Happy 80th Birthday to Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart of Star Trek fame is an outstanding actor and an even better human being. More importantly, he is a hair loss sufferer who was traumatized by his premature early onset balding. Today is Mr. Stewart’s 80th birthday.

HairLossCure2020 wishes SirPatStew the very best.

Patrick Stewart on his Hair Loss Trauma

It is rare for a celebrity to be so open about the turmoil experienced by his or her hair loss. Most celebrities in their prime get hair transplants or toupees. However, Mr. Stewart made the bald look cool even before basketball legend Michael Jordan did the same.

On Abuse

See this personal essay on domestic violence written by Patrick Stewart. The man seems like a genuinely empathetic and sincere person.

7 thoughts on “Happy 80th Birthday to Patrick Stewart”

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  2. When the Next Generation series was first launched there was a launch party and Gene Roddenberry the writer was asked, in front of everyone else there, including Patrick Stewart, why did they have the Captain a bald man. Surely by the 24th century they would have cured baldness.
    Gene answered by saying actually by the 24th century nobody would care.

    1. It’s very true that if hair is an easy option for everyone, then it somewhat loses its status. I couldn’t imagine Picard with hair.. we sometimes just prefer what we’re used to. That said, I think people will always prefer the security and look of their youth for themselves.

  3. Picard was an enjoyable series, even if just for nostalgia and the hot android. Half of the episodes had the feel of TNG, so that’s all you can ask for.

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