ISHRS 23rd Annual Meeting Begins Today in Chicago

The 23rd ISHRS annual meeting just started today in Chicago, Illinois. Unlike in years past, I did not have time to write a post about this important event prior to it commencing.  In any case, I will update this page with more details over the next several days as the conference proceeds. The meeting runs from September 10-13.

Day 1

— By far the biggest and most exciting news thus far on the first day is Kerastem’s update. I discussed Kerastem in detail last year. In the new update, their small trial on 9 patients in the UK resulted in around a 20 percent hair growth from just 1 injection in all patients.  It does seem, however, that the treatment will not help those that are totally bald. These results clearly support growing research from recent years that suggests a very strong link between fat cells and hair cells.

Some key quotes from Dr. David Perez-Meza:

“The authors reported a 100% patient response rate to the Kerastem Therapy at 6-months.

We are very pleased with these initial clinical outcomes, as they represent results that are on par or better than those of traditional medical approaches to hair loss.”

— A really interesting summary of the finally available Okuda Papers from 1939 was presented by Dr. Jimenez.  In those papers, the now deceased Dr. Shojui Okuda covered his own research related to hair transplantation as well as older groundbreaking research from the 1800s!

— Valerie Horsley’s hair follicle stem cells presentation summary.

Day 2

— Dr. John Kahen’s PRP summary. Only a single patient, but great photos. Significant increase in hair density after 6 months and, interestingly, the patient saw his light brown hair become dark brown.

— Dr. Jerry Cooley presented something on bio-enhancements. Link not yet available.

— It was announced on Twitter that this was the largest attended ISHRS meeting to date in its 23 years of existence.

34 thoughts on “ISHRS 23rd Annual Meeting Begins Today in Chicago”

  1. Thanks for that post Admin, very interesting. Kerastem showed unexpectedly good result from 1 injection. They had to conduct phase II, and it begins this september and ends finally june 2017. I wonder when it will be available in Europe. If phase II ends 2017, so that won’t be sooner than Replicel in Japan… However, if Kerastem is also a cell therapy, they could just commercialise it in Japan without phase III, right?

        1. Dear Administrativno, thank you for update! Good Job! Anyway, if you visit a web site of Kerastem clincs that already “have” a treatment available, you will came to coclision that is not truth. They never heard about Kerastem. I woul like to go to Switzerland to try, it is not far away from me.

        2. Admin, I mentioned this in a below post but might as well reply to you directly, as you have the means of actually reaching people. Are you aware of detumscence and it’s reported efficacy in treating mpb? I would love to see an article about it. Inevitably everyone will be sceptical, but given the number of readers on this site, there is a sample audience out there who would try it? Most guys here risk sexual dysfunction and are considering injecting fat into their head, detumscence can be attempted by everyone surely. Please do look into it


  2. And is it known how long the effect after Kerastem injection lasts? I suppose that new hair isn’t DHT-resistant, so it will begin to thin with the time and another injection would be necessary.

  3. Their website has before and after pics. The results suck and I see no improvement. Rogaine and propecia give better results. Plus it looks like the photos are edited. Is it really that hard to fill in a hair line or bald spot with hair. My goodness! The fact that this treatment is going through trials is a joke.

  4. Please check Kerastem web site, you will find a clincs that already have that treatment available. Unfortunatly that is not a truth. They never heard about Kerastem. Can anyone explain that?

  5. I am glad they never heard of it because if they were using kerastem then the results on their website sucks. I hope kerastem will work after these trials

  6. Yeah Kerastem is a load of bull right now. The result pictures are garbage and there are only like 3 on the site, 2 of which are women and who even knows if there hair was parted 100% EXACTLY as it was in the before photo.. The guy had a weird result that is questionable at best.

    I’m in a group buy for setipiprant and will be trialing it soon enough. This is the only treatment I have an believe in right now and I’ll know soon enough if this too is garbage.

  7. Another bunch of scam artists at work. Those pictures at their website is all you need to stay way clear from them.
    I understand the frustration with this hair loss malarkey, but come on fellas! No need to trip over what is clearly another scam.

  8. Athmane. Finasteride for life? Come on… Finasteride and Minoxdil is the past of treatments for MPB. We need something better and new asap. For example: Follica, Bim, SM, Seti, CB, Replicel, Pilofocus and OTHERS that we don’t know. study of 2015 ( SPF).
    - another from December 2014.

    Again, please we need a LOT OF NEW TREATMENTS.

    Greetings for all.


    1. Paul, I appreciate your want and desire for new treatments. I’m with you.

      However, please stop the fear-mongering . There are many young men who are, and will start losing their hair with limited options to turn to. Your post is the same all the time. This is not a place for campaigning. If you want to do that, by all means write your congressman/congresswoman and the pharmaceutical companies developing drugs to fight hair loss.

      Again, I am with you in believing we deserve new and better treatments, but the fear-mongering is not necessary.

      1. I’m actually with Paul on this one. Finasteride and rogaine being the two best options right now, is absolutely pathetic that those are the “two FDA approved treatments” available for hair loss. We need something better and fast. Luckily this is for the first time in history a real possibility.

  9. These drugs will come to market much sooner than any hair stem cell cloning treatment. I would guess we are about 15 to 20 years away from a hair stem cell procedure that can give us dense coverage. So far all we see are little wispy hairs grown, fake pictures, and bs claims from sishedo stating a 2018 release date. Well they haven’t even started phase 2 in Japan yet so make that time line 2019 now . No pictures of actual dense hair growth means it’s worthless and a scam. Kerastem is just a joke so far and marketed well. Where is the fda to block this crap. Oh wait they are blocking actual treatments that work to protect rogaine and propecia Pharma sales lol. The only thing I have faith in is Bim, seti and maybe follica. Cb should have focused on hair loss first not acne. This is a big red flag in that it probably doesn’t work any better than propecia so they put the acne trial first.

  10. First and foremost, thanks for the info Admin, always great not having to dig on the internet to find out about this stuff.

    But more importantly…Whoa guys! Take everything with a grain of salt, especially the photos.
    We all know not to trust the photos. The photo of the guy looks mostly better due to his hair being grown out just a bit longer. And the women… I can’t comment but I think photos in the end are always going to come under scrutiny.
    The data/ numbers are what we should focus on. And whether they are true or not will be settled with their phase 2 trial. And more importantly phase 2 is where they start to get to test their product’s efficacy better, not just focus on making sure the product is FDA approved for safety. If it is true that it increases hair count and density by 29% in early stage balding from one treatment it is better than what we have now. I still like to remind people that a daily treatment, pill, foam or otherwise, would be shattered if you could do the same/ mildly better from a one time treatment even if that treatment had to be repeated every so often (I’m talking once every few years). That would be doable for me.
    But more importantly this is another player, testing a different technique, giving us more information. Don’t throw in all your chips and don’t throw it in the trash. Wait and see. Hope for the best.
    When our day comes and we finally get good news I hope to see you all in the streets doing a little victory dance.

  11. One question: what the f*** is the hold up delay with replicel? Anyone have an update? Phase II should have started a LONNNNG TIME AGO!

    1. Replicel just like Shiseido are waiting for the PDMA to approve these clinical trials. It can take a little while. I understand how people feel about delay after delay. But this is how the process works.

  12. Matt the hold up is due to the fact that it probably doesn’t work. Haven’t seen this treatment talked about on main stream news at all. Only company to make it on CNN and nbc news is follica. Plus the surgeon general or some high level medical govt employee mentioned follica on the Today show. Any cloning procedure like replicel or shiseido will take at least 10 years. Every dermatologist I have spoken to say this. They say that drugs like latisse will be out very soon for hair loss. I wouldn’t be surprised if seti comes out in 2017 or sooner

    1. Mjones I hate to burst yout hopes about seti however do you realize it took 8 years to get approval for rogaine foam!?..keep in mind foam has the same active ingredient as minoxidil. Sorry man

  13. So I was watching the show The Doctors featuring Dr Oz and he mentioned university of Pennsylvania aka follica that they are in development of a baldness cure around gene therapy. He said this would be out in 8 years. I am not a big fan of Dr oz just because he is known for false advertising but he mentioned follica and if it realky is 8 more years for a treatment to come out then that is just horrible. I hope the wounding technique is a different technique than gene therapy and that it comes out sooner. Plus Dr Christiano mentioned in 2013 that she will start hsir cloning clinical trials in 3 years which means now it should be starting. That will probably take 10 years. It’s never good news in the hsir loss world.

  14. Hmm…Kerastem seems interesting…though not just because of the reported results (which will, as always, be completely blown out of proportion). I don’t know whether any of you ever read Hair like a fox by Danny Roddy, but it goes into the idea of oxidative stress and inefficient metabolism causing hair loss, instead of hormonal causes. He suggests a high fat diet. Kerastem suggest injecting fat cells into your scalp. Are we just medicallizing something we could achieve naturally?

    Whilst i’m on the subject, google detumscence for hair loss. Theres a scientific paper published which apparently proves its efficacy. I’ve read it…seemed legit. think it was by a guy named Choy?

  15. Uggh Tom I totally forgot about that foam trial. You are totally right. Looks like it’s another 10 years for anything to come to market. Hopefully there is another treatment we don’t know about that has been in trials since 2005 and then BAMM it’s approved and we can buy it this year haha wishful thinking over here.

  16. Dear admin,
    Thanks to your work. I come and check this website everyday and hoping there will be some cure. Well, i should never lose my hope.

  17. SETI will not take 8 years to come to market.. 21st century cures act is still in the process of approval, but will speed up SETI and other additional treatments.

  18. Honestly though, the timeline until something new is grim. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the truth. Hopefully the 2015 hairloss congress meet will provide us all with new hope.

  19. @Emperor alopecia: not exactly, maybe is grum when it comes to ultimate cure. If new cures act comes, it will change significantly time for commercialisation. Samumed begun additional phase 2 with biomarkers and it is really possible, that this phase will be instead of phase 3. Then Samumed will be here in 2016/7. Morover, Seti don’t have to have so long phases in trials, because its safety was tested many times (when it was used for other diseases). Next, bimatoprost finished phase 2b and probably its results will be shown at the congress. And of course Replicel in 2018 in Japan. If it can really stop further loss, it is absolute winner (maybe along with good HT).

  20. If something can come out in 2016 that can stop further loss and give us density back like at least Norwood 4 to Norwood 2 or hell Norwood 3 to dense Norwood 2 that would be great. Just something to come out. For those of us who have been on treatments like propecia for 14 years deserve a new medication since the effects of propecia are quickly fading along with my hair.

  21. I seem to be having some success with PRP an Acell injections. Has anyone else experienced this or am I just imagining things?

  22. Hi Admin

    Just spoke to the clinic in Swizterland that already does Kerastem therapy. They seemed to be all over the hype on the new therapy saying if you’ve got early hair loss this treatment WILL prevent further loss. I’m yet to find out the cost but im seriously considering going there for the free consultation (Its very cheap to get to geneva from london!) Seeing as it’s your own body fat there can be no side effects so other than a bit of money i don’t see what i have to lose. Im a little more convinced about this than Prp especially as no clinic in England is an expert in Prp! Whats your opinion on Kerastem? i am being foolishly hopeful?

    Thanks man

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