Huge Week for Anti-Aging Research in Mice

I have covered anti-aging research on this blog a few times in the past: partly because aging reversal can often imply hair loss reversal; and partly because I also cover medical items of interest once a month. This week was one of the best ever in anti-aging research, especially for mice (and their fur). A number of people have posted links about some of the below developments in the last post (with special thanks to commentator “Netshed” who was especially prolific), and several people have also e-mailed me relevant links.

Senescent Cell Destruction Results in More Youthful Mice

For many years, scientists have known that the quantity of senescent cells (i.e., aged cells that have stopped dividing) correlates with aging in humans. More recently, research has suggested that senescent cells also damage other nearby healthy cells. So, not surprisingly, some scientists have conducted experiments to see if removing these old senescent cells (ideally, without damaging other normally functioning cells) reversed signs of aging and increased life expectancy. A few experiments in mice have suggested the answer to be in the affirmative (e.g., this one from 2011 and this one from 2015). There is now even a name (senolytics) for the class of drugs that can kill senescent cells.

This week, a groundbreaking study (led by Dr. Peter de Keizer) from the Netherlands found that a drug that they developed to kill senescent cells causes dramatic improvements in mice health and essentially reverses their aging. For our purposes, the most important thing was that these mice saw regrowth of healthy fur/hair! Key photos below (green arrows on rightmost column show hair regrowth in almost all mice after FOXO4 peptide ingestion):

Mice hair regrowth from destroying senescent cells

The team behind this research plans clinical trials in humans in the near future. There are literally 100s of articles on this development, and various scientists from other countries have been quoted as saying that this development is potentially a huge breakthrough in anti-aging science. Two contrasting sources here and here.

Addendum 1: In case anyone got the wrong idea from my recent post on obesity perhaps benefiting scalp hair, this study is worth reading.

Addendum 2: Specially for Mr. “nasa_rs”: “JAK inhibition alleviates the cellular senescence-associated secretory phenotype and frailty in old age“.

David Sinclair Update

I have covered anti-aging Harvard-based Australian researcher Dr. David Sinclair (widely associated with resveratrol) once on this blog before here. In a new paper, him and his colleagues have found a way to protect a mouse’s DNA from damage via boosting NAD+ levels, and they are supposedly ready to test it in people. Dr. Sinclair in some ways is the Dr. George Cotsarelis or Dr. Ken Washenik of the anti-aging world. You decide what I mean by the above sentence.

Note that there is also a Dr. Rodney Sinclair who is a famous hair loss researcher that I have covered a few times on this blog. He is also from Australia.

Young Blood Without the Need for a Donor

In recent years, a number of scientists have been researching the fascinating subject of whether older people can be rejuvenated by the infusion of blood from the young! Billionaire Peter Thiel is especially interested. However, one major problem with this strategy for older non-wealthy people is that there might not be enough young healthy donors with the correct blood type willing to donate at reasonable prices. However, this week, scientists from Germany published research that could be a workaround for this problem. Just make old blood young again (in mice) via the addition of osteopontin protein and forget about the young. After all, “youth is wasted on the young”.

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  1. Im from the Netherlands and it is on televesion quite a lot (talkshows). They don’t really know if its safe and it will take atleast 10 years before doing trials they said.

    1. No offense bruh but you guys are total pussies when it comes to these things, if there is potential demonstrated you can be sure Asia will get there in a few years.

  2. admin do you still believe hair loss will be cured by 2020? if so which treatment? i cant think of one treatment that i would put my own money on to 1. come out before 2020. 2. even halt further hair loss. perhaps Tsuji, but they still havent solved their problems and 3 years would be the fastest any treatment has ever gone through trials – setipiprant is taking 2 years just to do a phase 2, let alone the results to be analysed from it.

  3. Sigh, again with the mice. 20+ before any of this would benefit readers of this site. hairlosscure2040 dot com

  4. In the same edition of Cell, the article below was presented as well. Also about FOXO4-DRI from the same research team.

    During the last months prof. Jan Hoeijmakers (also from Erasmus University in Rotterdam) has got a lot of publicity due to this study about eating 30% less. However, regaining hair is not mentioned there.

  5. Admin, there is a Tofacitinib cream advert on your website.
    Have you seen it?

    Maybe NASA RS might wanne try it :p

    1. Yes, but I do not plan to try until its proven to work for AGA. If you ever try, make sure to first get a doctor’s permission!

  6. I think many are overlooking the importance of this finding. The FOXO4 protein coding gene is on the x chromosome in very close proximity to the androgen receptor. Don’t think that is coincidental at all.

      1. Because the Ar is the number 1 implicated gene in AGA at least in Europeans. Already widely known it takes DHT interaction for someone to have AGA. DHT acts through Ar.
        I guess one hypothesis would be that because FOXO4 is so close to Ar and acts as a post translation factor in cells a certain variant of Ar (along with other at-risk factors) could have an effect on the expression of FOXO4.

        Senescence associated DP cells in AGA has also been widely known for a long time. P16 interacts with mdm2 which interacts with FOXO4.

        Could mean nothing. But I find it interesting that FOXO4 gene is very close to Ar gene and FOX proteins are known as post translation factors.

        1. @matt

          Are proteins encoded by genes in close proximity to each other significantly more likely to interact though? (besides paralogs)

  7. FOXO4 has been shown to interact with the Mdm2 protein.

    Some of the functions of Mdm2 are response to steroid hormone, vascular remodeling.

    As Admin already pointed out, FOXO4 itself is critical in not allowing the p53 protein to signal senescent cells to kill themselves. This allows the senescent cells to continue secreting negative proteins, negative growth factors, and pro inflammatory cytokines to healthy cells around it.

    1. Thanks Matt. Also worth re-pasting your comment from the past post:

      “Interestingly the gene that encodes for FOXO4 is on the X-chromosome. On wiki one of the roles of FOX04 is negative regulation of smooth muscle cell differentiation. Already know arector pilli muscle loses contact with follicle in AGA (and wastes away).”

  8. Key line from the JAK paper:

    “Targeting the JAK pathway holds promise for treating age-related dysfunction.”

  9. Is it just a coincidence that JAK also proves to help with anti-aging?

    Like I said, JAK is going to be a cure for Hairloss for regular male pattern hairloss. They just have to work on getting the price down. Where’s Trump when we need him.


    1. You may be right that JAK inhibition will turn out to be successful for AGA, but, as a key inflammatory/immunological pathway, it exists for a reason. The current class of drugs have lots of side effects, and research on the Janus kinase/STAT signaling pathway is still pretty new. Lots of promise, for sure.

      Consider this, from a health news website, regarding side effects:

      “… JAK inhibitors can make it harder for your body to fight off an infection. That’s why patients who are considering these drugs should be screened for conditions like active tuberculosis and viral hepatitis…

      People on JAK inhibitors can also have an increased risk of certain cancers, high cholesterol, triglycerides, liver function abnormalities, kidney dysfunction, and a drop in white and red blood cell counts…”

      HOWEVER, as with any new class of drugs, I’m sure more targeted, (and safer) derivatives are in the works.

  10. Very interesting study and in time all these new studies and therapies that are in trials will evolve into a cure for mpb. As of now, this is just research and they mentioned they won’t start human trials for at least 10 years. I honesty believe we will have a new better treatment before 2020. A full flesh cure eradicating this in a cellular level probably won’t happen till after 2050. The science and understanding just isn’t there yet. Since 2001 it has been pretty much the whole dht, cloning and peptides, Rogaine angles to cure mpb. They have improved and are mid way through trials like replicel, tsuji, and follica. However it tool 16 years to get to phase 2. We are still at the infancy of getting a treatment that can take a nw7 to a nw1. Tsuji might be able to but it still requires ht work to transplant those cloned follicles and the work will depend on the surgeon. Ultimate cure is something like replicel. Inject dht resistant cells to immunize scalp from mpb effects and have all the dormant shut down hairs to grow your hair back to nw1. I hope I won’t get yelled at by writing this lol

    1. You might have missed the part on the AD newspaper website, Peter de Keizer stated that: they are now trying to make Proxofim / FOXO4-DRI in a cream form. They rather don’t inject it because it can go systematic and you don’t want hair growth on your toes. A local treatment would be better to prevent possible side effects. 80% of the DNA in mice resembles the DNA in humans.

      However, there are higher goals when it comes to the use of FOXO4-DRI like brain tumors. Therefore, within 2 or 3 years they want to test it on humans against aggressive forms of cancer, after they tested it on pigs.

      I can imagine that making a cream is not useful for tackling aggressive cancer or brain tumors. So the question remains: is the team of Peter de Keizer at this moment trying to make a cream / topical to reverse Alopecia Androgenetica?

  11. I highly doubt they will make this for aga. Cancer treatments possibly. Everything grows hair in mice because they don’t suffer from aga. They need genetically engineer a mouse with dht sensitivity to their hair. If a drug works to grow back the aga mouse hair then I will get excited. Either way this discovery is pretty cool and I hope it pans out for us but I wouldn’t bet on this for at least 10 years even in topical cream form.

  12. I think any advance in age is better than advance in hair loss, I’d rather be bald and immortal than sexy for 10 15 years woopdy door

      1. Ya man ..The odds look decent for us but definite for children being born today. I see little babies playing with tablets and it just staggers me.

  13. I still don’t understand this reversing aging isn’t going to bring hair back from mpb. So all these young kids fresh out of high school or still in high school who are experiencing an increase in norwoods have young undamaged telomeres right until you get to their head and then their head is just old and senescent? Aging does cause hair loss but mpb….no.

    1. Since there are many similar pathways involved in aging and mpb one would probably not be surprised if it would bring back hair lost due to mpb.

      1. Can you give me some examples of these similar pathways? I’m 24 I doubt most of my cells Hayflick limits have reached their end. Maybe if they reverse puberty.

  14. Can you imagine being the scientists working on this anti-aging technology. You have the vial in your hand that could cure old age and return you to your Prime. All you got to do is inject it. Bite the bullet and inject it.
    That’s got to be very tempting for the scientists working on this to not give themself a dose to see what happens. I’ll be damned if I was working in that lab I would have already done it to myself without a doubt

    1. First post… chemist here trained at an elite US university working on Alzheimer’s cures. No scientist worth his/her credit would ever dare do this because if something were to ever go wrong, even if by accident, all of the research progress that had been made would be lost because people would only ever associate the treatment with the accident.

  15. Iam pretty sure there will be never thing called age reversal… There may be some that can improve your look but not stopping you to age…

    1. Why are you pretty sure you ??? They already reversed aging in mice with telomere tinkering… maybe you should buy a book and start teaching yourself how to understand science.

  16. On the bright side (no pun intended) we slap the final version of JAK on our heads not only will we get our hair back but we might get younger too.


  17. It’s the decade of anti-aging research and results but don’t get overly hyped. I doub’t there will ever be a single molecule that halts aging, otherwise evolution would’ve came up with this in its four billion years history of trial and error.
    All you can do IMO is “Total Quality Management” (Toyota/Vince Giuliano quote) and counter multiple aspects of aging at the same time, as Toyota does with their cars since the 80s.
    Mankind is so merciless that even if you could get past age of 200, you should ask yourself: Do I really want to live in such a society for that long? I mean, just look at those mice, that’s how you gonna end up anyway.

      1. You are right, there IS quasi-immortality in nature but Immortal jellyfish is a bad example as it totally gives up its structural identity to keep its genome going. Would you want to shrink back into a embryonic state, give up all your identity to be reborn as an identical twin who can only breath and yell? I think a better example for what you are looking for is “Hydra”, another tiny Cnidarian.
        Check out this nice video explaining its abilities:

        Simple yet efficient being, optimised to renew itself by keeping its cells in a fairly undifferentiated state, as far as I understand. It has no complex brain, no conciousness, it doesn’t need it.

        How’s that going to work for vertebrates like ourselves? Our brain nerve cells have to be intercellularly connected in a certain pattern to simulate our “soul” or spirit. Cut too many connections by forcing nerve cells into iPSC and you will end up erasing all your personality and life experiences. Wo wants to turn into an immortal zombie? :D Of yourse, you could spare it and renew your body only, but then again you’re left with aging brain matter.

        There have been attempts t̶̶o̶̶ ̶̶f̶̶u̶̶r̶̶t̶̶h̶̶e̶̶r̶̶ t̶̶o̶̶r̶̶t̶̶u̶̶r̶̶e̶ to investigate in mice but I doubt this will be painless and without personality changes:

        “In Vivo Amelioration of Age-Associated Hallmarks by Partial Reprogramming”

        About a single molecule/peptide to halt, let alone reverse aging: It will stay a myth IMO. Homeostasis is certainly going to kick in. Attacking it from different sides via a compound cocktail could possibly work and slow down aging.

        Proxofim, as it seems, is exciting as it targets senescent cells. It’s a leap forward but it remains a piece of a complicated jigsaw puzzle that needs to be solved(?)

  18. Just to change the mood here to a more hopeful one haha we should all pitch in a 100 bucks each towards the next lottery drawing that is 500 million. We have a better chance of winning the lottery by 2020 then getting a cure for hair loss. Hahaha plus let’s say 50 of us pitch in, than 10 million bucks each. I’d retire on a Greek island live it up by the beach.

  19. Years before human trials. Sigh.

    I raise my hopes everytime. And then as time passes nothing happens. Its disappointing.

    I feel the medical research world is even more paralyzed the political world. At least the political world passes bad laws within a matter of months.

  20. Is it possible to get back of my hair before 2020 ? It’s take too much of me, I’m too much frustrated now.

    1. Ruh…get on the big three to save what you got. Fin, min, and niz. It’s all we have for the time being. Waiting and hoping for a new treatment in the hair loss world is like staying single on purpose and waiting for a Victoria secret model to ask you out. Hop on available treatment. Who knows it mays work very well for you and you get good regrowth. Doing nothing will guarantee you further loss

  21. Admin.. I have nothing of scientific value to add, but I just wanted to give a sincere thank you for consolidating such interesting and positive news. I hit your site once a week, and you’ve always got something new to share. This anti-aging stuff is amazing, and I hope it translates well to people in upcoming years. Excellent work as always. Thanks!

  22. That’s an interesting compendium of converging research.

    I’m familiar with — and suspicious of — Dr. Sinclair’s work and claims, and I’ve been reading about NAD+ being the “next” resveratol for a while now. I remember, at least a decade ago, taking various formulations of nicotinamide as a supposed cognitive enhancer/concentration aid (to no avail). What’s old is new again, I guess. It’s also slightly ironic that nicotinamide is a derivative of niacin, a compound whose famous “flush” is mediated by PGD2, the inflammatory prostaglandin that is fairly well established as a perfidious player in the cascade of processes that cause male pattern baldness. Still, such niacin-derived molecules are *supposed* to be flush-free.

    But, returning to my point about convergence: resveratrol and other derived stilbenoids have been shown to have some JAK/STAT inhibition properties, at least in laboratories and petri dishes. So: Dr. Sinclair, anti-senescence, and JAK inhibition, all tied up with a bow!

    1. “This study shows exciting clinical improvements in patients with clinically diagnosed chronic Achilles tendinosis who were unresponsive to standard treatments, and who had suffered for many months (in some cases, years) with frequent pain and loss of function. Not only did the study show several clinically important improvements in pain and function scores, but several ultrasound measures clearly demonstrate a marked improvement in tendon structure; something rarely seen in patients with this condition,” said Davidson.

      “With further clinical studies, this new technology could represent a cutting-edge advancement in kick-starting a healing process that results in tendon regeneration. For the first time, we may have a treatment that shows signs of reversing the underlying problem, versus just treating the symptoms. This could be a game-changer in sports medicine,” Dr. Davidson concluded.

      1. Yeah, but it doesn’t change the fact that RepliCel takes ages to do ANYTHING. Their Phase II for RCH-01 hasn’t even begun, but it’s going to last for three years…

        It’s looking like it will be close to 10 years before either their hair or tendon treatment is on the market in anywhere but Japan.

        Really wish they’d just license out all of their tech to companies that actually get stuff done.

        1. Yes the main obstacle is the cash the phase 2 study(ies) requires. Thinking they will definitely have to issue more shares…

  23. I think im just going to shave my head maybe get a SMP and go to the gym again and move along with life. It hurts to be balding at such a young age but its time to start enjoying life again. Still hoping for a full head of hair within these next 5 years but it’s not lookin too good unfortunately :/

  24. Hi All, rookie, newbie, first-time poster here!!

    Just wondering why nobody seems to mention Rivertown in all the comments when talking of potentials?

    From my reading, the proven science behind their product, and their pictures, they are the best hope!

    I’ll tell you who you need to get things going quicktime..Elon Musk! He doesn’t mess around when he gets involved

  25. @That Guy, I agree they should let someone else do the trails and research. So far its really hard to take them serious.

  26. Just saw on the news that they created working heart tissue out of spinach. Used human cells with spinach and created working tissue. They can do this but can’t create a functional hair follicle? Ridiculous

  27. Anyone ever hear about all those women who had taxol as part of their breast cancer treatments and it led to them having mpb – not fpb – after treatments ended? Same thing happened to me, and although I’m male it still ruined my life.

    In my endless research since (12 years ago and it never gets easier) I came across an interesting story. The story seems to have been scrubbed from the internet which is infuriating to me, I can’t find a proper link. It was about an older man (50s or 60s) who had to go in for chemotherapy for the first time in the late 1970s early 80s. He had been bald for decades. The chemo regrew his hair – like all of it, after it was over of course. This is all from a news clipping that had been scanned for view, and again, I’m still trying to find it.

    Later, I found this cancer forum with this guy who had some science background discussing that very story. I’ll try and find the link to that to post it later. He said of the original story that his theory was the chemo had effectively flushed out the senescent cells in his scalp area. Chemo destroys fast multiplying cells, and in the case of the original bald man, some fluke must have allowed for it reboot the process with a clean purge. And whatever it was, a fluke it remained because no doctors would dream about trying chemo just to regrow hair.

    The science is all a bit beyond me but there really does seem to be something to all of this. For me, I had a full head of hair at 24, went in for 4 courses of chemo, lost my hair, but it grew back completely. I actually had low self esteem issues about my body in general but was proud of my hairline. Unfortunately 3-4 months later they told me the cancer markers in my blood were going back up so they sent me to memorial sloane for high dose, still-in-trial chemo. After 3 courses of that, my hair line was like an 80 year old mans. It has caused me endless suffering, especially because of the strange circumstances (and the abrupt transition from full head to totally bald in a year). I’m really hoping there’s something to all of this senescent cell stuff so I can salvage the little bit of my youth that’s left.

    1. Thanks for the interesting comment and sorry to hear about your health problems. How long ago was your last chemo treatment?

      1. That’s been over for a while. Over 10 years. it all took place within a span of 1 year. I had 4 courses of chemo starting in january, then 3 months where my hair grew back in one last glorious summer before my markers started going back up, then 3 courses of super poison until about November. Cancer wise I guess it worked. Haven’t had chemo since.

        For whatever reason it must have expressed that gene fully. I have a feeling that the baldness gene is really inside all of us, men and women, and it’s just a matter of variables. Some might not be prone to it but it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Like I said, the those women who took that specific chemo for breast cancer had male pattern baldness, and theyre now suing their oncologists over it. If it were just in some individuals you’d think it would have been bred out of the species by now, considering it serves no purpose. I don’t think i would have lost my hair, or at least not for a long while and gradually over time, if I didn’t have to go for the high dose chemo. My dad’s near 60 with a full head of hair.

        1. Relating to this subject I am going to also share my personal experience, I had testicular cancer at the age of 25 (now I am 29). My hair was falling since I was 18 and by the age of 25 recessing and thinning started to show. But after 4 rounds of chemo (BEP treatment) I lost all my hair, the interesting part is that after that it grow back fully and for 6 months I had hair of an 18 years old. I should mention that during this period of six months or more I also had no body hair which I usually have a lot, so I thought that this may be a testosterone issue and by the time all went back to normal my hair started falling again and it is thinning until now.

          1. That’s incredible. I’ll try and hunt down the original story I was referring to – that’s 2 cases of regrowth after chemo. (Btw, coincidentally that was my first 4 rounds too – BEP.)

      1. In Q1 we have already learned that a treatment that can stabilize and prevent hairloss, with no side effects actually works. It’s also quiet possible it will be available in at least 1 country before the final Star Wars movie is out.

        That has never happened. Not ever. Frankly, the word “historic” is a suitable adjective.

        There is nothing disappointing about any recent hairloss news — If you’re disappointed, it’s simply because you want to be.

  28. Keep your chins up guys, something will eventually come through! In the meantime, don’t shy away from improving your life in ways you can take pride in!

  29. @That Guy @Egg I couldn’t agree more. I strongly believe in the power if positive intent and how it can affect an outcome. At the very least, keeping a positive mindset can have a placebo like effect on your current hair loss. The waiting can be difficult, but either way we have to walk the path so let’s at least make it a more hopeful journey! We will get there in the end. The rate at which science is progressing is faster than ever before, we never know what else may pop out of the blue! Stay happy all :)

  30. 2017 Kelopesia. Weak
    2018 Follica and histogen. Moderate
    2019 Shiseido good
    2020 Riken. Great

    Nothing else to see here.
    Jak, Sam, follicum, rivertown, are not happening.

    Hairclone, tissuse, alexey I wish them luck but there’s not of luck in the world of money vs humanity. Follica RAIN is our nearest product

            1. Obviously you have no idea just how much your 100,000 follicles(probably no one needs this many) would cost with Riken’s surgery. It will definitely be quite prohibitive for most people.

      1. The only reason we come here is for pipeline bullet points. 1. Proof. 2. Time. 3. Price

        Brotzu has no time or price. The only proof they have is grainy black and white from a 0.5 megapixel camera. I hope them success but doubt.

        Breezula CB is has and will remain to be a joke. Nothing to see there.

        Polichem would be awesome but they are frozen in time. They will never release topical fin.

        Hairclone is cutting edge I have a lot of respect also Tissuse, and Alexey respect . They are going to fail not in science but money.

        I had high hopes in Thorn Medical, they did spend 20 million on Okyanos estate. But money also doesn’t talk without science, 1 proof 2.release date 3. Cost of treatment. They lack all 3

        1. Some points are wrong: Hairclone and TissUse and Stanford University…. You don’t know NOTHING! It’s funny…but ok is you opinion. Nice.

          1. No you guys are right don’t mean to come off negatively dogmatic I had no idea. i don’t keep up to date like your all do. I’m glad things are moving forward.

        2. Again…What do u say about Rivertown? 2 of the 3 compounds are already FDA approved and widely used.

          The 3rd requires approval but is someway down the line with that as it’s been used in patients prior.

          That said, I do think – and this applies to ALL the potentials- if anything worked, why do you never get any decent pictures?

          If your product reversed 2 Norwoods even, you would HAPPILY release pics from all angles, all lights, invite others to do so too…not 1 or 2 carefully stage managed pics

          If you had product that worked why wouldn’t you plaster the town with images

    1. Exactly. Not really promising, most can’t wait several more years. I wish a positive attitude would save us from hair loss.

    2. You’re forgetting the “Brotzu” lotion.

      Also I wouldn’t write off Samumed so easily. Statistically significant increase in hair count, no serious adverse events, and sound science (WNT pathway modulation, also targeted by Follica and Histogen). This could be a safe and more effective alternative to minoxidil and finasteride, with the potential for more regrowth (we still haven’t seen before/after photos, the trials were over a short period of time, they were conducted on high Norwoods, and the biopsy results were very positive indeed). People criticise their short trial time but you have to remember these companies have investors who seek instant rewards, so a shorter trial time means a faster product release.

      1. Oh. I don’t follow Sam I recall mjones or someone saying how their debating whether to spend more oney to develope Sam says a lot about the product they even debate to begin with

        1. I’ve been following and haven’t seen any sources that suggest they are debating continuing development.

          In their poster it claims that “SM04554 may be the first treatment causing follicular neogenesis” and “this study supported further evaluation of SM04554 as a potential treatment of AGA”. Obviously they have completed Phase I, IIA, and IIB trails so maybe and doubts are stemming from the fact Phase III isn’t underway yet (as far as we know). I’m not an expert but I’m pretty sure a Phase III clinical trial is a nightmare to organise. Finding the huge amount of patients required and completing the necessary FDA paperwork can’t be easy so I think a little patience and optimism is required.

  31. @ALL: if yo all happy, because yo all want to be…
    none of the above is or will be a cure and no one incudlingTHATGUY knows if it has side effects or not. please do not make such bold claims even its internet.
    in order to figure out side effects, u have to first wait half-time of the chemical leaving the body then certain amount of time (i am not sciencist I dont know the formula exactly) afterwards to see if anything to be report…
    just dont say we have effective treatment as fin without sides. because it is not proven neither on the market

    1. Perhaps go and read their publication for yourself.

      There were no adverse affects reported or observed for YEARS after administering the treatment aside from some mild scalp irritation which probably has to do with the fact that you’ve have needles stabbing your head.

      There is currently no question about its safety.

      Second, you (and so many others) are terribly uninformed about what the word “cure” means. As an adjective, it means to eliminate the symptoms of an ailment. As a noun, it is anything capable of doing the former.

      Yes, RCH-01 does appear to be a cure for anyone who would have it done with little to no hairloss.

      Just because it might not help those of you with full-on horseshoes doesn’t mean it isn’t a game-changing technology.

  32. Admin – I dont mean to hijack this thread and turn it into another finasteride pissing match, but I have recently discovered something interesting I wish to share..

    As you, and some other members here may recall, I had very bad side effects when I started fin back in 2015. No libido, couldn’t get a hard on even with my smoking hot girl at the time, and I just felt like my junk was a hanging hackey sack. I posted many times here as an “anti fin” proponent. HOWEVER. Recently when I discovered that SM was a ways out, brotzu lotion was delayed and even Kelopesia delayed AGAIN, I decided I had no choice but be bald or start back on fin.

    So I did, same dosage as before. Within 2 weeks the same sides hit me again. Zero libido, no morning wood, even trying to slap my ham wasn’t working anymore -it was like milking a cow. So I just kinda said screw it, stopped trying and just kept popping the pill.

    Well a couple weeks later I was talking to a personal trainer/health coach at the gym and he got to talking about how he has helped older men get back into shape and even made a joke about how their sex drive probably shot way up. I asked why he would say that and he said he has them on certain supplements. Long story short, he had them on grape seed extract because it supposedly lowers your estrogen levels, green tea extract, and l arginine.

    I went out and bought all 3 just to try, and expected nothing..well within a week all of a sudden I started getting morning wood again out of nowhere. Random boners at work, and even to the point now where I have to snap my carrot like once a day, sometimes twice!

    Not sure why, because I expected nothing to work. I was on fin for a whole year before with persistent side effects and i was taking zinc, arginmax from gnc, biotin etc the whole year. Now I am only on grape seed extract, green tea extract, and l arginine. And before anyone says it was a placebo effect – that doesnt work on morning wood when you are asleep. I still don’t know if it will last, or even if these supplements helped, but I won’t lie, I definitely known something changed. Still have watery semen, but thats it. Just figured id share! Maybe help someone else.

    1. Obviously I dont know for a fact if this is the cause but I have seen quite significant regrowth that I attribute to being on high dose epicatechin for 6-9 months or more. Theres scientific studies that it does help create new blood vessels and increase vegf. It also drastically increases follistatin. These happen to be the main active ingredients in Histogen. There is also data in rats that epicatechin (a constituent of grape seed extract) and grape seed extract/apple extracts grow hair in rats like there is no tomorrow when applied topically.

      1. I initially took it without any expectation of regrowth fir a different reason so it is hard to believe this would be placebo either. I only started learning about these effects once results because too clear to deny.

      2. Hairplz
        what was your daily dosage of epicatechin and what supplement did you take that had epicatechin in it?
        thank you

        1. I could not find many supplements with epicatechin but there are some marketed for weightlifters. I bought on bulk from powder city. I take 200mg daily based on the human follistatin studies but have been thinking about cycling it. Perhaps it should be cycled? There just havent been any long-term safety studies on it. Grape seed extract and apple extract have epicatechin too but dosage would need to be at least triple i think they were 10-20% epi if i remember correctly. Amazon sells organic apple peel powder so taking large amounts of that would help too. I originally started taking epi to help mantain muscle gained at the gym, but then kept taking it for my hair! I just dont know what else it could have been. I have recently bought the most concentrated regenica serum 95% and will try it as a topical and see if it works as well since its made similar to histogen’s hsc so perhaps it has enough follistatin too? I just wonder if topical is not effective and for that reason they plan on injecting it.

          1. Hey I wanted to try the epi but powder city no longer has it and the supplements on Amazon are expensive…is there somehwere else you might recommend buying from?

    1. I don’t think anybody knows yet but it would be nice if we could get some information from them soon. Dr. Christiano and Dr.Jahoda also said they would be hoping to start clinical trials within 5 years back in 2013 so hopefully we’ll be hearing from them soon as well. Anybody else have any info on either of these?

  33. @rancidmango: please break down your daily regimen/doasage with your new supplements and brand name. Also did you have any mental sides from fin like many do and do you now since popping your new supplements. Obviously they are affecting your libido however id like to know if they will correct mental and emotional lapses that fin can cause.

    1. @ Tom:
      Currently I am taking 1 mg once a day of fin. When I first started again I was taking .25 mg every other day to ween myself onto the drug. Sides hit just as quick as last time I started using it. And last time I took it as I decided to stop taking it I was only taking .25 mg every other day and still had sides until I quit completely. So now I am taking a bit higher of a dosage and more often than before.

      I did have what other people call “brain fog” last time around and I think I mentioned that on this blog as well. Hard to say if that was related to fin though, however it did go away when I stopped fin last time. This time around I did not have the mental sides even before I started the other supplements. But anyway, here is my complete regime, including a mens health vitamin supp I don’t think actually help my hair, but I will include it anyway:
      1 – 1mg finasteride pill day
      1 – 315mg green tea pill a day.
      1 – 50mg grape seed complex pill a day
      2 – 1000mg l-arginine pills a day
      1 – mens health vitamin from gnc a day which has biotin in it. And thats it.

      All I can say is I HATED fin after my last go around with it and the sides I had. For some reason my current regime seemed to help correct the problem.

  34. Hey you guys how dare u diss @ Donitello, can’t you tell by his speech that he is none other than the legendary Ali G !!! We love you Sacha!!!!

  35. what i dont understand only 9-12% of fin users are reported for side effects. I assume 97% is ok all fine.
    RCH01 results are shown to be NO BETTER than fin. look both at literature study.. fin regrowth figures are same as RCH01.
    yes THATGUY, this is such a breakthrough for 10% of hairloss suffers with fin side effects…

    i see people become doctors just by reading stuff on internet. broscience is becoming hype of this generation..

    unless you prove me otherwise, I will hold my argument. Again what is my argument 1- fin results are on par with RCH01 2- only 10% reported for side effects.
    if you want to reply this message then come up with solid articles not with broscience

    1. @donitello. IMHO your argument is wrong because RCH-01 is a new generation treatment. Leave Finasteride it’s the past.

      a) Association of Suicidality and Depression With 5α-Reductase Inhibitors (2017) – .
      It is proven this drug create depression! These studies DON’T LIE. Publishing to the Pubmed database is not easy.

      b) Syndrome post- Finasteride IS REAL.

      Persistent erectile dysfunction in men exposed to the 5α-reductase inhibitors, finasteride, or dutasteride (2017)

      c) Post-Finasteride Adverse Effects in Male Androgenic Alopecia: A Case Report of Vitiligo.

      Sincerely, I believe that Follica (RAIN) must be approved by the FDA as soon as possible, as well as other treatments such as Brotzu Lotion or other alternatives to treat androgenetic alopecia safely and effectively than current treatments.

      Thanks for your time.

      Paul Pheonix

  36. Hairplz: please consider sticking with your supplement powder instead of adding the hair serum. If it isn’t broke then dont fix it. Plus maybe in a month u could report back to let us know if its still working or if it was just a fluke. Make sense?

    1. Epicatechin is working (or something is) enough that i might not need the hair surgery I wanted (more willing to just wait until histogen is out) However after so long on it I think its causing issues with my tendons (follistatin inactivates myostatin wich helps mantain and grow tendons). I have decided to cycle off it for 3 months and use the serum as a substitute in between. Theres is also a chance the serum could boost results more. I know it might not do anything at all but its worth a shot for 150 bucks. If it doesnt work i can use on the skin/face anyways where its been clinically validated to reverse signs of aging and imperfections some.

      1. Given what Dr Naughton has said on how long the revived hair should lost i think 3 months without could be ok. Definitely hoping i dont start losing any.

    1. Thanks Paul. Tsuji has come out with a number of studies this month, including on hair, teeth, eye glands and salivary glands!

      Maybe I will write a post on this soon if it the new work is very different from their past work. Could not yet access the whole study on sci-hub.

      1. The last scientific article are HUGE NEWS. Functional Hair Follicle Regeneration by the Rearrangement of Stem Cells. That’s great.

          1. I think it is not the same scientific study…In 2017, the study

            “In this article, we describe a detailed protocol for the regeneration of functional hair follicles”. HUGE NEWS.

            1. @admin @Paul Pheonix Seems the first one was solely based on embrionic cells. The new one discussed BOTH embryonic AND adult. This is great news

                  1. Thanks. Saw the whole study and it seems almost like a textbook chapter for students and entails mice of course. Not sure how groundbreaking this is as yet.

  37. Always great to come by this site and check for news. 2 things are 100% sure:
    1. @Admin is always doing a bang up job keeping us posted on the latest.

    2. @Paul Pheonix, always trying to convince himself that NEW TREATMENT IS COMING

  38. I have said since I joined this site….cots will be the only one to come through with a new treatment for aga. It will be out before 2020. Trust in my Greek brother :) Plus this will be easy for us to get our hands than histogen, tsuji, replicel. Those will be good treatments but who knows when we can get to use them.

  39. Probably because it is still in the experimental stage and cots doesnt want to scar the sheet out of him self.

  40. What do the others think? Especially the admin because he brought this up a few months ago when he asked for someone to check if Cotsarelis bald spot is still there.

    Curious what the admin thinks about the big spot of Cots now. I understand that he is maybe afraid and he doesn’t want to test this on his own but still a but weird. Other opionions?

    1. If that bald spot on Cotsarelis ever went away, I would be ecstatic…even if it ended up just being Toppik or something like that.

  41. Great news guys!

    Proxofim ( FOXO4-DRI ) works against AGA an Darren Moore >>> But beware of the risks!

    Peter de Keizer says that in general, the current testing phases drugs have to go through, take too long. Three clinical studies are too much. It’s not realistic because reality is catching up on them (scientists). Patients won’t wait and start experimenting themselves. Science is watching from the sideline while people take care of their issues themselves. He wants to test on people after max. 3 years from now, he wants to prevent patients take too many risks.

    The blog of Darren Moore

    1. Thanks someone also e-mailed me about this yesterday along with a Dutch news article. Will post about it later today.

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