TA-65, Telomerase Activation and Hair Regrowth

Update 2019: TA-65, telomerase and telomere expert Dr. Bill Andrews is the scientific lead for a new company called Libella Therapeutics. It will soon treat patients with gene therapy in Columbia to increase telomere length and reverse aging. Also, make sure to see my new post on NAD, NMN, and Dr. David Sinclair.

TA-65 Reviews and Purchase Options

TA-65 for Telomerase Activation.
TA-65 for Telomerase Activation and Cell Rejuvenation.

TA-65 contains a molecule called Cycloastragenol, which is derived from a Chinese herb called Astragalus (Huáng Qí). You can read the reviews through 2019 and purchase T.A. Sciences TA-65 via here –> TA-65 Telomerase Activation Capsules.

To purchase a less expensive alternative, see –> Healthycell Telomere Length Telomerase Activators. Another one called Isagenix Product B seems to be out of stock.

Telomeres, Telomerase and Hair Growth

Youtube is a never ending goldmine of discoveries. Last year, I stumbled upon a highly interesting 2012 video from Dr. Ed Park titled “The Hair Show“. It is embedded below, along with my detailed analysis following the video. Dr. Park also published a 2018 video on 11 years of telomerase activation therapy.

I was impressed with Dr. Park’s breadth of knowledge about hair biology, despite him not being a hair specialist or dermatologist. His instructive presentation is also interspersed with some really funny imagery.

My Analysis

Among the more interesting items in the first half of the video were:

  • 3:30 = A diagram showing the dermal papilla, hair follicle matrix, keratinocytes and more.
  • 7:00 = A very useful table on hair throughout the body. Including what percent is in anagen (growth) phase verusus telogen (resting) phase in each region of the body at any given time. Also covered is duration of hair growth phase by region of body. Just prior to this table, Dr. Park also lists interesting facts about hair.
  • 10:30 = He talks about hair loss being a sign of aging. Kind of true, but not always. Some people go bald in their 20s, but live very long lives. This would imply that hair loss is not necessarily a sign of aging throughout the body. Also, some people who die of old age still have a very full head of hair.
  • 15:00 = He talks about grey hair being a sign of the destruction of melanocytes (make sure you read my post on the cure for grey hair). He then discusses DNA damage, TGF-beta, apoptosis and other issues that impact hair pigmentation. He includes some charts in there that are beyond my understanding.
  • 16:30 = Quote –>”I would stop looking at the whole issue of testosterone and male pattern baldness…dry hole so to speak. Androgens are not the “root” cause of baldness.” All of us hair loss sufferers are sick of medications targeting dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and not curing hair loss. And none of us are going to get castrated to stop testosterone production. So this statement from Dr. Park cuts through the chase. Moreover, most of the new discoveries and research related to a hair loss cure that I have covered in the past 2.5 years do not involve targeting testosterone or DHT whatsoever. We have now moved beyond that area of research that has held us back for decades. Dr. Park made a great point, even though I am not sure if he knows of all the new research targeting other pathways to hair regeneration.
  • 16:40 = He starts discussing telomeres and telomerase therapy, the main focus of the remainder of the video. Note that Dr. Park has published a well reviewed book on this subject titled: “Telomere Timebombs: Defusing the Terror of Aging”.

Telomeres versus Telomerase

Telomeres are repetitive nucleotide sequences (i.e., sections of DNA) at the ends of our chromosomes that protect them from damage. In humans, this sequence is represented by the acronym TTAGGG (where “T” stands for thymine, “A” stands for adenine and “G” stands for guanine). As we age, telomere ends become shorter each time cells divide, and this finally leads to cell death.

People with longer telomeres tend to have longer lives than those with shorter telomeres. You can get the length of your telomeres measured at specialized labs. Probably not a good idea for people who are hypochondriacs or suffer from anxiety.

Telomerase is an enzyme that adds the TTAGGG telomere sequence to the ends of chromosomes. Telomerase in effect replaces the short bits of DNA known as telomeres,

Slowing Ageing via Telomerase Therapy

Many researchers think that that reversing the shortening of telomeres through temporary activation of telomerase may be a potent means to slow aging. Among the ways to do this would include drugs, gene therapy and metabolic suppression. Increasing telomere length could even reverse aging, although there is a lot of controversy behind this theory. In any case, for those interested in this subject, two of the leading experts in this area of research have both recently published new books:

  1. Bill Andrews — “Telomere Basics: Curing Aging”. Also see this this inspiring video on Mr. Andrews.
  2. Micheal Fossell — “The Telomerase Revolution: The Enzyme That Holds the Key to Human Aging”….

TA-65 — Does it Grow Hair and Darken Grey Hair?

The second half of Dr. Park’s video above delves into Telomerase activation and how it can regrow hair and reverse grey hair. He gives a number of examples of this and even has some real patient testimonial interviews in there, including a 112 year old called Soledad Mexia! Unfortunately, she died two years later.

However, this case and testimonial makes Dr. Park’s video seem more legitimate. One caveat is that Ms. Mexia only took the pills for 3 days per the video. It does seem hard to believe that she got some darker hair so fast. It is also impossible to see the darker hair in the video, but I believe her family members when they say so.

TA-65 Review

In the second half of the video, Dr. Park heavily promotes a very expensive and controversial product called TA-65. This product is manufactured by T.A. Sciences and contains a molecule called Cycloastragenol that is derived from a Chinese herb called Astragalus. There are numerous people (including respected scientists such as Dr. Bill Andrews) who believe in this product. But there are also a lot of nonbelievers.

Amazon reviews tend to be mixed. You also have to be very careful about fake reviews on Amazon, especially for an expensive item such as this. More on the controversy behind TA-65. To be fair, there are also studies supporting the potential of TA-65: see this 2011 study showing TA-65 being beneficial to mice; and another study from 2013 showing some potential benefit in humans.

In any case, in both Amazon reviews and on Google searches for terms such as “TA-65 and hair growth”, you will see positive and negative testimonials. In my opinion, TA-65 is not worth purchasing unless you make at least $200,000 a year and can afford to blow away this kind of money.

It is also likely that other much cheaper products that activate telomerase will come to the market in the near future. In fact, the price of TA-65 has come down from $2000 per month several years ago to under $600 a month today.

Note that in a Quora question and answer session, in response to the following question related to TA-65:

“Is the TA-65 yet proven to be effective in lengthening telomeres in humans?”

World renowned longevity researcher Dr. Aubrey De Grey stated the following:

“My information is that yes, there is clear telomere elongation. Whether that is a net positive for postponing age-related ill-health remains an open question.”

222 thoughts on “TA-65, Telomerase Activation and Hair Regrowth”

      1. The publication is from 10 years ago.

        Within a timespan of 10 years, they already should have found some significant hair loss solution with Telomerase … so it’s not the desired hair loss fix.

        They still might be afraid it causes cancer.

        And … how on earth can this TA-65 be a “Nobel Prize Technology”?

  1. That is all very interesting yet way far away from us I think, thanks for keeping up the great work admin and please don’t mind us nagging around here, its just like being hungry and watching a juscy steak in TV.

  2. 10;30… Admin, some people (very lucky!) never go bald nor even thin while aging… Balding and aging are not linked, that’s for sure, or no one would escape! As you put it, some people start balding just after puberty, it is not an age related disorder, there is something else behind this phenomenon, something really tricky, but I’m pretty sure aging is not a factor.


    It just happens, that it is progressive so it’s obvious that – to the people it affects, and they are the majority, the older the balder, and that makes people think that both things are linked, but they are not!!

  4. **just a correction:… It’s age related (because it only starts after some age) but it’s not related to the aging process (because some people go bald very early in life and some people never go bald, even at a very old age).

  5. Admin, please tell something positive.
    I can not anymore listening this negative comments, please.
    Can we expect anything in next 2 years, maybe from shiseido or Angela Christiano?

    1. Jere, I want something positive. I don’t know how long you have been losing your hair, but after they cry wolf 372 times it is hard to have a positive take after many, many years.

      What is interesting to me given genetic sequencing, DNA testing and all this amazing work they can’t figue out AGA or other chronic diseases. Why can’t they cure everything one might wonder, ha.

      Okay, there will be a cure in 4-6 weeks. I will let you know when. Okay?

  6. jere, no one here is a foreteller man. We all hope it’s close, but it’s only hope! Until they (researchers, companies involved) let us know there’s no way to predict. All is hope and guesses for now. Sorry man.

    1. Netshed, you have one other comment in this thread with links in there. Nothing I could see in the spam folder, so not sure why it disappeared.

  7. But I have some certainties that I think are good reason for optimism… One of them is that AGA is not connected to aging (these two things are just both progressive and so, coincidental, but totally independent from each other).

    The other one is that, as already demonstrated, hair follicles miniaturization is reversible. An experiment where some miniaturized hairs were implanted into a mouse they grew big and got normal again.

    So, what this means is that, at some point when we discover exactly what it is that blocks the follicles from growing and functioning normally then no matter how old you are you’ll probably be able to get your hair back!!

  8. No cures guys only better treatments. Don’t expect Hugh school hair density again. I am happy with a thick Norwood 2 with no more thinning.

  9. Plus women are attracted to men with slight temple recession just as long as the hair behind and all over scalp is thick.

  10. If they figure out how to manipulate hair cells, there will be a cure. There won’t be such a thing as a “treatment” for it, unless that means it just stops balding, but doesn’t cause growth. They will either come out with something that will completely manipulate the cells and reinvigorate them, or the product simply won’t work, like turning on a faucet. Why would a product only regrow part of your hair if it worked by the proper mechanisms necessary to manipulate your genetically predetermined scalp follicles and spark hair growth? People need to stop thinking about hair loss like it is a normal disease or disorder. It is unique.

  11. “No cures guys only better treatments. Don’t expect Hugh school hair density again. I am happy with a thick Norwood 2 with no more thinning.”

    If a treatment is capable of regrowth to NW2 status, then why wouldn’t it be able to induce NW1 regrowth? The logic of some of your guys.

  12. Khourii…Kid? I am older than you…

    Pubmed don’t lie like you Khourii.

    Finasteride is a dangerous drug.


  13. They probably can’t do it at all guys. Watch them just release some stem cell treatment that gives similar results like kerastem. The fked up thing is researchers actually think kerastem is progress and a break through. This is what worries me about hair loss researchers. It’s like this field of medicine is just cursed. Shit even acne has numerous prescription meds to fight it. We should have at least 8 different prescription drugs to combat mpb. Regardless if they are cures or not at least more treatments to use if propecia and or rogaine stop working. Most of us can’t tolerate propecia and rogaine stops working then we are stuck with nothing to hold on to our hair. Fking blows. The worst is when something new comes out it will be too late to help us. That will be a kick in thr balls.

  14. Hair loss is not like anything else. Very simple reason there. Kerastem doesn’t work. Also simple as that. If they figure out how to regrow hair, it will be something that they can do to the whole scalp. You know how I know Kerastem doesn’t work? I don’t see any rich people or public officials getting their hair back. If there was something that could regrow hair, even mildly, people would be jumping on planes by the hundreds and heading over seas. You think Prince William wouldn’t be the first guy on that ish if it worked? lol

  15. Prince William would have used propecia if he was a regular dude. But the monarch probably told him it might cause impotence so they didn’t risk it since there needs to be a heir to the thrown.

    I heard that Cuba had research labs where they are curing all sorts of diseases including mpb. Cuba actually has some of the best health care systems in the world. It’s our country and the fda that is greedy and corrupt. They pass GMO salmon and chicken with arsenic to feed the population bit won’t quickly approve a hair loss cure. F it man

  16. Naw… Cuba isn’t true. No one would use Propecia if there was another treatment available. I watch the NFL every Sunday, and all of these NFL owners are balding, or bald. If there was anything out there, this would not be the case. lol If Kerastem worked, Prince William would have his own Kerastem guy at his palace.

    1. Watch Prince Harry thin / bald during the upcoming years! They both might act like they don’t care, but I agree with DDog, if there was a solution ( not propecia ), both princes would not have a single bald spot at this moment!

  17. The summary is that there is not cure till today. This world started caring about hairloss around only 10 years ago which is not enough time,so when need more time to find the cure but the victim is us

  18. Guys, I have female pattern hair loss. I just wanted some advice…
    I was diagnosed this year and started taking minoxidil in August. I have also been having treatment with LLLT in a clinic since June. My question is, is LLLT worth it? I’m spending a lot money on it and I feel like I’m being pressured into having more treatments as the hair specialist keeps saying the treatment is making your roots thicker, but I’m not sure if that’s down to the LLLT or if that’s the result of minoxidil. Would be grateful if anyone can offer some advice. Thanks!

    1. Sorry to hear about your problem. There are a lot of clinics that constantly pressurize you to get LLLT when it does not work for a lot of people. I think PRP is a better option, but you really have to choose the correct doctor for that. Maybe 5 or so in the whole country that I would trust. Even with those 5, PRP won’t always work.

      Sorry to be pessimistic.

    2. Sorry to hear you have female pattern hairloss.

      Every patient is different, so it’s not easy …
      I used the Hairmax Laser Comb Professional 12 for 1 year.
      4 times a week, 10-20minutes.
      For me it was useless.
      Now minoxidil slows down my hair loss rate.

      So my experience with LLLaser is not very positive. It improved my skin though, my psoriasis almost disappeared.

      1. Netshed, you mean it improved your scalp skin? And do you know for sure you had psoriasis versus seborrheic dermatitis?

        1. My GP told me years ago I have psoriasis on the scalp, as it is patchy and it is especially located on places where psorasis often develops. However, I understand from other people that GP’s and even dermatologist sometimes mix up seborrheic dermatitis with psoriasis. They never did a biopsy…

          All I know is, my skin improved due to the LLL. I stopped using the comb because my hair loss did not halt, of course the patches came back on my scalp. I now use Revita every other day, and my scalp skin is very clean and less inflamed.

  19. Have you guys heard of 82M minoxidil solution? It has retinoid, minox 5%, some other stuff. Seems to get better reviews not sure about it. Anyone ever try it?

  20. Wow, you guys are so fast at replying, thanks!! I would try out PRP but this is all getting too expensive for me now. I already spent 1,600k on LLLT for one year’s use. Since I started the LLLT at a similar time to minoxidil, how am I suppose to know if the improvement I’ve had is due to only minoxidil or due to combining both as a treatment. So confusing!

    I told a guy that I had this hair loss problem and ever since I told him, he’s ignored me. This guy has always claimed he liked me and chased me for about five years but soon as I mentioned I had hair loss, he didn’t want to know me. I thought guys would be more understanding…

    1. You are right.

      If you use different treatments at a time, it is very hard to determine which one is improving your hair loss situation. And now you might be afraid to drop one (laser) because your situation might become worse if you drop that one. This is a very difficult decision …

      About the guy: there are a lot of people who do not understand what the impact is of hair loss. They may discriminate you, ignore you, hate you, while you are already dealing with enough trouble.

      By the way, I think there are a lot of male posters here on this blog. It might be a good time that some quiet female readers dare to post their feelings, situation and/or ideas.

      Afterall: we are all in the same shitty situation!

  21. Admin : do you know if some scientists have implanted miniaturized follicle into the back or sides or arm to see what happen? May be miniaturized follicles can growth thicker in another place of the body (as they growth in Mouses back) and in this case we can ínter change follicles…

    1. Ggg, Dr. Jahoda implanted several hairs into his wife’s arm, but I do not think they were miniaturized since he is not balding. Do a search on this blog via top right magnifying glass icon for Jahoda.

  22. I have just watched videos from CES 2016…cant believe they do so much when it comes to technology…but nothing for hair loss even it is a big money maker….

  23. I guess I will stick to LLLT for six months seeing as there isn’t too many options for me as it is anyway.

    It’s really put me off dating all together to be honest. I’d be too scared to tell guys after the experience I’ve just had. I honestly thought men would be more understanding because most of the male population have the same problem. This hair loss thing hit me hard. For a woman, hair signifys beauty.

    It’s weird because If people would ask me what my best feature was, first thing I’d always say was my hair lol. Everyone would always tell me I had beautiful long hair, or that they liked my hairstyle. But all of that has now changed, in a space of a year.

    1. Your story shows again, that a solution should be found during the upcoming years for all the hair loss sufferers.

      The psychological impact is still underestimated, especially by the people who never experienced a hair loss or skin condition.

      Sufferers might miss opportunities in life due to the fact that they feel different themselves, but above all, because they are treated differently by other people.

      Scientist should help everybody with this problem:
      Alopecia Androgenetica or Alopecia Areata, female or male, young or old, sick or healthy!

      1. I am confident it will be here before we die. It is just a shame we will miss out on a lot of opportunities before then.

        1. I don’t wanna die bald.. I don’t care that all goes to waste, will turn to dust and so on. I wanna display a beautiful full thick head of hair at that coffin and people commenting: oh, it’s such a pity, such a beautiful hair he had, it’s lamentable.. lol

  24. Somebody that can get jak inhibitor make their own cream to try to make their own treatment. I would but i can’t get it. Try to use dmso to get it in your scalp. Please be proactive as a individual. Don’t wait for a company to make it . Cures are not good for business. Want to use a person to use as a trail person i would.

    Thanks and email me if serious


    1. Ryan it won’t work. Christiano has the exact formula and dose for jak. We don’t have it. You can’t just put a topical jak on your scalp and expect it to work. Plus it’s not safe

    2. How they are not good for business. Can you imagine the mountain of money a baldness cure would amass. It’s unthinkable! As of today there are only treatments and they barely work, just a small percentage of people try them, many give up because results are usually unsatisfactory. A cure at an affordable price would be sought after by 100% of sufferers, no doubt, not the ridiculous 10% that currently seek some kind of aid. 90% do just nothing and resign themselves. But that because there’s no other option only.

  25. My mother doesn’t have hair loss and my father didn’t get any hair loss until the age of 63, prior to this his hair was always thick and healthy. Don’t know how I manage to get it

  26. So how come there isn’t a WCHR next year? I looked when the next one was scheduled, and it said it wasn’t until late 2017. So is that correct? Will there not be any huge “get together” of the companies for two years? Or will there be some other congress/conference this year?

    1. The least knowledgeable person here attaking finasteride. To let you know finasteride will keep saving thousands of people from balding and you will only go down and get nowhere!

      1. Propecia is awful, and isn’t a long-term solution. It will be banned soon after the PFS studies come out. The withdrawals after you come off of it are potentially disastrous. We will see.

      2. Hair or be a man? I choose be a man. It basically helps hairloss by preventing natural male hormones, that’s not a treatment, unless you’re preparing for a sex change.

  27. Sorry Khourii. Finasteride is really bad for health. Read all Pubmed studies. Khourii you are least knowledgeable person here. Read more Pubmed. And think about people health. I’m a medical health professional. Don’t think about your money.

    Pathetic hair loss indutry… People like Khourii don’t help.

  28. @nutshed, I unfortunately have a skin condition too but just happen to be use to it since I had it at the age of 5 and to be honest in comparison to others mine hasn’t been too bad. Most people don’t know I’ve got it. The hair loss thing just gave me another additional problem to deal with.

    I would probably be eligible to get the JAK drug and hence use topically, however I wouldn’t want to use it until it gets approved. I’m a scientist that deals with drug safety, and I would be too scared of the side effects, would want everything tested properly and wouldn’t want to waste time or money unless I know it works for sure.

    @mjones, yes dad has hair loss but only in his senior age, around 64/65. He is 68 now and his hair loss isn’t bad to be honest, still has loads of hair. I got it when I was 28. I don’t have any brothers, but my sister got the autoimmune alopecia areta when she was ten. I understand, there is no connection between this type of hair loss and our hair loss though

    1. Hi Kavi,

      I think Mjones meant:
      Is/was your maternal grandfather bald/balding?
      Are/were the brothers of your mother (uncles) bald/balding?
      Same questions might be relevant for the paternal side too …

  29. Sorry Khourii. Finasteride is really bad for health. Read all Pubmed studies. Khourii you are least knowledgeable person here. Read more Pubmed. And think about people health. I’m a medical health professional. Don’t think about your money.

    Admin don’t delete my comment. Please.

    1. Not deleting anything. Too many links makes your comment go to spam and I have to approve it if I remember to check the spam folder. Please talk about something related to this post anyway as you have made your point enough times.

  30. Sorry for the off-topic. But we want to “fight” to get a new treatment…That’s the truth.

    Sorry again. Great job and awesome blog.


    1. I know MPB hurts you, but you shouldn’t ask this question every day. You will know when a new treatment is for sure coming.

  31. Tk admin, I read your post about yahoda, but I wondering maybe nobody tried to implant miniaturized follicle in the back of the head to try to reawaken.

    May be this follicles growth healthy in another place. Maybe there is something related to top area, blood or something, and not only in the follicle, Could it be possible ? What do you think?

    1. ggg, miniaturized hair have been implanted into mice already. It worked. They got big again. It proves reversion is possible.

  32. You can’t cure mpb unless it’s done via gene therapy before you hit puberty. Best treatment is stem cell transplants like susheido. If they can get hairs to reawaken and reboot our scalp to grow hair then we are golden

    1. Shiseido is not gene therapy. It is just Replicel technology. They will multiply a part of the follicle, the dermal sheath cup cells and inject them back into the scalp. They don’t alter the cells, just multiply them. You know that.

        1. Yes what are you doing here man? Please get out of here if you don’t want a new EFECTIVE treatment or a cure get out of here….

      1. Khouri you might be right but please stop spreading the negative vibes man. Continue with the same attitude and you will be the only man left without a baldness cure in the future :).

  33. Anyone been seeing the progress of Swisstemples? The guy made his own method of dealing with mpb and has been showing some pretty promise results in regrowth. Might give it a shot.

  34. He spends all day messing with his hair.. burning/poking his scalp, and spreading oil all over it. That is not a practical solution. I do like how he has shown that hair can be regrown from a part of the scalp that was bald formerly.

  35. Hi admin, im doing some personal research on mpb, i was wondering if you or someone else could answer a question (so far google didn’t help). Are you aware of any case of a woman that, while experiencing pattern baldness, gave birth to a non-balding son?

    1. No, Ggg, but I’m pretty sure the effect would be the same as in mice, it would grow. But I don’t know if it has been tested, it should!!

  36. K. The child would have just as much an equal chance of going bald if his mother wasn’t going bald and just his dad going bald. Mpb gene comes from both sides of the family. However, it seems to be more dominant from the mother side.

    1. That’s true my friend. However I’m starting to think that would be the case only if the mother had a “balding” AR gene on one of her x chromosomes. The androgen receptor seems to play a central role (at least from what I’ve seen) in cell apoptosis and inflammation in follicles so maybe it’s just a matter of having a good ar gene or not and the other balding genes simply amplify the problem. Were you destined to have many &/or high affinity receptors in your scalp? Here’s a ticket to bald city. If not, then you can never go bald. Of course most people are somewhere in the middle. The thing is, we can’t remove receptors from our scalp without extensive gene hacking (which is a loooooong way ahead). From what I see, the only ways to tackle hair loss are: 1.finding a way to apply an ar antagonist topically (not just an enzyme blocker like finasteride) which is impossible right now without systemic side effects. 2. Block the signaling pathway that is causing this process (which starts from the ar) at some point. 3. Cell transplant (fingers crossed for replicel). I’m not an expert though so take everything I said with a pinch of salt. Sorry for the long post.

  37. I just want to comment today about the article which as we know has no relation to MPB clinical trials:


    I’m definitely in everyone else’s camp when i wish things would move quicker in this area and we could all go back to having handfuls of thick hair all over our scalp. As you can see these trials can sometimes go badly for whatever reasons. Just a word of caution for those that want the experts to risk it all and speed up the trials. We want a cure, but we need something safe and viable.

    Also, Admin what are your thoughts on CRISPR? Apparently this is also something going through trials with the ability to change specific strands of DNA. Perhaps change the type in our balding genes?

    I believe CRISPR, Shisheido and maybe the JAK inhibitors(as a topical). I don’t wish for a topical unless it offers to be an apply once every x years deal. Shisheido/Replicel seems quite ideal and fairly realistic, i’ll be looking forward to the end of their clinical trials to see the efficacy .

    As for all the comments about rich balding men. Perhaps they have become accustomed to being hairless and they’re so rich and powerful that it doesn’t effect their self esteem. I think for us in the working world our hair means much more to us.

  38. No way. Hair means as much to the rich as it does to the poor. The rich most likely care ever more since they are constantly in the public eye… That is why they get plastic surgery…

    CRISPR could be big for hair loss. We will see.

  39. Even if Histogen can regrow 50% of the hair, it will fall back after 2/3 years and we don’t know how safe it is to inject a unknow product in the scalp.

    Replicel show it can regrow at least 10% of the hair (refering to phase 1 trial) , but what is interesting it’s durative and may be permanent.

        1. Ddog, the effect of making one’s existing hair thicker will be the same or better in the end. It’s not necessary to create new hair if you can make your existing hair grow normally again. It will show off eventually.

          If 10% of your own hair (which is invisible now cause it’s miniature) grow strong again (by using minoxidil or whatever) you’ll get the same result, visually, as if this 10% was brand new hair, don’t you think?

          I mean, the miracle holy grail cure would be one that reawakened to full growth 100% of your mini follicles again.

          1. I am not sure. Seems like minox causes a lot of people to lose hair. Sucks that you have to put it on every day, also. I think growing 10% of my health hair back permanently sounds better.

          2. Better yet would be if along reawakening all of the weak follicles some others were created. That would give you more hair than you’ve ever had in your life!! lol

          3. Guys, it’s like you get with 1 injection 10% of your hair back WITHOUT using your donor area like HT.
            The 10% hair back was 1 injection of Replicel, imagine with multiple injections…

  40. I’m just really excited to see samumed’s phase 2 results. I feel like it’s a promising product. And the fact that it allegedly creates brand new hair follicles is great. The fact that they are rushing through trials so quick gives me a good inclination that it works and they want this product on the market. Just imagine getting some new hair from samumed and then that hair combined with the hair gained from minoxidil… very hopeful 2016 ahead of us. The phrase 5-10 years is almost dead guys!!

        1. 10% sucks ass! That’s actually very embarrassing for a company like that. Worst than current treatments. They need to yield 50% regrowth or better to be considered. Sorry bit it’s 2016, and the future is now. Latisse results are unacceptable

          1. I guess it will be necessary more rounds of injections to a achieve good results. They say these next trials are to establish the best dosage and frequency. I remember their former CEO David Hall saying all they need to find out is the ideal dosage and frequency of injections and that by doing so, they could have a cure! I think, by this, he means a 100% recovery.

            but all is my opinion.. lol

          2. that’s it Dim… they think that with multiple injections and regulating dosage they will greatly improve on those results and maybe even lead to a full recovery, a cure so to speak. I think they aim on that.

  41. And they have been testing on high Norwoods so when they release pics there should be no doubt whatsoever how efficient it is.

  42. I would be so happy if they just showed us the cure! Even if they couldn’t release it right away. Would it be great to have piece of mind?

    1. If a cure is finally presented to us, like in alopecia areata, something like that, even if they said it would take 5 years until it can reach the market, I’d be thrilled, would buy the most expensive champagne and drink the entire bottle!! lol

  43. Julián and admin: my idea es take miniaturized follicle and in the hole implant normal follicle from back , and in the back hole implant miniaturized follicle. Follicle permutation, so you never miss any follicle. Would not be it a cure?

      1. the amount of work… I believe it would work, the hairs from the back would grow like in a regular transplant. And the mini hairs taken to the back would reverse to normal. But the amount of work to do that with all of them would be unimaginable!! It can’t be done.. but your idea is great, and I believe it would work. Maybe ARTAS could make things easier, I don’t know.

  44. A full cure would ofcourse be great! But I would also be happy if their product only turned out to be “half” a cure. Samumed are the only company with a Wnt pathway product right?

    1. Samumed won’t be a cure. You guys need to be realistic. It will be a rogaine on steroids. If this can give us 30% growth all over the scalp then it would be great. The fact that it can create new follicles is really impressive. This is not miniaturized hairs growing terminal but new forming follicles. If this can grow back 30% hair and stop further loss then it will be a game changer. Use this for like 5 to 10 yrs until stem cell hair treatment like susheido comes available for ultimate cure. Fingers crossed we have a good treatment very soon!

    1. I think that’s the phase 2 proof of concept trial, not a clinical trial. Not sure if you already knew that or not. And could someone who knows explain the difference between a proof of concept and a clinical trial. And do both of them need three phases to be approved?

      1. Well that fking sucks. Why would they waste their tone doing that. Just do a regular trials and get that shot out to market.thet already did a phase 1 trial. F it that shot probably doesn’t even work anyway

  45. Personally I think they found a cure for baldness years ago and they have it shelved. Maybe it has too many side effects, maybe it will be released at a later time etc. I bet it’s jak inhibitors. They knew in the 80s it grows back hair on bald men. So they probably shelved it till now. Who knows maybe they will release it in 10 yrs. Or maybe I am just frustrated and talking nonsense out of desperation

      1. I know khourli you are right. The past few weeks have been depressing for me. Got my hair cut and my temples have thinned out so much since Oct and my crown as well. Wondering if it’s another rogaine foam shed that I hear people get after being on phone for a year. But I don’t shed hair in the shower and I don’t see much loss during the day. I’m stumped

  46. Look at us talking the same things for every post.. Lol.. What a fate we hair loosers have .. Anyways let’s hope for the best

      1. Chris doesn’t have the formula that They use… Once again, can’t just rub a jack on you head. That has already been shown to have no impact since the 80s… You need their JAKs that they ‘specifically designed for the scalp.”

    1. I will sue the toothpaste manufacturers :D

      Is the regular use of fluoride the reason why men and women are balding now earlier during their lives than previous generations, generations who did not use toothpaste with fluoride?

      Alltogether we don’t get enough selenium in our body by normal food consumption …

  47. Sammumed: In the end 2016 or in 2017
    Histogen: Mexico: 2017/2018
    Replicel: 2018/2019

    Ok! Do you understand that? Thanks and sorry for the incovenience haters. Really nice! Have a good day!


  48. Oh! And another important thing: I talk with a very important dermatologist in USA. (I won’t say the name for privacy).
    And he told me that: People who have MPB have a new treatment available soon! Times are changing. Awesome!

    Have a great day. We have a treatment very soon! Hang on there.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Paul. I know for a fact that I’m going to go bald. I just hope a treatment/maintenance comes out soon like you said. Did your dermatologist say what kind if treatment would come out? Where they hinting towards one of the treatments we know about, or do you think they knew about something different/secret entirely.

  49. Paul don’t fk with us! Are you serious? New treatment end of this year? You better not be making this up.

    Oh I was at Starbucks just now. Saw a man 50 yrs old with a strip scar ht. Nw6 with a half ass hair line transplant. Zero density just a Norwood 1.5 outline about an inch thick across thr front. The rest of his hair was gone. This ht and all ht need to be obsolete asap! It looks so stupid!

  50. It better not be latisse! I will be pissed. Better be jak, samumed or something we haven’t heard of that is super effective

  51. ahh mjones paul, admin, ddog, nasa.. good to see you all again
    … paul i’m glad to hear what treatment is your guy talking about?

    by the way i didn’t know sam was out at the end of this year! thats awesome any link to that article ???

    1. It didn’t work out, it seems. Just like that Swisstemples trial with tofacitinib with 0 results .
      Sorry guys, JAK inhibitors won’t do JAK shit for us

  52. damn really swiss temples experimented with JAK since i been gone? and it DIDN’T work?! shoooot, i bet nasa is MIA by now

    1. actually it was way before he started his experiments with the PGD2/PGE3 approach, so yeah.
      Oh, and I’m not sure Nasa knows that already, if he does, he is probably on suicide watch, poor kid..

  53. Now that you mentioned it NASA has disappeared. Haven’t heard his default messages on here. Well we can’t rule out jak just yet. We don’t know the exact formula christiano is using. Swiss or Christopher don’t know it either so we can’t take their experiment 100%.

    1. I don’t know, mjones.. I feel like if jak were a thing for us, their trials would have worked at least for some extent ( such as halting shedding) even at wrong dosages, but again, I hope I’m wrong

      1. It’s not just the dosage… They also have other compounds mixed in to penetrate the scalp, and cause stimulation. JAK is just a primary component.

  54. we know that 75% of the patients had success with the JAK inhibitors through christiano, and the verdict is not out on the JAK with AGA…

    I agree though Mjones, It’s like admin say its a 5050 thing and we can rule JAK out over 2 faceless internet randos doing a basement experiment with kitchen appliances

    1. First off, let me just make it clear that when I said that it will be a hopeful 2016, I didn’t mean that I thought samumed or any other treatment was coming out this year. I simply meant that by the end of this year I think that we will see clear evidence that a certain product really does work and then we’ll just have to wait maybe another year or two to get our hands on it. As for JAK inhibitors… don’t put any faith whatsoever into random unqualified people’s experiments. They probably don’t have the proper compounds to deliver it into the system, and the product they are buying is probably not the best. And since polichem has their topical finasteride in phase 3 now, how long do you guys think it will take until the phase is finished and then commercially available to us in the US? Their topical finasteride basically would get rid of the side effect downside of the drug, so it would be a perfect product to use until a regrowth product hits the market in the coming years.

  55. guys we should make an online website ..where angela christiano is like angel…with ferry wings in the middle and surrounded by baldies praying her please cure…and we all hit likes…one for each person…

  56. Interesting reading all this.

    I’m 34 this year. Always had full head of hair… very thick. Definitely uttered rhe words “I doubt I’ll go bald now, as I haven’t started” around november and I sh*t you not… start of December noticed I could see my scalp… definitely some hairline recession and general thinning has started up and been pretty aggressive. Top of head is now fairly viable is unfavourable light.

    Obviously very early stages for me, but without knowing how aggressive it is I can’t say for sure that it’ll be a case of waiting it out until the much anticipated “2020” date…

    So spent most of my days and nights on Google hoping to find some solace as all you guys (& gal) probably have all done ya selves. Considering fin, but concerned it may rid me of even more or my hairline, which I will never see again….

    BUT, I have to say, this thread has actually given me a little boost. If it goes, it sounds as though you guys do your research and it may mean I’m not destined to spend the remainder of my time on earth wearing hats!

    Some promising stuff. I do honestly believe that something will eventually become available… At what cost, I dread to think, but with no real time line to aim for other than 2020, I guess if we all start saving now, it shouldn’t be an issue.

    Be positive. After all, the worst is already happening, so anything must be a bonus!


    Lew x

  57. I have been taking high quality Astragalus for years as an adaptogen. I listened to a podcast once by Chinese Herb longevity experts and they claim that the actual Astragalus is better then the TA-65. Not sure what I am trying to say but you can buy high quality Astragalus at a decent price and it will help you over all and possibly with hairloss!

  58. I’ve taken astragalus for a while, didn’t see any difference in my hair. Castor Oil, other bullshit.. it may help your hair look beautiful yes… as long as you have it!!! For baldies.. it may help your scalp more shiny at the most!! don’t expect hair coming out of it, this is B.S.

    So, herbs, food, natural things = FALLACY!

    1. When you see a guy, an old guy that has never lost his hair, you think he was on some special diet? took astragalus all his life???

      Noooooooo way not!!, he should have eaten all sorts of junk and may have sipped all the devils booze and it did no harm to his hair. It is all there!!

      So sorry guys… wrong way!

      This fk baldness thing is encoded and has to be decoded.. and it is not a little flower seed that will do that, believe me…

  59. I have come to this painful realization as well, Julian. It is actually nice. I don’t think about buying crap that proclaims to help me. If there was anything out there at all, baldness wouldn’t be so pervasive, and these mega companies wouldn’t be researching the cure.

    1. yeah.. it’s all crap.. but desperate people tend to believe in all sorts of crap and that’s why those things sell, and will keep selling, marginally but will.

  60. It’s all a govt conspiracy guys! Hahaha jk :) Something will come out within the next two years. These assholes in the pharmaceutical industry know how much money they will make with a treatment better than fin and rogaine so they are hard at work.. even Susan Taylor told me as well that they are working very hard for a cellular signaling treatment to grow hair. She is a tip dermatologist in the country and has been on the TODAY show as well.

  61. What a glorious planet this will be. If they cure hair loss, I will go back to the worry free life I had before. Before realization of hair loss, I was always so unafraid of growing old. Now aging feels very heavy.

  62. I have some AMAZING NEWS GUYS. I hope i didn’t read it wrong, but on follicle thought it seems christiano has recently done jak inhibitors on adrogenic alopecia male pattern baldness. It works better topically apparently –

    “On October 25, 2015, Dr. Christiano and colleagues released the documentation of their latest research “Pharmacologic inhibition of JAK-STAT signaling promotes hair growth.” This time they were testing topical formulations of the JAK inhibiting drugs, tofacitinib and ruxolitinib, as a treatment for adrogenic alopecia or “common” hair loss. The results of this recent study showed that topical applications were even more effective than the former study which involved oral administration of the drugs. “

  63. delete my comment :( I’m an idiot :'( it was a recent article and i got androgenic mixed up with androgenetic. the sentence after “common hair loss” made me think they meant mpb. Why do they feel the need to repeat the same shit!!!!! ffs

    1. Androgenic and androgenetic are both the same thing Ashley.. common hair loss is MPB as well.. they’re all the same thing.

  64. I still have faith in jak inhibitors though. considering she used 20mg daily twice a day in people to get hair back. I think chris used far more less. it took 3 months or so for alopecia patients, so with the does chris took it would probably have too way longer! even if it was to work. Sorry for my post guys sorry if i got your hopes up. Should have properly read. just a 22 year old balding guy here clutching at straws and actually believing they’d post new stuff.

  65. Guess you have a point. Don’t worry. Everyone makes mistakes. I did hear recently and read on follicle thought that christiano said jak needs to be taken in high doses or need to be high concentration to grow, so even if it were to work you probably are right about chris. Far too low a dose.

  66. Dr. Christiano Sheds Light on JAK Inhibitors

    Dr. Christiano recently did an audio interview about her research on JAK inhibitors for hair growth. The interview covers most of the information we’ve already heard, and also brings forth a few insightful comments from the researcher. The question that everyone still wants to know is if these JAK inhibitors could be useful for common hair loss or androgenic alopecia. Her answer was: maybe. She did say that these JAK drugs were the most efficient thing she has seen for turning on the hair follicle growth cycle in a long time, which is promising. Dr. Christiano explained that at this point it is necessary for a company with resources to move the JAK research into clinical trials. However, she made it clear that it would be fairly quick and easy to determine whether these JAK drugs were effective for hair growth during initial trials, making them a safer investment. I personally believe that a keen company, perhaps a company like Kythera, will be knocking at her door soon enough to inquire about the JAK inhibitor work. One important tidbit that I picked up from the interview is that apparently the JAK drugs need to be at a high local concentration around the hair follicle to have an effect on it’s growth. This could mean that a topical solution with enhanced permeability would be a great choice for delivery.

    Finally, one thing I found interesting during the interview was that the interviewer mentioned that research on using JAK inhibitors for 3D cultured dermal papillae cells was eye opening and that he was very surprised no one was talking about it or mentioned it in the media. If you look back to my initial article, the terrific news about Tofacitinib promoting the inductivity of dermal papillae cells was highlighted and the picture of it’s results was shared.

    1. That’s the fundamental error of all researchers. This never-ending MAYBE… And is it with maybe that they want companies to invest on them? This people has to learn to talk the language of business, for Christ sake!!

      First thing.. they have to say IT WORKS.. obtain strong evidence that proves it works, like she did with Areata. But then why has nobody got interested in Areata? why? because it affects a very small percentage of people. If she had done the test for AGA and had got similar results she would get ALL THE MONEY she needs to fund her research.

      How can one not see this???

      1. and then they claim it’s so hard to get funding… talking like this, what do they want???

        Do you think your shit will will work for AGA as well, Mz. Christiano?

        I don’t know. Maybe… we now need some company to invest on our research to see if it will work, I can’t tell you that yet.


  67. Ashley bro…do u think any one cares that you did a mistake…its ok bro we have bigger issues like hair loss….cheers

  68. So in theory when this is released for alopecia areta we may have to just apply it 3 times a day for example dependent on the dose.

  69. farhan. I was more concerned i got peoples hopes up rather than actually making mistakes. and i am aware hair loss is a bigger problem. why even relate them both. cheers…

  70. Is alopecia areta really cured now with jak ? Or not yet ? Or is it so expensive that only few can benefit ? What is the situation?

  71. Hey guys,

    Just another guy’s opinion, but optimism is always fun. Here is the most recent blog from Follicle Thought:

    For people looking to restore their hair through multiple transplants, particularly young people, good donor management is critical to the successful appearance of the individual. Donor hair management is evaluated by three major factors: the person’s age, the person’s degree of hair loss, and the person’s donor availability. These factors will determine what a hair transplant surgeon will recommend for surgery in regards to amount of grafts, hairline design, and areas covered. For example, a surgeon would most likely recommend a more conservative hairline and graft amount for a first procedure to a 24 year old man who had thinning in the front and the crown, compared to what would be recommended to a 40 year old man with only recession at his hairline. Overall, the general rule of thumb for hair transplants has been to be conservative because hair loss continues and donor hair has a limit to it. A practical and intelligent approach indeed.
    But what if we weren’t limited to a finite amount of donor hair anymore?
    It’s been dreamed about forever, talked about for decades, yet is extremely likely that we will actually have the capacity to create more hairs than what we started with within the next couple years. I mean like, within the next term of our next president. The two front runners to bring this technology to market would be Replicel and Histogen. Let it be stated clearly that of course, nothing in the future is guaranteed. But, if you’ve been paying attention to the world of hair regeneration technology and regenerative medicine in general over the past 8 years, you’d have a reason to believe that the current estimated timetable for the release of these products is highly likely.
    I’m not basing this discussion on just these two companies. They both do have a high potential to put an effective hair growth therapy on the market within the next 2 years, but of course there are others. Our scientific capacity as a whole multiplies every year, and every year there are more researchers actively working to crack the code of unlimited hair regeneration. The point is, things are changing and there is enough evidence to believe we will have a multitude of advanced hair technology within the next decade.
    So, what about donor management then? Does it still have the same significance that it did 10 years ago? As far as I can see it, the answer has to be “no.” I want to make a few points clear as I get into the heart of this discussion. First off, I definitely do not think that it is entirely responsible or prudent to completely throw the idea of donor management out the window because we seem to be a few years away from a regenerative hair technology. I will also acknowledge that it is a lot easier for me to have my stance on this subject than it is for a hair transplant surgeon who actually has to perform surgeries and is responsible for their patient’s outcomes. I simply wrote this article because I believe it is time to start having this discussion. Still, the notion that a 25 year old patient going in for his first transplant would have to be overly conservative with his choice of hairline and density because of “what he may look like in 20 years” does not seem completely in touch with reality to me. Even a conservative outlook would acknowledge that in the course of the next 20 years the world of hair restoration will be in a much different place than it is now.
    I wanted to hear the opinion of a professional who deals with this subject everyday. Dr. John Cole, a pioneer in the field of hair restoration had this to say on the subject:
    “Enthusiasm is contagious and stimulating. It is fascinating to think we are on the brink of major breakthroughs that will give us an unlimited number of hair follicles. Indeed we have numerous products directed at numerous different pathways of hair loss both from the perspective of hair regeneration to the reversal of hair loss. There are numerous products directed at the WNT pathway. We are bringing a WNT up-regulator product to the USA from Italy, which is known as Deltacrin.
    However, the question is whether we can be more aggressive with hair line location and with the hair we harvest from the donor area. By age 49 sixty-seven percent of men are a NW 2 or worse. Thus, when we design a hairline, the first thing to consider is whether we want to be married to a youthful hairline the rest of our life.
    From the perspective of donor area management, we are already more aggressive today than in 2005. We are going outside the traditional donor area for a variety of reasons. One goal is to focus on an even distribution of follicles throughout the scalp. This is best accomplished by harvesting outside the traditional safe donor area. We must remember that only three percent of men will lose hair higher on the sides of the scalp by age 60, so why not give them hair when they are younger and they can appreciate it. Another reason we are more aggressive is the use of Acell in the donor area extraction sites. We found that with a minimum depth FUE approach and the use of Acell to stimulate follicle stem cells, we could not locate 48% of the donor extraction sites. Without Acell, we could find all of the extraction sites. In one study we saw follicle regeneration of at least one hair in 42% of our extraction sites.
    There is plenty of reason to be optimistic about the potential for follicle regeneration and follicle resurrection. As suggested, the hair restoration surgeon cannot take chances with the future of young patients because there is no guarantee that current advances will create an inexhaustible supply of hair nor that the advances will work well in all individuals. Yes, it appears that advances are around the corner, but there is still no way to predict how many blocks away that corner is.”
    Dr. Cole made a great point about being married to a youthful hairline for the rest of one’s life. It is definitely something that should be considered before a surgery. For me, it wouldn’t be a deal breaker. If having a youthful hairline for the rest of my 20s, then 30s and 40s meant that I had to have the same hairline when I am 70, I would be OK with it. This is a great start to the discussion and please feel free to add your own below this article.
    In related news, Dr. Cole told me that is going to be pursuing adipose enriched stem cell treatments at his new clinic to be opened in Mexico. He also mentioned he is seeing good results from using sonication applied to PRP to release a higher concentration of growth factors into the PRP. I will be releasing more information about those subjects in the future.

  72. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck why can’t they just release a freaking better hair liss treatment already! Shit! So tired of waiting and waiting and waiting. It’s freaking hair you doctors and researchers just make it grow again.

  73. I am so stoked, Mjones. Can you imagine if they can actually give us more hair than before?? Wouldn’t that be bad ass to have thicker hair?? Let’s dream baby!

    1. Ddog, 90% of my problems would be eliminated in my life if I got my hair back. I could go bsck to a normal relationship with a girl without her looking at me weird for blow drying my hair in the morning, adding rogaibe at night. The ability to jump in the pool or beach, or walk in the rain and not have to avoid getting my hair wet which shows baldness. It’s a fking pain everyday and we deserve better than this!

  74. I am farhan, I have been dealing with this shit since I was 19yrs old and now I’m 34. I’m exhausted of doing all these treatments etc. I just want a better treatment to restore my hair and fir it to stop falling out

  75. I have thinning hair since I moved to Australia.. I dont know if the change triggered it more quickly or it was just coincidence…for me it started when I was 25 and I am 30 now..Iam thinning but not bald…no one can tell im bald…as I had fue in India for frontal part…and other than that I used toppik to make it look thicker…I think I can hold few years…but deep down I know it is thinning..I see myself in mirror after shower and really feel bad..I dont use propecia ..once in a while I use minoxidil..but scared of shedding..

  76. I wonder if the cure isn’t out by 2020, the admin keeps changing the site date :’)

    which i hope isn’t the case or ill be depressed as!

  77. Selenium is known to increase telomerase, leading to longer telomere length in cells. Brazil nuts are a good source, but I’ve not yet looked into the dosage needed to boost selenium levels significantly or what is required to have a benefit to telomeres (suppliments might be necessary to have an effect). This article is a good reminder for me to do so!

    Also this article on lifestyle and telomere length is interesting:

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