctors for an rx. I wouldn’t say shit and continue growing hsir.

      2. Dude. Cmon… he wasn’t doing nothing for humanity, c’mon!!

        He was doing for himself. And probably failed. That’s what should have happened.

  20. Topical… Christopher stated he wouldn’t be posting everyday. He said that he would drop by occasionally, and would post pictures after the 6-8 week test….

  21. Anyone who takes that technicomb seriously is downright nuts. Look at the kids who invented it… They are frikken kids! No way they have invented something that actually works. It looks like a school project that they came up with to get a grade… lol

  22. Christopher1 was taking Topical Lotion, a little dab on his temple. He said he would try it for 1 month but I know the pill form took 4-5 months to regrow hair.

    Regardless, if he posted and said I will update once a week to let us know what is going on. Of course he knows all of us would drive him question maybe that is why he is not posting.

    If it works I will call the man a Hero.

    All Logic Tells me it should work but alas I know it will not work. I just think they will not have any real cures for 30 years – sorry guys.

    My last bit of hope is on Tofac Lotion and on Christopher1. If this does not work I am done forever waiting for a cure. My life will go on just not pasted to a hair loss board group.

  23. DHT hasn’t been mentioned at all which should tell us all; IT IS NOT THE SOURCE OF HAIR LOSS. It is a factor, but when you consider the fact that all men have more or less the same levels of DHT, logic says that DHT doesn’t really cause hair loss…. it’d be something else, like PGD2 where ONLY bald men have very levels of this

    By Hellouser

    What do you think guys ? Propecia seems waste of money and health…:p

    1. That makes sense that dht is not the reason of hairloss, but saying propecia is waste of money and health that is not true. Dht itself does not cause hairloss but it converts to harmful things like pgd2 and other enzyme causes hairloss

  24. I am happy to hear SM finished phase 2, but we still do not know the effectiveness of it. This is going to work for sure, but how good we do not know

  25. Not to side track but I just found Oclacitinib is a JAK inhibitor used for skin treatment in pets. But in my search haven’t found anybody trying it on humans or if it has any effect. BTW it is really cheap online and available widely. Did anyone come across any research on this ?

    1. I would stick to human drugs. I noticed that people seem to think any old jack inhibitor should work. I don’t think this is true. Christiano selected the ones she selected for the study for a reason, I am sure.

  26. At this point for me it is Show Me real Pictures of the person’s hair otherwise it is complete BS. And I never see pictures of a person’s hair (except for Dr. Christiano AA form hair loss sufferers).

  27. I will pray for you bro. Pray for all of us to cure this shit cosmetic disease we are plagued with. I have good feelings about samumed. It will give you more hair buddy. Not sure how much nut Def better than rogaine and latisse. Samumed should cover that bald patch the latisse guy had with thick hair.

    1. That would be great. I wish something so stupid as hair wouldn’t cause us to feel like we are unhealthy. When I was 18, I remember thinking that losing my hair wouldn’t impact negatively… I thought that because I didn’t think I would start losing my hair in my late 20s… It is funny how those who are not balding view hair loss.. lol

  28. The conference is not a place to release ground breaking announcements. It is for the research community to get together to update one another on the status of their research, and potential for the future.

    1. @DDDog

      I am not sure if I agree. Oclacitinib is safe for pets and there is no body of literature that I find available on its effect on humans. How do you say you are sure that she chose it because it is the best and not because it can’t be marketed ?

  29. There really hasn’t been any major progress since i started losing hair 10 years ago. Transplant surgeons have become more skilled but that’s about it

    1. True. A lot of theorising and plenty of promises, but nothing concrete. Sadly, this trend will continue for the foreseeable future.

  30. I’ve been rubbing fresh onion juice on my head every day past 2 weeks and seeing lots of vellus hairs popping up (and growing).

    Let soak in for 30 min, shower and apply castor & extra v olive oil right after. Scalp feels amazing and I have no further hair loss.

    I’ve previously tried fin, min, niz, ru. revivogen, laser with no success.

    1. Peter,
      Will you take before and after photos and share with us?
      I’ve heard about this onion juice remedy but have yet to see any result.
      good luck to you.

  31. I would love for tofacitinib to work but if men with androgenic alopecia took it for its xeljanz marketed purpose (joints I believe?) And didn’t see regrowth as a side effect like the ones with alopecia areata, I doubt it will work for us unfortunately. Is it worth a try, sure…but I don’t believe this is our cure. I do hope I am wrong.

  32. TAKASHI TSUJI year 2012 : “With the technology the lab has developed the stem cells required for hair regeneration can be taken from the individual in question. Tsuji expects that it will take five to 10 years to bring the technology to market. Teeth, on the other hand, he expects are two or three decades off. ”
    Maybe a great surprise soon… keep the faith.

      1. These doctors pull these numbers out of their ass. I don’t take any time lines seriously. 30 years for teeth and 5 yrs for hair. At least with tooth you can get implants that look legit. Hair is harder to cover up

        1. I agree

          But at the same time, honestly there is some custom hair prosthesis that are completly undetectable now.

          But I know no one really wants to go there, it’s just like lying to yourself

  33. amin have you seen hellouser’s updates? I can’t find them, only “I will be posting blahblabhlablh in 50 minutes etc with no follow up

    1. Who is hell houser and is he even legit. He can make up all this shit and we will buy it. I hope histogen, samumed and other researchers posy videos of their own presentations from the congress. Everything else is just rumors and exaggerating

  34. Hellhouser is supposed to be a reasonable and long time user amongst the online community for hairloss. Stop being an illuminati retard who jumps to the conclusion that everything is a conspiracy. The guy couldn’t record anything he saw at the convention, and thus has to likely type out a lengthy update of what he found. So give him some time.

    1. You guys are right I am wrong. Believe whatever hellhouser says. Someone you never met or know. I am an idiot and I should believe in hellhouser. Sorry for not trusting someone I have never met, knows if he even exists or will if he will not exaggerate what he hears from the congress. I really hope you guys don’t mske decisions in life based on anecdotes lol. I am done posting on here. Best of luck in your hairloss guys . Peace!

  35. Admin can I ask your thoughts on the moderators on the Baldtruthtalk forum?

    They are hell bent on promoting hairtransplants, we the hairloss sufferer want better treatments then what can be achieved with limited donar area, long recovery/down time.

    I have had numerous accounts there, that have been put into moderation for no reason or explanation. When you email them they dont even reply. Its just too much of an effort to post on a website where you cant be part of a conversation as it needs moderator approval before it shows up.

    There are no PMs on there either so if you want to discuss a treatment or your situation with another member privately you cannot do this (it is then on the internet for everyone to see).

    The Baldtruthtalk seems to be a propaganda driven forum.

  36. The congress in Miami was a success. DHT is not so important how the bald truth talk and as hair transplant doctors want to see.
    The hair regeneration will be a reality in less than 7 years more or less. Millions of people are very tired of the current situation in “Androgenetic” Alopecia.
    A new treatment is VERY CLOSE.


    1. 7 years more ? I am already 28. After 7 years, I’ll be 35. What will I do with this cure after 7 years ? It’s really frustrating. I’m bored with 5 years, 7 years.

  37. @Fadl: there will be big news about Replicel and Histogen, Hellouser had 40-minutes interviews with them, it will be posted soon on HLT. He said that he’s really positively surprised by Histogen.

  38. I’m 28 too Ruh, HelloUser is an old forum person on ..all forums he got banned I think from BTT, which is a HT propaganda clinic turns out everyone is realizing this just recently, I had no idea.

    HLT still is open and democratic but not as much as this blog.
    He has said he has recordings it’s all on the forum if you type in hellouser on google. He pretty much raised money from the guys on the forum all crowd funded him like a kickstarter kind of thing to go and get some shred of hope or information from the scientist themselves at the closed door meeting.

    A few of the people and groups agreed to do interviews with him outside of congress (because mics, cameras, were illegal bootlegging)…

    Hellouser has been known to be very very pessimistic on Histogen as am I and many others. Turns out he has totally changed his mind on that and has some “exciting” news when he gets back to Ontario from Miami.

  39. i am 30 on finasteride 3 to 4 years trying now laser comb minoxidil foam and aq hair complex with multivitamin vitabiotics wish this stops my hair loss; admin do you trust hellouser?

  40. What are everyone’s thought of kerastem? Looks rather promising.

    My question would be why not take the blood from the side of the scalp? Rather than the rest of the body. Same question can be applied to PRP too. Thoughts?

  41. Hello Admin,

    This is my first comment here..I really appreciate what you are doing here. I have been following this blog since last year…is there a possibility like subscription?? I mean when ever you post something new we get an email about the new topic/post…

      1. Thank you so much..really appreciate for taking time to collect all the information and putting them together at one place. Hope by 2020 the cure will be in our hands.

          1. I just copied and pasted that link into my RSS reader (Feedly) and it worked. I use a chrome extension (RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)) that adds an RSS button to the browser bar if a site has one available. All I have to do is click it and subscribe.

            Usually if someone has a reader installed, then clicking a link like that will automatically open it in the RSS reader.

  42. Hi All, new to this site! I’m also hopefull that the Jak inhibitors are the key to a cure for MPB. Looks like Pfizer is already been looking into topical Tofacitinib for treating chronic plaque psoriasis. It looks to be safe when applied topically. If this is approved, it will be the fastest way to get hold of a topical tofacitinib product.


    1. It will be great if topical tofacitinib market out soon. But at first, we should know whether it works or not with AGA. If it works then it’s a marvelous news but if not then i don’t care of this shit.

  43. Hello Admin
    Are you gonna upload a new post about the congress in Miami?
    Did you find news about it?

    Someone know something about it? (Histogen, Replicel, Sisheido, Samumed, Cot, etc, etc)

    Cheers guys

  44. Hellouser last thread today :

     I’m pretty exhausted. I was at the congress everyday from about 8-9am until around 4-6pm. To make matters worse, I haven’t had a vacation in over 3 years so I’ve sacrificed my only time off to do this. I don’t mind doing it considering its for everyone’s benefit, including my own, but I am tired.

    Cherry on top; there’s a TON of audio recordings I made. I pretty much attended as many presentations as possible with some interviews as well. I now need to sort through things and edit the audio. What I did was on the first day of presentations I tried to stop and start again recording audio once a presenter was done and the next one came up. However, I’d often be paying attention to the speakers instead of the adjusting the recording, so I’d end up pressing stop AFTER the name was announced. What I ended up doing instead was to record the whole topic in one shot. So if it was about stem cells and it included 5 speakers, I just recorded it all, which includes Q&A at various times throughout the topic (Q&A did not happen once for each speaker). So now I gotta cut it all up into separate speakers and create a new thread for EACH speaker. This is going to be incredibly tedious for a couple reasons;

    I made a soundcloud account but it ONLY allows you to upload 200 minutes worth of audio on a free account. I have about 10-20 hours worth of recordings + interviews. Soundcloud would have been ideal, but it requires payment. The next best platform is Youtube, but it requires all files uploaded to be movie files, rather than mp3s, so I need to create and export a movie file for EACH speaker.

    I took photos of the posters as well with my point and shoot, the one I mentioned I bought to record video with. I’ve got about 30 or so of them to go through and upload as well.

    I also need to finalize emails to some of the researchers, thank each one once again and get the green light on some of the posts im going to make in regards to my discussions with them to share with you guys (i need to run it by a few of them).

    There’s going to be a ton of content for you guys to listen, read and talk about, that I promise you. It’s just going to take a bit of time for me to pull everything together… also, I’m not looking forward to being back at my day job, I’m almost positive I’m going to get slammed with work that likely never got done by someone else while I was away. Sigh.

  45. Is someone in contact with Hellouser ? It doesn’t make sense that we are all sitting here waiting for some news while he is doing audio and video editing.
    He could just explain in a few sentences what’s going instead of writing this post about clouds and mp3s. Please write a short summary and than do a follow up later with all that audio and video material.

    Thank you.

    1. Trust me you will not hear of a cure or a better treatment from Hellouser. You will only hear about what are they intend to do in the future. Im sure that the congress wasn’t for releasing a new treatment but it was for chatting and discussing the available treatments and the reshearches that they are studying about. I really hope for a better treatment because it DOSENT MAKE ANY SENSE WE ARE IN 2015!!!! Come on scientist give us some better treatment than minox and fen.

  46. Yeah, the magic fairy will bring you a treatment because its unfair to not to have a new treatment after so many years with just… if the magic fairy is sick, it will be Santa for sure, it’s almost Christmas.. We all need a new better treatment!! C’mon God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, c’mon…

  47. dear son, your wish shall be granted! let there be cure next year and there will be. now go live your life fully and just wait.

    your creator
    btw, sorry for AGA. It was a bug you know

      1. Dear son,
        I don’t own the patent on Windows 10,

        The heaven and earth run on Linux

        Just a heads up, I’ve appointed FGF11 ;) to bless the humanity with the cure in year.

        stay tuned

  48. Hi guys, found a drug called oclacitinib (jak inhibitors). I’m willing to give a shot,but need help on which dose to buy ,and how to make a topical solution. I know its risky with them being made for animal use only but yolo.

  49. When samumed will publish their phase I trial results ? They told that they will publish after congress. But nothing yet found about that.

    1. I just want you all to know that I have had very good success. With using tofacitinib 30% mixed with minoxidil. I have been doing this process topically for 3 months and have achieved full follicle growth! I will update you more in 30 days. And yes that is for male pattern baldness.

  50. Look I have nothing to gain or lose! I thought I would fill you guys in on the realism of this subject so that all with negativity will quit with the stupid remarks. I have male pattern baldness and it has worked great for me. I was not completely bald but thinning and some balding on the crown. I mean what more can I say yes it’s expensive but well worth it. I just hope that it continues as I wean myself off of this medicine. Worst case scenario I will jump back on propecia.

  51. Also I would like to share for you people out there that cant afford this crazy expensive medicine. There is a alternative I have checked into the scientific make up and it seems to be the same. I must warn you though it is for animals! but the quality is the same again it’s your risk I’m not a scientist. But just to let you know if you want it cheap it is called (Apoquel). Also known as Oclacitinib. Is same jak inhibitor as Tofacitinib also known as (Xeljanz ). Obviously you guys probably know that any of these jak inhibitors are going to decrease your immune system. Just keep that in mind but also if you use it topically your chances of bad side effects are greatly reduced. So good luck to you all and please post your results as I will be happy to hear more great news. If you do decide to go the cheaper route obviously to a veterinarian for your dog it is quite a bit cheaper well significantly cheaper. And does come in different milligrams then the medicine for human. When you research it there is a chart you can look at medicine / weight. It’s very simple to figure out what you’re looking to purchase. You can get like a 60 count under a hundred bucks or so. So again good luck on your endeavors!!

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