What to Make of David Sinclair and NAD?

Update: In 2019, Dr. David Sinclair made an appearance on the Joe Rogan show. He discussed NAD and other supplements in there.

Update: In a recent Linkedin post, Dr. Sinclair said that his own regimen was pretty simple: “I take 750 mg of NMN every morning, along with a gram of resveratrol and 500 mg of metformin.”

I first mentioned Harvard University’s Australian professor Dr. David Sinclair very briefly in a “brief items of interest” post in August 2016. I then covered him in a bit more detail in a post from March 2017. At that time, he presented some groundbreaking findings regarding anti-aging research in relation to increasing declining Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD or NAD+) levels in aging humans.

Dr. Sinclair states that his team does not recommend people taking NAD precursors, since they have not yet been formally tested for safety. On Amazon, it looks like NAD+ pills can be purchased legally, and they seem to be a form of Vitamin B3 (brand name Niagen). Edit: Seems like a company named Tru Niagen also sells them directly. A company names Alive by Nature also sells sublingual NAD+ and NMN online. Dosages can vary for most of these supplements.

While NAD itself is difficult to administer directly to humans, its precursors — nicotinamide riboside (NR) and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) — are promising natural compounds to test in humans. Nicotinamide riboside has been touted to reverse grey hair, wrinkles, hair loss and various other signs of aging.

Do note that human trials for NAD and NMN have been underway in recent years. This will allow more conclusive evidence of both benefits and side effects in future.

Dr. Sinclair has formulated a capsule version of a precursor to NAD+ called Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). This precursor is a naturally occurring compound that is found in small amounts in fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, cucumber, avocado and edamame.

Dr. David Sinclair has all the credentials of a reputable and brilliant scientist. For well over a decade, he has promoted the benefits of resveratrol, which is found in small amounts in red wine, grapes, berries and other related fruits. Resveratrol switches on the well known anti-ageing gene Sirtuin-1.

Dr. Sinclair has conducted significant research on how sirtuins are modulated by endogenous molecules as well as pharmacological agents such as resveratrol. Other areas of anti-aging research in which Dr. Sinclair has participated include senolytics and caloric restriction.

However, many of Dr. Sinclair’s peers accuse him of being overoptimistic and impatient. Not always a bad thing in the hair loss world, where we typically have the opposite situation. The resveratrol angle has had some hiccups over the past decade and Dr. Sinclair seems to have shifted his focus to other anti-aging research in recent years.

Dr. David Sinclair and NAD Update

Yesterday, Dr. David Sinclair’s work on NAD and its anti-aging properties was back in the news in a big way (h/t Christopher and AndyOz). There are some very fantastical points made in the article, with the most striking being:

  • Dr. Sinclair is using his own NAD molecule. He has supposedly reduced his biological age by 24 years after taking the pill.
  • The good doctor’s father is 79 years old, and has been white water rafting and backpacking since starting to ingest the molecule a year-and-a-half ago.
  • Dr. Sinclair’s sister-in-law is now fertile again after taking the pill. This despite that fact that she started to transition into menopause in her 40s. (My note: I assume this implies that she is in her 50s now).
  • Potential increase in human lifespan to 150 years of age.
  • The pill leads to a decline in age related hair loss. (My note: Ironically, I find this to be the most believable of all the above fantastical claims. Even though hair loss is as yet almost impossible to cure in most people. New hair growth is especially hard.
  • Human trials still two years away, but Dr. Sinclair aims to release the product into the market in five years.

David Sinclair Companies

Dr. Sinclair is the co-founder of a number of biotechnology companies (Sirtris, Ovascience, Genocea, Cohbar, MetroBiotech, ArcBio, Liberty Biosecurity). He is also the founder of Life Biosciences LLC, a longevity startup.

Note: make sure to not confuse Dr. David Sinclair and Dr. Rodney Sinclair (who is also from Australia). The latter is a well known dermatologist and hair loss expert, who I have covered a few times on this blog in the past.

36 thoughts on “What to Make of David Sinclair and NAD?”

  1. Aw sweet! We can now live to 150 and still not have a cure for this crap.

    I’m 72 hours of fasting down – bet restriction is the way to gain hair.

    1. Very interesting but seemingly another rewrite of the same article I’ve read 100 times. The propecia decision is still lingering and I can’t take it. To bite the bullet or go bald? I don’t know.

      1. Do it now, I did it and nothing happened. Don’t be stupid. Please please please, don’t be stupid. Worse case scenario you quit and that’s it , good case scenario you keep your hair.. Besides, you are not going to need your d without your hair anyways

      2. Don’t know about the hair but unless NAD caused a placebo effect lowering my heart rate and blood pressure this is one of those rare instances when the product is amazing. True Niagen is on amazon and the 5 star reviews out number all the rest combined. After 6 months my blood pressure is better than 120/80 and heart rate is in the low 60’s!

  2. “Available in 5 years” … LOL why is it always 5 years away? … OK anyway. If its a new drug you need full clinical Trials which means many years and not just starting in 2020 and available in 2023. But if its not the allready known Supplement then why not just buy it now? Obviously they do a minor Change in Formula or delivery Method and ask for more Money.

    1. have been taking tru niagen for four months and hair growth is visible….even in very front. Never even thought about hair regrowth with this product but i have it.

    2. The human clinical trials on NMN have been underway for months, in Sinclair’s lab as well as studies at Keio University and University of Washington. The article is specifically talking about new techniques for organ regeneration which are set to start in 2020. Not sure why that is so hard to believe. What Sinclair really said ? Who knows. Follow him on twitter for the latest. The interview was paywalled for an Australian publication and probably massively distorted by the tabloid press.

  3. @admin: What happens with new treatments for MPB? Any new news? Samumed, Polichem, Histogen and Follica in phase 3. Follicum is in Phase 2b.

  4. Who was it on here who claimed to find a doctor in nyc to presribe avodart? I can’t find a dermatologist or hair specialist who will prescribe it.
    On that note, the same guy mentioned the doc also prescribed him hgh for hairloss. I’m interested to know how that worked out.

  5. @Joe Johnson. My doc who is not an endocrinologist, but specializes in Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, wanted to put me on a very low dose of HGH to combat low T. But, warned it could speed up hairloss! I got spooked and decided against it. It seems to be a pretty contentious area of medicine. Just a thought..

    1. HGH is likely to cause hair growth. I run HGH 5 IUs daily and my hair hasn’t looked this good in years. Most docs will put you on 1.5-2 IUs daily which will also help.
      Tons of other benefits too:
      -better mood
      -improvement in skin
      -repair of old injuries
      -helps with fat loss
      -helps retain muscle
      I honestly feel like I started looking 5 years younger within a few months of starting it. Gook luck!

  6. Sinclair: I see this laid out in my mind, every step. But it’s happening faster than I imagined–it’s taking 10 years instead of 20 years.

    Interviewer: When will it be ready for humans?

    Sinclair: This will impact humans within a decade.

    —That was 2007.

    And this from 2007… *[Sinclair’s] company has developed a supercharged version of resveratrol, called SRT501*

    Fast forward to 2010 —> The company suspended the study after several patients developed kidney failure. They have “no further plans to develop SRT501.”

    1. I think scientists just try to outdo one another in bold claims rather than pragmatic solutions to problems you see this everywhere.

  7. PolarityTE announced that they will be presenting at the National Clinical Conference of the American Professional Wound Care Association, between September 6-8. they will present an ‘abstract’, “Regeneration of Full Thickness Hair-Bearing Skin” don’t know how detailed this abstract will be though.

  8. Judging by interviews Sinclair is the most conservative of all the longevity researchers too. Reversing menopause is a pretty sci-fi claim surprising to see a Harvard person saying that. I’m curious whether George Church is orbiting around this whole thing.

    I’ve finally got topical fin mailed to my house it’s been 1 year! Finally found a product, linked my dermatologist prescription..finally! I’ll be taking pics.

  9. The increase in lifespan in mice on NAD supplements is 3%. Multiples studies have confirmed there is essentially no increase and all benefits are to health span.

  10. It’d be a miracle if these claims were legit, but as usual, it’s 5 years away. It’s always just far enough away to not be imminent. It’s amazing how that works!

  11. @admin or anyone else who knows this:

    I’m sure I read somewhere that Hasson and Wong have stopped their topical Fin prescriptions, or stopped administering it. Was there a post to this? Can’t find it.

    Does anyone have info as to why?


    1. @gbh…I don’t think Hasson and Wong have stopped with their topical fin prescriptions, it’s just that they are not available to US patients and cannot be shipped to the US………..based on my inquiry to them. I believe you can get topical fin 1% with a prescription thru Medical Wellness if you are interested.

  12. I have tried Hasson and Wong’s topical fin!
    It has strong sides just like the pill. Their supply is also super inconsistent. Sometimes you have to wait 3 months to get a refill and they recommend buying it fresh —- I would find another supplier !

  13. Just waiting for the phase 2 results from Shiseido to blow these have-a-go chemists out the water.

    Should be any ….. minute ….. now :-)

  14. To all my brothers thinking about taking Propecia I strongly advice you not to, which is what I’m doing by simple logic:

    Propecia’s best case scenario -> You regrow a bunch of hair and maintain for years.

    Probable case scenario -> You maintain for a few years without regrow. Sometimes it doesn’t even have much effect at all.

    Bad scenario -> Sexual side effects, gyno, things that might require surgery or administration of testosterone or other annoying/expensive treatments.

    WORST CASE SCENARIO -> Literally game overing your life, becoming numb emotionally, living with constant brain fog, losing your cognitive capabilities to some extent and even short term memory, anihilation of your sex drive for good or for a good amount of years, etc., etc., etc.

    I urge you all to hold onto your minox + keto like your life depended on it (maybe it does!) and to keep going strong, the cure is CLOSER THAN EVER. I am 100% sure than in the next year or two we WILL have the results of a study or clinical trials that will be the cure we have all been waiting for.

    I don’t know about you, but I rather be bald for a year or two until the cure comes out than, imagine if, you had the worst case scenario in Propecia and the cure eventually came out. You could get back your hair but for nothing at all since now you have a whole other host of issues to deal with that have been studied 100000x less than hair loss.

    Don’t play yourself. Stay calm. Try to stay strong. We can do this brothas.

    1. This happened to me. Lost morning erections within the first week. Also came with soft erections and low sex drive. Running Clomid helped but it still took 2-3 years after getting off it to feel normal again (more or less). I run HGH now. that helps. I will consider cycling TRT as well. Feeling awesome, wanting sex, and being buff are easily just as important as hair.

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