3D Culturing of Hair

Update: April 2020 — Culturing human hair follicle dermal papilla cells in a 3D self-assembling peptide scaffold.

This week seems to be full of interesting developments.  Besides the upcoming 2013 ISHRS Conference starting in two days, Dr. Angela Christiano and Dr. Colin Jahoda just released their latest findings that have made global headlines. Their main discovery involves using a “hanging-drop” method (over 100 years old) of 3D spheroid culturing of dermal papilla cells, rather than a regular 2D petri dish culturing method that had failed in the past. This 3D method has shown significant success, although it is still a ways away from being able to be used in humans with consistent and safe results.

The “cure five years away” and “only tested on mice” story yet again, but nevertheless, this time I am more optimistic. I really have high hopes that Dr. Nigam’s visit to the ISHRS conference will lead to him and Dr. Jahoda collaborating in future. India has a huge number of people and lax regulations, a combination that can allow for much faster large-scale testing of new medical technologies in comparison to the western world.

First, a video with the incredibly follically blessed Dr. Christiano:

(Edit: Per the Fox News video in the link at the bottom of this post, it seems like she wears a wig and suffers from Alopecia Areata).


An audio interview from BBC with Dr. Colin Jahoda

And now some links to their findings:

Article from Nature

Article from BBC

Article from New Scientist

Article from NYtimes

Video from Fox News

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